The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on January 2, 1922 · Page 1
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 1

Fairmount, Indiana
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Monday, January 2, 1922
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r - .ip ' 6f' L L- m TT E EAIEMOTOW 1 PRINTED FOR A PURPOSE TO II F.LP FAIRMOUNT GROW TWICE A WEEK Monday and Thursday. SOUTHERN GRANT COUNTY FIRST ALWAYS. Forty-Fifth Year FAIRMOUNT, INDIANA, MONDAY, JANUARY 2, 1922 Number 9 I NEWS ACADEMY FIVE i WILLIAM MAULEY j TRAMPLED Y COW. ! William .Msirlov. n L-nmvn fnri MARION CURLESS BURIED MONDAY "THAT COLD NEW YEAR'S DAY" Remtuiscenses of Civil War Days As Told By William S. Elliott MASONIC ORDERS INSTALL OFFICERS joint Installation held by masons and order of eastern star Ledge Cereronios Followed P.y Banquet to Nearly One Hundred Mem-" bers w ith Robert A. Morris as Toast-Master Two Charter Members Among Those Present. New Years day for 1922 was like a ! .Prominent Resident of Sway zee Pass ed Away Friday at Age of Seventy Seven Years The funeral of Marion Curless prominent resident of Swayzee, was nVrt tlus m,nS at 10 clock m the First'Mothodist church nt Swayzee. ' . J Rev Thomas D avies conducted the irtPrmnt wn mirl in tho interment was macie in tne Knox Chapel cemetery, 11 r Curless wh di? early Friday morninP- was years old. and one of tne t)est known residents of Sims township. He was a member of the lard of directotrs of the First Nat- I ftCp TA RIOX cr of n Suiwmitvill neighborhood, ts LI J L IV H 1 1 1 III U 1 V taul p with a fractured rib and other . . ' injuries as a result of being trampled QUAKERS LNAULETO 1HU THE a cow Saturday. He was milking COCNTY SEAT BASKET SHOOT the time, ar.d a largo icicle fell from ERS IN AMF. HERE . the mvp ef the bam with such a claU ! ter that the cow on which he was at Local Team Put Up Cood FiM Rut xvork iUHHl to one side, knocking Failed in Attempts to Connect With h,m ,,own an Pepping n him before The lUvket Visitors Made Their ho S P Shots Count Packed (Jtm Witnes " k ses the tme. r amuour.t's first tally in this half ' by shooting a neat one from center. , . . . . , i ,, f . . Engloluut scored a free throw. Nessel Refer t00 wild basket ha'l fans at . . , , . - . , . banked a lorn ono m fivm the Side of the acavlemy gym last r riday iv.cht the tho Roor. NVsscl missed another free Marion " Fivo" defeated the throw. Kiuchart shot one from und-aeadVmy "fig thing live" in a fast and, or the basket. Cecil miscd a free interesting battle by score ef $3-l. throw, but -M field goal from the spring day compared with New Years ' front door and put the prisoners in : .. o- .1 i. ! front then two f u iw n-nn-,4 day of 1m?o, the remembrance of which 1 ,nt,,u u ,rn lwo u suhhi guard over. w ...... , i them in the rear. When we arrived at ! has come down through the years to.. ,. ... " "yl . .Indianapolis we stayed over night for us as "that cold New Year.- Thea rost m, Avrivinc at San I day Wfore I was detailed with eleven dusky just at niM we were placed in t other comrade out of our camp at the an old vacated brick ware room with- ! head of Poplar street in the city of out a floor. There was 4-foot wood Memphis, Tenn., and ordered to gt to put in for our use and we kept a mar. the Irving block in the city and iret imr f;ro air.nm ,.n wnll ll vx-. ional bank of Swayzee nd was at Pne;pnic twelve rx-ln 1 officers and take them to Johnson's Island in Lake Erie, a round inp or inree uousana roues. Beforv starting three of us went to the general in command and told him toul line. J.ctiml soon-d one from th Meld Harvey substituted for Law. son. Nessel pets another long shot, j Kngkhait made a foul. Cecil's place on the 'ds another point Kicn takes line and j Cecil finished ! i"t vve wouut