The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on January 4, 1937 · Page 6
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 6

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, January 4, 1937
Page 6
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Monday, January 4, 1937 Tlie Dally Clintonian, Clinton, Indiana PAGE SIX Drowns Her Son, Begs to Die CLASSIFIED APS MAX REPORTED MAKING PLANS TO DODGE JOE (Continued from Piiga f) WANTED A Three Days' Cough Is Your Danger Signal No matter how many medicines you' have tried for your cough, chest cold or bronchial Irritation, you can get relief now with Creomulslon. Serious trouble may be brewing and you cannot afford to take a chance with anything less than Creomulslon, which ?ocs right to the seat ot the trouble o aid nature to soothe and heal the Inflamed membranes as the germ-laden plilum is loosened and expelled. Even if other remedies have failed, don't be discouraged, your druggist Is authorized to guarantee Creomulslon and to refund your money If you are not KiitlKflcd with results from the very first bottle . Oct Creomulslon right now. (Adv.), COURT NEWS NEWPORT, Jan. 4. Jean niythe Dunn of Dana was granted a divorce in Vermillion circuit court Saturday from Arthur Dunn on grounds of cruel and inhuman treatment. The plaintiff's maiden name of Blythe was restored. The couple was married Sept. 20, 1931, and separated Aug. 21, 1936. Plaintiff was represented in court by Attorneys Bruce Nichols of Dana and Walt ft Carithers of Newport. Defendant waa represented by Attorney Homer D. Ingram, Newport1. Lady to work as dishwasher and second cook. Clinton Hotel. t48 FOUND Rates (or Classified Ads and Paid Notices First day of insertion: 8c for each reading line (one column line, like one of these). Next two days insertion: the same 8c charge (you get three days at double the cost of the first day). Next three days insertion: the same 8c charge (you get a whole week, six days, at three times the cost of one insertion). Each group of three days thereafter, 8c a line. Mack Face (like this), 10c per line. Mansfield tire and rim. 600 by 80. Inquire at Clintonian office and pay for this ad. tr0 PAID NOTICES with Louis, lo say nothing of the $25,000 bond he ha ugreed In let the local commission dike out of bis Brnddock money as evldem-e of his Intention to return. Moiem-er, I feel able lo stute with conllil"nce that money of any kind means very little more to Hrlnm-llng tliiin tils jugular vein. But he prnlmhly hopes to InigKle that $25,00(1 mi l of us, mn.-e it doesn't happen to be ours iniyliow. and as for the rest, he'll Ink" It out In prestige as Hie symbol of (ierpuin superiority (Irst. as die only mini In history lo win the lienvywi-lulil championship (wire and, seciuul, as a party who Is so ilownru-lit imhhI that he has to p-iirc It's a siipi-rli program, with only one tiling against It. I don'l think he'll even heat llrnil-rtock in Juno. Joseph Scioldo entered a plea of not guilly to a charge of assault and battery with intent to kill. Scioldo Is alleged to have assaulted Oeorge Davis with a razor on Dec. 24. Bond was set at $200. and no date has been named for the trial. 4'AKD OK THANKS We wish to thank all those who assisted us In the brief illness and death of our beloved wife, mother and daughter, Olive Syme Roe. nr., nanAAlDllu ivich in thnnlr the We Pay 5c per W ' v J , ,t ,i aiWMAtiiyfAfefla . All classified ads including nicino-rlamfl and notices of all kinds must be paid In advance encept those by regular customers whose accounts are paid monthly or those from organization whoso bills must be allowed before being paid. In the lultcr case the person asking the publication of the notice will be held responsible for lt payment Rev. E. Duane Thlstlethwaite, Frist funeral home and all the donors of flowers and cars, also your "Home pound for large clean Cotton Rags Daily Clintonian. Joseph Kyle was arraigned here Saturday. He pleaded not guilty, to the charge of failure to provide. Bond was set at $100. Towner" for the trinute paia. John Roe and son, Billy; William Syme and family; Perry Roe and family, and other relatives. t48 FOR SALE For Sale Coal Markets FOURTH VKIN COAL, UNIVERSAL, MMMI WIV L. AMI BLACK BRTTV NO. 8. HAKLEV HUFF Mr. and Mrs. Michael Btegowskl Tired of a drab existence, Mr. Marlon Btegowskl of Chicago dragged her 12-year-old son with her into the Icy waters of Lake Michigan but an Ironic fat Intervened and she waa saved while her son went to hia death. This plctur waa taken at a Chicago polic station as her husband, Michael, attempted to comfort her after the trariwlv. MAN. PHONE 10. Three rooms of furniture. Write Box s, 442, Clinton, Indiana, tsa