The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on January 16, 1922 · Page 1
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 1

Fairmount, Indiana
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Monday, January 16, 1922
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E FAIMMOUNT NEW i T FRINTED FOR A rCRrOSR TO H ELP FAIRMOUNT GROW TWICK A WEKKMonday ami Thursday. SOUTHERN GRANT COUNTY FIRST ALWAYS. Forty-Fifth Year FAIRMOUNT, INDIANA, MONDAY, JANUARY 16, 1922 Number 13 r i miniuuimi r it County Sunday School Institute To Be Held In Marion This Week REFUSED TO STOP FOR HIGHWAYMAN FAITH ON FUTURE Near East Relief In Grant County Rev. Martin I. Grant Again Accepts Chairmanship for the County and Will Seek to Fill Quota TRAVEt.lNG SALESMAN IN AUTO IGNORES COMMAND AND DRIVES INTO ROAD MEN Fairmount Township Planning to he Well Represented at the Sessions For Whieh Dig Program is Arranged -Activities Among Fair-mount Churches. STAFF CORRESPONDENCE MVN-CIK STAR WRITES OF THINKS CONTEMPLATE!! HERE Rev. Martin Leo Grant. pastor of the Fairmount Congregational church, Frequent Hold-up and' Attempts at Flans for Roy Scout Troop, Fall Fes- ;t ar..t r.immniiir ttooe Amen1 has acain accented the Near East Re-' Things Reins Considered for letter- s lief chairmanship for Grant county i Rcbliery Causing Residents to Get Out Long Disused Firearms Ire paratory to Possible Use O. H. Shepp Fools 'Km. Sunday school institute to ho held in Marion next Wednesday, January 18, for Grant, Rtackford, Wabash, Madison, Miami and Huntington counties has a strong program equal to a ment the county's of the Bible Lewis Needier Heads Farmers Elected President County Agricultural Association to Succeed Frank Tippey Rert Todd Secretary Iwis Needier was elected president of the Grant county Agricultural Association for the year 1922 in the business session of the organization at, their annual meeting at the Marion high school Thursday afternoon. Frank Tippey was the other candidate for the executive- position, the nominating committee having selected these two and the members of the association voted by secret provide support for quota of 1T5 orphans Lands. With a number of hold-ups, much tBte convention program. tics of Kianis Club. Paul V. Fit?gilbon, correspondent for the Muncie Star was in Fair-mount last weeks and as a result ef his visit he wrote of the cor.templftt- f petty thievery, and an attempted bank Qn the program will be Goorgw ELWOOD GIVEN A CLOSE CALL RFORCANIZEdTlaCK AND COLD TEAM GIVES PROMISE OF SOME REAL PLAYING Slonv Speed and Determination to Fight Every Inch of the Way and Thrill Fans Witn Fast Work Tht Nearly Sweeps Husky Tin Plntt-Town Lads ;fT Their Feet The Fairmount high school basket ball team lost a close and hard fought game to the strong Elwood team last Friday night on the local floor. Just last week the Elwood team held the Muncie quintet to a seven point margin and Muncie was able to win from Kokomo Friday night by only five points. At the start of the game Elwood led out with a free throw, but Hol-lingsworth soon evened the count and n few minutes later added a field goal, putting the locals out in the lead. For the first fifteen minutes the teams battled practically on even terms. First one team would drop one in, then the other team would come back in a similar fashion. Then Mr. Grant's appeal will in no way conflict with the Near East grain robbery bamwunt people are begin- r-jatt Knox, Chicago, superintendent ning to feel a little nervous, and long ,,f -durational division for Interna- (campaign conducted by F, W, Tippey, od plans for the future of Fairmount : Th? Ujtfc c( administering relief in; hrearms of various uoserip- Uonal Sunday school association, and as now King ta'.kod of and considered Armenia and other Near East Relief tions r aivi to be mnv receiving a U,e entire staff of .Sunday school ex- m 2 .