The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on January 9, 1922 · Page 2
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 2

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, January 9, 1922
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THE FAIRMOUNT NEWS m - cruelly treating their animals and 1,-944 men were punished. SEEK SIGNERS' V1LLS H M Officials and private societies are endeavoring to Inculcate the Idea of FECIALS ti i . i Mr. Reed's theory about the pack- i lie I ainnount iNewsWisofthesame . j rhodomontade about standing on our Published on Mondays and Thursdays sea girt shores and hurling back any T enemy who might approach them, A. S. ROBERT, which everybody knows is as sensible Editor and Publisher. 1 as Mr. Bryan's celebrated but explod- "Minnie MeLueas Roberts, Associate. iJea about the million springers to kind treatment of animals. Society Plans Collection of Historic Old Testaments, t4 - 8 Mule Lived on Water It ' ; arms between sunset arid sunrise. 2 in We!! Four Weeks Bethlehem, $1 value, special price 75c M . j Bethlehem 75c value, special price 50c Main 265 Res, Black SS2-1 TELEPHONES is all bosh and buncombe and the i wonder is 'that a statesman of Mr. 1 Descendarts of the Signers of the Declaration of Independence Need Four More Documents to Complete Collection. SUBSCRIPTION RATES. j ReedV admitted abilities fancies that! a t ) Hercules, SI value, special price 85c 7 - A. C. Titan $1 value, special price 89c tWithm Indiana.) it can accepted as anything else, SbfrroithV '1-" ll25 The four-power treaty is a sensible TbreemonWsr.-.Iir.I .75 ir.tellirt plan for reducing the v Outside Indiana.) ' chances of war to such an extent that the the en- Philadelphia. The Society of Descendants of the Signers of Declaration of Independence is One year t, ,...,,; -a.-o for naval sunrema- Four weeks ago, H. T. Stewart of Pelser, S. C-, placed a mule In a pasture. The mule disapieared. An advertisement was placed in the papers, after a vain search had been made, but to no avail. A few days ago the mule was found In an old well in the pasture where he had been four weeks and four days. A block and tackle was brought Into play and the mule was brought to the surface, still alive but a little thin on its diet of water. Automobile Cleaner, $1.00 values 85c Duplex Clincher Tire Tools, $2.75 value $1.75 Gasoline Gauge and Filler for Ford Cars, Regular $6.00 Value, special, $3.00 We also offer a few Goodyear Ribbed Tread Cords, Regular $? 5.50 value, Special, $23.00 cy can be checked. That is all that it is and without it no reduction of armament could have been undertaken. Milwaukee Sentinal. I In I'm M 8 IN Six months I-60 Three months - All subscriptions payable strictly ia advance; paper discountinued at expiration of subscription time unless renewal is received prior to expiration date. II that ARTICLE X AND ARTICLE The Leader does not surmise V CTV,1 c WWVTd -class matter at deavoring to collect copies of the wills of the.53 signers. According to a report made to John Calvert, secretary and registrar of the society, the wills of Samuel Chase, Maryland; George Wythe, Virginia; William Hooper, North Carolina; William Lynch. Jr.. South Carolina, and George Walton. Georgia, are still missing from the society's collection. Wills in pvsession of the descendants include those of Josiah Bartlett, New Hampshire; John Adams, Samuel Adams. Roiert Treat Paine, Massachusetts; Stephen Hopkins and William Ellery, Rhode Island; William Williams, Samuel Huntington, Oliver Wolcott and Roger Sherman. as a matter of public pol- "I think icy" in fim E-IO. Ellis Auto Supply Co. STORAGE BATTERIES Tires, Accessories, Oils, Gasoline, Vulcanizing W. V. Fowler, Mgr. Phone 226 -v the postofF.ce at Fairmount, Ind., un- the people generally will be concern-der the Act of Congress of March 8, ; ed one way or another as to whether IS79. , there is or is not a consanquinity A GREAT STEP FORWARD j resemblance, or any tie or manner of The United States, the British em- j suggestion which binds Article X f pire, Japan and France will have ; the League of Nations and Article II agreed, when the four articles adopt-j of the new treaty together, ed at the rlenarv session