The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on December 8, 1976 · Page 18
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 18

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 8, 1976
Page 18
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Page 18 article text (OCR)

B8 Palm Beach Post, Wednesday, December 8, 1976 HOROSCOPE 1 r SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 to Dec. 21) Use your hunches more and improve both business and personal affairs now. Your mate can be of great help to you now. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 to Jan. 20) Try to comprehend better what associates expect of you and cooperate more with them for greater success. Relax tonight. AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 to Feb. 19) Engage in amusement that really appeals to you and have a delightful time. Situations arise that point to advancement. PISCES (Feb. 20 to March 20) Engage in creative activities that can bring more success into your life now. Show increased devotion to loved one. ARIES (March 21 to April 19) Make necessary what will make your work easier in your line of endeavor. A plan you have in mind needs more study before making a decision. TAURUS (April 20 to May 20) Come to a better understanding with an associate. Don't take any chances where your credit is concerned. GEMINI (May 21 to June 21) Study practical affairs and use knowledge acquired in the past to handle them well. Be careful of one who has ulterior motives. MOON CHILDREN (June 22 to July 21) Contact those who can give you important data you need. Make plans to have greater abundance in the future. LEO (July 22 to Aug. 21) Concentrate on how to gain your personal aims. Your mate can be more cooperative if you are willing to handle little tasks. VIRGO (Aug. 22 to Sept. 22) If you help friends with their problems you can gain more cooperation and. goodwill from them. Avoid a troublemaker. LIBRA (Sept. 23 to Oct. 22) Take part in more community activities and gain added respect. Don't neglect credit affairs that are pressing. SCORPIO (Oct. 23" to Nov. 21) Discuss with newcomers how you can work together toward gaining mutual goals. Try a new tack with an old problem and it is easily solved. SAGITTARIUS J CARROLL RIGHTER' HERMAN BLONDIE WIZARD OF ID i r : 1 i : r rr WHERE ARE BOSS YOU WOULONT QUIBBLE l B."jPaJu,; I i y I l'y-j0"C (YOU GOING? IT'S ( OVER ONE MINUTE. . lCO A MAH IM YOUR i-rfc A A mAT xO' v NOT QUITTING yV WOULD YOU? i UjAt4T A V Ft?SITlC?N H0ULP ieJM A (GO&Z fT?P J-Kj VaVl f"S ? ' ( SIT DOWN I IfiFTEEN SECONDS -FOURTEEN P.V-. . i , .Jj XT; MUSKOIL,. WWARUM. , ; T. -mf W'W UiV naionAtfXK Paicirt "Take that cereal out in the yard 'til it stops tff-. 2 'cM2 ss JJUca.,. J U L . jU . snapping and crackling." Sl MT Mm I at ' ' TUMBLEWEEDS INSIDE WOODY ALLEN ' - . i i L0T5A LUCK WHY WHY v i A SWISS . CANT YOU 0B LIKE THE f ZZnS&S& V WWY, IF 100 vo ft 15 V foR&eT i J)" ANP f3SlPe; I -WPK ,eY..? 100 VO THIS fl A ' f PANK ) r?ESTOFUS.NPANS?!... ! &000 fL XlL Ma? Y00 Sme ' P&T if 'if UJOUT MA you V ACCOUNT? . WE PONT HAVE SWISS M VDiiUJ rfcftrf u0-J $,Wooo Ml? co&P itz umreResitP ' mote M6000000 AUPiJoNT AC I " Y(?V M? nmi(mwr,eV, ,,l 1 (Til I come on get up ) I I WELL, AT LEAST, HE'LL ) I FUNKY WINKERBEAN . . ffisA L TlffiBJnl f, Record RounduD- trend these nTof the best of saS11T X I -Tf oTtltTX- nounaup days is the remaking these is the Hartz JvJV ' S' oj of old standards in Mountain Parakeets 9 Xl I ll :;aCOntemPar g Disco! H a 1 m (i i( u ii ii i h-m ii ii m i u- h u (ii) 'i-i, 1i.i1 ii MARY WORTH 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 - " " itt- LJA ! m ,1 n li-irn It (1 1; )l 0 " 'hIitUi , 7 . i p r; 1 f I I ' ..' tlx- A I , i Tltt U-Jr 1 1'. U ii Jj ii ' L l I '"-. HO OOLP WHAT I HAP IN MINP WAS CAN WE VERY WELL.' BUT I'P LIKE If ..' ' - Mi lUpHMiili'' I f VI KYIHINO1 IF I HE HAL IS CONSUMMATED N CONTINUE? J TO KNOW MORE ABOUT -: I I -I 'Xi TVh!;;;';!!;!:5 , , ICCJNSIPLK OUR l YOU GOT TMF I'LL HUY NEW UNIFORMS FOR s. YOU THAN IS TOLD ON II I '' l-o II 1, ri .; ata' hrinnp offer of a hkilie a V wkongipea! the school banr mr. crawfopp' W )l your carp before i .W r" frnccunrfi r) V h: c r-" " uuuyu personal insult, V v. rjoV arrange a meeting J I ', IIU55WUIU Jfj W I" MR.DELEVANVS f, JSt V X . WITH THE BOARP.' J t I I II ' What's Wrong with This Picture? North dealer. East-West vulnerable. NORTH A 9 3 84 A K J 9 6 10 9 2 41 Without (L.) 43 Help 47 A king of Pylos 51 Valuable wood 52 Harem room 54 Large volume 55 Otherwise 56 Sack 57 Ireland 58 An equal 59 Sense DOWN 1 Of the ear 2 Black, howling monkey 3 English school 4 Melt down 5 Strong currents 6 Neat pin 7 Judge's bench 8 Rio 9 Afford 10 Choir section CATFISH EAST Q J54 V A Q 7 6 2 Q 3 7 6 WEST 10 8 6 2 K J 9 3 10 8 5 Q4 organ 60 Network SOUTH K 7 V 10 5 7 4 2 A K J 8 5 3 11 Cleaner's companion 19 An alleged force 21 Trouble 23 Wanders 25 Dry 26 Philippine peasant 27 Fortify 29 Banter 30 Deface 31 Girl's name 32 Marshal of France 37 Gather into ridges 38 Indian 39 Annoy pettily 42 Compass reading 43 Degree 44 African river 45 Instance 46 Garment 48 Ripped 49 Neglect 50 Descartes 53 Doris or Laraine ACROSS 1 Hebrew measure 5 Flap t Happy 12 Carry 13 Explorer Johnson 14 Depend 15 Privy to 16 Operated 17 Poker stake 18 Large vulture 20 Frankness 22 German river 24 Freud's concern 2$ Play the lead 28 Earl, for one 33 Sense organ 34 A power supplier (abbr.) 35 et vale 36 Tranquil 39 Entreat 40 Guido's lowest note Ave. solution time: 26 min. cnS!PA!S I flAlNJA The bidding: :GRE A1 1 IRI .C RAfjTU l iR AE f.lRiLJ.M RHDiR ra East South West Pass 2 Pass Pass 2 NT Pass "Obviously, something went wrong with our defense, since we could have taken five heart tricks right away. West argues that his spade shift was proper because declarer might have had the Q-10-7-5 of hearts, in which case the king play at trick three would prove fatal. "I see do flaw in his argument, because I would have returned the six had I held the A-6-2. Is there any way for West to know to lead the king of hearts? W.H.M." Perhaps the best way of answering the question is to go back to East's play at trick two. It is true that in returning partner's suit it is customary to lead back your original fourth best card. This ordinarly permits the other defender to pinpoint declarer's exact length and strength in the suit. But, as we have seen, the six play in the present case does not actually clarify the position for West because East's return can theoretically be based on either of two different holdings. West might possibly have cashed the king of hearts, hoping for the best, but he could not be sure it would turn out right. Oddly enough, East's proper return is the deuce of hearts, not the six! True, this would cause West to think that East held only four hearts and South, therefore, three. But West could then safely continue with the king, and the actual situation would thus become exposed, two-way street. North 1 2 3 NT HJA t'jFjffiPb j LEiP T ADAT T I 'CDK! I T L DON'T FRET AEn it ITA ( I 6E9S R3HtAW HI. I'M W ARENT yO0 We &)) " UEiJTENAMTmNOs1s (CftrpSH-HEVJHERE. FARLEV WlP PIMPLE I SOMA KlOTlCETTlYTtXH IcaSAPRETTVOrJE.' lFffiiJ I EMDjlsR ?J w STEVE CANYON CW, I I lLHiNA AIRAII'll 'TJ MI-'I 1 f PUT VCO'CE THE UNLATCH "T ALL THE INSTRUAIENTsI fW CMfVH. IM HVM All I MAW 1 SO AVM I jj .UtMORY EXPERT.' YOUR THINK. ARE LASPLEP IN I "J I RECALL v UEWKY' IO M. YOUR WL ARTIST' M ftj-,. , BANK... .L RU55IAN.' t-V LJP;iALiU(.:t:UAH three of Opening lead hearts. A.NO AllGtR.E N;0 B.L ,t 5N.I.Ti:" ASTW.O.O.D h'a! eur'eItBnIoIdIe 12-8 puzzle. Answer to yesterday's "Dear Mr. Becker: This deal occurred in a rubber bridge game. I was East and my partner led a heart, which I won with the ace. I returned my original fourth best heart, the six, in accordance with standard practice. "Declarer played the ten and my partner won with the jack. West shifted to a spade and South took the rest of the tricks with six clubs, two spades and three diamonds. Tomorrow: A HAGAR THE HORRIBLE WtfY DOH'T YOU StoTUPft I 1 3 14 I'S-'JS & 7 fef38 9 lio III - . MMM m - IIMIMI i .1. 1. 1- i ,. iiitMtt 1 1 1 ii .., i ,i lA 19 1p 20 21 'M - r w mfi " mm -'' w. 2S 2b 21 ,gy; 28 29 iO M 52 Sri- If" ! &E 3d 37 38 .,.-; 39 p :, n J--r --"j-- i i -Wi 4J 44 45 46 47 4b 49 50 mm -w iitm m 56 W CRYPT0QUIPS Ms Yesterday's Cryptoqulp MEN'S 3 SILLY GIFTS THRILL FLIGHTY GIRL. Today's Cryptoqulp clue: P equals O JVK OMWYAWBX OBPMEUAA EUOVWPBKC VWXV CYWEJO STfAM BATHS iz-ft Chicago Orchestra Performs Lightweight Music M would seek to introduce his world-famous orchestra to American television audiences with music that is certainly not within his sphere of greatness. And now, back to earth, where it must be admitted that this preview is slightly analogous to the story of the proverbial poor man who unexpectedly came into $1 million, then suffered an intense depression when he discovered it was only $950,000. In other words, if you care anything at all for symphonic music, please; tune out the minor irritations and tune in to the glory of an orchestra in harmony with the enormous demands of symphonic music. music sounds so pedestrian. No matter whether it is the "Italian" symphony or the "Hebrides" overture, the feeling persists, that it all emanated from some town in Germany. Alas, the Chicago orchestra gives a proficient if rather boring interpretation, thereby adding not one cubit to the symphony's already meager stature. As for Solti, it defies explanation that a musician who has made such a tremendous international reputation conducting and recording music of the caliber of Richard Wagner's Ring cycle, Richard Strauss' operas and Gustav Mahler's symphonies, will play excerpts from Mendelssohn's incidental music to "A Midsummer Night's Dream," and the same composer's "Symphony No. 4 in A Major (Italian)." The program opens in a scintillating manner with a dazzling example of virtuoso string playing in the Overture. The texture is feather light while still retaining its richness, and the technique is flawless. When the winds and brass add color to the music, the overall brilliance is simply augmented. The incidental music reveals such a considerable wealth of imagination with its lovely nuances, sparkling rhythms and sensitive orchestration, that it makes one wonder why so much of Mendelssohn's other It is difficult to imagine, but tonight marks the American television debut of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra under its principal conductor, Sir Georg Solti. It's difficult to imagine because the Chicago orchestra is unquestionably one of the finest in the world, and, on his night, Solti embraces greatness. Because this is such an auspicious occasion, the next question is, why choose an all-Mendelssohn program to celebrate it? With the full range of symphonic repertoire available, the choice is inexplicably lightweight. Tonight at 9 on Channel 2, the orchestra Alan Jenkins J

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