The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on January 2, 1922 · Page 2
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 2

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, January 2, 1922
Page 2
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THE FAIRMOUNT NEWS ust a we were under the existing: The Fairiiiount Newsii FACTS AND FIGURES The United States paid France $15,- ari:T law before the European war TALES OF TOWNS Chicago has one cold storage plant which will accommodate 21,000 tons of meat. Goodyear Truck Tires - : hoo-.m in 1914. We are surrendering Published rn Mondays and Thursdays tn American domestic market to the alien producer for the benefit of the A.S.ROBERTS, j importers and international bankers. I alter and Publisher. and at the sacrifice of our rational Dallas. Tex., cuts the weeds on the vacant lots in town and charges the H H H H H M H H Minnie McLuoas Roberts, Associate. prosperity. National Republican 000.O00 for the Louisiana territory. The United States lust far more soldiers in the Civil war than in the World war. In 20 years 1S3.000 homes have been broken up in the United States by divorce courts. The total American casualties in the World war were S02.G12. with j expense to the owners. N M H i Office: Main 2P5 Res Black 3S2-1 IELEFI10XES Experience tells users that Goodyear Truck Tires deliver greater mileage than other tires. There are fundamental reasons for this greater mileage. Many truck users do not realize the Uhi.n.r u.-N ucnti , pa?taena. Cal owns and operates the electric light plant, water system and sewer farm and incinerator. Lynchburg. Ya.. Ms to have a malleable iron works Plant with an initial M N N M M H deaths numbering 77,118. j dally capacity of six tons, a $1.0O0.(00 corporation having been formed for The retail trade, however, is beginning to realize that they, are being, ' made a cat's paw of big mail order j houses ar.kl department stores, which, ; if the American valuation plan is defeated, will flood the local trade territory of small retailers with cheaply made imported goods. The average retailer in the small town has a hard enough row to hoe, as it is. competing with the mail order ! bureaus of department stores and big SUBSCRIPTION RATES. (Within Indiana.) One year $2.00 Six months 1 J Three months 5 (Outside Indiana.) Or.e year S3.00 Six months , LP 3 Three months 90 All subscriptions payable strictly in advance; paper discontinued at expiration of subscription time unless renewal is received prior to expiration d:-.te. great difference in design, construction and manu- 4 facture of truck tires, and consequently do a lot 4 of expensive experimenting with their tire equip- M ment. You cannot afford to do this experiment- M ing yourself. P Next time get the TRIED TESTED and PROVEN Goodyear for there is all the difference in the 4 world in pneumaticTiuck Tires. M " " j i 1 mail order houses. If he now permits Entered as seeor.d-class matter at the postotTiee at Fairmount, Ind., un these metrophtan competitors to import shiploads of cheaply-made goods ' - . i The production of copper In the United States has increased more than twenty-live fold since 1SS0'. There are 3,004 lighted aids to navigation In the United States. Of these 1.500 are either lighthouses or major lights. The United States Is now making for its laboratories $00 rare chemicals which were formerly imported entirely from Germany. Spencer, Ind.. is the town nearest the center of population of the United States. The exact point is 8.3 miles southeast of Spencer, Ind., in the "extreme southeast corner of Owen county." The racial composition of the pop Its erection. Detroit ranks fourth in population among American cities; Kansas City, Vo.. nineteenth. The area of Detroit is 75.02 square miles; that of Kansas City, Mo., square miles. j New York. In 1STG. bought the S43 acres of barren rocks and stagnant swamps which is now Central park, at an average price of $7,800 an acre. ; Millions for development have been spent since then. j Brooklyn. N. Y 40 years ago earned i Its enviable name of "City of ! Churches." with one place of worship i for every 2,191 inhabitants; today Act of Congress of March S, der the M M M M M M M M H K X M M M and get them through the customs 1RT9. Co. E.J). Ellis Auto Supply FOREIGN VALUATION IS A DOUBLE ENDED SWINDLE nouse, on me oasis in mtu m'M' valuation, he will find himself driven to the wall. It is very significant that R ast P0 days there have been more failures in the United States amene small retailers of all kinds than in any previous 90 days for mar.v, tranv vears while during STORAGE BATTERIES ( Tires, Accessories, Oils, Gasoline, Vulcanizing W.V. Fowler, Mgr. Phone 226 there is but one for. every 4.370 persons residing in the borough. the same period the large department j M Pr.e t the failure of the existing taritT law. the most non-protective customs measure this country has experienced since before the Civil war, to value importation a domestic rather than a foreign basis, the fall in exchange in Europe has enabled the importers to evade taxes contemplated in the statutes, to the extent of scores of millions of dollars. This stores and mail order houses report an increase of business. ulation of the United States in 1920 shows the country to contain 94.S22.43l white iersons. 10.43.013 negroes. 242.