The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on January 2, 1937 · Page 3
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 3

Clinton, Indiana
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Saturday, January 2, 1937
Page 3
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) PACE THREE The Daily Clintonian, Ointon, Indiana Saturday, January 2, 1937 1937 Lamplighter! m iliiriTTrninr no i nnr Caiey Discovers No Happiness io Miama for Anyone But Wealthy Tourists on Short Vacation Trips (Continued from page I) CLINTON SOCIAL NOTES Short Interviews :ni A;jt Tmnu- :owrt jude f;iba K. ;orraij lei-tat- "j--d- ei ; "M ost fpeed'-fn aie jail!a Kp-ed kiJl. My wJi-h for ihe ,NV V-ar i that v,iW vUi wake uo and realize that." HUAA'VMi Jiaibam Ktaw-w y k den)- i-he piati to w-4 bad-rtfji Hoieri Tay lor : "I d Ji V. to It-etti"- tblh tik OJJ'-e Muj Joi' ail Hult Taylor and I to- fo nd, fbut we're tiot jjoilijf to be Miafnd " f'A MiiKIIXJK. Mas. I'rof. Harold '. Iitow. of tAfcford ( tjjvel-sity, fcayf tba mod-ra yi-ty task tbr-? ess-rjtial virtu iirffMaty for it HjnivaJ: "A difobitiotj to f jj-a it the tjijth. cons i- nt ,oi!t-, j fi fui-fiihjijr areijjt-fjts. attd a f-yni Suf the welfare of oth-t " UH ANKJ.Kri Kvelyri Terry, former f'ittsburv h so iaJ;'e. -KplaJiii how -he hapfreTied to enter th film: "A ivfe.i--fj sf-oyt h-at"d me w reafj hen i playd ju a Kto k t-om pa ti y . " I'taA'ilJKWE. H i Junui Ma- ! lone, edi'or jf the Atue-rhau hi''-tionary of Jiioraphy, objeet io hi-tof iynn h ho are too tt lioiarjy : "S'tiolar s'f-m almon unaware A t h e x I M e nee of the read ' V . A wa t ti r fa it b tti t he important- of lfi sot-ss fi;ou Id be ru bi-tit ut-d for beMej ju abstract jfjviduaiiuu " w HU A,i ), Vfidimir fi. J-pa-tieif, famd inventor and formerly a member or SoviM juKia' m-pr--me cofjijnissaiiat for jndutiy, leyrnti of hiK expulsjfjfj fro ni the Russian Academy of Scjen- Jor failur- to return to bit; jiative country to continue hi Hcit-'ntifir- Tky. Kean lie-n -j yn ri t ?oitijf ba k b--a use j prefer Aniericati work in? conditionj..-' Tbe "Almi&Af Dollar" The earliest ut vt tti Ajrriciv ism "ain.igiity dollar" js attributed to Washington Irving. Jt i8 fvurid W "A Cijie ViJlage," pubitsried ia XH'il. Ben Joimaofi is credited witii a similar piirase, almigftty gold. be . oiiH.det ed a a v1' tu liv-. Many moritbnier rte about the menace of the iropi-ai hurra a . Nu b u rrbtau ver deti-iroyed tiie fa nil and th dteruiitia-tioii of a people who bad th will to xo aiiead. DNLY couqftdtvp Of DICOTtD WtTM IXORfOlf NTt OF Vices VapoRui Modaffi auccMsorto X, eid-fashiofMjdcovgii tyrupt . . . tiw con-vnifit ... iM pniv . . . linger longer ia In throat. Karano vich FUNERAL HOME isv. in Ion and b-c aijje toe uil'-d jjj t,je j jwJ ai buiuau iiiiw-ry. in a boit , UMif truck huwxu det-Ilit ei-. w-fi i.kti't U)i xw- county hut and ! the ijfjrtlj. Ttjets- nuujaui aie til 1bat had ouje u, Miami 3ut a yh'jr lime a.-Jier to eek lUr ad v-.rtied frtj-l.-ijip of a fUniiz- jaitd. atid itjfiv'ad founo only d'-spatr f,d 1; l.ofif mm ol tlj- ijnfrw id! Jaw. T!jier'-nlai's and bronchial owjjj.e 3o io1 iMid tin- Ij'-aUh tjjey fur Jm n- aijd. iji.iess th' y yen out, f:u-a ' uifib J''oM. v -l r-a 1 1 ja of Fof'lyt War. vilnl'" ihere and .our ? nyi i-m oroh-Jelf, ir itie i-jnn 'hli'-r" v 'io i-afJH for ijeal'; aud found a b-d a i Ha y Fifies. 1 ht yen-rHfi'' horn-. Jope lit pi--ni i CuJ . not wil hMandinjt tlie !a ! that it is cnjjt ra baud : just a.