The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on January 5, 1937 · Page 2
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 2

Clinton, Indiana
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Tuesday, January 5, 1937
Page 2
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Tuesday, January 5, 1936 The Daily Clintonian, Clinton, Indiana PAGE TWO COLUMBIA Holland in Festive Mood for Royal Wedding Cost of Berkeley-Directed Moving Pictures Near $10,000 a Minute, But It Comes Back at Box Offices Tuesday and Wednesday I Hague streets decoratejj aid w'-v i - r ie GLORIA STUART nd ROBERT KENT in "The Crime of Dr. Forbes" HOLLYWOOD, Dec. 30 The average cost of a musical picture directed by Bushy Berkeley, famous Winner Brothers' director, la almost t exactly $10,000 a minute i iiniiliiK . Ihe Bong, that has been composed for a picture gives the necessary lu-Rplrallorl for A number. "That's i ne easiest way, but It Isn't always pi'iicllciibln.'1 , Kill when the Idea does come to him. he knows Unit he can spend UP In $10.11110 per minute for It on Ihe urn. i. ii. mill show his studio u hand-Miiii prntlt on (lie Investment. BETTY BOOP n "SONG FOR A DAY" 10c ami 15c READ THE ADS BRAND NEW TONIGHTl '(i Wit;..1 i.yc-'-n'' i Princess Juliana andJUnce Bernhard ! I k ..,' 1 V V ' CAYUGA ITEMS RECEIVEDTODAY Lyday Family Return, to Detroit After VUit Jam Harvey Returns Home ' CATUCA, Jan. 6 Mr. and Mrs. l.eon I.yflay and children have returned to their home In Detroit after spending the pant week hers with Mr. and Mra. fieorne Aston and Dickie l.yday. Jamna Harvey haa returned home frcmi a weeks vlH with Mr- "d Mra. Charloa Vllhelm and aim " Marlon. Mrs. William Baker l III at Vr home. Mra. Claude Olaywell relumed I" (ieorgetnwn Sunday after spondlnii lh past week with her parenta, Mr. ana 'Mra. William (lephart. Allen Thatcher of EdwardsMllle Visited' hla daughter, Mra. Herald Allen; and family Friday night. Mr. and Mrsf A. A. I.aymnn entertained their friends nt a watch party Thursday night. Mra. Mae Harvey and daughter Bartleth. and Miller Taylor of Vlsh-awaka were guests Friday of Mr. and'Mra. Eugene MrMtirtry and sons and 8. C. Harvey. Several persona enjoyed a watch parry at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Warren Coffin. Clyde Williams of Chicago was a week-end guest of 'his father. Dick Williams, Max Harper, Joe Williamson and Otto ftnave of Waveland'were weekend guests of their parents. Mr. and Mra. Virgil Hartman and children, Mr. and Mrs. John Harper and Mr: and Mrs. Dave Harper visited Friday in Danville at the home of Mr. and Mra! Carl Shelto and Mr. and Mra. Kdd Steune and daughters. Miss Jeanne Ewbank of Chicago visited here over the week-end. lime on Ihe screen. Berkeley himself said so today ;inil revealed a neat pane of llguies to prove It. But, II was pointed nut, the pictures bring more Hum $10,0011 a minute Into boiofflces of theuters Hiioiighoiit the world before the prints are worn oat. Berkeley' lists the "Waterfall" number of "Foolllght Parade" as Ills favorite number olid also as the most expensive 10 or 12 minutes lie ever devised for the screen. He thinks that the "Shadow Waltz" number of "Gold Diggers of 11133" probably was the most beautiful single number he ever devised. It cost "very handsomely" he said. Now, in "Oold Diggers of 1937" he has what lie claims to he his most unusual number a complete nirl and song routine without setr. of background. All that the audience sees are girls and while flans. This number ran close to the $10,000 a minute figure because In a way it was ust as expensive to hide the sets and mechanics of a number as It Is to glorify them, lie had been planning some such creation for many years and said today that he was "glad It's now out of my system." Berkeley gets his ideas "where I find them," he said, mostly from mental pictures that emerge from the steam above him when he lies in a hot bath tub in the nirirnin- "There's nothing like a long leisurely hot bath to set one to thinking," he said. "Sometimes I stay In the tub an hour waiting for an idea. "Once in a while the words of pretenu a gparkling variety program "WATCH THE FUN GO BY" AL PEARCE-AND HIS GANG srr , , , , Queen Wllhelmlna "f Royal palace at Amsterdam! TUt V A new orchestra. Client art-1st s. Lively music. Songs lhat sing in the heart. Entertainment that will rock the air. Don't miss Elmer Blurt, the low pressure salesman and others if you can stand laughter that hurts. ports are current that Queen Wllhelmlna plans to abdicate in favor of her daughter within a ahort time. Streets of the city of The Hague presented a festive appearance after citizens had decorated the city with flags and banners carrying the initials of the newlyweds and the royal colors It un t every day that Holland haa a royal wealing so preparations for the union of Crown Princess Juliana and Prince Bernhard von Uppe-Bieaterfeld started long before the gala event. They are shown above as they appeared at the jurgomaster's office to obtain their license. . Re- Population Peak temples tomorrow's theater: "Films jf the future probably will be transmitted to the theater by means of ihe ether waves and later direct Into the homes." . Also listen to "Universal Rhythm," with Rex Chandler and 43-piece orchestra on Friday nights, at 8, orer WLS Short Interviews ROCHESTER, N. Y, The Rev. David Rhys Williams; Unitarian clergyman. urges taxation of churches: "Whatever service the church' renders to the community should be an entirely free gift without exaction or acceptance of tribute In the form of tax exemption." NEW YOKK---Postmaster