The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on December 19, 1921 · Page 1
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 1

Fairmount, Indiana
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Monday, December 19, 1921
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' ""T" , V 1 FAIBMOUNT 1 PRINTED FOR A PURPOSE; TO II ELP FAIRMOUNT GROW TWICE A W EEK Monday and Thursday. SOUTHERN GRANT COUNTY FIRST ALWAYS V, Forty-Fifth Year FAIRMOUNT, INDIANA, M0NDAY, DECEMBER 19, 1921 Number 6 '' NEWS XMAS FESTIVAL H. S. CHORUS FARMERS INSTITUTE AT MARION WEDNESDAY BIG SYNDICATE BUYS LOCAL BANK CHRISTMAS TREE BEINGJREPARED FINE CEDAR SECURED FOR COMMUNITY TREE AND BEING PLACED IN POSITION Details for Fairmount's First Com- INCOME TAX IS NEXT TO WORRY Some Information as t0 How Business Men Are to Make Out Their Returns For Year The following statement is issued by M. Bert Thurman, Collector of Internal Revenue, District of Indiana. " Merchants, manufacturers and busi- IN OPERETTA s DAVID, THE SHEPARD BOY TO BE RENDERED ON NEXT ! THURSDAY NIGHT 1 munity Christmas Program on Next Saturday Night Being Rapidly Worked Out Donations to be Re-jfrtr ness , no cieved at; News Office This Week. Details for the big community CONTROLLING STOCK IN CITIZENS STATE PASSES TO NEW . YORK SYNDICATE. Joseph Marsiono, of Indianapolis, President of Reorganized Institution With Joseph Loeb, of New-York, Chairman of Board of Directors W. D. Garritson, Cashier. Announcement of the connumation of a deal whereby the controlling stock of the Citizens' State bank passes into the hands of a syndicate of bankers of New York and Chicago, came as a big- surprise to Fairmount people and the people of Southern Grant late Saturday afternoon. The deal is one of the largest financial deals put through in the county for some years, and is said to nlace the local bank in a financial condition not excelled by any bank in the county. AT THE ACADEMY ELABORATE PLANS BEING MADE FOR GATHERING OF SUDENTS AND FRIENDS President Taylor of Upland University To Be he Speaker of the Evening Big Tree With Gifts to the School To Be Prominent Feature of the Occasion. Fairmount Academy's second annual Christmas festival will be held on next Thursday evening, December 22, at the Academy building. The program will start a 8 p. m. Elaborate plans are being made for this Academy jollification and the committees in charge are planning to make this year's festival better than that of last year which will by no means, be an easy task. The festival is given for the betterment of the school and as a means by which the students and the alumni of the past thirty-six years may meet once more. Those who attend the festival will ' have an nnnortnmtv f ooi th r t j " 1 j i. -i.u : . ..... n.v. iui 13 utmS uwe uy ine cuts of the present time. They will! J x. . . . .miu me Acaaemy, it is stated, m the .Product ion Which Pleased So Well ber 21 at the Mari public library. Last Year to be Repeated With High Charles F. Boxell, chairman, has preschool Orchestra Flaring Arromp- Pared a fine Program which will be animent For Solo andChorus Num- ?iven at morning and afternoon ses-bers. ' sions. Mrs. H. J. Deller of South BenA, On Thursday night of this week and M. F. Detrick of DeGraff, Ohio, the entertainment that has attracted are the state speakers, who will ap- , , . . . . pear on both programs. These speak- an unusual amount of attention, .,, , ,, ' . ...... ... . i ers will be on the program at the throughout this locality will be given Washinffton townsh;p institute the at the new high school auditorium. j day before, but will talk on different This enterainment is the sacred op- subjects at the institute to be held in eretta, "David, the Shepard Boy" ; Marion- which was given last spring bv the' The (mornin? Program will begin at T .. , ... , " ,,j9:30 o clock and is as follows: Junior high school chorus but could, c, n m tr v t ui- fc j Song Battle Hymn of the Republic. not be repeated at the time because. Invocation Rev. Raymond Booth, it was so near the close of school. "Your Child and Mine" Mrs. H. J. "David, the Shepard Boy" is, as the j teller, name indicates, based on the beauti-! Discussion Led by Mrs. George ... ...., . .. , lLove. Christmas tree program and the to inventories are identical : "Merry Christmas" for everyone are J 'That whenever in the opinion of being well worked out by the differ- the Collector the use of inventories is ... , - necessary in order clearly to deter- ent committees in charge of the many ... . . , , , . . i mine the income of any taxpayer up- phases of the proposed affair. A fine , , . . . . , . . . . on such basis as the Commissioner, big tree, standing some twenty feet! ... . , , , , ...... i with the approval of the Secretary, or more, has been secured by W ill . - , , ., r, . ,i may prescribe as conforming as near- McCormick and Otho Compton, who v ...... . . , i