Monuments and markoiB. Best granite. High class workmanship. Prices and estimates gladly given. Carl D. Williams, 4 25 Lincoln St., Fairview. Clinton, lnd. t49 Alfalfa hay. Mack Donnelly, Shep-ardsvllle. , t5u FIFTH A NO SIXTH VEIN COAL. ATTEIilV CALL ME FOR PRICKS. DELIVERED. ANDY JOHNSON, TEL EPHONE 915-13. MMV FRANK TRIAL for HAS NATIONAL FOR RENT FRANK HELEGDA DIES SUNDAY IN LOCAL HOSPITAL Cheap. t48' Pedigreed Pekingese pups. 350 Vine street. SIGNIFICANCE CHICAGO. Jan. 4 The hog market was stow today and mostly 18 to 15c lower than iast Saturday but Bteady with Thursday. The early top w ,$10.65 for heavy and medium weights with some prime hogs held at. $10.70 and higher. Ship-i pers were active buyers hut the big packers were bearish and bought sparingly in the early BesBion. Receipts were 36,000. Cattle receipts totaled 18,000. A few of the best yearlings were quoted steady but the tendency of the plain and medium quality heavy weights was downward. Cows and heifers sold steady to lower with demand strong for good yearling heifers. Bulls and calves met with a good demand and were reported steady at last week's advance. In the sheep market receipts were Electric washer. 2i25 N. 7th St. t4 8 8-room house. Rent reasonable. Innulre 847 South 3rd St. t49 (Continued from Page 1) (Continued from P go 1) 193R V8 11-ton truck. Low mileage, good tires, reasonable price i. n.un TT-nirvlew. t49 Modern single or light housekeeping rooms. 650 S. 4th St. t50 the school's dlrly linen that is al farm EJomos And Others Without. Flei-lrlclty! Sl'IXIAIM: CROSI.EY, 5-tiibe labli model, all new battery 25 equipment, lull new guariinlM-. ciiniplele !r. vr ll-lmnroved, 4 miles 40 WANTED TO BUY charges, which are expected to be made today upon the arrival of Eaton J. Dudley, prosecuting attorney. Local police believed she would be given a sanity test. most sure to he given a public washing nt the trial, then his place In the national spotlight will be en-l.'trged roiiKlilerahly. (lood used typewriter. Reasonable east oi unniun. mini.."- session. Also 5 acres, well improved, 21 miles northwest of Rosedale. t. M. Brown, 759 Elm street. t48tf price. Inquire 300 N. 3rd St. 14S The attendant publicity Is a rare 17,000 which looked excessive to opportunity to help his own reputa buyers and early bids for lambs For Sale or Trade Business Services were lower. Salesmen held on for tion, hy pulling up a dignified yet vigorous fight, as he has announced ho will do, he has a chance to build l-HIM'll. n-lube cabinet model, HWtl series with it steady rates. CONGRESS FACES HEAVY PROGRAM; STARTS TUESDAY (Continued from Page 1) wave bands, gets foreign Mnlioln, gnu rim teed 1)0 days, a real bargain 1II3C Ford pick-up. Excellent condition. 560 S. 4th St., Clinton t49' CHICAGO, Jan. 4. In the first Furs tanned and made up. Red or gray fox chokers, $6.00. Wayne Livengood, Hlllsboro, Indiana. t49 up his nipututlon no small degree. A polished orator and keen thinker, he is likely to do Just that. session of the new year, grains were in demand at the opening today with wheat to c up. Corn gained to lc and oats was 14 to $51.75 $53.50 $67.00 PHIIOO, nevr'll:l7 console model, 5 lubes, beautiful cabinet, for quick sale That doesn't necessarily mean he won't he rired. The regents have MAN'S HEART SKIPS been Informally polled and are said I'HILCO, new 137 console model, 0 tubes, foreign band, you save money on Ibis to be 8 to 7 against Frank. BEATS DUE TO GAS W. L. Adams was bloated so with SHOW-DOWN IS DUE TODAY ON FLORIDA BATTLEjOFMAYORS (Continued from Page 1) c up. WHEAT: May. 135-USU; July. 118-119; Sept. 116. CORN: (new) May, 109-110; July, 105-106; Sept., 101; (old) May. 107; July. 101. OATS: May, 52-H; July, 46-4 !; Sept., 4 3 V4. can that his heart often missed beats after eating. Adlerika rid him of A National Kvent! . . . IIYTEX Dl'K'KI.K KIHIR VK1.LUM printed all gas. and now he eats anything expiring public works act or such activities will cease. 4. Agriculture: It must reappro-prlate for farm benefits under the soil conservation program or farm relief will stop. Incidentally, the soil conservation service itself must be extended or it will die by midyear. So, too, the federal farm mortgage corporation and federal surplus commodity corporation must be extended or allowed to die. A farm tenancy act also will be considered. ( and feels fine. Powell's Pharmacy. adv N-7 stationery , . , double the usual ouantitv . . . 