go ana come mrougn capUins and lieutenants and did not , wuer Known, nor more n.pniy re-foul the country of our homes and could he jivo us a particle of trouble, though. SF0- naJ livexl a life of great not give u a furlough for a visit when at Centralis, 111., and Bellfontaine, O., service and usefulness to the commun. Fairmount spring when he tickled:" r way back. He said, "No; but I do not know how long it will takeovers which they refused. Survivors are his wife, Angeline; yon tt Cv to Johnson Island and back ! On mir wnr h'rt wv irtnn.vl n;five daughters, Mrs. Samuel Hannah, draperies from the center of the ! Knr.'chArt titui Xcol s-wrtsl 1 Sm Tivm the ficid nct the clos- "ff momonts of the game. With two ; minutes to go Fairroeunt irievl to stage rally, tut was uv.r.ble to gvt through 1 'M arion defense. "Tiny" Bivwcr held Marion down during the closing mom. j cnt of the m? with some brilliant : - u-dcr the bskot work. Po'h teams s vwo ! '-no s;vnt dur- ; ing the cntiiv i-.ame. no hard feeling : i being showu by either team. Rcfe- : caused a fog or steam to rise so our folks for one week, then came to- ,,K-S KNTERTAIN KD ree Clark did nw;h to make the game thick that the hanks of to river could got her at Fairmount. to go with Walk.! The Baptist Amoma Girls were en-f;-st and clean. jnot K seen much of the time. ,er Winslow to Anderson, who was trainee! b' their teacher Mrs. John Cecil at forward ad "Tiny" Brew-' One time during the day while off then carrying, th- mail between An- Bitner at her home on New Years eve, cr at back guard were by far the out-; duty I went up into the passengercabin derson and Marion in a four horse at a most k'licioUS sJx o'clock dinner, standing stars t r Fairmount. Cecil; which was well filled with reonle stsre coach. While waiting for theThe table decorations and dessert lt,m? resident of the institution. His ; ltim? rresident of the institution. His : result 01 complications, j came as a irroat shock to the commun- i Few men in Gr&nt county were " muxan; .Mrs. nowara oats, vreen. town Mrs- Ro?s Lt?isur. Lafontaine; j Jrrs- Homer McMann. Aliston. On-; to rio, Canada; and thro sons. W. B. j Curless, Swayzee; Glenn Curless, ' Greentovvn, Owen Culess. Fairmount; j and daughter-in-law, Mrs. James Cur. 1 oss !waei B APTIST A MOM A coursa wt?e car 'ors n'c " carried oxit in trie class nd white. After the dinner was servetl, entertainment of the zoning was the exchanging! of New "t ears gifts. Games, fortune ge-'ie-'.n .kiu uum tne micinignt nour wnen tno nveiy party left to go to to Baptist church, wwhore they rang the old year out and the New Year in. Those who enjoyed this splendid evening were Mis-ses Mabel and Florence Ackerman, Maude and Matilda Corbin, Hazel Thompson and Bobbie Weyler, of the elass; guests. Lillian Dunbar, Mrs. Howard Miller, Ethel Coahran, Mr. and Mrs. John John Bitner all who en. joyed this splendid evening,, which will ' long be remembered. .- . CHBISTM ASDINNER HIMELICK HOME T THE ! . i Mr. and Jlrs. Joseph Jlimelick enter-1 ; so wnue you re gvne, you will be marW 'absent on duty. ! Tat pleased us immensely. We took charge of the prisoners, vver.t on W the steamK at Bell Memphis, in- to a prepared room in the ttern on the lower deck. The boat got under way ,?ome time in the night. The next day, ' tne cola .Now e:irs. the air was so was Sv much celder than the water that it "There were two coal stoves partly red hot and most of the crowd was on their fwt. seme walking about and stannv. ing their feet to keen warm. Our place on the boat was verv comfiirt. ; a Me. tn the second day of the New i ear we were furnished a passenger . NEW GRAND JURY WILL EE CALLED Circuit Court Resumes Its Sessk.ns Alter The New Year's Holiday Vacation. I The game was. full ef thrill from the referee whistle til? the