The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on December 22, 1921 · Page 2
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 2

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 22, 1921
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a-4Siji i THE PAIRMOUNT NEWS THE PASSING OF MONSTERS IRISH TREATY IS 0. 1CD BY BRITISH Both Branches of Parliament Ratify Pact by Big Majority. CHICAGO OPENS NEW MUNICIPAL PARKING SPACF FOR MOTORISTS Siaire Relief FOR IDIGESiO?J x -! .3.4- vt-.-M 4- f. f j h i J f f " YtD vi mrrr Bell-ans if wis Hot water Sure Relief 1 WIsPte 25i end 75$ Packages. Everywhere RAIL'S VERDICT IS DOUBTFUL happened "fe S i fill! I lliShT J L 111! i S .WJsriri 5 X T- Automobile Entering New Parking Grounds at Chicago. Chicago has n new municipal parking ground for motorists who have business in the loop district, where they can leave their car between the hours of 7 in the morning and VI at night for the small charge of 'Si cents. The park has two gates, one to enter ami the other to leave and a uniformed policeman is on guard at each place. Upon entering the grounds the driver, who is the only one allowed to drive in with the machine, is presented with a card bearing the number of his license and which he has to present to the gate-keeper in order to get his car. All motorists seem to be pleased with this new arrangement, as their car will be much safer with the new regulation in effect. DRAINING FUEL FROM CARBURETOR CHAMBER Nature n Sweet Two CO-lb. cans extracted honey $16 so, F. O. 13. here, cash with order. Money back if not satisfied. Spl. price 1,000-lb. lots. Sumnt-i-Forker Grain Co., Sumner, Mo. Inm to M.,ke Fine Candies In Your Own Home. Choc.late cream fudi?e and nut. Send to pay piiBta(?e and receive big sample free. 1h.n you wui want to lf-arn. I-. KWKAKT. Itox 395, M.R'0. INJ. Money back without question sV lif HUNT'S GUARANTEED pHSKIN DISEASE REMEDIES pA (Hunt's Salve and Soap), fail in Jl the treatment of Itch, Eczema, Ringworm.Tetter or other itoh- ingskir diseases. Try this treat-TeS "Jur risk Sold reliable druggist. A. a. Richards Medicine Co. Sherman. Texas DONT DESPAIR If you are troubled with pains or aches; feel tired; have headache, indigestion, insomnia; painful passage of urine, you will find relief in COLD MEDAL The world's standard remedy foT kidney, liver, bladder and uric acid troubles and National Remedy of Holland since 1696. Three sizes, all druggists. Look for the name Gold Medal oa every box and accept no imitation Shave, Bathe and Shampoo with one Soap. Cuticura CuHcars SoaptsthefavoriteforaafetyrazorahaTiiiff. The increase in the suicide rate Is, however, not due to the remorse of contractors who trimmed the government during the war. The United States geological survey estimates that the oil deposits of the world total 43.OO0.000.CXH) barrels. This generation is safe, but it is burning si .me. Berlin reports that Ilerr Hohenzol-lem suffered a physical collapse that caused alarm for three flays, but does not explain who was alarmed. v1 Both of London Houses Voted Down an Amendment Rejecting King George's Speech at the Opening of the Session. London, Dec. 10. Both houses of the British parliament ratified the treaty creatine the Irish Free State by overwhelming majorities. After final arguments in favor of ratification, presented in the house of commons by Austen Chamberlain, the government leader, and in the house of lords by Lord Chancellor Birkenhead, both houses voted emphatic rejection of the unionist amendments to the king's address from the throne. If these amendments had been adopted, it would have had the effect of killing the treaty. The amendment to the king's speech, proposed in the house of commons by Col. John Gretton, conservative, expressing regret that the treaty "would involve the surrender of rights of the crown in Ireland and give power to establish an independent Irish army and navy." received the support of only ,"S members of 40 voting. A simil&r amendment, moved in the house of lords by the duke of Northumberland, mustered only 47 "diehard" votes of 213 voting. The rejection of these amendments by both houses of parliament, therefore, had the effect of adoption of the king's address without a division. Dublin. Dec. 10. The stubborn fight of Eamon De Valera and a group of colleagues in Dall Kireann against the Irish treaty in its present form has delayed the deliberations. De Valera is understood