The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on December 8, 1976 · Page 31
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 31

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 8, 1976
Page 31
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Page 31 article text (OCR)

Palm Beach Post, Wednesday, December 8, 1976 D3 Body of 14-Year-Old Taken From Plane Wreck By JOHN KOTLER Pott Staff Writer CLEWISTON - The body of 14-year-old Roddy Coulter was recovered yesterday from the wreckage of a twin-engine airplane that crashed into Lake Okeechobee Monday, killing all five passengers. Coulter was returning from Pensacola to Fort Lauderdale with his father and three others when the Piper Apache encountered stormy weather and plunged into the lake about 2 miles north of Clewiston. A Coast Guard helicopter from St. Petersburg began circling the western edge of the lake early Monday after the air route traffic control center in Miami reported the private plane had disappeared from its radar screen about 12:19 a.m. Driving rain and fog hampered the searrjh until dawn. Finally at about 7:30 a.m. the helicopter crew sighted a wing tip in the muddy water near the western shore. A search party in boats led by the Hen dry County Sheriff's Office spent most of the day searching for the passengers. Scuba divers finally located the plane's fuselage resting on the grassy lake bottom in about 7 feet of water. They found four men, still strapped in their seats, but not the youth. The search continued for Coulter until dark and resumed again early yesterday, when the body was found pinned beneath the fuselage. , Henry Moyers, air safety investigator for the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) in Miami, said the cause of the accident has not been determined. "All we know is the airplane disappeared from the radar screen in Miami," Moyers said. A spokesman for the air route traffic control center said, "We were in radio contact with them up to a point, then we didn't hear any more." Moyers said he plans to listen to tapes of transmissions between the pilot and the control center for clues to the cause of the accident. Also killed in the accident were Dennis Coulter, 34, of Hollywood, Roddy's father; Russell Johns, 32, of Pompano; Raymond Hensler, 29, and Henry Cormier, 53, the pilot, all of Fort Lauderdale. Moyer said Cormier's pilot license did not show him to be certified for instrument flying, even though he filed an instrument flight plan before taking off from Pensacola. W I cJ - V v Grady Leaves Glades Wilkkinen told his wife, and family he was going to Germany. Cyclist Pedals Far From Home :'': K; : ::j-A:; (f W4J? different sizes are well-worn. Wilkikinen says he repairs them because he cannot afford to buy new ones. Between 1966 and 1972, Wilkkinen logged more than 20,000 miles pedaling through European countries and North Africa. "I pedaled the whole length of Africa," he said. Wilkkinen figures he's about halfway toward his goal and predicts that by 1979 he will have visited every continent except Antarctica. From here he will pedal through the state on his way north and west. He wants to be at the Finnish consulate in Vancouver, B.C., by April. There he plans to utilize his maritime union membership and seaman's papers to board a freighter to Hawaii for the first leg of his tour of India, Japan and Australia. He collects his World War II army pension checks and mail at the consulates. The bicyclist likes the United States and Canada "best" of all the countries he has visited. "They are so far ahead in living standards of other countries," he says. He said he has wanted to make this trip since 1938, but the war, marriage and raising a family intervened. Wilkkinen said he planned the trip so the family would not have economic - problems. "I taught the tfiildren how to work from the time they were 8," he says. Wilkkinen isn't sure if his wife is very happy about his failure to return from Germany. "I'll take the lickin' all at once when I get home," he says. By NANCY POWELL Post Staff Writer LAKE WORTH - Five years ago Mauno Wilkkinen got on his bicycle and told his wife and three children in Somero, Finland, he was taking a trip to Germany. He hasn't been home since. 