The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 31, 1936 · Page 8
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 8

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 31, 1936
Page 8
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ThunJay, December 31, 1936 The Daily Clintonian, Clinton, Indiana Page S TODAVS CLASSIFIED APS RAIN CONTINUES TO FALL TODAY ON ROSE BOWL tX'nutliiui'd from I'uge 7 I WANTED TO BUY Storm clouds continue in darken the horiiou over Pasadena when-KN.nou Hiiats l)ve In n sold for the u i) n iih I Huh' Howl game. Ihe odd.) nil Jltc timtlntll iii.iIiIim nf I be t' Diversity of ahhu-'lot,. IhmI'ii by MlfiiMMil;. this season. In -(.(Hi tin- i'lilvr mly of I'IIImI.hh li beaten by Ihiuim'smc and tied by Kuidbum. dropped from I" In fi in In In !. ritlwlwrifh arrived in f'-iiilcna yeahrdiiy from lis San Met tar'hnn training tiunp In the mud. the "experts" i "!' niH'd, Pills power v. f mi Id ""; h' them to give thn Wi'sblnutnim a closer (nntenl H an if Ihe gam were played on a faut Held. jAh the rains (ell. (;hih wondered 'f the 'iinii.siial" moisture spelled eW.VAVWWWAVAVM SPPRT tPARADE., rKA fit tWtJ (Continued from I'iiku 7) pi team, arrived here will! his team yesterday and refused to allow a piilure to be made. 'Ibis llesllire llllllledilll''ly en deiircd him to the city fiilhera. II III, If. Is one llulm the city l.illoi. don't waul out of this tame. It's publicity. Ill the Ilium-"' Howl tain, they hope to il"dil'e olire u year tame between Iwo troops or Illli' oiii'ii'-Ft yoniii: urn. willi notion mote at slake ll'an pride. They do not waul to eiotlle te t l Ihe Hose Howl, which liny ic in 111 an out und out piiblh liy stunt, arranged by a chamlM-i- of commerce genius. Maybe Id heller slop before I start lellliiK a He, or maybe an even dozen lies. The Koodoo The koodoo, a reddish brown animal with thin vh''- stripes encircling its body, inliuliils the African forest and desert arei.. Cartridges Were Convenient The National Rifle Association says that in the "Rugged West, it was customary lor men to carry a rifle and revolver in which the same cartridge could be used, '"'he 32-2!), 38-40 and 44-40 cartridges titled both revolvers a.' d ries sheep steady: fed wesiern lam lis mostly, $!t.75; bulk choice light and heavyweight native Ismlis. 1.75; fat ewes mostly J3.Anfi 3.00, top $4. CHICAGO. Dee. .11. Livestock: HOfiS. 12.nnn: if,-25e higher; holdovers. 1.000; lop. $10.65; bulk $10.25& 1 0.60; heavy. f 1 0. 25 iff 10 60; medium. $10.20 10.65; light. $10. oofi 10. SO; light liehis. $9.7510.25; packing sows. $9.50 Tl 10.00; pigs. $7,511 (fl 11.85. CATTLE. 4.000; steady. Calven. 1.000; steady. II ef steers: good and choice. $ 1 0.iiofi I 3 oil; common and medium. $7.00ift 10.00; year-linns, $9.0 ifi 13.25. Huleher catlle: heifers. $5-00 h 1 1.50; cows. $4.25 7.50; bulls, $4. SO 6.75: culves. $5.O012.0O; feeder steers. $4.50 CO 8.50; Mocker sleers. $4,50 48.00; Rtni-ker cows and heifers, $4.50 6.75. SHEEP, D.000; steady; medium and choice lambs. $9. oofi 9.75; culls and common, $6.00)8.50; yearlings. $6.00fi 8.50; eommon and choice ewes. $2,504)5.00; feeder lambs, $5,0018.00. CHICAGO, Dec. 31.- Grain futures continued to move upward at the opening here today and most prices advanced to new highs for the f.