to have proposed to Lail Kireann that the treaty be amended to exclude certain features. lie has been holding out for an all-Ireland parliament, which would give the Sinn Fein complete domination of all Ireland, but he 'ins expressed willingness to give Ulster province wider powers in local affairs. De Valera i understood to have suffered a reverse in a test vote, but is making a strong light. The advisability of putting the-treaty up to the Irish people in n referendum was discussed at lenirth, it is learned. In spite of frequent clashes among Dail leaders over the treaty and the wide split between De Valera and the Griffith and Collins followers all join i: hotly denouncing the British inspired attacks on le Valera. At Thursday tnrtn,ing session Stack -an-ed an uproar by doelarinir that th- attacks on Do Valera in the newspapers originated in Kngtend. (irirulh ;;i:t Collins leifoweo:. t.oUi in-' sisting that they wrre equally hostllo to that sort of eriiicim. The attitude of the foreii.!; or respondent s" rlined to sneer at the i.-itors," resulted in one per man being visited "hih salaried who ate iii- "farmer le.uis-su-h newspa-and severely try frm tl.e chast tsed bv an einis- DeValera following. CSKS BIG SUM FOR HARBORS S. Army. Engineer Urges Appropriation of $120,000,000 $1,571,000 for Milwaukee. Washington, Dec. 10. Recommendations for 'he spending of approximately $120,000,000, under federal supervision, to improve the rivers, canals and harbors of the United States was made by the United States army chief, of engineers in his annual report to the secretary of war. The report recommended expenditure of $1,571,000 on Improvements to rivers and harbors in the Milwaukee district. This included a recommendation for an appropria tion of $1,171,000 to supplement available funds. Of this amount, $S5,229 would be ued to Improve the Milwaukee harbor; $233,000 at Racine (Wis.) harbor; $127,241 on Waukegan (111.) harbor, and $17S,902 on Grand Haven (Mich.) harbor. SWEAR TO U. S. ATROCITIES Santo Domingo Natives Tell Investigating Committee of Alleged Cruelties by U. S. Troops. Santo Domingo, Dominican Itepub- lie, Dec. 19. Testimony of alleged , atrocities during the American mill- j tary occupation of Santo Domingo and HaytL such as cutting off ears of prisoners and pouring salt into their wounds, was given by witnesses be fore the United States senate commit tee. Germany Is Bankrupt. 1 Paris. Dec. 19. From the highest authoritative source it Is reported here that the reparations commission has finally advised Germany that no exten- eions in her reparation payments will be granted. Reily Will Return to Post. Washington, Dec. 19. E. Mont Reily will return to his post as governor of Porto Rico before the first of the year. It was announced here, following .a conference between Reily and the PresldenL OETROIT NEWS. U. S. MARKET REPORT Weekly Marketgram of Bureau of Markets and Crops. Washington, Dec. 17. For the week ending Dec. IS. HAY Quoted December 14: prices. 92 score: New York, 44Vsc. Philadelphia, $22.00; Pittsburgh, $21.50; Cincinnati. $11.0 Chicago. $21. VO: Atlanta. $30.00. No. 1 alfalfa, Omaha. S16.j0; Atlanta, $32.00. No. 1 prairie, Omaha. $12.00; Chicago. $16.00. FEED Feed situation continues strong, particularly for wheat feeds, due to light offerings by flour mills. Quoted December 14: Bran $20.50; middlings. $20.25. Minneapolis; 56 per cent cottonseed meal. $34.00. Memphis; white hominy feed, $23.00. Chicasro: No. 1 alfalfa meal, S1S.75. Kansas City; beet pulp, $26.00, Philadelphia; linseed meal. $42.00. Minneapolis. DAIRY PRODUCTS CloFtns butter prices. 92 score: New York, iVyxc; Philadelphia, 4.TU.C; Boston. 45c; Chicago. 44c. Prices at Wisconsin primary cheese markets, December 14: Twins, 20c; Daisies, 2'cf Long horns, 21 Vic; Young Americas, I'.e. FRUITS AND VEGETABLES Potatoes: Michigan No. 1 sacked round whites rule $l.o per lfw lbs. (. o. b. : New York round whites, $1.65-1.70; Idaho sacked ru-rals unchanged at 9oc cash to growers. General, $2.00-2.15; MWldlewestem markets slightly stronger; Chicago carlot market up 5c at $1 .65-1. SO; Red River t'hios up Iv-lio in Muidlew. stern markets. Shipments suady at about 4"0 cars daily. Onions continue slow but stcadv. Arrivals heavy at New York. Philadelphia and Boston. Prices stcadv at shipping points. Consuming markets slightly weaker tone at So.2C-5.7. per 10" t lbs. sacked for choice yellow stock; Spanish Valencia about