-.a w.wxt uiuivukh vivhiuk hv MvumuMHW irr inrnitimff r;. i. a horrson. in bv the citiser.s, ms article ! IrtliVl 111 Will If RIV W UV 111" M VM'lll . . -' ! preparatory to possible neevl. Star bcir.c as follows dianapolis, general secretary Indiana sdisturbovl situation cntinues, says a The revised slogan time of war'j r f th sUte committee ti n Ta evening of last week, Sunday School association, and Miss ballot. vreoare for peace, might well ve Mr. Grant, "and the orphan problem'1"0 wnm P""11" "'i't .Nellie l oung, state superintendent of the children s division, and Wayne tf lh adopts by the citizens of Fairmount, wiU with u$ fcut jn RlauaUv aim.; break into the Fairmount State bank, and rarticutarly by those men who ai-e , n .., ,fl -ft .a man held up the $mall son of il- Mi Uer, state superintendent of the . . . . ' "" " " .---- -v.. .... ..ll . . . ... . members of the l aivmount ivvwanvs ttoVmai conditions are restored to the "m l'wlr ,,,r" v" "" ung people s division farm near town, and who was driving . k. k k k ' Tho institute is planned for county adult population.' Club; for, during the present industrial difficulty, which amounts almost to strife, this community is being Mr. Needier is an enterprising young farmer of JefTerson township, lie has been actively indentified in the work of the Grant county Agricultural Association having been chairman of the JefTerson unit for two terms. It is probable the election of Mr. Needier as president and the election of other new officials will result in Mr, Grant will try to obtain parents for the 175 helpless "home with some groceries he had purchased in town. The lad was a short distance from town when a man 'climbed into the roar end of the wagon, and telling tbe boy he needed the groceries, appropriated them and ord and township officers, Sunday school officers and teachers and all interested in Sunday school work and offers an opportunity for training that is well worth while. Miss Dorothy Luther, president, and the other Fairmount township officers of the Sunday school Elwood found a weak spot in the local ered the boy to drive on. prepawsi lor oencr v.- jbjlbiM who )ook to th? country for futu- , . . ilifo. "Adoptevl" means the pavment This docs not mean that nevr us- Uf $ ?. mth f tries are to be brcut mto stimulate , . business, alihoxih somcthmg may K t ,wUUv v,iiecte,l to churches done in that line. Kit the special ef- fratm,al ftna ,aKr forth cf the group of forward Ukmg :ovc.;U.i7aUorss r,.Wio oWl flaws citizens is to create community rro-j aJ t- mu b,vth. jects which wiU enable the citrons to ; u a revision of the various policies of 1 defense, dropped in two field goals in the organisation. j vapid succession, add-d a fro? throw Mr. Tippey had been president of j minute later the half ended, El- the club since its organization sev-; WOO( leading in to 11. In the second half the tcr-ms battled oral years ago. Other nominations of the nominat-ion practically even terms for several About 3 o clock eilnesday morn- Association, are particularly anxious ing, shortly after night marshal Hod- tj,at there be a good attendance of son had encountered the tww yeggmen Sunday school workers from Fair, at work on the door of the Fairmount ,mn,t township, for if a sufficient State bank, a couple of fellows, in an numher attends this meeting, the automobile, made their appearance in tate committee will bo willing to Fowlerton and broke into one of the tj,0 institute to Grant county stows there. They are supposed to avrain ncxt year and the Sunday have been the same fellows who tried j!0iUH,ls will nrofit in proportion as ivi'.'