The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on January 5, 1937 · Page 5
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 5

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 5, 1937
Page 5
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PACE FIVE The Daily Clintonianr, Clinton, Indiana Ettore Gets Nod Rewriting the Record' Book Yank Star Ready PERRY OFFERS 1 S3?. . . "- Bowling r I. 7Hofr ijb mf MECCA MECCAi Jan. 4 All red Tucker of Anderson spent the week-end with his mother. Mrs. Dolly Tucker. .Mr. and Mrs. S II IM ry reluniml home Sutidny aiiiT petulint; the holidays with llielr son anil lamily, .Mr, and Mrs. vl.ivnnnl Horry and children ir T.iUi. n: l.i. Mr. and Mis. Jess.- Akers ot 11 . ' KCMtMBCHen A ' ADVICE ON EVE OF PRO DEBUT Over John Henry In Bout at Philly I'llll.AllKI.I'IMA. Jan. 5--A I Kl-toru. local Italian lighter, today held a lo-roiHid ilft-isiou over John Henry l.ewis. I'lioetiU, Ail.. Ne;-ni, Kesuirs To Fight Colonel, Opposing Hurlers SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. S - l'su-ally the busehall stars wait until Just before Slll lirscliee to sliirt talk itiK about salaries, lint not Joe Dlmugglo, the sensii- AtlMt ll'HIl lA'it (Oil ri i. seiiKAu iv whose ItKlit lieav ywelclil till lint at slake. w:'" IliM-kvllle, linrrell, it tl ami Ma- i donna liiocl,.-r ami N.iniui llarlley A crowd of I I. fans s.,w Kit..- j W1.,. s, ,,,.,,. , ,., , Mr.,. Sa,,,) re i-iiine from behind aller takllut s- t. ('all. vere punishment in the lit"-' live ,.,,,, MjH ,,r Terra lluutf rounds, sp.-nt the w. .-lieiid Willi her mother, :. a rj fOLfr srr vrvv WO0L After the lirsl rout- rounds, i-.'io- j,,1,.JJ, i ,,. Mills. i.uniiie i2; l.r. irs M. Jumes l-'U HI 14:1 Mansiilp 1-11 17i: Mailer Ki 4 MO 1"; J.eniHlru M M-l l:,:l Totals 'H 7r,li flutter Kiu-t Itreuil llarth-C Mi! Ml IIs .' Meyer ' l l"4 Klrknian 1-2 174 1"'7 llornej- MH 112 lr.4 Cooper M4 124 121) Handicap II Totals H2 r.4 718 re was the aifKt-essor. poundiim Lewis continuously until the tiltal hell. There were no knockdowns. The Judges divided on I lie decision. Hef.-ree Joe Mctluigall lie id-ed II by giving Klm-e the verdict. The verdict was uniiopul.-'i' with tie- lloiiul New York Yankees' recruit from the I'uclllc Const leugue. Joe sat by Hie fireside of his mother' home In the North lleach Italian colony here today lint! predicted he would have a greut season next sii miner at Hie bat because he Intends to study every American league pitcher this winter. And. Incidentally, the young Italian will seek I20.IIH0 or $25.0110 for his services next season. "Cm going to wait 'em out this year." said Joe. That statement goes for the treasurer of the Yankees and also the American league pitcher. Joe concentrated first on the pitchers because he is convinced he must have something more n offer than his sparkling performance of last season to demand more pay. "f'nv through swinging ut bad balls." said Joe. "I was Just a little anxious lost, year. I felt I had Irt swing at everything I could reach." fans, most of I hem fuvorlng a draw. Kltore weighed lfll'4 to 1 S3 for Lewis. We Pay 5c per pound for large clean Cotton Clinton Pure Milk fluffattolu S 179 171 Kralichelto lr2 l9 ltls Tuherosa M ISO 1B7 Matlioda U.4 1 1 Varda MS U 1S7 Handicap 3 3 3 ItYTEX I A National Event SK?, KI:K dLT:;:;! flags. Daily Clintonian English Expert Bowl to Dollar; Lnth Two Suggestion).: to U. S. for Davis . Cup Players lir DAVIS i. WAIXH NBW VUKK, Jan. Mr. Fred perry, lhe tennis world' No. 1 uiua-letir who seenn currently pri-poiinK to become the world's No. i professional, made ready this morning 10 