t t y as may be to the best accounting headed the committee to look after , , , . . , . ., . , . practice in the trade or business and that part of the work, the tree being . . , . ... Ti o i ti. -M as most clearly reflecting the income.' donated bv John Seale. The tree will t . , . . , . : . , , , , . Present Treasury regulations pro be transplanted and placed in the I ...... . . . . , . , . . , . ,t , .ivide that inventories must be valued The stock changing! hands in the deal ' best financial condition it has been iniwith vari-colored electric lights, this for years, with the second largest en. ruument it nas ever nad. invitations red ana lea rarser, wnne me rom-: have been mailed to former students mittees on preparation of lists of those and alumni of the school and a large 1 to whom Christmas remembrances men generally need experience difficulty in taking their inventories fh vmi- 1Q91 t pnnfnrm with h new revenue act. The language of the Revenue Act of 1918 and the Rev enue Act of 1921, (Sec. 203), relating at either "cost" or "cost or market, j whichever is lower." Taxpayers were permitted, regardless of their past practice, to aaopt me cose or ma.n . . 1 ..1 t L . L 1 . i. hnis whirhever i lower in making Thereafter, the IIUCIIIUUCS 11 0 nan u , ,t '--nn Kta;n. Commissioner of Internal Revenue. In the case of a merchant 'cost' means the invoice price less trade or! other discounts, excepting strictly I cash discounts approximating a fair rate of interest, which may be deduct, ed or not at the option of the tax- payer, providing, a consistent course is . . followed. To the net invoice price should be added the cost of transpor- tation, and other necessary charges incurred in acquiring possession of the coods . in fncA rr a manufacturer 'cost' means vw the cost of raw materials and . . . , supplies, expenditures for labor and . '.' . . . , . . ... indirect costs incident to production, . ,. .. . including a reasonable proportion of . management expenses, but not mclud- . " " " " VUl II Via X. . J.' i Market means the 'current bid price prevailing at the date of the in- . .. x; ....... 1 ventory ior me parricuaar mercnan-dise. The burden of pi-oof as to the correctness of the price rests upon the taxpayer in each case. Where no open market quotations are available, the taxpayer must use such evidence of a fair market price at the dates nearest the inventory as may be avail- 'attendance is expected. Decorating committees are already 'next Saturday evening, have been planning the decoration of the . tively at work during the past week, different roms and halls and the pro- - - ....... ' , , . - ! eveninj. , of real entertainment for j Arrangements have been made for , , i i. it . ; those wh0 attend. iThe News office to be the repository n.. ' r t, . ... . u v,..:! x iie teaiui e pi me evenmsr win oe , , ... i ,. .mi u i in the assemblv worn. The frift tn'diea or who will prepare baskets for iui siorj oi uavia, taicen irora tne Bible. There ll tXl leduulul inures nunjwrs in tne operetta as weu , as beauiful solos each of the lead-i mg character?. The chorus for the performance this year will consist of about sixty voices, nearly the same i r.umber that took part last spring; and, in fact many of he characters ' are playing the same parts that they . J played when this operetta was given J last year. j One of the most pleasing additions to the operetta this year will be the fact that the high school first orchestra is to play the accompaniment for all the solo and choraj numbers. . This accompaniment is unusually . beautiful as wcil as unusually difficult and the high school orchestra is cer- tainly t0 be congratulated on carrying, out such an undertakine. This feature of the entertainment alone will be verv much worth while from every point of view and many people who attended the performance of the J operetta last spring are eager to se- j cure seats Thursday night to enjoy the orchestra accompaniment as well as the operetta itself. i "David the Shepard Bov" is parti- , cularly well fittevi for a Christmas op-j eretta and is from every point of view : qtvte in keeping with the Christmas spirit. ! The cast of characters for the lead- ing parts in this beautiful operetta I will be as follows: David Paul DeWeerd Abigail .... Bertha Hayworth Jesse Charles Lafler Saul Jack Bonar Michael Helen Leach Abner Glenn Hues ton These will also be the leading solo j voices while the nearly sixty other j voices will carr" the choruses. j Edward Lafler and Hershel Jones j will plaj the part of sentinels; Caro-j lyn Wallace, Miner ngnc, uc.iie . . the Academy from its frrands. the students and ine aiumiii will be placed j .i- . i . ... . ... . . arouna tnis tiee. Jiany guts nave , , . already been received from different t , .i . - . parts of the state, from various . , ...... 