The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on January 8, 1937 · Page 6
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 6

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, January 8, 1937
Page 6
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Friday, January 8, 1937 PAGE SIX' The Daily Clintonian, Clinton, Indiana New Photo of Sloan THE DAILY CLINTONIAN Foundd 1911 YESTERDAYS JAXl'AltV H, 1012 -A Mrs. Ida Nebeker has started to EKtiibllsbed us The Weekly Cllntonlao 1890 The Clinton Plaludealer absorbed In 1908. Florida, to spend several months and is taking with her Miss Emma Wall fc aniil he'd be home to fnaal tn tin what VOU knOW Dad May. a trulued nurse of Terre -i: til, Ha mi tr lit to ba here Oeorge L. Cntey Ed''" nd Puk'i'h" ifntered at the Fostofrire nt Clinton, Indiana, as Second Class Matter. ) mhiMhmTIiiiMhiir Republican Kdltorlal ABSOdatlou would have wanted you to do, ten times over if necessary, then 1 11 at least make It up to him financially. Haute, who lias recently been at tending her. We re broke, ana we re not very by six perhaps a little earlier." "Christie what's come over y"I? don't know," she said truth-fully. "All I knsw is that I'm really happy again, and for old time's sake I 1 worldly but at least I know there aro plenty of lawyers only too glad National AHvertisine Representative: C.F.O. R. DAVID CO. 1900 V'rlgley HldK., Chicago. ' l-HI General V..Ioip llldg.. Detroit 110 East 42nd Bt New York Miss Mary Zell spent part of this week in Chicago, and also visited relatives In Cayuga. to tlglii a case nite mm, auu a m su Ing to get one a good one. I'm go I d help you gee on your if I could, but I can't Now I'm go-ing to go on with my Ironing. You can sit there and read if you want to. I'll even make you a cup of cof ing to have what's right. Then Donald won't have to care what people nnyhe doesn't really care, anyhow, but he needs money to go on with his Phone I I 7 Phone 41 J. W, Amis, II . C. Dies and Sam Stultz were in Indianapolis on business Frldny. fee!" "Good! If you naveni anyuiing work. He i going to have It ana you're going to pay it!" She felt a little light-headed as she walked down the stairs on her unaccustomed high heels, but the stronger!" She made the coffee, brought the two cups and a plate of cookies in on a tray. cool air soon fixed that. She knew THE DAILY CLINTONIAN'S PLATFORM: 1. To further every interef of Parke and Vermillion counties. 2. To assist the revival of the Indiana coal mining industry. 3. To cooperate in lolving Vermillion County's unemployment problem. 4. To beautify Clinton and make it the most attractive cilv of iti size in the itate. Lou Bowen broke his left thumb one day last week. A team he was driving became frightened and in grabbing at a standard of the waggon he was thrown heavily, resulting in a compound fracture. They drank it siienuy. "Would you like another cup ?" "I don't mind if I do." She went back to the kitchen for that It was past Donny's feeding time, that she was late, and that Janet Wood might not like it very much. CHAPTKR XXX "Christie, what have you been doing? You've got yourself In soino miBohief that you don't want yuur liuahand to know about!" "No well, you want to put It that way. Aunt Nettle, I know what you're thinking, but I can't help It. Won't you tlenm just let me have It? I 'promiui to pay It back." "I think I have the right to know what you intend to do with It I" Even this she had expected. She had nerved herself to It. Why should it be so hard, so Impossibly hard, to say the words? In a small voice she said, "It's to gIVe to Gene Dubois. I have to give it to him, because " "To give to WHOM?" "Gene. Don't you remember him? His father, Pete, had the dairy-back home. He's here now, and his wife and child are sick" "My lord I" Nettie Cooper said. "You are cratyl" "No no it Isn't Just that I'm sorry for him. It's that I he could make trouble and right now with Donald so worried, and ill with the strain, I cant risk it So you see I'm desperate" Desperate. . That was what Gene said, when he came to her. - Well, she knew what It meant, now. She raised her eyes to Nettie's. But Nettie had covered hers with her hands. She hadn't expected failure. Hadn't even considered It. Humilintion. yes. Reproaches and But she couldn t seem to care. She felt as though a load had been the coffee pot And there was Donald, coming up the drive. He was hatless, and the old tweed overcoat billowed out like a sail in daughter was born to Mr. an Hen Sims of Falrview Satur taken off her chest. For the first time in weeks she breathed freely, walked arrogantly. For Bhe was done with fear. She was going to fight. A Mrs. day. Alfred P. Sloan, Jr. Here is an excellent new photo of Alfred P Sloan, Jr., president of General Motors, who figures in the labor crisis involving the auto mobile industry. JANI ART 8,llSfl meetlng of ' the Delta Theta sorority was held last evenin: A Tan She gave naraiy a tnougni to Gene, who would come about four. She whistled as she took in the wash, and ironed a few things (or Donny. Her heart did plunge when she