The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on January 5, 1937 · Page 6
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 6

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 5, 1937
Page 6
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Tuesday, January 5, 1936 The Daily Clintonian, Clinton, Indiana PAGE SIX FATHER JAILED FOR SON'S DEED CLASSIFIED ADS PLANS ARE MADE FOR DOLLAR DAY IN CLUB SESSION FOUND (Continued from Page 1) cording to reports. This is not desirable and inadequate, in view of the heavy traffic that the road will bear If properly improved, several of the men present asserted. jPlans are now being made to organize the county and confer with Class of Ballroom Dancing I'OIt BEGINNERS Starts Thiirwlny, January 7th, 8:00 P. M. Irihtt-iiflinilN In Unit. Pox Trot, Tango and Ntonip. l.uleMt Itouliiiea in Simplified Munner. One Hour Instruction Followed by Practice Period. MARLATT SCHOOL FOR DANCING Rates for Classified Ads and Paid Notices Firet day of Insertion: 8c for each reading line (one column line, like one of these). Next two day Insertion: the same Ic rharce (you get three day at double the coat of the first day). Nut three days insertion: the .nine tic charge (you get a whole week, six daya. at loreo timea the cost of one insertion). Kacii group of thr-e daya thereafter, He a line. Illwk Fare (like tbla), 10c per line. . All I'lawelNrd al liiHiidlnn memo-rluna and mMtre of all kinds uiusl be paid in ailvure eept those by regular mummers whose afcounts are paid monthly r thiwe from or-, anlull"n wliime bills must be allowed before Ih-Ihb KI. In Uie liun-r oase I lie person axklng uie uubllratlou of the notice will be held responsible for lla payment. FOR SALE Dresses, coats, slove, oven, victrola and wringer. 431 Elm St. 161 Three rooms of furniture. Wrile Box s, til, Clinton, Indiana. t02 Monuments and markers. Best granite. High class workmanship. Prices and estimates gladly given. Carl D. Williams, 425 Lincoln SU Kairview. Clinton, Ind. t4 K. of I Temple, Is I'loor. Tern- Haute, Indiana TMfSE IS A V0UN4 LAOV IN MILES, WHOiC FACE If ALL COVERCO WITH SMILES. state officials in an effort to have concrete pavement Bpecltled for the work. DEATH CLAIMS FRANK RHOADES; RITES THURSDAY (Continued from Page 1) (he residence In Fairview Thursday at 2 p. m, with Rev. H. H. Wanner officiating. Burial will lie In a Clinton cemetery. 121 South Kiglitll Street Phone C-NZ.-..J She always was wobrieo, 'Till sme took 6O00 nervine MADE 6Y MILES. - date RICHMOND, Ind., Jan. 6. The biblical theory (hat children pay for the "Bins of the fathers," went into reverse gear for John Wise of Boston, six miles south of here, and today he was under a 10-day sentence for the "sins" of his 13-year-old son. A truck driven by the youth was Involved In an accident and police arrested the father when he appeared on the scene. Brought into Wayne circuit court. Wise was sentenced to serve 10 days in the county Jail on a charge of contributing lo his son's delinquency. An Indiana law prohibits children under 16 years from operating 1 motor vehicle. FIREMEN HURT IN ROOF'S FALL NEW YORK. Jan. 5. Fourteen firemen were Injured, several seriously, when a roof collapsed while they were extinguishing a small blaze In a Brooklyn factory extension today. The extension, a two-story frame Btructure, was at the rear of the factory building. ' - Ten of the injured were taken to a hospital. CALL MADE FOR BANK'S REPORTS INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., Jan. 5 A call for reports on condition of Indiana's 412 state banks and 125 national hanks as of December 31, was Issued today. The reports are lo be filed by January 13. Baby Zebras Early Runners Baby zebras ci.n run aln.ost as fast as their parents a few hours alter hi-h Danzig Quaint Queer old streets of cobblestone