The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on January 8, 1937 · Page 3
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 3

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, January 8, 1937
Page 3
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The Daily Cllntonian, Clinton, Indiana PAGE THREE EUGENE COUPLE REVEALS WEDDING Nazi , Warships at Anchor in Spanish, Harbor FAIRVIEW PARK CORRESPONDENCE An Uninvited Adviser A kibitzer is a person who meddles in the affairs of other people, particularly on who, while not a player himself, makes suggestions and gives unasked-for advice to card players. By extension the term is applied to any individual who is always ready to give advice on any subject whether he knows anything about it or not. Courtesy in Behavior There is a courtesy of the heart: the purest courtesy in tbe c-uluard it is allied to love. From it springs behavior. View of Cart It harbor Louis Malanowski Takes Turn for Worse; Chicago Visitors Here The "Great" Pyramid The "Grent" Pyramid is believed by many students tc be a record of prophecy, and n.,t u tomb. Marriage Kept Secret for Five Years; Other Nuptial Are Announced Friday, January 8, 1937 " 1" FAIRVIEW PARK. Jan. S The serious illness of Iiuis Miilallowskl. who has been confined at the veteran's hospital in Dayton, (J., has he come agritvated recently, and it is reported that he is expected to live only a few days. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Martin of Chi cago are spending a few days with Qpcn ai if (OXK WF.KK OM.V) $lt95 Croquignole Permanents $1.50 Other Permanents . $3 $3.50 $4 $5 Machineless Permanents $3.95 Co-Ed Beauty Shop (Oier White' Pharmacj ) Licenced operator Minnie Williamson CAYUGA, Jan. 7. Mr. and Mrs. Russel I McLaln are announcing their marriage which took pla' Dec. 29, 1932, and which has been kept a aecret until this time. They were married at Greenfield. Ind., by the Christian church minister of that place. Mrs. McLaln, formerly Mian Simla Clark, daughter of Mrs. Mattle Clark, has taught for a number of yeara in the local public schools. She is at present engaged as first grade teacher at Eugene. Mr. McLaln la operating a gasoline station at Eugene. Tbe young couple will make their home in Eugene. WHIilte-Alenamler Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Wllhltc are - ; L .:ljJmL tWiimrintMM mi i MtmmfM her parents, .Mr. and Mrs. A. V. Kennedy and other relatives. Mrs. Anna Dancy of Chicago a? the weekend guest of Mr. and Mrs. Nick Dancy. Mrs. Margaret Britton of Terrf Haute was the Sunday guest of hei mother, Mrs. Jacob Bryant. Mr. and Mrs. Bert Howard and family of Tennessee Valley and Mr and Mrs. Frank Lewis were Sunda guests of Mrs. Etta Clark. Henry Meyers returned to Chicago after spending 12 days will his family. Mr. and Mrs. Pete Dancy and family of Chicago spent a few days with Mr. and Mrs. Nick Dancy. Homer Simpson returned horn from a 12-day visit with relatives in South Bend and Chit-ago. Mrs. Clifford Brown spent Wednesday with Mrs. Andy Roberts. announcing t he marriage of their daughter, Mlgnon, to Clarence Alex Spanish merchant ships in reprisal for the seizure Otis' Nazi freighter at Bilbao, these two German warships, flying the swastika, are at anchor in the rebel-controlled port of Cadiz, awaltinr i'rthr orders. Alarmed by the "undeclared war" between Germany and Spanish Basques along the northern coast of Spain, Britain and France may intervene to halt an open outbreak of hostilities. In line with Chancellor Hitler's orders to search-and-aelie 1 9 SALE S7C RESOLVED: To give you even bigger week-end tpeciaU phii every day low prices to that you can continue lo ave afely the Kroger way. Zero Brings Electrical Freaks I At temperatures down near absolute zero electrical phenomena take place. Short Interviews Vicioria Inherited Throne Queen Victoria inherited the throne from her uncle, King William IV. Her father, the king's next younger brother, had previously died and Queen Victoria was therefore next in line of succession. Queen Victoria had