The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on January 8, 1937 · Page 5
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 5

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, January 8, 1937
Page 5
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Page 5 article text (OCR)

PAGE FIVF Friday, January 8, ' 1937 VIOLENCE SPURS PEACE EFFORTS IN GM STRIKES Ex-Dancer On Trial (Continued from Pi ga 1) F. D. R. PLANNING TO SHAVE DEBT, STARTING IN '39 (Continued rrom Pace 1) Hon tliat conditional liudnet balance In tho next fiscal yuar and romplute liuliiiue In llm followliiK ypnr do-n nilftl on IikIiihI ry'a rooiinration in ii - vr. IitIiii: morn pitrnonii rronir roMor rollH. '.. PliMltcrlly IOkihi'IinI All I'stlninlfii wore di'pemlmit progress. With this issue settled, International News Sprvlce learned from a rellulilp source today, discussions between (ieiieral.Molors und the un-i.n on the lull' r' alleged . Kricv-n. "M will IipHii. among them being 'co):lilllc ll of tilt' 1'AW lis the Hub luir a'n'iig agency mining (!M employes. The disturbances occurred In Flint. Twelve persons were reported cut and bruised, not seriously, 'urlns the outbreaks. iiiM ii lonlliiMcd (ciiiKimlc ImprovB- ment. .; .. iu ; t " ; j f If Ills ratlmatwi prove to lie cor-rer'l (lie new ;dtnji increupe in the national debt from July 1, 1A.13. would a.Kreeatfl-.12t4S&27,440 the not excess of expenditures over revenue for that period. The president estimates fedora1 revenue In the next fiscal year would increase by $1,475,446,37 because of'Tilfjher taxes. WCMAN RETAINS JOB COFFEE Chase and Sanborn U j low Price Lb. 23c FLOUR FANCY SOFT WHEAT FLOUR Lb. C Cimimd Fruit Speeiuls Betty Baker On trial at Ann Arbor, Mien., charged with the slaying of a boarder. Betty Baker, former tiancer and wile of a policeman, is shown as she appeared in court. Lombard Plums CHICAGO. Jan. 8. Suffering from a form of sleeping sickness "icephalitis a 23-year-old mother baa . been umiblo to sleep for 10 days. The victim: Mrs. Emily Paternoster, entered her tenth dny of continuous yawning today. . Hospital physicians revealed she has been yawning at the rate of four times a minute since stricken with the strange malady, the yawning keeping her from sleeping. STUDENTS PLAN WAIJKOUT AFTER FRANK'S OUSTEF REACHES 2 3Sc (rnntltitied 'trom Page 1) No. 2 Cans II! Cans $1.11 Ef)e rr 2 of 6 Hoodlums Are Executed a' Sing Sing Thursday Night; O.her Are Doomed toLifelmprisonmen "ni imui-d from Page 1) Origin of Pecans The first authenticated record of the existence of pecans is that of the Spanish explorer, Cabeza da Vaca, who in 1520 mentioned "Texas walnuts" in a letter to his king. lack berries tops the death., warrant of the Frank administration.; Frank asked'' Harold " Wllkle, hoard president "and Madison attorney, for leave to make a short statement. His eyes were inflamed from loan of sleep inowred In preparing his futile defense, but his Toice was crisp and challenging as he rose and said, stinglngly : "The Gates resolution Is in perfect keeping with the deception, falrehood, and intrigue which have characterized the moves of the Wll-kie forces from the first.'! Grapefruits 23c Apricots 2 Nc 29 c Pineapple 2 e gam; Salvatore Srata.- 18; iminlrk Zizzo. i!T; Khpciip Bruno. 8, and Samuel Kimniel, 22. All had been convicted and sen-enced to die for the "stick-up" nrrder of Edwin Espftslto. a Brook-yn subway coin collector, whom li-y killed for a little over $240 ibout $40 apiece. No. 2 Cans ,L2y Js Board Once Cheap in Ohio In the early days of Oberlin college, Ohio, students were charged 75 cents per week for board without meat and $1 per week fori meat, twice a day, with their meals. mm Artesian Wells First in Aitios Artesian wells are named from artesium, the Latin name for the province of Artios in France, where such welis came into use centuries True Naturalists True naturalists, whether professional or amateur, have what is called in religious parlance a 'vocation." Their interest in wild things dates from early youth, a time when every natural phenomenon is exciting to the curious child mind. The naturalist has merely carried that intensity of interest over into his adult world and witli it a fervar that increases rather than diminishes as life goes on. Pancake Flour 2 K 17c BuckwheafFlour2 K 19c Royal Syrup Quart jar 25c Shredded Wheat pk 12c Macaroni 3 Pkgs 13c Sardines 2 Tins 