The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on December 8, 1976 · Page 19
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 19

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 8, 1976
Page 19
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Palm Beach Post, Wednesday, December 8, 1976 B9 j "" " 8:00 (4,34) Good Times: The Evans family goes wild when J.J. wins the lottery, but the celebration is cut short when they are faced by two gun-toting members of a girl gang. 8:00 (10,12) Christmas Fantasy in Disneyland: An hour of music, variety and comedy from Dis neyland in Anaheim, Calif., starring Art Carney with guests Glen Campbell and Sandy Duncan. 9:00 (10,12) The Carpenters: Recording and concert superstars Richard and Karen Carpenter star in their first television special with guests John Den ver and comedianpianist Victor Borge. 9:30 (5,7) The Practice: When Dr. - Bedford's son David orders his father hospitalized, the elder doctor reveals himself to be the most impatient patient and reduces the hospital's routine to chaos. 10:30 (2) The Legend of Rudolph Valentino: A penniless dance-hall gigolo becomes the world's most famous screen lover. Fifty years after his death, his name still spells mystery and romance. In this program we watch the true story of the greatest romantic idol the world has ever known. His business is going bankrupt, he is distraught over the emptiness of his life; and he is overwhelmed by a sense of loss ... of his youth, his heroes, his vitality and his values. (Television Premiere) (4,34) "The Mating Game," (1959), Debbie Reynolds, Tony call's apartment until his face heals. Stars outshine farfetched happenings. 9:00 (4,34) "Save the Tiger," (1973), Jack Lemmon. Lemmon won an Academy Award for his portrayal of an aged garment manufacturer who awakens one morning to a nightmare: WEDNESDAY MORNING 5:30 (7) University of Florida 6:00 (4) Sunrise Semester (7) Open College (10) Women in the Profession! (34) PTL Club 6:25 (5) Spotlight 6:30 (4) Batman (6) Fran Carlton (7) Sunshine Almanac (10) Notitias 6:45 (7) Community Report (10) Jobline (12) What's On Your Mind: Dr. Robert Al- sofrom. 6:55 (5) News 7:00 (4) Skipper Chuck (5,7) Today (6) Popeye and Friends (10) Arthur and Company (12) Good Morning America (34) CBS News 7:30 (10) A.M. Miami 8:00 (4,34) Captain Kangaroo (6) Duck Duck Goose (10) Good Morning, America (51) PTL Club 8:30 (6) Community Close-up 9:00 (2) Sesame Street (4.12) Mike Doua- 11:30 Randall. Zippy comedy romp of tax agent Randall falling in love with farmgirl Reynolds, with Paul Douglas rambunctious as Debbie's father. 1:00 a.m. (51) "Crime, Inc." Tom Neal. A reporter and a police commissioner smash crirrte syndicate. 3:30 (51) "Bombers Moon," Kent Taylor, George Montgomery. American flyer shot down over Germany sees his brother killed as he parachutes and vows to kill the German ace who did it. -k-kVz KEY TO RATINGS Excellent Good Fair Poor 1:00 (6) "A Letter to Three Wives," (1949), Jeanne Crain, Linda Darnell. Three country-club wives in a small town get a letter from a local friend graciously informing them that she is running away with the husband of one of them. 2 4:30 ( 34) "The Black Tent," (1957), Anthony Steel. Passable mixture of romance and action in the African desert as British soldier romances native chief's daughters and helps tribe fight off Nazi attack. 8:00 (6) "Dark Passage," (1947), Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Ba-call. Engrossing caper of escaped convict undergoing plastic surgery, hiding out at Ba- Dialing Guide Rudolph Valentino: See Spotlight. 