The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on January 8, 1937 · Page 1
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 1

Clinton, Indiana
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Friday, January 8, 1937
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WEATHER Cloudy, rain turning to snow tonight and possibly Baturdar morn- Bhonld Tata fal to Rcwavn Ton DAILY CLINTONIAN by S:80 P. M. Phone 41 or lit and a copy will to bronght to fom at voce. THE DAILY CLINTONIAN - old wave tonight T.TTtr ... fnmn.- Price Three Cents Volume 25 Number 52 Clinton, Indiana, Friday, January 8, 1937 Scates Around Capitol Hill All-Day Meeting of Sanitation Official To Be Held in City lllnet I Fatal to 'La Star in Noted Radio Gottip Team F. D. R. PLANNING TO SHAVE DEBT, BRITAIN, FRANCE PREPARE TO PUT VIOLENCE SPURS PEACE EFFORTS IN GM STRIKES t V ' HI 7 X. r Ct Here are thr of th lralj.r.j: figure in th? 75th congr. Wft to rljrbt. Sana Rtybum of Texas. DemorraUr majority floor leader; William B. Bankhrarl of Alabama, speaker of the house, and Bert-rand H. Sneli of New York. Republican minority floor leader. V'ioc President John Gamer welcomes to the capita! one of the new. comers to the senate. Hnry Cabot Lodge of Massachusetts, jrano-so- of the noted political leader of the same name. Two of Six Hoodlums Executed at -Sing Sing Thursday Night; Others Life Imprisonment Clinton will be the scene Saturday for an all-day meeting of Indiana community sanitation workers in the Ninth district. Carl King, state director of sanitation will preside. The Vermillion county sanitation project, under the supervision of Andy Kutch. received the honor of being; host to the convening officials because of the splendid work done in this section of the state for the betterment of living conditions. Indiana community sanitation is sponsored by the state board health. of STUDENTS PLAN WALKOUT AFTER FRANK'S OUSTER Wisconsin University President Tossed Out Immediately; Protest Movement Takes Form SPEECH FLAYS WILKIE FORCES MADISON. Wis.. Jan. 8. Cnlver- sity of Wisconsin students touay planned a "walkout" from classes, in protest at the action of the re- rents In firing President Olenn Frank last night. The hoard of regents passed a resolution not to renew the presi dent' contract, expiring July I. and to give him Immediate leave of absence for the balance of bis term. The resolution was adopted after a two-day public hearing of charges of in?mpeterjcy which failed to change the eight-to-seven vote to which the regents committed themselves os Dec. 1, before the ease for sad against Or. Frank was heard in detail. Several members of the aoioority group of regents also threatened to walkout" of their Jobs rather than submit to what they charge is dictatorship in university affairs by Oov. Phil LaFollette. Dean George C. Sellery of the col lege of letters and science, a faculty member for 35 years, prepared to move in. as acting president. f.o the office Dr. Frank has occupied for 111 years. The dismissal of Dr. Frank took place in a turmoil of gate-crashing. rah-rahing students, fainting women and interminable bickering. Regent Clough Gates, business manager of a nem-spaper la Superior, presented the resolution which Continued on Page 5 Authorities Seek 2 Cafe Robbers At Terre Haute Carlo Fenoglio. of the Del Kio Cafe, Claude Jennings, deputy sher iff, aud several local patrolmen went to Terre Haute to see if two of the four people arrested there yesterday could be identified as the same men that robbed the cafe of approximately lluv last Thursday night. Ernest Hooker, 26. alias James Coutey. and Van H. Archer, 22. were arrested on charges of automobile theft, unlawful possession of firearms after having been convicted of a felony and invest gation. The alleged "girl friends" of the two nn were arrested at a differ ent address, but police believe that the girls were sent to the othe' address when the men became aware that the law was closing ir on them The girls gave their names as Edith Randolph. IS, of St. Berntce. and Geneva Emits, J. of Centenary. They were sent to Jail on charges of adultery. BAND