1 churches and Sunday schools. Among it , , . these gifts are several volumes of books, the value of which amounts to several hundred dollars. i ue cniei sueaKer oi ine even:ncr Tl. . 1 - r , f . i parK triangle ac iieniey avenue ana Main street, where it will be a per- manent ornament to that little park, ' if it chnnU hn dpsirp.1 tn lenvo it there. ...v u u - - . - " it maj. aiui w , purpose for which it is set this year. r, . , ....... . J me tree win oe wirea anu coereu work being in charge of Berney All- ; 'are to be sent, and on program for so that everything pertaining to the lor iioiiam'iis, nnu an inuc u"'"g a Christmas dinner for some worthy j I ... . . I tamuy are requestea to arrange w ' i .1, . Ti.. -V oring tuese t0 A"e iev umvc vm ... . , -i . i edncsdav, Thursday or Friday of . r. u e iv. . this week. Some member of the com-! . . . r u l mittee, of which Guy Lewis is chair- , ..... t., x tr man, will be at The News oltice on- those davs tQ receive these donations land take charge of them. Money is also needed for the pur . ' t chase of candy and for such inciden expense connected with the wiring and erection of the tree tnat it nas been impossible to otherwise arrange ... for and tho;:e who fecl disposed to M.ot-A fioeh r?.--naf inno n rn Temiestel to ",vr " v.v......v...i, -v. i .- make these with either Robt. A. Mor. "s at the Fairmount State bank or with. Palmer Ice at the Citizens State bank. It is expected that the corn- plete program will be published Thursday's issue of The News. in DAISY BARR PRESIDENT 4 INDIANA WAR MOTHERS. At the fourth annual convention of Moth ich was held in Col. nnian!i fii r i uit j-t. iv an umbus last week, the following officers ! were eLecteu: ine ev. x.aisy - of Newcastle was elected President to succeed Mrs. Elizabeth S. Carr of In- elected: The Rev. Daisy Barr ; dianapolis. . , , .. . Mrs. John Huntington, of,. ; j ! be the Rev. J. M. Tavlor. D. D i - ;u Strong Program Arranged With Not ed Speakers Who Will Address Farmers on Vital Topics The Grant Countv Farmers Insti tute will be held Wednesday, Decem- Music lti ,h School Orchestra. "Selection cf Feeds for Cheap i drains .M. t . Detrick. Discussion Led by Marvm Wood-, niansee. Appointment of committees. Afternoon Session, 1 O'clock. Tiano Solo Mi s. Ira "Women and Citizenship" Mrs. II, Deller. Discussion Led by Mrs. John Kem Reading Miss Adaline Mart. Report of committees. Music High school. Discussion Led "bv Clare Bradford. Adjournment, nir. ri imvviMMCDQ I FINALLY ANNOUNCED Ccunty Agricultural Asstciation Gives Out the List of the Successful Contestants Among Grant County Bovs and Girls After several weeks of delay, due to the failure of the State fair officials to return the manuscript papers, the I Grant Coc.ntv Acricultural association was last week able to announce tiiei winners in the Ixys and girls piff club I contest. The pigs which were chosen at the ; Van Buren free fair in October were judged on individuality, while the re- su'ts announced last week are on the greatest daily gains, cheapest cost of production and the best kept record and story. The following, are the winners, the order in which they appear being awarded first, second, third, fourth and fifth prizes: Dwroc Lavon J. Brewer, Florence Brewer, Dahl Pierce, Kelly Snider, Spotted Poland Chinas Lloyd Roush, Willie C. Jones, Bershire Alvin Skinner. rhinaDavid Wilson. Ey. Hampshire Herman Harreld, Robert T. Wright Kenneth Williams, Fred Gossett, Bernard Cox. Prizes which arranged from $1 to $5 .were awarded to the winners, W. C, Settle of Petroleum, who judged, the pigs at Van Buren, contributed a part of his fees with the Grant County Ag ricultural Association to be awarded to the boys and girls, who did not win a cash prize, so tnat every roy and girl who displayed in the club, was awarded with a prize for the time and effort trhich they put in during the contest. An untold amount of good has been accomplished by the pig club contest. The experience and knowledge gained by the boys and girls will be of great benefit to the parents as well as to th. member of the club and will greatly stimulate interest in the breed ing of pure bred stock throughout the county. Those" who are in charge of the judging and others declared that the pig club was one of the best events ever held in agricultural affairs in the county. Miss Margaret Langan, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Will Langan who re cently moved, from, Fairmount to Log- ansnort. has become identified with the Camp Fire Girls of that city, con cerningi which The Logansport Press says: "The Kickapoo Camp Fire Girls met at the home of Miss Betty Grafts yesterday afternoon. Two new members, Margaret . Langan and Helen Berry were Initiated. U j I i : ., i i i tlie!wiU ' I i , v vi 1 able, such as specific transactions or cord made by Indiana men at the re-compensation paid for cancellation of cent International Grain and Hay contracts or purchase commitments. ! show. Much