.er enjoy thor prosperity to a j it possible for two or more persons I to unite in one orphanage, pledge Five persons may adopt an orphan by pay- tent when it arrives. "Thing Are Pretty Slow. t a M .W- towns of this si?e. Fairmount has been vitally affected t iiii rtiu'rwt 5 ini."mnv win vv i to operate in Fairmount, and are said tnoP representatives attend. Pastors ry eod-parert of for some ana ir.e j..w'.hv .soucht "thivg are pretty slow hci-e is true; v ' ' v . " . . . . ;;v, Recommcr the fair rlthovh not Venet to conditions. t- ai Armenian child d The recureration of the automolvte ... The recuy 'to have driven out of Fowlerton to- ana s.unday school superintendents ward Muncie. will f.reatly help the movement by ! Thursday afternoon the third at' uririni? attendance. Thnrsdax- afternoon the thirxl oes not mean it must come into the family. These . i'.,...i..,. i,,-v to i The morning session at 9:110 and in most centers gives rise industry ing committee which were approved j minutes. Elwood then scored from in the session were: Ross Doggett, j the field but Fairmount came bac k first vice-president; Frank Rrixen-1 strong and began to cut down the dine, second vice-president; Rert Todd, j had of the visitors. With but two secretary, and Elmer Creviston, trea-1 minutes to play the Elwood lead had surer. I ken cut down to three points and the Paul McVickerwas chairman of the'Kxnl fan wort on ti toes ye'.ling for nominating committee and Ross Dog-a v,ttry. The excitement was in-gett tocrctnrv. j tense. However, at this point Fisher ' I dipped in one from the field for El- rp T.I-C. wood, a minute later Dunlap added 1 raCllOn 1 lamS j another and thus the Elwood victory Qi I , was anchored, i OF L-lVe DtOCKl Fisher was the star for Elwood, , dropping! in five from the field and Fnicn Traction Regins Operation of FcVon out of "J-'ht attempts from the Regular Live Trains on Re- foul ,inp-gular Schedule Five Days a Week Tho combination of J. Pickard, I Flanagan and Hollingsworth, showed the belief that the drop for-'tig plant the afternoon session at I ill will be here w-'l resume operations in the not distant future, and the prospects for ik ....... ieui'i i 'v,i!iirti, ""i in,t.."".- .... unfortunate little folks may never see; Ucrv n (hU vcinitv within twenty-America. "We do not ask that these fcu'r hour NV;.S u?UOOesful when O. childivn be taken into the heme it u 5.,.,, a sman for the National is simply taking them into your heart." ni5CuU Vompanv, witn headquarters Near East Relief says to Grant coun-:at naianapolisrefused to stop his held in the Public library and the eTiiing sessiv-n at 7:110 at the Temple Congregational church. A pennant will bo awarded to the Sundav school in Grant county hav- the opening cf the other small factories hew K-fovo lon.c, are at least fvr The canning factory, one of the t ' . . . .... . . ' n people. i automobile when confrimtcnl by two will be Mr. Grant is con ident that Grant standing with upraised hands m hihesf nereontaro of attend- town's pr'ne-r! m.dutr sea- county will assume its shsro of the " ,., ,;,uie of the ivad. ,rt,.iMtv. r. ..i ..-.:( .i-iv!.- tho coming , oal eri-ca humane burden of providing! son. ana u '.""u ,'xv " 1 . - ... , . . . : Shepp was lighting a cigar, when jspions K.scd apon the attendance near the old Chicago gas pumpingi t Smidav school Sundav. Jan. 1T. .,.., f several hundro.l acre surovt ior ino.iana s quota ot ..vko , - 1 . will be hand'ed. ci iMixm. station, east of town, en route to rowi. fho person attending! both niom- Frr Doy Scout Treor. i ; ...,tr ... vrP1J erton. and looking up, saw 'the two jrjJ ana ttftcrnoon sessions will count Hew-ever, these facts are not as in- , V strangers, one of whom was a tall two points, t crest in, to the visiter at least, as is . VOU FRANKLIN STORE. man and tbe other one smaller. j Xext in rank to Mr. Knox in the the aeration for the establishment of Mr. and Mr. Ed Lane are moving Without hesitating an instant, Chicago