The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on January 9, 1922 · Page 4
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 4

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, January 9, 1922
Page 4
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THE FAIRMOUNT NEWS J. J. McEvoy spent Sunday in One Dollar Ernet Templeton returned Thursday to St. Lawrence, S. D., after visiting relatives here for the past month. LIBERTY FARMERS DEFEAT JEFFERSON Game on Academy Gym Floor One Full of Excitement and Considerable Rough Play The Liberty township farmers added another victory to their list Friday night by defeating the fast Jef a - We Can Cut Your Living Expenses 1922 J. P. O'Shaughnessy has returned from West Union, W. Va., where h has had employment for several months. ferson township five 26 to 18, in a j roughly played contest. The game ; Mrs. C. M. Evans will return to j . A reduction of 25c to 50c per yard on Wool Dress Goods. All wool serge, 36 inches wide, formerly sold at $1.50 and $1.25, now s PRICES STILL FALLING Buffalo, N. Y., Tuesday after a twoito ayzee-Acaoemy pie. , weeks- visit with her parents, Mr. 1 fferson led during, the entire and Mrs. Seth Cox. ' ! first half b' uTs!"e nS shot offen- I sive game. Liberty having three ' Mrs. C. M. Anderson has returned shots to Jefferson's one was unable to , to her home in Chicago, after a visit j connect for points. i with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. P. j In the second half Jefferson lod for j O'Shaughnessy of North Vine street. 1 tre first ten minutes, when Liberty, by ; a neat rally, jumped ahead and dur- j Wayne Fowler, of the Ellis Auto ing the last five minutes had every-Supplv Company, accompanied by , thing their way. With the score tied 00 Per Yard Here Are Some of the Items That Will Interest You i j Floyd Hayden, chief vulcanizer for , in the last half the play became the company, attended a district meet- rough and the last of the game repre- ! The Bee Hive Cash Store A Reduction on All Leather Shoes ing of the Goodyear dealers and sales- sented a football contest more than men held in Kokomo last Thursday, at basket ball. 1 which were representatives of the Liberty played a. passing game and company from all over central and relied on short shots, while Jefferson eastern Indiana. Sales methods and made most of their points from long other matters of interest to the trade shots back of center, were discussed. j H. Haisley and Smith played the ibest for Liberty, while Brogg played STAR BRAND jT Red Seal Lye, 2 for 2Jc P. and G. Soap, 5 for 30c Gold Dust, large 32c Palm Olive Soap, 3 for 2."c Hand Water Soap,v 2 for. 15c Cleanser, 2 cans for 15c Lenox Soap, 8 for 25c Williams Shaving Soap 2 for 15c Flour 85c to 95c Sunbeam Flour, Extra. ... $1.25 Corn Meal, special 8 to 10 lb, 25c 50ft. Wire Line. i .49c 50 ft. Clothesline 25c Baking Powder, 2 lb. can... 25c Rookwood Tea, 1-4 lb 20c Rook wood Tea, 1-2 lb., 35c Sunbeam Coffee, Mocha and Java, 45c Peaberry and African Java 35c Rio Coffee, 15c and 20c Roll Colored Olio, good 30c Good Luck, 2 lb 55c Corn Flakes, 5 boxes 30c Rolled Oats 10c Rolled Oats, large 25c Post Toasties, large 15c 1 Pi Mr. and Mrs. Seth Cox entertained weU for Jefferson. I at iv nVWk dinner Sunday evenincr! Lineup and summary: Liberty 2 Mrs. Maria Scott, who has been ! complimentary to their daughter. Jefferson 18 Snyder Brogg nt DEOPLE 63! quite ill, has improved sufficiently to Mrs. C. M. Evans of Buffalo, N. Y. ;j-be out. jThe following guests were present to i Haisley ! . i. - c nr. 1 r- i Forwards ! enjoy uie noyiMmniy vl .h. an. 4ne. i Smith Mrs. Lewis H. Henley, who has been Cox: Miss Jessie Stevens and Mss Oil KNOW Centers ill for the past tvvx months, is slowly j Homer Rocers Pugh The Mayflower Lucy Carsman of Clarion, Miss Gen- ' evieve Brown of Jonesboro, Mrs. Will Mon Parrill, Mrs. Sarah Briles and Miss j Mason improving, Ifi- Ur sn.l Guards Maude Briles. Kaby made a brief visit last week with ; , r , T Phone 1 1 Dr. and Mrs. J. E. Derbyshire in Van "4 " w" "l " Barer.. j rl" Sunday. Bob Lindsay, Prop. 