The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on January 4, 1937 · Page 4
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 4

Clinton, Indiana
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Monday, January 4, 1937
Page 4
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The Dally Clintonian, Clinton, Indiana Monday, January 4, 1937 PACE FOUR aV7 VI THE DAILY CLINTONIAN Foundfd 1912 Behind the Seen In Established as Tlie Weekly Cllntonlaa 1890 The Clinton I'laindoalor absorbed in 1908. yLMngstoh I I 1 . VI MOLLYUIOOD Gene. Just another agent, malt' CHAPTER XXVI George L. Carey Editor and Publisher ntered at the Postoffice at Clinton, Indiana, as Second Class Matter. Member Indiana Republican Editorial Association ing his hopeless rounds from house to house. Not even expecting to sell Oh, dear) Another vacuum cleaner salesman. And they talked so long, unless you were really rude, and practically shut the door in their faces, which she never could By HARRISON CARROLL Copyright, 138, Kin Features Syndicate, lac his own wares. Just making his set speech, smiling pitifully at vague HOLLYWOOD Kxercising a before Christmas when the door of the dressing room opened and In stepped Fiance Scott In person. He had flown out from New York to spend the holidays with her. The wedding of this pair, Incidentally, Is set for AprIL woman's privilege. Lili Damlta National Advertising Representative: OKO. B. DAVID CO. 19io Wrlgley Bldg., Chicago. Ill General Motors Hide. P-troit 110 East 4 2nd St.. Now York do. "No. I'm not Interested. I'm sorry. changed her Sromises, going on, up one street, own the other, ringing doorbells. "Genel Couldn't I Genel Would you like to come in and rest for a few moments, and let ma make you a cup of coffee?" The words were out of her mouth Perhaps some other time," she said in her firmest, most housewifely manner. Phone I I 7 Phone 41 mind about tne holidays in New York and dropped down out of the skies here to give before she knew it. "I see. But if you will permit me to demonstrate this article, which is the latest and most up-to-date on the market, without any obligation whatever to you, I can guarantee It was she who asked him to come in. She couldn't ever forget that afterward. He had come to her H'uband Errol Flynn his big' door, a sitiful. wandering srhost. Owner of an acre and a half In the valley, Tom Brown la building nn eight-room house for his parent and a four-room separate place for himself. There will be tennia court, a swimming pool, and Tom has Just bought the adjoining lot to his property, which he will stock with pheasants and peacocks. Wait till he hears those peaoocki in the early morning. not to take up more man nve mm utes of vour time. and aha couldn't let him depart post Christmas surprise. The "I would like to show you the difference between this model ef ours, THE DAILY CLINTONIAN'S PLATFORM : 1. To further every interest of Parke and Vermillion counties. 2. To aasist the revival of the Indiana coal mining industry. 3. To cooperate !n solving Vermillion County's unemployment problem. I 4. To beautify Clinton and make it the most attractive city of Ht sixe in the etate. Irish actor again in peace. She had to call him back, to haunt her. "Come in," ahs said, cordially. He leaned the vacuum cleaner against the porch chair, cams into didn't know anything about the trip until he received a wire and the ordinary cleaner, which you know can only be used can only be used " The Instant she looked from his vacuum cleaner to him, she knew I.lll Damlta from Lili telling him. Gene Dubois. Come out of the pant, come back, as if from the Here and there in Hollywood. . . The chap who married Marjorle Lane and Brian Donlevy in Ensen ada was Arturo Barredo, who once led troops for Pancho Villa, but who la now a justice of the peace and hotel clerk combined. . . Carole Lombard has decided not to the living room, me strong ngnt from the windows cruelly revealing the shiny seams of his shabby blue suit, the dusty cracks on his cheap dark shoes. "Well, this is something like I" He relaxed in the big blue armchair, lit a cigaret. He looked up at her, with a glint of the old insolent assurance. dead. the time of her arrival. He phoned tlie studio he'd be late on "The Prince and the Pauper" set and dashed to the airport, but too late to meet the plane. The recently reunited couple eventually got She knew him. Knew him in an instant. In spite of the unhealthy flesh, the stoop to his once supple nhoulders, the swarthy pallor of his sell her star sapphire collection out together at the studio skin that used to be bronze. Already