take iila allure of a fno.onu gate Hi the Harden tomorrow nlxht, and, al the aame time, he na awar- som advlre. The Inner was directed toward the United States Davis cup team, generally -favored to win the trophy, bow that Perry has withdrawn himself from circulation, at 9dfl for court-side neats at the Kllaworth Vine premiere. Mr. Perry clearly Intimated that we made and are making two mistakes, the first being that we cion't win because we don't ilka each other enoiiKB. '. Advice foe U. S. "Too much: rivalry and Jealousy," he added. Your players ehould keep in mind that they're playing for their country and not so much for yourselves. And the second mistake? "Why," said he, surprised. "Ynn have too many tournaments. Of course you do. Don Budge would have beaen me in the last nationals at Forest HHls,' but his edge was none In that last set. He had been through too many- malehes during the year. , Likes Radge "Budge, of course is your No. 1. For a long pull toward the future. quantity . . . J no sneeis una Totals 701 7U0 83-r Daniels Produce envelopes OI IIIIS line ijoi-kih'-paper . . . printed with your Mnnu-erani or Name and Address for $1.0u . . . January only! On sale at Die Dally Clintonian office. adv. Duberneck 127 145 14 Fowl 102 8 105 ilerrisford 122 122 122 Daniels M' 100 M4 TVsso 176 - 18 211 604 (134 72S TODAY'S Totals CCH MF.I JNC: TO MAKE U S.TOUR lilitoniail SPORTjPARAQlL b m The llliily Kmfth A. Van Horn Hope Carey 1-'. Van Horn . . . . Out of Town Printers DON'T Pay Taxes Here ...But WE DO! 101 108 167 160 760 Totals NEW YORK. Jan. r. Joe Jacobs, manager of Max Hchmeling. said today he had closed with promoters of 10 cities In the east and south for an exhibition tour for the Cerman heavyweight challenger, starting March 1 and lasting for about five weeks. Jacobs said Schmellng would net $r.fl.iiOO as a result of the tour. 144 11 134 132 14:i M 152 112 135 130 7118 59K Shop 111 104 141 145 154 135 128 Ms 107 107 9 710 708 I Rendacl MS I Weir 101 130 155 ISO a Nat-di . . . Welker . Combs . . Handicap Totals 776 Every buyer of printing should patronize the printer who helps support the community by sharing in the payment of taxes. The Daily Clintonian and its employes pay hundreds of dollars in taxes city and county each year. Out of town printers don't pay taxes here ... but WE DOI Invented Tableaux Tableaux or living pictures are said to have been invented by Mme. de Genlis when -she had charge of the education of the children of the Duke of Orieans. belief that the old-timers, who learned the game when six or seven sticks constituted a set, and thus hud to make each club perform numerous duties, will feel at home once again. And that the new-comers, who have been accustomed to having a weapon for every Job will he completely lost. To come right out and say so, I think the consensus is looney. Don't forget that when today's veterans were shooting par and hetter with seven or eixht clubs they weren't veterans but youngsters. They had youth and all that goes with it on their side. Their nerve were steady, because they had no nerves. Their muscles took nine, IS. or 30 holes in stride. They By HKNRY M'l.KMOKK DAYTONA BKACH. Fla.. Jan. .i Now "that the state supreme court 1 in the absence of a boxing commission, I suppose has Btepped in and put a temporary end to thiB city's 135-pound political elimination tournament, this observer again again able to turn his attention to sports. Let us consider the new ruling or the United States Colt Association which limits players to 14 clubs. 