steady. $5.00-6.00 per oas Baldwin apples. Main No. is. firm in consuming markets at $G.W-7.0, p-r i,t,I. Extra Northwestern Jonathans ner.rlv unchanged at general range of $2.50 "to $3.) prr box. Extra fancy Winesaps at auction. $2.05 to $o.. tlrm at northwestern snipping points. $2. if., f. .. b. GRAIN Closing pi ices In Cliio.:c- cash I market: No. 2 red winter wh-:. $1.16. No. j 2 hard winttr wheat. SI. 10; No. 2 mixed corn, 4V; No. 2 jellow corn. 4 So: No. S white ats Clc. Aver:ge price to farmers j n central lowa lor No. 2 m:ed com about "20: to farmers in central Kansas for No 2 hard winter wheat, c. For the week Chicago May wheat down l-4c. closing at $l.l2-4; Chleag-o May corn down V?c, closing at 63c; Minneapolis May wheat down IV at $1.194 : Kansas City May wheat down Vic r.t $1.5- Wirrvneg May wheat down IVjC at Jl.vs. LIVE STOCK Chicago hes r.rices ad vanced 15c to 2,'c during the week. Good href steers were weak to TGe lower: medium steers averaged about steady; butch r cows and heifers weak, to 25c lower, cows declining most; feeder steers up 400 ; calves up SV-$t: fat lambs declined 4vc to o per l'v lbs., while feeding lambs advanced a like amount: eves were EOe. i to .00 tower; yearlings Jinn to We higher. J $7.50 tearly); b:;lk of sales. $o.S0-10 me- j ojm and good beef steers, $'.50-7.10; butcher cows and heifers, I3.25-S.70, feeder steers, f 5.00-7.00; light and medium weight veal calves. ?6.75-l''.25; fat lambs, $?.50-11.25; feeding; lambs, $S. 75-10.23; yearlings. $7.36-3.75: fat ewes, $3.00-5.50. Stocker and feeder shipments from twelve important markets during the week end ing December 9 were: Cattle and calves. 51,107; hogs, 6.5SS; sheep, 41,510. SAY RAIL INCOME CUT THIRD Spokesman Declares Eastern Lines Are Suffering Severely Because of Poor Business. Washington, Dec. 17. Kastem rail roads will have one-third less net in come this year than in average test periods and passenger fares will yield from IS to 20 per cent less, E. E. Shriver of the Baltimore & Ohio told the interstate commerce commission. Shriver is spokesman for all East ern roads at the investigation of the transportation situation being made bv the commission. HAYS IN CHICAGO HOSPITAL Postmaster General and Wife Patients in St. Luke's He Suffers Nervous Breakdown. Chicago, Dec. 17. Will H. Hays, postmaster general, is in St. Luke's hospital here suffering from a nervous breakdown, it was announced. Mrs, Hays is a patient in the same hospital. Mr. Hays' Illness is said to have been caused partly by injuries received in a train wreck several weeks ago. Mellon Drops One Job. Washington. Dec. 19. Secretary of the Treasury Mellon's resignation' as American member f the International high commission has been accepted. He will be succeeded by Secretary Hoover. Cop Shot in Fight With Robber. Kokomo, Ind Dec 19. Bart Amos, veteran policeman, was shot and seri ously wounded in a revolver battle with a robber caught looting the Hupp department store. The robber es--apetf. GUARD KANSAS MINES Troops Called as Result of Riot-Jng by Women. Attack Miners and Deputy Sheriffs and Prevent Men From Going to Work at Pittsburg. Pittsburg, Kan., Pee. 1G. Soldiers are coming again Into the Kansas coal fields. Sheriff Milt Could called upon Governor Allen for aid in handling the situation, brought about by the rioting women marchers. The mobilizing of three companies of the Kansas National Guard for immediate entrain-ment to Pittsburg was ordered by the adjutant general. Judge J. II. Crawford of the state industrial court was visited by a dele-imtion of nonslrikinc minors, who told him that they wished to work, but that they were afraid to do so. Judge Crawford told the men that the state expected to give them the necessary protection and that, if state troops were needed, they would be sent here at the request f Sheriff Gould. According to reports here, the women demonstrators, a majority of whom are wives and relatives of striking miners, are prepared to continue their activities. On Monday the women succeeded in preventing a force at one mine from going to work. Tuesday, in a demonstration marked by rough tactics, they kept the nonstrikers from going to work in five mines. Two terrific blasts beard all over the north part of Crawford county wrecked a steam shovel of the Meng-bir.i Coal company on the Dry wood creek, in the extreme north part of the county. ' Women rioters in 140 motorcars swept down the east border of