cf the corn shown at Where, because of abnormal conditions Chicago will be on display in Lafay-the taxpayer has regularly sold mer- ! ette at the state event, Jan9 to 13, in chandise at prices lower than the mar- ! connection with the farmers; short is that which was owned by Everett Jones and J. C. Copple of Kokomo. Reorganization of the bank was completed at a meeting held Saturday afternoon at the bank. The new officials of the bank are Joseph Marsiono, of Indianapolis, president; Joseph Loeb, of New York city, chairman, of the board of directors, and W. D. Garritson, of Chicago, cashier; W. was elected R. Moloney, of Chicago, as a new member of the hoard of directors; Charles T. Parker, of Fairmount, first vice-president, and Palmer Ice, second vice-president. The resilient members of the board of directors are John Flanagan, John H. Scott, Dr. C. N. Brown and V. A. Selby. The new officers are now in possession and opened for business Monday morning. The officials stated Monday that several important announcements regarding the future business of the bank would be made within a few days. The Citizen's State bank is the oldest bank in Fairmount, which was controlled for many years by Jhn Selby, now deceased, and his son, Victor A., who has been connected with the bank since its organization. BIG STATE CORN SHOW EXPECTED THIS YEAR. Prospects are good for the best state corn show in many yearg in Indiana with the large number of inquiries about the show and the great re- course. In addition, the winning samples from many township and county shows to be held in the meantime, will be sent to the state event. The premium list recently issued is attractive and will serve to draw many good entries. Approximately $700 will be given in prize money. The prizes were made possible by sub scriptions from 110 banks, 60 millers and graindealers, 65 seedsmen, fertilizer and drainage companies, scatters ed thrcughout Indiana. The boys and girls club products show and the state potato show also will be held during the farmers short course, and a large number of entries'1 are expected in both these departments. FAVORABLE REPORT MADE ON TWO NEW ROADS. A report favoring the contraction of the proposed road outside the cor porate limits of Upland and leading up to the new park to be laid out by the Upland Flint Bottle company, has been made by the viewers appointed to inspect the road, and the report will be submitted to the county com-' missioners at their next meetings .A favorable report has also been made-:; on the Walter Love road in Mill town.1 ship, just outside of Gas City. The road will be thirty feet wide instead OI BlXty S WHS Jtsncu "c ycuuvw; Will A. Taylor, who was confined to v his home on South Walnut street by-illness, is able to be out and has ,re-f ' sumed his work at The New8 office."-,J Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hollingsworth of Kokomo were dinner guests Fri1; day of C. L. Salyers and family. IDr. and Mrs. Hollingsworth were here to ; attend the funeral of Mrs. D. M. Y?cp-len, Mr. Woollen being Mrs. Hollies, worth's uncle. - ' . . - ' 1 LeRoy, Ruth Daff and Eunice De-erett Fisherback paimer Little, Pal-Weerd will be attendants to the I or r, r,. trrtnav uie avium uiitcs bbv.;i wmcu win nv ..' Gf Savior university Upland. Those v,ho have had the pleasure of hearing rpv Tavlor nk- tnmr that hi. ... . : dress will be a feature in itself. Other : . . ... - . . pruiiimem. speaKers win give snort j talks and the Academy orchestra will render a few selections. A Christmas i cantata will be sung by the boys' and girls' glee clubs and other musical selections will be rendered. This will be one of the most important social events of the year, be-inp in the nature of a general home-cor.i:ng and a meeting of old riends once again. Gifts large or small will be irreat- appreciated. Among some of the things needed are books to be used in the following departments:" Science, English, Language, History and Civics, Art and Domestic Science. Scientific equipment is also needed for laboratory purposes. The public is cordially invited to attend the festival. Open house will be kept. Everybody is asked to come and bring a friend. CELEBRATES BIRTHDAY AT HOME IN BED Cedric, the young son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Little, living on Sycamore and Madison streets, celebrated his seventh birthday anniversary Saturday in bed. Cedric has been hav ing a strenuous life during the past year, some time ago quite suddenly the little fellow found that his eyes were crossed and arrangements were made by his parents to have an opera tion performed to straighten them. About this time he took ill and it was found that i would be . necessary to have an operation for the removal of his tonsils and adenoids, the surgeon stating that possibly after this was attended to, it would not be necessary to operate on the eyes, but