The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on January 2, 1937 · Page 4
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 4

Clinton, Indiana
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Saturday, January 2, 1937
Page 4
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Saturday, January 2, 1937 PAGE FOUR The Daily Clintonian, Clinton, Indiana THE DAILY CLINTONIAN rooodK) 1111 CENTER ITEMS YESTERDAYS jam.irv a. iia Miss Lorraine Sanders enter- Established as Tbe Weekly Clintonian 180 The Clinton Pislodealer absorbed in ltllt. George L. Carey Bulxred at the I'ostofflce at Clinton, Editor and Publisher Indiana, as Second Clasa Matter. CHAPTER XXV "I never knew her to express any desire to be a grandmother. In fact, honey, I'm compelled to admit she Member Indiana Republican Editorial Association So it was a relief all around when they at last bundled a badly frightened but stubbornly nonchalant Christie oft to tbe hospital one National Advertising Representative: GEO. B DAVID CO. 1100 Wrlgler Bldg., Chlraeo. Ill General Molois lilJg . Detroit 110 East 42nd Bt., New York quitt. stsrilt June night. More of a relief when she opened dull, troubled eyes on a brand new day and smiled wearily when a strange nurse said: "Now I Are yuu all ready for the "Well, that's thst," he said sweeping the scraps hito the waste-basket. Then he took her in his . arms, and rocked her as hs might , hsve rocked the baby. "Poor little - ' girl. Poor little trusting Christie." , A strangled sob came flora tbe direction of his shoulder. "But if she should be right If ' if I shouldn't have had a baby-now, while we haven't so much money, and you're busy. If I'm really a hindrance to you" "Of course you're a hindrance. . . So'a the baby. Well, I might keep you, you're a pretty good cook, but the baby will have to go. Shall we send him to the nesrest orphan ss- - I lum, or just abandon him on a door- t, step?" "Oh, Donald." she walled, "you're so crazy! And you're making me I...-U l I .till i I Phone 4 1 . big news, Mrs. Latham 7 lis boy!" Donald was there, too, looking; and white, but foolishly proud the little red mite they brought her. "He's a perfect child, darling;! Look at him! Best looking; kid I ever saw. Jennings ssid the thing. Look, Christie, Isn't wonder? And he's going to same he a hare your eyes! She looked. Her eyea elosed tightly and a tear or two squeezed through. She was so disappointed. She had expected well something a little different. Not a beautiful, THE DAILY CUNTOWAN S PLATFORM: 1. To fwiher every interest of Parke and Vermillion cotnriiea. 2. To assist the revival of the Indiana coal mining industry. 3. To cooperate in solving Vermillion County's unemployment problem. 4. To beautify Clinton and make it the most attractive city of rts size in the state. SMART BOYS EVADE LAWS The difficulty of eliminating the abuses in business is illustrated by recent testimony before the Securities Commission, telling how David M. Milton, son-in-law of John D. Rockefeller, Jr.. through an original investment of $13,000 and 6.300 shares of an inactive insurance company slock, secured control of a $2 1 8,000.000-invest- bis baby like the one her neighbor, Mrs. Wood, wheeled out in buggy every day, of course knew that new babies weren't posed to be very beautiful. But nobody had warned her that her baby might look like THIS I So she wed secretly. Wild horses Holiday Season Brings Numerous Visitors to and From Local Homes CENTER. Jan. 2 Mr. and Mrs. Bert Ford and fnmily. Mrs. Kllx" Ford. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Mllligan and Carl Myers spent Chrlstmu with Mr. and Mrs. Ritchie of Falr-rlew. Mr and Mrs. Jake Botner and children spent Christmas with her patents. Mr. and Mrs. Parrett Hsun of Dalley Chapel. Mr. and Mrs. Sam Roberts and nn. Sammv. spent Christmas with Mrs. William Hurlow and family in Clinton. Mrs. Vara Osmon and son. Paul, d J' an Dal Sao of Clinton were dinner guests Christmas of Mr. and Mrs Adams Osirton. Mr. and Mrs. Abe Houston of Richmond were supper guests Friday evening of his patents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Houston. Mr. and Mis. Cecil Crane and children. Mr. and Mrs. Milton Crane and children and Mr. and Mrs. Kit r. Crane and sons of Newcastle were dinner guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. O. D. Crane of Geneva. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Jones were in Paris. III.. Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Sturm and on. Malcolm, spent Christmas with Mr. and Mis. Bert Servle of road (3. John Hamond of Chicago spent the weekend with Mr. and Mrs. Ray Wright and daughter. Jane. !-na Iah Osmon is visiting rel-at.ves in Clinton during tbe holidays. Raymond Heber Jr. spent a few days with relatives In Clinton. Mr. and Mrs. Bert C. Ford and daughter. Esther, and son. Henry. Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Milllean and family and Martelle Heber enjoyed a birthday dinner Sunday with Mrs. Ralph Milligan and Mr. Milligan of southwest of Bono. Miss Hazel Heber of Highland wouldn't have dragged tha truth from her. Not for worlds would she let Donald know that she was afraid there was something terribly wrong with his son. Afterwards, when Donald teased her about it, she denied it stoutly. It was the one time her sense of humor fsiled her. She was never able to see anythiag funny in the fact that the baby she had yearnea and dreamed about was a cruel dis ment trust corporation. While not attempting to explain the complicated details of the transaction, we point out that it occurred after the New Deal had been in existence nearly three years and with the Securities Exchange Commission functioning under recent legislation. The moral of this is that it is difficult to devise laws to restrain the grasping instinct of man. Probably no law will ever be written which some smart manipulator cannot evade. This does not mean that the Government should abandon efforts to regulate business and finance. It simply points out the fact that it is necessary for the Government to maintain constant vigilance upon the operations of he so-called miracle men in business and finance. appointment until well into bis ond week. He wss such a beautiful baby now. So fat and grod and healthy. So everything that a baby should be. How could she, even just first, have found him ugly. She was. Dr. Jennings said, a natural mother. Instinctively she knew how to meet every situation. When Ina French, the girl she liked best of the graduate students, came to call and said, "Bat Mrs. Latham, doesn't he scre yon to death? I mean, aren't yon afraid to dress him and m'v him his bath and everything;? Aren't you afraid you 11 break him 7 she smiled com-placcntly. "Of eoarss not I He looks frajrile, but I know he's really hard as nails. I mean, their bones are so soft, THE STARS SAY By .KVKVIFVK KFMni.F For Htttauntay, January 1 A day of difficulties. obstacle a rid pi oba bly post ponements of cherished plan and projects is tore-cart from the ruling planetary directions. It may be difficult to make much progress under such thwart- i t i pi ti-tt tnaif n n e&m " , lli'iw wnw wnnuay u is ma ' 1 there's really nothing to break!" Janet Wood, her neighbor, called with her four months' old daughter, prepared for an afternoon of swapping hospital horrors, bat Christie spent Christmas with Mary Heber. j Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Pay ton fn- j Louise Ellis, of Vine urtained several of their relatives t, is In the Vermillion county at a turkey dinner Christmas. Thow hospital with pneumonia. Her con-present were Mr. and Mrs. Morti- ditlon was said lot j little better mer Lewis and daughters. Miss today. Her mother. Mrs. Lizzie El-Nancy Lewi of Newport and Mr lis, is also a patient at the local and Mrs. William H. Roeschlien of hospital. Mrs. Ellis has been ill dislikes the Idea. Besides ane s goi two grandchildren already. Editha, you know "Oh. the ideal That doesn count. The idea of being a father di.ln t thrill yon very much either, and now look at voul Donald, she's your mother, and you know she a ill of to loves yoa tn spite of everyuiing. She'd love your baby. Anyway, how could anybody help loving this baby? Don't you want to write her, and send her that picture we took Sunday?" "No. I don't believe I do. She must know aboot it. Someone would have told her. Pasadena isn the South Pole, you know. Edith always knows everything. They know all right!" But be wasnt