-easnn and longer. WHEAT was to l'i,c up. com Vt to -'ftc higher and oals ',4 to up. WHEAT: May. 1 :ili 'j. -1 37 ; July. 119 V, -i; Sept.. 116. CORN. (new) May, 1 08 U : July. 1 n 4 ?i -1, ; Sept.. !00s; loldl May. 105; July. lOOty. OATS: May. 62-52 1: .fill v. 45,. YES! IT OPENS TONITE! e o e e j; 1 10c Fri.-Sat. 25c J S" i f- fXmaJlLjJ 1 Continuous Friday 2 to 11 j! ! JjJJ Gran.M8.nd Rice Sporti Reel f 'ifTilPCK O' "Ace Drummond" jj ! j&THF fVCnPf7 Oswald Cartoon i " n 1 ' i " WM , ol n i I; ,:' -"4 star 'V, ; !; A story f f I; "' IT- I Ia,..r,.-Ii,l- aw. jf f '-i 5 .; I P i CAST '"mJff' I i i I k4T I Top-notch pikyen you lovwl i , 1 5 ! I v-.j J " Mh "'""' J- f i : . ' ?V BACKGROUND ' i A Z t Mighiyl A w-iiupiriag 1 N.vor I 5 1 .. i ' siw Jm - e !' i : -:- ENTERTAINMENT f f j hysKe UWM- ii 1 ' sf:- 10c Fri.-Sat. 25c an ill omen, for Ihe Washington team chosen by , the Pacillc Coaal Conleicmo lo uphold Ihe pie.itige of Ihe west, and whi h in lurii so hravely invited I'lllHburgh In rep- leitenl III) PBbt. George Torres Davis, dean ol Ijiih Angeles font bit II experts, h(u k tn Un runt and inhnJy pndirted the following niitrnme fur Ihe ItlHl grim1 of 1!K(7: WarhinKlnn J 1. I'Htsburglt 7. 1'itl.diiirgli was experts) tit bu-.e ilM prlnelpal hope for vidnry upon i lunuitig atta k centered uion (ioldliem. VVuHhiuuloii Ik said itt havf h ftrealer variety of play ; iiii hiding niuny of the w iile-open Ivlc willi many lateral paH-f. Waslrui:lon was handif a iped bv 1 f f s ihioiifch Injury of it s alter- ii'n fullback, AI Cruver, whib' Pittsburgh backers were cheered by the report Hobby Iarue, injured half tin k. harl made a miraculous reenv-- ry. WWJWMWWirV FOR A NIGHT" o Paramount New - eocoj GALA MIDNITE NEW YEARS EVE Come On and Enjoy Yourselves! e o I I itr, Dr. Casey Did Not Enjoy Stay in Florida; Dispells Myth of Sunny, Healthful Climate as Advertised (Continued from Page 1) (Continued from Page 1) shotguns and the invitation scciiih to h, "Just Iry.U get away." After leaving Indiana the Bceneiv gradually changes In turpentine pines, flat country, red clay and Ihe stony tnoun tains of l.ixknit and Seminary Kldge. The InnemniH' town of Ihe ridges. Is if.noo tVH abi.VM sea level. Upon leaving I lie iiUHiuUhts. Georgia, will. Us sugar cane, red clay and Ihe povcriy-Hirit ken tenant farm'T, Ik broughl tnlo focus. Valdosta is the hint town of fair sir.e norih or Florida. Miami is the fabeled mctrop'ilhs of Ihe Cracker, and the mecca of all worthy and ambitious tourists. It Is visected north and south by Miami avenue and east and went by Flagler street. Consequently the four sections are known as northeast, northwest. Southeast arid southwest. Paralleling Miami avenue are the avenues, numbered con- secutively from one, and paralleling Spangler street are the streets numbered In like manner. Added then are the courts, terraces, drives and roads. The Miami river runs through the city from northwest to southeast and complicates the geography, Hiacayne boulevard runs north along the bay, and Brickell avenue leads south from southeast Second avenue past the million dollar estate of the Deering family of harvester fame and on to a suburb called Cocoa nut Grove and the Pan-American airport. In the summer it was cloudy and damp and viciously hot, and it rained practically every day last summer. The wind varies from a gentle whisper through