The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on January 5, 1922 · Page 3
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 3

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 5, 1922
Page 3
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THE FAIRMOUNT NEWS IJVI CRAMPS, PAINS AND BACKACHE St Louis Woman Relieved by Lydia EL Pinkham's Vegetable Compound St. Louis, Mo. "I was bothered With cramps and pains every month and - . & si FARM NEWS zj u ik DEPARTMENT SNEEZE WEED KILLS SHEEP I""UIF toT "bed 2? P'srt Seems In-practicable of Eradicate-! ar.d Stockmen Are Warned to Avoid It. BOVINE TUBERCULOSIS YIELDS TO ACTIVE TESTING CAMPAIGN mm- DEVICE FOR TREATING SAND (TTSi VV the Vnited ISTaTf Oof ATtlWftlt A p:r,t ro:somvis to sheep on the rat cos. for whtoh no practical v.eVasi has ltecn discovered eUhor for fi-iillnnivii or for cure of the resulting d. e;.e. is desertxM In a recent bul-kiin of tl.e Vratod States IVpartmer.t of Acriv-ultuTv. The weed is most trou-b'osv-mo in Vtah, Colorado Arizona New Mexico and in the aiorn half of s."i:ihem California, a a- in scattered swas in eastern and western Nwsd. southeastern Oncer. tp'utho;orn Idaho and northwestern V -ova; r.g. U r. frst reported to the dciiari-r.ou: Ir. 1!V that a iytoro;: di-- e. w .;iraeter!j:ed by vokv.k;. wast-irie ::-sy. sv.d d ath. was st:nk;n? "i ;h 'n I'tsh. Tie disease was at f r-t .-.-:!;:. -.-.toil to ;' i (.'.oath hut several je:;rs later de-r:-.r;: ort bot:r.i? observed that m : vvtl wa wialy f-s".r.l on"" occupied by t'-.e ;-.:Tov'Tod sheep. Sr.' or.ent exiiir.-erits nncm: five o;-,r$ fatenetl rcsponsM! it y upon the ST 1- s. i FRACTICAL FATTENING WAYS Where Crates Are UseJ little Space Is Necessary Exercise Is Not Desirable, nFTprp.l by th fmtp.t St t Tlm isiothotts of fattening iiUrr ar tist t tivvs -xmiry ixsn laiion- irsr. -rato fr.ttonin.j nuu hino cram-! tr,i:ic. TI.o tirst two ;m tho most oo;n- snon; tho thin! is r.svM only whoro hist a few l irxls aro t ho fatteuou. s Ton frtttonir.jr is nractioot hy many rvrsons wh.o tlo not havo tho timo anl f mo'.Uiauon to nso oiT.or mcimnis. mo ! ossor.tials of jn fattontt.?; aiv nixt. ! darknoss. oxovpt at fovsHus tin-.o, anil j tixvals. usnaUy thro ti:vos a llav. I Hin'.s may ho kept in slocks of 13 or L j In cmto faxtoiuncr a few vnukons j Accrediting a Herd as Free From Tuberculosis Increases Us Value to the Owner and the Community. art- Kopi m craus ami iw irmi j u!nol t!w hoiv that it wouUl ultimate-tnuTph. A crate fot lone. IS Inches I ,y ho or.Uoat Ntnv aftor many hlph. and IS or 0 inches wi,!o, is suit- ; f ff flr ttnsucressfui bnt abTe '! -f1 i ir! tMii2.-h fr a io7.en i '- " t - ----- ----- hirt'.s. Sometiraes tho crate is dividetl into two or to six hini- tnr cmpanmem. i.-m !h inc kept In each ocm- , j parimcnt. Little rvn is desirable, for tho less exercise the hird have the , Tuberculosis May Be Banished. more readily will the;- fanc!K If the i This change of attituvle has been . rate is to bo left outdoors, tho top : brew.cht about larpely through the ef-' h.;hl bo coverot!. Tho sides should j forts of the bureau of animal industry be nsade of slats about two inches ; of the United States Department of -iparr. so tho birds can eat from the s Asirieulture, eo-opratinjr with the varl- trench which is hurc just outside the j ous state otlicials. which have been so crate. The bottom of the crate should j successful that within a period of four 1h' of slats about an inch aparr. to per- years, durinc which tho work has been I iil U b 11 C i UHJ Hi V whole famiy always took Lvdia 1 Pink. mam's Vegetable compound for such troubles and they induced me to try it and it has helned m very much, i don't have cramps any morft nnH I ran rfr my housework all through the month. I recommend your Vegetable Compound . to my friends for female troubles." Mrs. Della Scholz, 1412 Salisbury Street, St. Louis, Mo. Just think for a moment. Lydia E, Pinkham's Vegetable Compound has been in use for nearly fifty years. It is prepared from medicinal plants, by the utmost pharmaceutical skill, and superior methods. The ingredients thus combined in the Compound correct the conditions which cause such annoying symptoms as had