The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on January 5, 1937 · Page 4
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 4

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 5, 1937
Page 4
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The Daily Clintonian, Clinton, Indiana Tuesday, January 5, 1936 PAC.F. FOUR THE DAILY CLINTONIAN Found d 11111 PBehindtheften , n mm m HOLLYWOOD KKlnhllxlitil us Tlie Wfckly Cllnionlun 18110 Tli ('Union l'luindoal'r absorbed in 181)8. George L. Carry . Editor and Publisher ntrrert at tho I'nstofflo at Clinton, Indiana, as Kocund Claaa Mattor. MrinhT Inll:in:i Hi'publiran Editorial Assnclntlnn dad' daog-hter, but I wasn't I'm CHAPTER XXVn not even related. They just adopted Gen cam again, aa ah knw he m. when I was a baby. "You're Uridine me." ha said. would. A week of sirkeninf suspense. A By HARRISON CARROLL tupyrlihl, ISM, King Frftlnrrc HymiUmU, lac. National Advertising Rr-praar-ntntive: He looked ill. A greenish pallor settled slowly over his swarthy skin. He took out a dingy handkerchief and wiped his forehead. But he HOLLYWOOD These Chan grin Scenes A blizzard la about to hit week in which sh locked doors and peeked out of windows btfore answering the doorbell. A week that shs'waa afraid to stay horn, and afraid to go out For even if he r;u. n. v i u . l!!"" WrlRlev Hid., llii MKO. t-HS tirnr-riil M.Kom HI.IK.. I'"'-" 1 t tl Kaat 4:!nd HI , Ni-w VnlU Hollywood. Only stage IB at Warner Broth kept hi dark, troubled eyes on ner. ''Your kidding in I" ha rape ted. Kh smiled a llttl. era la to get it, but the effect la In be spectacular, ona that even nature at Its angriest would find UI.O - Ll I Phone I I 7 Phone 41 "I wish I wen. Gen. I almost hard to top. to get rid of It For It la almost Impossible to comb out Hollywood anow. Tha best thing Is to blow It out with an air hoae. Over at R-K-O, I run Into another spectacular scene. It la a fight for tha picture, "Michael Btroroff". Th brulaing closeups already have been mad by Anton Walbrook, tha Austrian actor, and Aklm Tamlroff, Two doubles art now called In to do a few of tha moat dangerous long-shots. They stand beneath a six foot balcony and figure out tha stunt "Wa fight up above," says one, "then you throw ma against tha rail. It give way. I fall to tha floor. You lump down on ma. I The art la an outdoor acens built thought they war Kidding m wnen they told me about it, first It's sort of hard to tak. But It's no jok. At least not to m. I'm n heiress. Gen. I doa't nt anything out of inside tha stage. It la a power substation and there la a mat of transformers, high tension wires, the estate." steel towers and other mysterious THE DAILY CLINTONIAN'S PLATFORM : 1. To further every interest of Parke and Vermillion counties. 2. To assist the revival of the Indiana coal mining industry. ' 3. To cooperate in solving Vermillion County'a unemployment problem. 4. To beautify Clinton and make it the moat attractive city of it aiie in the state. apparatus. He couldn't tak his tyei off her. H said, "Well, can you ti that?" And, "Of all th rotten luck!" And ha aat there, mopping his forehead. Like the crew on tha film, I am wearing a yellow Jumper, a bandana around my neck and a aort of He got the money. "For th baby' sake," ah said. Donald wasn't well. "Nothing Just my yes," ha said. But h was thin and pale, and there were dark circle under hi tired, dull ayea. "I wish you wouldn't work ao hard," Chrlsti would aay wistfully, but he'd just laugh and tell ar not to fusa. It wasnt until th cold that had been troubling him got ao bad that h had to giv up, and stay in bad, that ah learned he had ba doing extra work for months. Whiteley told her. Whlteley, who got Donald interested in hi cancer eiperiment. Whiteley, whom ahe'd hated ever since sh and Donald were married, because it was always h who kept Donald out late at nights, and encouraged him to spend at th smelly old lab tha Sundays he might have spent with her. Ha looked at her out of hia iey blu eye under th white thatch of bushy eyebrow, and said: "I don't like it He'a young and he's strong. But h can't go at this pace much longer!" "That'a what I tell him," aha said hotly. "He's just never horn! Dr. Whiteley, you hav influence with him tell him not to spend every sing! minute in that lab! Surely hia experiments aren't aa important as his health!" Whiteley was a gruff old man. He looked very fierce as hs scowled down at her, and aaid: "My dear little lady, they may be much more important than you think. I believe tha; you are going to have a