the palm fronds to a gale of hurricane intensity, and Its very persistence is maddening. The sun Is a molten ball and the clouds reach down making the Inescapable heat Intense. In November Miami had two bad weeks of weather, with temperatures of forty degrees, and none of the buildings am beated. The only comfort is to be found in small heaters, which do noj heat properly, and the cold clammy ah sepks one out like the slimy fingers of a devil flsh. An office or bedroom becomes a tomb, clothes and, luggage, stored in closets are covered with cohIh of mold and the damnable clamminess Is always with one. Markets INDIANAPOLIS, Dec. 31. Livestock: HOfiS. 4.000; 'holdovers. 95; market uneven, steady to 25c higher; 160-180 lbs.. $10.70; 180-200 lbs., $10.75; 200-225 lbs., $10.80; 225-235 lbs.. $10.85; 235-250 lbs.. $10.65; 250-260 lbs., $10.50; 260-275 lbs.. $10.30: 275-285 lbs.. $10.15: 285-300 lbs.. $10: 300-325 lbs.. $9.80; 325-350 lbs.. $9.70: 350-400 lbs.. $9.60; 150-160 lbs.. $10: 140-150 lbs., $9.75; 130-140 lbs., $9.50; 120-130 lbs., $9.25; 110-120 lbs.. $9; 100-110 lbs.. $8.75; sows fully steady, bulk $8 .90 &9.S5, top $9.75. CATTLE. 700; calves. 300; trade generally active and fully steady; few loads of steers. $9 0012.00; heifers mostly $6.5016 8.00; beef cows. $4.505.50: cutter grades. $3.504.25; weighty sausage bulls upward to $6.25; vealers steady, bulk better grades. $12.500 13.00. SHEEP. 5.000: compared with Tuesday: fat lambs active, mostly 25c higher; yearlings aud slaughter COLUMBIA THURSDAY ONLY "Champagne Charlie' with PAUL CAVANAUGH HELEN WOOD Comedy "SHEIK TO SHEIK" 10c and ISc FRIDAY AND SATURDAY "Legion of Terror" with BRUCE CABOT MARGUERITE CHURCHILL Comedy in Color "O. K. JOSE" Screen Snapshots Show Start at 2 P. M. New Years Day Only 10c SUNDAY AND MONDAY TWI Uf Wt I attars! Wn W1 i More Than 1,000 Reported Dead in Famous Red Unit (Continued from Page 1) statement said, "(o see over a half-mile front and .10(1 yards deep, heaps of bodies of reds killed by our grensdes and machine guns. "They are beginning to decompose. We hsve taken in the bodies ni si est our lines by ropes and hooka, hill Ihe reds don'l dare venture out (o reinovo the corpses on I ln-ir aide." PRIZES AWAIT FIRST COUNTY BABY OF 1937 (Continued from Page 1) Karaco's Art Jewelry Shop, silver fork and spoon set; White's Pharmacy, baby water bottle, bar of casttle soap, can of baby talcum and one package of "Chux" disposable diapers. The Haby Derby Is on. Who will be the winner? WINTRY BLASTS ARRIVE TO HELP USHER OUT 1936 (Continued from la;e 1) ImrrHSf? the, always-severe traffic hazards of New Year's eve, the forecasters said. Chicago Cools Off i Chlcagoans set aside their tnp-! coats and got out their overcoats again after three days of record-high temperatures. The thermometer shot to 60 degrees in Chicago yesterday, and set high tempera.- tures In Indiana, Missouri, Iowa, and other parts of Illinois. In Mi-not. N. D.. is was 20 degrees below j zero. ' Two inches of "spring" rain fell in Rockford. 111., while Sioux City. Ia., dug out of six inches of snow. A sleet storm wrecked electri(c I connections in l'A Dakota comunf- ties, slopped ctreet cars in Ohama, i Neb., and caused heavy damage in ' parts of Minnesota. A tornado caused $50,000 proper ty damage near Cumberland, la., and high winds damaged comunf-calions near Cantou, 111. Seasonable cold will prevail in the midwest and east at least through Friday, forecasters said. General Motors Officials Declare Strike, Will H,ve22 000 Worker.