heard the bell, and knew that it was Gene, but it was from excitemvnt, not fear. "Hello," she Bald, easily. "Hello," he answered, trying unsuccessfully to read the answer in her face. "What luck?" at the home of Mrs. Desroe Brow-in South Third street. KIghteel members were present. Plans wvrc nuiltirs, the actual murderer dies Muriel Kvans is the really lovely- made for Initiation services to be look hit heroine, with Tom Chatter- held Tuesday evening, January 22. at the home of Mrs. Helen Walthall, ton. W 111 i ii nt Lawrence and Joseph following a dinner. The committee Swickard In supporting roles. "What luck? Oh none. I couldn't get it. But come in, It's turned a bit cold, and it's dismal standing in charge of the dinner Is Mrs sneers, and Aunt Nettie turning Walthall, Miss Marie Leinberger, there In the doorway. "Well" He came in, uncertain Shown with John King as "Ace Dniiumond" are Tim and Irene In a comedy about "The Modern Home." WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO? The statistics will be rather gruesome but, in a few weeks, you will hear that the year 1936 set a new record in the number of live i snuffed out on the highways of America, where millions of sensible citizens pursue the great god Speed, when they sit behind a steering wheel. If all the editorials and all the speeches, spoken and written on the subject of highway safety, were collected in one pile the summit would probably reach the height of the bodies, collected in one heap. Neither broken bodies, sorrowing hearts or warning words have been powerful enough to stop the slaughter that takes away one hundred Americans every day. There was a time when we believed that safety could be attained by strictly limiting the speed of vehicles but we have passed on. As long as faster cars are built there will be greater speed than brfrre a-id as long as individuals delight in telling of record trips in better time the laws on the books will not stop the death list from t mounting. ' "Laws on the books' are worthless unless enforced and worse useless if conr.tnniN ignored. The laws of the land, attempting to regulate the speed of motor vehicles, are violated so many inorc-limes than they are enforced that a speeder, caught by the law, is almost regarded as an innocent victim of circumstances. Even tho from her In cold, still horror, because once upon time; long. Ions ago.he did something (or whict she was now ashamed. ly, twirling nis nat in nis nanas. Miss Jane Zell, Mrs. Hazel Roberts and Mrs. Haze Run van. And then he said menacingly, "What do you mean you couldn't fet it? You better get it I told you meant business." "I know. And I told you I'd see what I could do. I went to Nettie Cooper and asked (or it She said no." Mis? Florence Marie Jackson and Miss Mabel Cline of Huntsvllle. Ohio, have returned to their homes after spending the holidays with Mr. and Mrs. George Walthall of Ash the wind.. , k She hadn't expected him fo Soon. He was always so late, and this was so early: Barely 6 o'clock. And Gene sitting there, by the fire, drinking coffee. Panic stricken, she watched him shut the garage doors, and walk down the little path to the kitchen door. I1 ought to . warn Gene, she thought I ought to get him out the front door. No, I ought to run out and tell Donald first! Prepare himl But aha stood stock still, saying nothing. ' '"Hello!" he cried, as he came In, with a gust of eold wind, and a few brittle brown leaves from the acacia tree. -it ' She Went to him, but she couldnt speak. He put his arms around her, kissed her. "Gosh it's good to get home I Cold! ReBl winter weafher. Got a fire fn the other room?" He had one arm around her, was pushing her ahead of him into the living room. Her frightened eyes scanned the room. The sofa Where" Gene had been sitting was empty. The coffee table with Its empty cups, its heaped ashtray, had been pushed aside. Gene was gone ! He hadn'f waited Unless he'd hidden somewhere. "Why, he was just here a minute ago I I don't see Gene I Where are you? He was sitting right there, and I went- into the kitchen to get more coffee when you came and I I don't see where he could have gone I" She looked so distracted that Dobald's first smiling, "Entertaining other men while I'm out, eh?" changed to alarm. "Gene I Who's Gene? What the devil are you so upset about?" As if she hadn't heard him she began running all around the little house, looking in closets and corners, pausing to pick up -the baby She'd expected that. It was part of the price she'd have to pay, (or Aunt Nettie's help. Humbly she had answered all the questions, being honest, telling the truth, trying not to think that she was being victimized by curiosity, trying not to can. When she realized that she was being dismissed, and refused the "Then you better turn around and ask her aerain. She's eot it I I street and Bryan Jackson of South Why, you little fool, you could get It I on., want, Iti'' Third street, loan, sne couldn't quite believe it. "You mean you won't help me?" she asked dully. She had risen, too. She stood She smiled little at that "You'd have thought