timer's stun. While the academy five was defeated by a decisive score they showed a great improvement in both the defense and offense, their cntot fault seem. ' mg be their jwr .cval shvting. t Marion's on, Marion mavie tleir shots count while most of the local went wiv' Ti e game irtcl cut Mow but be- f.rehreo minutes nid ie!u devel- ore! into one ef the fa-te-t that has i i.. ....i,. V"V ll ' IVI.V .. M Vtt V vvx' ' mixk wi;h Ivth tc;nns carrying the ball with ligtcnirg speeL many long shots Ving tric-vl from far out on the evurt. Cecil ef the aca;e:y court c i the drst score of the evening with a five 'brew on a personal foul by Nesso. of the visitors. Marion followed this by working the Ivall down unvler their basket, but Fr.cKhart m;ssel a short one. Mc-Combs cv-ttu-.iiitod a fo-a w;vH Fngle- liart m;sscl. With Fiinnour,t having ;est c!io IV.:'! tv v.r-K b.itt!d 5 wl-cn F.ngle- another thice i-.u v' hart missed another ixx1 tb.ivw. A few scvor.ds later Frcl.'l art evnr.exted with a neat basket from the center cf the rtvr. Cecil onr.ootl again with a fi thrvwv, tie'r.g the cvunt at two. ar.d with both iea-ns 'ig.ti:ig desperately for ti e a 1. Cexil scor- exi aga:n iivn vr.e the fo; line with Svxtt f the locals centmitting a tccliuical foul by walking wit'-, the' haU. Nessel takes Kiv. 'opart's niaee en the fcul lire and sexrevl Marion's ttrst foul of the game. This agvia made a tie with both teams havirg three i-nts tv their credit. NesseM missenl b:s re foul of the ganuv On a held ball a few seevrds liter L:iwson a'ul Soott committesl a double fvul with Cecil making foul for Fait incur. t aiul Nessel missi rg for Marion. At this point Marion opened up their wonderful long ..-hot o'Tensive game with Nessel, Marion's star cen tvr, evnecting with two beautiful shots from near center. Fairmount then t ...... ...i . f..i -v;.., ..tI.,.- starunl to pitch, but took over' ten . . ,, . , , , seconds and the ball was taken back u.. .v. r x-.-... t o-iurr iite mnw, iiju.s was high point tr.n f.r his team ar.d ho also played a clever tloor game. Brewer at haek ruard let Marion ; score two shot tlmuvhout the eon. ! t.-s: all nf ih,ip s!:.vts romtsii? fnm far I out in the court. For Marion Nessel . 'd Knglehart played the best bp be-; a 0 connoo: w;tn the draperies , frm far out on t o cenrt. It was ov (:r the best goal sb.ooting tlut has been seen on the l-v--l :'oor thi season. at Uoor gui a aio p.aye.t a gotM , ganu Line-up and svr.unary: Academy Marion Krglchart ' Ii w son i e ev i Rich Mc Combs Scott Brewer Forwards Center V..1 .vessel j Vi,niJ,; n ,.,r 4 Field coals, Knglehart. T; Nessel Cecil SMcComb-; Yiguo Ix Lamm 1; Law'son 1. ... Voul coal Colli t out of 10 En- v renart o u; .ok i ,f to. r x-. ..v.-.-v. . v-. I Jl, d Kich I out of 1. Substitutions Woods for Seedt; I-mll for WochIs: Harvev for lvvson ; j t I ' j I 1 The beginning and end of the dif-;n I ferent terms of the Grant county: . - . . ... . . irasion. or.e feature of wn-.eb vn a III. We locksd he! day we detailed three of our party to , walk the prisoners three miles across s three miles across ;tne ice on Sandy Bay to the Island. . Our nrUAn u ...i stay. Thev were a nice lot of vounir sympathisers tried to slip them re- dorson. Fairmounfs then nearest rail. . nnui Ration. Ite in the evening we found a man that agreed t0 drive to Joncsboro for $24. Half way between Fairmount and JonesWro I left the spring wagon and walked one mile west to mv father's hnm. ttim- my there between 12 and 1 o'clock in the . ir " " f There was no more sleep morning. There ing there that night. We visited with stage we were loaded down with pre- ; so!ts.and good things Jo eat. Our ar. i rival in ,n.W.m iho fri. Kt- f. Memrdns is now n bl.-irk- in mv mir.J. 