the condition of the eyes was not improved and when, about two months ago, they de. cided to take him back to the surgeon. Cedric fell and broke his arm and agjain the operation was postponed, On last Thursday his parents' took him to Dr. W. H. Brawilin at Marion and the eyes were attended to, and he is getting along just fine according to latest reports. Miss Martha Ratliif, who teaches at White's Institute near Wabash, was ket bid price, the inventory may be valued at such price. The correctness - ... f"'? Z reference to the actual sales of the taxpayer for a reasonable period be- ,fore and after the date of inventory whkh materially from . . , . . The value of each item in the inventory may be measured by cost or market, whichever is lower. An entire stock may pot be inventoried at cost and also at market price, and the lower of the two inventories used. Inventories on whatever basis taken will be subject t investigation by the Commissioner of Internal Revenue, and the taxpayer must satisfy the Commissioner of the correctness of the prices adopted. He must be prepared to show both the cost and the market price of each article included in the inventory. In the conduct of modern business, it is of utmost importance that every business, large or small, whether corporation, partnership or individual, shall maintain an exact record of re- ceipts and expenses. No special sys . - . v,t tv. tem of accounts is prescribed by the Bureau of Internal Revenue, but the books should show in detail inventor ies, purchases, capital' investments, depreciation, and similar items required in making up income tax returns. UPLAND EDITOR HAS SYMPATHY OF COMMUNITY. Robert Yeater, the seven year old son of the editor of the Community Courier at Upland was laid to rest on Mrn.b fonr hov from th. Junior League, of which Robert was a mem- , n i . rrhj- is out of 8jx children ha w caIed horoe the sympathies of Souther Grant county re with rju.- V -Ji hi. famiiv.' ! Qveen; Murray Holliday, Donald Bul-ler, Bernard Rtroup and Thelma Lewis will represent the men of war. The costumes alone for this cantata cost nearly a hundred dollars and are very beautiful. The scenery repre- sen ting pastoral scenes in Palestine is being hand painted by the mem bers of the Art class. The tickets for seats for this entertainment re now on sale at the Pio neer Drug Store and can be obtained any time before Thursday evening at that place. Thursday evening, they can be obtained at the door. With the new arrangement of the auditorium with the raised floor in the rear, every one of the four hundred and fifty seats are well located and can well be called good seats. The Art class of the high school recently has been making some very pretty hand painted Christmas cards and these will be on exhibit and on sale in the art room of the high school following the entertainment Thursday 'night. SUGAR BEET CROP SHIPPED TO FACTORY. The entire crop of sugar beets, grown in Uie southern part of Grant county, consisting of between 500 and 00 acres, hag been harvested, loaded . and shipped to the factory of the Hol-3 land-Sjt. Louis Sugar Company, at . Decatur, Indiana, according to Samuel Leer, Field Superintendent for the company. The almost inceasant rains - during the month of November, great-it retarded thework, which has just Ltn completed. . Bloomington, was chosen state vice-president; Mrs. E. E. Friedline, Grant county vice-president for the northeast district; Mrs. Pearl Wright, Casa county, vice-president for the northwest district; lMrs. John W. O'Har-row, Bloomington, vice-president for the southwest district; Mrs. Harry Morrison, Shelbyville, vice-president for the southeast district; Mrs. W. E. Phelps, Muncie, recording secretary; Mrs. Melville Moon, Indianapolis, treasurer; Mrs. Harry Heath, Monti-cello, parliamentarian; 'Mrs. W. A. Stevens, of this city; Mrs. Dan Car ter, Rockville, and Mrs. D. W. Maish, FrankfoTt,- auditors. The election was most harmonious, the delegates feeling that they have selected a very good staff of officers. maianapons was T"" meeting place for 1922, and the In- .. . .1 1. . .1 4-V, n diana branch of the American War Mothers went on record by passing resolutions favoring passage of a BnlHier bonus bill bv coneress to in clude both officers and enlisted men, and endorsing the project for pur chase by state, county and municipal- governments of Laurel Hall, an eat- -f- near Indianapolis, for use as a hospital for convalescent soldier s. Charles Hutchins. wife and two children, Airs, ana raiwrson nu .... - - T-.. T" . .. J I house guests, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Pat- terson. were Sunday afternoon guests of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Heck, after whicjf they were entertained at sixo clock dinner at tne nome oi airs. .im terson. - i . .1 , 4 t j home over Sunday.

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