The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on January 4, 1937 · Page 5
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 5

Clinton, Indiana
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Monday, January 4, 1937
Page 5
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page five The Daily Clintoman, Clintoiy Indiana Monday, January 4, 1937 MAX REPORTED Iti CaUfornia Gold Rush DONALD BUDGE Howard Jones Is Favored for Grid Position at Iowa VINES, PERRY IH WORKOUTS FOR GARDEN MATCH Clinton Bowlers Lose 3 Matches Here on Sunday Sunday was a had day lor loi-nl tennis III the t ' 1 l r t 1 1 howling alleiM MING PLANS TO DODGE JOE NAMED RANKING TENUIS PLAYER Walsh Says Schmeling Will Pull F.xprrls Say Professional King Will Butcher Eniililman Wednesday; l-nrge Cate Certain Alice Marble Heads Women' WhelM three milli'hes were plaveil nuil three were won by viitmg emit-lilualliiiis. The cin.'k Corn t'ohl live from Terre llanle whipped the In nun.. In- more Ihan I it puis, the Clllilnlilain lost In Hi dinu M'-alu Tunncy Act After Beming Braddock If H Can Brat Him IOWA f'lTY. Jim. 4. Howard .lonea. Hniilliern California conch, was the favorite on the rumpus t-day as a successor to the Iowa rnuililiiK post left vaciinl by the re-l(!iiiitl(in of ()sle Solum. Act Inn on the select Ion of n new couch will probably he taken ut Ibe nibloile hoard's meeting on Tuesday or Wednesday. Members Mild unofficially they hud no one Individual in mind un.l Intended to survey the entire field of prospects before LUt Result of Victory uver Helen Jacobs; Grant Placed Third NEW, YORK, lan. 4 J. Donald IIikIrb. of Oakland, Cul.. Is Hip No. 1 tennis player of tbs United Stales. Budge, heads the men and Mint- ' another Terre Maine until! hv lilnuisl il pin", and a women's leani ' from llaiiillle. III.. SIIOWi'll Ulldel making offers. Jf All. Marble of San Frnneiseo, the iBtlonaf Women's singles champion. is.nd the ladles III the national Kt WSHoStins W Ht6H-vm llie llian.i girls by a margin of -'" I West. Coi n Cola lead off in. in. grubbed individual honors with games t 2S5. 232. 212 and 191. Jules Heiuieiii, Diana anchor man. rolled an even Dim total. Siinininry : Coca Cola Wnest 232 212 1 i 1 R. Cottrell Ifil 171 2Ui B. Cottrell 187 17S 192 Welch 12 2U2 isn Kruse . 170 214 197 ranking list whlcn will If presented IW'Y 'W Bis Monty. ,r NI'IV Y'HfK. Jan. 4. Kllsworlh Vim s, ihe pini'esiional tennis chain-Pi,, n or Hie world, and I-'red 1'errv. .mill recently ruler of equally comprehensive amateur territory, went Into the stage, of training hero loday for their match at Madison Square Harden Wednesday night, with a re -ord-breaklt'.g crowd for pro tennis assured. While they trained on separate courts against an assortment of spiu-rlii"? partners, the wliite-pantled tennis set could scarcely waft for their meeting, wilh the result that, interest was more or less epidemic and the Kale approximating $31,000 for Vines' meeting with Big Bill Tilden three years ae,o already has been passed. Bit! Onto Seen for final approval by the United States Lawn Tennis Association Jones, who couched the Iowa team from llllfl to 1923. has many friends In town and would he a popular leader for the Ilawkeyes. He still owns a home here. Which may be a factor in Inducing him tc return, providing the council Is able to offer a large enough salary. Solem'n agreement with Syracuse, It was understood here, calls for an li I OF GOLf- month' Annroval Is a mere Hi !tvn i. w.u.sii N W YOltK. .I"U. t H nun! be I lu t Ihiete liixl I'ive vanillin lb" "lb-r nluht lilt me pri'lly hutil Im-ciiiiw. ivlilli everybody else li displaying :i masterly grnsp upon what's xo-ing to lulie place In Miiiris during l!U7. all I I'll II think of linlay Is mniethlnK that won't. Briefly. If .-Vhnieling wins Ibe heavyweight 'liiinipionshlp In June, he won't be buck, ns arranged, lo flVht l.onis In September. As n matter of fart. It's entirely nrobuhle that ho won't he hark to light Louis any time. I'nless. in a manner of speaking. I'm being very reliably misinformed. Sehmeling intends to do a Tunney after the .Tune meeting, make one last fislit against "Time reliable chump back home and retire undefeated. the champion's cut of a big purse I realize that he'll he sacrificing Cnhflnnpff' on Psee n Smith- usr awuy v y r WlNAJWS champ is X formality. , hot oai -me- TRAit- iJrJar'i Frank Parker, 21-year-old protege of Mercer Beasley, ranked In the ; uif 1 9U97- I . Of tUIFOfSMIAf 40J l' f CAH you 1 SOL F SOLD-- I , -BisrPrryme -jr I if umoH-mtse f ? flrnt ten for the fourth year In sue tll.000 annual salary for three cession, wa elevated from seventh veais. The contract also Includes !l II II 2S29 152 1511 174 2119 202 Totals 8112 977 Total pins Klnna Sweet Shop Colombo -. 