very emphatic about it. She thought he wished he could bring himself to do it. And so on the impulse of the moment she sat down and scribbled a breezy, naive little letter to the mother-in-law who might have liked her. The let his she sup ter didn t quite satisfy her, but it would be hard to write a better one. Anyway, what difference did the letter make? It would be the picture, and the baby that would count. Twice she almost told Donald what she had done. They she decided not to tell him until the an swer came. It came Saturday morning, lust after she had settled yourur Donny for his after-bath nap, andwas going to start on the washing. A square, blue-gray envelope with fasadena postmark. Swiftly she tore it open, resd the few lines on the page, glanced at the folded sup of paper within it iatham a check for flu. Then, with mounting color, and incredulous eyes, she read It again. "My dear Christine: at "It was so sweet of yoa to write. I appreciate vour thinking; of me. especially as my son so evidently did not. I only wish that I could share your enthusiasm. I am happy for yoa, but yoa must forgive me when am forced to say that I can not understand how yoa could see your way clear to burden my already overburdened son with still another financial responsibility at this time. "1 regret that I cannot do more, but perhaps this small check will suffice to buy some little thing yoa need for yourself or the child. "Very sincerely, "EVE LATHAM.1 Donald found her on her knees by the baby's bassinet, still crying;. when be came borne for lunch, a little early. Christie crying! Why she hadnt had one of those crying spells since the baby was born. tie dropped tne packages of trench Dread and cheese be had been bringing home for a surprise. Darling, what's the matter? What Happened 7 Tell me!" "Nothing really nothing. I just crying. Really, there was nothing nothing; at all." As be lifted her to her feet, a little shower of blue gray scraps drifted to tne floor. "You got a letter from mother. Christie yoa WROTE to her." She nodded, miserably, averting her face. "Yes, I did. I was s fool. "What did she sayT" "Oh, nothing. Not a word about tne picture. 1 I felt so bad' From the blue scraps he picked op two of a different shade. Un folded them. It was the cheek that aha had torn with the letter. He whistled, and she turned, tried to snatch the scraps from him. "Oh, Donald. I DIDN'T want yoa to see it!" Bat be waa already fitting the pieces together. She watched, fas cinated, as though she were watch ing him work on a jig-saw puzzle. Watched while be read what aha had already read. 1 T0DAY'S NEWS III ST. BERNICE Wood row Cletidening Pays VUit;; Robert CarrnKrhckel Goes Bark to Station ST. lih'HVK'K. Jan. 2 Wood row Clendening of C. C. C. camp iu vis iting relatives here. Robert Carnih hael of the V. B. S. Hand has returned to hit- station after spending a few days with bis pareutH. Mrs. Elmer King gave a party her home Thursday even lug In hou-i or of the Grade Teachers Mystery Pal dub. Refreshment were served. Mrs. Lucy Jackson bas returned' - renemea in couri ny nit orney s aik-' man. Miner causey or j erre f ...... , I eld a parly Thursday. December of tnny adverise and difiirait si(fi-i . . , at the home of Iter, and Mrs. anuria. There may le delays, oil-1 ... ! Harold K. Ilou-likis. Member jflaclen, and trickery, out Iney iria i , ,. . J present were; .Mr. and Mrs. Byron be ffvercome by virliance. shrewd-1 ,, . , . j Hunler. Mrs. Alex Lunger, Mrs. n-ss. prudonee and good Judgment, , . Walter Mrs. Charles Bunas well as patience and persever- .... , yan. Mrs. Frank Ix-nis. Mrs Ennle tained a large number of her friends New Year's Ere with a "Watch Par ty" at her home. Various sorts of amusements were Indulged In and al a late hour refreshments were served. Those who enjoyed the hospitality of the hostess were: Miss Nellie Cambridge and Marie Bennett of Danville; Carrie Goodhue and Anna Somes of lira til: Marie Da-rls, Sadie and Helen Hunter. Florence Heyse. Marguerite Anderson, and Blanche Copeland. and Messrs. Frank Bailer. Sam Ramlers. Itay Iteeder. Klmore Foncannon, Turk Harrison. Floyd Jinks. Turk Madison. Cl3ude Rirt. David Hunter and Thomas Flockhardt. The Pythian Sisters hare elected the