she regretted her Im Her fingers gripped the edge of the thick, oaken door. Her nails dug against the hard, unyielding right, but to turn It in on some more Jewelry Just what she hasn't decided yet. . . . The Mauch twins, Billy and Bobby, got a thrill when their father, Felix Mauch, wood. It's a laugh, If you have Uiat kind of sense of humor, that Ernest H. Murphy, secretary to the much sued Laurel and Hardy, became the comedians' companion in misery when he was made the defendant in a J27.250 accident quit. arrived from New York for the holidays. With him came th "Don't let him recognise m?" she prayed with soundless lips. "Please please don't let him recognize me " But she had to raise her eyes to look at him. She knew that he knew family police dog, one of the few living creaturei her. It was no use. "Christie I" he cried. "Christie CAN'T BUY STEEL The United States navy has a considerable building program now going on and it is expected that after January first, when present naval limitation treaties expire, the construction of two new battleships will be announced. Strange to say, the navy is finding it almost impossible to buy the steel needed for its construction program. The Wilsh-Hcaly act, recently passed, provides that firms which contract with the government must observe a 40-hour woik week, pay prevailing wages and observe other labor standards de-teimined by the government. Rerrntly, when bids were opened for government businrss it was found that many large steel, copper and othei firms made no offer to sell and, for example, only about one-fourth of the steel desired could be bought. Naval officers worried lest the cold shoulder given by manufacturers would interfere with v thc building of warships. It would seem to us that the manufacturers are acting rather foolishly. Much more important to their own existence, the steel firms should not overlook the fact that the government is big enough to manufacture its own steel requirements if it should become necessary to provide the navy with material needed. 4 Cooper I I come here, trying to sell a cleaner, and of all people in the world, YOU open the door I You The marriage of Henry Fonda d-d not break up the annual Christmas party that he always used to stage with James Stewart, John Swope and Joshua Logan. The group voted to aHow Fonda's bride, (she was the socially prominent Frances Seymour Brokaw) to attend the dinner and, this year, it was held at the Fonda home. who can tell th boys apart. . , That waa Cynthia Hobarl dining wltt Russell Gleasos at the Beverlj Hills Brown Derby. T h e J had been shopping for a diamond solitaire . . . Fay Wraj backed her cai Into the main pipe of the lawn- pulsive sympathy. Mow mat he was in the houBe she couldn't get him out soon enough. "How's your mother?" she called from the kitchen, where she was making the coh"ee, and bringing out the coffee ring she had meant to have for Donald's breakfast. "How's your little sister, Adrienne? What do you hear of the Platts? Is Gladys married?" She kept up a constant stream of questions, clattering around the kitchen, putting cups and saucers and spoons and cream and sugar on the tray. He answered, but though she made polite little ejaculations of wonder or surprise or regret, she wasn't really listening. She was listening for the- baby, who'd be waking up any time now, for the 4 o'clock feeding. Anri 7ne mustn't know about the baby. He mustn't know. Nothing about Donald, either. He mustn't know anything- about her new life. He must be given his coffee and sent on his way soon soon before little Donny waked or big Donald came home! Her hands shook with chill nervousness as she poured the coffee. A spoon leaped from her fineers. Tat an instant she forgot her fears. Her whole face shone. Gene, too, had a baby. . . . She wanted to dash out to the porch, and bring in her baby, to show him in all hit pink and gold loveliness. And then Gene answered: "Yeh. seventeon months now. Bright little tad, too." He fumbled in his pocket, brought out a nickel watch. Pasted Insnl" the case waa the photograph of a child, with large, dark eyes. She looked at the blurred littl'-picture. A dark-eyed baby. As clearly as if it were before her again she saw Blue mountain, th" dark pines, the summer sun filtering through interlaced maple an! dogwood leaves. Smelled the pungent white-flowered "mountain mi-ery." She felt as If she were being sucked into a dark tunnel, a blnrk, breathless tunnel, leading back to the past. 1 She was a little girl again, and Gene was a tall, bronzed boy, with flashing white teeth and long, dark eyes full of