'I ry i",r- 'gggj'-vr.." BUCK AIR-CRAFT STILL -HOLDING SOME MEETINGS Field goals H. Haisley, 3; Smith, 4; Moon, 2; J. Haisley, 1; Mason, 1; Brogg 4; S,nyder, 2; Homer, 1; Tugh, 1. Foul goals H. Haisley 4. Sub-istitution Oxley for Homer. Timer, office, Fr:n.i. s,.OTev. Smith- Leach of Fow- ZVIr. and Mrs. S. .vr. arui .Mrs. iu;am .lcormiciv , , ,, , T . lerton, caiievi on .ur. ana .Mrs. iiorace ' Local "Steckhol lers" in the j Air-Craft Syndicate, "Home were in Kokomo Friday evt vening 10 au i i Reeves Sunday evening. something of i . ! Fairmount, Ind.," or students taking part. Each class rcld its own contest, after which the class winners and the student the Kokcr.iO-Fairmount basket rar.-.e. tcr..! hill j Frances Kiikood was absent from ! school Wednesday morning. ; The sophomore class members are ; sure unlucky, from all appearances. j Mrs. Henry Barber entertained as that sort, but transacting all corres-I guests at Sunday dinner, Rev. Roland ; pondence from the city " a mile high," body adjourned to the assembly room HIGH SCHOOL NOTES The Ladies A3 Society of the M. E. church will rtt with Mrs. Isaac Day of Henley revenue on Wednesday xftcmoon. of Anderson, and Miss Ethel Coahran. wricb, so far as local "stockholders j are advised appears to be the Mrs. Dwight Wadsxrth was the ; c,:ef business at this time of guest Thursday and Friday of her j t no "Syndicate, have received no- ........; 'Jimmy Johnson has a broken wrist J where the four winners participated (By Margaret Taylor) j and Lois Fankboner and Ben Brewer ; in a match. The class winners were: Convocation was held Friday morn- : both have their left eyes bandaged, j Senior, Mildred Elliott; Junior, at 8 o'clock. The sophomores It must be the style. j ita Throckmortin; Sophomore, Melver Work is progressing rapidly on the Cain. The final winner was Melver sister, .Mrs, junan Jiajxr m r owier- . t;ces cf OUr annurd" meeting which jUnjer the supervision of Lenore Ram. i Cain. ton- jis to be held in Denver, this evening scy haij (har;;0. One of the main annual, "Black and Gold." Miss Mary Ijoirse Arnold, who was iU several week? with typhoid fever prir to the holidays, is able to re-sirie her position in the high school. . Sat v-Srt oVWV. Ac Dr. Buck's air- nnrrron, tlii Mrs. Xen Creek and , 4 " " - V. lUV J'lV'lHill ' V. . - ' ' .aujL r ships are not just at this time in op- , rending trven by Miss Adeline Mart Mr. Parrill conveyed the varsity team to Kokomo Friday evening for the gtame there. Dewight Fowler was an F. H. S. spent Saturday and Sunday in Peru with Xen Creek, who is employed eration between this city and Denver cf Marion, who won the 1920 county it is not believed tha any of the lo- oratorical contest. Tre convocation Grant County News Mr. i-.r..i M.-?. Milton Cox of Indianapolis, who were called to Jcnesboro ! there. cal stockholders will be represented was enjoyed by all. A convocation in person at the meeting. Possibly j w;i e nehi Tuesday morning at 8:15. on account of the illness of Mrs. Cox's ! visitor Friday afternoon. j School was held Saturday to make j up the time lost last Monday. j Rev. Roland of Anderson, supplied la Brief of them may have invested an The public is invcd. brother, visited relatives and friends er, visitea relatives ana inen-is in an er ten cents in the company forj Evervcr.e is looking forward eager- Mildred Lyons spent the week-end; j lfce puJpit SunJav morning ana ev-id arcund Fairmount the latter Joninir at tKe Fairmount Baptist oth of h-st wt k and incidentally ) j the ' some j. . , e exams to be hold next in Kokomo, where she attended the ; purcnase ot a revenue stamp ana . jv tc part church. .week. ? ? ' ? ? I F. H. S. vs. Kokomo basket ball game. i sent in their proxies. rr.ade a call on The News force. absent from The county commissioners have appointed S. M. Bott, of Marion, auto salesman and World War veteran, to be county weighmaster. He will succeed Jacob Middleton, who has been . i ...... .. .. Beth Wmslow was Mr. and Mrs. Walter Downing and Mrs. G. W. Zike was hostess to the ; daughter Vada, and Mrs. Charles Miss Adeline Mart of Marion va; an F. H. S. visitor Friday morning. The chorus did not meet Wednesday afternoon, but met Saturday in . t ' . t , 1 - , school all last week. Among the class meetings held this "week were: Sophomores, Thursday; S-cnicrs, Wednesday; Eighth grade, socit.x w ie Str.ilev and daughter Lavena, were church Friday af .or.oon at her home; Sunday sruests of Dr. and Mrs. WISE SAYINGS cting as both .Marion city weiehmas- ' t on Aon: liii strtet. inere was an r, and for the county. Whether stead. J Conway at Swayzee. better urusx;ally gvod attendance at the