The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on January 6, 1937 · Page 6
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 6

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 6, 1937
Page 6
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Wednesday, January 6, 1937 PAGE SIX The Daily Clintonian, Clinton, Indiana House of Fire in Madrid CLASSIFIED ADS LOYALISTS HOPE FOR AID BEFORE CONGRESS ACTS Male Help Wanted Rates for Classified Ads (Continued from Page 1) Class of Ballroom Dancing FOR BEGINNERS Hlnt'ts Thiii'Nilny, January 7th, 8:(K) P. M. r ImmIiui linns In Hiillx, Fox Trot, Tango and Htomp. x Latest Routine In Simplified Manner. One Hour Instruction Followed by Practice Period. MARLATT SCHOOL FOR DANCING And Paid Notices I must employ at once a man living in small town or on farm. Per Flret day of insertion: 8c for each manent work. Must be satisfied with earning $7I a month at first. Mart Ins lino (one column line, like one of (hose). Write M, llox 442, Clinton. t6U ammunition to Spain. Tim oxIhUhk nctitrullly act dons not ban Binii shipments to a nation in civil war. The shipment contulns 47 planes, 7,000 rifles of .30 culture, 1,000 submachine aims of .45 caliber, ftrty .50 caliber muchliieKiins, 41,-700.000 rounds of aiiimuullloii ol assorted caliber und .1,050 miicliluc gun tripods. K. of I Temple, 1st Flour. Tern; Haute, Indiana Noxt two days insertion: the name Ic rharce (you got three daya at double the cost of the first day). Next three daya Insertion: the an mo 8c charse (you got a whole llil Hoiilli Flglilli Street Phone C-H2.1;l LOST Blark pun. Drown font. While and black face. 445 Kim. 150 week, six days, at throe timoa the cost of one Insertion). Kach group ot three daya thereafter. 8c a line. Hlnrk frUce (like this). 10c per Salesmen Wanted line. . All clawiiriMi ads Including memo- $311.00 PUIl WKKK . . Job Open. TWO MKN needed with National Protective Service. Karn $30 up to $60 weekly full time work. Car Discovery of Hookworm An American Doctor's Odyssey ays that hookworm first rame into prominence with the building of the St. Gothard Tunnel In 1B80. The Italian laborers felt sick in such numbers that the work came to a standstill. The calamitous illnesses were ascribed to the mountain's anger at being bored full of holes. needed, complete training given. Reliable men over 2S only. LIM- rlnma and notice or an kiwis be paid In advance riwpt those by regular customers whoso accounts are paid monthly or those from organizations whose bills must be allowed before being- paid. In the laMrr case the person asking the publication of the notice will be held responsible for Its payment. hrinnc fnr-nunv friAHrie ITKI. WHITE TODAY. H. B. Pig-man, Dept. P20, Cappers Farmer. . . & Topcku, Kansas. sen LEGAL NOTICES FOR SALE . "Dragon's Blood" The resin exuding from the fruit of a Malayan rattan palm or other species of Calamus is the true dragon's blood of commerce. It is used for coloring varnish and other substances, and in photo engraving. NOTICE OF ANNUAL MEETING Tim nnmifll meeting of the hold A raging fire followed the explosion of an aerial bomb on this Madrid dwelling house, one of the many destroyed by a rebpl air raid. In the foreground a resident of the house is shown att-mpting to salvage soma household belong!, gs. Lunch room. Good location. Priced light for quick sale. 227 Mulberry street. 152 Baled timothy hay, $16 at barn. Kay Heber, phone 926-2. t6B ers of participating certificates of TRUSTEES KEAbTY- ASSUU1A TION, formerly Clinton Building & T.rtan fnmninv NO. 2. Will De nelQ Dresses, coats, stove, oven, victrola and wringer. 431 Elm St. t61 Friday, January 15. 