of the con-1 But for the sake of information and f ererjee shall have been ratified, to j to keep the record clear, it may be respect each ether's rights in regard ' well to call attention to the fact that to islands in the Pacific Ocean. They whereas Article X pledges the mem-will have further agreed that in case bets of the league to both "respect and of disagrr-en'.er.t respecting, these j preserve as against external aggies-rghts, not settled by ordinary dip-sion" and territorial integrity and n-atters- a ioint conference of political independence of every mem- M M M Connecticut; Francis Lewis, William Floyd. Lewis Morris and Philip Livingston, New York ; Abraham Clark, John Hart, John Witherspoon, Francis Hop-kinson and Richard Stockton, New ?X x Jersey; Robert Morris. Benjamin NOTICE OF COMMISSIONER'S-SALE OF REAL ESTATE Rush. Benjamin Franklin, John Mor I am frank to say to the gentleman "The time of the gentleman has expired." "I am glad to have heard the gentleman's speech." "Let me put a concrete hypothetical question." "I have listened with a good deal of interest " "The district which I have the honor to represent." "I was not present in the chamber when the gentleman began his remarks." Washington Searchlight. From Copenhagen to New York, the mileage is S,ST2. ton. James Smith, eorge Taylor and George Ross, Pennsylvania; Caesar the four powers shall be convened, ber of the league, Articles I and II the i of the four-power treaty merely oba which will be expected to adjust The undersigned commissioner, by virtue of an order of the Grant Cir- . The distance from Singapore to San Francisco is 11. NX miles. Rodney and Thomas McKean, Delaware; Charles Carroll and Thomas Stone. Maryland; Thomas Jefferson, I cuit Court, made and entered in a ! cause therein pending, entitled VIOLA Francis Light foot Richard Henry from 1 INGLIS et al vs. EARNEST C. HIATT Buenos Aires is o.SOhS mile In other words, these rations, which poet their insular possessions in the are the nations having import- ; Pacific, and to consult together as to ar.t interests in these islands, have the best means of meeting any threat a creed not to go to war about them. ! of force coming from any other power. New York ; 6.31S miles from New Lee and Benjamin Harrison. Virginia; Joseph Hewes and John Penn. North Carolina: Edward Rutledge. South The agreement is fox ten years and to ' There, is no provision for the use of continue indefinitely thereafter, un- j force, no suggestion that force can be less some nation withdraws upon used except as each nation acting for Carolina ; Button Gwinnett, Georgia. The following signers died intestate. et al, and Numbered 19426 upon the Dockets thereof, hereby notice that on Saturday the 21st day of January 1922 at one (1) o'clock p ,m., at the Law Office of Chas. T. Parker, in the Citizens State Bank Block, corner of Main and Washington streets, town of Fairmount, Grant County, state of Indiana, he will otfer for sale at pri according to the report : William Whip- 4 w -."! c twitV' rr,1,r Article two. i il two, ! Thornton, New From New York to Naples the distance is 4.172 miles; from Naples to New Orleans Is 5.5C2. From Coloy (eastern end of the Panama canal) to New York it is 1,1S1 miles; to New Orleans, 1.380. itself deems it wise to employ it alone j nJ MKtth, ac- or in oncert, and no remote suspicion! Hampshire: Elbrid sew ge Gerry and John referr-.r.g to pc-ss:Me aggressive APTLY PUT tion b v an- ther power w-as put in to trat any such bdy as the Council of Hancock. Massachusetts; Georce Cly- Some people ar so funny that they make others sad. THE FOREHEAD. please somebody. There is not, and the league has any authority in the is r.ct likely to be, any other power j premises, which will make trouble. j Those who discover a resemblance The agreement does not delimit, or jto Article X in this would not be able even name, a single "right-"' There , to distinguish between the Fourteen is all the opportunity for disputes j Points and the Ten Commandments. that ever there was. The one step Lexington Ky.) Leader. employs Idle Is always well When Satan hands the work done. A projecting forehead indicates self will. nier and James Wilson. Pennsylvania ; George