2 THE REAL STORY, OF RUDOLPH VALENTINOI -Adv. (6) Alan Burke Show (23) Noticias 11:00 (4,5,10,12,34) News (6) Wild Wild West (23) Cine (51) Joey Carr Show 11:30 (2) ABC News: Captioned. (4,34) Movie: "The Mating Game." (5,7) Tonight Show: Johnny Carson with Jimmy Connors. (10) Ironside (12) The Rookies: A young unwed mother, being held as an accomplice in a robbery shooting, names her newborn son after Terry Webster, causing the infant's cop-hating father to go beserk. (R) (51) Tennis Everyone 12:00 (6) Untouchables (51) I Led Three lives 12:30 (10) The Rookies: See 11:30 p.m. Ch. 12 listing. (12) Mystery of the Week: "Come Die With Me," George Maharis, Eileen Brennan. (51) Laurel and Hardy 1:00 (5,7) Tomorrow: Tom Snyder. (6) Noticias (51) Movie: "Crime, Inc." 1:30 (10) Mystery of the Week: See 12:30 a.m. Ch. 12 listing. 3:00 (10) Jobline (51) Sea Hunt 3:15 (10) Noticias 3:30 (51) Movie: "Bombers Moon." 5:30 (51) Bat Masterson Ch. 3, Ch. 12 on Ch. 9, Ch. 51 on Ch. 13, Home Box Office on Ch. 2. 655-3761. Perry Cable TV Co. - Ch. 5 is seen on Ch. 3, Ch. 34 on Ch. 8, Ch. 12 on Ch. 9, Ch. 23 on Ch. 11 and Ch. 51 on Ch. 13. 622-1881. Belle Glade Community TV - Ch. 20 (Fort Myers) is seen on Ch. 8, Ch. 23 on Ch. 9 and Ch. 51 on Ch. 13. 996-3086. Tri-Comm Systems Ch. 17 (instructional) is seen on Ch. 13. 686-1581. Perry Cable (Stuart) - Ch. 23 is seen on Ch. 8, Ch. 34 is seen on Ch. 9. 334-7400. Channel City Network 2 WPBT Miami 949-8321 PBS 4 WTVJ Miami 377-8241 CBS 5 WPTV WPB 655-5455 NBC 6 WCIX Miami 377-0811 Ind 7 WCKT Miami 751-6692 NBC 10 WPLG Miami 573-7111 ABC 12 WPEC WPB 848-7211 ABC 23 WLTV Miami 652-4000 Ind. 34 WTVX Fort Pierce 464-5220 CBS 51 WKID Hallandale 920-7804 Ind. Cable subscribers' dialing guide: TelePrompTer Ch. 2 is seen on Ch. 11, Ch. 5 on J Hogar (51) Cine (5,7) The Prac- 9:30 Tomorrow (5) The Gong Show (7) News (10,12) All My Children Stevenson Show 9:00 (2) Great Performances Music in America: "Solti Conducts Mendelsshon." Sir George Solti and the Chicago Sym b,. 12 Charo is co-host to 1 Robert Evans, Wil :55 (5) NBC News :00 (4) Young and the Restless (5,7) Somerset (6) Movie: "A Letter to Three Wives." (10) Donahue (12) Ryan's Hope (34) Around the Town Times: See Spotlight. (5,7) C.P.O. Shar-key: Don Rickles stars as the commander of a training unit at the San Diego Naval Training Center. (6) Movie: "Dark Passage." (10,12) Christmas Fantasy in Disneyland: See Spotlight. (23) Noche de Gala (51) Comedias 8:30 (4,34) The Jeffer-sons: George's suggestion of a pre-nuptial agreement creates turmoil between Jenny and Lionel and George is loving every minute of it. (5,7) The McLean sor creates "Twas he Night Before Christmas" as a gift to his ailing daughter. (6) Hogan's Heroes (7) Wild Wild World (10) Bobby Vinton Show (12) Last of the Wild 8:00 (2) Nova: "Inside the Shark" ... is the shark really as scary as he looks? Of the more than 300 species, most are perfectly harmless, living on diets that include almost anyting but man. 2 NOVA: SHARKSI JAWSI A Close look Tonight! -Adv. (4,34) Good (5) Candid Camera (6) I Dream of Jeannie (7) NBC News (10) The Gong Show (12)Hogan's Heroes (23) Barata de Primavera (34) East Side, West Side (51) Horse Racing 7:30 (2) Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman: A puffy Cathy has a tooth pulled; Wanda gives Mary a hand with her laundry, and Mary is encouraged in her literary pursuits. (5) The Night Before Christmas: Animated Christmas story set in the 1820's a profes tice: See Spotlight. (23) Espectacular 77 10:00 (5,7) The Quest: Promising his crew that "the rewards" are worth the effort, a determined but jinxed rancher pushes his cattle drive in spite of the death of a drover, threat of Indian attack, mechanical breakdowns and lack of water. Part II of a two part episode. (6) News (10,12) Charlie's Angels liam Shatner, the Oak Ridge Boys and Dory Previn. (5) Perry Mason (6) Hi Doug (7) Bonanxa (34) PTL Club 9:30 (6) 700 Club 10:00 (5) Sanford and 1:30 Son (7) The Gong Show (10) Family Feud (34) Price is Right phony Orchestra make their American television debut. (4,34) Movie: "Save the Tiger." (5,7) Sirota's Court: Michael Constan-tine. (10,12) The Carpenters: See Spotlight. 12 "THE CARPENTERS" John Denver, Victor Borge Guest Star! -Adv. (23) Hogar Dulce 10:30 (4,34) As the World Turns (5,7) Days of Our Lives (12) Family Feud (10,12) $20,000 00 (51) Stocks and 2 News Pyramid :30 10:25 (7) News 2 (4,34) Guiding (23) Imperdonable (2) The Legend of (7) The Odd Couple (10) Brady Bunch (12) The Edge of Night (23) Mundo de Juguete 4:30 (4) Merv Griffin (5) Big Valley (6) Bewitched (7) Dinah: Blood, Sweat and Tears, Rod McKuen, Donna Fargo. (10) Medical Center (23) Enrique Po-livot (12) Howdy Doody (34) Movie: "Black Tent." (51) Daily Market Close 5:00 (2) Mister Rogers Neighborhood (6) My Three Sons (12) The Brady Bunch (23) Una Muchacha Llamada Milagros (51) Investment Digest 5:30 (2) Electric Company (5,10) News (6) Partridge Fami- iy (12) Andy Griffith (51) Financial Final 5:55 (4) Weather WEDNESDAY EVENING 6:00 (2) Zoom (4,7,12,34) News (6) Emergency One (23) Noticias (51) Mr. Albert's Talent Search 6:30 (2) Villa Alegre (4,34) CBS News (5) NBC News (10,12) ABC News (51) Greyhound Racing 7:00 (2) MacNeilLehrer Report (4) The $128,000 Question 10:30 (4) The Price is Right (5,7) Hollywood Squares (10) Don Ho Show (12) Bonanza 11:00 (2) Electric Company (5,7) Wheel of Fortune (6) Not for Women Only (10) Edge of Night (34) Gambit 11:30 (4,34) Love of Life (5,7) Stumpers (6) Love, American Style (10,12) Happy Days 11:55 (4) Weather THOUSAND PINE 3 Country Lstdti'S 2 miles west of the Florida Turnpike on Okeechobee Blvd. James K. Siebrecht, Realtor Palm Beach, Fla. 655-7034 Light (5,7) The Doctors (10,12) One Life to Live 3:00 (4,34) From Janice, John, Mary and Michael With Love: This musical special highlights the la-tents of Janice Lynde and John McCook of "The Young and the Restless" and Mary Stewart and Michael Nouri of "Search for Tomorrow." (5,7) Another World (6) Flintstones (23) Luis Conte Aguero 3:15 (10,12) General Hospital 3:30 (6) Three Stooges (23) Cocodrila 4:00 (2) Sesame Street ' (4,34) Tattletales (5) Dark Shadows Why special people watch Channels... (34) CBS News EVERYTHING IN The Legend of Rudolph Valentino WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON 12:00 (4,5,10) News (6) Perry Mason (7) 50 Grand Slam (12) The Don Ho Show (34) Young and the Restless 12:30 (4,34) Search for Still a sex symbol a half-century later! A penniless gigolo became the world's most famous screen lover! His private life! His leading ladies! His OWN home movies! Rare newsreel footage! NEEDLEWORK Expert inexpensive framing and pillow service. INSTRUCTIONS anytime. THE APPLE SHOP Delray Beach 298 N.E. 2nd AVE. 2 Tonight 10:30-11:30 iWH!! Home Box Office is a subscription television service available to customers of some cable (TO TOMATOES It," (Subtitled) 11:30 Movie: "The Private Life of Henry VIII." New York Rangers. 10:00 Movie: "The Knack . . . and How to Get 5:30 Movie: "The Moonrun-ners," (PG) 7:30 NFL Hockey: St. Louis vs. MOW ON DimA Y 4 i r-imm An old name with a new Ring... and a special offer for you from i ' the Sauerkraut People Beautiful Oneida" Silverplate ihjf Vilnius Saufifiraut : IKS? t Three Colors To Choose From GREEN - PINK - RED Pick The Size Best For You SMALL - MEDIUM - LARGE 'Mi. JHf. k, H Labels for mi:ms. a&i m ur each ring. Genu. rs, m.iv w, See the label lor all the details TruUi'mirkb ol oiivmIa 1.1(1 No Trade Ins - No Financing PEOPLE IN THE KNOW GO WHERE THE TOMATOES GROW AT ALL THREE pi 11 n Weight Loss And Cellulite fTOW (G)IP Removal TWO (40-MIH.) TREATMENTS PER WEEK GUARANTEED RESULTS LATEST PROFESSIONAL EQUIPMENT FREE CONSULTATION CALL 844-7003 HHi nT TR Alt. MMHBjfaejB Open Monday Thru Saturday 8 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. Sunday 11 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. Last Tram For Fields Leaves At 4:10 P.M. Cdonnades Health 101 Ocean Avenue, Palm Beach Shores Singer Island, Florida, 33404 737-7800 . FARM 3 965-1885 FARM 1 144-2171 FARM D2 Mil Center Phone 3058 U-7003

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