The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on December 22, 1921 · Page 5
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 5

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 22, 1921
Page 5
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THE FAIRMOUNT NEWS Mrs. Sarah Briles and daughter, sorry to hear of the death of Robert 1 land, Mrs. Ruth White and son Leo ! gin Monday. One or two new bleach-Parker, which occured at his honie in arid Bert Ball of Marion, Mr. and j ers will be made and the oM on w;n ivtinn lnef iVo.lnnpH r, r DnVin.!- m niwa TV.T if f liKenn ami eon I .ntiflpa nnH i Miss Maude, will spend Christmas with relatives in Indianapolis.' raised in this vicinitv and nt.tpndPfl Herman and Mr. and Mrs. Claud Jul-; be made larger. The bleachers hav- FOWLERTON DEPARTMENT Mrs. Minnie Crecraft, Reporter the Radley school. lie had many ian and daughter Martha. Mr. and i mS two rows at present will be friends here. i Mrs. John Bowman and daughter, j made into three and the ones now The wire corncrib which Charles Miss Miarie were afternoon guests. tnat have three will be made into James built to put his corn in was Mrs. Hallie Compton living near four. Tte largest crowd that ever School Items. ! nS the week-end with her father and blown down Saturday evening by the Jones chapel, very pleasantly enter itained Wednesday afternoon for the YltnfMed a bask ball game at the A Xmas program will be gtfven this mother, Mr. and Mrs. J. G. JLeach. strong wind, riday afternoon in room 2, Miss , Rev. and Mrs. Meyers, Mrs. Edith . j - . i it -1 Willing Workers of Jones chapel, al- Acauemy is expected for this night, ter a short business session, dainty j , t ; refreshments were served to Mrs, Elsie Lees teacher. The gins are . wsnty aim ivirs. Lammais vjiusuh busy with decorations and preparing j were Thursday dinner guests of Mrs. to give a hearty welcome to all. After j Eva Partridge GRANT TTSra Tv.rM At r. V. hlipl Morton. Mrs. EASTERN STAR ENJOYS BIG CHRISTMAS PARTY. After the regular meeting of the " jj "Leonard Moore, Mrs Esta Nesbitt, and Mrs. Wilson Bond of Ma- "Mrs. Lee Compton. Mrs. Ila Nesbitt f f FOR SALE " . '.'I . " '3 the program presents will be ex- ; . k. cartridge is nome ior a two rhne-ptl weeks vacation. He will return to his Mr. r;- ai: rwn fmm room 2 was work as traveling salesman after the rion werp at Pleasant Grove churrh 'and Mrs. Hattie Wimmer. O. E. S., which was largely attended, a Christmas party was enjoyed by all asent from school Tuesday. holidays. Sunday morning. They were enter-! Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Moon and m; inicp Yarhrouirh from room Mrs. Mary YarbrouE'Ji and daughter tained at dinner by Mtr. and Mrs. ! sons Flovd and Wayne living south FOR S,ALEOne storm bugyy, gpod ag new. D. M. Woollen. i oKCot srhool Monday on I Louise were in Marion Saturday. James G. Payne. Mr. and Mrs. Bond of Hackleman entertained at dinner i present. Kefreshments consisted of oiifnss Mr. Wells of Fairmount was a were formerly of this neighborhood. Sundav for Mr. and Mrs. Charles I vnrir.ii a kinda of randv inrliiHlnr a FOR SALE 7-room house, good loca Delbert Mitchner, room 3, was al-; Fowlerton business caller Tuesday Miss Gladys Leach and Madeline Florea and sons Thurman, James and 1inM t,OTtl(, made randv nnn-nm so absent from school Tuesday. afternoon. Payne spent Tuesday night with the Lee and Mr. and Mrs. Lon iMoon and : uclous " maae canay. popcorn, Dora Lee Crecraft room 2, was out j Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Curry spent latter's grandmother, Mrs. Nancy , son Glen. j crackerjack, apples, oranges and ban. tion and it good repair, reasonable. Inquire