General James A. Farley tells fellow Irishmen of an accomplishment: "I have Been all the sights of Ireland, and even kissed the blarney stone. It was a lough job, but I did It " COURT NEWS NEWPORT, Jan, 5 The will of Alfred W. Spandau, late of Cayuga, was admitted to probate Monday. All personal property and a life es-tate was bequeathed to the widow, Minnie E. Spandau, the fee simple was given to the children of hif daughter, Jennie L. Mltchel, with a provision that If his daughter died without children, Lily M. Hlnes and TVilllam Volkel would receive two thirds Interest of the real estate af tenants In common, and Lanra C. HOLLYWOOD Cecil H. Demille, Kited motion picture producer, coti MliVEIU.Y. HILLS, Cnl. Jean-ette Mai Donald,, film songbird, discusses her forthcoming marriage to (ione Raymond: "A happy marriage is a progressive, and growing thing, not to be treated casually. We selected June, because It is more Of U.S. Will Be Reached in 1950 STATE COLLEGE, Fa., Jan. 4 Population In the United States will each its peak about 1950, accurd-ng to Dr. Oliver E. Baker, senior 'conoiuist of the 0. S: Department if Agriculture. in an address at Pennsylvania ilate College here, Dr. Baker said iiis forecast was based on the nations declining birthrate which, oupled with restricted immigration, ihould bring the population to a peak of approximately 1S5,000,000 ir 140,000.000 by 1S50. Births decrease with urbanization, the econopiist declared, setting forth as bis contention that "on the farm" the family is tlie economic unit, while in the city the '(dividual is the economic unit. '"On the farm." said Dr. Baker, 'there is a common interest for members of tlie family." He in-'erred that city life left the family no "common denominator." Only two-thirds of the children necessary to maintain the popula- Stevens one-third Interest. Jennie Start the New Year Right with li. Mitchell was named executrix ol the will and has qualified as such giving; bond In' the sum of J.1,000 The' "will was written on Novembe; 8, 1921. llon of large cities are born in those cities. Dr. Baker averred, stating migration from rural areas must supply the other third. As a result, he said, cities must be vitally inter-esteil in educating and training those 'rutnre residents" to come to the city. The danger of a declining population. Dr. Baker concluded, lies in the fact lhat a diminishing population is an ugini; one. Insofar as the farmer is concerned he said, this meant a decline' in farm products, since children drink mure milk and eat more cereals, while adults eat more meats. NEW YORK Magistrate Frank Oliver wants to speed np New York-Justice: "There should he Immediate arraignment before a trial - court without Ihe Intervening grand Jury, as is done in most western states;" BETTER LIGHT for BETTER SIGHT Judge O. Edward Bingham hat named Judge Howard V. Hancock o' the Parke circuit court, Judge Albert R. Owens of Vigo circuit court and Judge Claude Philpott of the Fountain1 circuit court from whicl' to select a special judge to hear the cause1 of Edgar McKmney et al vs. Mary M. Galloway. The change of If Vv5i - " -' VUl, L 1 venue ffom. the judge was granted upon affidavit of defendant. 'mEfvcruRBA Peattl sweeps uui pi me u.uuus; i The plaintiffs are seeking to share in an estate of approximate 25c MON.-TUES. 10c ly $150,000, claiming a one-half in terest as children of an illegitimate Bon of David Galloway, who left all his property to his widow, Mary M Galloway, the defendant. The change of venue has not been com. pleted. Cecil Staley of Dana ha filed a petition in Vermillion circuit court Prevr llrktlnc btiw in prouet r-kskt. CcBMitfear mym apaclsiltt n follow kirn raooB MBdatiou. A DW BMr Stvbt Lm IllaMlBktlBf Eb-flnw h ftocfatr) WlU hlP ... CM tfti UmiI mo4to M your 4lw' m Reeking the appointment aa a r,uar-dian of her father. Franklin' D Smith, who waa recently adjudged Insane. The petition stales that he was committed to the iusans hospital at Evansvllle, a few dayB ago. No court ruling has been made on the petition. Petitioner is represented In court by Attorneys Wait & Carithers. Newport. s im v Thouaaafls of people WAtt for thle animal Kale f KI'TKX DHkl.k KfWiB VKl.M'M printed ktatlotiery. Httrhtff JnnuArr only vou can buv HVTKX l)TKI,K 10 fX J K VMJ.VM httloiMrr In doubl tlie- uausl 4)ua tlty . . . 104 Hkeeta and lOO wrrr-lopea . . . printed with your Monti-Itrnm or Name and Address for only M0. Two Ktxea . . . lance flat Mm or matt double lkeeta. Hue Mmrki at The flatty Climontan office. adv. Mi lilf V O One'of the b New Yetr! MtolBtioM you can make is to protect your family' precious eyesight this year, and for years to come, by making sure they have propee light Sight protection is important: one out of every five school children has defective vision, two of every five persons between 30 and 40 suffer from impaired eyes, and defective vision is found in four of every five people over .50. Improved lighting, cannot repair damaged vision, but proper light can protect young eyes and help old eyes see better. Resolve now to provide better lighijforjjettersighu NORTHERN INDIANA POWER COMPANY J with . PLUS . . Nj 'Go West Young Man V ToonervtUe Picnic" WARREN HULL JEAN MUIR JOHN LYTELL A WARNER BROS -Ul NAT L PICTUHC WANTED Hides Iron Rags Metal and Paper Highest .Prices Paid A. Duxnes Water Street" ' Topic Blonde Bomber' 10c-25c w a a a a sDot WILLIAM SCOTT ALICE BRAOY -u-Nfr, (diatoik tmtnm boM InSI tyto ToMt fritg9 hr MM mi m f MANWSl COMfN fMArttiM tr MtNlt HAlMt r t TONITE Popular Science-News-Coraedy

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