-fC9 Indians, 111.025 Japanese, 01,090 Chinese and 9.4S5 others. JUST TO GET IT STRAIGHT When a lot of great men have been hired to report a great event, it is George Wo m bell in 1805 the first circus in which a peared in a cage cf lions. operated , A boxing contest was recently held" man ap- - under the auspices of the French I army of occupation, between a Ger- BEST THINGS ABOUT LOVE You never believe that anyone ever loved just as you do. You want t tell him everything you have ever thought or said or done. You are sure that every other woman Is anxious to take him from you. has happened at a time when the Am-j gratifying- to know that some good re-ericar. people are groaning under a porters are also on the job. Portland SAID BY A CYNIC The in .in who can fool a widow d serves h!s fate. - burden cf dh ect taxation without pre- t (Me.) Press. ; man civilian and a French soldier. It Arabs object to visitors climbing! . u 4. u u- u v. -u-. . ..iwas the first time since 1014 that a to the top of the hich buildings; as! the roofs are the resort of their worn. ! German was opposer to a Frenchman cedent in the history of the world. When an ad valorem duty of 20 per Although Tunsia is as much strewn Modestv is almost as extinct as the in a sporung event. ; red flannel petticoat. . en' s provided in the framing of i with Roman remain., as Italy itself, cent w a: the preser t?-r"' law, it was assumed !the ruins of French Tunsia are as yet that the established ratio between ' little known. The aqueducts near foreign and 'American currency would Tunis, the temple of Zaghwan, the be maintained. But the value of the : great reservoir near Carthage, the German mark, for instsarce, has sunk ' amphitheater at El Djem, the temple from approximately twenty cents to and other ruins at Sbeitla, the amphi-a third of a cent, and while German theater cf Dougga and the baths and Sa G valuations have rot dropped that the temples of Feriana (the ancient ; rapidly, the result has been a trem Thelepte) present much that is beau- , end ous slump in the relative cost of tiful and worthy of study. Indeed, 1 German product ion. Articles cf Ger- this r.iav be said of the whole road; reat am man and Austrian production can be between Feriana, in the south of Tu- purchased for from one-third to one- nisia, and Tebessa, in Algeria, which tenth their normal value, and an ad is strewn on both sides with ruins, valorem taritT based upon the foreign Then too. there are the scarcely known valuation has ceased to possess the ruins of Beia and the ruins in the dis. olFW earaoiie trict behind Cape Serrat- Their general condition is good except in a few places, which have been spoiled by the shocking tastelessness of Mediterranean Europe. Numerous inscriptions have been found, commemorat- slightest protective effect. Net only have the importers thus been able to evade vasts sums in taxes, and ir.undate the American market with articles of foreign production so cheaply made that Ameri- J. A. and Leon Mayer will sell at Public Auction at Fowlerton in the Hardesty Building on ur.der the existing ing events m the late days oi tne em- - - -1 ....... M M M H M M M H H M M M H M M H H M H H H H H K4 X M M M H M H H M tarilT is utterly impossible, but they pire. The chief material used m have been enabled to fool the A metric- building the arches is sandstone. The an people as to the volume cf imper- , fluted columns are of fine white lime-tations. Figures are seriously put store, and a number of the smaller forth by the Department of Commerce columns are of colored marble. showincr the value of American ex- Brooklyn Eagle. H H H M N M N H H M M M M M M M M M H H M H H H H H M M M H M H H H M H H H M N H H M Jltar t ports cn the domestic basis, and the ainio value of imports on the foreign basis, j Edward Jenner, who introduced ar.d we are told that we have a balance smallpox vaccination, was a poet of of trade when, if cmports were valued merit. on the basi3 as exports, the Am- 1 ericari rorn!o would rrnlirp th trniv i South Sea islanders eat young co- f - 'coanut leaves and use old ones for ht ...... v a tiauc in uraitli? hats. with foreign nations, instead cf being favorable, is heavily against us. Despite this subterfuge, the figures prove that exports are decreasing so rapidly tha even the ararent reduc- i t More than 250,000 women of the British isles "were made widows during the world war. Sixty pairs of Shoes and Overshoes, all sizes; One Hundred Suits of Underwear; a large lot of Men's Dress Shirts, Girls' Middy Blouses, Laces and Embroideries, and a large assortment of Notions. fon in imports obtained by accepting Some fishes fill themselves with air foreign valuations does not serve to " anj float bottom up on the surface cover up a huge loss in the apparent when attacked. balance cf trade. j If imports were valued at our cos-' There are, today, 250.000 profes-tom houses today on the same basis sronal begging letter writers in Eng-r.s experts, it would be known that land, according to figures supplied by we have again become a debtor nation, the London Mendicity Society. Will also sell a quantity of First-class Groceries and many other articles too numerous to mention. fx I Here Will be an Exceptional Chance M H H H M H M M H M RALP '4 To Save Moimey SPECIALIST -A Mat 409 U Phone 246 Some Inside Dope About Gotham By Charles Sughroe Worts HiW Um mCEJE, THE PRINTER'S DEVIL 2v ow 4viC aJ(nvr vtL t 4 nsJMJL J KjjXk. fX, Xttt A1VOOV JuOW AMTJA. ArS JjtJUa. j&oasl Atffc- 4wX o5UJC (Baxjw o5wvCt -j&vUm AhaSL auh wnmiiAw WSLML jSLsiAtL, -OW to 5vfl- SjrUMdAul, n rv i cCW JUJt tU, Ac AXzbMA Os(&ru ewJW &x&Ufr 0..'.4- Qm VtAj AltA. 4AM vrtJDJ J . Ok. A II -V. , '.V

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