The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on January 2, 1922 · Page 3
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 3

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, January 2, 1922
Page 3
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i THE FAIRMOUNT NEWS SOLVES IDLE PROBLEM NEIGHBORHOOD NEWS of Alexandria, Mr. and tfrs. Fred . Landis, of Peru, and Mr. and Mrs. j Lawrence Bennett and family. j William Briles removed Mr. . and ILLITERACY IN UNITED STATES Partial Census Returns Indicate That There Are 6,000,000 or 7-0CO,0CO Uneducated. idred and Xen, and Mrs. Lucy Tygart and dauehter Gladvs and Miss Garnet Day, were guests Tuesday of Mrs. Liza Todd and children, Bertha and fPauI. Miss Peloras Howell is spending the week with her grandmother, Mrs. An. na Howell. Misses Beatrice and Sarah Mart spent Sunday night with Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Mart at Leisure, r , Mrs. ernie Hilton and sons Gr- , , r , . e a land and Frank, were guests Sunday of Walter Gibson and family, Miss Mary Stewart has returned home after spending three weeks with brother; Ancil Stewart and family jrsear Fowlerton. r J ? : o : i. I . Frncpt? and Mtr. and Mrs. Revere Smith and son Charle-5 Edward, were !r.if at n r.hrietn-iac mrtor rivn !it the home of Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Smith near Back Creek. Mr. and Mrs. Wilber Wimmer and children, Miss Dorothy and Troy, visited Monday with the former's sis- ter, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Martin at Sum. mitville. Mr? Charles Elliott and son Charles Tuesdav with the former's moth- m . Tvrart A fair sized crowd listened to the fine Xmas program that was given at the Jones Chapel church Saturday night. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Jones and son Howard, spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. George Jones. Mr. and Mrs. Russell Shockley and , , . .. ..ji i lj an(j COMMUNITY ITEMS Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Peterson Howard Albert, of near Marion, and Mr. and Mrs. Walter Gibson, of Hack- j leman, spent Thursday with Mrs. er. nie Hilton and son Garland. Miss Dorothy Wimmer visited the . , , , J . , i pleased the scholars and teacl.or by . . , . givmg two splendid trading?. ' Mrs. Mat Steirs spent Friday af- ternoon with Mrs. Sarah Tygart and ; Mrs. Alice Barrett. j Mr. and Mrs. Will Todd were guests ; t riday atterroon of Mr. and Mrs Cloftie Hughes, near Leisure. .nr. ana .Mrs. l nomas ivimorougn.oi rear Fowlerton, sport Friday with Mr. and Mrs. Owen KimbroUCh. The children of the Radley school received a box of candy from their teacer, Miss Helen Behem, an 1 Mr. Wigmore the store keeper treated them to oranges for Christmas. Mrs. Emma Gwin spent Sunday with Tames Tygar and family. i .Miss Mane lodd is spendmsr a tew j days of her Xmas vacation with her j gran irarer.ts, .nr. ar.a -Mrs. Mm v..k.. Raymond Elliott visited the Fair-mount academy Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Everett Jcr.os and daughter Jean spent Sunday with Ernest Mills and family. Mrs. Laura Jamec called on Mrs. Anna Kimbroufh Tuesday afternoon. The children who ride in the school vl t rt. R,fl.r .rWI wr Mfh - V l, u presented with a pretty Xma? . from their driver, Mrs. ill Mart. Mr. and Mrs. Bert Todd and children Mario, Mildred and Xcn, and Mr. and Mrs. Carlos Kirk ar.d sons Ioyte and Floyd, were guests at Christ t- ni ATr rrVc Ki-k rer of M . a .JMr.C.c, Ki k. , j ! , h I j 1 . I i . oaugn-er, .Mary Alice, oi .-wn, ana, xihcd receive a broken arm while ; their puest, Miss Catherine Shaw, of ! crankinff an automobile. He is slight-1 ,rear Peru, spent Monday evening; with y jnir,roved. j charie. Elliott and family. j Ir. anci TrP cietis Stokes, of Gas- ! jIiss Garnet Day, of near Rigdon,fnn a,.c cpendH" a week with Mr. and ; u jpenaing a few davs with her cousin Mr Oscar llred ! Sli Bertha Todd. f Mr. and ' Mrs. ' Josisah Allred, of ! ,r , T-, , ' ah. L.i.ttii .