Crawford county, storming every mine and steam shovel plant in their path and requesting men to cease work, a report to Pittsburg said. Sheriff Could and deputies with him were overpowered by the women. j RAILROADS TO CLOSE SHOPS Baltimore & Ohio Announces Shutdown of All Heavy Repair Wcrks. Baltimore. Md., Dec. 1G. The Baltimore & Ohio railroad announced all heavy repair shops over the entire system will be shxit down indefinitely. Business depression and the necessity of economies were jriven by officials of the road as prompting the shutdown order. Shops to be closed are at Baltimore, Cumberland, Pittsburgh. Keyset-, W. Va. ; Zanesville, Ohio; Cincinnati. Washington. New York. Philadelphia. Lima, Ohio; Chillieothe, Ohio; Grafton, W. Va. ; Rossford. Ohio ; Newark. Ohio. Ben wood. W. Va. ; Garrett, Irid. ; Willard, Ohio, and Newcastle Junction. Fa. GARDNER BEGINS LONG TERM Mai! Robber Tells Guards He Will Attempt to Escape Prison Again. Leavenworth. Kan, Dec 17. Smiling and apparently unaffected by the 75-year sentence which he Is facing, Koy Gardner, mail robber, widely known for his escapes from prison, was checked in at the federal penitentiary. In custody of four officials, be arrived from Phoenix. Ariz. Less than two hours after he was admitted to the prison, Gardner Intimated to guards that he would attempt to du plicate his previous sensational es capes. Professor "Peeper" Let Out Chicago, Dec. 10- Gerald Louis Wendt, Harvard graduate and assistant professor of chemistry, was dropped from the University of Chica go faculty for peeping into a bathroom In Kenwood hall, a girls dormitory. France. Defies Other Powers. Washington, Dec. 19. France threw m bombshell into the conference by proposing that she build a capital .ship fleet of. 370.000 tons, or ten new joetJntJad ypssels, during, the ten ars following ;f re year VS. 1 1 IMPORTANT CARE OF LUBRICATION One Part of Car That Must Be Right and Needs Special Care in Cold Weather. KEROSENE IS GOOD CLEANSER When Freezing Weather Arrives Test Oil to See If It Is Adapted to New Conditions Do Not Permit Water to Accumulate. Do not neglect to overhaul your lunrieannsr system until winter is Tar advanced. It is a job which the ordinary man avoids boeausc it gets his hands dirty. But serious trouble may follow if the work is not done in time write Albert N. Atkinson in the New York World. Winter, with its low temperature, brings unusual conditions, nnd the various lubricants used on a car must" be adapted to the change. Doubtless the oil in the crank case has been changed every 1.00O to l.rwX) miles during the summer, a rule which should be followed all winter. But frequently the motorist neglects to clean out the crank case when changing oils and so the dirt and grit remain in the bottom of the sump to contaminate the new oil. Use Kerosene Method. Projiorly the oil base should be removed and tli' strainer, pump and piples thoroughly cleaned. A new gasket must then be fitted around the joints. This is more of a job than the average man wishes to undertake, so the kerosene method may ho considered fairly satisfactory. Before putting in the new oil let u" consider whether it is adapted to the new season or not. The working temperature will be the same, but the oil sump is exposed to every blast of cold air coming through the radiator and the oil may be chilled to a point where it cannot flow. As soon as freezing weather arrives make a cold test, of the oil as follows: place half a tumbler of the oil in some exposed place where it may he acted on by the outside temperature. Watch it from day to day. If it thickens up and refuses to run at any time it is not suited to your enarine. Use a slightly thinner oil or one which will not be too sluggish at the low temperatures usually met at your latitude. If inconvenient or impossible to change the oil immediately, keep the car in a warm place and do not take it out until the engine has run ten minutes or so and warmed up the oil. The hot oil flowing back into the stump soon brings it to a temperature where the cold will have no bad effect upon It. If obliged to let the car stand any length of time with engine not running, you will of course blanket the radiator which not only pro tects the cooling system hut the oil as Well. Danger Often Overlooked. There is one danger which Is fre-Qaently overlooked and that is an accumulation of water at the bottom of the sump or oil well. This comes from the products