- h'jnor i plftiti'ul and Jiorn- of it is wiiy'ftj T)je s-Iot ma h u has h-cu vo'.-d out , but jt will k iij be a ofie-armed bandit. 'J'tie i-tyte lias no,e iuf-ont ii x . but ve r-y o i e i u i j u i i m pa an o 'hi j.aMonal t.a x. t he lowest o whi'h is about 'H yarly. The liiH is an ever-present, political, bias-d rne!ici-e ifi 'hat -country. Jt J not biisi-fj on jusH'-e 1vtjt ijft the i-od-m!' those who ve-t caught atifj those who do not. The municipality if h.i-vvf-iit it n d yiiabie to sJ bonds or harrow ; cot f---q u-n' !y every effort m;ide t.o bo!st-'f the ntyy itijf fof-tiities ot tlie politician by levien on 1 he pi uj;!e. .VT l ia Mil Hey.-h. tile r-a 1 Ifiei a o! !he fi'-h t.OUrisf. Jiey to the -ai- of the liiuiJjfiilld. It is reyrhed b) t.h . t-t- fa usev. ays. and tn 1 he rea l M'-f'oy rti.eti it tomes 'o j-ham, de- t-jt f. nd fa be val 'ley. iV? a n v people :tr- ji- w furxa k ' i! v it for N't.-au and Key West hwause of the noise nnd the enn uin-h meut of cafi-s and rs-'at' rid. tf on wiiLit was oh' e a very n 'i i'-t . sua ve and u !' t a. u !' ra coiu-mu liity. Tin-, i -l ; nut te of t he tt hoi area M"-Iiis to be hiih'lhr. t!d Tefi-fteiifs de-iare this is iet-ause the Kverir ind-s are b-injf drained in order to mas. au iriritieiia national pu'-k. and they also dei litre thyt recent!) th- wintT have b'-en colder and t he sij iiipietfi hot t-r. wh i-li mn k es them fen i f ul for t hii para- dlSe. The enormous build hi k proiytu wiil make it inipowf-ible or iteple of rnodeia'e meinis make Miami t heir per (liii lielrt home veit if de-hint hie. Atid t he t ra iU-r menace will b- the i-'ra w t iiat breaks the ba- k of hili rent Howev-r. tb-re is a j?rjwinr hatred toward these transient They bejuj; taxed iienvily and constantly shunted into uiiwehome and unfavorable areas. Miami it in too many respect s lik-a cie.sert mirage. Seen l'rf'm a distance it i-i warm and friendly. Hut at ( lose up it has too many aspect, of d if onif'-T and un'rieiidiiness to AT COLUMBIA f J .... rj0.. I 4Ullllit tili W-k1l. ft ft On might think tlus pic-ture ba tieet lifted from a fairoly aJbun omJled in the nineties, but i was taken recently in' where the lamplighter still i kc: tus rounds of frii of the s bur ban di-trifty WINNER OF BABY DERBY IS BORN NEW YEAR'S DAY r.oLitMiufJ from Jare 3 v.hol- smoked ham. Nations r'd Market; a sj'-iiii .-radle filled wi'!' Ho weis fro ii. r'loribt's; two Hkti MippJy f milk from the flin-tm J'tire Milk romjKiiiv: Hix Jd.Vfieia tiUt--Mi bot 1 leg iifld nipples frum (jilt J-harma-; Vrr buby f"t"k and t-:j". Fara-oV Art Jewelry Si.p. und a fjal-y water bttle. hiir of aoap. can 't 'aby tal-nmi atid bux of "Ciiux" from Whites Phuniiu'". Made Mut-b Maple Sugar Inlfie muple sugui regiof.i A O':io in the eui 1 dbys most of i'ie aimers would rnu.e frurn l.Wj to pourios of tias piuduct id a season. Three or four huncued pounds was considered a small amount fur a season. Am Ancient Ometery The Campo banto, a cemetery in Pisa, Italy, was made, about of 53 shiploads of earth wiucn.came f;om Jerusalem's fields surrounding the spot where Christ was crucified. -Collier's Weekly. Calorie Calories are tne heat units used in measuring the energy value of food . T ney are p rod uced by the burning of protein, fats, and carbohydrates in the body. Carbohydrates (sugars; are a qui k source of energy, and fats prouuee several times as many calories as proteins and carbohydrates. LAUGH RIOT Iff ( ' r t-u... 1 t-M-lm." 