1 have read no fewer than a hundred comments on this piece of legislation and the consensus seems to be that it will work 'wonders for the tournament veterans, and enable them to equal or surpass the youngsters in performance. This apparently is based on the Winters DniKs Collins M3 Winters 88 Burroughs 79 Montgomery 128 Stewart 187 Handicap 21 Totals Kexall Store Haln M7 Caseheer H8 .M. White 131 Stevenson 129 Boyd 19 I think I should pass by Bryan Grant and Frank Parker, taking Joe-Hunt instead.. But, of course, that's your business."' Meantime, Mr. Perry's business looks like tit's going to do all right. Competitively, be seemed at or near the top of hie game in a workout at the Brooklyn Height Casino last night in which, teamed with Berkeley Bell, he beat Vines and Bruce Barnes ' In ' an - Informal doubles match, 6-4, 6-4. Financially,, the situation is practically magnificent. He ought to be 620.000 richer by midnight tomorrow. 126 100 lift 134 105 84 117 93 154 211 21 21 642 712 137 94 149 122 128 144 124 125 128 130 000 621 The Daily Clintonian . , . Job Printing Dept. practice was fun, and -not the monotonous work it is today. When the old-timers talk of how they used to break- par with six sticks, and wooden, srtcks too, they overlook the fact t halt those were the days before Father Time, using only one club that curved blade blaster of his had begun to swing -r, 694 weren't Jaded then, and hours of on them. weren't jaded then, and hours of on them. I .. i - . . By E. C SECAR Starring" Popeye THIMBLE THEATRE 7 WJT7 o, s 8E A SI i V Xtiiistl-flt i . v - rfv s -u,n i i "vt- . m;rs i .. -r -vs- r : t-m i t . C , 7 ; .... 1 Purcell Announces Plans for Clinton Basketball League " L, i :; After a long delay because of lack of housing facilities, the time at last has come for a senior basketball league in the city to be organised, recreation supervisor Dale Purcell announced today. When the circuit it ready, it will be linked with a small dounty league already formed. Purcell' said, as It was last year, Team, managers and backers will have a week to complete their rosters, and all line-ups should be turned' in to the recreation office by Tuesday, January it. After- the names are In, an organization meeting "will be held to outline a schedule nd regulations for the season By RUSS WESTOVER T1LLIE THE TOILER BUT MADAM, I'M SUPET 1 THATS THE) THAT SHEEP OMO OMEl you' lm. fimd another. SOVaJM VOU'D LIKE IF WPA BOXERS TO ' MEET PANTHERS TOOK. A H&'-S BACK FANCY TO J VOU'LU TAKE TIME to look. cn&z. oue r-iAMy MODELS r fxr Clinton's WPA amateur hoxin? team nl scheduled or another match Friday, January 15, recreation de partment officials announced today. The' Washluston Panthers will appear here at the Coli.-eum for a sev en-bout evening of pugilistic enupr tulnnient.' Secref Operative 48 DAMN DUNN TORINO CAFE FRIED FISH EVERY NIGHT ' BEER ' 254 North Ninth Street r-r II. V V -! n lu urLi- r""-TT KEEP THE GUNS RIGHT' HE'S A. 6 PEAT WORKING-VKEVE FELLOlrV IMAGINE. ivtt TO KFFO 'RISKING HIS UFE TO KEP FPOM KNOCKING THOSE BOV5 OFF THOSE DOWN UNTIL DAN GETS THE COUNTERFtlTERtj WE COULD BLOW THAT SHIP APART FROM ri n FORKING HERE HERE " H 5 DANCING 0156 VOU TAKE THE K"". iSEE WVONE V i Hi EH? hts m right aoe of L ( vg 1 LOOK OUT Bjt M-l fmf LIFE L-JHE GANGWAV J RIGHT, I -X A ' V J V ltzJiT , open fiiw yr?!k.$l JyyS!r qc V y VT" " M V TO KEEP rnV -eY 1 k sW o z o X Dormans Tavern Good Orchestra Yoar Favariie Beer On Tap Wine. Liior Mixed Orinsa K2u7 DAN'S GUN SPEAKS AND ONE OF THE GANGSTERS ARMS FALL'S I COUNTE R FF ITES5 I ZTrr" . J 1 1 HSZ-' Z 'W HELPLESS TO Hrb SDE. COVER . .Z- LT ST-e-tl sai11 '" , ., -

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