very famoua husband- staring at her, seeming to bar forgotten why h had come. a flu mask over my nose to protect me from the flying gypsum anow. I also am wearing dark glasaea, Sh rose. H might nsr gone then. But Donny waked. Began to bcraus tha power atation la to hurl you off, Then, when you art lying on your stomach, I pick up this chair and hit you over tha head with it." cry lustily. dida t com nack, wasn i n poaaioia to meet hint somswhar on th street? It waa all useless. H earn on a Monday morning, juat after sh had put Donny out in his buggy In th yard, in tha aun. Ha rang th front doorbell, and for one ah ran to answer it, without thinking that it might b h. She had been doing some washing. Th sleeve of her old yellow smock wer rolled up, and her hands wer still damp. And there he stood, shabby as ever, dark stubbl on bis cheeks and chin. "Hello there, Christisl Bow ar you!" He waa affable, friendly. A little too friendly. It waa always ao easy for Gen to talk, to speak of little things, unimportsnt things, when something Important still remained to b said. But thre was no small-talk In Christie. Sh had to coma to the point Sh came to it now breathlessly. "Gene why hav you com back?" He smiled. "And why shouldn't I? After all we're old friends, and yon wer pretty nic to m last time!" "Gene, I don't have to tell you that we can never be friends again. You know that You aren't going to bring your wife to see m, and I'm Sh intended to let hna cry. to As casual they are a a couple of pretend it was a neighbor's child. But what mother ran look indifferent when her child cries for her? Christie couldn't men discussing a trick golf shot Yet, when they do it for tha "You didn't tell m you had a camera in a few minutes, they go at each other with terrific fury. It seems impossible that one of them la not injured in tha crash. baby," Gen said. Tber wa no us pretending. Sh walked around to the back yard. But when Director Ueorge and lifted th child In her arma. Nichols, Jr., calls cut, they get up. Gen followed. H still looked dust themselves off and grin. THE WORLD SITUATION The world situation, n 1937 opens, presents the notions of lh tllohe rnt!Kinn in a frverinh racr to strengthen navies, build up armira, increase air corps and bolster reserves of finance and economy. There are few persons so simple as to believe that this is a de-pelopmrnt in the interest of peace. However, it would probably be a mistake to accept the idea thai it spells inevitable warfare. The pas year witnessed just such activity and, in spile of it all, the peace of the world was maintained among the leading nation! if not in Ethiopia and Spain. There are dangerous spots today, where a little flame might mean a world conflagration, but the hope exists, at least, that the nations will manage to muddle through and eventually reach a ratisfactory settlement of their pioblems. "Waa it okay," asks one, "or do sick, but his whole face lit up, aa be Eat out a finger, and the baby curled is tiny pink hand tight around it wa do it again?" "Look at that) Kida always go On "The Prince and tha Pauper" one whose work may save many, for me. I waa the firat on Laurencethat's my kid, you know seemed to want to go to. First word h said was 'papa' not mama, like set at Warners, it's a stock joke that nobody can tell Billy and Bobby Mauch apart Tha boys are identical twins, so this isn't idle talk. many lives if he lives to complete it! And if hi outside intereats don't . interfere teo much." most kids, but papa, bay from the first that kid was putty in my hands. Whatever I sav. roes. His burn and part of the effect will be three open area. They are deadly to the eyes. Even with the glasaea, I am warned not to look directly at them. The shot la for the picture, "Slim", and Pat O'Brien and Henry Fonda are among the power linemen who'll try to make repairs In the blizzard. Director Ray Enright orders the doors of the stage closed. He signs for the storm to begin. With a roar of wind machines It does. Gypsum snow, dumped from the catwalks, la caught by the blast. The air la filled with the swirling particles. The repair crew roll up In a truck, Jump out Men yell to each other, atari to climb a tower. In the story, a cable is supposed to break and fall across a high tension wire. This la tlx signal for the electrical display. It comes with a crackla and a hiss. The arcs throw blinding flashes. Fir streaks along wires fused beforehand with powder. Sparks leap. It la ona of the most exciting effects I have ever seen. When tha wind machines ar out off, the