1937, 7:00 o'clock P. M., at the office of the Pope Pius Suffers Sinking Spells, Tells Physician It Would Be Futile To Seek Advice From Consultant Nearer and nearer A aeries of rale reductions in the last ten years haa substantially cut tbe coat of Ixmg Distance telephone service. The latest reduction becomes effective January 15, 1937. Savings on many Interstate calls for tbe first three minutes will range from 5c to $1 depending on distance. Reductions have been made in accordance with m long-standing Bell System policy to reduce Long Distance rates whenever improvements in telephony and the volume of business allow it to be done. Again your out-of-town friends and relatives are brought nearer. You can share each other's lives more fully and frequently by telephone. See for yourself soon. Activity of Special Groups Likely To Spoil Administration's Chance for Peace in Indiana's Legislature (Continued from Pace 1) association, 141 South Main Street, Clinton, Indiana. U. O. Wright, President. J. H. Gllmour, Secy-Treaa. 16-1437 Three rooms of furniture. Write Box 8. 442, Clinton, Indiana. tB2 Alfalfa hay. Mack Donnelly, Shep-ardBvllle. i t50 World's First Street Car The world's first street car, drawn by a team of horses, passed along the streets of New York city in 1832. About thirty years later the first street railway in Europe was built at Birkenhead, England, by American engineers. These first street cars were simply coaches pulled by horses over a flat rail. The improvement over wagons or coaches pulled over rough and sometimes almost impassable streets was immediately apparent. On these rails the coaches could travel much faster and with much heavier loads. ANNUAL REPORT OF THE CITY OF CLINTON, INDIANA. Clerk-Treasurer'B report of re 40 acres, well-Improved, 4 miles east of Clinton. Immediate possession. Also B acres, well improved, 21 miles northwest of Rosedale. F. M. Brown, 7B9 Elm street. t48tf ceipts and disbursements of the City (Continued from Page 1) phia. the pop's representative, will go on with his plans to leave Sunday for the eucliariBlIc congress at Manila, it was Btated. In a step not usually taken unless all hope for the pope's life has been abandoned, the cardinals who head the three sacred congregations have been requested not to leave Rome. They rule in the period between a pope's death and the election of a new pontiff. Electric scales, store shelves and show case. Mrs. Wm. Emmart, Lyford. t52 of Clinton beginning January l, 1936, and ending December 31, 1936. COMMON COUNCIL Balance Jan. 1 $18,788.21 Receipts i28.602.84 precinct majorities. Representative William Black, of Anderson, although an administration chieftain. Ib determined to try to legalize pari-niiitucl race track gambling, easier ways to obtain free school textbooks and keeping trucks off the roads on Sunday. The all-powerful township trustees have embarked upon a campaign to recapture rolief administration, now centralized in state government, to forestall consolidation of townsbSps and to prevent usurpation of their authority over school leacherB. They also would like to take a hand In the social security act. FOUND Total $47,291.06 Disbursements 34,808.25 Mansfield tire and rim, 600 by 20. Inquire at Clintonian office and pay for this ad. IB Bal. Dec. 31. 1936 $12,482.80 CEMETERY Balance Jan. 1, 1936 $ 18.06 ReceiptB 3,310.33 For Sale Coal Alchemy Alchemy, understood as the pursuit of transmutation and youth elixir, first appeared in Europe among the Arabs about the Eighth Century A. D., according to an authority in the New York Herald-Tribune. It was practiced however in China as early as the Third century B. C. Evidently Chinese alchemy came across Persia to the Arabs and by them was transmitted to Latin Europe. Additional evidence of the identity of Chinese and European alchemy appears in certain pictures symbolizing the preparation of he PiU of Immortality, which occur in the Ming book on alchemy, received from China. Total 3,328.39 Disbursements 3,829.46 O. D. $ 601.06 STREET Balance Jan. 1, 1936...