i he appointment will be acceptable to Creditors have much memories than r.ohiors. Wednesday. j The rules concerning the coaching . the Marion city dads appears to be something of a question. A ACADEMY NOTES . and training for the basket ba!l boys ; have been posted and published and there is no occasion whatever in hav-' wk. t;ng and a pc.xl program was giv. Clarence Mason. Chester Hipes. s or., provir.w both interesting and pro- Ancil Holloway and Robert Harvey fitaT.c. left this morning for Lafayette, where , , S they will attend the Purdue Short Miss eima Br.les, who has been Vurse j tir.g as secretary to Supt. Otto . ( By Ernest Baker) . . j The Marion poultry, dog and cat Dr. H. C. Bedford, president of Ma--; show will open Wednesday in Civic inn the sliehtest misunderstanding : ahou. them The bov nlay Elwocd ' rion college, gave a splendid address , hall. The entry list this year is said The truth most required is often the truth Uked leasi. Wor!s have weight, to build, like a bhxk of granite, or to destroy, like an explosive shell. Good breeding shows Itself most where to the ordinary eye it appears the least. llsmiiton cf the Fairmount high Mrs. Will Jones and Mrs. Doight on "The Christian Home and Chris- ' to be the largest in the history cf the Friday night and there is no reason ' at all why we shouldn't carry off the score by a large margin. Elwood tion Education" during chapel exer- ! association, cises Friday morning. Dr. Bedford schooi.' has rcsi::rei to enter Muncie , Holliday left this morning for school, whei-e she will take a ! r.aixlis to attend the Jackson Day teacher's coarse cf study. . Mrs. Gret- ' iuncheon given by the women of the told what Christianity had done for beat us on their floor some time ago, chen A'.bertson will succeeI Miss but the F. H. S. team was in poor the world and gave many examples of Briles in Prof. Hamilton's office. Democratic state central committee. The meetin;-, will be held in the Riley room of the Claypool hotel. what it meant to us in the futura I condition owing to sickness and the j inability of several of the fellows to THROUGHOUT THE NATION j play. The game will begin at the I .usual time. The United States levied its first i Ernest Swift, E. M. Pernod, Clyde Konahan and George 55txup expect b leave some tirie this week for Port Arthur, Tex., where they have There will be a Mothers Meeting at the home of Mrs. John Dare on South Wa'eut stree Saturday after- The Jonesboro Dramatic club has arranged to give a home talent play in the thoo.tre at that place on Jan. 17, 1 ind 19 for the benefit of the Jonesboro band. Upland is to have a park next summer which will be located about five blocks west of the town. The park w ill consist of a tract of thirteen acres of land, donated by A. M. Curry of jthe Upland glass factory. The Jefferson township advisory board last week reversed its decision internal revenue tax in 1791. i We wonder how many it takes to makes a quartet. We say four, but Ham- noon at 2 o'clock. Rev. C B. Sweeney secured empksymer.t with the Lumber Is made in more than 30.000 ! the sophomores say six. Anyway Dr. J. M. Taylor, president of V ylc university, Upland, who was to have spoken in chapel Thursday, but who was unable to come because of an accident to the electric wiring system at the university, will speak at the Academy Wednesday afternoon at 1:40 o'clock. His subject will be "Foreign Missions." The public is invited. The Royal Literary society Friday afternoon gave one of the best programs of the year. The first number nond Iivxt Works. This is the firm pastor of the M. E. church will be the girls' quartet they had six m distributed throughout 46 sawn:ills, states. Friday morning. Miss Mary Louise Arnold has re- There are about 15.0 fewer post e,,-, Ko, unrl- n tonrhor nf forpis-n offices in the United States today than language in the high school, after a several weeks absence because of ty there were 20 years ago. and voted to issue $90,000 worth of was a reading by Ruth Covalt, ably fc,. fo the DurDOse of erect;nff a phoid fever. which erected the large steel tanks present and deliver the address. All far the Service Oil Company in Fair-1 are cordially invited to be present. mount last year. j - j Rev. Lewis McFarland of High Mr. and Ms. Frank Kennedy, Mr., Point, N. C superintendent of evan-md Mrs. Oliver Kenredy, Mr. and geastic work in