PROGRAMS ARE SCHEDULED Three programs have been wh"d pled for the WPA oand. under the supervision of Paul Fidlar. for th next few days. The dance band is to play tomor row noon at a district meeting of the sanitation supervisors at Anto-nini's restaurant. An ensemble is to play Monday night st a meeting of the Crwmpton Hill P -T. A. at the sehoolbouse. and Wednesday the band will present a program at the C. C. C. camp at the Shades in Waveland. f J STARTING IN '39 President Plans No Borrowing; Believes Public Debt Will Be Frozen by June if . -Upbeat Continues INDUSTRY MUST HIRE MORE MEN WASHINGTON. Jan. 8 Presi dent Roosevelt Informed congress In his budget message today that he M"td 1q balance the budget and twein reducing (he national debt In .he fiscal year, 1939. He presented to congress a 1938 fis'-al yar budget which he said bal anced conditionally except for stat utory rfbt retirement meaning that if hie conditions are met the zrwm deficit for the fiscal year bediming July 1 wiiild not be more hn $ 1 .SI 5.440 compared witb ?.S2 353.744 in th current fiscal rwf and 4.763. M1.C42 in the !93 fiscal year which endd last June 3. fVirrow Jiag to Mop T1!" or.idnt foresaw JJttle if any ltrrow'ng to finance government cxppnss in the ijpxt fiscal year- Hie tiro-Tam would virtually freeze the uMic flc-M at $S5.t2.0ie.0fi0 on June sfl. J9?,7, and begin to reduce It -fi yar latr. But Mr RoosveJt warnd the na-fVmtiniM m I'ag 5 PARKE COUNTY FARMER DIES; RITES SUNDAY Death Claims Voorbees Huxford Thursday Afternoon; Rev. Warner to Conduct Service Death came to Voorhees Huxford. prominent farmer of Parke county, at his home on R. R. A. Rosedale. at :10 p. m. yesterday. Mr. Huxford had been a life resi dent of Parke county, and was a member of one of the county's earli est families. He was reared on the farm where he died In the Huxford neigh borbood. and was the son of John Huxford. Br., who had lived on the same farm before him. arivors He is survived by the wife, KHxa- beth Auu; oue daughter, Miss Rose Huxford. at home; four bobs, f'harleg, Herman, Wilmer and Ellis Huxford, all of Parke county; eight grandchildren; one greatgrandson : oue sister, Mrs. Matilda fiinitb, of Roy, N. M.; three -brothers John and William Huxford. of Parke county, and Andrew Huxford, of Newport. The "bodv was removed to the Frist funeral home. Funeral serv ices are to lie held from the resi dence at 1:30 p. m. Sunday with Rev. H. H. Wagner in charge. Burial will he In Mt. Pleasant cemetery in Parke county. WOMAN YAWNS, GETS NO SLEEP r.N'l)IANAPOL.lS, Ind., Jan. 8 Mrs. Margaret Buchanan Headdy to day continued as secretary in charge of penal at fairs and a member of the state clemency commission under reappointment by Got. -Elect. M Clifford Townsend. RATIFICATION URGED WASHINGTON. Jan. 8 Immediate ratification of the child labor amendment to the constitution was urged upon the governors and governors-elect of nineteen state today bv President Roosevelt. Pressing forward in his drive to restore the social benefits lost when NRA was outlawed, the presldeot urged that approval of the anvnd- ment he made one of the major items in the legislative programs of IV states. FARMER FOUND SLAIN LOGAX8PORT. Ind.. Jan. . Morris Seigel. 75. farmer, was found beaten to death last night in his home near Winainac. C. E. Lough. Rtark county sheriff, said he eould find not motive for a murder. CHICAGO. Jan. 8 "Lu." of the famous radio gossip trio. "Clara, Lu and Em" died today at the Evans ton hospital from pneumonia and streptococcic infection. At the same time it became known that "Em" is stricken with Diluents and confined at her home Her condition is reported to be not serious. "Lu" had beea ill several day ut her condition was not believed Titles! until she took a sudden turn or the worse late yesterday. M'HUTT INSISTS STATE NEEDS NO ADDITIONAL TAX carcwrll Address Puts Governor on Record as Opposed to More Levies on Hoosiers PROGRAM GIVEN TO LEGISLATORS 1NDIAKAPOU6, Ind.. Jan. i Oov. Paul V. McNutt. reporting 17.g00.0ti0 balauoe lu the state treasury as of June 30. told the Jegislat-ure today in his farewell address that Indiana