of .combustion leaking past the piston and also from occasional leakage of the cooling system. If the sump is -Tposed to freezing temperature this water will freeze. If there Is enough of It, some may freeze In the oil pump, wrecking it. So draw oTr a "'? " rrom tne no"om or ",e rump tii irai mux cttiv, v ci i nunj draining out all water. If found. Change the grease in the gear-case and differential case to a heavy oil. A semi-fluid grease tr gear compound will thicken up In winter and will not penetrate where. It should. So pay careful attention to these details, as lubrication of the car Is a matter which simply MUST be right. v PARKER'S HAIR BALSAM )il?"r''t BemoTPKOanarna-StopsBalrFaUIsc NST V Restores Color and "L Boaoty to Gray and Faded Haa VPJ-"5; toe. and $100 at nrorststa, jgfcyV2i Blwii Chem. W !;g. Patcfaogne. if. T. HINDERCORNS Rmort earns. OlJ tonnes, etc, stops all fin ensures comfort to the fc-et, makes walking es.iv. Ku. by mall or at Dra Cists. Hisoox Coemicai Works, ratcttogM. M. Z. j Suction Device Illustrated Does Work Easily. Not Necessary to Remove Tank or Disconnect Heating and Feed Connections Any Wateror Particles Drawn Out. In some .ix-cj Under automobiles no provision is made for draining the carburetor, or vacuum tank, without removing them or disconnecting the beating and feed connections and allowing the fuel in the vacuum tank to run off through the disconnected feed pipe. All this makes a lot of work and trouble merely to remove the few drops of water or particles of dirt that interfere with the operation of the carburetor. The little device shown in the drawing will quickly draw all the fuel from When Draining the Contents of the Carburetor Float Chamber and Vacuum-Feed Tank of an Automobile, the Suction Device Illustrated Makes It Unnecessary to Disconnect the Float Chamber. the carburetor and vacuum tank without removing anything but the cover of the lloat chamber. Two pieces of metal tubing are inserted through a tight-fitting cork, fitted into a quart bottle. One tube leads to a common type of small bicycle pump, in which the leather washer on tli? plunger has been reversed to produce suction instead of pressure. A RB-shot is dropped Into the short rubber connection between the pump and bottle, to serve as a check valve. By removing the screws holding the cover of the float chamber it can be lifted off, then the second rubber tube is Inserted so that its end will reach the lowest part of the float chamber. Upon operating the pump, the contents of the carburetor and vacuum tank are sucked into the bottle without spilling a drop, and any water or particles of dirt that may be present will be brought aloug. Popular Mechanics Magazine. MDTTltflDLE Every motor vehicle in Madrid, Spain, must be equipped with a muffler silencer. a A tire will "give out" sooner from overloading than from almost any other cause. e The Free City ot Danzig, .Polanu. with a population of 350,000, has 561 motor vehicles. Truck tractors used with two-holed trailers are registered as one vehicle in Pennsylvania. New York city has been assigned 243,000 license plates for passenger automobiles for 1922. Universals do require greasing and it is a good idea to grease the joints every two months oy so. The production of motor vehicles IB the United States this year, it is said, will exceed 1,700.000 cars. I ' I i'4 I J : I ; J l f ' suction Slumped. Madge He used to tell her that tile world was his if she'd only love hhh. Marjorle Now they're married he can't even get an apartment -rNew York Sun. 1 Not Normal. Bernard Been fishing? j I'eters Yes. "Caught anything?" ' ' $ "No; even the fish refuse to retirn to their prewar bait." London Answers, j cuticura tor fimpiy paces. To remove pimples, and blackheads smear them with Cuticura Ointment. Wash off in five minutes with Cuticura Soap and hot water. Once clear keep your skin clear by using them for daily toilet purposes. Don't fail to include Cuticura Talcum. Advertisement. Page Mk Edison. "I've heard that the new talking machine have an automatic self-istop-plng device." I "Huh! Then my wife must be an old model." 'f - An Interested Party, j First Turkey Believe in disarmament? i Second Turkey Certainly ; Td; start with the ax. 'J Li M MorniniS "Ls Keep Your Eyes Clean Clear HeelthV W. N. U, Indianapolis, No., 2-1 921. i J A. I It I I a-ap-.tori"1 i.,' 'SVmmmmm' : "l"t" " '",r "

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