no brothers and she was the only child of her father. Cdckateel, Variety of Cockatoo The cockateel is a small variety of the cockatoo family. A small beauty covered with soft gray feathers, wings and tail being edged with white and whose proudly carried head is topped with a lemon-yellow crest. The contrast of colorings is emphasized by circles of light red on the cheeks. Snow Temperature Snow occurs when the temperature at the surface of the earth is anywhere from freezing down to 50 degrees, or even more below zero. Also, it is formed at considerable heights in the air, where the temperature usually is lower than it is at the surface. ander, only son of Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Alexander. Tbe wedding took place New Year's eve In Veeders-burg with Rev. O. W. McOaughey officiating. Both Mr. and Mrs. Alexander are graduates with the class of '3B from the local high school. Daily Meetings The revival meeting now being held at the Holiness church Is progressing very nicely. Good crowds are coming out every night to hear Rev. Gattling bring inspiring messages. An invitation Is extended for all to attend. Caynga Personals Rev. Frank Peterson of Monte-zumA was a Tuesday dinner guest of Mr. and Mrs. George Hughes and family. Mr. and Mrs. Warren Coffin will spend the next few days out of town while their home is being remodeled. Mrs. Sarah Harper of Hillsdale If visiting her sons, Herman and John this week. James Harvey was a guest Tuesday night of his sister, Mrs. Dane Harper. Thomas Sidner left Monday for Terre Haute where he will make hi First I'. S. Lighthouse Boston Light, built in 1716, was the first lighthouse to be erected within the present limits of the United States. NEW YORK Joseph E. Davies, leaving for Moscow where he is to be the United States ambassador, comments on the fact that a large supply of frozen cream has been shipped ahead for the embassy: "1 am sailing on my Milky Way. But I better not say that. If an ambassador starts out joking, they don't take him seriously." BRAN FLAKES Country Club A Delicious. Healthful Ceal at s Special Low Pric 2 k7, 19c PALMOLIVE SOAP The Soap Rich in Olive Oil Special Low Price 4 Bara 19c TOILET TISSUE Fleece Brand and Jolt Soft s Fleece 4 Rons 19c SWEET CORN Sweet and Tender A Week-End Value 2 Ncana2 19c CRYSTAL WHITE White Laundry Suap PINEAPPLE Country Club Golden Hawaiiat Sliced or Crushed 2 37c OXYDOL Granulated Soap A Special Week-End arrain 2 pkgs. 37c CMIPSO Flake or Granule! Another Week-End Special 37c PRUNES Sun-Ripened Fruit Full of Health Low Pn 7 37c CHERRIES Country Club Red Sour Pitted For Delicious Piea 3 ? 37c WASHINGTON Charles W. of the department of agricul Why Should I Trade at OAKLEY'S FIRST Because I choose my own selection of foods. SECOND I save on every purchase. THIRD Every item is guaranteed to please or my money returned. ture, back fro mSouth America, says the Inias solved the soil erosion nroblem: "unless the United States finds a way to check soil erosion, we may have to adopt the extensive system of terracing hills and mountain What More Could I Ask ....?? 7 L.e. Bara C Keg. 19c sides which the lncas have devel Bars oped." ; final reservation for joining the navy. i M 3 -50c Jewel Hot-Dated Lh. Bag 17c COFFEE COURT NEWS tU t ft I U fa X Superior Brand g So. 2 l C i lhomlo m h hm l rans oo It. ill Ik Hollieanna Tall I , IvIILIV Evaporated Milk .1 Can, II 15c 15o CAMPBELL'S SUPERSUDS LOS ANGELES Superior Judsf R. W. Kenny rules on a suit in which Ernest Eads charged Rheha Crawford Splvalo with accusing him of making love to Evangelist Aimee Semple McPherson: "It's no crime to make love," NEWPORT, Jan. 8 Tesse Belle Regular or Concentrated. 