The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on December 22, 1921 · Page 4
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 4

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 22, 1921
Page 4
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1 - i, 'THE FAIRMOUNT NEWS !bui it is hoped that he will again be EPIDEMIC SIMILAR SUNDAY SER VICE S i IIC . 1 ail lliUUIi I lt Hd in working trim by Friday night. Thi - ' llr.eun has been used in the various i TO THE INFLUEMZA Malady Invades Fairmount; Not Dangerous Bat May Lead To . Pneumonia Published on Mondays and Thursdays practices held this week and has - 1 shown up with a world of speed and park Phi CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH. There will be a special Christmas program given at the Sabbath school in the morning at 9:30, consisting of recitations and musical numbers. A. S. ROBERTS. fighting ability, even though these ROBERTS, gs - a 1 - V . - . t-ditor and Publisher. Minnie McLucas Roberts, Associate. men average quite iignt in weignt. ; It now- seems probable that neither 1 i 4 According to the statements of At the evening service, 7 o'clock, ; Leer nor Olfather will be able to get physicians an epidemic of respiratory ; into the games this week as both men ! infections, similar to influenze, has Office: Main 265 Res, Black S82-1 TELEPHONES the pastor will give a Christmas sermon. Special music will be given ap have been off the practice lists be invaHp! Fairtrirtnnt. and reports indi SUBSCRIPTION RATES. propriate to the day. cause of injuries and illness. cate that the epidemic has invaded We give you a cordial invitation to iwitmn maiana.) Oro rssT S2.00 i The Van Buren-Fairmount hieh many other places throughout Indiana. - . i V - . z 1 1 I i . attend both services. MARTIN LEE GRANT, Pastor. The disease appears to be affecting youngi and eld alike, and a local physician describes the symptons and sets forth the danger of letting the Don't blame your engine every time it begins misfiring; it may be your Spark Plugs are the real cause. A. C. and Champion Spark Plugs are regular equipment on most cars. Get a complete new set for your car and save temper, time and trouble. Then try our Winter Gasoline-Red Top, of course. Those who try Red ISix months l.zo ; scnooi game is uwmm io oegin at o Three months 5 ! o'clock. A curtain raiser is being (Outside Indiana,) 1 arranged between the Grant school One vear 53.00 ' , Six months 1.65 team and the seventh grade team of iThree month " . -90 Junior hih to begin at 7:15. ' All subscriptions r.ayable strictly The F H- s second t?am won from j malady go untreated, as follows : X H X H M N M H M N H H H H H At the start there is a hoarseness, FRIENDS CHURCH Bible school at 9:15 Preaching at 10:30, sermon by pastor, subject "God's First Christmas to His Enemies." A Christmas program will be g,iv-en in the evening at 7 o'clock. Tf,tithe Matthews first squad some time followed in six to twelve hours by a Ice? rfrow?.! is received rrior to ex- ' ago by a 43 to 23 score. The local raspv cough, like that present m ca piration date. line will be somewhat weakened for ; tarrhal croup. After a short time the op Gasoline buy again. 77 7 ' Friday night, however, as some who ; cough becomes loose and much mucous latter : . , - . i ' r i a r 1, Entered as second-class m , ; nave oeen piaying on mat team are ; s pn?srau ims lasis imm imrc w . " ; , . . . ic j r j .ttu M. E. CHURCH. Sunday school at 9:30. Morning worship at 10:30 der the Act of Congress 01 Marca S, now worKing on me nrst squaa. --e uajs, ana in many casta enus l. iHdwwpr marv nrnrai?m? new men a deen. hoarse, bronchial cough, which Subject ; have come on filling these places. '; lasts for several days. The New King. Snecial musical program and page- Amor.r, the men to make the trip to j In keeping with the influenza, New Line-up i Matthews