been troubling Mrs Scholz. The Vegetable Compound exercises a restorative influence of the most desirable character, correcting the trou-l-le in a gentta but efficient manner. This is noted, by the disappearance, one after another, of the disagreeable symptoms. Comfort Your Skin With Cuticura Soap and Fragrant Talcum Soap 2Sc, Ointment 25 and 50c, Taloa 25c. DIED in New York City alone from kidney trouble last year. Don't allow yourself to become a victim by neglecting pains and aches. Guard against this trouble by taking COLD MEDAL The world's standard remedy for kidney, liver, bladder and uric acid troubles, Holland's National Remedy sine 1696. All druggists, three fcizes. Look far tb nam Go'd Mll on err box and accept no iznitmtion tl 1 111 A .loll? Elmer miul i!."c in wU.. N" i-spprlom-.' ne"S3nr-. Sij"i ind'til your c nts. W. M. OhpHt"-. rs;r K-:i-l!rt. I.i.s Anccl.-n, Calif. a, 1 PAR IZ V SJ 1?CS-??h2 HAIR BALSAM J"i fjj? JRpinoTerrjiarntI-stt'fiHtrFllln(r JnV. -J 1 Rejtore Color nn-i y T 2 Ceawty to Gmy nd Faderf Hai HINDEHCORNS Bhm(H lVrn. ChI- on.e. -f.. atop atl kiq. c-neur-s n.nafor tr tha fort, m WRlklne esv. .t mal or lit Lvug- Ki'ia. Iliscoi C'haoiieal Works, 1't.Ccbugue, X. You can't feel so rood but what will make you feel better est -COOTIE" NEW GAME FREE Funnleot, moat faaclnatlaf cam er! Wa mika blw Una of 2t ramta: (1) ParadUa; (1) Fortune Tallin Dice; S) Rotation Puxile-Qame; (4) Kwtkspln Put--Tak Top; (5) African Oolt Balls; (6) Put-4-Tsk WhlrlUI. Sonl 2Bo for each or for 41. Op w 'will aend all nix and larlude Kama of "Coot la" free. SIM worth of fan SI. PA RAD I SB COMPANY, 6319 8. Barino At., Chicago. Probably Not. "I presume my letters to her will be read in court?" "It's quite likely," said the lawyer, who had been engaged by the defendant in a breach of promise suit. I dread that. The pet names 1 called her will make me look foolish." "1 wouldn't worry," said the lawyer, soothingly. "The court is used to hearing terms of that sort, and I dont suppose you thought up any new ones." Birmingham Age-Herald. Snowy linens are the pride of every housewife. Keep them in that condition by using Red Cross Ball Blue in your laundry. At all grocers. Advertisement. The Exchange. Esau sold his birthright for a mess of potage. T was trying to do my Christmas shopping early." he cried. The middle aisle is the most satisfactory bridal path. mm i Niflht eep Clean - Writ to fro ? TQbvC(lLli - ii ii i .... - i - Jt od of cleaning up circumscribed areas is the predominant ono. Nine counties in the United States have now completed one or more ofli-cia! tuberculosis tests of the cattle within those areas, and about C0 counties are now either engaged in this work or are getting ready totake it up. In some of the counties the supervisors appropriate funds to employ in specters who help the state and federal otlicials. In others th.e farm bureaus have taken the job in hand. Hillsdale County a Model. One of the best examples of what a county can do in getting rid of this destructive disease is found in Hillsdale county, Mich. On October 21 a campaign was launched with the idea of cleaning out all the diseased cattle. force of oO county, state, and fed- j oral inspectors was organized. They ! divided up the territory, giving a part i of a township to each man. The conn- J ty farm bureau furnished automobiles J that were driven by the farmers who j were leaders in the communities and had influence with the live-stock own- i crs. liv November o everv herd in the county had been tested. There were 2.3.'V. herds, containing ; l.,TT'i cattle, and oTo reactors were : found. This moans that about 2.4 per . cent of the cattle in the county had ; the disease n rather low percentage. In sections whore the disease is no more extensive than this, the cost of ! clean-up is almost negligible when com- ; pared with the good that must ulti- j inately come from it. In this county , the farmers and breeders, and In fact ! all the people of tin comiiy, were enthusiastic, which helped a great ileal ; toward getting the work done in such a short time. i Other Counties Become Interested. Some of the most progressive live- ; stock counties in various parts of the i country are now taking up this prob- j lorn of fot t in r!rl nhenlnf pIv of tnher. 