with archways leading to the river add to the Quaint Hanseatic beauty of Danzig Firit Campaign Slogan The slogan, "Equal rights for all; special privilege to none," which helped elect Jefferson in 1800 is believed to be the first presidential campa'" sloa-. Virtue of Patience The best part of all fortitude is patience, which, says Ruskin, "lies at the root of all pleasures as well as all powers. Hope herself ceases to be happiness when impatience accompanies her." NEW CONGRESS HAS SPOTLIGHT IN WASHINGTON (Continued from Page 1) the 20th amendment to the constitution which abolished (he short or "lame duck" sessions of Congress. Hooting Established House and Senate have agreed on organization routine. Congressional veterans predicted a session of five months or longer. Two thousand hills are ready for Introduction. Party leaders remain the same as last session except that Hep. Ray-hum. Dald. Chunky Texan, will be majority leader. Hep. William H. Bankhead of Alabama was promoted to speaker In place of the late Joseph W. Byrns of Tennessee, who died last session. Rayburn was Jockeyed to the leadership by Vice President Garner although Mr. Roosevelt declared he personally, was neutral. The defeated candidate was Rep. John O'Connor, New York Tammany man who voted last session against the administration's publico utilities holding company bill. MAYOR FIGHT IN SUPREME COURT DAYTONA BEACH, Fla Jan. 5 The mayorality battle between Mayor Irene Armstrong, who was ordered ousted by Gov. Dave. SholU, and Harry Wilcox, named aB the city's chief executive by the governor, today was In the hands of the state supreme court. The "battle" was thrown in the state Biipreme court when Millard Conklin, named as city attorney in Wilcox'B administration," filed a writ of supersedeas from the Injunction handed down last week by Judge Herbert Fredercik restraining the governor-appointed officers from taking over the city's offices. The high tribunal set 10 a. m. Friday as date for the hearing. CHANG PUNISHED FOR KIDNAPING NANKING, Jan. 5 Stripping Marshal Chang Hsueh-Liang of the leadership of of more than 100,000, the state council today upheld the decision of a special military tMbunal relieving the kidnaper of Premier Chiang Kai-Shek of all hlfl civil rights for five years. Chang, therefore, can ' hold no government posts, civil or military. W i Alfalfa hay. Mack Donnelly, Shep-aidnville. , 1935 VS li-ton truck. Low mileage, eood tires, reasonable price. ANO HURRIED flEO, Eugene Greco, Fairview. t4S 40 acres, well-improved, 4 miles east of Clinton. Immediate possession. Also 5 acres, well Improved, 25 miles northwest of RoBedale. F. M. Brown, 159 Elm street. t48tf Business Services Furs tanned and made up. Red or gray fox chokers, fC.OO. Wayne Livengood, Hillsboro, Indiana. t49 When you're nervous they tell you to relax. Easy advice to give, but mighty hard to follow. You will find it much easier to relax to overcome Sleeplessness, Nervous Irritability, Best-kssness, Nervous Headache after you take N DR. MILES m ERVINL DR. MILES NERVINE is a well known nerve Kdative. Although the formula from which it vuK made has been in use for nearly 60 years. no better medicine for a tense, over-wrought nervous condition has ever been prescribed. PAID NOTICES NOTICE OF ANMAL MKKTTNG The annual meeting of the holders of participating certificates of TRUSTEES REALTY- ASSOCIA TION, formerly Clinton Building & Loan Company No. 2, will be held ; Friday, January 15. 1937. 7:00 o'clock P. M.. at the office of the ' association, 141 South Main Street, Clinton, Indiana. V. G. Wright, President. J. H. Gilmour, Secy-Treas. 10-1437 HTM'KHdlillKK'H ANNl'Ali MRKTIKO The annual meeting of the stockholders of the CITIZENS STATE BANK of Newport, Indiana, for the election of directors and the transaction of any other business that may come before the meeting will be held at the office of said bank on Wednesday, the 6th day of January, 19 37. Polls open from 2:00 li in. V. N. ASBURY. Cashier. 