The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on January 7, 1937 · Page 4
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 4

Clinton, Indiana
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Thursday, January 7, 1937
Page 4
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TKur3a"y, January 7, 1937 Trie Daily Clinton'an, Clinton, In3iana PAGE FOUR lutlon of the crime as well. Owen Davis, Jr., and Louise Lut THE DAILY CLINTONIAN Fouodd 1911 1 HfiWS (6raM Imer handle the lore Interest admirably. Arlhnr Aylesworth creates Established an Tlie Weekly Cllntonlaa 18U0 The Clinton liulndeuler absorbed In 1808. the shivers and quivers. A Juy C. Fliiipcn Act. "A Day's Journey," and recent events com George L. Carey . Editor and Publisher otered at the Pualofflce at Cllulou, Indiana, aa Second Class Matter. least understood diseases, only half CHAPTER XXIX FinsMv she did fill asleep, waked plete the program. Mum bf r Indiana Republican Editorial Association early, feeling rested and strong. She eouldn't help admiring her own strength of character, as she took the baby up, and did all the plain. her mind was on it. She kept thinking of what she hsd decided. That she would humble herself, go to Aunt Nettie, ask for a loan of 11500. So her eyes blurred ss shs tried to focus them on the newspaper story, snd her mind wss busy with Aunt Nettie, and money, and a man Eltl tWITNti FATHKK' AT THK COLIMIHA National Advertising Representative: GEO. B. DAVID CO. 1900 Wrlgley Hldg., Chicago, t-lll General Motors bWe . Detroit 110 East 42nd Bt New York You'll Hull this an effective and THE STARS SAY Ity CiENHVIKVH KEMBLB , For Friday, January 8 According to the stellar activities of this day, there may be a rather secret or subtle turn in the affairs. In which elders may have a voice. This may accelerate affairs to a high tension, particularly In the promotion of new projects or worthwhile undertakings. Business generally will be lively. If Tills Is Your Birthday Those whose birthday It Is may be prepared for a very lively and Interesting year, although affairs may have a rather secret or undercover aspect. Tills element of the subtle also complexions the private life In its social, domestic and sentimental relations, A child born on this day may he constructive, energetic enterprising and fond of responsibility, which will attract the confidence and support of Its elders and employers. that once upon a time 10,000 years everyday things she dia on aays that her heart wasn't breaking, and her head wasn't seething with plans and fears and hopes. She was far too preoccupied with her own heavy thoughts, and the baby and breakfast, to notice Donald very much. But when hs sat down epposiU her at breakfast she was startled by the grim lines Phone 1 1 7 Prions 4) wholesome movie dialing with everyday problems of human life In it modem Ameritan family. Jed I'routy Is the drug-slore-ownlng father who Is determined that his alr- ago, when she was young, shs bad loved. And all the while her heart, in spite of her fears, and her husband's words, was warm with pride miuded son shall stay on the in Donald. For if a man had slsved count atuul his mouin, ana ins nervous twitchlns of a muscle near his eye. THE DAILY CLINTONIAN'S PLATFORM: 1. To further every interest of Parke and Vermillion counties. 2. To assist the revivai of the Indiana coal mining industry. 3. To cooperate in solving Vermillion County's unemployment problem. 4. To beautify Clinton and make it the moat attractive city of Hi site in the Mate. "I wish you wouldn't stay at that lab all night, and then have to start out in the morning half sick for lack of sleep," she cried sharply. And ha answered so gently that around. Circumstances arise, however, to change Papa's mind. Spring Hyington, June Lang, Kenneth Howell, Ttaimns Beck, Phyllis Fraeer and Florence Roberts are also In the cast. The comedy has to do with a certain "Backyard Broadcast. " less nights snd days, and perhaps had discovered somt'.hing that will help the sad hordes of sick and suffering and dying, why need he be ashamed? What If the world has found it out too soon! What if it isn't a great discovery, but just one of the many false clues that have to be run down in the ultimate search? Is that any reason for his associates to ridicule him, and for gray-bearded scientists, reading about she was ashamed. "1 know, honey. It's hard on you. Wish that it could bs helped." "But I'm thlnklne of Ton! I know I'm mean and selfish snd I do pt mad when you're so