'll-lul'tJ !' til1 I I CHURCH NEWS HIIKT I'BF.KBVTKIU f'HI Itf'H H. C. Chapin, minister. ( Id a. n. Bible school. Morning worslilp; theme, What Is My Only Hope of Salvation." t JC p. m. Christia Endeavor: topic, ' How Can I Make This Year Better Than Last?"; leadu , Britan nia O'Page. We have now elosed tie bojs in 18. I yet us open the new yesr with od snd ah fiabbaih worship in His bouse. H invites Will you arpt KIKT MFTHllhT (T HI'H' H CO. Pearce, pastor. :8 a. m. Prahiig: ubjr, "The Highness of I-ife. Mui by organist, choir, axid also eonerega-tionai singing. I:2 Sunday school; eotne and help our Bw!y-elect-d uperiiitend-ent get s'srted ia the new year's work . p. m Kjworth league. T m Preaching; subje. 'The Secret of Strength." Vou have a plac in the chorus choir; om and take it. Tomorrow will be the beat time to begin to put si! good resolutions into effi.rt. The churches of our city are the best places ia help you keep alJ resolutions that can be rlu.rad binder the blading of "Good." HIM. H'KRHT troMMt'siTv :nK Klrr.abeth ffander. Superintendent. Sunday school at a. m. The first .Sunday of tbe new year is the time to begin a year's perfect record. Murmur worship at J6 80 a. ni : subject. "The t'nHer8tiou of Self to God." Junior Christian Endf-avor at "2 p. m.: topic. "Some Things I Hupe to Do in 1987"; leader, farinella Garaffa. intermediate Christian Enaviivor at :30 p. m : topic. "New Yetir, New Paths"; Wder, fla Hunger-ford. Young People Christian Endeavor at ( SO p. m.; topic. "Whltber Bound. Youth?"; leader. Daisy Jones. NATIONAL GUARD DEMOBILIZED IN DAYTONA BEACH (Continued from p. ?e 1) porarily triumphant in her bitter flbt with iov. Sholtj Mrs. Armstrong declared todaw her determinati n "as constitutional mavtr" to "exhaust every lejral and legitimate meant available to keep tjov. Slioltg and his cohurrs from taking charge and control of tbe city for the purpose of exploiting it." Removal of the troops relieved the tense situation and the danger of violence. TACOMA FILLED WITH G-MEN AS SUSPENSE RISES iCon'inued from Page li auopei't and tiie scati'd ot liuiurr-liind near Olynipia Wash., developments not regarlted very important at this stage of the investigation, but part of the aysteniutb-combine of every possibility. jTtt suspect, a ss-year-old seaman held merely "I"r investigation." was picked up by polb-e on the street here while trvitiv to peddle a riug he says he bought in the Orient. The searcb of the woods neur Olynipia folb.wd a renort that a man was seen "hustling" a 'o-alouv there Monday rfj!ht 24 hours after the abduction. aboard ship with murder spies and what not running rampant. Krallk McHugh esisis with hifc own uniuue brand of comedy. "Sweet hearts and Flowrs" with Regis Toomev a Merry Melody and news are added attractions 1-jiMlitmnii Trartors'" At Im 'lumbiii Joe E. Brown a a uoH-uj-r : almaD rattle happily through j mad-hattfr advt-ntores witb macliln- fry aud love in tlw moat hilarious ! comedy h'8 mad- to datt. Carol Hujrht! and iaw Trai are fai wn- i tlm-nlalil and very pretty one j Joe this time ha trouble with hi j "Earthworm Tra'-tor" a he tried , hi beat to sell them to Guy Kibliee. : etc.. although hu knoiede of tractor aatoni8hiiily fiiinai1 ; You'll agree that it's real tau?b ma- terial all done up in frerfh trim- , fniligs ! Andy flvde in "lAtvr Totne to Mooneyville ' and Wov-loiie Nea are io ahowu. j Wedding Vows Read For : Robert Kendall, Miss Lucille Haworth Wedding rite were rend Christ mat tve lOT 1S ILrtK'UM nawvuu, auliter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ha- wortti of RHkville and Robert B. Kendall of Anderson, soa of Mr. nd Mrs. R B Kendall of M; be ceremony was performed a 8 loc toe come of Re. C. C. )it of Bloom.indale. 