$ 1,149.46 Receipts 36,218.04 Markets CHICAGO. Jan. 6. Grains were mixed at the opening today in a nervous trade; Wheat was unchanged to Vo off, corn c down to 14 c up and" oats unchanged to He up. WHEAT: May, 132-133; July, 115-HG; Sept., 112. CORN: (new) May, W.i-llOK; July, 105-; Sept., 101 '4; (old) May, 106 hi; July, 100. OATS: May, 62-62; July, 45; Sept., 43-. FOl'RTH VEIN CO Ali, UNIVERSAL, MIAMI NO. 4, AND BLACK BETTY NO. 5. HA RLE Y HUFFMAN, PHONE 10. 64tf FIFTH AND SIXTH VEIN COAL. CALL ME FOR PRICKS. DELIVERED. ANDY JOHNSON, TEL-EPHONE P 15-1 a. t5 FOR RENT Modern single or light housekeeping rooms. 650 S. 4th St. t5U Furnished sleeping room. 848 So. 36,367.60 33.494.80 Total Disbursements Majority Not Needed A candidate does not need receive a majority of votes. to be elected President. Lincoln (1861), Hayes, Garfield, Benjamin Harrison, Cleveland (1892) and Wilson (1916 ) received less than a majority. And all five Presidents elected in years ending in zero died in office W. H. Harrison, Lincoln, Garfield, Mc-Kinley, Harding. .$ 2,872.70 Bal. Dec. 31, 1936. . INDIANA BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY. PARK Bal. Jan. 1, 1936 O. D. $ 47.16 Receipts 1.006.60 959.44 723.23 Total Disbursements Fourth street. tai Hal. Dec. 31. 1936 $ 236.21 The Origin of Khaki Khaki, which has almost become the universal color of all armies, means "dust" in Persian. , Certain irregular units of the Indian army used to be dressed in this cloth because it was cheap and easily obtainable, says the London Daily Mail. During the Indian Mutiny several British regiments took to wearing it it was obviously far more practical than the heavy scarlet serge tunic. Many regiments soaked their cotton drill tunics in tea, which stained them more or less to a khaki shade. PAID NOTICES WATER UTILITY Bal. Jan. 1, 1936 $ 861.95 Receipts 21.382.35 CiRD OF THANKS We wish to thank Frists, Rev. WHiltte aroer Total (22,244.30 Disbursement 19,045.52 Wagner, the singers and friends and neighbors for their sympathy during our recent bereavement. Also Bal. Dec. 31. 1936 $ 3,198.78 those who sent floral decorations METER and donuted cars. Mrs. William Bal. Jan. 1, 1936 $1,016.00 Receipts 641.16 Emmart and family. t50 FOR EVERY PURPOSE NOTICE! The annua! meeting of the hold Total 1,567.16 Disbursements 311.16 eis of the participating certificates of the Clinton Trustees System, formerly Clinton Home Loan & Sav For: , .$1,246.00 . .$7,693.73 , . 2.077.87 Honored an Arab Poet A thousand years ago an Arab poet first saw light at Kufa, in Iraq, ninety miles north of Bagdad. His name was Mutanabbi (936-965). The verdict passed on him by his people reflected admiration inspired by his ardent patriotism ; by the fierce and bitter tenacity with which at first he struggled against a world 'that would have left him to starve; by his brilliant career at the courts of Moslem princes, and by the resounding eloquence whereby he immortalized their victories and glorified their defects. Bal. Dec. 31. 1936 LIBRARY Bal. Jan. 1. 1936 Receipts Total Disbursements ings Association will be Held Monday, January 18, 1937. at 7:00 P. M. at the office. 227 Blackmail street. Clinton, Indiana. W. B. Nichols, president. M. M. Scott, sec.-treas. 16-1537 . . 9.771.60 . . 4.223.69 Bal. Dec. 31. 19.t; $5,547.91 BARRETT LAW Dal. Jan. 1. 