159 19T. Muidock 176 190 Braziikas 172 193 Ave 171 195 Benetti 204 194 an additional two-yenr option on his to .No. 2 as the result of a highly satisfactory record in the pre-choin-nldnshln com petition. ' . . lervlccs. Totals 82 957 8S4 2723 Authority for the optimistic financial statement is Francis T. Hunter, the old Davis cupper, h'i has a share in Ibe promotion of thif meet lug and others to follow. He predicts a $40.0110 turnout, notwithstanding the fact that Perry is not Total pins (Veiling Meats Cahill 127 Stewart ls l.iindsiriim 112 TODAYS didn't fit, but whose trigger fingers and eyes had been sharpened by years of knocking' off quail on fhe fly. They even had the fire laddies out to wave their big canvas water snakes in a most sinister manner. Before the battle ends no one would be surprised to see the rival gentlemen resort to depth bombs, boiling oil, well poisoning. 157 139 142 191 12'2 ir,2 155 120 1112 164 Clinton Netters ('harlech 208 SPORTPARAPE Oeding 115 Win Out Against His tnstallatlon ahead of Bltsy Grant, the Atlanta molecule, la In the nature of a mild surprise. Oranl was betieved to have Improved his chances of beating out Parker by an excellent showing in the national tournament, where he was one ol the last American survivors and succeeded in extending Fred1 Perry, the utimate winner, In a' terrific basp-line duel. t Bobby Riggs, of Los Angeles, who won heraldy as a future Davis cup and aancer warrior, not only appears In the first ten for the first time but holds the nlgb and mighty seat of No. 4. ft hi equivalent to Davis cup rating. and thumb-screws. What makes this spirit this win to win so amazing is the meager- e.vnerted lo do much better man hold Ibe score close. The critb-s say The tall boy from California will simply pnlverize the Englishman with blistering speed, as he did in international competition when both were amateurs. Vines won four out of six through 1933. the Inst time, except for a practice match which Vines took in straight sets during the nationals last September. n of the reward to the winner. Totals 1170 753 751 Total pins 2114 The Daily f 'lintonlan Smith 14 14 IK' A. Van Horn 115 124 85 Daniels 129 149 127 Hope 147 92 99 F. Van Horn 153 124 14S Handicap 60 60 J!0 Totals 750 698 629 Total pins 2077 Ty Cobb slid for a banker's salary. fiercest competitive spirits would DAYTONA BEACH. Fl., Jan. 4. Alumni Saturday With players on both teams hitting the basket with regularity, the Clinton varsity hasketeers beat an all-siar aggregation of ex-Wildcats 4(i to .IS, at the local gymnasium Saturday afternoon. Bennett, Ber-risford and Berto snagged four Held goals each, while Schuman and Bos slick made three apiece. Uonacorsi ?i)t himself a pair. Dempsey got off the floor to stioot for millions and Sande rode for five not be cast for the athletes. Ty Cobb, spikes high, hitting it into third. Two days ago It would have been, figure purses. 1 but not now. For I have been in Hut not these stout-heartea. un Jack Dempsey, the hammers langlng In his head, getting off the Daytona Beach-the past two days quenchable-spirit Daytona Beach politicians. Whichever mayor wins and have observed some gentlemen floor and going on to win. League Howling AMERICAN LEAGUE 120 whose spirits could spot those of Danville Walker 159 Manning 105 Smith 117 athletes a ten-pound pull in the Standings 120 103 118 116 112 Jones, Waugh, Marietta. Cvengros 127 93 160 142 will get only $150 a month pay. ano the commissioners only a third that. While J150 a month is not to be sneezed at, It hardly constitutes the MINNESOTA COPS ROCKNE TROPH CHAMPAIGN, III., Jan. 4 Prot Frank O. Dickinson tonight will pre weights and romp home In a breeze. Neff 101 nnri McDonald comprised ihe team The gentlemen I refer to are poli CHI 102 nrt of money a man gets out his ticians the politicians who, even as I write this, are engaged in a Totals 584 569 642 Total pins ll!,r' s;x-shooter to defend or win. If he Teams Won Lost Pet. American Legion ... 21 S .875 The Dally Cllntonla 17 7 .708 Rexall Store 1 10 .582 Clinton -Pure Milk ..11 1 .468 Winters Drugs 10 14 .417 Mike Anto Body Shop 8 16 .333 Butter Krust Bread . 8 16 .333 Daniels Produce ... 7 17 .292 Tilden, with match point against him. lashing out hiB cannonball for an ace. Sande, lengths behind at the top of the stretch, booting and beating another one in. Those are very fine examples of the spirit that's known as competitive. Some of you may think they constitute the finest samples of the (lame that won't ibe quenched. But F don't, and even though it may aot plugged If would take an entire year's ray to get vulcanized and out put on the floor by the losers. The holidays were practice days for the local netters and coach ' Sluteville. who has been driving his charges hard, taking advantage of Ihe mid-winter lay-off to work out as another attack and a more certain defense. The next contest on the road again. ' battle for the control of this city's town hall and government. There are two groups and they really have been going at it. On Friday their zeal to win made them drag out roscoes, bats, tommy guns, lllnnas 101 1311 79 135 125 72 102 7li 11S 121 114 103 70 126 nr. I.anzone Mills Cooper . . Pesavento Black . . . sent the Rockne trophy to the University of .Minnesota as winners this via:' of his system of ranking the country's football teams. Minnesota thus has two legs on permanent possessioti of the award, having been chosen also In 1921. Southern Methodist won it last year. Ahvaalvea Are MinetAlfl T nmntttn TAB.- f'.IIflHla scheduled for the Wildcats will he typewriters and other forms of light 576 4S9 1594 Abrasives are minerals used in grinding, cutting or sharpening cut TS?r Mauship, 135; .Rader. 128: Totals . . . Total pins artillery, and also four companies constitute treason on the part of a sportswriter to say so my vote for ther group" of men who have the played against fiainhridge here Fri day night. of rural militiamen whose tin hats ting tools ana also lor Bentley, 127; M. Jamea, CllntoirlaBw-F. Van- Horn, 141: Carey, 137; Hope, 136; Tate, 135; Smltb, 14: A. Van Horn, 128. Rexall T. Griffith, 152; Boyd, 146; Stevenson, 140; Casebeer, 181; M. wntte, izy; Ham, hi. Pure Milk Tuberosa, 147; Var- da. 144; Mottloda, 141; Ruffattola, s t ' 138; Nora, 133; rrancneuo, iuo. Winters Stewart, 158; Collins, 136; Montgomery, 129; 8. Asbury. 126; Winters, J14; Burroughs, 93. Mike's Combs, 168; Weir. 13C; Nardl, 122; J. Rendaci, 120; Wel-ker, 116; M. Rendaci, 109. Butter Krust Cooper, 144; Hor-hey. 132; Kirk man, 131; P. Meyer, 130; Bartlett. 12,2; C. Meyer, HO". Daniels Tasso, 159; Berrisford. 136: Daniels, 130; Fowl, 118; Walker, 104; Archer, 92. High Individual Tasso, Daniels. 21. High Team Legion, 820. t THIMBLE THEATRE By E. C SECAR r-P? M'J' ferS' PW 'A m f S V ' kSSvi-N J ' guv but no nn i VTpT J?t3? - cay gPEVg U .J 1 f --- I-- ',;iu'' j f "-t TILLIE THE TOILER ' By RUSS WESTOVER i 5 A MAC ' "THAT WAS A FINE tfjESTUSE, l-ETTIM5 I I I (Stt&T SCOTT J ) 100 h.- j&i t0lcka v,hat.s that! WoSt. Tonight's Schedule 7:00 P. M. Legion vs. Butter Krnst. Daniels vs. Pure Milk. 9:00 P. M. Cllntonian vs. Mike. Winters vs. Rexall. I FTTFJRMEN TO HAVE CLUEROOM Another Btep forward was taken by the "C" club today, when it was announced thai a cltlb room had been made available for the large group of Clinton lettermen who Kaio that jo st vh n rii .r L7 IrJ- J I ZZ T m? ,Cj s7A I were orgsnised this year. 1 , A BpecJal meeting of the club has been called for 7:30 p. m, Tuesday at the L'Amor cafe. is?mmL ,., A ,.... ix. i I I , -i.i..i ... -.. i i 1 , . . : Jm Secret Operative 48 DANN DUNN TORINO CAFE FRIED FISH EVERY NIGHT BEER 254 North Ninth Street CJHE TWO DARING OPERATIVES VUADE m rr it WW IA THEY ROUMD THE WftNT ANOTHER OPERATIVE s-.ri ckiiutrJPD I I'LL. THE BOMBS I HERE WE ARE, BAB5, -ri .e( ,1111 1 QT lK Ol AIK1 UIFM THIS IS BASS, TOMMY-GET SOME COATS ANO WRAP HER UP AE CAN CARRV FOUR OF GO 1 ,,r- ii,rrrc 1rPD WITH I APE RIGHT HERE, DAN OF THE DEADLY COUNTERFEITING SMP ( i i WHERE ARE THE , THE SHIP UNDER HEAVY FIRE YOU 8 1 .... . -I- k I-M1 I WANT VOU TO ' 6ET BEHIND THOSE ROCKS WHERE VOUlL BE SAFE I'M GOING TO BE VERV ftUSV FOR THE luft yuPl L BCARO IT HELP. U BOMBj j mytt DAN, . STEADY NOW, 1 !-.' THROU&H THAT LOWER GANGWAY AMD GAS EM I rw REACfV .' THIS WILL BE TTJ l - INTO SURRENDER NEXT HALF HOUR 'C-, y rKtVH l-r-i T DANCING o z a x Dorman's Tavern Good Orchestra Your ;Fvorite Beer On Tap Wines liquor M'nted Dtimlu

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