life and laughter. Wave after wave of emotion washed over her, leaving her white and limp in her chair. Weakly she raised her eyes to the man who waa once that boy. He was lighting another cigaret. She saw the heavy jowls, the moist. thick lips, the black-rimmcd, nicotine-stained fingernails. Even the soiled collar and the grease spots on ' his coat. Her stomach seemed to turn over. , She felt sick and half hysterical and wholly light-headed. But sane again. Blessedly sane , , "You won't have another cup of coffee? No? Then I mustn't kefr you. I've taken too much time al- . ready " , . . , "Oh, I'm in no hurry, Christie. ! may as well sit here in comfort and" " talk over old times ns- pull -door--,: bells. Nobody's buying " "Now, Gene, is that the way to', talk? Of course you won't sell any-' -thing if you teke that attitude. I'm surprised at you. Now run along, and, anyway, 1 have a 4 o'clock np- E ointment and I'm afraid" there's . ardly time. Yea, good luck. Ami it wss good to see you again. Goodbye!" Barely had she shut the door be- ' hind him when the baby whooped from his buggy on the porch. For a moment she leaned against the heavy door, weak with relief. Then color came back to her moist, blanched skin and strength to her shaking limbs, and she went and gathered the wailing child to her . heart. . . Too late to make a pie now. Don- " aid would have to have coffee C3ke for dessert. Swiftly she set the table, put potatoes to bake in the oven, frenched the string beans and made the hamburger into little cakes, all ready to put under the broiler the minute Donald's car came up the drive. ' The tea kettle was boiling and the beans almost cooked, and she was just going to get the bread and butter, when she happened to look over to the drainboard and saw the coffee cups, the plates and the ' crumpled napkins. That would never do! Donald would be sure to ask who had been . in for coffee. In her haste to get them washed and out of the way before he arrived she dropped a saucer, had to stop and clean up the mess. Buf everything was done and dinner was . ready when he came. "How's my girl?" "Swell! How's my boy?" She laid her flushed Cheek against his cool one, clung to him, . feeling safe and secure at last. But when ha said, "Anything new? Anybody come in today?" she lied. She said, "No." (To Be Continued) Ooprrlfbb . . Klai fMtiirM SnduaM. Ine. FayWray You Asked Me and I'm Telling You! Blanche Seward, Los Angeles: The future alone can tell the extent that Mary Blackford will regain the use of her limbs, but she recently took 110 steps, her best attempt yet. sprinkling system on her lawn and soaked both the machine and herself. . . . Chester Morris, who makes furniture for a hobby, if finishing up a double decker bed, for his son, Brooks. Flash 1 Immediately after the clattered to the floor. preview of Sonja Henie's picture, Errol Flynn was not the only Hollywood celebrity to get a pre-Christmas surprise. Every day at 12:15 Marian Marsh goes into her dressing room on the Joe E. Brown set to receive a long distance call from Al Scott in New York. She was there as usual, the day One In a Million", uarryi zanuck "What are you so nervous about?" She forced a smile. "Just clumsy. Do you remember gave Director Sidney Lanfield a $25,000 bonus for creating a star in one film. how I used to fall out of trees and THE HOMETOWNER To Love and Live and Let Live off horses and skin my knees and my nose all the time when I was a child?" THE STARS SAY By ttEXKVIEVK KKMKI.E For Tuesday, January 5 This day promises to be a lively-one, with much stirring in business and new projects, as well as in the pursuit of peasure and all private functions of a social, artistic, domestic and afl'ectioual interest. If This In Voiii' llirllidiiy Those whose birthday it is may anticipate a very lively and satisfactory year, with much stirring in business as well as private Hie. you know me, of courser You haven't forgotten your old friend Genel" "Of course notl I I'm surprised, that's all. I thought you were a salesman. I just thoughts " . "I am, or I'm trying to be! Well, well, imagine seeing you here!