following offlrers for the ensuing term: Mrs. Zelia Bence. most excellent rhlef; Mrs. William Pugh. excellent senior: Mrs. James Mcln-nes. excellent Junior: Mrs. Frank Dunlap. manager: Mrs. Curtis Louden, protector: Mn. Frank Walker, Secretary: Mrs. James Mnnner. financial secretary: Mr. Frank Slater, outer guard. Miss Charlotte Reee, of Yoiincs-town, O.. is the guest of her mother, Mrs. Mattfp Reese, and her Bister. Miss Anna. Miss Charlotte Reese went Friday to attend the Eagles" dance in Brazil. Chester Fiddlar. of Terre Haute. U conducting a revival at the Dallv Christian Chapel east of town. I'p to date twenty new members hsve lieen added, among whom are Per-rv Huxford. his twin daughters Tilla and Dllla, and a younger daughter. JAM ARV 2, 102 Mr. and Mrs. Charles Urlffin. of near Rosedale, are the parents of a baby daughter, born Sunday morning. Tbe infant has been named Mary Evelyn. Mrs. Griffin was formerly Miss Let ha Boatman. since she was struck by sn automobile on Thanksgiving day. Mr. and Mrs. Carl tHrlch of Roufi Fourth street left today for Miami. Fla., where they plan to spend several months. The trip is being made by automobile. Miss Marguerite Phlliln. Mrs w?.h ,nd ,wo ,.hildrPni Dan js. ellyn and Tony LePage hare returned to Chicago sfter spending the past few days with relatives and friends here and In Universal. Miss Merle Carlin has returned to her home in Nebeker street after spending a few days with her sister. Mrs. o. E. Brown, and Mr Brown in Sullivan. Mrs. Grace Jenks of South Third ptr't Kpcnl yesterday with her brother. H. B Aibman, and family in T-rrp Haute. Miss,' Adeline rinofto and Clara Avfiiattf and H-'te Buffo bve r--turn-d to Chirapo aftr spndittK the past week with relative and friend here. Paul Shaff returned last nieht to f'iiaeo, wbere he Is enrployed. after niwndlnc the fianf t-n dayn with bis parents, Dr. and Mrs. D. C. Shaff, of South Fifth tret. COURT NEWS -VEUPOitT, Jan. 2 Judtce Jolin Vi'. Hauniuuk of the Clay rir'-uit eourl assumed Jurisdii-tion of Hie cause of Stale of Indiana rs. Harry K. Call, charged with perjury, Wednesday, as gpeeial Judge, Judire Bauniuuk over-ruled state's demurrer to the defendant's plea of abatement It is the contention of tin defendant that Kobort K. Ouinu, prosecuting attorney, did not dis (jualiry himself as prosecutor In the cause of th" Investigation of the Clinton Truit Company, except as to Matthew M. Scott, end that Win-field M. Fox. as special prosecutor, had no authority to investigate sny matters ncept ss to Matthew M. S'-ott. A demurrer was filed by For to the plea of abatement alleglnr that rjufnn had disqualified himself as to Nolan. Call and Nichols as well as Scott. This demurrer was overruled. There has been no date ar-sipned for further argument. H earl rip was had In Vermillion court on the rontenrnt of court cause aeafnst Mike Purmalle Jr. and the raune was continued until Jaruarr 25. for judgment. The affidavit for contempt alleges that on October 17, 1936, thf defend- a.J.ii Phone 117 FAIRVIEW M. E. AID HAS PARTY New Officers Named in Meeting of Community Club Held at Town Hall FAIRVIEW. Jan. 'The Ladies , . . . . ...... . Aid of Fairview Parjt M, E. etrnrcb Pruibiere, Mrs. William Keid, Mrs. Jejinie Ieun. Mr. Ktta Clark. Mrs. Anja s,l)lf,rd vji)is Grat. Job. , and botil aIld i(slw, contests and (?ame were played JB(1 refreshments were sened and a KA.M Utm. .aK enjovei hv uil t'oujmuiiftt- fab The Fairview Community club met ling w as held Tuetday evening ijw-mber I'd. at the town hall The m eeliti a,! .blluH , l, .... , - -" '-' 7 i ' -" i .Ue, fuw-oe S.eazey. The regu- iar routine was acted upon. , Svw officers were elected as fl- lows: president. Mrs. Jay Thongs; , jc. president, Mrs. Lawrence John son; secretary-treasurer. Virgil Blacketer; bunco committee. Mrs. Lee Griffin and Mrs. William Beard; sick committee; Mrs. Ada NVIdlinger and Mrs Pam Johnson; puhicity committee, Mrs. Elva Peck. Bunco was played after the regular meeting and prizes awarded to Mrs. Nell Dunn. Mrs. Ada Neidliug-er and Mrs Doris Blacketer The next meeting will tie held on regular meetine night. Friday. Janu ary . at , p m. Kverybody tu j this coiiimuiiit- is cordially in vit to join the club. P' leai!ue Has Part v League Ha. J art, The league of Fairview M. fc. hutch held a watch party In the parloi of the church Thursday tiames and contests were enjoyed Mem(ers present were Betty Kimp- son. Mary Smith. Anna Marie F'l- , den. I'.oss and Louise Clark. Man - , and Raymond Kliej,i)v;d, Ha uiritrj kern. Jotiii Foni-aniioti, liol-rl t j . ; ii Clark, ("bat ,- HVa JanifK .hnes, Jinald Itoberts, It.-v and Mrs Harold It IJnd lililnn and (irai' JuhiiKofi ltfr'lnin'iits r- s-r v4-d at mid nijr tat . afier will ti a short tAorwliij nrvle was J - ld Mihm-b Ivern M lonald arid Wi!-na Kller Kpul Thursday nleht and Friday wMh Mkh Bernice MrKauxltt t Trre Haute. JfH Mf Hud Mrs Jolm liowdep and 'aniliy if Terre Haute were Wednesday pilots of Mru. Robert Caryal Mr. I.nftTic Slater spent the past -ti in Ii-t roit with relative. Mrs. fjyron Hunfer and daughter iii;t '..-. s.i-n( Thursday morn' up in T m- Hauie. Mr. iir.d Mrs. Cecil McWethy and Horoi h v f ! 1 1 !) tt r n snen t Wed n ev dr-- in Hidifiaiiohr. Mies Laveri;,. M-Ixjnald of Sottdi Bend unwit a lev, ,( with Mi' Wilna EMer. Mrs. Carl Jenk ii and tn re-turned home from Lai.e Worth. Fla. scared. Oh, Donald, darling, an you SURE thst you're glad? Sum you won't ever feel that she s right?" "Nothing would be right without fou and little Donny. Don't you now that, Christie?" She looked at him, saw the love and the truth in his eyes. "Then nothing matters. Donsld, in my whole, whole life, I never loved yoa quite so much, and I'll never worry, and try to keep anything from you again!" Christie thought that she'd never try to keep anything from Donald again. Their life waa so perfect now, so smooth and happy. They didn't need his mother, or Nettie Cooper, or any of the old gay crowd that failed them. They had each other, and the baby. They had their small, shining house, with its treasures of books and etchings and hand-wrought copper and brass and the colorful cushions and curtains and braided rugs that her loving hands had made. They had the little square of old-fashioned garden, gay with mari golds and pinks and petunias and fiansies. They had forget-me-nots n the shade under the oak trees, and jasmine and honeysuckle growing op over the back porch. They had the view of the bay, and the city below them, and the hills above them. They had a few good friends, and some pleasant neighbors. The baby slept in his basket. woke to laugh and play with his toes, and to drink obediently the orange juice, the tomato juice, the water that Jennings prescribed, and other babies, he said, often spat out. If Donald left early and came home late, Christie was used to it now. She was no longer jealous of the experiments. She knew that she and little Donny really came first. And if Donald waa thinner, ant' there were new lines around his eyes, she didn't notice. It didnt occur to her that a doctor, or a doctor's family, could ever be ilL She thought that they bore charmed lives. She knew that the baby was1 thriving, and that she and Donald loved each other and were content and that was all that seemed to mat ter. The bills troubled her a little She fl-ot them all naid eventuallv. bat it was always a straggle to decide which to nav first, and hew to juggle the scanty funds. She was checking them over this afternoon, for it was almost tne first of September, and there was the interest on the house, a garage bill, and druggist's bill, besides the usual first of the month things to think about. She was lost in the middle of a column of figures when the doorbell rang. -Oh, darn I abe said mildly, hop-rur it wasnt a caller, for it wu o'clock already, and she'd planned ce maae lemon-cream pie, and get it into the oven before Dowry's 4 Just in case ft was. she ran to take a peek at him in hia biurirv on the back porch, before she opened tbe door. (To Be Continued) borne after spending a few dayi with her aister, Mn. Cora Hemp-bill, near Sugar Grove. Mrs. Martin Rogers of Wanning ton, U. C. Is visiting relatives here. Ray Blafcer of Detroit spent the holiduyi with his father, Walter Blaker. Robert Hartsook received word Wednesday of the death of his brother-in-law, Pete Connor, of Pittsburgh, pa. John Crimes was called to Tangier the first of the week on account of the death of his father. Mr. and Mrs. Llnvd Wagner of Delphi were the guests or relatives here this week. Mrs. Rebecca Wagner of Fairview StJnt Monday and Tueday night's wl,h relatives here, Mp an(l Mn. Clarence Breltfleld of Crete. III. are visiting relatives here. Jariie Low and Jackie Rutins of Monienre, HI., are the puestK of thdr grandmother, Mrs. Iter th a Dr. G. R. McGURE, Chiropractor X-rav ffervtrsL Palmer OradnsM. SstCSi IStacksnaa ti treat OR. B. H. SELLERS DENTIST 249i South Main Straa Clinton, nrtlWn would have none or tt. "People make toe much fnss about having; babies. I don't think it's anything; at all. And I 'don't think that taking; ears of ana is any trouble at all, either. Of coarse, if a baby is sick, or spoiled, that's different. Bat little Donny is absolutely healthy, and of course I dont intend to spoil him!" Her unnatural attitude made her very unpopular with the Woods, and the one or two other young mothers in her community. It waa true that she'd never felt better in her life, and tfiat young Donald was little bother. He ate. slept and woke to eat and sleep again. With Big Donald rushing home from the lalioratory evening-s, to help her get dinner and wash the dishes, me waa never easier. All she lacked was a proper audience. There were so few to whom she could show the wonders of her baby's wide blue eyes, his dimples and his creases, hia silken fuzz of pale gold hair. "Have you written your mother?" abe asked Donald one evening as they stood side by side, admiring the world's best baby, aa Donald called him, in his crib. "No. And she hasn't written me, either." "I know. Bat Donald, she doesn't knew I Think of it. She's a grandmother, and she doesn't know it I" i ant was ordered to pay the sum of $r,ti attorney fees and the per week support pending vorce. and that he has wholly failed to make payments. .Mrs. Kurmali is represented in couri by Attorney Homer I). Ingram. Way iip B la nt on of f 'ayupa wat granted a divorce from Ellen Wanton In Vermillion circuit court Ttiurnday on grounds of rrue! and Inhuman treatment. ontiit nagging and -omniaifiiiig. The custody of their minor boh was awarded to the defendant until further order or the court. The couple was married Kept fin ht 4 , I H 1 4 and separated Septeirilier 1 4. l !:;. The plaintiff was reported l,y Attorney K. J. Dudley, Newport. Hearing was had Thursday on the application for suit money, maintenance and restraining? order in tht suit of SU-dith Kyle v. Joneph Kyle, f.epa ra t ion of led and boa rd , The defendant aft ordered to pay the Bum of SaO temporary attorney fpep and the nuni of t37 f.O on the lrh and 25th of eaph month for the support of their thrv children pending action. The restraining order war-continued pending the action. Mm. Kyle is aeekint: a Reparation on the (rroundfi of habitual cruelty. Plaintiff Is represented by Attorney WfnfieJd M. Foi of Terre Haute and Homer IJ. Inpram, Newport. Katherine Rfenren nf Helt township h'df filed suit peeking a divorce from Charles Euler Seebren on grounds of cruel and inhuman treatment. Plaintiff asks for the custody of their daughter. Carol, aped 1 year, at well as fr.n per month maintenance The couple was mar-riff) .Tune II, 1 ft?f. and separated October 11. 193.. Plaintiff is rep- A In J. Wortbinglon. Mr. and Mrs. George Beard and daughter. Martha Leigh, were Monday evening callers on Mr. and Mrs. Adams Ofmon and family. Mr. and Mrs. Herman Heber and son of St. Bernice and Mr. and Mrs.' John Griffin and daughter of De- 'roit spent Christmas with Mr. and Mrs. Iwrence Heber and daughter. Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Botner and ir. aim .11. iawrenc iieuer spent i uesoay evening with Mr. and Mrs. Pernunter Foncannon. I Mr. and Mrs. Ira Jones and daughter. Bonnie, of St. Bernice spent Friday with Mr. and Mn. I . . . ... iiaroia Jones j,fin fl:nf titer Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Grounds and Mrb. Martha Grounds entertained several relatives at Christmas din- Market's f'HICAGO. Jan. 2 Uvtoelt : H-'XJS. 14 0"(J; BifEwJy; Jjodovrts J,t'"; iop 110. K; bulk, 110.250 10. CO; heavy, f j o.2& ti 1 0.70 ; mfdi-uhj, $ 10.2St& lO.fcO; Jij?ht 110 2o& 10 (j 5; liM lightH. f t.7S 10.25; W Y.iHK bowk, f 9.&0t$ 10 00; pie. C'ATTLK. 