Friday night will be Bos-' there is but little temperature, f anF-! ant will be given in the evening by X E 0. Ellis Auto Supply Co. STORAGE BATTERIES Tires, Accessories, Oils, Gasoline, Vulcanizing W.;V. Fowler, Mgr. ' Phone 226 UofJnn !ley, Leach ar.d Parril, forwards; Com-; If the malady is complicated by a j the Sunday school and Epworth Lea illvCTS ;!luriOn!er and Osborn, centers; and Johnson, mixed infection, the temperature may 1 gue j Kimes and Wilson, guards. With a ! be higher. The danger is not from j Prayer meeting, Wednesday even- M H lineup chosen from this group it is ' the infection itself, but from the fact ; in at 7 o'clock. 'Continued from Page One) k A V.o.txvI tViat the smvTiil fpam can ae-ain that it is hkelv to be followed by Evervbodv invited to these services. Pick- ' bring home the bacon. j pneumonia, as well as trouble with the Fairmount Boslev for enger. CHRISTIAN CHURCH Bible school, 9:30 a. m. Communion, 10:30 a. m. Preaching both morning and even POPULAR YOUNG COUPLE j Frly." Doctors point out the need SURPRISE THEIR FRIENDS f mn? the family phy- Ician when the first svmptons of such Miss Lula Rich and Willard Comp-i aft3l- ar and mention the iESS 95 ard. , Van Bur en Quintet Here Friday Night . On Friday night of this week the F& h:gh school basket ball . team is booked to meet Van Buren on the heme foor in the last game ' before the Christmas holidays. On the same night the local second team will jourrey to Matthews for a return 1 contest with the Matthews team. j Christmas Spjecials ton perpetraiea a surprise on tneir fact that the di5ease ig easily trans. frier.ds when they slipped quietly : migSa,e. away Saturday evening to the home of 1 jt sh'oul1 t remembered that in Rev. Benj. Purviance and were united j the case of in. in marriage. Miss Rich is a gradu- fluenza or otner respiratorv ir.fec- ing. - ! Morning "No rcom in the Inn." Evening "God's greatest gift." Jesus Christ, the highest personality of heaven, was God's greatest gift. Let us thus recognize Him in our lives. H. CLAY BOYTS, Pastor. te oi tne acaaemy ana aunng n , tions a in dnTin$ri the early The Black and Gold warriors have, four years at that institution was a j sta w5th proper medical attention, already defeated the Van Buren team ; studer.t under Rev. Purviance and it wiJ ?hort the duration of the in. this year and are hoping to make Fn-as a pretty tribute of her respect jness pr(?veTlt complications, also day right's game the second win; and esteem for her teacher when Aei, tnf danJrer of transmission BAPTIST CHURCH A Christmas program will be given in the Baptist church on Monday evening at 7:30. The public is invited. to other persons. Tall Can Red Salmon 28c Raspberries, per can 25c Peaches 15c, 25c, 35c and 40c Apricots 15c, 25c, and 40c Plow Boy Syrup 35c, 65c Cocoa, per pound 25c Shredded Wheat 16c Oats, two packages '. 25c 3 Big Roils Toilet Paper ' 25c Big Sour Pickles, doz., 30c Sweet Pickles, dozen, 30c Wabash Flour 90c 5 Bars Rub-No-More Soap, One can Spotless Cleanser 30c 10 Bars Flake White Soap 63 SUPERINTENDENT HALL ON PROGRAM AT PERU. over tne visitors. an Buren now- ; requested that he read tne marriage ever, has been showing up much bet- service. Mr. Compton is the son of ter recently according to reports and J. B. Compton, living east of town and may give the locals a stiff fight even ? is a graduate of Fairmount high though the game is to be played on " school. Both young people are very the local floor. popular and have a large circle of It is not vet known just what line-! friends in and around Fairmount. WESLEYAN CHURCH Sunday school, 9:30 a. m. Preaching at Back Creek, 11 a. m. Preaching in Fairmount 7 p. m. t- t Albert R. Hall. County Superintend i ent of schools is on the program to j be given at the meeting of the ; Mid-week prayer meeting, Wednes- start the game for the locals The newly-weds will reside on the Eleventh District County School S.up- 'dav 7.30 D - 3 j- 1 1 1 , - ' m. up will Fridav night. However the guard 1 iarni neiongmp, 10 ine groom s iamer. erirtendents to be held at Peru, Feb- ruarv 16 and 17. positions will be held down by two chosen from the list of J. PickarJ, Special Christmas ry.ven by the Sunday school on Christmas morning. A Christian welcome. J.J. COLEMAN, Pastor. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Morris will en- ; Meeting of a similar nature are be. Wilbem and Williams. LaRue mav ' tertain at a familv dinner Sunday r t 5r.g held at the same time in all the Candy, Fruits, Vegetables and Nuts. Make this store your headquarters for your Xmas buying. Prompt Service. be used at center while Hollingworth their home on South Main street. Will congressional districts of the state, and C. Pickard or Payne will start Morris and family and Mrs. Vance Every county in the eleventh district the offensive. Payne has been laid and children of Pendleton will be the will be represented aj the meeting at tip this week on account of injuries ouj of town guests. . Peru and every superintendent is on , i the nroeram for a fifteen minute talk. ACADEMY BASKET TEAM GOES TO PENDLETON FRIDAY. The Academy "Fighting Five" will journey to Pendleton, Friday night The Quality Grocery 32 BERT BRILES, Proprietor GIVE US A TRIAL Mr. Hall will speak on "Better Pre-' where they will battle with the fast pared Teachers and Better Teaching,." Pendleton high school quintet. On the first day of the meeting the ; The team this week in practice has state inspector will conduct the sup- j been putting up the best basket ball erintendents on a tour of city schools, of any time during the present sea-ar.d consolidated and one-room rural son and if they can keep this pace schools. Teaching methods will be up they should defeat Pendleton. The PHONE 43 News Want Ads. Bring Quick Results. observed in each. A conference will be held in the pftemoon to consider the results of the inspection. On the second day, the round table discussion with talks by the superintendents will take place. 7 f Y X. . i ' i :i it .A ' ' j X t B- .A " reserves have been using Pendleton style of playing this week and at times did much damage, while at other times the regulars broke it up with- ; out much trouble. The following men will probably leave for Pendleton Friday afternoon' at 5 o'clock: Rich. McCoy, Cecil, Woods, Lamm, Brewer, Lewis, Harsh-barger. Scott, a member of the squad, has been ill and he will probaly not be able to make the trip. The next home game of the season will be with the Marion high school five on the Academy gym Friday, Dec. 30. Tickets for this game will ILW.W-Jf-Ml.J 1 Hi.UlM.J ' -'1111 ! BASKET B'ALL! i MAKING EXCAVATIONS FOR SUNKEN GARDEN Excavation work has been for the sunken garden which XMAS GREETINGS: TO ALL OUR PATRONS AND FRIENDS WE WISH THIS MAY BE THE MERRIEST CHRISTMAS OF ALL, AND THAT THE COMING NEW YEAR WILL BE THE HAPPIEST. YOUR PATRONAGE DURING THE PAST YEAR WE HAVE APPRECIATED AND SHALL ENDEAVOR TO MERIT ITS CONTINUANCE DURING 1922. THE MAYFLOWER begun is to nrorertv of beautifv the res;dence Mrs. S. P. Roberts on North Main street. The garden will front on fourth street and Mr. Traster. who ' has charge of the work, states tl it will contain ferns, lillies of various kinds and other water-loving plants, i be placed on sale Monday at the Moon Eat Shop. Van Buren H. S. vs. Fairmount H. S. at F. H. S. Gym.g Friday, Dec. 23rd Last Home Game Before Christmas V Mr. Traster has a force of men at PRACTICE GAME work and H pro'1!sin nicely with AT THE ACADEMY. the excavations and the plans. A practice game will be played ;next Monday evening at 7:30 o'clock Mr. and Mrs. Will Jones who have between the Academy 'varsity and a i been in Geornia returned last Monday, I team made up of former Academy Mrs. Jones comintr on to Fairmount . nlavers. The team opposing the and Mr. Jones stonning over in India-nattoli for a few davs. He is expected in Fairmount Saturday. "Fighting Five" will be made up of Morris Winslow, 19, now a member of the Earlham 'varsity; E. Rich '20, 7:! 