'Attendants were Mr. and Mrs. Ma rion Wood. I The bride was graduated from the fUxxville bign acnool and the Elite JJeauty Academy. She is the manager of the Ritl Beauty and Novelty (-'hoppe She has been vice chairman pf the Young Republicans of Parke jhounty for the at two years. Mr. Kendall was graduated from fhe Mecca high wrhool, S'Mr. and Mrs. Kendall will reside o Anderson, where the groom is niiployed. ! iow8 for Miss Grace Hat ley. Bernard Evans Read New Year s t-ve Miss Grac Hatley of Terre iaute, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. ilort Hatley of North Sixth street. "liiilou, became the bride of BeJ-- tnard Eivaua, son of Mr. and Mrs. .John Evans of South Fourth street, Terre Haute. i The marriage was solemnised at ithe First Baptist church on New Tear's Eve at J0:J6 o'clock by Rev. Bperson. The single ring ere-anony was performed, j Attendants ware Miss Audrey Roe lend John Mulllns of Terre Haute. Miss Grace Hatley, sister of the Jbrlde, was also present. I The bride was attired in a tur-quoise blue crepe outfit and had )urown accessories. Miss Roe wore in black costume with white acces- jsorie8. Mrs. Evans is well, known in Clin-lton. She was formerly employed at the Tombaugh store and the Atlantic and Pacific store here. At the present time she Is employed with the Kresge store at Terre Haute. The oung couple have gone to 'tiousekaening at ,23.10 .Second avenue, Terre Haute. I Club Elects Officers j ! Mrs. Archie Carmichael is the piewly elected president of the Idle 'Wile club, which held its regular meeting Wednesday afternoon at plie home of Mrs. George Sarver on iSoutb Main street. Mrs. Cecil Harbison was elected to he office of r'retary and treasurer. After a short business session Jbridge was played at four tables With high score priie awarded to Mrs. Charles Walker; travel, Mrs. iuy Southard, and guest. Mrs. G. R. iWoGuire. Other guests were Mrs gJohn Vf. Reeder and Mrs, Fred porter. i The next meeting will be held in two weeks. f I Mis Barbara Rose Varga of New Brunswick, N. J., is jrisiling two Mveek at the home of ber parents. !;Mr. and Mrs. Stephea Varga of 1440 jNortn Seventh street. I " I Mtss Mary Smith of Rockville bas Iretarned to the Indianapolis Law rhoc.l, where she is enrolled as a enior student. Miss Smith has been visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. 'j. W. Smith of Rockvile. J fir. 3. H. Tomei of Universal left for ftlissouri, where be is attending a av-hool of surgery. i He bas been visiting at the home Jcif his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Pete fTomei for two weeks. Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Roll and daughter, of Hamilton O.. who have been visiting Mr. Roil s brother. I' T. Roll, and family, of Walnut street, have returned to their hom. m Miss Marie Conder of Indianapolis is spending the weekend at the home of Mrs. Mabel Glasson of South Main street. 0 Miss Marguerite Jones, of Elm street, is spending the weekend in Gary as the guest of Mr. and Mrs Jack Spahr. Mrs. Spabr was formerly Mrs Hattie Taylor. 