The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on January 6, 1937 · Page 4
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 4

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 6, 1937
Page 4
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We"Jne3ay, 'January 6, -1937 PACE FOUR The Dally Clintonian, Clinton, Indiana THE DAILY CLINTONIAN Found; d 181 J Cuba's "Strong Man" at Home Established as The Weekly Clintonian 1890 The Cllnlon Pluindealer absorbed In 1908. Caeorge L. Carey Editor and Publisher ntered at the I'oaiofflra at Clinton, Indiana, as Second Class Mutter. CHAPTER XXVm Late cinnias grew In rari-colored splendor on tha south slda of ths Member Indian:! Republican Editorial Association garden. Christie's marigolds were burnished gold, when the neighbors were all through bloominsr. National Advertisine Representatives r;KO. B. DAVID Ci. I'ino WrlRley Bids., Chicago. I 111 General Mntoia . Detroit 110 Kaat 42nd St., New York From the warm earth cams tha dry. spicy fragrance of blossoming hrubs, and fallen leaves, and sun. ndlan summer. Dad used to call it, .ack boms in Spanish Pass. Best imi of the year, he always said. "The garden will be just gorgeous In spring," she told Donald. "I've put the snowdrops under the oak trees they'll be grand with the forget-me-not that is, if they bloom at the same time, and wait til! I tell you about the daffodils. The Prince of Wales go in the border with the annuals, and the new white ones is it White Qusen t oraething like that will go back of the primroses. Or would you put them with the Prince of Wales T" "With the Prince of Wales, by all means." "You weren't even Ustenlngl" "Yes, I was." "No, you weren'tl" But It didn't matter. Sha dldnt i 1 : 1 m a . . . ....... v... 117 Phr Phone 41 j y .lads a man fiel joungl JWM! I It didn't make her real young, artlcularlr. but It did make her foul THE DAILY CLINTONIAN'S PLATFORM:- 1. To further every interest of Parke and Vermillion counties. 2. To assist the revival of the Indiana coal mining industry. 3. To cooperate in solving Vermillion County's unemployment problem. 4. To beautify Clinton and make it the most attractive city of lit site in the elate. ufs and warm and content. She orried but there was always mtthing to take her mind off the orrlea. Tha baby's gurgling iiighter, a pudding to make, buds i the chrysanthemums, and Don-Id's Increasing sxciUmant in his ork. At first It depressed her when he led to tell her about it. Cancer is listen to him really when he talked about his blood corpuscles and hor-monea. He was there and he loved her ... what else mattered T And then, one blustery October day whan the oak leaves rattled on the ground and the wind made the willow branches beat against the roof, Gene Dubois cams back and told her ha would have to have ... i .ich a dread word. And the chances f success, he said, were so slim. I haven't lived In the county long enough. Offered to send ws back to Spanish Pass. "My lord. Ruby in Spanish Pass. , That baby doll. And the folks can't feed themselves, let alone us. I told , her I'd starve first, and I thought I would. Then I got to thinking about you. Ruby and I talked It ovm " He Ulked it over with his wife. With how many other people perhaps 7 Told Ruby why he could some to ner, ask for money . . . Sha saw Donald's fare. Incredulous first. Then sick and ashamed. She thought of what Whiteley had said about what a wife and a home and a baby were coating a man like Donald. What would he say if he knew about this? What would this new worry do to Donald now ? "But this time, I swear on my honor on my kid's life, that if you raise this money for me, I will get out. I'll go so far away nobody here will ever see me again!" He saw that she was shaking. "Gosh, Christie, it sure hurts to see you scared of mel I bat myself for" "I'm not scared I'm cold that's all cold!" "Honest, I wouldn't come to you if I had a single chance left in the world. Even if I had the nerve to stick up somebody on, the street, I'm just desperate, that's all. I hope you'll never know what that means. But I'va got to havs it. Ruby's operation and the kid choking to death here of asthma " She felt her knees giving way beneath her. "I'll see what I can do. IU have to think. You can write" "I'll telephone