office in the same division is ' . ..fc . .. :.fckkkk .k. k ..V.. w k k ft V !....... . ' - .... . . up well for the locals. Hollingsworth made sixteen of the twenty points , scored by the locals as well as plajing a clever floor game at all times. Flanagan, playing his first game, showed up exceedingly well and bids Reginning today the Union Traction company will start the operation of live stock trains over its lines on a rep.ilar schedule. These trains, it is announced, will be run each day, provided notice is received the day bo- bvv scv-ut troop hew. or me. con- tne:r i.ousonoui tuecis 10 .Marion, hepp mcnvisevt ins speei. 1 no larger pr Honline. who delivered a series of : lectures in Marion last year. Mr. Knox j fore that there will be a shipment of tContimieil on Pasre Four due tine cf a fall festival in Fairmovin. ' whev they will take up their future '. cr the 'erection of a community houe. ' residence. Mr. Lane recently re- "' wu;u o., vv toots, and ether good as manager for The Franklin! (spent twenty-two years in the service ; uVe stwk. fair to develop into a most valuable man. J. Pickard is rapidly rounding into a formidable back puard. Bosley and C. Pickard alternated at forward. of the St. !oui public wheels and ten NFIGHUORS t; VTHFR CROP The train on the Wabash-Anderson 'Sloivs Co., to take XIP Other Wvrk, ! - . .. . . . . v . ' itmvimi trt Vi vrt trtetl to ' .. . . i . a .' a . ., v....'. ...v.. . .v. ..... ..... ......... t .j.... ...... will leave Wabash at 11:30 ores, ai-e stiil in the embryonic state. tKv a-e in the minds of many of the since wmvn ume .Mrs. i.ane nas oeen 1 . .1. !..i,i wrk and teach n in t ome univer- both playing an exceedingly fast an 1 clever game. LaRue was not feeling Tft-ft int a. m., irontaine, i-j:-u p. m., .Ma 1 1 vemy-eiv:ni mvims "i uviihim i eit:?ens; and the member of ' ..x - t.,.... .,v r run-.i wiw,-vft " r-ftftl 1TMftT1f.-.i. v m m tltA vitin ?uy .mt imu'.x i itmipiuvii vv vi in.. Jones'.oro i:;u p. nv t xftikV k ft ft ft fc-k,.T,'kll'rlll.kl'ti," ,-''' - v 1111. ft ft Lk . I. ft," . . .. H. .NV.- S Itk-JL ftk aft ftkkk .Skk Il0-' IT. fSft ft .ft ft ft - ... i well and was replaced by Flanagan in J 4 im,Mt't Kltvan!S V! U'A Ulf viUA-di-put tiuvirm n;iiivik imt .. ... a a lift llhl HIT tlUI llOrillO On 1TM1VTHUI v A . , . . U his home kk- lit? iti'iiiv 1 " - i . . itv rT KiiTiion. nriH i ' 9 i ii i r i ii 1 1 i r . i 'a.k ni.. arrivinir ul iiiit . i i . " : . ;T I . ' Iast na,l in, 13 " nrst ame nation whkh is fostering the move- who has oeen m the stxre tor a snort; . nvtmnvMM. with team tnlucation on the Yitinent. iwho has been in the stxre for a short 1, ...ui. .nlueation on the Yitinent. imiianapons srocK jarus t iv.ov- v. .... , in wh h u ha f& , to t , . ments, are sure that they will, m t memie wdl take or the management 5 fore they left had, w . f . , . K -put acrvss. jef the Fairmount rtew and Rloomer lhan bu ! At the meeting of The Indies Aid The activities et the two schools McCoy, who was out of the store for j" . . Hsmilton had M whl v When stock is to be moved in territory served by these special stock held on Wednesday afternoon of last - trains, trains will bo run each day ex- .- i. 1. k Bkm.- . .ak. a...-W U - . - a. . am . a.. . - U dti a. . 4fc aak fe kk Uk v '- k 1 here, tno mgn sencsn anM i MMfliKi..m- iwuhu-s i,Mi unbl- case i a slitht measure ithe company. ;!H T "TlT! w-eek, nd which was well attend, ccPt Saturday and Sunday. In his fao y. He was axxay sickness in afternoon I of an emergency special trains other f emereencv special trains four or five from the field. In the last half the Fairmount team surpassed Elwood in speed and floor work and had by for the greater number of shots at the basket, but only a small part of these were made to court. Local fans were well pleased with the showing made by