lata, but it's really for you I Because I ean't bear It in the newspapers, to call him to see you locking so urea, ana lie real I v I ean'tl" "You're sweet. You've always "Yss, Aunt Nettle it's a long time. You're looking well I" Nettle, who had been quite cor. dial, instantly stiffened. She said, "I'm glad you think so. I'm fas from well. My sinus. I surfer tortures. But I'm sure you didu't come to ssk about my health." "Oh, yea I I mean, I'm so sorry. And ths girls ars they well?" "Yes, thank you. Isabelle had a little siege with a wisdom tooth and Adele of course wesrs herself out going ss much. She's very popular with the younger set. Tbsy have such good times. "She wss at ths Msclnnes ball last nights a very exclusive affair, mostly Junior leaguers, you know. So she's resting now. That coat wore well, Christine. It's still quite good style. I slways ssy anything good will pay tin ths snd, especially when things 'have to be worn on and on. Everything I chose for you was good. I suppose you haven't bought much since." "No. I haven't. Aunt Nettle, did you know we have a baby?" "Yes, I heard, indirectly. I was a little hurt that you hadn't cared to come to me, but I never interfere. I said" ' "Oh, you'll lova hlmt He's going on Ave months, snd he's the BEST bsby. He just laughs and plays by himself, and he's so WELLI He's never been sick a day, Aunt Nettie think of that" "Hmm that's nice. Of eourse, with his father a doctor. Hmm I see he's getting quite famous. I noticed something about him. and some other doctor in the paper. What was the other man's name?" "Oh I Dr. Whiteley. Yes there was something in the paper. Of course, Donald " ''Yes, it's very nice, I'm sure. I hope it doesn't go to his head, that'a all. I suppose he's quite slated-." "Oh( nol" . "Don't bs silly. Christine!" . "But he Isn't. He didn't went it to get out so soon. He wsnted to have more time, to check on. it, and see if it's so" "Yon mean, he hasn't really found a cure for cancer I" "Nol He doesn't know for sure" "I see. Weill It's none of my business, of eourse, but I've always heard that radium and X-ray ia the only thing, outside of surgery. 1 should think he could have done s little more say in surgery. Of quack I 'ee It was strange to be going some where without Donny. been sweet It's been darn YESTERDAYS J AMAH Y 7, 1913 Fred and Murl (Hover returned Suturday from a week's visit In Linton, Ind. hama, too. I blame myself, Chris THE HOMETOWNER To Love and Live and Let Live tie. I don't know how I'm going to tell you" "Tell me whatT" All the while thst she wss dashing sround the house, getting things in order, fixing the vegetables for dianer, and preparing the baby's formula, she kept thinking of what Her lips could hardly form the words. She felt all the courage she had been so proud of, draining out Aunt Nettie and the girls would ssy when thev ssw him. of ber heart. And Donald was saying: "It's happened. The thing I Love and laughter. Blooms surely in the hereafter. Your chance Is here Thst they would sdore him she Make love and laughter where all is hadn't a doubt, bhs pictured herself going up the broad stairs, with him Tn ber arms, and Rose opening the door and crying: "Why. it's Miss Christie and So often drear! afraid of. Tbs morning papers havslt " I can't bear It, she thought. I can't I just can't. It's no use. Hs put the folded sheet in her hands, not knowing that she was bless me a babyl Let me hold James Harrison who has been In Denver, Colorado, since last fall, writes his parents, Mr. and .Mrs. Robert Harrison. Sr.. that he is now employed in a livery barn, the largest In Denver. He worked until recently In an asphalt plant. A short time ago he fell upon a cement floor In the barn, painfully spraining a wrist, but he hopes to he hack at work soon. Mr. Harrison, who formerly weighed about 24 0 pounds, now weighs only 182 pounds. The girl model 1937 Is a walk OVERLOOKING THE FARMER As the Daily Clintonian surveys the outlook for 1937 it is convinced that the predictions of eminent economists are correct in expecting improvement to continue during the present year, but there is one factor which, we think, is overlooked entirely too often by the experts who attempt to forecast what lies ahead of the nation. The recent depression, which made a lasting mark, was caused, in part, by the fact that agriculture had been bled white in the United States for a number of years. The farmers of the nation, through little fault of their own, lost buying power and the factories of the nation lost