you, this time tomorrow." She held her ground, closed the door firmly behind him, as he left Closed it and latched it. Then she slid slowly to the floor. . Sobs tore themselves out of her shuddering, shaking body. For the second time in her 20 years, life FORKICNF.RS FIGHTING FOR SPAIN? Since the outbreak f the revolt in Spain, which was led by the Of course, that was what made It 'I so fascinating to Donald and 'hlteley, but she couldn't help wish-ig that they'd chosen something (1600. She wouldn't ask him in. He stood at the doorway, she just inside while the cold crept within her thin house- it lias I leen noted that much ot the sirengin oi nimv un lei I mpitr and saler to worn on, ana imethlng with which they'd be the revolutionary ratine dress, deadening her body, freezing lore likely to succeed. come from foreigners, chiefly the mer-. . . . , , . .i . -i ... i i... ner heart. They spoke almost In whispers, itiiois ami the machinery ol hallie conumuiru renurv Moorish Colonel Batista and family This unustlal photo of Col. Fulencio Batista, "strong man of Cuba", shows the military chief at home with his wife and son, relaxing after the political crisis which resulted tn ouster of President Miguel Gomez and the Installing of Federico Bru 0 chief executive of th island republic. though there was no one to hear but the baby, asleep behind the closed Germany und Italy. How could they have the patience 3 go on day after day, month after lonth. year after year perhaps all reir lives, and be content with just anting a little more, and never lining to any sensational discovery tallf Gut now It seemed that they were bedroom door. "I told you that I had no money! al Maihicl, upholding the popular front, has from abroad and some volunteers of forein And even If I had, what do you mean I he uovernmnit also received supplies by coming to me, demanding it this aving a little success. Just a little, batlle lines of '.lie republican army. lonald said. But it was enough to blood ore in th wayf What are you, a black- mailer?" "Yes, if yon want to call It that! "Then let ma tell you. Gene Du ring him home bright-eyed aad ex-Itant, and for dozens of old friends hear about it, and to telephone, or rop in at tha lab, or at the house hear the latest bois, that long before I was married I told my husband ail about you I What kind of girl do you think I Tiresome for her. "What Is a hor- It may be that the situation will grow worse and that other foreign troops will do bailie on Spanish soil in the war that is now going on. The fighlini; has probably ceased to be a struggle between Spanish factions and Spain has become the tesling ground of other forces, both anxious to score a victory. am t Did you think I'd try to keep it secret t Therel You eeel You can't tone. anyway 7" she asked, yawn s' over a sock she was darning, iter listening to a one-sided tele- ,iooe conversation Donald was hav-is with Whiteley. blackmail me, and sure as Ira standing here, I'll call the police before I let you come annoying ma again. Now get out I" She would have slammed the door, but he was too quick for her. He got his foot in. and Gene had brought her mora bitterness than she could bear. "Something I'd Just as soon yon idn't know about, and above all -ek about," he said seriously. MOVIES I K.mvi: IN TH KSKV at Tin; i'i.a : Myslery, ri'inance, !-oinedy anil nerve tinsliiiK suspense lire pleasantly combined iu lliis adventure in i he sky involyiiiK all the passengers nf a modern transport plane. Forced lo land due to iinfavoralile weather conditions. Public Kneiny No. 1 takes churse of affairs. I'retty Jean Muir all decked out ill some new haims Is the plane hostess who tries desperately lo trap the killer. She sets help from Warren Hull, Mary Treen and the rest of the crew. You'll have lo admit it's thrilling. A cartoon, a Paihe topic and a special Howard Comedy are also shown. e Feeling old and tired, Christie fed the baby, dressed him in his "Listen. Christie. Please, please. This experiment of ours mustn't YESTERDAYS JAM WHY li, J!! Mr. :! Mrs. I!"ll Kllilll of N'eh- t out. You understand that, don t THE STARS SAY ii .iki:vim i: hi mum: Ftr Thui sd:.) , J.iiiil(r 7 listen! Give me a chance. The kid's got asthma, and Ruby needs an operation. If I've turned into a black clean