5 m. ' regular on the Franklin coHees five: Everybody Come. Curtain Raiser at Main Game at 8:00 p. m. Edward Kierman of Warren, Pa.,j A Rich ,20, a member of the Indiana who for the oast week has been sup- rwfl 'rniintot- THair '19. a former - enntending tne loading or the steel . o.. vrnrm-i .tar. Moon. '20. of the 1920 Academy team and Thomas and at the rennery, tor the Hammond iron Works, returned to his home today to spend the holidays with his family. Baker, two members of last year's i Academy team. This should prove to be a very interesting game and should help' put the "Fighting Five" in shape for the Marion battle. The Christian church will hold their Christmas entertainment on Friday evening when they will present Big T (Kansas Hard Wheat) Flour $0c Pet Milk, talk 13c, 2 for 25c Majal Milk 10c Star Blend Cofifee (Ground) 23c 10 Bars Lenox Soap 35c 10 Bars Lunna Soap 45c Cracked and Flake Hontony, per lb. 2 l2c No. 2 1-2 Green Gage Plums, can 20c Peas, Beans, Corn and Homony, per can 10c Lye, per can 10c OPEN ALL DAY DEC 26th. "White Gifts for the King." The We Do Custom Butchering Get Our Prices. They Are Right. Fresh Meats and Pure Lard. Community Meat Market program will consist of recitations, exercises and songs from all departments. At this' time they will also present their gifts for the needy. IN MEMORIAM In loving rememberance of our dear j mother, Mrs. Louisa Crawford, who departed this life one year ago this ; Christmas eve, .Dec. 24. j The flowers we lay upon her grave may wither and decay, but our love ; for her is just the same -as in the hour she passed away. Sadly missed by her six daughters. ' MRS. EMMA WHITE. Phone 275 Phone 275 Kelly & Son I In the sulphur industry of Southern j Italy, American competition domi-: nates, and unless some understanding jean be reached with American pro-1 ducers it is- difficult to see how this J important industry can continue to ! operate. During the first years in ! which American sulphur became an i important factor in the market, an f', Patterson Art Store-Headquarters for Xmas CARD OF THANKS We wish in this manner to express our deep and sincere appreciation of the many acts of kindness, words of sympathy and neighborly offices tendered by friends during the illness and death of our beloved wife and mother, Mrs. ESe E. Woollen. Also agreement for a division of territory was entered into with the Sicilians, but at present the superiority of the American companies over their foreign competitors is so great that there would appear to be no reason why they should make concessions. To enable the automobile public to comply with the Headlight Law, we are facusing lights free of charge to everyone. We sell the Holophane Lens and North Star Shield. Either of these pass every requirement. Will Your Car Pass State Inspection? Every Automobile mrst past inspection by Dec 20, 1921. How about yours? Racine Tires Cooper Storage Batteries National Oil CityG&rocs W. A. ICimes Cc ikm Day and Night Road Service. Phnv 400 -t . " .We still have mate of .those nice handkerchiefs. - " Sateen, permament finish, for pettiboekers. ' - Ginghams for applique. .Novelties, Crochet threads and yarns. . ? Stamping to order. , . Corset CUed. ' IE IN EARLY Til L WETS AND MAKE TOUR SELECTIONS. for the beautiful flowers tendered as j a tribute t her memorv and the love However, it is reported that a repre- sentative of the American sulphur and ' 'ta which she was held by prodncera is now in Italy with a view ; who knew her. These will ever inert Hearts. & t WCOlft taiLDTJSN if: V

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