at 323 E. Second. v MnnHar nn account of sick- Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Ben JNor- Smith. Mr. and Mr. Elmer Smith and chil- ; anas, mere was a nuge caKe made i- cjmiLii. j iur. ana vir. cimer omuu apu cim- . anas. -nci c "s " vcivC muui- FOUND ion. Hugh Deeren spent Tuesday after Miss Irene Payne spent Tuesday dren were guests "unday of the form- I 0f popcorn that was a thingi of beau-r- ni?ht with Mr. and Mrs. Emory Ad-, er's parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. Smith. ! t amJ . for a very short time at ams. ! Miss Mary Stewart is visiting heri,1' ij.'u MISCELLANEOUS ness. Alta Cm, room 1, was absent from school Monday and Tuesday. Doyte, Francis and John Barrett are out of school on account of illness. Miss Elsie Lees, teacher in room 2, has been suffering with pleurisy caused from a deep cold. FOR CUSTOM BUTCHERING call Clayton Elsworth, Phone 1711. John Hardesty of Marion was a Lloyd, the infant child cf Mr. and brother, Ancil Stewart and family least lon enough for it to be de-Fowlerton businesss caller Tuesday Mrs. Ray Beony was seriously burned near Fowlerton. ivoured. Then there was the Christ-morning. Monday evening. - i Mr. and Mrs. Orlie Evans and 1 mas box, into which each member put Mr. and Mrs. Doxey Miller and Mr. and Mrs. Albeit Little accom- children spent Sunday evening with .,w,e,f :n. n nttnt.upA and familv of Matthews, Mr. and Mrs. panied Mr. and Mrs. Robert Little in Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Hungriford. i Presen tn serine auacnea ana recil Miller of Fairmount were Sun- taking, the latter's son Cedric to the Mrs. Liza Todd spent Tuesday af- '. from which each one drew a package, dav dinner euests of Mr. and Mrs. hospital at Marion for an operation ternoon with Mrs. Sarah Tveart and The drawing causing much merri- . , i FOR QUICK Auto service call W. G Moon, 601 South Walnut street Phone 382-2 rings on Red. Elex Roberts. for the eyes, Thursday morning a 8 Mrs. Alice Barrett, Sick List. Mrs. Amanda Todd still remains in corimic condition. Mrs. Ly- ment, even when the presents were Mr. and Mrs. Johj Leach and Mrs. o'clock. r n , n t i ii J Mr- ?c S' Flae" -f. Mart f Le ' misfits. Altogether it was one o Mrs. Grant Barkdull spent sure visited S.unday with the former s , 1 . , , r.oann and Mrs. Parkhurst Fern Wood of Boston, were Sunday Mr. and the most enjoyable socials that has f Alpvnndria sisters of Mrs. Todd, 1 dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. George Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. James parent?, Mr. and Mrs. Will Mart. .. ... i i-i i- -i rs r TU tn-. . r.. been given by this organization lately. a pl t. ner oeasiae r rraav. ; oannisier. anv. i auc xaniiia uiccuiik hi ucihci were r Will Smith was a Marion visitor , Revival meetings are in progress at ; Monday nu i'it was largely attended Mrs. Todd's sons, Frank of Muncie, Tuesdav morning.- Plea?ant Grove. and a splendid program was rendered. LETTER LIST Mr. and Mrs. Jake Leach and daueh- Mrs. Rhoads was called to Colum- ; Garland Hilton was a guest Sun ter Helen were Fairmount callers Vm Ohio Tuesdav on account of the dav afternoon of Willie Thcmnson. Letters remaining in the postofTice Sundav afternoon. death of her father. I Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Steirs were as advertised on December 20, 1921, Miss Lacy Leach was a Friday nisrht Rev. Rhoads and family took din- t busine callers at Fairmount Tues- j which if not called for in two weeks guest of MVss Martha Ratliff of Fair- ner Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. H. E. day afternoon. will be sen, to the daad letter office: mount. Payne. Mr. and Mir. Harvey