1 culosis. They have decided that it is the most feasible and practical way of carrying on the work. What was accomplished in Hillsdale county Is being carried on at the present time in more than 20 other counties of the same state. Similar work Is being done in New York, where 10 counties are engaged in area eradication. Detailed information regarding plans for tuberculosis eradication may be obtained free from the department of agriculture, Washington, D. C AVOID ROUP BY VENTILATION Good Plan Not to Use Muslin Cur-tains at Any Time Except to Keep Out Rain and Snow. Roup is largely a question of ventilation, and properly ventilated chlck-enhouscs seldom contain chickens thajt have roup. In the openings In the front it is a good Idea to have chicken wire, and not use the muslin curtains at any time of the year except to keep out snow and rain. G. S. Vickers,' Ohio State University. Getting Winter Eggs. To be most profitable a flock must produce eggs the year around. In winter as well as summer. There is small profit in summer eggs, but when they get up to top-notch winter prices there is a handsome profit In them. Green Feed Essential. Green food Is absolutely essential in the ration for all ages of poultry. It Is not only necessary for the layers, but is beneficial for growing stock and for the breeders. Clean Nests. Clean nests and litter In the laying house are one of the largest single factors affecting egg prices during the fall, winter and spring months. Save Heifer Calves. Save all heifer calves from the best producing cows In the herd to replace the unprofitable cows. Starvation Insurance. Save the soil. It is our one Insurance against future starvation. cvv-' v. . -v- Engineers of California Bureau Public. Reads Use Blower to Obtain Material. of l'rcared ly: thi Vn!til States lrpurt-le.ent of Agriculture.) A new method .f treating it local sand to make if c.uifoinn to the specifications for a concrete road has lecn adopted by the engineers of the- bureau of public work- in charge of California federal-aid project No. -11. Near the south end eC the project no local send could be found which would conform to the requirements of the speeilieat ions approved by the bureau of roads of the United States Department of Agriculture. These prescribed that the sand should contaitv no more than " per cent of material which would pass a l'Hl-mesh sieve. The local sand analyzed about 1." to 20 per cent, which was entirely too- high to permit its ue. instead of falling back upon the importation of suitable sand front another locality, the engineers devised a plant for blowing the tine particles from the sand. This district is ex-iromely arid, and in summer the temperature sometimes mounts to 120 do-tv-es in the shade, so that the sand Is very dry when worked. The device used consists of an ordinary conveyor, which lifts the s;uid to a revolving screen. Material which will pass a one-fourt h-iiich mesh K discharged Into a hopper under the screen ami then through a narrow opening into a storage bin below. In falling from the hopper to the bin. the sheet of sand pa es directly in front of a r.-"7le. which directs against it a current of air from a eentrifuunl air blower. ly means of : pressure reg- An Improved Highway in California. ulator at the blower, the velocity of the air at the nozzle can be so controlled as to blow from the falling sand any desired percentage of the finer material. The blower Is operated by a belt from the same gas engine which operates the conveyor and revolving screen. The whole device is compact and inexpensive. The result is a satisfactory sand obtained at less cost than by any other method. The success of the plan depends, of course, on their dryness of the sand. If It were necessary to dry It, the increased cost of treatment might make the importation of suitable material preferable. TOURIST TRAFFIC PAYS BIG Increase of Americans Into Canada Expected to Pay for Ontario's Highway System. It Is anticipated that American tourist traffic will pay for the installation and upkeep of Ontario's highways system. This traffic has increased re-rVirkahly since