The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on January 5, 1922 · Page 1
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 1

Fairmount, Indiana
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Thursday, January 5, 1922
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FAJEMOTJWI 1 t PRINTED FOR A PURPOSE TO II ELP FAIRMOUNT GROW TWICE A WEEK Monday and Thursday. SOUTHERN GRANT COUNTY FIRST ALWAYS. Forty-Fifth Year FAIRMOUNT, INDIANA, THURSDAY, JANUARY 5, 1922 Number 10 m NEWS M SUMMITVILLE LOSES SWAYZEE QUINTET AT ACADEMY NEXT SOME NEW FACES IN II. S. LINEUP NEW COUNCIL STARTS WORK Kiwanis Host To The Boys At Dinner and Stunt Meeting LIEUTENANT ROHR, COUNTY ROY SCOUT EXECUTIVE. GUEST OF HONOR AND SPEAKER OF THE EVENING DINNER SERVED TO SOME EIGHTY KIWANIANS AND GUESTS BY LADIES OF CONGREAGTIONAL CHURCH WEDNESDAY NIGHT "OLD FATHER TIME AND "NEW YEAR 1922' ALSO "AMONG THOSE PLAN TO MAKE WATER WORKS PLANT IMPROVEMENTS AT EARLY DATE Will Build Reserve Reservoir as Contemplated by the Old Board Regular Meeting Nights Changed to the First and Third Mondays of Each Month. tm. ., , . i . V" DUS,ne8s Tuesday night at its first re- P"lar meeting, the new board having mec on iuonday noon, according to 1 A ... -. 1 i .1 , uuu assumeu uieir oilices. as FALL FESTIVAL AND MINSTREL SHOW PROBABLE Wednesday right was "boy" night Dr. HollidaV pre sonted the follow-with the club, and they were ing resolution, which was unanimous-there big boys ar.vl little boys arid ly adopt cd: medium sized boys, every or.e of them "Whereas, It has come to the at-a real "kid." By "there is meant ' tention of the Fairmount Kiwanis the Congregational church where the club that there exists some difference ladies of the church served a delicious, between Dr. H. C Bedford, president delightfully appointed and excellently , of Marion college, and some of his served dinner to the Kiwanians and colleagues, and that said Dr. H. C members from 4Ve second third and fourth ' ' Bedford has tendered his resignation , , Old Rival of the Quaker's "Fighting Five" Comes For Game Here Friday Night The 5;wayzee high school basket live will meet the Fairmount Acad- emy "fighting five" in the Academy j gym nexi r naay nignt. i Sway zee high school is one of the j Academy's oldest rivals in basket ball, their relations starting back in 1909, j when basket ball was a minor sport has been on the Academy's schedule ' each year and some wonderful battles ! Ihave resulted with both teams win- ' nmg different games and a battle . I iia.l 41. fiivi 1." f 1 . 1 v .. ici to uir 1 1 ni.ii , night when these two again. teams meet The Academy squad has been show- ing up fairly well in this week's prac. ' tice. In light scrimmages they have ; been able to penetrate the second's defense without a great deal of trouble ' land have themselves been putting! up a stiff defense. The line-up for Friday night is not known yet and probably will not a battle for a regular berth. A cuttain raiser between the Lib- ertv and Jefferson township farmers club teams will start at 7:30 with the j big game at 8:S0. ' r"K11tK t.uiuuii.xitu jN THE r AK n EST. ' TO THE ACADEMY Quakers Take Well Played Game From Neighbors on the South Showing Much Improvement The Quakers "Fighting Five" won over Summitville Friday night at Summitville by the score of 28 to 22. i ifV . 11 . l ai" VMS '" at ueinK 'marked tne dashing style of play used by both teams. The Academy quintet showed a decided improvement in their playing in uriiaiunriiis ui wie ramc. all departments of the game. The pame started out fast with both teams working the ball up and down he floor when Price of the home team connected with an under the basket , cKnf Mt.f'rttii Vv. tliAn ri nln n mn4- -.vv.i..i,a . iir.n, dribble to the basket and connected for j points On the next play Price j shot a beautiful one-handed shot from out on the side. The rest of the j half was fast, with both teams play- j in ast bal1- T"e Academy tied the score at 4 and, a minute later they ! were leading 6 to 4. rom this time on the Academy was never headed, al- ways leading their opponents by three or four points, the first half ending 15 to 12 in favor of Fairmount. The second half was much like the first, t Vir Arnilrmv ahvnvo lpndinf bv : i - - " - - - - - . j Summitville Price Forwards Academy j McCombs , ; Cecil ' Winslow orwards Woodruff Centers Guards Guards -McCombs Hoppes McMahan Brewer Field goals 5, Cecil 2 j Lewis : ! their guests, numbering counting, all ' the big and little "kids nearly eighty, The occasion was for the purpose of sort of sizing up the bovs; the boys who are to be the future Kiwanians BLACK AND GOLD TEAM BEING STRENGTHENED BY SOME MATERIAL CHANGES Coach Waltr Posts Training Rules " For Observance in the Future and i Announces That These Rules Will be Observed Uniform. if Player Keeps His i-n owntr tJie I hnstnias vacation. the Fairmount high school basket ball j team has been going through some strenuous workouts this week, in pre- paration for the game with Kokomo " 1. . A ,. 