Peterson ol Martindale & Milhkan. Ernest and Farrel Keed of Hartford City, have been called home at various" times on account of her serious condition. Naomi Deeren has been very ill since last Friday. Her condition has been considered serious, she is reported better now. Mrs. Elge Richards, who has been sick for two weeks is somewhat improved. Mrs. Lennie Dickerson who has been poorly for a: number of weeks is Hot so well the past few days. Several girl friends took Sunday Fred Robertson had his tonsils and near 'Marion spent Sunday evening; ivTTVmtTnll x, rv j: :n. r: rvii: TV.!: j -j l i .:.u i. r T ; tr:it flauuuKdli ot u. Eyes Tested, (I lasses Fitted by State Registered OPTOMETRISTS W. P. VAN ARSDALL, P. M. uiimer wun miss vme uuuug. aunuius rtiiioveu last ween.. jwiiii iuib. rune iinwu, ! Mr. and Mrs. L. F. Brewer of near ! Mr. and Mrs. James Stewart were i, ' :Ti Summitville attended church at Tleas- business callers at Marion Tuesday. 'I trrrtP mnrp j ' ant Grove Sunday. Mrs. Nora Seely spent Sunday with ij L1UL1, KluulJ jj Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hahne enter- her brother, Ollie Collins and family. :z tained at Sundav dinner. Mr. and Mrs. : Mr. and M!rs. Elmer Chamness sat- NOTICE OF COMMISSIONER'S SALE OF REAL ESTATE The undersigned commissioner, by virtue of an order of the Grant Cir- Rev. Hiram Har-ey and Miss Pau- Leath Smith and daughter Doris, Mr. tended Quarterly meeting at Fair- line Ratliff each gave talks at the ar,d Mrs. Charles Davis and children ' mount Saturday. Dr. C. C. FARIS and Dr. EMIL FARIS Surprise Pound Party. Sabbath morning services at this an(j Gordon Rhoads. I Miss Dorothy Wimmer visited the cuit Court, 'made and entered in a The Fowlerton M. P. Church mem- bers verv pleasantly surpised Rev. : place. Miss Ethel Baldwin spent the first Fairmount Academy last r riday. cause therein pending, entitled VIOLA and Mrs. Meyers Tuesdav evening by Christmas exercises by the children 0f the week with II. E. Payne and, Ollie Coilins and sons George and , tvrT T5 . . ripMrcTr TTTTT a nonnd shower. iust!will be given - next Sabbath morning familv. ' Eu-ene made a business trip to Sway- ! vs aivs. c-Anw wiuinA i Tclusively Optical after the nraver meetinei service. A Christmas paneant will be given Mr. and Mrs. Wick O. Leach and zee Saturday. jet al, and Numbered l'J4u upon the j. : ; at this place on next Monday evening daughter Hazel spent Tuesday in M. Leona and Claud Thompson were Dockets thereof, hereby notice that Home Made Candy Treat rr. 2G. "At the Door of the Inn." rjon. absent from school Monday on ac- on Saturday the 21st day of January The remittees are busv this week The setting is laid in Bethlehem of Albert Little and Fred Robertson count of sickness.s '1022 at one (1) o'clock p .m., at the preparing horn made candies for the India at the time of the birth of the -were in Marion Tuesday. j The farmers are taking advantage ' Lhw Office of Chas. T. Parker, in the "Cmas treat to be given the M. P. Sun. ; ChHst Cild. Mr. and Mr?. James Payne and son of the nice weather and doing consid- Citizens State Bank Block, corner of dav 'school Mrs. Etta Brewer, who was taken Arthur entertained at dinner Sunday evable fall plowing. Mam and Washington streets, town Chiropractors. SICK. U'Et OittUIUclJ is iiiiii rt. iir. and ilTS. IVOSCOe IVlCn ailU laillliy ine UUU rfi:u5 ilf i iiaiivic- n i hi i unu viiuiib vjuumj, owic The children and Mrs. Hasty ot the an,i j0 Leach. man enioved a weinnie supper at their Indiana, he will otter for sale at pri- Xmas Dinner. The Grant basket ball team maved hall la?t Wednesday evenincv vate sale, at not less than the apprais- McAtee and IMcAte Mr. and