The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on December 19, 1921 · Page 2
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 2

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, December 19, 1921
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THE FAIRMOUNT NEWS j vacant, a new trustee was appointed, and during all of this time there fol xxxxxz: can make just as big a mistake now by, down in the morning and CLIFTON'S WORK The Fairniount News ' that the present depression FAR.RFACHING Published on Mondays and Thursdays wi have to give way, sooner,or later, , to prosperous times, perhaps not the a 11 rue A . S. ROBERTS? Editor and Publisher. McLtscas Roberts, Associate. lowed one of the greatest man hunts ever known in local crime annals, in which Sheriff Bert Fowler was the central figure. The trail led to Canada, back again, in Canada again, then on to Cuba, and back to Florida and at Tampa, Florida, the ex-official was arrested. He was returned to Marion, pleaded guilty, was sentenced to from two to STATE ACCOUNTANT COMPLETE THEIR INVESTIGATION OF TRUSTERS BOOKS .elusive, delusive, aisnonesi orana 01 seeming prosperity that followed the iwar, but to the substantial, honest business success that America will ' command, by reason of her strong Office: Main 265 Res, Black S82-1 TELEPHONES , world position, if we are industrious Manipulations of Former Official Said SUBSCRIPTION RATES. 'and honest, Wathona (Kan.) Times. I Within Indiana.) o Have Had Many Ramifications, Fraudulent Transactions of Many fourteen years in the penitentiary, One year ?2-w ITALY FOR RESTORATION Be and is now serving his sentence. x . Are you trying to economize by purchasing articles according to the cheapness of their first 4 cost? Real Economy consists of true values bought at reasonable prices. Goodyear Tires represent True Value and can ka be bought today for less money than ever before. Six months Forms and Even Forgery May Shown in Report. During all of the investigation of the affairs of the ex-trustee, more ! Italian war hero. It is well at the Indiana.) Three months (Outside One year Six months s on Containing disclosures which con attention to the ........... - i ituie time 10 can .,ci ,,;, .i u : i stitute, it is rumored, one of the great- than a hundred witnesses were examined. Men and-women from every part of the county have testified. A subscriptions" 'fayabU in petting back to a peace foot- jest sensations in the official history of in advance: rarer discounttnuea ai ! inc. ror itaiy nas oeen carrvinn on i u"iji ...,,wv,.. The hne of inquiry followed many expiration of subscription time vm- quietly her own program of armament ' the affairs of James M. Clifton, former trails. It entered the offices of pro 4 rcni-ai n; m township trustee, now serv ing a term less rer.cwai is rece:ea poor 10 ex- J limitation. fessional men; it found its way into pirat ion oate. See us for High Grade Motor Oils. We can supply you in any quantity at reasonable prices. - ! us, Italy has already ceased her naval in the penitentiary for embezzlement the offices of business men; it lead to" the offices of contractors; it travel- H . .. Entered as second-class matter at j building and, what is still more im- j was completed Thursday, the posto.ffice at Fairmount, Ind., un- ! portant, has reduced her armv to one-i Shortages of approximately $14,000, llVhe f Corgre?5 f March 8' I third its prewar strength and U spend-; of wmch probably $4,000 have been IzLLlz 1 h ur harptv- one-third of received, and turned back into the ' ed along the path of the other sex, land even women were questioned. The investigation was widespread and its ramifications had phases of ! such a remarkable, and astounding KFFP THF HOME MILLS RUN ! the amount expended on her army be-j treasury have been discovered, it is NING " " j fore the war. j strongly rumored. t, , t " vl, ;,-T-,t This, it seems to us, is sound and So strong, are the rumored diselo-The ?:r.a.l part public improvements ! - ' . . , . . . i ,-f f,fl .:un. I character they seemed almost past ! 