the Toronto-Hamilton highway was built, and already annual revenue from this source runs Into millions of dollars. During 10JO approximately 37,500 American motorcars crossed the border into Ontario, remaining from one hour to six months. BETTER HIGHWAYS IN SOUTH Over $278,000,000 Voted for Improved Roads in Dixie Texas Leads With $97,772,000. Bad roads must go! This is the ultimatum of people living In Dixie. That they are alert to their urgent need of good roads Is attested, by the tremendous sums voted in recent state and county bond Issues. Over $278,-000,000 Is now available for good roads expenditure In the South. Texas leads with $97,772,000 and Virginia Is sec-end With $50,000,000. ! I uoo1. No v ?!' t;vo ty , !".a- Vt- n fonnd. anl so i:i ; c;o t ;a'n symr-Toins 4 ' '.or.c two or throo yoars. Tho whh! Is a strMic irx nnia'. srow ir. to a holjrht of ono to t!.nv t-oT. with ono or sovoral sto.s. Tho j.iT:T. w'.o'i yonrir. is ofto". hairy or xx. Uy. tvtrtloKarty tho ston,. TV.or-r.iav 'f ono or stnvral r'owor V.o;-is. whHi are two to three i-. hc 1 roa 1 w:h ray lowers of a on,!'.co n'lor. The secis are nuiv.orous an ? h.airx . Tho la v.: occurs at ehwa lions of to i;. feet. Its ii i.aVi-at is o-a r.:ir.y s! ;- of tho sor.them sprnoi I'O't in moist and in we!KIra?r.e.! s.v.5. rrora the co'or of the flowers it s ;n.-s Sreeze VVeca. o-.iie stockmen ca'l it sunfiowtr. but in I tah :t is most v.nuiien!v knon :-ro7.e weed. Th.e wetl sterns iir,pnci ".cable tf cradiT.tion. Diccin.j: out nty about S4 an acre and cutting with a scytlie only stimulates jrrowth. IVpartment scientists, therefore, see the only relief in acquainting stockmen with the appearance and character of the plant aiul warninp them to keen their sheep away from invested are:.s. COST OF PORK PRODUCTION Records Easily Kept Will Show Breeder !f His Profit Is a Fair O-e, or the Reverse. r.efore It i5 possible to determine prof.T or loss, it Is necessary to know the cost of pnvluotionj Investigations of farm ctsts of' pork, made by the University of Minnesota. 'pave the following results for llto iounds of salable hoc: Feed. oU ntunds: labor, man. t5.2 hours: labor, horse, .? hour; cash expense. T.4 cents: general expense, 12.6 cents : interest. . omt. The only items of cost that are not accounted for are shelter and equipment. For hops fattened in the fall and sold in the early winter, this would be a small item. It is a simple matter to determine the cost of pork production by sun-plyinc local values to the amounts of feed and labor required. General expense covers peneral labor not di-rectlv connected with hop feedlnsr. WINTER SHELTER FOR COLTS Open Shed Is Not Desirable as Feed Is Utilized Mostly to Combat Cold Weather. An open shed Is not desirable for winter shelter for the colts. If they liave to use feed mainly to combat cold weather and other conditions which could be overcome by better quarters, they will be stunted and liandlcapped. to say nothing of much of the profits being taken up In i : ' mi -tv; jw" " - ACi- " W ; I ' j I i I I j i I s ! j tPrt by the tnite? SHstea tvrpartment F aftor 'th nsritntion resrardins bovim? tuberculosis he can. there were very few people who enter- . at i i rro r- iirMtM o mT vii there are many who firmly believe that l,.v fc. i ....... , r,,mis, ,vhon this source f . . . nrV directed toward ultimate elimination, several thousand herds have been ac-creditod as being free from the disease and a number of sizable areas in different states contain practically no tuberculous cattle. These results have demonstrated conclusively that, if sufficient funds are made available, this menace to human health and to the success of live-stock fanning may be done away with in a practical manner. Tuberculosis of cattle is one of the few farm problems that appeals with elmosi equal force to city people, for the 1 ealihtulness of milk and meat is of vital importance to them. This fact ought to make it easier to get the support necessary for putting through such a country -wide program against the disease. Tho cattle resources of the country arc of the utmost import-Knee, and measures to reduce the risk of loss represent nothing mote than evmnion sense. Insurance