1936 $775.25 Receipts 217.18 For: Picnics Dinners Lodges Home Use CARD OF THANKS We wish to thank all our kind friends for their helpful consideration in our recent loss. Toward those who sent the beautiful flowers, those who so willingly donated their cars. Ilev. R. W. Bishop, members of the Baptist church and Frist Total 992.43 Disbursements 380.38 Banquets Reunions Socials Scenery funeral home we feel particularly The Joshua Tree The Joshua tree is a branched, tree - like yucca of southwestern United States, often twenty - five feet high, with short leaves and clustered greenish - white flowers. The fruits are dry, remain closed at maturity, and contain numerous black seeds. These, pounded into a meal, are used by the Indians as food. The wood is very soft and of little economic value. Bal. Dec. 31. 1936 $612.06 Frozen Accounts December 31, 1936 in Clinton Trust Co. GENERAL FUND $216.87 LIBRARY ., $3,138.34 The foregoing report of all receipts and disbursements of the public monies of the City of Clin appreciative. Richard Reed and daughter. Ruth Ann; Mr. and Mrs. Frank Stewart and family. 150 WANTED ton, Indiana, for the year 1936 are Oirl for housework. 545 Blackman street. t52 true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief. THOMAS M. GRIFFITHS. City Clerk-Treasurer. 1937 World's Champion Yankees Book 33 Exhibition Games We Have Installed a "Jiffy" Re- Winder Clean, White Newsprint in Convenient Rolls No Cores to Carry! No Deposits Required! CRISIS IS NEAR IN AUTOMOBILE Find Truffles by Odor Those who hunt wild truffles, the edible subterranean fungi, usually depend on an experienced pig. dog or goat to point out the spots where they may be found in the ground. Some men however, says Collier's Weekly, hunt unassisted as they themselves possess such a keen sense of smell that they can detect the odor of these tubera. PLANT STRIKES (Continued from Pi ge 1) NEW YORK. Jan. 6. The New York Yankees will give a large portion of the south and southeast a chance to see what world baseball champions look like, according to their Bprtng training schedule an Frank Murphy was said to be considering possibility of appointing a fait-finding committee or sending official observers to strike fronts. Although promising cooperation, Lived Near Independence Hall Four men prominent in U. S. history, George Washington, Robert Morris, Benedict Arnold and tha British general. Lord Howe, have lived in a house near Independence Hall. nounced today Martin broadly hinted a general To be sure that a roll of the size you will require will be waiting for you, we suggest that you call The Daily Clintonian, Phone 41 or 117, and order paper from tha Jiffy Re-winder in advance. Rolled to Your Order IN ANY AMOUNT 10 Yards Equal One Pound Paper Is 34 Inches Wide 2 lbs. 25c Save wear and tear on linen. Just use clean, white paper on the tables at your next organization dinner. It costs only a few cents and may be burned afterward. Try it once. That's all we ask. strike already was in progress in CM plants. His statements were borne out by new strikes and shutdowns overnight. Between the time they open their spring quarters at St. Petersburg. Fla.. on March 1 and close out their exhibition schedule against the Dodgers at Brooklyn April 18, they will run through 33 games. Seventeen of the exhibitions will tie played at St. Petersburg, and others at Daytona Beach, Tampa. S'brlng, Tallahassee and Clearwater of the grapefruit circuit, and still others at Mobile. Houston, Dallas. Galveston. Fort Worth,, Oklahoma City. Tulsa. Little ' Rock, Memphis. Chattanooga. Kndxville, Spartanburg, S. C and Norfolk, Va. WANTED Hides Iron flags Metal and Paper Highest Prices Paid A. Dumes Water Street The Wayside Inn The Wayside Inn (renamed so by Longfellow, its owners having called it the Red Horse) stands in Sudbury, about twenty miles from Cambridge, Mass. Originally it was a small, one-story house, built by the Howe family, English colonials who erected it as a country residence early in the Eighteenth century. The property was part of a grant bought in 1684 from the Indians. The Daily Clibtomae

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