Read. Delaware; William Paea, Maryland; Arthur Mlddleton, South Carolina. The records of Thomas' Nelson. Jr Virginia, were . troyed by fire in 1S and those of Carter Braxton, Virginia, during the Civil war. The records of Thomas Heyward, South Carolina, were also destroyed during the Civil war, and those of Lyman Hall. Oeorgt. were lot in a fire In 1ST. forehead indicates insensi- forward which has been made is that i A round hility. vate sale, at not less than the appraised value hereof .subject to the approval of said court, the following rescribed Real Estate in Grant County, State of Indiana towit: The North Half of the South West Quarter (U) of Section Five (5), Township Twenty-Two (22), North, Range Eight (8) East, containing Eighty acres, more or less. Subject to a rir,ht of way or right granted to the C. W. & M. Railway Comnany, (Now the C. C. C. & St. L.. Jly Co..) for a Railroad across the-East end of said land. Also subject to the right of way, or-grant of right, granted t0 the Marion City Railway Co. and now held by the-Union Traction Company of Indiana, for an Electric Railway across said' land. Also subject to a grant to F. Ball' the four nations will not WELLS PLAYS SAFE H. G. Wells says that, as a result go to war j A square forehead Indicates high mindednesss. 'of the conference, the world will rave i either peace or war. We could make HiUl CaVil UU.Cl VJ VT 1 l l l Uicuiai sessions, for it is certain that if time is taken to convene and hold a con- THEY WORSHIP IN WINDMILL the people of the four nations , , , , , . . - . r - indicates in- A small forehead capacity to learn. Anyway, we never knew a man to marry a woman to reform her. Few nien ever live long enough to discover why their neighbors dislike them. In the majority of cases the sad look on a man's face is due to overeating. It takes a wise woman to transform a "good fellow" into a model hushand. Star. can be relied on to prevent war. San Francisco Chronicle. . SENSIBLE PLAN FOR PEACE Senator Reed, of Missouri, declared in the Senate the other day that the WOULD PREVENT MANY WARS The Washington conference will have accomplished much if it per IN AND ABOUT THE CITY Some men never have any respect for old age unless It is bottled. suades nations to meet face to face, j reduction in naval armaments has been ' instead of talking behind one another's j of made the packnorse upon whose . backs. Washington Star, back sha!l be loaded a quadruple alii- j A girl likes a fellow with lots go to liiiu, if he takes her along. ance made for the protection of Jap- and assigns for right of way for Electric Light Pole line across said land. Terms of Sale One Half cash, and the balance in Two equal installments of Six and Twelve Months each, purchaser giving notes, waiving) valuation, and providing for attorney's fees secured by First mortgage on said real estate, with Six per cent interest from date until paid. GEORGE A. HILDRETH, Commissioners CHAS T. PARKER, Attorney-Dec. 22-29-Jan 5. FLAT MOUNTAIN POINTED PARAGRAPHS Sometimes the dentist can quiet wife's jaw. his an and Great Britain in the orient." Which of course is not what has happened at all, but is only what Mr. ' Reed's sometimes exuberant fancy A little change Is good for the people who have more dollars than cents. A cynic can't resist the temptation to say smart things that make other leople smart. High taxes, cheap com, peace ex A lazy man and a comfortable bed are not easily divorced. Why do people who pick quarrels always select such ugly ones? Fortune seldom knocks at the door ! 1 V i i suggests to him as a good argument against the four-power treaty. The four-power treaty, which is about as far from a 'quadruple alliance" as anything could be, is not a result of the reduction in armament, but a necessary perequisite, as every cand:d student of the questions involved in the Washington conference knows ard will admit. citement, young, people courting and j marrying, old clothes being worked over. Flat Mountain never wuz in better shape than now. ; A big wedding wuz to hav taken place here last week. Cyntha Hodab and Wm. Fanard were the principles. i Cyntha had never saw Wm. in the day time. He had come from the west a ( few weeks before. On the