white cotton flannel nightie, Elayed pst-a-cake with him while e laughed aloud, and the tears uu, honey t That no one must know boutltr' She couldn't help laughing out al mailer it s because I n beaten. I kiT hi reel will eiiterlain medicine. Sara Haden accuses Or. Forbes (Kent) or giving him the poison so he can marry (iloria. The trial discloses what actually hnp-pend ami will be sure lo surprise you. Hetty Hoop is on the program In "Song for a Day." 1.1 MAIKK.N l-AXr- AT THK WAIIASH The only crook ever to dare enter forbidden Diamond Row ' hiKh society is the durk and dashing Cesar Romero, who commits the most audacious robberies conceivable only to be foiled by a sleuth in satin Clair Trevor. When the best detectives admit they are baffled and can find no clueB leading to the identity of the criminal who has outraged and terrified Maiden Lane, Miss Trevor sets out to snare the thief. Fxcitement and danger follow for her as well as' for Romero. Douglas Fowley. Lloyd Nolan. Lester Mathews and Robert MeWade. The long list of short features consists of a novelty about a "Steeplechaser." Paramount News. "Screen Traveler" and a Terrytoon rolled down her cheeks. Then while he olaved in his crib ,ud. -Heavens, 1 con t tauc aDOUt wish I had the nerve to be a burglar instead. I'm not even good for that-" o-i lurk dinner llii eviMiina llii luwiiij! kik-sis: Mr. mid Vni. ( TIi lunar Jinl tij ttt n :t I the predominant pl:mls for II. An I It's you who do the talking!" "But only to medical men who un- 1 hi "I was silly enoueh to eive you or Slevi'iiHiin. Mr. und .Mis. V she got dinner for herself and Donald, running back and forth from kitchen to bathroom, alternately stirring the carrots and peas and watching the meatloaf , and bathing her red eyes with cold water and witch-hazel. rsUnd the situationl Oh, I know , u're no back-fence gossip, Chris-?, but just be careful, for while n have reason to be a bit optimistic $60 because you told a story like that before. And you promised on ?'our word of honor that you wanted t to go to Los Angeles, to get a jobl Yon told me a great big lie about some man who had a gaa station '' lent sow, we area t ready lor the icws to break. If it srot out now. I derson. Miss Marie Ferguson. M. F. cininiiml'am. of Terre Haute; Mr. and Mrs. cliarli s I'I'itwiz. Mr. and Mrs. r. K. Farrin'SK. Miss CuriU'ii i wiiran. all of Danville, ill.; and'y Mfissr-s (if f;'or;etowil. III. And when dinner was all ready, and she had bathed her streaked "Listenl I didn't lie. it waa all vouldn't be a scientist, I'd just be a uack. So be careful, won't you 1" "I'll be careful,' she promised, but and swollen face until it looked al truet" most normaL he telephoned that he would be late. "Then, why didn't yon go 7" "Because welL IU tell yon the :t amused her. How could she talk ibout it when she didn't know what All evening she wandered around in the world it was all about? truth. I spent the money! I hadn't I '( III Ml', OF lK. rXKltKK' AT Till-: COI.I'MHIA I Clinton's most clever mystery-solver will have a tough time try-j ing lo (inure this one out. Gloria , Stuart is the woman in the case. She is married to J. Kdward Bromherg, the silent little house, turning on the radio, turning it off, picking up a paper or a magazine, throwing it down, going in to look at Donny, peacefully, blissfully asleep. At midnight she went to bed. lay 4 Ilornthy and Louise Poor i!ay to relurn to Oxford. (I.. I le-y are students at Western alter kii. -inline the holidays Mi Ml h w Ik . oil. '' So she rested his tired head on her shoulder when he would let her, and patted him and soothed him and tried to listen while he talked on about the good fight ha was helping bad anything new for so dam long you saw that suit I had. The kid hadn't even had an ice cream cone for lord knows when. Ruby was crying her eyes out for a permanent and a new hat. WelL I thought I'd just buy a cheap suit for myself and wide-eyed and restless, listening to the cars that went up the hill, past to wage against deato in one ox its most awful forma. "Whiteley baa spent his life on It. I dealing with a "Battle Royal." I M. I)., but falls In love with a young j doctor, Robert Kent. After beins retimed to Illi-! hurt In an accident In a mine. a couple of toys for the kid, but day wm to indirutc a hrcakiu u; cf old Ktaenant and erynt.iMiz''. mir dftimiB. making way lor iniporunu ImproviMiiPiu in iw al'J';iii'j. 