1 Wilkkinen, 66, has been pedaling around the world fulfilling a lifelong ambition. Last week he arrived in Lake Worth from Washington, D.C., for a brief visit with Esa Hakala at 620 N. J St., who he met last month at the home of a mutual friend in the capital city. Unlike many bicyclists, Wilkkinen does not travel light. His 10-year-old Norwegian bike is loaded with about 120 pounds of gear. In two saddle bags he hangs securely on each side of the rear wheel are a small pup tent, a small stove, an umbrella, blankets, clothes, road maps, a tire pump, patching kit, a camera and tripod, scrapbook and a slingshot for unfriendly dogs. He has three horns and bells on the handlebars. "One tone is for cats, one is for dogs and one is for children to get out of the way," Wilkkinen says. On a large metal plate attached to the rear fender, he carries a check list of the countries he has visited. As the list grew, so did the sign, which is lighted by four red reflector lights. Since 1972, Wilkkinen has worn out 40 tires and 10 sets of rims. He carries four inner tubes and a set of frequently used tools. The pedals of Staff Photoi by J. Scott ApplowKlto Wilkkinen Carries 120 Pounds BELLE GLADE - After 15 years in medical practice and two U.S. Senate races, Dr. John Grady left the Glades yesterday for Tennessee. While Grady said his move is ' only a vacation, he does not plan to return to the Glades, although he said he might relocate some-, where else in Florida. Grady signed an agreement Monday to sell his large medical clinic at 800 S. Main St. to Robert Mace, owner of a sod company in South Bay. Mace ' already had bought Grady's : home at 900 SE Third St. The clinic is on 3 acres of land which includes a pasture where . Grady once raised Appaloosa horses. Real estate broker Bert Ward, who handled the transaction, said negotiations for sale of the ' clinic had gone on "for a long time." Ward said Mace had agreed to buy Grady's home before the. Nov. 2 election, although the sale was not completed until after Grady lost to U.S. Sen. Lawton Chiles of Lakeland. Mace was unavailable for comment yesterday, but Ward said ' the medical clinic probably ; would become a business office. Prices paid for the clinic and the Grady home were not disclosed. Furniture from both was packed and sent to Tennessee. Following the Nov. 2 election, ' Grady announced he and his family would take a long vacation in Benton, Tenn., before he made any decisions about his future. While living in Belle Glade, Grady was active in politics, serving six years on the City Commission, including three terms as mayor. In 1974, he launched an unsuccessful U.S. Senate, race on the American party ticket. This year he rejoined the Republican party to oppose Chiles. He lost by a large margin, despite a vigorous campaign. - JOHN KOTLER Graber Verticals 20 OFF Shadecraf t 686-7259 1833 DONNA ROAD LAKE WORTH SCOTTISH RITE BODIES 2000 North "D" Street Lake Worth, Florida REGULAR MEETING AND ELECTION OF OFFICERS WEDNESDAY, DEC. 8th, 1976, 8:00 P.M. O.W. LOUIS VENERABLE MASTER PURE CASHMERE RESIDENT HOTEL io to mo two tit JACKET t.f.'t H35. DEC. 1 1 SILK GABARDINE NOW'14 SUITS now $135 TSC i ...... ANY LIVING ROOM I HALL