-iinvi, Mrs. Lwl! Jones, of Bethel, re- Hartford City, called on the latter's ! .irs. raran isran. aim .m.j. ;v'mains in very poor health. Barrett enrta:.nel r.t din- Mr arid Mlrs Raipn Howwell and for Mr. and Mr. Frank Muehmore chiMreT, Lorere and Herbert, and cf I.for.taine, and Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Cru? i)y spent Saturday evening , Italian Government Puts Unemployed Men to Work. Development of Natural Resources of the Country Under Comprehensive Plan Gives Work to Many Hundreds of Idle. Rome. The Italian government Is meeting its problem of unemployment by setting the Idle men to work to develop to the utmost the natural re-sourres of the country. The sum of 700.000.000 lire, equivalent to about $28,000,000, has been devoted to public works and about another 100.000.000 lire ($4,000,000), has been assigned to land reclamation. Funds for these enterprises are obtained from banks. Another 150,000.000 lire, about 0O0.000, will be spent on Improving the telegraph and telephone systems, and In addition, the government has authorized the laying of a submarine cable so hs to obtain direct communication with Spain, Greece, Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina, thus rendering Italy Independent of foreign cable companies. Tbe development of Italy's water-power Is proceeding rapidly. Before the war she obtained about 935.000 horsepower from that source. Since then the total horse-power has been Increased to 1.750,000. To make this possible, fifty-nine reservoirs and artificial lakes have been constructed. Another Important Industrial project Is the reclamation of the Pontine marshes, which cover about 150.000 acres between Rome nnd Naples. This land heretofore has been submerged for five months encb year by torrents which poured down from the neighboring mountains ami, stngnntlng on the land, converted that area Irto a dangerous fever trap. The company organized with a capital of ,0.0H),000 lire to reclaim this section has been In operation about one year and has reclaimed about 7.7r0 acres and made them into fertile wheat lands or farms for crow ing tomatoes. Mi33 Dorothy Duekwall, of Van 3uren, is spending the week as the xuest of Miss Pauline Brewer. KEEP UP YOUR CHICKENS Attention of all poultry owners of tbe town is called to the following act of the Indiana Legislature, passed at he 121 sesskin: SECTION I. Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Indiana, that no person owning or harboring any turkeys, chickens, ducks or ,-reese shall permit such turkeys, chickens, ducks or geese to wander upon, feed upon or pasture upon the lands of another, and if the owner of such turkeys, chickens, ducks or geese shall fail or refuse, after five days' notice in writing from the owner or tenant of the land, to keep such turkeys, chickens, ducks or geese from said owner's premises, the owner of said turkeys. chickens, ducks or geese shall be liable in an action of trespass for any damage such turkeys, chickens, ducks ot geese may cause. Any person who shall fail or refuse to comply with the provisions of this act shall be. fined in any sum not more than ten dollars (J0) nor less than one dollar ($1) for each and every tiny that such turkeys, chickens, ducks or geese are allowed to trespass after such written notice shall have been given. Numerous complaints of the tresspassing of fowls are made to the Marshal or members of the Town Board each year during the gardening season. This act puts the, initiative step toward preventing fowls from injuring the property of another upon the owner of the premises by requiring him or her to give a tve-day written notice to the owner of the fowls. When this is done the owner of the trespassing fowls is liable for all damages done and a $10.00 fine for each day the fowls are aRowtvi to run al large. Dee- 29 Jan 2. Mrs. Joe Love from Frankton Tues-j day to their farm on the untY line-! Mr. and Mrs. Hiram Harvey enter- tained Monday Elwood Townsend and daughter and Mr. and Mrs. h.dward ; Frederick, of Marion, for dinner. j Mr. and Mrs. William" Briles enter- j tained for Christmas dinner Mr. and i Mrs. George Stinson, Mr. and Mrs. j Lawence Briles, Mrs. Pattison and son J Edward, of Jonesboro, and Audley Kelfe, of Anderson. ! Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Hamilton were ) over- Sunday guests of the latter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ora Vanness, of Summitville. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Daily, who have been working for Rene Jones for the past year, removed to Fairmount Monday. Miss Nellie Jay, teacher of the Wells school, gave a very interesting! pro- gram las Friday afternoon, Floyd Hamilton acting as Santa Claus. Mr. and Mrs. Everett Moon and Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Moon were Marion j shoppers Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. George Hastings are I able to be out again after a siege of j diphtheria. Arthur Winslow and Mrs. Marion I Jefferis were entertained at the heme of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Heck Tuesday evening. BACK CREEK III J ! v"" , , , S3EHCH RESTORED AT TRIAL Dur.-.b for Five Months After Injury in Tucbcat Crash, Skipper An-Ewerg Court's Question. Rutherford, N. J. -Right here,-said Waher T'oe.s. skipper of the barge Iama, when asked by Judge Fake to point ut on a model ff bis boat just where be was standing when Lehigh Valley tug hit it. Mrs. Boas fell In a faint. Court proceeding an.e to a stop. Every one sir. rod in amazement at the haree skipper. Since May 9, when his barge was in tbe collision, he has been speechless because of an Injury to his spine which for weeks deprived him also of the use of bis limh. The words he ufe-tered In reply to the court's question were the first be had spoken In more than five months. All the preceding questions put to film in t!:e the l. hisii course Valley of his suit against railroad had been answered In writing. Dr. Howard Coc.per. h's physician. Is of the opinion Plus's vocal power had been returning gradually and in the excitement of ti e model boats at the point of Wl;si,m the restoration became omip'eie. COCKNEY ACCENT DEFENDED Auor Says It STicvs Speaker longs to Great and Good-Humored Town. Be- London.- "I like tbe Cockney accent." declares WPMam Rett Ridge, author. '-Kept within bounds It is a symbol that tbe owner belongs to a great and good-humored town." Cheerfully approving It. Mr. Itidge 0Icused the London areent recently before a sympathetic audience of London '-Td teachers. "Many people regard the Cockney accent with genuine despair," said Mr. Ridge. "Even those who become emotional when they prophesy the disappearance cf old country dialects long to see Londoners educated out of their prosperous speak with a Scottish ae-, rent and I have heard that ambitious young politicians cultivate a Welsh In flection." Has Five Set t Twlnt In Eight Year. Weston, la. Mrs. Rose McCombs, wife of a farmer living near here. Is the mother of the fifth pair of twins In etcht years. All the ten children are well. A sister of Mrs. vMcConibs, Mrs. Annie Forbes of Stoux City, recently became the mother of her see ond set of triplets. Another sister of Mrs. McCombs. whj lives In Sacra mento, Cal has two pair of twins. 4 i i "Stung" by $50 Fine for "Harboring Vicious Bee" Kansas City, Mo. The Missouri Supreme court will be called upon to decide a citizen's right to keep bees. If plans of the National Apiary association are carried out In the case of I-ec Cooley, who was fined 50 tn the municipal court here on complaint of neighbors that he hroV-d "a viHous bee.' I ? 