sales. This meant, and if it happens again, means unemployment. While our present favorable outlook can be seriously affected by the outbreak of war and while the continuance of vast numbers of citizens on relief implies great federal expenditures the impression that prevails in some sections that the farmers of the nation have been rescued is entirely erroneous. Farmers, it is true, are receiving better prices and their income has increased in recent years, but the higher prices have been secured through f mailer crops and the farmers are not yet able to sell normal crops at what one would call normal prices. The prospect for 1937 is that increased acreages will be planted. Given normal weather, this means larger yields and this, we fear, means surplus products to depress the price of agricultural products. Added together the situation is one to threaten the improvement recently made in the condition of the American farmer. him. Uh, what a lovely, lovely little boyl" Shs couldn't quits Imagine Aunt ing replica of Mrs. Simpson. Cultured, quiet-spoken, plain. past reading, past raany unuer-standing. Hs went on talking. Throurh the roaring in her ears, Mettle snd the girls being so enthu aiastic, but they might bs. Any the crazy thoughts thst went whirl way. good old Hose would! neat and very little makeup. Therefore you men look out, you model men of 1937, or you're very apt to topple off your throne. , She Isid out the white silk bonnet and cost shs had mads him from ing madly through ner neaa, sne heard his words, and Anally tbsy began to make sense. It wasn't what she was sirs Id of one of her trousseau negligees. Hs wss sweetest of all in white. that had happened. Gens hadn't bhs grew so absorbed in planning this, his first public appearance. I received a letter from a girl the other day. I'll relate part of It to that shs almost forgot to worry about tbs business on which she was you. going. one put ner nest netge coat with the fur eollsr on over her house- "Home Towner: I've come to the conclusion that I've made a terrible mistake. A short time ago I went Miss 'Clara Hupp entertained with a euchre party at her home Thursday afternoon In honor of Mrs. H-S. Hickman, sister of Miss Hupp; Mrs. Charles F. Worener, Mrs. H. B, Bwlnebart, Mrs. George Barbath. Mrs. E. B. McBrlde and Miss Edith Longman, all of Terre Haute. Mrs. McBride won the highest score and Mrs. Swinehart the consolation. dress, and wrapped the white coat over little Donny in his nightgown. course it's nothing to me. But- all that notoriety for nothing-1 Did you come here to tell me about that?" away from here to get married. My gone to mm. it was wnat as nao feared. His experiments had become public too soon. Long before he was sure that he was even on the right track, in his search for the cause of cancer, someone had talked, nd the newspapers had the story. When she could stop shaking enough to speak sbe said, in a small, breathless voice, "Oh, you frightened me sol Yon frightened me so dreadfully I I thought something awful had happened!" Ha lit cigaret, held the match until It nearly burned his fingers. Hs smiled a little and cams over and kissed the top of her head. "It wouldn't be awful if your hus folks didn't like the idea but my and then walked up and down before ths full length bathroom mirror, to get the effect. Of course, with her hair uncombed, and tennis "No" Christie was finding ft harder than she had thought. She had never before had to ask for money. Sbe looked at Nettie Cooner. her boy friend and I had split up and. I had to do something, bo I got shoes on her feet, it wasn't so good, but when shs wss properly dressed ... I'm not In love with my husband But when shs took off the cost. and I'm very unhappy. What should heavy body, grown decidedly fatter in the last year, relaxed ia the blue chair, her broad face relaxed, and sagging, too. Why had shs thought she could: do this? She couldn't snd laid Donny back in his crib, shs knew that it wouldn't do. I do? Should I tell him how I fel lAXl'ARY 7, 10SO Miss Mabel Hobson was elected president of the Wakofe Club last evening at the organisation's regular meeting held at the home of Mrs. Evan Hughes in Universal. band were tired snail ws say, kicked out in dhurrace?" or am I a cad?" The letter was signed "It weuld be hard. But it She felt her neck, her ears, her whole fsce reddening, "I asms to ask you It rou would MattliewH give valuable assistance. A ".Screen Traveler," a "Steeple-rhawer," Paramount News and a Terry toon about a "Battle ltoyal" jlso give you more than your money's worth. wouldn't bs unbearable, because you wouldn't really bs disgraced I You'd still have Your ewn self respect! Other officers selected are: Miss land me some money I" Louise Luce, vice-president; Miss You'd know that it wasn't your There it was out. She felt better now. She hadn't Well, Distressed, you are in a ppot. it's not only the fact that you went Into this with both eyes Ruth Reeder. secretary; Miss Lena fault I You could still go on ana work and bs famous I" uvr - a i . v crept away without asking, as she had wanted so dreadfully to do. Phillips, treasurer: and MIPS Mae open, but the thing that remains is bhe'd asked, and she'd answer an Aunt Nettie's auestions. Bo matter McCaffrey., news reporter. Following the business session a it was simply a rebound affair. How could you have possibly felt bow painful. hat you had the right to take such "Well, I could let you have fifty. But mind you. it Isn't right for you IBB I m umkiiik, www. . wear that's half of the grief. To think that after marrying you, and darn near starring you to death, thinking I'd make it all up to you by being famous thst it has to snd like this" As ber arms went around him, as she held him close to her, murmur surprise shower was given for the pleasure of Mrs. Hughes, who was MOVIES is M-unrx LANE x AT THE VABAHH Outwardly Maiden Lane is lunt another narrow street in loer Manhattan, but uold fortunes in precious gems ate handled dnilj along its length. Cesar Komero i the clever, well-dressed crook who baffles he country's ae detectives until Claire Trevor undertakes tlie Job of catching the tliier. In the face of secret police, uniformed guards, crack-proof saieB and intricate electrical alarms. Romero coolly walks off with a $100.0110 Jewel Miiss Trevor, with the help of Lloyd Nolan, breaks up the crime rinn in a surprising manner. Douglas Fowley. Robert McWade and Lester It was too much like ths movies thst she and Gladys Piatt used to go to- prodigsl daughters coming back to ths old homestead with babies. Besides, ft wss going to be a strictly business proposition. And bringing ths baby would took as though shs were trying to take an unfair advantage. So she started off without him. It was stranga and rather frightening. Janet Wood, her neighbor, wss a wonderful mother, and would take good care of Donny. It wasn't too much to ask, either, because many's the time she'd taken ears of little Walt and Baby Sister, for Janet.' Still it was ths first time she'd aver left him tor mors thsn a few minutes. Walking up the steps of the house where shs had once been one of the family waa strange, too. Kinging the bell, asking for Mrs. Cooper, please. It was a now maid who admitted bar, showed bar into ths living room, to wait. Aunt Nettie earns ia almost chance with someone else's life? The only decent thing to do would former- Miss Thelraa Brann. The next meeting of the club is to be at the home of Miss Marie Koonce. be to talk the whole thing over to corns to ms this way, after all I've done, and without your husband's knowledge. But never mind don't interrupt it's all right. I'll give ft to you. Mind you, 1 don't want it back " THK PLOT THM'KKNH' AT THK PALACE If you like your myFtery stories tempered with laughs, this picture was made for you, A rare and valuable Cellini cup is stolen from a museum. James (jleason, a know-it-all police inspector who has a gift for tripping over clues without seeing them, is called on the case Schooluiarm .Sazu I'itts decides to give ;ieaou a little help; her curiosity leads not only to the amusement of the audience but to the w- with your husband. I don't see how tie could possibly want to hold you under the circumstances. THE HOME TOWNER. "But I dont wsnt a rift lust a ing that she didn't even cars, that nothing mattered but having him for her own, and that no matter what hs said, she knew everything would corns oat right, she knew thst he had suffered enough. That as matter what the cost to her, he most bs spared further worry and loan) And Aunt Nettle, I'm sorry, but but fifty won't do. I've aot te have fifteen hundred "Fifteen hundred I" "Yes I must have it." "You're crazy 1" "No I must have it I'm w And ell the while they talked it Effect ef Noise Noise, no matter how intense, seldom disturbs the person malting it, according to an expert. ever, while hs explained that few would believe that hs hadn't been trying to spread the news of his theory ef the cause, and perhaps the cnzfP (To Be Continued) "Well, Christine