'riv.) WiHhlm .Nf I'nl-m.! .l -if 'are the only ones now living that was 'on this trip, KIWANIS MKMBKRS SHEAR RKV. GRANT The Kiwanis club attended the Con. ch.uivh Sunday on invit- ;ation of the pastor, the Rev. Martin ; Lee Grant, and heard n most excellent sermon. The choir had arranged a , ;Hj .,, f,,r ht ne- ie i j quartet ecmsed of Wayne V. Fowler, J.X Monti umery, L. E. Mont- T- -WV t gomery ana r.manuei Kina. Kev. : Grant delivered a forceful sermon on the ambitions of the new year, illus- trating how each of us place's some one thing in our ambitions, endeavors .. ana anections nrsr, u rawing irom xnis - the lesson that none of us may sue- . . 1 U A T , mow t v.i in.i..o ..i v. vv- thorj.ts, and with Him first all things we may endeavor to do, may hope for or we cherish then al- so become hrst along with the religion of Christ and right living. DECEMBER MEETING METHODIST W. F. M. S. The December meeting of the W. F. "i. &. oi tne m. cnurcn, wnicn met with Mrs. Claude Jones Thursday a f- ternoon, was not so largely attended as usual owing to the fact that a number, or tne memoers are oux oi town ior tne holidays. The president, Mrs. Elsie. ITraster, was in Elwood spending Christmas with her brothers, and Mrs.. Samuel Leer, second vice-president ' , i a. i as ti r t presided over me mftuntr. .urs. ijui- Kimes had charge of the devotion? and Mrs. Will Brown gjave the les son. Mrs. Mary McTurnan in dis. cussing current events gape a very in. teresting talk on conditions in China 1 During the social Kbur the hostess and assistant hostesses, Mrs. Claude Jonesv Mrs. Lou Kimes and Mrs. Heck servedl delicious refreshmentss consisting of 1 ginger bread with whipped cream and coffee and tea. The next meeting! of the society will be January 24, with Mrs. O. E. Curless and Mesdames i Langsdon, Moon, Morris and Gunn will assist. EXPECTED TO NAME APPRAISERS SOON It is expected' that Judge1 J. Frank Charles, of the Grant circuit court, will appoint appraisers for the pro- ' nertn of the Fairmount Hieh School I corporation soon, in compliance with the petition set forth in a friendly suit, filed by the Fairmount school board, several weeks ago, m order to complete the formation of a joint high high school corporation with that of Fairmount township. coach at Cairo. .X - ! : j . ; A joint installation of officers of the Eastern Star nd Masmk- orders was held Tuesday evening at the Mas. W. II. FarriH acted as in- a ling stalling ollicer for the Masons and Ed lh isjisu-u. mi; Jiasons installed wore as fallows: Worshipful Master Wayne Fowler Senior Warden Roscoe Kirchcr. Junior Warden John Sieg,el. Treasurer Palmer Ice. Secretary Emanuel Kind. Stewards Ralph Parker. Deacons Dr. J. P. Scale and. Em- Tyler ill mm McCormick. Chaplain John McCorkhill. The follow-in? were installed as officers of the Eastern Star with Mrs. kdith Bev!n?rton installing o.rlcer as- sis ted bp Mrs. Alice Ramsey: Worthy Matron Mrs. S umiell Leer Worthy Patron C. D. Adams. Associate Matron Mrs. Dickey. Conductress Mrs. Bernard Allred. Associate Conductress Mrs. C. D. Adars. Secretary Miss Essie Ink. Treasurer Mrs. Ella Patterson. Ada Matilda Coryin. ; Ruth Mrs. Bert Kelly. Esther Mrs. Laffler. Martha Mrs. R. A. Morris. Electa -Mrs. Ida Heck. Marshall Mrs. Mabel Holliday Chaplain Mrs. Nelson. Pianist Mrs. Lorn Kircher. Warder Mrs. Frank White. Sentinel Frank White. In addition to the regular ceremonies a social hour followed during which sunper was served in th? b.n- quoting hall. R. A. Morris acted as tonstmaster and the responses were along the lino of history of the two orders. There were two charter mem. hers from the Masonic order present. J. J. McEvoy and R. A. Morris, and lone charter rember from th Eastern Star, Mrs. Edith Bevington, also sev- er?l past piasters and matrons, idl of whnm vpsnrniliil to tiasta Vvi- 1 J I . 