100 sheets and 100 envelopes of this fine Deckle Edge Fl RMTntK III (JS HTOVF.S "Quality First, Prices Always loweil" itai-tM Klin Street. Phono 301 Service and Reward Service to a just cause rewards the worker with more real happiness and satisfaction than any other venture of life. paper . . . printed with your Monogram or Nume and Address for $1.00 . . . January only! On sule nt The Dally Clintonian office. adv. Famous Playwright Has No Interest in Mavor Armstrong was anxious to prolong the hearing in circuit court until after noon tomorrow. Gov. Sholtz will Btep down from the governor's chair at noon tomorrow to be succeeded by Fred P. Cone, and Mayor Armstrong is hoping that a change in state administrations will bring a change in her own fortunes. "" OFFICERS COMB WOODS FOR NEW KIDNAP SUSPECT (Continued from Page 1) a roe ip UNION CONSIDERS GENERAL STRIKE FOR GM PLANTS (Coutlnued from Page 1) glimpse of the license plate. The watchman described hia rough-talking visitor as dark, about Mercy Death Move LONDON, Jan. 4 When one gets to be eighty years old, one doesn't want any measures for hastening an end to lfe! Such was the retort of George Bernard Shaw when asked by International News Service to comment on the "mercy death" bill. This bill, which would legalize suicide in incurable disease cases, would give such people the right virtualy to sign their own death warrants. Administering of this painless death to persons suffering from painful and incurable diseases Is known as euthanasia. When asked what he thought of it, Shaw said: "At my age. euthanasia doesn't interest me, I don't want or need anything to hasten my end. I am soon going to be my own 40 years of age, weight about 150, height 6 feet 9 Inches, with sharp eyes and a "long, flat nose with FOR EVERY PURPOSE wide nostrils." ' as It sees tit In event GM officials refuse to negotiate on the national basis it demands. At least 80,000 paychecks amounting to an estimated $40,000 hourly 1iave been cut off as a result of strikes, and parts shortages on 13 GM fronts in five states. VATICAN REPORT INCREASES FEAR FOR ILL PONTIFF (Continued from Page 1) that while the ulcerous condition of Eggs Age Old Food Eggs have been an important article of food from the earliest time. They were hunted by the cave man and eaten raw. They were also used as a means of barter and exchange. the Pope's left leg may have re sponded to treatment or at least has For: Banquets Reunions Socials Scenery For: Picnics Dinners Lodges Home Use not become aggravated, his heart and respiratory apparatus appear to be succumbing gradually to old age Seek Fingerprints of Kidnaper and the toxic condition of his blood due to uremia and other complica tions. The Vatican Insists, however, the Pope remains in complete possession of his mental faculties and this 'I J. F. Flynnl morning was strong enough to re-J celve Papal Secretary of Stale Cardinal Pacelli and Cardinal Hlslctl! - IU1LIQ Jf aT " T I IIIMI of the congregation of seminaries. Cardinal Dougherty of Pbilndel phia, who saw the pontiff yesterday confirmed he Is vigorous and alert We Have Installed a "Jiffy" Re-Winder Clean, White Newsprint in Convenient Rolls No Cores to Carry! No Deposits Required! ... : 'Vl : ;':s !-.- 3 : a - . . Jf -j " FIFTH VICTIM DIES KOKOMO, Ind., Jan. 4. Mary Boskey, 14, died In St. Joseph hospital last night, fifth victim of a Fairfield crossing accident in which a Nickle Plate freight train demolished an automobile carrying six El-wood residents. Three of the victims died instantly. ,m ' n"- To be sure that a roll of the size you will require will be waiting for you, we suggest that you call The Daily Clintonian, Phone 41 or 117, and Order paper from th Jiffy Re-winder in advance. Rolled to Your Order IN ANY AMOUNT 10 Yards Equal One Pound Paper Is 34 Inches Wide 2 lbs. 25c Save wear and tear on linen. Just use clean, white paper on the tables at your next organization dinner. It costs only a few cents and may be burned afterward. Try it once. That's all we ask. - sf V - . i Sudan Sparsely Peopled The Anglo-Egyptian Sudan, one-third the size of continental United States in area, has a population of but 5,000.000 4 Thousands of people wait for this annual sale of RYTE.V DI-X'Kl.K KIH.K VIXI.I M primed stationery. Diirins: Januarv onlv you can buy RVTK.K DKCIiI.E KIMiK VKIXl'M si at lunery in double the usual quantity . . . HH Kliee-ls ami 1K envelopes . . . printi-d with your Monogram or Xame Mnd Address for only Hue Daily Qmtomae ' " JternationaLlU'UlaiSsd-1' BoytfdpMa One of the few clues to the kidnaper of 10-year-old Charles Matt-Vt,Zl Wash was a cup from which the abductor was be-rvedr coff"tn a restaurant Just before bKtnto the Mattson home. J. F. Flynn. a flngerpnnt expert, ts ahown t amlning the cup tot poaslbl togerprlnU. $1,110. Two sizes . . . large flat sheets or smart double aheels. Hee samples at The Dally Clintonian office, adv. 4

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