needs ato uew 4axes to carry on its vast social wel 'are program and that he is "uaal erably opposed' to Ibem. Hie subsequent assertion that the ax problem of the present leg is 'ature is to reduce assessments and not increase them came in the face of budget eat imates stibmftted by department heads of IflK.ono.OOO the highest in the state's history and the governor also warned the assembly abainst "false economy.1 JclWutt spoke feefof e a foiut ev sioa of the house and annate. Mi address was the only business scheduled today pendiug the inaugura tion of M. Clifford Townsend as gov ernor on Monday, since the legislature disposed of Its Toutine organisation business in yesterday's two-' bour session. The governor, speaking deliberately and with emphasis, reviewed the dark days of IV S3 when his administration took office and recalled with pride how the 'V.Haens of Indiana" rose to the emergency to combat the forces of "major catastrophe." In addition to a review of bis own administration. McNutt reoommeud-ed to the legislature action on eleven different fronts, all of them de signed to carry out the policiF adopted by hie administration and emphasizing the co-oppration be tween state and nation governments fostered by the Roosevelt regime. County Treasurer Can't Use Safe; It Doesn't Open NEWPORT. Jan. 8 The safe in the otrice of County Treasurer Harry McC rea at Ke wport r'ef used to open Tuesday morning. It had been shut at the close of office hours Monday evening. Tuesday morning the combination would uot work and the tumblers failed to drop Into place in order that the sate could be opened. Charles Harrison, a safe expert of Danville. III., was called Tuesday afternoon and has labored continuously without success in working the combination. Two holes the sise of a dime and a quarter have been drilled through the door In an effort to drop the tumblers. Harri son stated Friday noon that he might not be able to open the aate at all unless it was blown, and Mr Crea stated be did not want this done. Valuable books, receipts, intaugi- ble tax stamps, tnony had on hand at the closing of hank hours and nutnv other valuable articles arc kept in fne safe. Rumors to the effect that some one had been tampering with th1 safe are apparently unfounded McC rea stated he was positive notb ing of that sort had been done, and for some unknown caua1 it simph" had failed to work. Harrison said it was probably because the com hi nations on safes in the various of See have been changed from time to time, which might haw caused the combination to stick. CGV.IJ BLOCKADE Navies of Two Nations Matting Warships in Wat era Near Spain to 'Replace' Those Preaent ITALY, GERMANY ALARM POWERS IXINDON. Jan. . British and French naval nigh cosninsnds today made preparations tnr as Anglo French blockade of Spain. In ease diplomats of principal European power! decide to resort to tuoh a measure. Cnder the guise of "replacement operations" and "annual maneuvers." both navies are preparing to mass powerful warship armadas In the rielnity of Spanish waters. Britain Aroused j Dismayed by the angry tone aad dilatory term at the German and Italian notes om Spanish fion-inter-vestios. and fearing that both powers planned to rush mora troop to the aid of the Spanish rebels. Britain openly announced she would reinforce her Mediterranean fleet of S warships by dispatching all 2f vessels of the bone fleet to Spanish j waters this month. tin Paris, the mlnlstery of marine denied "any extraordinary move ments of the fleet are at present contemplated." Nevertheless, H was admitted that SI warships and several submarines would be in Moroccan waters on "annual maneuvers" by Jan. It. I Move Ikes These preparations coincide In hardening of belief ii diplomatic smarter that an ' Anglo-French naval blockade Is essential to watertight foreign intervention control plan. Britain Is anwtlling ta embark on a blockade itoss 4I Iptwreuted parties acquiesce, but the Italian and German notes Indicated H Blight be possible to get chcfe approval. The British feel a blockade must be accompanied by general willingness of all powers to withdraw from