00 Miss Adelyn Shew, who has been spending the holidays with her I mother. Mrs Ruth Shew, is spend ing the weekend in Aurora. Ind., with friends. From there she will return to the Mary Baldwin School in Staunton. Va , where she is a Eastern Stars to Hold Installation Services Monday Iutlalioa servl-- will be fa?Jd Monday ttvfoiog by iwuaalem Chapter, 254, O. E, 8- at be ball UouiftMy'e s Elm s(reet for ft ua-JidtJ. At tfaat time the degre work will be conferred. Tlie relfeBliweu fflcuitt i eoiupotx-.d of Mrs. Wslifr Hur fl)d Mitts Mad a lice HrrirO M Mitt MxrurtA' Jlarriaoo. Ernest Earl Dobbs Weds Mary Glasson M.&8 (Mary Olamwn, 4jituf Lit-? of William A- Glatwon of Korkville. aud Ernest Ear Ixbt8 of Fillmore were united to fiiarriae .Saturday. December 2S. Tbe bride was graduated frona the Marshall iiigta iu tool, Marshal). Jud.. and Indiana State Tabre -ollffre at Terre Hauf. She later 8TtndHl Purdue university. Vol the 'past seve?raj yre ebe baB been a tw-her ia the fafayetie schools. Following tbe iereioiiy 111 young r.ouple U-ft on faoiieyuiooii trip. Aftr February J5 tiiey will be at boiue to their frieuda at Fillmore, where tbe-y wiJJ reaide on a farm. Henry Meugl of 'hi'-ago is spending the we.eken with Mrs MeueJ of Walnut street. Mr. and Mr. Joe Mayoroa. of Terre Hautu, ept-nt -yeu-rdey at tii-home of Mrs. Mayoroe' motbpr, Mrs. jfulia Menel, of North Sixth Ht reet . ENTERTAINS CLL'B Mrs. John Paytou of North Fourth Street entertained tlie members of the Pastime club at her borne Thursday night. Guests were Mrs. Doris Drake. Mrs Frank Miihele. Mrs. Ion Ritchie nnd Mis MostelW. Following a short business meeting bunco furnished the entertainment of the evening. Mrs. William Lawson of South Seventh street will entertain the club in two weeks. HOSPITAL NEWS Mrs. Sarah Simpson of Nebeker street was admitted to the Vermillion county hospital yesterday for medinal observation. Iester N'olte, who underwent an appendectomy at the Vermillion county hospital. Is Improving. Mise Dorothy Ciovaniui, nurse, ia confined to the local hospital with Illness. BIRTHS Mr. and Mrs. Williim Wallace of South Seventh stree are the parents of a baby boy boru at the Vr-mjillion County hospital yesterday morning. This is the firt child and bas been named William Lee. Mr Wallace was formerly Mirw f'arma Phipptv Mr. and Mrs. HiiKtt M' Fuddin. of Rockville, are the parent of a baly girl born at the Vermillion County hospital yesterday. MOVIES "Go West. Young Mao" At tbe Wabash Th glamorous Miss West makes her flippant way among the cow.-and chickens as she goes rural in this amusing story. Mae is a romantic movie actress forbidden by her contract to marry Warren William is her worried press agent accompanying her to frustrate any glimmerings of love for the opposite sex. His worries mount and so do Mae's after she meets Uyle Talbot, an old flame, and Randolph Scott, a young mechanic. An inventioo and a threatened kidnaping tangle up the plot. Isabel Jewell. Margaret Perry. Eliiabetb Patterson. Etienne Girardot and Nieodeinus offer valuable contributions. "Piuk Lemonade" is the musical comedy, "Popular Science" is the coloreel and Foi Movietone brings you the news. "Owe May Psge" At the Palace. Kay Francis and tbe debonair Will mm Powell are co-starred in thi intriguing mystery-drama which has been recalled by popular de-maud. Tbe two live dangerously and love dangerously as they go together on their "One Way Passage. Moat of tbe action luke place SOCIAL CALENDAR) Monday Woman' Club will meet at the home of Mrs. 1. U Horoey, South Fifth street, 2 p. m. 