- You look swell, too. You always were a swell looking kid, Christie. Haven't changed a bit." "Oh, yesl It's two years einee Dad died, since I saw you." "That's right. Weill Well, you're sure looking fine. Nice little place you got here. Married?" "Yes." "Sure! We all do it yeh, we all get married, sooner or later, I'll bet you're sure happy, too. Yeh you look fine." "Yes, I am fine." Her heart wasn't throbbing quite so wildly. She wasn't afraid of him now just terribly, terribly sorry. But why didn't he go? They couldn't talk to each other any more. They had grown too far apart. It was so hard, standing here, groping for meaningless things to say, and the awkward pauses that they interrupted each other to avoid. "I wish I could buy a vacuum," she told him, confidence creeping back into her voice. "I really would like to have one and if we weren't so hard up right now " "YOU hard up! Say, if YOU'RE hard up, then what am I? I must be somewhere down in the " "No I I mean it. I really am. I couldn't buy an egg beater. But you leave me your card. Gene, and the first time I can afford to buy one I promise to get it from you. There! Is that a bargain?" He smiled, but it wasn't the old flashing smile. It was the bitter, twisted smile of one who doesn't hope any more, whom life has beaten into defeat. 1 "All right, Christie. Thanks.'' He turned to go, not even bothering to give her the card. Ha had picked up his machine, in its grey flannel cover. He balanced it wearily in his hands. Looked speculatively across the street to the Woods' house. Don't spend your first hours of the New Year's evenings drinking and carousing or chances are you are very likely to come to the end or the year depressed and regret ting. Let's read some of their old proverbs: "Easy to open a shop; hard to keep it open." "Without a smiling face, do not hecome a merchant." , "Think twice and say nothing." ."Without the wisdom of the learned, the clown cpujd not be governed; without the labor of the clown, the learned could not be Remember the success of your New Year's resolution depends on Ideas, thoughts and actions. "I haven t forgotten anything. She passed him more cake. "I really should tell you that I made this one, so that you would be impressed, but I suppose you'd suspect the truth, so I may as well admit I didn't. It's good though, isn't it?" He looked at the crumbled bits on her plate. "You were always a poor liar, Christie." She laughed. "Yes, you were always more talented than I. Come on, tell me some more about yourself. You gave up the drug store business and went into vacuum cleaners and" He set down the coffee cup. "That'a one way to put it. Did you ever hear of the depression? But you wouldn't Not you, and your kind. I'm the kind that hears about it. I could tell vou but fed." Food for thought: THK NEW YKAlt A child is born innocent and without much outward sign of characteristic. So is the New Year. Therefore it stands to reason that the New Year will give forth Just what we put into it! Many American citizens would wish (or the New Year a return to the early American spirit of American spirit of independent self-re-'iance. This country was created by ihOBC who relied upon themselves, not by citizens relying upon the government to do everything for them and bear their burdens. When making resolutions this year, remember last year's lessons and disappointments. Then find the real reasons for the failures. Keep In mind the old Chinese proverb: "The wise questions himself ???? A wise old sage once Bald, hundreds of years ago, "jit ye must Iiere is a sign of unusual initiative and energy la putting over now plans, but refrain from speculation and recklessness In this connection, and be alert to Jealousy and enmity shunning quarrels and impetuositv A child born on this day may bt energetic, aggressive, impulsive and headstrong. However, it will bo popular, generous and well-liked. hate, hate something intangible." Therefore you can hate prece YESTERDAYS JAM'ARY 4, 11112 Gall He nn is has gone to University to study chemistry dent, habits, routine, etc., and still say 1 have lived never hating any body! what'a the use? Things have been . i it , mi. '. t . i . i l . JJr. Tracy, of Northwestern Med tougn, inougn. j ne wiie b hoi .dic to work anywhere, and the kid's had leal college, former teacher of The Chinese are quile an uncanny one darn thing after another ever since" .- ! flrowjiie Shepherd, spent CiiriHtmas Kerchew! Approximately 40,000,000 pounds of snuff are produced yearly in the United States. ace. Their ' outlook on life and luinans is proof in itself. 