Mir ewn ihampee preceii Dtop Jot Flush Extraction combined (or best results . . . $24" 34 NOTICE Gifts Less Than Empty Stocking Fund of Gear OUT OF PAWN MERCHANDISE IESS THAN HALF PRICE SN USE OUR LAY-A-WAY PLANS INVEST IN A DIAMOND MEN'S & LADIES RINGS ENGAGEMENT RINGS BRIDAL SETS $25. to $400. Many other items, tool 507 15th St. W.P.B. The "Ups and Downs" Complete Stock Reports. Read the POST. Subscribe today. Call Circulation Now) 659-1450 to Goal Abner Konick, 10; Mrs. Harold C. Paull, 100; Frederick A Hewett, 5; Gerald M. Lewis, 5; V J. Seward, 10, Richard J. Fisher, 5; Frank J. Lar-kin, 3. Paul Marcovich, 1; H.K. Stell, 5, John V. Krener. 5. William J. Metzger, 5, Mr. and Mrs. V J. Alag-na, 2, John S. Behne, 15, Ruth E. Wenger, 1, Earl A. Drechsler, 5, James Canavan, 10, Vincent L. Ahearn, 5; Jesse B. Burnham, 5, Lake Worth Michigan Club 5, Otto A. Einhaus, 2. Daniel E. Verniero, 2; Harold Maedkc, 5, Pellar M Stone, 2, Anonymous, 10; William Turner, 1; Kenneth Aldrich, 1; Alfred O. Morkish, 3, Myron D. Lacy, 5, Mrs, Arthur Modme, 25; S. Hall Turner, 5. E. J, Harvey, 10, Thomas R. Jones, 5; RL. Stratford, 5; A. Eilers, 10, Mr. and Mrs. R.S. Wy-att, 15; Jack Atkins, 5; L.R. Coxe, 5; Henry Has-tava, 1, Algury A. Wells, 5; Renato R Scala, 5. George B. Cramer, 25, Mr. and Mrs. C.E. Tyson, 5; Hazel W. Sicklick, 10; Mrs. Waller S. Es-tabrook Sr., 3; V.J. Campbell, 2; Eino R. Wuori, 1, Paul C. Blackburn, 10, Wilma A. Johns, 10; Burt C. Ross Jr., 2, Alden C. Hanson, 5. Francis E. Schmitt, 2, Recreation Bridge Club, 5; Arthur A. Sockol, 5; Martha E. Sivills, 10, Arthur Loewengart, 5, Robert A. Findlay, 3, Mrs. E.W. Mitton, 25; Fay H. Sellman, 5, Jack A. Faulkner, 50, Kennelh H. Staib, 5. Lester T. Earl, 5; Oliver L. Green, 2; J.D. Calhoun, 25, Robert H McLean, 5, Robert H. Mllloy, 10, Freda E. Bogle, 5, Oscar Auslander, 2, Richard M. Timms, 10, Gerald J. 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Bradley, 5, Mrs. Charles Hall, 5. Glenn Opperman, 15, Daniel T. Oliveri Sr., 5; Ce-lia M. Brady, 5; Bernard S. Chikin, 5; Dr. George A. Cunningham, 25; Frances C. Smith, 10. Eric Dickson, 3; Helen Welch, 5; George F. Ekedahl, 1, Anthony V. Condo, 3; R. W. Danis-chetsky, 10; Mrs. W. G. Hobbs, 5, Harry F. Kane, 5, M. A. Simmerman, 10; Betty Bogart, 1; Wilton P. Millward, 3. Henry L. Stantield, 3; Mary S. Laurie, 5; Alma W. Smith, 10, Robert L. Syler, 5; Lyle Cook, 10; Clement M. Omalley, 10; Augie Koepke, 3; Carl Hottman, 5; F. R. Clement, 10; Mrs. John D. Tummons, 10. Mrs. James S. Adams, 10; Robert B. Kurvin, 1; John Tilfany, 10, Charles H. Pappert, 5; George West Palm Beach MADE . gJJ" Before SIJ now$125 SHIRT 1 PRE-CHRISTMAS SPECIAL FREE! MdDIPIEID) Hi Mb NORTON GALLERY & SCHOOL OF ART Ceramic League of the Palm Beaches 7th annual pottery fair MOTOBECANE World's Leader in Sales Production & Engineering Come in & Register for 50L. No Purchase Necessary. Must be 18 or over To Register Drawing Dec. 23, 1976 THE CLAY COLLECTION A market place for ceramic art. Contemporary works by local artist for the discerning collector and gift giver FRIDAY, DECEMBER 10 10 AM to 5 PM SATURDAY, DECEMBER 11 1 PM to 5 PM A share of the proceeds will benefit the Norton School of Art NORTON GALLERY & SCHOOL OF ART - Auditorium MOPED MANOR . W got the curt for sick, tired, worn out, just plain fadin' away CARPET ... DYE ITI LIVING ROOM DINING ROOM 6 CS AND HALL VlMl ANY SIZE CoJitf Chang Slight Add iCharg CARPET CARE Four Generation! Experience $139.S Sal? A Ocean Singer Island, Henlat ftHall Fla. 844-1166 Shampoo Soil to Surface i Flush & Entrant Soil from Carpel Brush Pl to Fluff Dining Im. at araa ilightly htghar call626-5982 1451 South Olive Ave

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