122936; 1537 -V:u. ..'.hi.', I DR. MILES NERVINE is as up - to its tms mornings paper. At all drug stores. Large bottle or package $1 Of. bmaU bottle or package ceou. mum. I 1 TN. r. .v, Woman Suspect Sought in Tacoma Kidnaping; Boy's Return Seen Soon; Mattson Scoffs at Rumors (Continued from Paga 1) tery was furnished by one of the In vestigators who has been among the most diligent of those working for the recovery of the boy. "We naturally hope the man who has the Mattson boy will free him today." said the sleuth, and then idded significantly: "Or the woman who has him." This was Interpreted to mean that evidence has been uncovered to Indicate the kidnaper has an accomplice, a woman, who may be looking after the boy In some hideout In the northwest while the actual child thief Is negotiating with Dr. Mattson In the vicinity of Tacoma. As the day progressed, the crop of rumors customary In a big mystery again was evident. First there was the one that a wealthy Tacoma attorney had received threats that one of his children would be kidnaped. This was denied by the attorney and all officers. The next was Dr. Mattson had been notified that his son would be put to death if police activity did not cease. The physician's answer to this was "phooie." Workers in Strike-Torn Anderson Impound Freight Trucks; Almost 14,000 Idle as Two Plants Close (Continued from Page 1) A third truck carrying crude rubber from Kokomo to Pontiac, Mich., was abandoned by the driver when the road patrol approached it. Thompson said police placed the truck on a parking lot. At an orderly mass meeting In the National Guard armory late yesterday, Thompson told the workers the ultimate aims of the union were a 30-hour week, with a minimum family income of $2,400 a year. A parade preceding the meeting passed the Guide Lamp to cheer approximately 200 "sit downers" remaining In the building. REICH BLAMED FOR ADMITTED RED REVERSES (Continued from Pi ge 1) General Wilhelm Faupel. charge d' affaires at the German legation at Burgos, rebel junta capital. General Faupel. said the loyalist announcement, "actually Is commander of the forces now besieging Madrid." Gains Near Madrid The rebel gains were made partic ularly In the areas about Mahada-honda, El Plastio, and Las Rozas. all juBt a few miles northwest of Madrid, on the all-important highway to Escorial. In these sectors, said an official oomunique, "the enemy yesterday gained ground and compelled the loyalists to retreat to well fortified positions." A heavy fog hindered both side in this region today, and there was little activity for possession of the key points. More than 1.4 00 non-combatants, mostly women and . children,! were evacuated from Madrid to southern cities this morning. The defense Junta ordered hat evacuations be speeded up because of fear of further devastating air raids. GERMANY ISSUES ULTIMATUM FOR CARGO OF PALOS (Continued from Page 1) ehnnlmen, the German government will be compelled to take further measures.' " The pocket battleship Graf Spee has already desposlted the Aragon in a rebel port, awaiting the outcome of the ultimatum, It was understood. THOUSANDS JOIN IDLE; SHOWDOWN PREDICTED SOON (Continued rrom res 1) head of the auto workers union, said there would be no immediate reply to a statement by Alfred P. Sloan, head of GM, who demanded: "Will a labor organliatlon run the plants of General Motors or will the management continue to do so?" That, he said, was the "real Issue" in the company's dispute with the United Automobile Workers Union, which has called the strikes which forced closing of 14 of the company's 69 plants. Upwards of 80.000 men now are out of work because of the labor struggle, and the number. CM feared, may grow to 135,000 this week. Mansfield tire and rim, 600 by 20. Inquire at Clintonian office and pay for this ad. t50 For Sale Coal rWHTII VKINCOAI,. I'NIVFRSAL, MIAMI NO. 4. AND BLACK I1KTTV NO. rt. IIAItLRV HIKK-MAN. I'llONK 10. 