Mrs. Clvde Partridge serv- Ceorp-e Hasty family are much im- the Fairmount seventh grade team Mrs. Anna Kimbrough and son Wal- ed value hereof .subject to the approv- j Fairmount OHice Hours: Summitville Friday night. ter spent Sunday with Robert Moon ; al of said court, the following rescribed 1 0 . r .. T'ip;dav Thnr. ii I Ociiiia x ctii r(jviii, i urcau . . anil xaiiiiiv. t . u.t,.v . .ci.v xwmuvj, ,v..v Mr. Stanley Elliott and son Ray- of Indiana towit: - i iu o p. m. afternoon shopping in S.ummitville day and Saturday 8 to 11 a. m. ed their familv Xmas dinner last Sun- proved from a severe attack of dipn-day on account of arrangements be-! theria. Ala the vnung son of Mr. ing made for their father, Mr. J. W. and Mrs. Arthur Brewer. Jones to leave the latter part of the! Mr. and Mrs. Earl Davis entertm-week for Oklahoma, where he will ' ed for last Sunday dinner, Mr and visit his son, J. L. Jones, Those pre- .Mrs. Glenn A. Harrold Mr. and Mrs sent to enjov the feast were, J. W. puel "arvey and childen Idns and Jones Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Jones. Mr. Halph, Mr. and Mrs. Tony Pavne of ! mond were Marion visitors Tuesday.- The North Half of the South West Phone 280 I Paul Barkdull of Fail-mount spent O.'artcr CM of Section Five (51.! COMMUNITY ITEMS Saturday night and Sunday with Paul , TcWhship Twenty-Two (22), North, 1 T prMTAXT I Todd. il'jffice Fiinht (8) East, containing J C. L. t 1 UlN -! Mr. and Mt'S. Jamos Stewart and IJfghty acres, more or less. and Mrs. Verlie Couch and babv, Mr. Fairmount were afternoon callers. ' a -ri,,. family rtf Has- A number from this place attended rr. and Mrs. Jacob Steirs were 1 son Harvey were guests at dinner m Subject to at rifiht of way or right! I jAnficf trt Mr 'and Mrs Clvde Partridce ! Select meeting and Quarterly meet- called to Marion last Thursday by i Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. Thoma!- rantjd to the C. W. & M. Railway and family. ' in? services held in Fairmount the death of Robert Parker. Jones and son Howard. Company, (Now the C. C. C. & St, L. I Friends church last. Friday and Sat- Willie and Russel Thompson spent M ,,Ry Co..) for a Railroad across the Tuesdav evening with Garland and nrdav. ; East end of said land. X-RAY Rooms over Postoffice Hours 8 to 11:30 a. ra. 1 lo 5 p.'m have Prank Hiltnn. t Mr. and Mrs. Henry Panis ACADEMY NOTES ! ( Also subject to the right of way, or I ; rant of right, granted tn the Marion Mrs. Alice B?rrett snent Tuesday ! moved into the Ancil E. Ratliff ten anf house. ' afternoon with Mrs. Catherine Ed- City Railway Co. and now held bv the Mr. A. E. Ratliff and J. B. Whiteley dington at Hr.ckleman. The Aurora Literary Society met j ljni0n Traction Company of Indiana, did their winter's butchering, at Mrs. Ben Burgan of Fairmount, , with the mothers of the domestic ' for an Electric Railway across said Xmas Pageant to he Given The Fowlerton M. P. Sunday school is making preparations to give a Xmas cageant Sunday evening at 7:30. Xmas decorations will be displayed during the pageant. The public will be royally entertained and a large crowd is expected. Fowlerton W. C. T. U. Meets With Mrs. Tir'rn. tu vTAo,n V r T tT wet at home oi tne latter luesiwy "u sv.p-t a few dnys lat week at the ,,;.-, ;rl thoir cr,,est lnt FH. Hand. TViov rv a:isto1 hv Air. V. r -r .1 nr r t,': Ale-h c.iVt mpt trt a frrnnf to T?a11 Those present lic.-un. " - ' j IIUIIIC VJJ. Kll. itllU 1UI9. IV 1 1 1 1 , . ? v.