19c TabEetS Go'den Rod 3 For so Personal Reliability If you cannot rely on your own reliability ."'what moral rigljt have you to expect others to expect much of you? If you lack resolution, decision, faith in yourself, will power, you're" no nit Many Small Fish There are more than 34 species of native minnows, chubs, dace and shiners In Michigan. None of these attain a length of 12 inches, and few of them ever grow larger than six inches. : x ' Abundant Water The mid Pacific American metropolis, "Honolulu, obtains nearly all its water supply from artesian welis yielding l,5O0,)0D.OOa gallons ' a. -r Eil r 20-Mule !.b. f f Team P 3 j "Time for AH Things" Cervantes said: "There is a time for some things, and a time for alt things; a time for great things, and time for small things. " The line "There's a time for all things" alto appears in Shakespeare s "Comedy of Errors." Title to Land Denied In Mecklenburg, Germany, a decree of the year 1G06 declared that peasants had no hereditary rights to their land, that their lords could take away their holdings, even though their ancestors had held the land from time immemorial .. Zero Stone in Washington The Zero Stone in Washington takes the place of the itinerary column planned by L'Enfant for. a place one mile east of the Capitol, from which all distances of places throughout the continent were to be calculated. The column was never built. The Zero Stone is immediately south of the White House grounds and is a bloclt-of granite four feet high, with a bronze compass design on top. It stands on the meridian of the District of Columbia. .. French Dressing Too Small In the Mexican state of Yucatan, a drink that is too small, or any portion that isn't large enough to suit the recipient is called a "pelon-ita." Translated, the sense is a "little hairless one." The implication is that it is r.o small it should never have been born. 13c ennce Potll . No North or South Plantation workers in American domestic sugar fields in th Territory of Hawaii do not use the conventional terms of direction, substituting "mauka" (inland) and acl Mustard Sport Lh. "3 Little 8 t "makai. (toward the sen.) Cake Flour 2 c 6-ounre Jar.... Banquet Tea 2At- 19c Oven Fluff CHOCOLATE 1-lb. j.-j a At Argo Starch 2 put 17c MILK Ltd can 9c 3c Orange Pekoe r ,t I C O O Beef n n lie oggie Dinner . Steak o e THE TIME HAS COME to tock your medi- ciiut pablnet Over the holidays, you wjj fan ,ihort of many needed supplies. ,ans rg Nyal AspirinTablets Excellent for colds and fever, neu uper Sods Bacon22ic frs P 10c v-'' II Boil or 4. z3&u 15c VITAMIN PRODUCTS AT NEW LOW PRICES ralgia and rheumatic pains. A tablet in water as 0 O O a gargle checks throat Inflammation. bottle of 100 E7 2 Regular Packages ISfl No. 300 Cans Cod Llvr Oil Concentrate Tablets, each tablet equal to teapboirf! of cod liver oU in vitamins A and D; bottle f of TOO tablets for 98c; 2j0 tableU Cod Liver Oil, pure, Norwegian, U. S. P. full pint 69c Cod Liver Oil, uper-rich, full pint 98c HalivVlrlait with Viosterol, 8-oz. hot. 89c; 32 o. $2.79 Malt Extract with Halibut Liver Oil, 12-oz bottle 98c Haliver Oil, plain, 50 capsules, 84c; lOcc bottle. . - . ,48c HalibnJ LivrrOil, plain, box of 50. caps 84c; lice bot. 48c Haliver Oitwilh Viosterol, box of 25 capsules 97c !' 5cc bulk bottle for lic Halibut Liver Oil, Nurse Brand, Fortified with Natural Vita- min O, box of 25 capsules 97c; 6cc bottle 79c ABD 6pslei, box of 25 for. . 97c ABDG Capsules, Nurse Brand, box of 25 for 97c Wheatamin Tablets, vitamins A, B, C E, intended to im- PRUNS Kidney Beans 4 Ralston Cereal Nyal Honey and Horehound Large Pl:g. Sunswect Lh. Box . 27c 23c 10c 25c 22c An old-fashioned remedy that eases hacking coughs and checks stub-born colds. Soap, CRYSTAL WHITE 3 Bar. Bab-O-Cleaner 2 c" Tomato Soup 3 Cans prove vitality, bottle of 80 tableU " a !(. v.t Tble4L bottle of 125 for. . . .69c AISIHS Two sizes 25-50c Sun-Maid 15 oz. . . Ec L hi n iiniiMiirir smmmmmmemmimummHmm inti tt mrUA Peanut Butter 2 j- 23c Oy a I tine 50csize3ic Columbus Cooperative Stores 5 Our store U always in charge of Competent Regbteteofl J: feT Pharmacists. Your PrescripUcn will receive prompt L!!L .f. ' attention of an experienced Druggist. sT . 0 attention of an experienced Druggist Phones 743 & 74G 959 North Ninth and Corner Main & Vine 22 ooooooooooooooooocooooooooooooopooo

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