Feature Appeals. There are more than 0n0O.00O head of cattle in the country worth nearly $o.UXOi. Aside from the health aspect of the problem, the insuring of this vast amount of wealth against less ought to appeal to all classes of pet pie as a necessary measure for the pood of the nation. At the present time various state and federal agencies are testing about 150.000 cattle a month and eliminating those that are found to be tuberculous, but it is expected that In the near fu- ture probably l.POO.OOU head will be tested monthly by the combined forces. On that basis it is easy to see that great progress will be made toward getting rid of the plague, for the evidence obtained shows that the methods tow in use are practical. When the campaign began most of the stress was iald on cleaning up individual herds, and this was the only practical thing to do as not enough sentiment had been aroused to make It possible to gt peneral support for a campaign In j any locality. Rut the advantage pained j by cattle breeders who were able to I advertise tuberculosis-free herds was so great that skeptics were couvlnced, and now many localities have taken up the problem and are rapidly cleaning up all herds within their boundaries. In fact, at the present time this meth- Winter Feed for Hens. The- hen must have a balanced ration ; te can't afford to keep her fpr nothing,' but during the winter she can get only such food as we give her, so we must give her what she needs In order to get our money back. Ventilation of Poultry House. There is really no danger of getting too much ventilation in a poultry house, providing direct drafts are avoided and fowls are protected on the roosts at night. Give Fowls a Variety. Fowls should get not only a sufficiency, but a variety of the foods they need. Keep their appetites keen by varying the ration each day. Pullets Are Crowded. Just because they are smaller than the bid birds, the young pullets are too apt to be crowded. Best Price for Eggs. Clean eggs of uniform size and standard weight bring the best prices. mil the to fall throueh, or dropping pans may be used and the crates arranced in tiers. In indoor feed in ?r tho crates should be put in a well-ventilated rocm. Usually the birds a re fed throe tir.u-s a day and are alhv.txi t- eat for half an hour at a time, when the uneaten feed is removed. t rate an ! machine arc tie- serilvM T.-.l y in Farmers Juliet in -T. i--tho Ur.Ittl States IVpartment of Auri ult nre. and i: w 'e i. pr.- are a e'y. hi 1 ai'.xis- "va;e-fa!tet,iiie birds sh. rhl alwavs ae soft fetd. As they lave no exer--io ikov nsir.ire a fHd I'. r.t car, be d et-.: c-; . v. This mix- - -ST.. 4.1 i: " ' i i-t t Crate Fattening !s Cre cf the Mcs: Common Methods. ture Is usevl in n New York poultry farm : liX rnumls finely jrrtHtn3 barley, 100 poumls finely ground corn and 100 pounds finely jrreuml wts (with hulls siftetl out). Iuttermilk or skim milk Is usetl for mixing to the insistency of thick cream, the buttermilk being prof erred. A little salt sometimes is added. In this instance the birds nre fed twice a day at Intervals of 12 hours and are fattened for about three weeks. It Is important that the intervals between the feedings should be as nearly equal as possible. Another ration is: 100 pounds ground oats, 100 pounds ground corn, 150 pounds low-grade flour and 4 pounds tallow. MILK EXCELLENT FOR FOWLS Productive of Good Money-Making Results and May Be Fed Alone or to Moisten Mashes. One class of feeds that Is excellent for paltry and thaf can be used ad- vantaceously on dairy farms, includes milk, skim milk, buttermilk, sour milk, cottage cheese, etc" These are all productive of good money-making results and, where they are available, It is wise practice to feed them. They may be fed either alone or used to moisten the mashes. The mash, however, should not be moistened one day and then fed dry the next. Follow one or the other of the two plans constantly. Fowls will convert what many times would otherwise waste. Into meat and eggs If fed the milk and its by-products that are often obtainable on the farm. Ik Jfiv N1 ". ; ; ' j ! I j j I ' , : j I l

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