12 ii : E. 0. Ellis Auto Supply Co. STORAGE BATTERIES Tires, Accessories, Oils, Gasoline, Vulcanizing W.V. Fowler, Mgr. Phone 226 can p!ay m solving the unemployment ; , w . . , , i. . T , T r , rui- i belief. &. . , ; tho world mav well be grateful and ; ion that Judge J. Frank Charles rreblem is shown bv a simole com-, - ... ... .... . . . ... ' , , . . , . ; which Americans especially will ap- would call a special session 01 tne 1 putation based upon recent bond is-j . . , ,. , . 1 n. ! HUGE SUM PAID OUT BY CO m sues. The Derartment of Commerce.1- - .r, 17 V , . . through one of the most dangerous ' ceipt of the report by the township reports that more than $tC,000,000 of ? . , r'- . j j- uv . F . . . . -.V. ' . . . and difficult industrial upheavals, her advisory board and its subsequent murr.c.ral and 510,WU,rw m stare publication. The two state accountants. Clyde ' Distribution of Funds to Township. statesmen handling the crisis with a tact, courage, and good sense which have saved Italv from communist ruin bonds have teen sold recently in 13 states, the money to be used for "pub- 15., V -. -) 1mn-c ;wrrtroT.lf r f Strait and Vic Cw Palmer, who have School and Civil Corporations I feet once more, and we been going over the affairs of Mr. Made by Treasurer ..... . ...j. , . . , ; i: ; and death of his wife the late Mr. Whieley it tms ? . u,wro,wu were maae immeui- ; ately available an ' nas oeen living witti nis children, lie ,000 has been paid, - -mh nf th rripH5 rhnrrh d expended, na tne prot.ress. tember finallv completed their lonff. More than $400, average wage pa ia tc carpemer, j i- ti, u,. Kl nut of th countv treasury within the . r - . , . . . I iH UlUULlll V' L III VV iV. a(lU UdlU l2IV lliuicuai. vrv i . v . , bricklayers, cone of Summit-interested in townships and school ... ' . ' ' Italv unit on this rlane and the two ! the renort was mailed to Indianapolis past few days to were 53 per - .Afn n;if it ; i-Kfo.l n-hethor and civil corporation as their share' . . j . f tVso ;vvuMuies iivuiu lu-v'jTian: uiuu . umi - v.v.wv ....v.. , ' acricuiiure ana live siock ana ai me cmp.oyment ior tne . :u i, 4 .m; f;i of tht- fall tjixes. followintf the ami.: ...... . : would provide rloved 1 T 1 5iaj.iuaun i wtMcm swi- tuc iqwi ": t"1"" um.ii -- . - - time ot nis deatn owned a nne tarm estimated 3,000,000 of unen Italy is showing an intelligent ;ety. aner n is reunite w nr xui- v , two an(l ono.nalt miles west ot sum- 1 1- .. tA Jut "frprr littlo orv board. However, it may be given .at the county auditors omce. mitville . , , , ,. . . conception of the principle of restora- he!ps and the public improvement 1 .... f restora tion and m-dern progress, which is : out at Indianapolis. Frank Mor. The pall bearers we're taxing to ad- The amount due the three units is $471,402.53, but due work will help to some degree, but it more than can be said of some other j The report is confidential informa- Monroe Wood, Edgar Cartwright, ns. made before the mtue ueiore me European nations, and her efforts to,tion and until it reaches Indianapolis, ; nances laxt-rs were Arthur Carbvright, Joseph Bradley, is r.ct even a beginnii T of the solution of the unemployment problem. What tho country r.eed? is restoration bvvld a strong and sound structure of jor is returned to Marion, the disclos- co'.Iected this amount has been re- R E Ballj Qeorge gaij and Willard . Eyes Tested, Glasses Fitted by iState Registered OPTOMETUISTS Dr. C. C. FARIS and Dr. EMIL FARIS : 1 ;- J r4. J : . : n . i. J rinFH-i stx ikhi i. Ball. nditvutsi lilt: auu tiiuiv vi v I v uui uu? 1 115 w 111 ii,J- 1 I n i v i v uvj- ; " - More than one-third of all the we lie. However, from outside sources, J flower bearers were: Edith The . .7 ' i hearty sympathy and all the aid wi.l induce wide-spread employment j -. ;the Marion Leader-Tribune declares ; money paia 10 me tnree taxing units jjal jra-ei lat Omar Ball, it has it on reliable authority that no j roes to the city schools of Marion. The Thurston, Walter Thurston, Marie Walter Grace divockvil'e (Ind.) Repbican. i exposure in the county will contain civil city ot Marion receives ?2,1do- Bal, Waneda Porter and ABOUT THE LIMIT. Querulous complaint has been i ex-! Exclusively Optical LAW MAY WELL BE EXTENDED more Sensational developments, nor i Harper. cause a more profound sensation. j Richland township received the ; The cno?r that ren(jorcd the . - - l . -. 