the Black and taken the place of the usual activi- Aw.... I...... -. . tV... tin,i, ttn.l rs iivr, . . ... ik.M -Akaullllal nKlll. VS, CI , Via, making cases tor inej"" -aiitomi .v-, I 1 1 1 nvun: " ,1111,. ...... a...... . one of the most pausing surprises of wf ,H?nt ,n ftlftftft,hftk VSrft ttll onging to tne churcn.1,""""1 w "i " f- his life upon returnlngw The president. Mrs. Fklith Bevingtton P -cation. The following men formed the husk- j ties cf the Ivy scout wrK, out reai scout wvik, the kind needed in every community, can be given enly by following the regular scvut program. The formation et troops tor the boy is therefore one et the leading STRANG R MAN FAU-S TO GKT CHKCK CASHKO A man giving his name as Fred Mitchell, and evidently flat broke with the exception of a government check for which he was unable to jcet appointevl two committees. The ladies Gold quintet and feel quite sure that in a week or so the F. H. S. team will Continued on Tage Two) ing partyi Clyde Miller, Dexter Lee, Ralph SpiUmesser, Ed Pay, Walter Gordon, Guy Bayless, Joe Seward, Leaf Abernathy High Delaney, Sherman Hipes, Ren Downs, Carl Kilgore, Joe Milter, Jean Goble, William Miller, Other rules which will be effective in connection with the trains are: Trains will not go to Wabash except when arrangements have been made in advance for the movement of specific shipment. When arrangements are not made in advance for shipments from Wabash, cashed here, was in town Friday, and be going at almost invincible speed. This quintet although small, has a world cf speed, the determination to being unable to Identify Imselt so as to have his check cashed, started Phi Delt Stunt Proves Popular south with the anneunce.l Intention of William Fleener, Claud Main, James walkinir to Indiananolis. where he Huston. Roscoe Fernung, William claimevl to have frieds who wuld Haines, Ela Colclanie, George Scott, lei Chapter Given Informal Party ""f strV f?.m the in Redecorated and Refitted Hall vouch for him. But then, it was Fri-jJohn Fleener, Royland Fleener, Claud farthest point from which shipments have been arranged for. All arrangements for cars must be -Smoker for Kiwanla Tonight Scott, Chester Abernathy and John day, the thirteenth, and, of course, he Wiltiams. was Vut ot luck, Planning Fall Festival. A fall festival, in which the tvwn and country jein in showing their wares and in enjoymjf program of mutual interest i proposed tor the eeming season. The attitude et the men favoring the festival lt "Att the vthee towns around here have them and they must be a re! thing, et they xrouldnt keep U up, why eant we have them, boo? Therefore, It Is altogether likely that pvsns living in and near Fairmount will remain at home b enjoy a tall festival in the future, instead et geing to neighboring town in CTrant, Felaware ami Madisen counties. V : y I The Informal party gven oy ine made through the division supenn-local chapter of the Phi Deltt Kappa ' tendent, W. E. Squires, or the station fraternity, Jan 12, at their home agent not later than four o'clock in over Cox's shoe store, was even a the afternoon on the day before ship-greater success than was expected. J ment is to be made. About thirty couples enjoyed thej ., Blade and Gold Basket Squad Outpoints Opponents In Scores fight every minute and is developing quite rapidly. Lineup and summary: Fairmount 20 Elwood 27 Hollingsworth East, Jones C Pickard, Bosley Fisher Forwards LaRue, Bosley Dunlap Centers Flanagan Gray, John J. Pickard Green Guards Field goals East 2, Fisher 5, Dunlap 3, Flanagan 1, Bosley 1, Hollingsworth 6. Foul goals Fisher 7 out of 8, Hollingsworth 4 out of 11. Referee Craig. The F. H. S. quintet is booked to meet two fast' teams on the home floor this week. On Wednesday night the locals will stack up against Warren and on Friday night Pendleton will