1 - ' .11 I umnuTow mgnt at ivoKomu. rrra an i appearances the team seems to be go- ing better now than at any time nr tKo nro.rii-itT5ia wwn an. I prospects for a victory over Kokomo seem to be quite bright. Kokomo won from the locals on the home floor bv i only two points in a game in which all the breaks clearlv went to Koko- mo. With the Black and Gold team j going much better now than at that time, leal fans feel that a victory on! the Kokomo flooish ould be in order. Prospects for next semester are ex- nA.i;,-.rr.- lirilit !-. Indole T.-. ' v v v 1 1 1 ui lvi i liv. i vv mo. . The fight for forwards will be be-I tween Payne, Hollingsworth, C. Tick- rd RnsW and Flanagan. TjiRhp. ! who has showed up mighty well at . center, is giving Olfather a hard scrap for that berth, while Comer is I also improving rapidly in the pivot iwsition. The cuard berths have a lof . It is also lossible that other promis- material will be ut in suit for some Qf these positions next semester ! local fans can see at a irlance that u , h ld d th first j ar.d the future business men of Fair-, that we deeply feci the loss to our: till the start of the contest. Prob-r.tount, or some other place; the boys i county and especially to this conimun- ably either McCombs, Cecil or Woods among whom mav be a future presi- ; ity if Dr. Bedford should leave his will start at forwards. The center . - . . - - -- - - - - . ......... -.-w.... j was a,so elected at the last election to serve from the fourth ward, to fill the unexpired term of the late Joseph A. Roberts, and who took his office the first meeting night after the Novem- jber election, was elected presidont the rew board. The boaid completed its organization by naming R. V. Kir- cher, vice-president; J. A. Friend, chairman of thp financial tinunl nr,A - - - v w. .v., uiivt construction of the reserve reservoir andthe proposed improvements at the water works plant. Steps were taken to carry out the plans of the old cent of this good old domain of Lncle said position. That Dr. Bedford has j position is not determined, as Rich, ' new men will then be in the ranks and , a small score, but never in danger of ( Charles C. Thomas, vice-president of Sam's, or leaders of tho industrial , spoken before our club and had on- the regular center, has been out of the struggle for a berth on the team defeat, the game ending 28 to 22 in j the financial board. life of the nation. As a man who deared himself in our hearts, ar.d we, practice because of illness and may j will be on in earnest. Craw, who was i favor of Fairmount. j The change in administration puts really knows boys and knows how to as a club, interested in community J not be able to start. If Rich is out j on the first squad last yearj and Flan-j This victory should mean much to the town board entirely in the hands talk to them Lieut. Rohr of Marion, . welfare, will deeply deplore his loss; j of the game, Lewis or Woods will lagan, a promising new man, will both the Academy five and it should put j of the Republicans for the first time cur.ty Boy Scout executive, was pres- and hope a reconciliation may be had probably take his place. The guard- j be in school and eligible after next them in fine condition for the Sway- in several years. er.t as the chief speaker of the even- and that Dr. Bedford may remain at i ing will be done by Scott, Brewer and week, and by that time the F. H. S. '-ee game which will be played at the j The most important matter of pub-ing. After the boys had had oppor- his pcst as president of said college." Lamm with none of them sure of his ' squad should be hitting an unbeatable Academy gym. Friday night. j lie interest taken up by the new board tunity to thoroughly enjoy the dinner,' Initiative steps were taken looking ' place, as all three have been having clip. j Line-up and summary: Tuesday night was the matter of the as such president ot said college, be it therefore "Resolved: By the Fairmount Ki- wanis club, in its regular meeting, s toward the holding of a big. fall festi- j val in Fairmount, a real farmers in- j gathering with exhibits of the aerieul- ' tural and farm products of southern tyrant county, and also the matter of. the Kiwanis club at some day in the near future putting on a minstrel show that will eclipse anything Al G. Held or Lasses White ever attempt- ed was presentovl and referred for fu- It was a great right for Kiwanis. The Kiwanis club is proving that it is ' "up and doing" all the time. COUSIN OF MRS. BARBER j ! to j -F-r IN ACCIDENT. Mr?. Henrv Barber was called I ar.d after Kiwanis songs had been . sung; after PTv.f. Morphe bad opened his class of "jelly" which proved to contain a huge artificial instead of the jelly his mouth was just fairly watering for, and after Dr. Holliday, president of the club, had been "mi- mersed," during a short period of un-i explained darkness, Old rather lime with his scythe, impersonated by Hort board, and plans were made to begin the work of construhtion on the Te-servoir as soon as the weather con-Lamm ditions will permit. ire oaieia lure.j talesman oij0f ood, materal in Williams, Leer, J. ! 'Pec. 31, contains the following) ae-(pickard Craw. Wilbern and Kimes. , Kibble, ar.d the New ear, li'22, cupidjture consideration. count oi me ceieoraiion oi !S j eightieth birthday anniversary of j Elijah Elliott at his home, in that city, I Woods 1, Lewis 1, Lamm 1, Rich 1,'the rule heretofore, to the first and j""'1" w i ""-.and team berths are going to have to put forth their best effoits at all times. - :,L weaith nf material Fair-'for impersonated by Billy Ribble, the little son of Lafe Ribble entcre 1 the dining room. Old Man Time doliver- mg ro ine toast masier ci me een- W. It. Parrill, a small package ' to be awarded to some one l f-.eir r.a ie were l.jrhted recierient found a handsome i sh.iktn up in a hat ar.d drawn out one I v one. the New Year Billy Ribble most arptorriatclv nrevinc the win- i rer. Opening the package the de- the'K" Nolesvitle on Monday of last week; and Mrs. Elijah Elliott, 196. West moun' ought to be represented by a Si lor. account ol the ceath of rer cousin, j Miller street, Sunday, December 18, to .vinnino- Mm in rv Wt ordr. Th- i Miss Ruth Robinson, who was killed in celebrate Mr. Elliott's eightieth birth- tn , t vtoVv nvr Van Bur- ! N an automobile accident near Nobles-, day anniversary. Guests brought; i? another ttron- argument for Wi this fact. Evervone recocnizes the fact that 1 "Children, grandchildren and great j giand-child, nepaews and nieces to the great and great-great degree, and ; cousins gathered at the home of Mr.l well-filled baskets to add to the old friends and relatives in Indiana, Michigan, Iowa, Idaho, Washington andUregon. une son ana tour grana- children could not be present. members of the team must observe the Academy seconds won a hard be custodian of the peace and quiet-strictlv what is lnown as "training fought game from the Summitville j tude of the town. This report, how-rules' if Fairmount is to have the ' sehonds by a 13 to 10 shore. Ratliff ever, proved to be without foundation, consequently winning team that now at running guard played the best for ; as the members of the board, feeling seems in sight. Consequently Coach Fairmount. that there were so many other mat-Walters has posted these rules and ! .-,, - ' ters demanding attention for the regulations, so that eveVvone may CLEMENS HILL GI EN general public good, beleive it would flashlight. jwas causotl by the slippery condition fashioned dinner which was served Then it was that Lteut Rohr was ; of the rads. the car skidding and run. j across the street at the home of the introduced and he spoke first to the ! off the road through a wire i eldest son, N. D. Elliott. The birth-real boys, the boys who are to be the ' fence, turr.ed turtle in a field, pinning ; day cake, provided by the daughter, future men, and then to the other ! the occupants of the car underneath. ! Mis. Birney Smith of Milwaukee was lys the old boys impressing on With Miss Robinsosn were Ralph Day . decorated with 18 candles the "cen- them their duty to "their" boys, as he of Atlanta and Miss Rilla Wright of ter one for Mr. Elliott was circled by had impressed on the younger boys ( Noblesville and Wm. Kattness of Cic- three for the children, 13 for the the necessity for them to make the ero. The party had started to drive ' grandchildren and one for the great-very best of every opportunity now? to Anderson. Mr. Day was driving, j grrr.d -daughter, little Jean Holmes, presented to them to fit themselves j Miss Robinsons head was crushed and A pleasant feature of the day was refer the great life woik that lies in 1 she was dead when rescuers reached ceiving post card greetings from the future for them. The talk was the scene. Mr. Day was pinned under straight to the point, and given in a , the car and unconscious. He was hur-vxTty that made a deep impression. jried to the Noblesville hospital but The boy guests were then permitted died as he was being taken into the bo go home, while the members of the ' building. Kattness was taken to the c'.ub adjourned to the church auditor-j hospital suffering, severe cuts and ;um wbere a business session was bruises but no bones were broken. !d- Pros?dnt Hollidav announced Miss Wright, who is a niece of Mrs. "In all 32 relatives surrounded the out for the varjoug positions, i tables as follows: , monnt should undoubtedly annex a The board also passed an ordinance changing the time for the regular meetings of the board from the first and third Tuesday nights, as has been t li l i'i Tnrjo 1- n'rrVifc! r P notli -ifVi The street commissioner was in structed to secure two car loads of cinders for use on the streets, From some source a report gained circulation that the new board would make a change in ..the office of ma- shall, and for the past week Clerk Little has been flooded with applica- tions, and the members of the board were being besieged by aspirants to be inexpedient to consider making any? official changes at this time. . This was considered to be especially so for the reason that Mr. Malone has been performing his duties in a satisfactory manner, and there was no complaint to be made against him. Consequent ly it was the feeling of the members that it would be inexpedient to consider the matter of making any change, especially at this time. , ROYAL THEATRE HAS NEW OWNER. Geo. W. Ferguson and his son, F. A. Ferguson, of Valpariaso, have bought the Royal Theatre, which for the past few months has been operated by John W. Swaim of North Manchester, and the new owners are now in posses, sion, Mr. Ferguson and his family will remove to Fairmount, making this their home. Both Mr. Ferguson and his son are experienced theatre men and will devote their entire attention to the Fairmount theatre, and expect to materially improve the house so tha Fairmount may boast a first-class motion picture theatre in every respect. For the present until contemplated improvements and changes may be made the house will be open three nights a week, but later it is expected that daily shows will be given. FIRE DAMAGES ROOF OF PUMPING STATION. The fire department was called to the Pennsylvania . railroad company's pumping) station at the extreme end of South Main street Tuesday noon, where the roof of the building was ablaze, the fire having been caused by sparks from a passing encine. Being unable to reach the building with the water hose the department was obliged to rely on chemicals alone, but after a short fight managed to save the main part of the building. This was the first call the department has had for several weeks. rice o, oonruu " TTATltiDC 1 T of" i 'chaw 1. Foul goal -Cecil 6, Price 2, Winslow 1, Latchaw 1. Substitution Fairmount Woods for Lewis, Rich ' MCombs, McCombs for Rich.! immitville Latchaw for Winslow, ,'inslow for Latchaw, Latchaw for 'inslow. Scorer Moon; Timer lson. Referee Smith of Indiana- polis. 1" a curtain raiser tor the evening SUKPKlSfc. bikihuai i'akii Mr. and Mrs. S. B. Hill entertained at six o'clock dinner Thesday evening for their son Clements. The affair was? arranged as a surprise on Clem ens and was given in honor of the 15th anniversary of his birth. The guests brought a number of pretty presents and enjoyed a delightful evening at contests, games and music. Miss Ruth Weaver held the lucky number in the cake contest. The guests included Glenn Huston, Donald Buller, Gregory Dale, Bob Jones, Reginald Parrill, Fred Burnside, William Hill, Clemens Hill, John Jones, Harrold Langdon, Cleo Morris, Martha Bev-ington, Alice Ramsey, Ruth Weaver and Orpha Kirkwood. EYE IS INJURED BY HOT WATER. Ben Brewer, son of Mr. and Mtrs. Carles Brewer, .living south of town, and a student in the high school will be absent from his studies for some time owing to a peculiar accident which happened to him recently. He was attempting to remove the cap from an automobile when the steam and hot water which had accumulated (there unknown by him completely covered and filled his eyes. Me r s been ordered t rest for some time to come by his physician in order that more serious results, may be avoided. "THAT COLD NEW YEAR'S WAS IN 64 NOT 5. William S. Elliott as called the attention of The News to a typographical error in his story of "That Cold New Year's Day, published in Monday's issue of The News. As published it read "1865 whereas it should have read "1864 as the "cold New Year's' day referred to was in the i - ....... ( rormer year ana noi me i a tier, ur. Elliott has his data right, but the type mad it appear wrong. t ; ! j j Vlil tne day lcfore. B accident Barber, was taken to her home in Noblesville, she being least injured of the party. EFFORTS TO STEAL FORD PROVE DISMAL FAILURE, An effort wa made Monday night by some unknown parties to seal the Ford coupe belonging to the Fair-mount Lumber Company, but because of their inability to start the engine their attempt ended in failure. The garage door at the lumber yard was forced open after the lock having been bioken with a heavy piece of iron. The robbers not having a key with which to operate the electric switch controlling the engine starter, had used a piece of wire in their efforts to get the motor going, but this failed them and they were forced to abandon their effort. The car appeared to be all the would-be robbers wanted, as nothing else about JT1 had been molested. NOT ENOUGH FREEZING TO MAKE SKATING POND. Because the required amount of zero weather has not been furnished by the weather man the efforts to establish a public skating pond on First street have proved to be a failure. Monday the second attempt to flood the field was made, but the water soaked away through the unfrozen ground soon after being poared into it from the water works mains. "Mr. and Mrs. Elijah Elliott, Mr. and Mrs. Birney Smith and family of Milwaukee, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Holmes and baby of Portland, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Elliott, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Newby, Alt. and Mrs. David S. Pearson and two small children, Mr. and Mrs. Ora Fowler and family, Mr. and Mrs.' N. D. Elliott and two daughters. WILLIAM M. KENNEDY DIES AT HOME HERE, William F. Kennedy, aged 77 years, died Tuesday morning at th home of his daughter. Mrs. P. M. Ratliff, on North Vine street. Mr. Kennedy has been in poor health for a considerable time and during t past several weeks his decline had been rapid. He had Kaon a vwidon- of Firmniint fnr manv years, and is survived by a widow and a number of children. Funeral services were held this afternoon at 1:30 I o'clock from the Ratliff residence. burial being made in Park cemetery. INTERESTING PLAYLETT AT H. S. AUDITORIUM. An entertainment that will prove understand what they are. His in- structions are that these rules must be observed by every player who ex- pects to hold a position on the team. Consequently with training rules strictly upheld, with the squad going utter eveiy practice and with Urealtb of etod material fisrhtine it ; of v;otories before the s longj line of victories before the season closes. The next home game will be with the fast Elwood team a week from Friday night. LOCAL DELEGATES FOR GROUP MEETING. Quite a number of the members of the Women's Home Missionary Society of the M. E. church attended the group meeting which was held in Marion Tuesday, Jan 3. Mrs. Lea McTuman of this place gave a vocal number on the program which was as follows: i Opening 10 a. m. Devotional? Mrs. R. H. Wehrly. Enigmas Gas City and LaFontaine i auxiliaries. Short Review of 4th Chapter of Study book Mrs. Modlin. vi Mt- MoTnmsn. Fair- mount. "Buddhism in a Frock Coat" Mrs. H. H. Blinn. Playlet Jonesboro Auxiliary. Story of the "Tentitentes Mrs. R. jH. Richardson. I Address Mrs. uay, mstnet prea- dent Subject, "Americanization., - Benediction. , ' the chairmen of the standing, committees for the year as follows: Program committee- John Seigle. Membership committee Rene Jones 3 Attendance committee Wayne ' Fowler. j Reception committee Hort Ribble. Finance committee Chas. Good-acre. Education committeeJOtto Hamilton. Publicity committee A. S. Roberts. Inter-City Relations committee Robert Lindsay. Public Affairs committee Charles T. Parker. Business Methods committee T. B. Krouskur. Classification committee J. R. BuS-Ttg. Grievance committee Wm. Mc- Corraiek. Stunt committee Clyde Lewis. Factory committee L, H. Ribble. After a short discussion the ques-tkm of a change in. the regular meet ir.fcj night for the club was referred to j a committee composed of W. II- Parrill, John R- Little and Jesse Hippie, The matter of placing signs welcoming the visitor to Farmount on the different roads leading to town was referreio a committee composed of Leo Moon, and A. S. Roberta, with instructions for the committee to confer with the town board as to such plans the town may have along the same line. of unusual interest is to be given to- j Song Let Jesus Bear the Cross night at the H. S. auditorium by the j Alone. Willing Workers club of the Rigdon i Noon Ajournment for Pot Luck M. E. church, under the direction of ' Dinner in Basement of church. Mrs. Kate Day. The play, "No Tres- -Afaternoon Program-passing, in three acts, by Evelyn Song Audience. Gray Whiting will be presented by a Reading) Ivan Boxell., competent cast, and the program will Violin olo Mrs. Paul Reardon. be one of a high order of merit. The high school orchestra will furnish music.

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