3ni. l-k. Be 1 omato Bono Lea. 1C Pkg. " Hani WlH-al ?Q OATS Hour 24 His Country Club, 3m. Pkg. 7c Gross of Clinton has filed suit in Vermillion circuit court seeking a divorce from Frank F. Gross on grounds of cruel and inhuman treatment. The plaintiff asks for GRAPEFRUIT ft.1 10c PEANUT BUTTER zb 25c Country Club Tree Ripened We resprvp (he right to limit quant it lew lrices subject to market change 5c Lb. Firm, Yellow, Ripe the custody of their children. William, 20; Ruth, 17; Freddie 8, Mur- , pi mm 79c BANANAS Human Blood a Storage Battery If the electrical charge in the red-blood cells of a man could be collected and sent through a twenty-five watt light bulb, the lamp would burn for five minutes. garet &, and Martha 3, as well as Hard Wheat (JO. Id reasonable support and $700 all BREAD ICEBERG LEHUCE -II- 2 -15c NEW CABBAGE 3 10c Green, Solid, Medium Size mony. Application for suit money 84-1 b. bag and maintenance pending the ill Heads WHEAT KRISPIES. .pkg. 10c vorce has been filed with hearing (o) For added energy nothing is (tetter than Oakley' Twirled Uread. 20-oz. Loaf cm ip v-w o T.i, nop uUur rT,n"" o cans lj CAULIFLOWER e 15c CARROTS -BEETS 5o Snow White Headi Larje Bunchea SHALLOTS 3 Bch.. l()c CELERY s"lk 5c Young, Tender, Mild Flavor r'ancy Michigan LEAF LETTUCE 5c TANGERINES 2 " 25c Indiana Hut House Tree Kipvned Sweet. Juicy Jamshyd, King of the Peris In Persian mythology, Jamshyd was the king of the Peris. In punishment for his boast of immortality, he was compelled to assume human form and dwell on earth where he became a mighty King of Persia. He was supposed to have reigned for 700 years, of which 300 were happy and beneficent. set for January 16 at 9 a. m. The application for suit money and allowance alleges Gross has $1,500 in personal property and earns $7.45 per day as a laborer for the Clinton Coal Company. The couple waB married May 1, 1915 and separated September 28, 1936. Plaintiff Is represented by Attorney Homer D. Ingram, Newport. c COFFEE 17 Bonnncn-3 human treatment. The couple was married in 1904 and separated September 11. 1934. The plaintiff i represented by Attorney Robert E. Guinn, Clinton. SPAGHETTI, Red Crow. . .6 pkgs. 25c PEAS 4c-25c an? Lb. n mm Alonzo Pierce of Vermillion county has died suit in Vermillion circuit court seeking a divorce from Alice Pierce on grounds of cruel and in- FRUITS AND VEGETABLES Leaf Lettuce 2 lbs. 15c Turnips 3 lbs. 10c Mangoes 3 for 10c Grapefruit, seedless 3 for 10c Radishes 2 bunches 5c Celery, Michigan bleached. , . . .5c Oranges, Calif. Sunkist. .dozen 19c Celery Cabbage 2 stalks 15c IU 4 HONEY, pure comb rack 21c MUSTARD v 10c MATCHES 6 boxe 19c OATS ""-2 31c BEEF VALUE TENDER BEEF STEAK tb 12Jc POT ROAST It llc SWISS STEAK H 12JC PORK SPECIAL FRESH PICNICS H 5c SHOULDER ROASTS tb 18c PORK STEAK tt 20c F pav Ail r Month J, fly jr,ll Month Repays J Repays j- You Owe s 10c AMMONIA, full stniiih ler quart 55c KVItU', Klali-' golden N.i. 10 I'liil 5c POICk Jt It RANK IN r can 10c I'iMIV It A Its S for Proe 19c FKVKEH, Santa Clara 4 lh 9c KTAKi 'H, !!, (tilie, ikr U. S. INSPECTED HAMS ARMOUR'S-Sugar Cured Skinned Surplus Fat Removed Per Pound CURED GALAS Our Finance Plan Makes it Easy Suppose you owe a balance on your: Automobile Washing Machine Furniture Radio Piano Phonograph Owe a Note Owe the Grocer Owe the Doctor Owe Several Bills How would you like to have us pay off any or all of the above debts, and allow you to repay in small payments. It can easily be arranged and you will know exactly how much you are required to pay out. You can clean up and consolidate your bills. We will pay your accounts elsewhere and give you the benefit of our special rales and terms. 4 to 6 lb. Average Per Pound Boston Style or Radio Per Pound BACEvf SUGAR CURED Loaf or HtaL BACON SQUARES SUGAR CURED Lb. 1420 ANY CUT Lb.... HS22 Fresh Ground Beef Mudr of Pure Meat Vwal Ib.l2ic Lb.20VzC Pork Sausage Cheese Round Veal Steak Pull Oram SUGAR CURED SMOKED JWSILS Per Pound lb.l7'ic Ibvic lb. 15 !b.l22c A Suitable Loan for Every one Farmers need pay only each three or six months Klb or I'lato Security Loan Co. Phone 62 I 1 1 1 -1 2 I 4 South Main CLINTON, Indiana Neck Bones Fresh, Meaty Boiling Beef Sausage lb. 5c lb.lS1' lb.22vic Dry Salt Meat ITSEfH Fresh IJiik I'nrk Country Style Filet of Halldork No Bone or Waste Ariwmr'R or Swift- Fish Bacon Marliltie Sliced

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