Spain. , Rebels Continue Drive; Loyalists 'Are Forced Back MAJRID. Jan. S Following through wltb all their strength on a ucceaful deceptive trategic ruse, rebel battalions today smashed far beyond Pomelo de A.arcon along the north western outskirts of Madrid. Now in its sixth 4ay, this battle, biggest of the err 11 war, is recognised on both sides as probably the decisive struggle for possession of the capital. Loyalist troops, with the international brigade as their backbone, are alowly falling chuck before the powerful drive of 10,000 German soldiers, besides Moors and Spanish foreign legionnaires. During the night a strong loyalist counter-attack on the Cae de Cam-po sector, the wooded stretch lying between Madrid and Pomelo, was repulsed, rebel radio announcements said. Perpignan. France. Jan. 8 Reb el Spanish warships made a audden raid on the Spanish-French border today, hurling shells toward the international bridge at Culra and bombing the town of Port Bou. SHERIFF HENNIS NAMES DEPUTIES NEWPORT. Jan. Sheriff Allen Hennis has named Ous Williamson of Hillsdale. Albert 'Williamson of Newport and JCounty Auditor rharles B. Cooper, also of Newport, as special sheriffs for Vermillion county. Their eatbs as special deputies have ween led In the of ce of the clerk of the Vermillion circuit court. CAYUGA OFFICE IS ESTABLISHED store licenses and income ax blank may he secured in CayuKa thin vear as well as in the local offices. The office which is located in A U Clark's garage, is the first of its kind in Cayuga. j More Conference Scheduled a Number of Unemployed in Plant Increase by New Shutdown TWELVE INJURED IN FLINT BATTLE Hll.I-KTIV DKTRiMT, Jan. 7 Thousands more were added to the idle ranks today when the I'nlted Auto Work--rs union called a sltknrn strike at Hie Cadillac plant here as federal mediators and Gov. Prank Marshy were striving; to effect a nnare conference between Oneral motors and I lie union. DETROIT, Jan. S Spurred by n' w cases of violence In one of which police used the threat of tear ras. Gov. Frank Murphy and federal mediators todsy. after unsuccessful, all-night conferences, renewed desperately their efforts to break the deadlock In negotiations designed to lead the actual conference between strike-troubled General Motors and the United Auto Workers union. With strikes and shut-downs spreading to at least five more auto auto and allien plants aad with nearly one-third of the Industry's far flung workers destined to he Jobless by nightfall. Federal Mediator James F. Dewey and Gov. Murphy, close personal friend of President Roosevelt, planned to meet again in separate conferences with GM high command and union strate-g sts in an effort to overcome one obstacle. Mt-Don Troabie The one fundamental Issue en which agreement is lacking t refaa-1 of GM to open negotiations until its plaat are cleared of slt-Aowa trlkers. snd of the anion to deal-plants untl General Motors nromtses no equipment would he moved elsewhere while negotiations are In Continued on Page Moose Will Have Banquet Here on Anniversary Day A large banquet au Initiation services will be held by the Moose lodge on Friday. February 1. In observance of the I3rd anniversary ,f the installation of the local lodge. Several of the supreme lodge officers from the Moose Home In Mooseheart. 111., and all the nebth-Iwring lodges have been extended invitations to attend the meeting. Ed Dirker and Ors Malone were named captajns of the twa team organised tor the aaembershlKP drive to end before February 1. The team 'that -secures the greatest number of new candidates will be nerved at the tanquet by the losing aide. Four new candidates were accepted at the meeting last Tuesday ii ight. Within the past 21 year the local order has paid out bout 2t.