1 cmallcel amnnr -Fwrkm flic fall . la vo 1 ........ The president of iV , , ..(pressed because the pubhc to prevent the Amalgamated 1 . . ,v , . . I misapprehension and disappointment,! of America has 'i ,. music ; Mrs. I " ...... . . ...... , ... ....... ". tl C V 1 ( 1 'V'.l VI Ul I I ! V IV'llvil ivi , , . ' "T , , . , r, twas warned that complete .... . ..... i j r . ; . . Roose- getting $4,538.54. Jefferson got the , p stelle. Mrs. F. M. Hundley. Mr.! II U I ' 3 T T . Ill WHICH Hit? me-r.t was rot to be expected. But how ir.c'uiir.ff Russia. He says that "if it vclt school at Marion pointed as a ,'3 pf an township, 5,14 .bo. aml Mrg j M Kaufman, Mr. and Mrs. j of perfection, plays a promin- Ihe full amount due each taxing, p.arv Brown, John Brown, E. M. Mill- were . . , - 'much farther would the Hughes pro- . , , r.ct for minv.gration restrictions mvlcl , , t..r, posals have to go to satisfv those who . rho'.e cf Em-ope would start for 1 ent p: i demand what they call 'complete' .,, plete art, the story of James Clifton ; it s gien oeiow, iouoea oy tne er Mi Laura Gilman was accom- the w i Chiropractors j McAfee and McAtee i Fairmount Office Hours: Summitville will stand alone, ur, equaled, unchal-, amounts aa ancea to seerai. ine pan;st The san,. rendered were: t'-fif. shores tomorrow. St. Louis disarmament or nothir.g?- ! lenged, for bold dishonesty, and be- ; amounts advanced subtracted from ' Somct;me We'll Understand," "Face Fcrtur.atdy the Republicans of j 1 Globe-Democrat. i traval cf public faith. Rather than ! ose credited soow tne amount oi tne t Face," -and "Beautiful Isle of Congress have placed upon the statue j ', i;,-, .n.i ntv.ia wnnnrMot tn i warrant t.i be issued: ; Somewhere. ; T? i- nicv Tlavif wafl ?icitod in 2 to 5 ar.'d Tuesday, Thurs- 7 to 8 p. m. day and Saturday ! the memorv of the man for whom the ! Townships GOING THE LIMrT Disarmament will not be books a law that effectively protects ! the American wage earner from such J an inundation, ar.d another law will j an un-, ...:. n n . k:u Van Buren 17.813.67 ' n.- L.. t-.. r r o.ii Phone 280 8 to 11 a. m. quahfted success until the nations vie ? . . :i . Washington o.4l.i7 . , ,...... v u u i nit wiin n.5 lauiuti riasicr, ils vitv.iv. --- tor ot me ou.mniivviue i. viiuiun. soon be enacted tnat oners additional ;:.. -nnfw ;n aisarmino- iAAre a nn f itddia , 'Pi (vf xf V. . a vol cormnn was fi-w tho. tTv.iii-t of tnst I . ? . l t - l hi walls, and its sasremsf rUo AnH if c co ytri r tv- 4'W8-54 : taken from Job 14:1-2. chean foreien labor when ther are in-!M, j;Mr iMtrt 4l windows will stand, it is belie-ed, aa I Centre rrtA i-trt rvr markets. Brooklvn . " an example of misplaced confidence. Mill 12,927.83! Wm Brvson acteti as Worshipful 6,466.24 jia5ter jn the service by the Masons. 7,696.42; ..r- vhit1.v in survived bf three DR. C. L. FENTON Dentist X-RAY Rooms over Postoffice Hoars 8 to 11:30 a. m. 1 to 5 p. Monroe ttmvr' tt ic ci-rTrtrE-np-n but reliable sources, that the report iii u - . w Jefferson 11,147.65 !will disclose undenied bribery, in 8,910.05 8,256.71 4,976.81 13,564.30 4,867.34 It was a mistake for people to im- . which Jame Clifton, official trustee, r airmount - . . . , 'develomnff enthusiasm m working for ; wn,tn 'amts llllu" v.ii I'"'1 r :i.