1 w''re laia iar ninety seme guests ana " ' x" ,UL1V" 11,111 l,,'"-s Valparaiso. . In... 1 f: i. ir.., v Mj Addie. Lcach was a at the home of W. 0. Leach Saturday night and Sunday. At Hell Gate, in New York harbor, tidal currents atttain a velocity of 4.8 knots an hour. The great Harvard Library contains 2,018,000 books. It was started by John Harvard with 300. In eighteen years Luther Burbank' prod wed a perfect ear of corn through culture of teosints, a wild grass. and Mrs. L. H. Carter took a t week to Kirkland where they Niests of Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Mrs. Andrew Wevler and Pertained as guests at dinner V vs day Miss Jennie Rankin, of tolis, Mrs. Dwight Wadsworth land, New Jersey, A. J. Wey-Urbana, 111., Miss Lillian Dun- and Morris Pernod of Fairomunt. J (Mr. and Mrs. Miles Rush, of Rig-don, entertained at their home ' at New "Years dinner, Miss Nell Miller, of Bloomington, Howard Matthews of Bardstown, Ky., Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Wilson, Mr. and Mrs. Oz B. Wilson, (Mrs. Mattie Payne, Mr. and Mr. Wilson Payne and Ernest Baker, of Fair-mount. Rev. and Mrs. L. H. Carter entertained at a splendid New Years dinner thefollowing guests: Rev J. J. Cole-dan, wife and daughter Carrie; Rev. J. T. Pierce, wife and daughter Fay; Luther Kimes, wife and two children, Luther, Jr. and Ruth Anne; Wilson Neal, wife and son John Wilson, ; Jr; Mrs. Mariah Neal and (Mrs. Luther, I'--" A: tained their children and families atithe tab!cs were filled. It was one of Christmas dinner at their home east the most enjoyable banquets given in ef town. A feature of the feast was j this connection. a iarjre fruit cake, weighing fourteen I . ; : . . . .' Alias T. ilium I?hnnrl a ,a vieitirx, Clever.ger for Stark. Scorer,;1 rton -, R,vh M.mmi pA I February term, 1922 Begins teb oe a.. a Men. timers, .Moon ana , Referee lies Clark. InJUn. .h ends APrU 5 other we guard of the visitors, scored from the aj'olis. Up otf from back ef center. Draperie Ticklers Woevl substitute.! for Scott at nexr v ? next game on the Quaker r-iarxi. Cecil makes another frw chevlule is vvith Summitville at Sum-tnrotc. Enclehart fo'Uved this by ! m,tl, v , another clever shot from far out on i "T"y plyin? at back tho to. Stark, Marion's back guard ! the Qf. to makes another personal foul which ( t home only allowing Marion two tl"Ul ii WVIV HIUU'UMt ni l' VIPIN .'V Connelly briday. the circuit court suming its session this morning fol- 'ioing ine nouuay reees. ! " . . TL ..' .... I Jui,-- Charles is expected to call the Srnrui jur' together soon after the j new year t0 investigate the Clifton re- krt anv ?uch othr tu-in'S9 83 . - ticome wiore u. - i I The courf term are as follows: i CIRCUIT COURT November term, Ends Jan. April term Begins April 24; ends July 1. September term Begins Sept. 4; ends Nov. 11. November term Begins Nov. 20; J ends Jan. 27, 1923. SUPERIOR COURT January term Begins Jan. 2; ends Feb. 4. March term Begins March 20; ends April 22. June tern- Begins June 25; ends July 8. October term Begins Oct. 16; ends Nov. 18. PENDLETON TEACHER HURT LN AUTO ACCIDENT Mi sa Emma Coahran, vocational teacher in the Pendleton schools, is at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Coahran, south of town, suffering with two fractured ribs and a painful cut on the arm which she sustained in an automobile accident last Friday. In company with John Randall, of Pendleton, she had started to Indianapolis in a' closed car. A jshort distance from the capital, the car skidded on an icy place in- the road and overturned, ooth occupants being painfully hurt. -Miss' Coahran was brought home in an ambulance. FORMER FAIRMOUNT MAN WITH SHANK REGIME After twenty years steady employ ment with the Fairmount Glass Works at Indianapolis Glenn Scott, formerly a Fairmount resident, has resigned to Uke up woTk with, the dity of Ind- ianapolis, having been appointed , by Mayor Shank as an 4 inspector out of the city engineer's office. Mr. Scott will take up his new work at once. j nminrfs. wh eh was baked and nresent- i .i Air Mr HimolirT.