air Is stilt full of- flying snow. Stage doors are opened. We pile out. And with us come several last-minute visitors who did not bundle up for tha storm. The hair of ona of the women Is full of the gypsum. If someone didn't tell her the trick, she is probably (till trvinr I watch them shoot a (cent this not iroing w mirwjuce hij hububiiu to you. It ia just on of those thing that wouldn't work, and we both know it If you've com back you'v com back for som reason, and you may aa well tell it now. I can't afford to buy a sweeper right now either, so if that'a It " "No, that isn't it Matter of fact week. Bobby ( the prince, dressed in ailka and satins. Billy is In tha rags of tha pauper. mother can scream her lungs out and tha kid doc as he pleases, see? But on word out of me, and he quits th monkey business. I don't lay a hand on him either. . . . Saw too much of that when I was a kid Director William Keighley kids the boys and make th work seem fun. When th shot is over, he show I n not selling them any more," "Oh I" "Yes, I lost out Too many promises, not enough down payments. . . . well, he s sure a fine boy. Christie I Yours, I mean. What did Billy a candid camera shot h had- Aren't yen going to ask m in, ao snapped of him on th set several days before. you say his nam waa?" "Donald" "Oh. veah. Sure after-his dad. That' not me," says th that 1 can tell you arjout ltl She pointed to the chair on the porch. "W can ait here." "Oke. It's ail riirht with me. but youngster, "that's Bobby." I hear he's a pretty good saw-bones too. Wish I had the dough to bring Everybody laughs at Keigmey, I get you, Christie. You disappoint me. You were always such a tender-hearted little thing. You don't but the director is insistent Ha calls a couple of the crew and they bear him out Apparently, he's right. - my kid to see him." "He's not a baby specialist, you know." H laughed. "I know. I didn't mean anything. Tha kids icok so mucn aim mac look o very different, either, bull th same pretty Christie "I haven't time for that aort of thing, Gene. I'm busy. If you had a reason for coming vou may as not even they can tell each other apart. well tell it Otherwise I'll bar to What I meant was I wish I had the dough to do something right for my kid. I don't know what the devil's going to become of us. Ruby's a good kid, but she don't know much about feeding a baby. He got a bad start And this climate dont seem "I don't know what you mean. If it's the baby and I " "Only indirectly. Th financial necessity." "The financial necessity! My goodness he gave up a good practice to work with you. Dr. Whiteley. Oh, I don't mind. It's for Donald to decide. But I won't have you implying that it's my fault that ha over works. I don't tell him to put in hours and hours and hours in your lab! I don't care if he'a never fa- -mous. All I want " He cut her short. He said, "My dear child. I don't know what you want I only know that a man with a wife and a child and a house has to have money. Latham is killing himself doing routine work that win get him nowhere because he needs the money. He comae to tha lab-when he ought to be going to bed to rest I suppose you didn't know that?" "No, I didn't know it" She had to keep her voic very low to keep it from breaking. Afterwards, when eke spoke to Donald about it he was angry, called Dr. Whiteley an interfering old fool, and told her to stop stirring up trouble. And when she wept he comforted her,. and joked, ana told her it waa nothing, She didn't quite believe him, but the few days in bed did him so much good, and lie looked so much better, that she was tempted to. She worried. She worried about him, and the bills and the $50 she had given Gene Dubois, and most of all she worried about Gene himself. For how could she be sura that he'd really gone Bouth, and how did aha know how long he'd atay, and what he'd ask if he came back again ? But in spite of the worries that buzzed around her head like mosquitoes, irritating, aggravating, sometimes stinging her to a fury of pain and fear, she was happy. The baby laughed and cooed in were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Caleb Marshall and family from Saturday until Monday. leave you. His lip curled in th old, insolent manner. "Now it's Adolphus Cooper's daughter talking. Chip off th old block. Well, that's oke. I right for him. That waa on reason why I was hoping to make enough on tha vacuum cleanera to clear out admire nerve. Got so little of it myself. I've been a week nerving YESTERDAYS JANUARY 8, 1913 J. Clark Smith, H. B. Pike, Frank H, Miller, Fred Seybold, Dr. I. D. While. IS. F. Kaynes, Claude Newton, Omar MaVian and Toko Sutton intended the annual Elks social session at Terre Hauto, Tuesday night. of here. myself to come back, and my knees are shaking vet " CONSIDER YOUR PROBLEMS The average person, at times, stops to ponder on the problems of life and very often arrives at a conclusion that would lead to considerable improvement if it was los.