I wanted It, if von heard me asking for it You Mrs. Thomas McCool of South Sixth street is reported to be in very had me scared, Gene. I just about facing the woman she had depended poor health. got down on my knees Dexore sne refused me. and then I eot mad and on. She made one more attemnt. THE BORDER PATROLMAN' AT THE COLUMBIA There's always room for another good Western and here It is. George O'Brien is the dashing and clean-cut cowboy who has trouble on bis hands when he tries to keep pretty l'olly Ann Young, one of the famous Young sisters, tamed down, Polly Is a spoiled young lady of wealth who wants to do as she pleases. When George is made her guardian and cuts her allowance to practically nollilnR flat, Miss Young rebels and almost marries the wrong man a jewel smuggler. You'll be interested. A "Rush Hour Rhapsody" features some up-to-the minute dancing and singing while the second short Is a "Vilaphone Hippodrome." saw what a fool I was, and well "It's not really for myself," she that's that I iust didn't aret it' said brokenly. "I n telling you the truth when I tell you that I told "I might have better luck. I might go to her myself," he said slowly. often, with the saying "Well, everybody violates the speed laws. , meanmerlv. But he couldn't frighten her. He Mr. and Mrs. Fred Oliver of San-dytown have received word of Hi0 marriage of their son. Rnymond Oliver, of Pontlac. Mich., to Miss Radio Laws. The couple was married at the home of the bride's sister on Christmas eve. could never friehten her again. "Gene Dubois, it just makes me sick when 1 near you talk tnat wayi often, with the saying, "Well, oveiybody violates the sped laws. This is no effort to solve the problem, merely to impress upon all readers that the problem exints. What are we going to do about it, if anything? Donald the whole miserable story that night that Gene failed me, and I made myself sick with crying. So I'm not trying to keep something from him, to keep him. He'd stay with me through anything. "But now, with all this publicity about Donald's and Whitely's work Gene can just ruin him and he will he'd do anything (or money. And I can't let him do it not now! Do Mrs. G. A. Bingham of Waln-il Like a common blackmailer! You ought to be ashamed of yourself!" "Listen," he said, "I don't know what your game is, but mine hasn't changed a bit I'm not kidding you. I'll go to old lady Cooper and when I get through telling her what I street entertained a few friends you see? I can t let him! on tne way. Instantly know about her little niece the child began to Monday evening at her home at. If" tables of bridge . Mrs. E. P. Zell was awarded the prize. Nettie Cooper's agitation had passed. She was quite herseK now. She didn't say, "I knew no good would come of that marriage!'' but she didn't have to. It was written on every line of her pained, but "You forget that she says I'm not her niece. Anyway, I told her the whole story this morning. She wanted to know why I wanted the ise Latimer supply the romantic in-itrluileB most adequately as a relief l'n.m the two mysterious murders and subsequent robbery. A Jay C. Klippen Act, Newsreel and "A Day's Journey" are added attractions. Henry VI Founded College Eton College, in Buckinghamshire, England, was founc'ed li Hen:y VI in I ! in monev. and 1 told her. strangely complacent face. Albert Krekter of Hazel Bluff able to return to school after being confined to his borne with the flu. "Do you expect me to believe that?" She Just repeated, "No I'm sorry, Christie," in the mild, almost uncertain tone with which she cloaked her most stubborn decisions. Her small, (at hand touched the lit "You ought to. You know the kind of liar I am. Very bad. Yes, I didn't enjoy doing it, but I was prepared to go any lengths to get the money, MOVIES THE PUTT THICKENS' AT THE PALACE The plot Is still thickening at the Palace, with James Gleason and Zasu Pitts desperately trying to solve a clever robbery in a humorous niaaner. Gleason is a big-headed .police inspector called to find the' person who stole a rare Cellini cup from a museum. Zasu is a fluttery school teacher whose curiosity almost gets the beat of the audience as well as her yet she discovers the criminal. Arthur Aylesworth is the chilling villain; Owen DaviB. Jr., and Lou tle electric buzzer in the paneling near the fireplace. The new maid ana so l aia. out i aiun i get iu "Well, I still don't believe it I'll First King's Counsel Trf first person to bear the title King's counsel Wis Sir Francis Ba con. appointed by Queen Elizabeth Producing Great Work No man can produce a great thing who is not thoroughly sincere in dealing .with himseif. BOSS RIDER OF (JI N CREEK' AT THE WABASH An amazing case or double Identity that resulls In the conviction of an innocent man .for murder is the absorbing situation that launches came almost at once. "Mrs. Latham is going now, Stella." "Yes, madam. This way, please, go over and see her myself. She shrugged. "I don't care what you do, Gene. You can find the address in the tele scream. "Christie, what Is the matter, for heaven's sake? Give