morning before the wedding ' he called, she more honorable to black it is to black characters. It Is far shoes than of those who are puuciillious about their at-home days. The Cynical Bachelor observes that some men can get used to anything, except !eing married. Love may be blind, but Its sense of smell is all right when it comes to snit'ing orange blossoms. Beauty is only skin deep. A spring chicken isn't as pretty as a bird of paradise, but It's a whole lot better to eat. FRANK RELFE AUCTIONEER FARM AND STOCK SALES A SPECIALTY Phone 1921, Route S, Marion, Indians Call us at our expense Rubber Stamps. When needing anything in the Rubber Stamp line see us. FAIRMOUNT NEWS. ithout some form of agreement minimizing the rrohahilirv wr ir, opened the door and came near faint the Pacific, ar.v effort toward arma-; Tere he sto in hiz Xo' 12 J ,er,t .wtiv, mi r boots, hat with two holes, greasy blue out in ancestors held their meetings the woods with the sky for a shirt with high celluloid collar, over canopy. Kven now we nave evangel the question. With friction constantly being; generated over various problems connected with the Pacific and the Far East, none of the nations concerned would have been justified in acceding to any proposal to reduce its When his satanic majesty exhibits sympathy for piety it's time to stand from under. When a man repeats the smart sayings of his children he naturally expects you to understand that he is re-sitonsible. Beware of the friendly chap who pats you on the bac. The chances are he's trying to jingle the coins in your pocket. It knocks about 00 per cent of the conceit out of a girl when she shows a young man a photograph of herself and he falls to ask her for It. Chicago Daily News. coat fastened with safety pins, hiz hair standing on end, cob pipe stick- j ing out of a pocket and he had just had a breakfast of onions and sour j kraut. Now Cyntha iz not over par- j ticular who she goes with, neither iz ! istic services In tents, and who knows where congregations have not worshiped ; but not many people would Imagine this old landmark, a windmill on Reigate Heath. Surry Hill. England, was being used for a place of worship. It has a beautiful little altar and Is lighted by a candelabrum I fighting efficiency. Bv brir-r th fnnr .frt!Flat Mountain particular nice. But n amicable areement to keeo the this XnXZ moro 015111 they could 8tand : fltted on the ken beam- rhoto shows and he wuz quietly helped out of luc rilTi iiic uitti? mill uiutviu town. It pays tu hav your houses peace among themselves and to con- " suit on measures advisable in case of aceressive action in Hia P.;fi i JAPS ARE CRUEL TO ANIMALS well lighted, if it had of been this other nower the -A r,-!wiu,(1 n of happened. & dat rri o rATTnn i HOW FAR IS IT? From New York to the Cape of Good Hope It is 10,985 miles. "I will say to the gentleman " "I move to strike out the last word." "May I interrupt the gentleman?" "How much time have I remaining? the adoption of the naval reduction, for which the whole world is waiting. This was, of course, in full accordance with the plans of President Harding and Mr. Hughes and the agenda of the conference expressly sets forth the Pacific and Far Eastern questions s a necessary part of the Tokyo Police Official Declares 1,944 Men Wtre Punished Last Year in That City. Tokyo. The Japanese are the most cruel people" in the world in their treatment of animals, according to a metropolitan police official, quoted In the JUL The Tokyo police last year admonished, several tTvno-tnd djvers for Is 2,007 miles from San SPECIALIST ON THE FITTING OF GLASSES 409 Marion National Bank Building MARION, INDIANA Phone 246 Sundays by Appointment ' Honolulu Francisco, t- is 2,705 miles from Nome. Alaska, San Francisco. "I reserve all points in order on the MIL" By Charles Sughroe mCKJE, THE PRINTER'S DEVIL zMkkie Wags a SMean Tongue i I 1 S mmm. . d VVO. VAWS TVS FOU-J.-PUlHfc FAM-V,5 gOOR FAM'LV vfREE REACHES CIEM. BACK SRM YlgUTVgU . J OP VJMVCU WVAWt UOMHJtb fe ?By Ez -Tt LOOEM THE. gYegVW AMP PS z-OtgyKr 9MCCJ " "rr ifi I I ( UEXA&AM, QOT -7. JTl - foMLM CHE OF ( 1 QVi EgTCQF f?)M ' VAQViH IIL 1 V I 1:1

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