the North Carolina Mrs. Will Kennedy. Miss Clenna Ken- Yearly Meeting, will begin a s-rVs of eJy of Indianapolis, and William meetings at the Friends church on Leisure f Carthage, who were here Monday evening. Jar.. 16, the raeet-to attend tke funeral of the late Wil- ings to continue f-r two weeks. Rev. Hani Kennedy which was held from McFarland will be accompanied by a the home on Thursday of last week, . sinjvng evangelist and a cordial in- f . ? T M. 1 1 0 The English 12 class took part inf". exi a piano soio oy i.ucue,new high school building in Upland. Haisley brought much applause. Aphi action will restore tn'the TTnland a unique debate Wednesday, over the newspaper called "The Aurora Lights" schoQl it commission and enable the o Tpnn Vv 7olln Twis. T"h tmnpT . ... , " . - ; seniors tms year to graduate irom a question: Whether or not F. H. S., should have a motion picture machine in the auditorium. The class, was divided into two divisions, one divi commissioned high school. The Upland State Bank was reorganized last week at the annual meet gave an tne latest news, ana joices on a number of students. The feature number was the "Calender given by several students. A calendar brought in by Lester Mullin, who was acting as to their respective ' vitation is extended to every one to ; attend these meetings. kave returned tones. ing of the stockholders, the new direc- There are 53.lHO.379 males and 51,-S10.244 females In the United States, acordinjr to the lt20 census. In proportion to population the United States has" 13 times as many Automobiles as Great Britain. There are nearly 10.000.000 bachelors In the United States, counting all unmarried males more than twenty years old. Five thousand tons of tin are consumed In this country annually for "tin foil. which Is now employed so extensively for wrapping chocolate, cigarettes, and many other articles of merchandise. Another 4,000 tons are used for collapsible tubes that hold dental creams, toilet creams, artists' moist colors, etc Father Time, was hung up. On the torate being made up of local stock-first sheet was the next school event, j holders, the president being N. E. which was acted out by a number of ! Duckwall; vice-president, H. T. Con- the students. In like manner each nelly; secretary, A. Dickerson; casljier, Guy Duckwall; assistant cashier, Harold N. Johnson. FR sion being a committee composed of Hubert Leer, June Zimmer, Merle Carter, Ethel Simons and Fay Pierce, who presented the question to the school board composed of ' Margaret Taylor, Roy Johns, Cleo Robinson and Gerald Olfather. The affirmatives won by a margin of one point. Lenore Ramsey was judge, Roy Johns acted as chairman of the meeting. Work has begun in earnest on the play "Our Minister's Honeymoon to be presented by the high school chorus under the supervision of Miss Sample. The cast is not definitely known, but extra trousers event on the school calendar was acted out as the sheets were torn off. Prof. Marshall of Indianapolis will give a reading on Jan 24. Prof Marshall appeared last year at the Academy giving- a number of Shakespear's CARD OF THANKS We wish in this way to express our sincere thanks for the kindness shown with every made-to-measure suit us during the sickness and death of readings and proved very popular. late our father, W. M. Kennedy. A sDelline match was held THE- CHILDREN. Thursday afternoon with all of the I iwill be announced in the near future. I The process under which the Original Eskimo ffc C " I Pie is made, is a patented process. Each frozen DUSlllfif 0C L0 I u.-un-.nn.J lw finfnil wrsnoef. You can take O Eskimo Pie The Delicious Confection. i Get busy at once cash in on this""sensational . money-saving offer, which is for a limited time only. Get double the wear fronTyourTsuit'on accdunt of the extra pants and have them made to your individual measure. i same material as the suit RibMe Erco., of courcs ft&.a mm ot vafB - - a them home with you as they will keep better, than .Home of Good Ice Cream, a pint or quart of ice cream. You get good, pure Kreusch's Ico Cream in these Pies. Kreusch's Ice Cream is made of pure pasteurized Cream. Made with Kreusch's Brick Ice Cream with a thick coating of delicious, wholescme, nutritious sweet s milk Chocolate. PLAY SAFE SPECIFY KREIJSCH'S. i- I: . '...rm-T- rJ v

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