- hv A. D. - I - . . rrt 1 I ,ryan, 01 fairmount. ine cane was, twelve ana a nan lntiies iieiua ami 'five ana a half inches thick, and the Xews dietetic expert is prepared to say that it was of mighty nine quality An interesting momento which graced the table was a small piece of white sponge cake, baked by Mrs. Himelihk 35 years ago, before their marriage. While baking a large cake she had a small piece of dough left, and placed i4. . . . ru;e, Jf wa v-Ved The hag kept in the family ever s.nce and is well preserved. xrc BAPTIST CHURCH Mrs. Harmon Newby, of near Mont-pelier, supplied the Baptist pulpit Sunday morning following Sabbath wh wa8 a a." to near ner preacn. jura, newuj a former resident and member of Fair-molnt Baptist Church and truly has her heart and soul in her work for our Master Jesus. January 1 was tha sixth Wedding an- niversary of Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Rhoads and they and their two sons Lawrence and Clarence, also Mr. and Mrss. J. L. Rhoads and daughter Blanche, spent New Years day at tne Arthur Royal home. A nice dinner and pCasant day was enjoyed by all present. - - - t - - i K taisNevs eo itf en nun, iu? rrom P1'1 K001 passing game. Brewer has shown a decideil imcrove- mrnt in ine lew games in wnicn . . . V . 1 . f V ihasi . , Englehart, Mwon s flashy forward. s Wtj ng flm the field Arid three ra "h f mn ff mng. He also Plaed flr fT , vXl tarKn s floor guard, pulled ttamhot of thvtmnf.tount. liT1 dunn fi,ret few mmtitet of PUy There seemed to be plenty of yell leaders on the floor, Marion having three, while the academy was represented by Pat and Pat. Pat O'Mara opened up with some r.ew stuff, which proved very popular with the audience. The academy students never failed : v: vt: -l .s Z 1 Z tarn defeat. They backed their team nTd1r stron from isUa to whistle, Cecil tripod the light fantastic of the evening from the foul line by mak ing six straight. Richv of the academy, seemed to be A i - 11 M ... Cec-.l turned into a mount. Clevengrr for Marion. Sec re ltiint for Fair- er substituted t e "..-.'v. 1 - get Marion first shot f game. On the rex , olay Nessel foul - vl.. but MCombs shot before before the sound of the referee's xrhistJe, the basket counting. Cecil ! missed his first foul shot of the game.l but McCombs followed the shot up and passed back t0 Cecil, who made a field , marker. Thi, was te best backet ball the Quaker displXed. these fiv point brine r-leitvlhe quick time of j fifteen seHoru!s. Tde Fairmount root - ers -went wild ?rtd hoped for a victory but Englehart ended the Mf with an- nther foul, making t score at half , time at Marion 15, Fairmount 10 Second. Half The second half slarted out with Marion ratting tne tip off and Law-son iorinr from past center. Both ' sides played on eve terms for the next four minutes wjien Umm substituted, for Woods at floor :guard. P1V was resumed again when.Cecil and Nessel i committed a doubUf foul. Englehart; made a foul for Marion, wnue uecu missed for Fairmount Again the two teams battled almost on even terms, i : i 1 ' T V when Englehartotd a field gral by out of tick shooting, as he missed a fake to Brewer. Thiri" z this period , many shots that he has made count in of the game, and mct of the first Fjilf' former games. While not scoring Fairmount had mow shotsthl-. .darion j much ha was al way's in the game do-but all were going wl. Lan.Jt cocctu frig his best. " - Jtmm-'' , , r ' 1 C3!"r 'k.-;-3'V;;-v.;. ' - : ' " I

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