500; steady. Calvs 100; vtfkdy, Ht 9ner: pooA and choice. tl.5sjjj.j5; common and medium. t7 ntj in. so; yearlings. ,9 " il 13 4U Butcher cattle: heifers. 5 00 J 11 .50; cows. J4.6U ft 7 50; bulls ti 50J 7 (10; calves. jr, OhtJli uO; feeder steers. , 60 7 B.60; stocker steers, t4.50&8 U); fcer cows and heifers, Jt.SOfl 6.7T, FHKEP. 3.00; ateady; medium and choic lambe, ft 50 A 10 00; I culls and eomutou. Stt.&o & ft 50 ; ta Vitis i5.50; common yearlings and choir' -ch, f Z.r.i)ti 5.00; fe'd- Mrs. Mori Miller, Mrs. liayrnuiu (JoMii-U and Mrt. Wiihelmine CIob-Mell s;i,t Wednesday in Terr-Haute. Kred lila kbuni Is still confined to liia home with illness. Mru. Anna Nolan, Mrs. Lon Heed and family and Mrti. Iiaii Drake and daughter, a of Clinton, were Thursday eucstw of Mrs. Kam Johnson. Mr. and Mrs. Lee Griffin and souk were Friday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Kinley Jones of Center. William Stinfion, father of Mr. Fred Hlackburn. died at the Veterans' hospital at Indianapolis Monday flight , fjecember 2. Funeral and burial services were held at Indianapolis, December 3d. Surviving are hiH widow Una, and three daughters and two sons Mrs. Fred HIa-ff hum of Fairview, Mrs. Eloulia Thomas and Miss Nellie fitinson of Fv:invi!(e. Bart Ptinson of Wtns-low. Mike Stinsrjn of Hammond and several grandf hildren. f f litis Is I'our BiHMa) A child born ,nis day may he practical and studious, hut probably rwli and fond of Hie irregular and unusual things and place. It's ( tendency u. find things Irksome may drlv? it to a life, of seHuslon. Vtr Kcinday, January 3 fcuuday s uoroseoiw bows very lively and 'nierprixlng conditions. pan.ciu.ariy , , u.rec.ion o. study, a nting and all manner of literary or cultural pursuits. Much I may oe gamea py writings and cor- ienpouden e or ju plans for promo- j lion or publicity, Those whose birthday it- is are under rattier encouraging prospect for the year, with promise of auc-cefct.-fu jauticljing of new enterprise, promotional plans and all pertaining to writings, publicity and publishing. Litigation may also prove profitable. Much may lie accomplished through coi respoudence or wriliugu. A child horn on this day may lie very defer and versatile, especially in all manner of literary tiursuitt. in which It dihv atiaiu dlKiiuctiou, It Will IlKeWiw- hi- energetic, ,-oU- ttruetive and very lively. for Moutlay, January 4 'Monday's astrological forecast shows very important and active business and financial condition, although it ma take creat exwcise acumen and rood Judgment to ewerve them o.-t tl- rhat a,t profitable tide because there OUiellB Ol pcrpielMies. entanglements and critc iil i-it nations. Employment, too. M-.-1IIF to uiM-t a menacing liptire and c.lls t,,r la,.t and calm Judi-inent. Those whose birthday ii is ate on h the threshold of a latliei im,,,,,.,, year, with the im d.-.,..,j,-, upon sagacity good jcdrtMen tlct, in business. iiii:iii'-e acd employment. Be careful in private a' filia'ions to preserve harmonv an-! happiness. A child born on this day m:iv (,, Capable, efficient, versatile and ambitious, hut may requir,. proper ttainiiig to develop the excellent opportunities coming its way. Particularly does this apply to employment and niatiHgement ,, finances ; nd big business. Tht grave of ttie English poet, Keats, covered with vioieu by rui admirers, is visited by n.anv tour-is te in hurne ( A H w A Haul. j Kuhns. John Elliott has returned to bis Suits for damages were filed aiid Brtlooi tn rhicago after spending the Judgments taken Wednesday in the ( Christmas holidays with his par-causes of Marjorie Little, Kathryn ; ents. h lemeyer a nd Ruth Si ni mons vs J Joseph Davey and Rosemary Daveyf the sums of $100. AO; $75.'0; and fT'i.Ofj renpectl vely. The su'U alegd they were riding In an automobile owned by Joseph Davey and operated by bin daughter. Rosemary Davey, on May 21. 193C, on State Road 31 when the driver ro lided with another cor Injuring them. AH girl are minor and were represented In court by their next friends. Attorney E. Dudley of Newport represented a'i plaintiffs and Attorneys Slaymaker. Merrill,, Locke and Landers of Indianapolis, represented the defendants In each suit. i

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