-Idle; Federal Mediators on Scene 'Continued from Paue 1) mediators were at Cleveland,, where another strike against CM was in progress. No signs of settlement were In sight. U. S. SEEKS TO KFF.P FAITH OF OTHER POWERS (Cootlnoea -rora rge 1) ent neutral. ty embargo law making it applicable to a nation in the throes of civil war. This amendment, paving the way for permanent and far more drastic legislation to Insure this nation's neutrality, would Immediately halt any shipment of aircraft or arms to Spain. 1 . Conference - -The president conferred with Actios Secretary of state R. Walton Moore. Senator Key Plttinan (D) of Nevada, chairman of the senate foreign relations committee, and Rep. MeRpjnolds ID) of Tennessee, "hairman of the house foreign affairs committee, on the proposed iew neutrality law. The new act will give the presl 1"nt broad discretionary authority in the declaiation of embargoes, it 'as learned. Ill lis note to Britain, France, "ermany. Italy. Russia and Spain, he stale department expressed "sin-'ere regret" for the insistence of ihe naturalized American. Robert fuse. Jersey City aeeoiidhand deal-ir. in violating the spirit of the t'mted States "strict non-iuterven- lon policy. Location of the frirelands The Firelands comprise ."VW.OOO acres at the westerly end of the Western Reserve for the benefit of the Revolutionary war sufferers and their heirs. With slight variations in their boundaries, the counties of Huron tt.d Erie, in Ohio, constitute the Firelands The Term "I'Bqucu." The term "unquote" is a telegraphic form used originally to indicate the closing of at quotation in f telegram. The term received popular approval as a needed shortened form of "end nf quotation," and now supplements the older printing term, "end quoit." Literary Rates for Classified Ads and Paid Notices Flist day of Insertion: 8c tor each reading line (one column Hue, like one of those). Next two days Insertion: the same vlc charge (you Rot three daya at double (he coal of the first day). Neil three days Insertion: (he ante He charge (you get a whole week, six days, si throe times (he cost of one Insertion). Kach group of (urea days theie-afler. 8c a line. Mack fraca (like this). 10c per line. . All classified ad ImJiiflli mrino-rianis Mid notice. f all Hd n""" be paid In advance riH Hume lr regular customers whom" accounts nre paid nionlhl)' or tlioiw from or-snuilzations wIiim bills must lowed before bruin paid. In U"' ls4er owe Ihe aekliig Mir publication of the notice will tie held responsible for Its payment, FOR SALE 1936 V8 coupe, low mileage. New car guarantee. Best buy In the state. M5- Eay terms, phone 427. Coleman Auto Company. Clinton, Ind. We never cIobc. H Good kindling wood, very reasonable. L. W. Hersliey, phone 21. 146 1935 V8 Deluxe 4-door-trunk. In perfect condition, guarantee. See this car. Save 8350. Coleman Auto Company, Clinton. Ind.. phone 427. Easy terms. Wo uever close. 14 6 Cream separator, 9 gallon churn. 631 Blackman street. US' 1934 V8 Deluxe Tudor, healer, radio. Mechanically perfect, original finish, mohair upholstery. Guaranteed. Priced right. Coleman Auto Company. