The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on January 2, 1922 · Page 4
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 4

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, January 2, 1922
Page 4
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7 f 1 :), f f THE FAIRMOUNT NEWS 0 V'rfi- -iyuiit(n.. xou cannot Imagine life without him. ' EiiPLE " Vn "' 1 i intrnm lit g i "" "Tomorrow, answered Leslie, smll-lnsr. nd then a tlood of happy tears blinded her eyes. Leslie Solves a Problem criticism of him. You resent any from other people. IThe By MARVIN ST. JOHNS. Cold Weather Is Not Over 5 Byron Traster made a business trip to Indianapolis Friday. Helpful Oklahoma Frogs. Krosrs assisted federal and county officers to locate a moonshine still on Hnshy mountain, near here. The officers were hunting a little lake, beside which the st!ll was said to be operating. They had searched for some time when they heard the croaking of frors. "Follow the sound and we'll find the lake," one of the officer said. Finding a sixty-gallon capacity sti'l and a quantity of com mash on the banks of the lake was the result. Muskogee Correspondence the OUla- Mrs. Elsie Traster is confined to her home with a sprained ankle. Cop right, IttU Western Newspaper Union. "George," sntd Leslie, "you have hoard me speak about my friend Eunice Vane? I have just had a letter from her; she Is coming to pay me a visit for a coun'o of days, with her two children, while her hushand Is away In New York, t haven't seen her for nearly six years. You know 13 You are Jealous of his mother, because she knew him first. You count a day blank in which you do not see him. You are sure that If you marry him earth will be better thau auy poet's paradise. You would rather live In one room with him than in a palace with anyone else. If you fail to feel like eight of these nine things, including the last don't marry htm. Tit -Hits. Mrs. Emile, Barreut is home after spending several days in Chicago. -9 Eruest Arnett, of Chieagofwill visi his mother Mrs. Ruth Amett over New Years. im:m. I j we were at college together. II "Then I jrness t'll have to spruce up tomorrow iilpht, answered Leslie's nance, as he rose to take his leave We can supply you with Underwear, Outing Flannels and Blankets. Plenty of Heavy Rubber Footwear and our prices are right. Eilis Beals, of Michigan City, spent last w-eek here with his parents, Mr. 'and Mrs. Newton Beals. ARABIAN PROVERBS of her. lie klsed her and put on his hat. As he went down the steps Los-lie looked after him with a va.cue dls-satlfactlon whtcli she could not quite analyse. "Lucky Eunice! she soliloquized, a little hitiorly. "Here we are, both verpsUji on thirty, and both enlaced In the same month. , And you have Mrs. Addie Winslow has returned hohe after spending Christmas with her daughter in Marion. lion withdraws the hy- suggesTTunSTor inventors A nonskid soap would he a popular article. $ few suggestions to aspirants In the field of invention: Absolutely noiseless door hinges and locks would please many young men. A dancing slipper, treated so as to make the adhesion of chewing gum Impossible, would find a ready sale. " When the enas play. The local chapter of War Mother Shut the window through which bad odor comes. will meet this evening at the hore of a rich husband and two babies, while t She shrugged her shoulders and Mrs. Mattte Langsdon, on South Mam street. The Bee Hive Cash Store Star Brand Shoes Are Always Right 1 -51 Mrs. Clarence Kimes has returned to her home in WaVasU after a visit with Mrs. Lou Kimes and daughter Miss Bonnie. The remedy against bad times is to be patient with them. A clear loss is hotter than a possible protit far distant. Do not order tin- tree t be cut down which gives thee shade. Cleanse thy heart from greed and thy foot shall remain five from fetters. There are three things never hidden love, .a mountain and one riding on a camel. Mrs Ed Welch will leave Tuesday went back Into the parlor. George and I-eslie had been engaged for nearly six years. She was a school teacher and tJoorge a lawyer In the same town. Hut Leslie earned more than George and ho would not marry her nor did she desire It until he was earning enough to support her at home. -Happy Eunice !" sighed Leslie. And then she began to understand why she was miserable that evening. It was not altogether envy of her friend. The fact was she felt that George and she were drifting apart. Leslie sont a miserable night. In the morning Eunice arrived with the children. Leslie was astonished at Eunice's S for her home in Cleveland, O., after If you lar.lly remain of no account you'll never have much of a bank account. If you can't sttind adversity you're not fitted to stand prosperity. Think this over. He sure to distinguish between having self-resjHct and having conceit. The first is indispensable. The second is contemptible. havings made a several days visit with ! Mrs. John Borrey. FREE! extra trousers Martha and Mary, the smajl daughters of Mr. ami Mrs. Fred Kimes, of Marion, who have boon visiting Mrs. with every made-to-measure suit Lou Kimes and daughter Miss Bonnie, Rev. and Mrs. J. Frank Harbison, who have just closed a successful six weeks meeting at Jamestown, Ohio, where they assi.-tcd as singing evangelists, have gone to Wellsville, Ohio, for another six weeks engagement. have returned home. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Lnr.gsdon will ivturn to their homo in Indianapolis after spendir.g the Christmas vacation with Mr. Langsdon's mother, Mis. Mattie Langxlon and family. "liirhes have wings." Yes; but they rati fly to yon as well as from yon provided you deserve them and would be any letter off If yon got them. Don't imagine that because you wear hobnail shoes and a blue shirt you work harder than any man in patent-leather shoes and silk shirt. Hraln work can be' more killing than brawn work. Forbes Magazine. appearance. She had always thought j of her as the young, iinma'.ure rather sedate young g'rl with whom she had j roomed at college. Instead of which she saw before her a matronly young , woman, calm, self-possessed, with two , children, a bov and a girl, who made ! Gt busy at once cash in on this'sensational money-saving oiler, which is for a limited time only. Get double the wear froraVoursuiCon account of the extra pants - and have them made to your individual measure. YOU CANT BUR AN ADVERTISEMENT IN THIS PAPER. TJS-NEWS IS READ THROUGH. Leslie's heart ache as she kissed them. It was not until after George's visit that evening that Eunice seemed to thaw. "So that Is George," she said. Then she took Leslie hy the hand. "My i C D. Overman and wife have as i their guests, their daughter Mrs. Fred Oakley and hushand, of Torre Haute, ?nd their grard daughter Miss Lir.nie j May Bragg, of Lima, O. I dear, how long have you been en- same material as the suit Ribbie Bros., of course I gaged' she asked. -Five years," said Leslie, rather No Trespassing , ler, after havir.g sper.t six months in ; Georgia with his hi other Earl D. Fow- j lor. This i the first time in eight ' j years that the two brothers, Wayne j iar.vl Dwi.t', have seen each ether and, the reunion was more than a happy , one. I A Play in Throe Acts by Evelyn Gray Whitlnjr Presented by the Willing Workers Club of the Ridisn M. E. Church. Directed by Mrs. Katj Day. frigidly. "Leslie, do you know that you could have htvn married for five years and had that much more happiness' asked Eunice.'ie began to explain the circumstances, the long series of misfortunes. -My dear.' sVo answered, "I know that yon have made a groat mistake l shMiM say the groat mistake.' -Why"" asked Leslie. -Do yon believe in marrxing before one is in a position t do so? If George had had 192? BUTCHERING PRICES Mr. and Mrs. Charles Brewer wore Christmas hosts to the fo'lowin;-guests: Mr. and Mrs. Kate Dane ard L. F. Brewer' John Brewer ! children, Mr. and Mrs. nd son, Mr. and Mrs, and son of Summitville; Mr. and Mrs. j your husband advantages- t:vn D newer and children ard Fr?nk Fuller, cf Fowlerton, and Will Lamb, of Fairmeunt. AND THIS WEEK SPECIALS "When Philip and I pt marrlod." ansxverod Erndee. "he hal .hit S."0 In the world. Ard we spent xhnt on our honeymov. The tlrst throe years wore a eortlnv.ons sirusrgle. phl'!p always ays Ih: t If he hadn't l a I me he would never have reach c-d the position he hohls today. Mr. and Mrs. Reseoo George and AT FAIRMOUNT HIGH SCHOOL Al'lHTOl'Il M Thursday Night, Jan. 5 7:30. p. m. CAST OF CHARACTERS: 1'es.siy lVlciur Lenna McClintock Mrs. Palmer Edith Fleencr Barbara Palmer Dorothy Dieke Almeda Mender Edith Tdd Lisle Irvinjf ,- , I-'s Leachman Mr. Palmer l Pca-l HamiPon Cleveland Tower Claude Scott Herbert Ed m and Raynor y.. . v- Russell Brown lit 11 Meader on the tow:i . . .T: r.v.fevter Lee Jim Meader Rill's sen Clyde Miller Mr. Irvinjf Ora Todd.. II. S. ORCHESTRA WILL FURNISH MUSIC ; daughter Opal Ellon, cf Lafayette,' .were here to spend New Years withi Mrs. George's parents, Mr. and Mrs. : C. E. Smith, livir.g east of town. Prior j : to coming here M. George and family "If we had waited, as you have wait ed whore would we ho now? D Leslie, do you think marriage Is a thing that should come after one has j made one's wav in the world? Philip ' Pounds of Sugar for 25c with Each Purchase of $1.00 or More savs (hat It Is part of life, not the re- j ft wan! of life." ' Leslie hardly slept that nlcht. And j mm 9 j visited with his sister, Mrs. Pern Lewis and family, of New Salem, r.nd sper.t Christmas with hi sparents at Rushville. Mr. Georg?, Doyte Dy-;son ar.d Alcnxa Harvey are among this year's r'.raduatos at Purdue Uni-. versity, ail three having graduated I from Faivmount academy. Mr. .George, while t?king his senior course i also assists in the engineering experiment station. -SEATS ON SALE AT PI3N7.ER DRUG STORE-ADMISSION 25 CENTS Chocs, r- r pound. ........ .i.-ic Lard. 5 rr.ds 5r Rio CVffw. I pounds ..S"k- RovkrcJ Tea, 1-2 pound ..S3e RockweW CcSTe ,13c Pure Btw Wheat, 5 pohnds . .35c 5 Salt tV 25c Celery lc asl Mc Pumpkin lt? twrtn&B T l-5c Rrtsad, special "", Perfection Crackers ... 1.1c Salt per sack $1.25 Pepper, per pound ........ 2"c Currents, 15 . package . . . 2? Raisins, IS package 2Sc Bald in Apples .......... 7c Turnips. 5 pounds tTe tirspv Fruir I tf ; Oranges 25c. 4c anJ tae S ejj (0) Auto Radiator Protection for on the next day. after Kunlce had pne. she was too HI to to sohoot. She know now that It was not ll.-ly that teorge and she would ever marry. A r!n:r at the hol r;erj:es rlnc! He never called at four In the afternoon. t'oorce followed her Into the parlor and s;t down heavily, ltls faee was nnshavrn. h! te sasged from his cellar; he looked thoroughly dejectel. "Leslie." he said, I have come to offer you your freedom. I can never marry yon." The tank has failed. he continued. In a monotonous voice. "Kvery penny Is gone. 1 am at the bottom of the ladder again. It will mean three years longer. Leslie. I can't hold you. Leslie 1 Why, what lire you laughing about I" She laughed, and the tears In her eyes were those of happiness. My dear. she said, "how would yon like to marry me without the house and the furniture and the- new trunks and the outfit and the trousseau? Do you want me. dear, or do jrou want these? He leaped up ami caught her hands Incredulously. Do yon mean that. Leslie?" he cried. Vhy, I have never dared to make that suggestion. Do you Will yoyl TrsrhjrT Our Improved Radiator Shuttle is operated from the DASH Made of Waterproof Fiber Composition. Retains the Start the New Year Right by buying your groceries .t The Mayflower Heat Better than Metal. Doesn't Rust or. Rattle. Where can you find a house for rent, or where can you find a renter for your house. An ad in the classified column of THE NEWS will find one for you. Saves Gas, Battery, Freezing Phone 1 1 Bob Lindsay, Prop. Made to fit all cars. Makes starting Easy. -i ... Send $2 and Name of Car for One Complete Postpaid Town and County Agents Wanted. Reference; Dun's & Bradstreets Essential Automotive Products Co. 51 1 W. 42d St. N. Y. City Mews Want Ads. Bring Quick Results. Busin & Co. Eskimo Pie The Delicious Confection. The process under which the Original Eskimo Pie is made, is a patented process. Each frozen bar is wrapped in a tinfoil wrapper. You can take them home with you as they will keep better than a pint or quart of ice cream. t To enable the automobile public to comply with thf Head-licrht Law, we are facusir.g lijrhts free of charge to everyone. We sell the Holophane Lens and North Star Shield. Either of these pass every, requirement. Will Your Car Pass State Inspection? Every Automobile must pass inspection by Dec 20, 1921, How about yours? V Racine Tires Cooper Storage Batteries ; National Oil Home of Qjod ce Cream. You get cood, pure Kreusch's Ico Cream in these Pies. ICreusch's Ice Cream is made of pure pasteurized Cream. Made with Kreuseha Drick Ice Cream with a thick coating of delicious, wholetcrne, nutritious sweet utKChocolate. PLAY S AFESPECIFY ICREUSCH'S. Phon? - V Day and Night Road Service. , f 1 -'. fvft , ... . A . J x - .' , . .

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