come here for a gjame. evening. There were guesta from FAIRMOUNT BOYS HAVE Hollingsworth l.eada as Hlfth Point goals for each f the seventeen games Marion, Toledo, Chicago and us BAD AUTO ACCIDENT. in which he has tdaved. Pmvtm hs City, Man During First Semester, Both I Five Fairmount boys had a narrow The third et the principal objectives tn Field Goals and tn Average Records of Other Player. aiucn iia w .vW from what miirht have been the 'redecorated hall. Although the Jnjury Friday night when total ot f0 field markets with an aver, age of 4.29 goals for each of the 14 Is a community house similar tu those erectexl In many places during the past remououng nas no i-ew cruup.-r,, . ,w- u .v.,. .sj: games In which he participated, 01 few rears. Not only do such buildings ine snowinff maue oy in? r umvui high school basket ball team at the of the Rrst semester may be con- ,...- vl. 1 tj rtv Insure continuance of t t.v t t . , , ... .. e.,M w,M,f ! wnien re piayro. jti.e nw 10 in r - -- - gunu sn-r, aiijr ""' sivxerevt s e.j foue eames. Boslev. ft; C. Pickard. Si the social schedule witft a xuture -d q. Qlfather. drivinir John every point et view, in au seventeen 1- . ' . SvVtV. .u Knn,l to b crowned with . v..;- ea have been rlayevl so far this i". fn r.anagan, .5" - 1"" "r' 7. 'V I" , v. have been played games Fame has a total of 63 free throws, euvw. Anderson to wnness wie dsskcc Hollingsworth, 9; Bosley, 4; LaRue, Monday night Jan 16, the local game there Friday night. When a & fraternity will entertain the Kiwanis 8j,ort distance south of Alexandria (rive the town a place in vrhieh to he-hl public meetings, but they attract the rural resident, and, consequently, the rural trade to the town. More than this, however, they become a place et cemmen meeting tot the townspeople ami tarmer and lead to CAvperatlon and harmenieua feelingv rregresa Has Been Madev Even though nothing material along the lines mentioned has been accomplished by the Ktwants CtuK satisfactory progress has been made, fee the organisation Is only a few months vld. tt has now Rtty-three members According to all reports Warren has been going good this year and will have two new men on the squad this week and this addition will greatly strengthen the team. flowever the F. H. S. team will be rapidly rounding into shape by that time and some new faces may also appear on the F. H. S. lineup. The Blade and Gold warriors, although season, with the result that the locals have piled up a total of 524 points while the opponents have scored but 405. The average for the Black and Gold at the present time lacks but one gam ot being 600 per cent, eight games beingi on the winning side with nine in the lost column. Hollingsworth is by fan high point man tn field goals, both tn total as Well For next emester prospects are rlub at the former's hall. This will they turned out to pass another car, quite bright for an even better aver- he ill the form of a smoker and get- but failed to notice a second car image for some new men will then be together session. The committee in mediately in the rear of the first car. out, while the men .who have been charge of the entertainment has been feeing that a collision was imminent participating are developing more working! overtime and promise a good the boys turned their car into the side rapidly all the time, so that there tim 1 of the road, the machine turning over, ia now an abundance of frond material 5 There wil be national officer of The boys all escaped without injury, ftgKtingi it out for the first team posi- both organiiations present along with although the machine was consider-tions. othey important men. ably damaged. Ke has a total of 87 a tn average. (Contisuad on Pfcg Two) Cw-Suwt jfihi rls lth an arerge of 6.12 1 Jttmmmtmmmm

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