-.,. ag.r.e that prices and the silk , ta of lavirff noUtic ' Snored by his township, was paid Liberty shirt days would last forever, but we j! P &S money for contracts and for public Green ' ' ' j j favor. Men high in business and pro- Sim? : .-..;.,, i n,4 if o ro;.l Franklin R2a School Corporations daughter, as follows: Mrs. Ida Porter, of El wood; Mrs. Amos Ball, of Greentown; Mrs. Elmer Thurston, of near Alexandria. One son, J. B. Whiteley, of Fairmount. He is also survived by four sisters, as follows: Mrs. Sarah Stratton, of Indianapolis; Mrs. Ruth Gorman, of New Catle; Mrs. Alice McDaniels, of Los Angeles, Ca!., and Mrs. Mattie Elliott, of Richmond. Also one brother, Alexandria Whieley, of Richmond. Also sixteen grandchildren and twenty- ' in the briberj,- and had full knowledge n of all that transpired. ; Mr t ion ?148.084.S4 Besides the exoosur? on the Rcose- Joresboro 7,298.35 1 EVERYTHING FOR YOUR CHRISTMAS DINNER 9 8.814.42 10.043.37 velt school, it is also rumored that Gas City . there will be of several phy- Fairmount Civil Corporations sieians having paid money back into ; the 'treasury. That the fees were Mai icn . ... .$127,155.65 . h WATCH WATCH 'either excessive, or were not borne out Jonesboro 2.446.83 onc great grandchildren survive mm. is said ! Gas City -. . . 1. 16.620.34 by the records available, it Those from a distance attending the funeral services were: Mr. Alex r,880.33 2.270.40 Whiteley, of Richmond; Mr. and Mrs. , will be set out. , Fairmount ! There is also evidence, from men Upland . . jwho have testified before the board, Swayzee . Ithat the affairs of Mr. Clifton show Van Buren AUCTIONEER STOCK SALES A SPECIALTY. Call at my expense, Phone 2. on. 13 Fowlerton. C. W. DICKERSON E. B. COUCH DENTIST Rooms over Hahne Iruc Store Om -r.r- f -t."o ro; 1 to 5 The old curtain, which has seen service for so long, has been taken down, and a new drop curtain will be put in its place. Dressing) rooms are being built on each side of the' stage, and the stage itself being remodeled so as to conform to all requirements as such. New footlights will be installed and when completed all appointments will be modern and up-to-date. n Headquarters For All Kind of Candy that the road moneys of the town- Matthews w ' 1.392.30 Charles Gorman, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer 3.557.65 Whiteley, Mr. and Mrs. Wyatt Cran-1,461.68 dall, Mr. and Mrs. Leon Crandall, 283.36 and Mrs. George Irwin, Mr. and jMrs. Wise, Mr. and Mrs. John Irwin, 5,000.00 and Mr. Ed Miller, all of New Castle; 3000.00 ; -r' ar rs- ra Hint, iMrs. Frar.ier 500.00 'an Richey, of Muncie; Mr. 400.00 1 Walter Ball of Huntington, Mr. and 20,000.00 I lrS- L. O. Weeks, , Mr. and Mrs. 45 000.00 ' Charles Gentry, Mr. and Mrs. Amos ship were badly handled. Evidence j Fowlerton ........... ! cf malfeasance in this regard will, it j Sums Advanced is believed, be mentioned. It is said Gas City Corporation . . . . ' by men whose names have appeared Fairmount Corporation . . on certain receipts and warrants, that ; Sims Township they never received the money. It is j Green Township ......... ; said Clifton gave road men checks for j Marion School City . . THE SPOTS THE SPOTS I! amounts larger than the amount com-; Marion Corporation ...... ing to them; that at his request they I , ... . cashed the checks, received their PIMAI. TP1HI FTP. Nuts, per lb. 25c, 35c, 40c Extra Figs, per lb. ........ 35c Cake Coloring ............. 15c Apples, per basket ...... .$3.50 Fancy Apples, per box ...$3.35 Extra Good CeWry .... 15c, 20c Olio, 2 lb ........55c Tip Top Flout ............ S5c 5 lb. Candy, per lb. ... .75 Tanoarenes, per doren .....50c Oranges, 30c, 40c, 50c, 50c, 70c -and $1.29. Fancy Datt, per lb ....... 20c Xmas Chow Chow, per lb . .25c Mince Meat, per lb. 25c Raisins, per box .......... 22c Peaberry African Java...,. 