'n'i an increase in lit' valm nf niil jm-Ht-hWioiK and a ti'inN-ncy in t-ul Hir formiH'B on a stahl footinr. K3i" y persons may h:tv a hand in I'is. hut thf rf may he mmn1 iyln" or vexation i-xpfjriMwiH with yoim p.'oplf. If Tlii I Voiir ItiHhdav TIiow ulios' birthday it in ;;? under a proline' of a year in vlif !i much may develop io put th li-nanfH on a mnnul l-ais. Kli!rs may Im1 of asKtMam ni )tv c;u "-ful with youns p-opl'. ho may oauw aiui-ty. Kxcited or rash iihjh-tal fonditiom Miould !h avoided !Kt lliy jeopardize Md prospect r in ItiiKincKH and ('TiiploynuMit. A child horn on this day may ho tal?titcd, adventurous and ambition., hut Btcadfast and reliable. II should have a fortunate life through its own effort aB well an liy the henefires of frferidK and eld- when I gave Ruby $5 It cut such a Vail lieeiler ll and I may apend mine. Far better Men than I are working on the same -roblem ail over the country. But bole 1 thought we might as well i IJromherg dies of an overdose of a show and buy a good ateak for dinner" ome day somebody is going to tumble on the answer and it jnst io is I niversily al ('liampaiiin. III., alle.- ; ii iitling (lie lioltilays witil his paivnls. Mr. anil .Mrs. Valuh lieeiler of 1!. II. 3. Oh, Gene! Yon idiot yon really Haven't changed at alil might be mel "Yea. Donny yes she'd mur THE HOMETOWNER To Love and Live and Let Live All ncrht, laugh, xou don't mow day of Mrs. Weir's mother, Mrs. Oris Hlack and family, of South Third street. Mrs. Weir was formerly Miss Marjorie Garlinghouse. what we've been through. Wait till mur, as she might have murmured ine noose, it must nave been nearly morning when Donald came. She heard the car come up. the driver , t way, tha garage door squeak, and then he came in the back way, tiptoed to the bedroom door. "Awake?" he asked softly. But she had waited for him too long. She wouldn't answer, so he tiptoed away again, and presently she heard him puttering around the kitchen, opening and shutting icebox and cooler doors, getting himself something to eat. When she smelled bacon and eggs frying she sat up in bed, wanting to shout: "What are you doing that for? Didn't you sea tha cold meatloaf in your Idd rata to the aire where he to the baby. And she'd think: asks for things and yon have to say A T la -iL. sr. Ar. "I'm glad he hasn't any real wor Marriage is often a lone villue. understand. It's tough. Ruby's only a kid, too. Once I caught her stealing face powder and lip stick in the Alfred .1. Fara.-o left yesterday to resume bis studies at the North-em Illinois College of Optometry iu Chicago, III., after spending the holiday. with his parents. Mr. and -Mr.-. .1. .!. Faraco. of Fairview Park. Too bad folks don't try lo bring it five and dime, because I couldn't buy her any. I slapped her ao hard she out o.' the depression. 'this spuiiiKli Arii.ii: Mr. and Mtb. William Hipeirif of Vil'a 1'ark. III., are the parents of a hahy riil horn Friday afternoon at the Vermillion county hospital. The infant weft.' lied seven and a half pounds. Mr. HiKins v.;ts formerly Minn I-ena Market to of L'ni vernal1. got an abscess in ner ear from it" the icebox?" une on, ienei "WelL I won't have her snitch Italy has volunteers in Spain, But ahe couldn't aae anvthirur. Mr. and Mrs. Waller Weir of err.- Haute were the puesls yester stuff from the five and dime! But look how I felt. I didn't even have I Ktissla has al?o, and Oermnny says ries lute mel" e e e She felt so safe. She wheeled Donny boldly In his legy, ran to answer door bells, i chone bells, without that sick - .:ing of tha heart that had been Ids for aa long after Gene came :.2ck. ' Indian summer was over now. : h re was a nip ill the October air, enJ 'he put a new lining in Don--- '- old overcoat that looked so c ut waa really wearing quite thn -are. wiin guilty pleasure she spent $8 for bulbs for the garden. Hyacinths, daffodils, tulips, anowflakaa. i I hat she will not In- pacified until tha dime to give her. And I I., r boat has been returned 'intaci thought, if I got a decent hair cut and some clean good clothes I could because she waa pretending to be asleep, so she lay down again and cried a little In the dark. Because it waa too silly to fuss about greasy frying pans, and eggahells all aver her clean kitchen, when tragedy and trouble really filled her heart. It siems that. any criuL'e one Inventory t-t started again. 