-iifi in sick and death benefits and extension service to Moose Widows, and the building where the meetings are held has been purchased. Four Clinton children have graduated from the school In Maoaebesrt and at present there are eight Clinton children attending. BABY DIES HERE THURSDAY NIGHT Following an Illness of only foor days Margaret Ann SbauM. f months old daughter of Hr. and Mrs Frank Ehaubl of it North Eleventh street, died at the Vermillion county hospital last night at aliout 8 o'clock. Besides the parents, she I survived by two sisters, Rosemary an Barbara Joan. Tn body was removed trvni tna Karanovich funeral home to the residence this afternoon. Funeral services will tie neiu ai i p. - w-morrow from the home with Father Zeimer in charge. Burial will be in Walnut Grove cemetery. THE TKMPEKATVKe By The Clint on tan thermometer: a. m.. ii; noon, it. Are Doomed to Mattson Believes Boy Lives, Seeks To Make Contact TACOMA. Wah Jan- 8. Con-soti etill Mattson vinced that his kidnara lives. Ir. Wrtliiiin w- prominent Tacoma surgeon today frantically tried to Hunk of some tli nw wav to pwmvfi abductor the way in cUr for a rn- som payment and the release 01 j - ynar-old rharles. who was stolon 12 nlrMs ago. The surgeon has done everytlmir he and the authorities aim v- haps the kidnaper could think of to pave the way safely for the a perado to get th $2M'0O ransom, but the boy is held, to the particular distress of Dr. and Mrs. Mattson at this time because 01 um. i-... hlr son Is too lightly clothed, and pcrhaps loo 111. whmol..v. ... ter cold wave which is swneping the northwest. The physician, besides revealme that he has what he considers proot that the boy Is alive .also indicated a newspaper ad he has heard from the kidnaper more than once, is satisfied he is dealing with the real abductor, and not a hijacker, and will flo anything asked to hurry the release of the boy. FORMER CLINTON RESIDENT DIES Mrs. Minnie Morrison of Terr. Haute, formerly a resident of Clin ton, died yesterosy aneruoon o, .... home of her daughter. I.onder The cause of Mrs. Cari her death was not stated. To othor daugtiU-rs survive at well as 1wo sons. William and Prd both of Terre Haute, and 12 grand children. Kuneral services will be held Sun day at Z p. ni. at the home of Mrs Uouder. AUTO IS LOOTED ON MAIN STREET J T. Reid reported to police that several articles were siolen from his car. which was parked on South Main street, last night between T and 8 o'clock. A window of the car was pried nnen anH a tire DIIDID. mirror watch and flashlights were stolen. ikkininr. N. Y.. Jan. Death was Stl seconds away and there a foot from the electric chair in Sing Slllg stood the pathetically iudis-nant figure of Joseph Bolognia. 24. trigger man" of the nickle-aud-dime murder gaug. Where are the newspaper reporters '" he demanded, his eyes flashing, his lips curling wilh scorn " Twenty or more reporters eyed htui in silence. "You gentlemen made a fine mess of tilings. " he snarled. "Put down uhal you did. You called me 'tough Tony' and all that. I've always been a gooa boy. . . . "I'm innocent! Put that down, too." Thirty seconds later 2n.00 volts of electricity were sent hurtling through hiB hody. sizzling and crackling and aluioBt setting fire to the hair on his head. Holognia died protesting. A few minutes before one of his pals in crime Theodore di Donne. was electrocuted. His only words, sheepishly spoken, were: "This is where injustice triumphs." Iti Donne died protesting, loo ouly more resignedly. Two, instead of six. went to the chair. What 1o days ago was scheduled as a "mass execution" was cut down to a routine number by the action of Gov. Herbert H. Lehman wiio granted reprieves to life imprisonment to four others In t'ontiiiued on I'msc Pope Pius Given 30 Days to Live; Insists on Work VATICAN" riTY. Jan. 8. Pone 1'ius. after a "relatively restful night." today renewed his insistence that he resume work activity ahich, in the opinion of doctors, would cut rhort the month that they now feel is the maximum the pope can stave off death. The nontiff's condition. It was learned at the Vatican, Is un changed). Ir. Amanti Milani has managed In convince the nope he must re main in b"d at least two or tbre-more days longer before he an at lemtx to sit in a wheel chair and resume some of his work. Clear in mind, the pontiff is himself aware of the gravity of his condition, but he has often expressed his wish to "die with his boots ou."

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