33c Ball and daughter, Anna; Mr. ana Mrs. Geo. Ball, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Miller and daughters, Mr. I. B. Weeks, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Bagwell, Mr. and Mrs Howard Harper, and Mr. Dan Matchett, of Greentown; Mr. and Mrs. Willard Ball of Marion, Mrs. Roy Hall of Milroy and Mrs. Arthur Hall of Tulsa, Okla. PAID TO PIONEER Summitville M. E. Church Filled W ith Friends Come h Pay Last Tribute To the Late Geo. C Whiteley claims, and turned the balance over to Clifton; that be pocketed the balance. It is further allejied, and common rumor believed to be reliable gives Jt justification, that there evidence of forged checks; that the ex-trustee actually forged the names of men in the township, in order bo get money. Just That subjects will be treated in the reports are not known. All of the information is in confidential hands. What its contents are is a mystery. Th funeral of Geo. C. Whitelev. father of J. B. Whiteley of the Little j BUILDING NEW STAGE CRANBERRIES, SWEET POTATOES, CAULIFLOWER, RADlSltES,GREEN CABBAGE, LETTUCE, ONIONS, TURNIPS IN H. S. AUDITORIUM. MANY STORES TO CLOSE ON NEXT (MONDAY. We, the undersigned merchants of Fairmount, desire to express to the public our appreciation of Christmas, the most sacred holiday of the year, by closing our places of business all,', day Monday, Dec. 26. ' Bee Hive Cash Store, Schlosser Bros., Hill Bros., Porter Adkinson, Franklin' Stores Co., Al Underwood, R. P. Lindsay, J. C Albertson, J. W. Dale, Win. McCormick, Mrs. Ella Patterson, Ribble Bros., W. P. VanArs-dall, M. W. Hunt, Seth Cox & Son. Ridge neighborhood, was held on Monday of last week from, the Methodist church in Summitville. Mr. Whiteley for nearly half a century had lived in the country west of Sm- The work of rebuilding the stage in the high school auditorium is now in progress and it is expected to have it completed in time for use at the presentation of the operetta, "David, the Shepard Boy by the Junior high school chorus on Thursday night. All of the information now available The Mayflower However, the story of mitville, his death ccorring Saturday, is speculation. Phone 11 Dob Lindsay, Prop what it must contain as indicated by j Dee. 10, at the "home of his daughter, common gossip, will, it is generally i Mn. Amos Ball, near West Liberty In believed, srtow the facts t out above Howard county. The choreh was are in n0 manner exaggerated. . j filled with friends of the deceased, The state board of accounts has ; and. fulfilling a promise made more been goin over the affairs of Mr. Clifton since the last of September. That he was notably corrupt in the way he handled the affairs of the office hav been apparent from the beginning. As the investigation went oh numerous reports circulated. In a short time, the accountants discovered Clifton was more 'than $l,t3 thert In th2 & tax and his restna than ten years afp, Rev, Daisy Barr, pastor of the Friends church in Newcastle, conducted the service, follow ing which interment was made in the Odd Fellow cemetery. Deceased was a prominent farmer in Van Buren township in Madison county where his "home has been for many years. Ha was a son of Robert and Jm YThlUUjv pioneers in . the sUt. He wti tr.:::2 fci rr.-rr !. r To enable the automobile public to comply with thfe Headlight Law, we are facusing light free of charge to everyone. We sell the Holophane Lena and North Star Shield. Either of these pass every requirement. Will Your Ccr Pcca State Tpcccc? Every AutomoLa must pess inspection by Des ID, 1C21. IZsxt tbsut ycura? Hicina Tiro Cooper Stcrt Eittsrisa NttJonxl O.'l O7 Grcc-V;. A. i:t3 C-n . Patterson Art Stare-Headquarters for Xmas We still hare come of those nice handkerchiefs. Sateen, pWmament finish, for peitfooekers. Ginghams for applique. Novelties, Crorhet threads aat yams. Staii-tiis f ar-r. i ' X COM2 IN EARLY TUIS TTHTt ktVD YCUIt ZZlZZTtXttZk tia was to tare bexn demanded, bet r?eed.,tJ3 LrdJa Anne Vtla, Axl 11, t sm7 tro' An aDdftvit "kw 4 O- thar??n- enVtxUraent 1SC3, rrha lr.f hlw W !n the i"tr,t wia Cad, ClAne Ct . ieclxrtl txity o Jcs 2 ltl. Ctj C.i

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