4tf 1'IITH ANI HIXTH VKIS !OAI. Al,l, MK Hll I'KH'KH. 1K-MVKHKI). ANDV JOHNMON, TKI.-KI'HONB 910-12. tW FOR RENT 8-room house. Kent reasonahle. Inquire 847 South 3rd St. 149 Modern single or light housekeeping rooms. G50 S. 4th St. t50 For Sale or Trade 1H3G Ford pick-up. Excellent condition. 550 S. 4th St., Clinton. t49 Markets INDIANAPOLIS, Jan. 5. stock: Llve- HOOS. 10.000; holdovers, market steady to 25c lower; 180 lbs.. S10.45; 180-2110 991; i corn., $10.50; 200-225 lbs.. $10.55; 226-235 lbs.. $10.00; 235-2AO lbs., $10.50; 250-200 lbs., $10.35 275 lbs., $10.20: 275-285 $10.05: 285-300 lbs.. $9.90; 260-Ibs.. 300- 325 lbs., $9.80; 325-350 lbs.. $9.70; 350-400 lbs.. $9.60; 150-160 lbs.. $10; 140-150 lbs.. $9.75; 130-140 lbs., $9.50: 120-130 lbs., $9.25; 110-120 lbs.. $9; 100-110 "Mbs., $8.75; sows steady to weak, bulk $9.O0W9.75. CATTLE. 2.700; calves, 700; very little done on steers and yearlings: buying sentiment generally weak to lower; heifers, cows steady, but market not as dependable as Monday; bulls weak: early heifer top $9. bulk $6.00018.00; beef cows. $4.505.50; cutter grades, $3.504.25; vealers 60c higher, bulk better grades $12.5013.00. SHEEP, 5,000; lambs 25c higher, bulk fed westerns $10; bulk natives, $9.75 10.00; yearlings steady to 25c higher at $8.508.75; slaughter sheep 25c to 50c higher; bulk fat ewes, $3.00 4.00, top $4.50. CHICAGO. Jan. 6. Hog prices held steady today with the early top at $10.60 and most good kinds selling at $10.35'to $10.55. The supply of 33.000 was 3,000 more than the advance estimates. A sharp advance of $5 per hundred in pork loins in the past ten days has stimulated an active demand from shippers. Loins are quoted up to $22.50. Cattle receipts were 9.000; good to choice yearlings sold steady and the medium grades steady to weak. Cows and heifers were quoted steady with good heifers scarce. Bulls and calves were reported strong with the best vealers held at $13. Stronger prices were asked for lambs and early bids were Bteady. CHICAGO. Jan. 5. Weakness In foreign markets induced good liquidation of wheat futures here and prices were to e down at the opening today. Corn also was under pressure and dropped to c with oats unchanged to 4c off. WHEAT: May, 134 94-; July, 118-1181,4 ; Sept., 1164-i4. CORN: (new) May, 11014-; July, 100-94; Sept.. 102; (old) May. 1 0 7 14 - ; July. 101-. OATS: May, 62V4-V4; uly, 45-46; Sept., 43. -4 Bankhead . iit(B if aper FOR EVERY PURPOSE WANTED Lady to work as dishwasher and second cook. Clinton Hotel. t48 Sell It With a ClassIElAd Phone 41 Before 11 o'clock I For: Banquets Reunions Socials Scenery For: Picnics Dinners Lodges Home Use As Speaker Opened New Congress jr o 4 ) We Have Installed a "Jiffy" Re- Winder Clean, White Newsprint in Convenient Rolls No Cores to Carry! No Deposits Required! To be sure that a roll of the size you will require will be waiting for you, we suggest that you call The Daily Rolled to Your Order IN ANY AMOUNT 10 Yards Equal One Pound Paper Is 34 Inches Wide 2 lbs. 25c Save wear and tear on linen." Just use clean, white paper on the tables at your next organization dinner. It costs only a few cents and may be burned afterward. Try it once. That's all we ask. Clintonian, Phone 41 or 117, J and Jiffy order paper from th Re-winder in advance. The Daily CSiiitomaB -jl I Speaker William B. When Speaker 'Vllliam B Bankhead of Alabama rapped his ravel calling to order members of the house of representatives, above, it signaled the official opening of the 75th congress. .

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