'Oh! You aidn't tell me mm fcd with Mr and Mrs. Shepherd and re' iuriK-il Tueaday. a baby!" I Mrs. Heine Meyer is reported t Renewing His New Year's Resolution Regis Toomey in "SweethcartB and Flowers" are added treats. Fasts Over Slaying he ill. salesman, the host, Mac Forguson, and J. B. Conner, of Indianapolis. f E3 Kred Van Horn visited relatives Miss Virginia White, who is a and friends in Terre Haute, last week. student at Purdue university at Lafayette lias returned to school after .upending tho holidays liere-with Mr. and Mrs. Kyron Anderson KARTHWOItM TKACTOIW AT THE COIAMHIA Joe E. Brown conies sweeping into town on another tidal wave of liyaterieal comedy such as only he can offer. Joe is a natural-born salesman this time and does bis colossal beat or worst to sell "Earthworm Tractors." Ills troubles feminine and otherwise go from bad to very had. but as .loe her parents. Dr. and Mrs. I, p. White of South Fourth street, r wore guests of Mr. and Mrs. Alex rarKin;iii, of Cayuga Saturday evening and Sunday noon, and in the vmiriK vinitod in Newport, Mr. and Mrs. Caismun and babe are reported well. , Mrs. Alfredu Ituynes and daughter. Miss Alfrala Jo Raynes. and Mir. II. M. Ferguson and daughter. Miss Marie Ferguson, spent today in Indianapolis. The trip was made i says. "There's always the river." in the Ferguson car. You'll laugh and laugh as v'ir hero rolls merrily along with Guy Klh-liee. June Travis, C'arold Hughes. Kraiik Baxter returned to bis rlmol work at the Rose Poly in lorn; Haute Tuesday morning. si , Gene Lockliart and Dick Foran. Audv Clyde appoars In "Love Conies to Mooneyvllie." Mies Julia Poll I hub returned to lJloomiiigton, Ind.. where she is a student at Indiana university after upending the holidays with her par-cuts, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Pohl of lllackmau street. VS'fpfcf. J', .1 A M ARY 4, la .Vitas Louise Nichols returned to ' : reeinasl le, Ind., today where Bhe :iil(Mils )ii'aiiw university after pendiuK the holidays with her par-ii l h. Mr. and Mrs. Lee Nichols, of 'airvh-w Park. o Sidney Silverman, who Is a Btu 'lt'ii t at Imtiaiiii university at Mloom- I 8. J. Kris. IjiRton nituruefl to school today after Hpendhis the holidays here Willi IiIk parcntH. Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Silverman, of South Fourth street. Slaying t IiIh wile, by burglar oil ( Illiniums eve raswd H. litis ! go mi a "hunger rfrlkr" nliii h he vowed to keep unlll I ha murderers were apprehended. I'h) -!c inns forced lilm t partially hre.k Ills fas f''r six days. A r. kiiIi-iii of Wheeling, W. Va., Iliis Is the falher of fivu children. 'GO VVKHT. VOrXfi MAN' AT THK W A HASH Mae West is down on the form tn new and greener pastures In "(In Wont, Young Man"' with Warren William. Ilundolnli Scull. Alh-e Rrady. I.yle Talliott. Isabel Jownll. Elizabeth Patterson and MargarH Perry sharing acting honora. Cast as a lilgh-KtrtihK niovin actress whose romantic life Iihs been curbed by ii nnnmarrlage cliuis" In her contract. Mae falls In love with a country chap. Randolph Scott Warren William has the unenviable Job of frustrating her romances so I hut her contract won't bo void. In typical Mae Westlan manner, the blond star sings "I wan Sayln' to the Moon." "On a Typical. Tropltal Night" 'and the title song. Some "Popular. Science." Fox Movietone News and the delectable subject of "Plnjk Lemonade" are special shorts. MOVIES 'ONK WAV I'ASSAfJK' AT THK PAIjACK Kay Francis and William Powell are the lovers who face oncoming doom with muKUlnVent recklessness as they tuke a "One Way Pass-use" on an ocean liner from the Orient to the Golden Gale. Their idyl Is a strange one. Kay. although young, eager, beautiful, is on the brink of death; doctors say her heart may stop at any mluute. Powell is being hunted on a murder charge one of many years standing and the detective on his trail is near at hand. The hopelessness of the situation makes each feel that a lifetime or living must come with this one month aboard ship. The ending is entirely unexpected. Fellow passeneers of note are Warren Hymer, Frank McHugh. Aline MacMahnn and Herbert Mun-din. A Merry Melody, newsreel and High Falls in Vosemite Yosemite National Park has eight waterfalls more than 300 feet, the greatest being Ribbon Falls, 1,612 feet high. , " t A hoys' meeting and feed was held 1ni night from f o'clock until 7 at l lie limne of Mac Ferguson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Ferguson, of Walnut street. KlevtMi hoys, who deliver the Saturday Evening Poat. Ladies' Home Journal, and the Country Gentleman, in Clinton were the guests. .!. R. Collins of Indianapolis, who is district agent was also a guest and made the meeting very interesting for the boys. The following werp present: Chris Bonner. Robert Reed, James Htinday. Billy Bonner, Robert Lind-sey. F.neene McCrackpn. Pon Pickle, .loo Filor. Robert Bonner, Louts Cuy Clovd, Chester Poor, Jr., ienlor DR. B. H. SELLERS Cllntonlaa Advertising Commands Attention' UisU M aaT 249 South Main Stracf Clinton, Indiana IW. Ca ftmam i.nll. Ik 3

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