1 t k- -4 j j 1 ! ! ! ! j I ! FOR SALE FOR SyALE One storm bu.gyy, gjoool as new. D. M. Woollen. LOST, STRAYED OR STOLEN LOST Wrist watch at basket ball game at Academy Friday night. Return to News offihe. Reward. LOST Ladies' brown purse on street of Fairmount containing small coin purse, season basket ball ticket and letter with owner's name. Please leave at News office. AGENTS WANTED AGENTS WANTED Live agents wanted to handle city trade for the genuine Watkins Products. A real opportunity. Write today for free sample anil particulars. J. R. Wat- kins Company, Dept. 72, Winona, Minn MISCELLANEOUS W ANTE D Was i ngs. Barclay street. 123 South FOR CUSTOM BUTCHERING Clayton Elsworth, Phone 1711. call Farmers comprised 90 per cent, of the American army in the revolution-ai-y war, 75 per cent, of the armies of the civil war and 50 per rent of the A. E. F. during the gxeat war just past. Sixteen per cent of the men of France called to the colors in the last year could do little more thnn sign their names. Six per cent, of the conscripts were found totally illiterate. Eyes tt-tl Tested, (Jesses Fit-lv State Keruwered Dr. C. C. FARIS Dr. EMIL FARIS Exclusively Optical t'0!. Chiropractors McAtee ad McAtee Fairmount Office Hours: Summitville 2 to 5 aid Tuesday, Thurs- 7 to 8 y. m. day and Saturday Phone 280 8 to 11 a. m. DR. C. L. FENTON Dentist X-RAY Rooms over Postoffice Hours 8 to 11:20 a. tr. 1 to 5 p. b AUCTIONEER STOCK SALES A SPECLVLTY. Call at my expense. I'lione i. on. i Fowlerton. C. W. DICKERSON E. B. COUCH DENTIST Rooms over Habne f)rug Store 0f3 icr: 8 a. m .: 1 to - " v- SOUTHERN STATES IN LEAD Group of Nine Commonwealths Mat More Than 2,OOC,000 Illiterates, . One-Third of Them Native Whites. Washington. The United States Is still one of the most Illiterate of the civilized nations of the world, census figures for 1JVJ0 now available in some detail for 28 states reveal. The figures show more than 2.0W.000 illiterates in a group of nine Southern states, one- third of them native whites. Indications are that the army of Illiterates in the United States will not fall far short of 6.000.000 or 7,000.000. There has been progress, however, and notably In the Southern states. Georgia, for example, has 32S.83S Illiterates, but the percentage of llliteracy is 15.3, as compared with 20.7 in 1910. South Educating Its People. Alabama has reduced Its illiteracy from 22.P per cent in 1910 to 16.1 per cent in 1920; Louisiana from 29 per rent to 21.9 per cent; Mississippi from 22.4 per rent to 17.1 per cent ; South Carolina from 25.7 per cent to 18.1 per relit, and North Carolina from 18.0 per rent to 13.1 per rent. At this rate, even without the nro- pnseu neip or n.e tenerai government. Uie South should be virtually free from illiteracy in 30 years. In the ianttme the states that have a larjre forejen-born population are faced with even greater problems than the South. The New York oI,0', authorities last ha! m h "sus stts the names of adults reported as lllit- prate nJ hilvo usod this list as the h.'dnniiii for a systematic drive on illiteracy. Country Reducing Figure. fne of the striking revelations of !he war was the I arse amount of na- tive wh'te illiteracy, and the 1920 tiir-i ures tell very much the same story. While In states like Alabama. Georgia. Louisiana and South Carolina the problem is still mainly one of the ne-j gro. In Kentucky and Tennessee the native white Illiterates actually out- number the colored. Tbe 1910 cetius gave the United States an illiteracy record of 7 7-10 j er cent. Indications are that the ' I92 unless the Immigrant tates of the Fast show up too badly, will run around r'.j and ier cent still considerably above the illiteraey figure for England. France, Oerniany, and some of the smaller nations of Europe. For the most part illiteracy in the rural districts continues to be much worse than in the renters of popula i tion. In Alabama rural Illiteracy in j o,J,4 pr rent and illiteracy in the ; towns and cMies only 6.5 per cent. LANDLADY WELCOMES 'EM ALL Babies. Ccgs and Cats All Provided For in Apartment House In New York. New York. All the conveniences for wives, children, cats, dogs or other household pets ure In the construe tien of an apartment house to be erected by Mrs. Edgar Saltus. wife of the late well-known novelist, Edgar Saltus. at titles place, here. The accommodations for the cats and dogs will include drinking fountains and ample spaces for basking In the sunlight. The plans, as drawn up and filed with the city building department, do not specify whether special areas and fountains will be designated for canines and felines, respeo tlvely. to avert strife. Ample spares within tbe patio also are set off as open air playrooms for the children of the neighborhood. Con-vennce for the wives who occupy the apartments will Include a pergola on the roof. THIS LAMP SHOWS "BRAINS' Stays Lighted for One Minute After One Tuma the Electric Switch. New York. A light that stays lighted after It Is turned out Is one of electricity's most recent developments that is shown for the first time at the rteetrlcal show at the Seventy-first regiment armory The light Stays on for one minute after one turns the switch. That brief Illumination gives ample opportunity, It Is argued, to leave the cellar without barking your shins or do any number of things that darkness makes hazardous. ' Pulling a switch establishes a contact which keeps the light burning for a brief period. Then a thermostatic control acts, the circuit is broken automatically and the light goes out. Meantime you are on yourway. Most Gold From Alaska. Dawson, Alaska. Alaska yielded the greatest amount of gold In the Yukon valley this year. Statistics made public recently by Superintendent Richard of the northern com mercial posts In Alaska, showed that J of the valley's total V--- flOO Alaska's on tout V,x-on was si,2ro,ooo. I I I I ; ! ! j i u Mr. and Mrs. FJmer Chamness ! Mr. and Mis. Thomas Hastv had as the-r uest on Christmas day, Mr and Mr. Ora Harris and sons, Blan-; chard tnd Russell, who live on the ; Hnntir Ttrn Pike, Mr. and Mr. Claud ; Julian and daughter, Martha. End Mr. and Mrs. Milt Gibson and sons, Charles ' and Edward. j r, LITTLE RIDGE I', " Rev. Hiram Harvey occupied tbe pulpit at this place last Sabbath morning. Md !s visitinjr at te hcme cf Mr. and Mr? A E Ratiff this week. ! Mr an1 Mrs Frar Wright visited ,hp latters grandparents, Mr. and Mr? charl?s Burgan, near Kokcmo, Tuesdav. ' A Mrs. J. B. WTiitelv and Mi Ruth Speirs, whose ho me is r.ear par?on lowa, and now a student at Taylor university, attended a Christ- m?? dirmer Sur.dav at tbe home of Mr. d Mrs whiteley's mother. Mrs. S. j gn,itu 0f Summitville. ! Mr. ard Mrs. Denny Winslow enter-' tainei fOT Christmas dinner, Mr. and Mrs. Marion Jefferis and son Rohet, of New Castle, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Andrews and daughters Alberta and ' Margery Jane, and sons Jse and Jay I Milan, of Huntington, and Arthur' Wirslow. Mrs. Jefferis remained for ; a lenger visit and Mr. Jefferis return- cd home Tuesday. Also Mr. and Mrs."! Andrews returned to their home, the ; ;ch,:Mren remain., for the week as the j ge;. 0f their grandparents. j j Mr. and Mrs, C S. Wright enter-: 'tained Mr. snd Mrs, Frank: Wright,; Mj?s Vida Wright and Miss Adda Wright, of Richmond, for Christmas jinner, j Mrand Mrs. Dennr Winslow and! Elliott and ?on Charles. Mr. and Mrs. Loath Srv,h ar.ii daughter Doris Irene, of Grant, and Mr. and Mrs. Lesl;e Sr.vth and daughter Madeline, of Gas City, spent Monday with Mr. and Mrs. A. Smith. Mr. and Mr. Stanley ElVott and children. Miss Pauline, Raymond, Or-rille and Glenn, Mr. and Mrs. Milt Milt Jones and Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Elliott and children. Miss Vergia and Pau', were guests at Christn-a dinner of William S. Elliott and granddaugh ter, Mis? Mildred, at Fairn-.cunt. j Other guests at the Elliott home were Mr. and Mrs. Will Comer and children, ? of Kokomo, Mr. and Mrs. alter Elliott, of Marion, Mr. and Mrs. Oren Gibson, of Converse, and Mr. and -Mrs. Ed Elliott and children, of Muneio. ; An epidemic cf bad cold? an la- grirpe seems to be ptrvalort in this vicinity. Mr. and Mrs. Clcftie Hughes and children, Hershel an ! Maitha. of Leis- ure, spent Sunday with Will Todd and family. Mr. and Mrs. L.mor Chamness " ed Sunday with the Matter's- rarents, Mr. an-1 Mr?. John Ry"bo:t at Point ISal!. Misses Beatrice and Els e HoweH is spending, tbeir vacation with their aunt, Mrs. Corean Reife, at Farm want. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Mart, of Leisure, and Mr. and Mrs. Russell Mart and daughter Martha Evangeline, of Weskyan Back Creek, were guests at dinner Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. Will Matt and family. . Misses Beatrice and Elsie Howell were afternoon guests. Mr. and Mrs, Milt Gibson and sons Charles and Herman, visued Monday with Mrs. Gibson's brother, Charles Hartman and family at Gr City. Mr. and Mrs. Revere Sriith and son Charles Edward, spent Bat-jrday night with Mrs. Smith's pawr.ti, Mr. and llrs..ate lhomas at-wro. Mrs. Owen Kimbroujri jured when she fell a fe who was in- weeks ago, si still confined to her ) 1. her daughter Mrs. Lilly Wright, if Jonesboro, is helping to care for her this week Mrs- Anna Howell vas a .t at dinner Sunday of her ton Ralp. Howell and family. f Mr. and Mrs. Bert Thomas nd children. Dorothy, Mary ad Sherm ri of Stewart, RL, spert Monday vrrt.i Mr. and Mrs. James StWrt and luld- ren, Miss Mary and Iljrvy. James Tygart, Will TcM a: - C'iai- l-s Elliott attended a ncr M:. t tna Tuesday. John Hasty, of Williatisport, End., a guest ci hi.? I raner, i nomas and wife Mor.lx lifrht and on i i ' r ther visited with Mr. and Mrs. ai;.. Hasty, east cf Mirion. Mr. .aid .Mrs. Ancil Stewart and son LV .l were guests It dinner Sunday cT James Stewart iry family, Mrs. Ozz Relfe an 1 children, of Fairmount, spent Moniay with the former's mother, Mrs. jnna Howell. Mrs. Anna Kimbrcgh and son, Walter, were guesss t & Christmas dinner Sunday at the J ome of Mr. and Mrs. George RimbvtnJ h, at Marion. Mr. End Mr'. Cf i Hughes and r-.-' nmi. Minn -n i i rshel, of Leis- trre, Mrs, Ev Eva Tcdi j ch ildren, Mi!- ! t Mrs. Marion Jefferis and son' Robert,' distinctive accents. -But London has visited Mr. and Mrs. Webster Winslow j a right nn nt of Its own. al-Tuesdar S, though we all know that Irs most We Do Custom Butchering Get Our Prices. They Are Right. Fresh Meats and Pure Lard. r - , Community Meat Market Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Whiteley visited Mr. and Mrs. C W. Smith, of Up land Tuesday, and took Miss Ruth j triers, who had been a week end guest in their home, to Taylor University, j Mr. and Mrs. Glenn A. Harrold were ! ertertained for Christmas dinner at ;.he fccme cf the iatters parents, Mr. I m-- rjeortre Jones. Mr. and Mrs. 'J. B. Whiteley, Mr. and Mrs. Glenn A. ; ?arrtd d. The Misses Paulinfe and 1 Curah R:tl!;T. Willis Ratliff and Elliott ; .rann?v. cf S-dv Slream, Md- have j teen recent Marion -h ppers. j 3jr. Mrs. Tee (Ydbr.s have mov Ld to the Krit Kin cs fim. Mr. and Mrs. tharScs Wooa r.rtve been entertaining ;e ?r-crs Mrs. Ruth Amett and daughter Car - rie, ot Jonesboro MCi Hilda Harvey, who is a teacher in the grade schools of Niles, Mich., Is spending the holidays with her parents MrVd Mrs. William R. Harvey. svir. and Mrs. William Briles were i callers at the hor-of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wood Tuesday. i t r it r . . Mr. ana Mm, rvuswu narrey en- ; tertained for Christmas dinner Rev.' and Mrs! Hirrm Harney, Mr. and Mrs. Henry SafTord and daughter Mr?are!; ; i 1 I ; j J HAY and STRAW BALING We are prepared to bale hay and straw. Terms right. TRUCKING of all kinds. Prompt Service. Stock haulinj to. Indianapolis. 3r-r .5 . j- I ' t M. L. JOHNSON , Fivb ' 1 T.. - Vr - ' - ii ' Ak, -- -tniii ii Si i ii il -"-

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