Donny to me I'll quiet him!" "No, I want to hold him. I want to, I tell you! Oh, I don't see why he's screaming like that! It isn't time for his dinner. He never cries 1 There must be something wrong" "Give him to me. That's al! right, old man, have to use your lungs sometimes, don't you? It won't hurt him to cry do him good. I feel little like crying myself." "Donald!" "Joke! Bad joke. But I would like a cup of coffee. If it's still hot" "Oh, all right, I'll get It for you. Can't you walk the baby, or something? I can't stand that screaming. It makes me so nervous. What a day; Donald, can you DO something?" "What? I can't hear you I" "I said, can't you do something to make him stop? Can't you hear me? I can't hear you either. I can't hear myself think. Wait! I'm coming and then I'll" (To Be Continued) OwHfbt, , KIM VMtartt SnttMl. Om. madam. phone book if you haven't looked it THE STARS SAY By JKNK'1KVE KEMBLE For ftnfiirilny, .lumiary II Despite a fair degree of activity In the affairs of this day, there is a presage Of delays, Impediments or anxieties. Depressions, doubts, per-olexitles probably connected with he private life, may bring a disconcerting reaction or postponements in business. Illness may play a part in this. Certain secret doings or up already and you can do or say whatever vou like. But I'm through. Vilinsue uiuii I. muvc ojiv Biwni, putting on her gloves while the maid waited at the hall door, and Aunt Buck Jones on the hle;h trail of ad-' venture as the "Boss Rider of Gun Creek." Buck Is sentenced to life imprisonment because he looks Just lil:: the guilty man. To complicate I'm sorry for you. Gene, but I can't Nettis eyed her indignantly. Most of World's Geyseis America has mos' of the world' geysers, in - Yellowstone Nationa" Park. help you. mat's nnai." He blustered a little while longer, And then, not bothering to lower but he knew it was no use. Even her voice, not caring for the wide-eyed maid, nor the outraged Nettie's suddenly stricken lace, she said: "All right. That settles it. If Business As Usual when he played his last card t "Then I'll have to see your husband!" "I've been waiting for you to say that. Go ahead, if you want to. Gene, I tell you you just scared all the scare out of me!" "I think I'll wait here till be comes you won't lend me the money, I'll flo-ht (or it. I'll fteht (or my full share of Dad's eBtate. If I have to see my husband disgraced, and forced to resign his position through my fault and your cold blooded re- home." ' - " if"" -"-a understandings, ultimately lead to the good. Financial matters are under rather encouraging prospects. If TIiIn Is Your Ilir: Inlay Those whose birthday it is ma) anticipate a year of progress and fairly profitable financial transactions In business, but In the private life there may be perplexities, anx- I.;- . D .. 4MOI.. ' - Area of Adirontiacl.s Tli ; Adirondack.":, principal group in New York stale, occupy an aren of 5.C00 square miles. Can Grow New Head An earthworm can grow a new head or tail if the one he has is cut off. Cm CORONAIIONr. V V. C - leties or difficulties. Illness may be at the root of this, or some matter of a secret nature may call for solution. A child born on this day may be capable and dependable but probacy dlC'Ident or retiring by nature. It's gentle and faithful character may attract elderly persons to It, EASY n Earliest Bibles in America The Eliot Indian Bible, printed at Cambridge, 1G63. by Marmaduke Johnson ; the edition produced in Germanlown in 1743 by Christopher Sauer, and the Aitkin Bible, Philadelphia, 17S2, are among the earliest to be printed in America. Sense of Balance, Pirection The sense of balance and direction are located in the semi-circular canals in the Inner ear. These canals are arranged in three planes so that a person can feel his balance or lack of it in any position in which he is likely to be placed. ii PLANS fS vk1' ' fmms He's Coming! Now Is the Time to Improve Your Transportation With a Good USED CAE Selected From Our Reconditioned TO CORRECT BAD BREATH No need to offend others-Listerine, quick deodorant, sweetens breath Now there is no excuse for offending others with halitosis (bad breath). The quick, easy treatment to counteract tlus condition is Listerlne. Simply rinsing the mouth with it makes the breath cleaner, sweeter, more wholesome. Most cases of bad breath, says one dental authority, are caused by fermentation of tiny food particles the tooth brush has failed to remove. When Listerine is used to rinse the mouth, it halts fermentation and overcomes the odors it causes. Smart men and women realize that It is easy to offend others and take the pleasant Listerine precaution against bad breath. Lambert Pharmacal Company, St. Louis, Mo. Models Ranging from $25 to $850 Chevrolets .Fords . Oldsmobiles H . Plymouths . Grahams . Several Good Trucks LIBERAL TERMS and YOUR CAR TAKEN IN TRADE! "Your Oldsmo Hie Dealer" SOARD SALES CO. 0f East Elm Street CLIN ON Phone 42 'J. f 1 mill Don't offend ethers Check halitosis with LISTERINE 1613 c. i'

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