'Wabash Camp and June Camp of Royal Neighbors of America A called meeting will be held at 1 p. m. at the ball over Doughty', EJm street. Plans will be discussed for installation services, which will be held January It. Monday Bridge Club will meet at the borne of Mrs. U. G. Wright. North Fifth street, t:t p. m. Tuesday Woman Home Missionary Society of the Methodist Church in meet at ?:8 P m. at the borne of Mrs. Walter Jones on North street. Alpha Club will bold a meeting at the borne of Mrs. Archie Carmi-cbaed. South Sixth street. 2 p. m. Fortnightly Club will meet at the borne of Miss Bessie Van Duyn, South Fourth street, S p. m. Wednesday Worn si) s Relief Corps will aieet at the hall on Blackmail street at 2 p. m. At that time installation and initiation services will be conducted. Mr, and Mr. W. C. Wright of Crawfordsville were dinner guests of Mrs. Myrtle Bonner and Miss Viola Crume of South Third street yesterday. While here they visited at the homes of other relatives. 00 BRITTON-ORY Announcement has been made of the marriage of Miss Mary Belle Ory, daughter of Mr. and Mrs Straud Ory of Newport, to Lindsay Britton Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. Lindsey Britton of Rockville. The wedding was solemnized December 6 at Paris. 111. Mrs. Britton attended the Newport High School and Mr. Britton the Rockville High School. Mr. and Mrs. Dale Jared and Mrs. Edna Anderson were the dinuer guests yesterday of Mr. and Mr. Clifford Jared and family of Trinity- Miss Ruth Kaiser, student at the Lindenwood College, St. Charles, Mo. resumed her studies today after visiting at the home of her parents over the holidays. mm LADIES AID MEETS Mrs. Lydia Smith of west of the city entertained the members of the Centenary Ladies Aid at ber home Thursday afternoon. Twelve members were present. After a short business session contests were enjoyed and refreshments served. The next meeting will be held at the home of Mrs. Howard Clovar in two months. Mr. and Mrs. Tony Ave and Mi. and Mrs. Dou Dougbtv attended the Ogdeu-Catliu basketball game at Uakwood. HI., last evening. 'Mr. Ave s brother. Arnold Ave, is the t'atlin co oh. j Mr. and Mrs. S. C Stulti p: Black man street had as their guests for several days Mrs. Stult2' sister. Mrs. Henry Neukom of Terre Haute. , mm Mrs. William Wood of South Third street spent yesterday at Terre Haute. 0 0 0 Rev. and Mrs. C. C. Fean-e of South Fifth street, and Mr, and Mrs. Calvin Fiuk of South Main street were in Darlington yesterday. mm Harold Doughty, who ha been visiting at the home of Mr. snd Mrs. Homer Slater, of Indianapolis, for the past few days, returned to his home yesterday. 0 0 Miss Norrell Pickel. of Terre Haute, spent yesterday at the home of her father. Ray Pickel. of Black-man street. 00 Mr. and Mrs. Ed Doyle of Fair-view have as their guests Mrs. Herman Wallace and family of Fjvaoa-ville. Gerald Cluder of west of the city is visiting relatives and friends in Three Rivers. Mich. Miss Callie McMecben and Miss Sarah Downing entertained with a dinner last evening for Rev. and Mr H C. Chapin and fanny On New Years Ee they were guest of Mr and Mrs. J L. Horner of South Fifth street,' Wabash Sunday, Monday and Tuesday 24-Hour FREE j! 4 Ambulance 1 Service i) Phone 165 K ' 511 S. 4th St. ' IMIM I If- -1 i - v , ., n m it n nn ,i-i-iraftnmr-a, i r n i , -i in - i - m f' MiM M -r r i-h kt hh hi in -( - iiitod uff tii innittji Mltll 4jlt. r OlMIK' in ti- lt-t -rt-4. 1r-M tox ll-l brgut HUtOti Mt llr bi0 TbeuU-. l;-u'J'yipJ; aul lr tit luwulur.

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