-l Mrs. Dennv Winslow. Arthui AUCTIONEER STOCK SALES A SPECIALTY. Call at my expense, Phone 2. on. 1 . Fowlerton. C. W. DICKERSON . - . v v w 1 . Winslow, Mrs. Glenn Hard and A meeting of the board of directors carried to far away Japan when a j tric Light Pole line across said land. Henry f ams and v uiis uauirr. nf Liberty township unit of the number of quaint little Japanese Terms of Sale One Half cash, and Mr. and Mrs. Orville Hasty are en- Farmers Federation met at the home ' maidens anneared t oiTer the rtro- the balance in Two equal installments iic a. v iv ivn ... -w. - - - t : E. B. COUCH of the secretary, Bert Todd, Thursday : of th afterR0OIU Fashions b Six and. TNvelve Months each pur- evermc o transact business. ; chaser eiving notes, waivinrs valua- A number from here attended theiwcre portrayed by the kimonas with tion, and providing for attorney's fee fvnorvl of Mrs. M. D. Woollen, which , long Paring sleeves and wide sashes secured by First mortgage on sai 1 was held at Fairmount Friday. Mrs. with high head dress, adorned with real estate, with Six per cent interest Woollen h?d many frionds in this i,.ntv,, wti, from date until naid. the home of M-s. Elizabeth Thorn, tettaimng a new gin oaoy at meir Dec. 15. Mrs. W. L. Dickersott presi- home southwest of Fairmount. dent and Mvs. Virgil Duling, vice- " president, were unable to be present n T on account f illness, Adaline Atkin- y. RADLEY ! son acting as chairman. The scrip- t, tare lesson was read by Mrs. Mrytle Mahonev Thoe rresent answrd Mioses Carma and P.uth Thompson to the roll call with scripture texts and Sarah and Charles- Mart were aroropriate to the Christmas tide, callers in Fairmount one day last Mrs. Mattie Cammack Gibson of, week. frn.lptit of Mis v ertia Elliott snent last GEORGE A. HILDRETH, i to hoar -i,.., . . - . . community vh. were grievea Harrold told of the "Progress of Jap. DENTIST Rooms over Hahne Drug Store OffW-AnKri f ."o n.. ra.; 1 to rf her death and we extend onr heart, felt sympathy to the bereaved relatives. 1L'.. and Mrs. Will Todd and chil- Commissinner. CHAS T. PARKER, T,'' Attorney. Dec. 22-29-Jan 5. an at the Peace Conference," Pauline CnTtis told of the economic conditions of the present day Japan. , Eva Hursh I told of the customs and holidays of dwr ri i.l Trt.-tli-i rtii f , ,1 f i , , 1 ot Parliamentary tlsae-e and County . luesaay nignc witn iurs. mo-.v u- '0 ,-h'fr b rthdnv dinner Sundr.v St!wrintend?nt of Scientific Temper-'ams. The affair being in honor of the thir-i Japan. The next number on the pvo- Ellllllllllli!lllll!ll!llllllllllllli;UI!llllllllll!lllllillll!lllll!!!illilllllllliK ance Instruction in the public schools) Mrs. Anna i Kimbrourh arid son al- tenth b!rthd-- rrniversarv of Miss ' gram was a Japanese song that was : td . . - . a i;4 tor x-isitd Snv with Mrs. Emma r a. i : j r I . . . . ' was prestm, am. Ke .i" t m-.uLrt. ,r- n ; vtiai -revr. rendered bv Mildred Elliott. The dress to the mothers to rarage ana iioon uiiu 5mi xwij. ents. The following guests being' ,. . ,. , . enrmirage and Moon and son Ray. instruct them in trainine the child.) Mr. and Mrs. Jesse urooKsmre en- r?ent. Mr. ad Mrs. Ora Todd cf fe","t,se instruct them in trainine the child.) Mr. and Mrs. Jesse urooKsnire en- recent: Mr. and Mrs. Ora Todd of She visited the Fowlerton public : "rtahW a dinner Sunday, Mr. and Ri don Mr, an(j Mrs. Cleftie Hughes Japanese tea party when Misse3 Frances Jones, Lucile Jones, Juanita I Health Ta schools and Leaehburg schools in the Mrs. m. Udle ot arion, nr. ana and cnildren Martha ad Hershel of forenoon, where she gave very inter- ' Mrs. Fred Leer, and Mr. and Mrs. Le;-l1ve Mr apd James Tveart esting addresses to the bo and pvrls. Ln- us Hcokshire. and daughter, Gladys, M! s. Emma She warned them against the use ! Roy John was the griest of Lei'e Gwin, Misses Beatrice Howell, Marie of the cigaret and gave many true il-jWdbern of