1 bad a prospect, lelling a line of neckties and Kent's hose. But it fell through. Yester (To Be Continued) - . day I went to the charities, but the woman said I wasn't eligible because I Kis r,inM S4ltu. 1m . little granddauKlner spent a part t.olds asainst Spain -could be successfully aired now because Spain is certainly a "ni.-lting inferno of hatred." History often repeals Itself. This M :,j 1 1.. ii kidnap ing rase ceems to be repeating Jo- "I.indy" kidnaping ; All ciiizens. I'm sure, hope lial it won't end in such a horrid niaiiii'-r. were entertained, during their stay. :u the home of Mrs. Myra Jenkins, j of the holidays with their daughter and family al Cincinnati, Ohio. Mrs. Harold Hunt and daucjncr. - "" Mrs. Carl L. Betson o! north of Dana, were evening guests at the Kemley home. Mrs. William McKay and daughter, Verda. of Dayton, O.. spent the holidays with her mother. Mrs. Laura Ilanner. and other relatives. Mrs. Mabel Collier of Washington. D. C. Is visiting; her brother, Raymond Kendall. Phyllis Jean, of Kokomu were tin-suests during the holidays of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Coate. Revital Held Michael Kemley. afier a successful operation at the Union hospital in Terre Haute for the removal of a cataract on his riKht eye. has returned home. Sunday afternoon callers were Mrs. Patience Kemley and daughter, Mrs. Guy Marshall of Marshall. Krnest Kemley of St. Petersburg. Fla., Mr, and Mrs. Ben Henness, Mrs. Clara Ingram and Donald and l.ois Cook of near Chrlsman. 111. Mrs. Remley's son and dau;hter-ln-law, Mr. and a home until it has d in. Kacb of ns. I sup-wished some folks sewed from ear to A bouse Is not b.-en happily li v li ugh a Day: pose, has often l.'io:iths could be A revival of Missions was held al the Friends church all last week. Rev. L. O. Cosand is the pastor of the church, the evangelist was Wizard O. Trueblood or Ulilitier. Cal. Hev. Trueblood was accompanied hv Mrs. Trueblood. The Trueblnods Clintonian Advertitlns Commands Attention' ear. When you read this don't for-;et "a Mitch in time saves nine." EVENT HELD AT ' BLOQMIHGDALE Mr. Business Man- Inventory Time is "Printing Time!" CHECK THIS LIST For Your Printing Needs Al this time, when you review the old and get set for the new, give a thought to your Printing Needs . . . Perhaps your supply ot itate-ments, billheads, stationery, checks or order forms is running low . . . Whatever you need .n the printing line for 1936, let Vermillion County's only union printing establishment serve you! Our Service Department will be more than happy to design and submit for your approval a new letterhead, blotter, office form cr whatever you need that new type, and mw design, might improve. There's no obligation or no charge for this layout service. But den't wait until you need "rush job"; check your printing needs NOW and start the New Year with a fresh supply of modern printed forms! Parke County Masons in Annual Meeting; New Officers Are Elected HIiMIN';DALK. Jan. 6-Tli-uniiiiiers ol the Maje.nic order o! I'aiii. i.iuiity met at filooiiiinedule in the Maoni )all for their annual event. Monday evening a turkey dinner wa- Kerved to a larre mitiits-i 'r im-mber : alter dinner a bus!iiets meet ilia was held. Tiie following of-leer Mere elected for the year: liar! Soaim of It.x kville. president: i.e president. Paul Myers. Ulooni- im-dale; manner, ft. W Dalies, dais-all; secret a ey. Waldo Xevilis. Ito-.elale. ricnie Supier Ti( yotlllK fieonlc nf the Friend . biir. li en;y-t a pi nic supper at He Dennis Hall. After supper a -o-irj! period as held. Rev. W. O. T-uet.lor,d ".-ire an interestlnr and !ie"pful !.-ik Mr and Mr Clarence Harsh and Order Blanks Sliipp np Tars Business Cards Filing Cards Circulars Bank Checks Tickets Handbills Circular Letters Office Forms Letterheads Envelopes Statements Billheads Blotters Shipping Labels Booklets Window Cards Post Cards Posters THE DAILY CLINTONIAN Only Union Printing Establishment in Vermillion and Parke Counties 'flSj. ! Em. v i M f

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