-ic.nlly followed through. We hasten to advise all readers of The Daily Clintonian nol to give too much attention to the perplexing mysieiies of the universe and the manifold misbehavior of mankind. Time is rather important and it is more sensible to give such thought as you have available to the solution of the problems affecting your own life and within the range of your own capacity to correct. There arc many men and women who swing through life with the idea that there is nothing to bothei about, that what is will always be and that somehow the family will take care of itself. While this philosophical calm might be comfortable it is not entirely sensible. It would be much better for people to concern themselves with the development of their own personalities, the solution of questions raised in their daily touch with others and attempt seriously to fit themselves in the day and age in which they live. There is no magic formula for accomplishing this. Each man and woman, each boy and girl, have different problems and must arrive at the goal through various methods. Your method might not be the same as that adopted by another and yet both may seek the same destination. Try to make progress yourself and encourage others to do the same. It is the way to live. "Fellow I know Chet Conrad, used to be in tha service station "I don't notice the shaking. Leave with me. has got ona of hia own down in Los Angeles. Told me he'd take me on any time, but I got dad out of this, will you 7" "All right, all rightl But 111 tell vou why I thought of him. I need some room rent here, and the ex- money, Christie need it bad. If JANUARY 5, l8fl Mr. and Mrs. Fred Reeder, who are visiting at the home of Mr. liaeder's parents, Mr, and Mrs. Val-zali Keeder.. of .Route 3 plao to leave for their new homo In Kcuova, W. Vu.. on Sunday. Mrs. Recder until Doc. i9 us .Miss Blossom Malnard and has taught in the local high school fur several years. The marriage wrus solemnized in- Indianapolis. pens of driving down Well, that'a why I came. Figured you might help me out Now well! I Mr. and Mis. Sherman Bonebrake and son Virgil ud daughter Margaret visited relatives in Uauville, Catlin and Falrmoiuil, Illinois, during the holidays. don't know what to do. Say, you couldn't lend me a hundred, could you? Say, for about three months?" "A hundred dollars?" Sh looked at him, wide-eyed, her lips parted. "Sure just a hundred. I don't enjoy asking, either, but when you've got a kid you got to put your your dad'a estate isn't settled yet why anyway it would be easy for you to raise a little. You'd have security enough. I'd pay you back when I got on my feet Lord knows I can't go to a bank and borrow. I don't own anything but the clothea on my back. Up home the folks are about ready to lose the ranch, and it ia going to be a tough winter for them. No water all aummer, and feed up sky high " When he talked about home he waa more like himself. Like th old Gene. She said, impulsively. "Oh, I'm so sorry I Poor Madame Dubois after working so hardl But I haven't anything either, and I won't get anything out of the estate. Of ours everybody thought I was! Dr. 1). C. Shaft" attended the meeting of the Vigo medical society at the Terre Haute House, Tuesday night. Dr. Casebeer of Newport was another from tlii? ice.inty who was present. George Hehir of New York City is visiting his mother. Mrs. Delia Ilelilr in North First street. her arms. Donald came home to prido in your pocket sometimes. 1 tell you the truth, Christie, you're my last hope. What I'm telling you about the job and the kid is on the level. Say, even with fifty dollars I could get out of here. It might mean saving the kid'a life. If I don't get it, I don't know what I'll do hold up somebody shoot steal, any her, as if to heaven. He kissed her with love and tenderness. Praised Miss Gortruilo Barnes and Karl Barnes, of Purlie county, the pie. Told her she waa a wonderful manager. .Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Jackson of South Fifth street are the parentB of a baby daughter, born Thursday niglll. The infant weighed 7 pounds ;md 1ms bcon named Francos ( To Be uontinueaj CoerrlcbU Kim raMiuu Syndic!, la. thing I'm desperate!" The Giant Starts Up Again en the tense moments. Mary Treen, as the spectacled achoolma'am, is funny. A Howard Comedy, Pat he topic and cartoon bring the evening to a close. Miss Kiualine Sollars, who has been employed In Detroit. Mich., for several years. Is spending the week-cm! wit'i her parents. Mr. and Mrs. 1!:i fcnllars. of Sycamore street. Miss Sullars plans to go to Chicago, HI . fro Clinton, this connection might precipitate lit. f igation or oilier disagreeable as-( peets. There may be delays or im- -pediments in efforts to thwart such iiilcuticns. lint, in Hie long run, mailers will luru out happily, r.e wise in confidences with youthful , persons. A child born op this day may be lively, versatile, ambitious and ad-vcnHiroi. but restless and fond of change and travel. It will be given lo lie pui-Miit of social or romantic pleasures and be popular and pros Mis RuHi Krelter. art aupervlsor i -i I hi' lornl schools, is spending the wr ki'iul ul her home lu ludianap- is. Dr. G. R. McGUIRE Chiropractor X-ray Bfirlca. Palmer Graduate. 2.101 Btarksan Slrret .. r perous. Mt. olln c.lasson entertained the, nifinlicra of the Theta Kappa Phi .-nrurity lout evening at dinner at the linmn nt Mrs. E. J. Hayes in Walnut sired. Iti-idge was played at the MOVI ; rilasnu home following the dinner. , a romantic movie actress stranded iu a Pennsylvania farm house. Her contract forbids her to marry aud while there's nary a villain, Warren William plays the menacing menace always at hand to prevent Mac a railing in love. L) Talbot and Randolph Scott art; his inuHt important worries Kyle a an old beau of Miss West's and Scntl as a yonng mechanic and inventor who lives on the farm. Isahel Jeweil, Margaret porry. Alice Brady and Klizabeth I'aterson are the other leading performers. In addition to numerous Westian wir-ec racks, the blond act reus sings "On :i Typical. Tropical Night,' "I W.tij i'uyin' to the Moon," and t he title, song. Sh'iil Htibjectn aie "'ink Lemonade' an (lie musical comedy. "Popular Science and Vx Movietone" NeWH. I I . I Tf K IN THK SKV AT THK Ptl.ACK Warn-n Hull and .attractive Je;nt Muir ar - co-starred In this 'i-cro-lu K ni atei y drama which occurs both on liud and lu th air. A large mr-Mu'r Is making lis regular trip when foiled to laud due to neather eondil ioii.s. Public Kiieniy No. 1 . no leH. I .- on hourd and t h real ens alt with death imiIpks thev do as be orders. Mis Mnr is the airline hostess and Hull a newspaper man hunting headlines and doe he find them. Romanes and comedy light j !rs. clay N'na) was awarded the i pil.o for high wore. The neit im'cting of lite club Is to he with Mtf. Kriinls Kanim. Karanovich FUNERAL HOME I NO. ( KIM ft )! IH. rOUIM-stt' AT Till-; 4 .( MH4A rnuHiial for Ha drama!,' suHpetiM-und pai k i uk laM-mjntiu puut li, you'll ha' an on put I uniiy lo do idc ior )ouniuH whcilur or not IH. .'"oilier. 1 Unhurt Kent i actually com-miu it niiiH'. He 1 in luv i:h Gloria Siuarl. wife of his fellow-iiiki. J. Kdward HromlMi;. Wt'di HiomheiK in painfully und furiously injuied in an accident and Inter di"-lioin uu otttidotte oi imdiHtie, Kent is attuned of giv in liim Hw potion. Sura , Hari n. Ainu iMiiuhart aud Holiry Anm-tta are also concerned. Belly Hoop in "Song for a Day" Is Included on the program. THE STARS SAY lt .KVK IK l I. kl.M.ll.K l or Ui-lMihiJH, JMiiiMtry It A '! nt I' surttuiK hikJ 1mm -f li d'Vf'liiii) HtK tny In- f'mn" ti(l, judKiiiK l 'lie tu n hi- hiiiI unit iihI MBMM l if li'HlIlMg llalH'td, !I8- lnrlit'ii and uiiHi'tilud conditio.! un fm isi en, and thfte may hav u-taulfinoHiij or h inspltrd Ity ratb-fr irM ipitous or ui.fotsprn d'iioiiP-nwiitH hi romantic af filiation. KlnpfMiientH ni.Rht nine under thin ;i usury. a ompHuicd by impedi-ni?i))s. delays aud (Mther scandal or misrepresentation. I.itieal ion might ensue, hut. in tho long run, all should turn out satisfactorily. Be wis? with you ii: prxjl in giving confidences. If This I Your Itiitlulny Those who? birthday it in are assured a very livey, eventful and and possibly spectacular year, with inifore-tceii lopmtntfl of a rout u tic nature. Impulsive Qiov iu 24-Hour FREE Ambulance Service Phone 165 532 S. 4th St. o rT. YorNCi MAX' AT THK WABASH Mae West plays country charmer in this entertaining comedy about HALF CENTURY CLUB MH.L MEKT WEDNESDAY NIGHT 7.00 P. M Important! All Attend! In Mmtan Drug Smtv ItaNrawm DR. B. H. SELLERS DEISTIST 249 South Man Strt tltnton, Indiana

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