Fairmount, Sunday -night. Tod. Elsie HoweU. Mildred Todd Throckmorton, Jessie Brookshire, Ruth Covalt and Lucile Haisley appeared and presented a playlet des- the little lustrations of its evil effects. Fow- Glenn and Urviue tinoti spent and Treng and Deloras Howell and ; pecting the cordiality of lerton appreciates airs. uiireon s cu.maj . " v..... v...., t?U tsarkdull Japaneses hostess. c-fforta in behalf of her future citi Mrs. Chares Burgan of Fairmount i as'smi in caring for her parents, v.naries cmoit. Raymond Elliot4; returned to his home from Franklin college Friday evening to spend his Christmas vaca Much comment is already being , rss Eens. 4 and Mrs. Owen Kimboucrh near Local and Personal. Radlev, who are both on the sick list, i made over the coming Marion game, j s tion. A fine Christmas program is to be lhe so-called "Wonder j? lve ' will play;: Revival services at the Wesleyan Methodist church closed Friday night Mr. and Mrs. bi ana Mr ana piven at the Jone? chane, church Sat- the Academy on the Academy gym., I S Mrs. Everett Jones and daughter, i-v pvenin. Dee. 24. There will ... a ' urday evening, Dec. 24. There will after five weeks of a successful meet- with "The person in a state of health lives in the town of Don't Worry and on the banks of the River Smile." You want to enjoy health. Oilier methods have been tried and have failed. But here is a method that is distinctly differ-tlhe CHIROPRACTIC method. Why not try it? Many whom you know have tried it and have been convinced that the chiropractor can remove the CAUSE of disease. Make up your mind to know what Chiropractic has in store for you. Telephone 280 and we will make an appointment to suit your "convenience. ing. Rct. Mills, pastor, irill preach Gene, snent Sunday afterr, Sonov mnminv st 11 oVlork. l Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Howell fternoon also be a Christmas tree and every one is invited to attend. Friday, Dec. 30. This will be one of, if : not, the hardest game of the year, as j 5 Marion is one of the Academy's oldest Loui Snndav miest ' Mrs. Mary Jones and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Everett Jones and Af liVnnna SMniMi. i Elliott snent Thursday afternoon tcon nrA A'v ,r,A r- Tim-l and much talked of rivals. Mrs. Ethel Reeder was brought with MrWm. S. Elliott of Fairmount. Cox" spent Sundav afternoon with Mr. home Saturday from the Marion hos-i Mrs. White of an Buren, Mt. and and Mrs Raiph Howell. pital. She is recovering rapiaiy. i ffv.!r '-ViVL v"aZ Miss Dorothy and Troy Wimmer! The domestic science girls will "sell candy and fruit cake at the festival which is to be held at the Academy Mr. and Mrs. ualias AtKmson ana nunuion T'' Z spent Sundav evening with Miss Jes- family wera shopping m Muncie Sat- ; Julian and daughter and Mr. and Mrs. . p . r Qsh- . Hackleman nrdav MUt Gibson and sons, were the guests sie ana La BrooKsnire at nacKieman. Wiliiam Murray has returned from Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. Tom Hasty. ! Raymond Elliott had charee of the an' extended trip through a number I Charles James threshed his beans meetmg at the Radley church Sunday McATEE & McATEE f tv,- eastern states. visited the last vvedneday ana inursaay. ine ihwiik School will be dismissed Friday for ! ss a week's vacation. Many students SS5 a. Tahincon. D. f. and I home made bean huller and gasoline Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Chamness vis- mantr other interesting places. i engine operation attracted much at- ited one day last week with Mr. and ; i ; i: xi i i A mmittee appointed from the;tention. He threshed out about htty Mrs. Lindley Hiatt near fhlox. r" ' , , ' A ""mmittee appointed from the ' tention. Fowlerton W. C, T. U met , at the j bushels. Chiroprac ttors y' sneis. . . ; The children of the Kadley school (""" """ ! home ot Mrs. Adaline Akinson Tues- Mrs. Nettie Rich spent Tuesday af- enjoy their usual exchange of mng on being back for the Marion j dav afternoon to make Christmas J ternoon with her sister, Mrs. Louie Christmas gifts next Friday. ; and Academy basket clash. 3 candy. The Unions of Grant county Elliott. r, t rn Boslev of Fairmcnt : arc nrenarine to give the World War .-J! Ur-u r. r- P 8P??t.?aturday. am?. ?? A very interesting, chapel was held with Mr. Mart's MV. veterans a Marion sanitorium a i Sundv parents, xrith Mr and Wn Own KimhromrJv 2 210 North Main Street Fairmount, Ind s Bl llttflttf f Vllllllf llltllimilllVtllltlllllll lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllltllllllllllllHMII a Tuesday morning. Coach Marshall TMerry Xmas token of our love and .and Mrs. Wm. Mart. , Miss Beatrice Howell was a guest esteem for them. Each lad "11 Misses Beatrice, Elsie, Lorine and Saturdav niirht of her grand mother, ceive a box of home made "candy tied , Deloras Howell were entertained Mrs. Anna Howell. ijj iim u ta!Mtn i iniiiiiiiiii i iiiiniiti iMiii niiiiMiMiiiiiiuniniiiinninniiitiHMiJi ui li-J - with a wnue nooon an a oiuic xs. Sunday by Miss Bertha Todd. J Mr. and Mrs Will Todd and dsnrh- card mciuaea. i Xfi Anna Cridor and Mi( A fa rv r.u o.. Mr. and Mrs. William Murray and Whipple spent Saturday night and Mr. and Mrs. George Yale, Miss Frances were Marion shoppers IV was in charge of the program. Mr. Marshall gave a short talk and then called on different students and teachers. All the talks pertaining to basket ball and the coming) Marion-Academy game. A talk by Harrold "Pat" O'Mara featured. Tickets for the Marion game will be jn sale the first of the week. It is planned to sell all of the tickets before the ame and those not having tickets the night of the game may find it impossible to gain admission. HAY and STRAW BALING V7e are prepared to bale hay and straw. Terrnt .risht. TRUCKING of all kinds. Prompt Ser- rice, Stock hauling to Indianapolis. ' dunaay wiwi Mrs. wooay wrK , geveral from this community at- Miss Docia Christy and Miss Althea tended the funeral of Robert Parker Sybold called on Mrs. Thomas Arnett which was held at Marion Saturday. Sunday afternoon. Robert was well known here where Miss Beatrice Howell spent Satur- he resided a number of years ago day night with her grandmother, Mrs. and we extend our heartfelt sympathy Anna Howell. to the bereaved relatives. ATrs, Marie Powers and son Vaughn, ! Mrs. Ben Burgan of Fairmount was were the guests Sunday at the home "a guest several days last week at the of Mr. and Mrs. Woody Clark. It be- home of Mr. and Mrs. Owen Kim- Thursday. Rev. and Mw. Meyers. Mr. and Mrs. Dallas Atkinson and Mr. Edith Cas-key were afternoon callers at the .homo of Mr. and Mrs. Willard Dickerson. Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Murray were - Canday guests of Mr. and Mrs, W. R, , XIarray. Miss Madge Smith returned to Ma- ing" me oiruiaay ox aaiss xaary vianc, nrougn. rion JJbnday morning after spending she was very pleasantly surprised by Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hasty very LI L. JOHNSON F entertained at Sunday din Sunday with r'auves nere. tne nemoer oi ner sunaay scnooi p.lfMiRantI easantly - 1 1 won on , oetter seating) accomm lira. Fern Wood returned to Boston, class. ner for the following ruests: Tr i r In. Tcrriar aTtei-noc-a kftcr spend-. The people of this eomictttnity wejfe nd.Mra. Clair Bradford And son Ro- arion gsjEie wui ce - - - - " : ! t

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