I This is a sur- . f sne I tn most oretw ana Miss Margaret Hixon has returned to Detroit. Mich., after upending the past two weeks with ber parents Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Hixon, of Fair-view Park, and with friends in Indianapolis. Mrs. Walter Jones entertained the members of the Woman's Home Missionary Society of the Methodist church yesterday afternoon at her home. Mrs. W. C. Wood was the leader of the program and Mrs. George Kamm was In charge of the lesson. Mrs. Arthur Tombaugh Jed the enigmas. The next meeting of th society is to be at the home of Mrs. Dave Balmoud. Times Have Changed Chicago, Mr. and Mrs. Joe lioiuuo and son, Joe Jr., of Syndicate. Mrs. 1! SSkJ Mown:;: it i'tf .1 i'-it days with his aunt and uncle, Mr, and Mrs. Frank Osella, returned home Saturday evening. Bob Liggett of Terre Hauls spent Suudey at the home of Mr. aud Mrs John Mattloda and family. Mr. and Mrs. Louis Enrico snd daughter df Clinton and Lease Buffo of Danville, HI., spent New Year's with Mr. and Mrs. John Mattiods and family. Mr. Louise Enrico and daughter of Clinton. Mtb, Kathryne Vincente and Mis. John Delladio of Clinton spent Friday with Mr. and Mrs. James Massa and sons. Mr. aud Mrs. Joe Pessitti and Mr. and Mrs. C'oustantine Berto and daughters of Clinton, Steve Vargo of Detroit and Mr. and Mrs. Dom Pr.-carione and family were the dinner ;ueets of Mr. and Mrs. Andy Var:;o on New Year's day. Mr. snd Mrs. Frank Osella were the dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Theresa Guglieimettl, of Clinton and Jennie Fossie of Clinton spent Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Baptista Ruffattola. Nip Ruffattola, Fred Nora and Raymond Wallace of Klondyke aud Louis Osella of Center spent Sunday night in Paris, III. Mr. and Mrs. Pete Varda and son. Junior, spent Friday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Varda and family. Mr. and Mrs. John Mattloda and daughters, Alice and Rose Mary, and Mr. and Mrs. Pete Franclieite and daughter, Edith, and son. Joe. sjient New Year's eve with Mr. and MrK. W. F. Stitt has returned to her home in Detroit. Mich,, after spending the holidays with her daughter, Mrs. Ernest Boetto, and family of South Mala street. MHDBBMIMBMBMMM j Chiropractor X-ray Service. Palmar OrsdasSa. JtSSl Blaiwsaas) Street John Secondino and family of Unl- versa! Sunday. I John Franklin fteeondino of Unl-; vernal, who was spending a few Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Peck of South Fourth street entertained yesterday with a dinuer for Mr. and Mrs. Frank Payne, Mr. and Mrs. Vanlce Bennett. Javes Hood of Mishuwaka. and Miss Bernice McOill of near fl reencast le. Mr. Business Man ml 4L 1 i fMjfk.iiUnl J ,AY Inventory Time is "Printing Time!" KKAL KHTATE TRANMFFRH Alfred Jones, adraiuistraior of the estate of Martha ' Jones, deceased t.o Burnett R. Nixon. IotF 16 and 17 in Commercial Club Addition to the town of Newport. t:!Gl. Mary C. Smith to Gracie Smith et al 52 acres In 6-19-9; fl. CHECK THIS LIST For Your Printing Needs NEWS RECEIVED FROM KLONDYKE At this time, when yo review the old and get set for the new, five a thought to your Printing Needs - . . Perhaps your supply of statements, billheads, stationery, checks or order forms is running low . . . Whatever yon need in the printing line for 1936, let VemuUioa County's only union printing establishment serve you! Our Service Department will be more than happy to design and submit for your approval a new letterhead, blotter, office form or whatever you need that new type, and a new detign, might improve. There's no obligation or no charge for this layout service. But don't wait until you need a "rush job"; check your printing needs NOW and start the New Year with a fresh supply of modern printed forms 1 Order Blanks Shipping Tags Business Cards Filing Cards Circulars Bank Checks Tickets Handbills Circular Letters Office Forms Letterheads Envelopes Statements Billhead's Blotters Snipping Labe-U Booklets Window Cards Past Cards Posters) Recently Married Couple Civet Party for Lmrge Group; Gift for Bride K'LXJNDYKU. Jan. f Mr. nd JMra. P?te Nora, who wre only recently married, gave a "free beer" party for about 76 friends. Actor-diou music was furnished,, mid guHti enjoyed dancing and eftig-iuff. The bride received many gift Mr, and Mr. BaptbHa Rufatto of Kynditate and dau?h!T, Emma, of THE DAILY CLINTONIAN Only Union Printing Establishment ia Vermillion and Parke Counties m

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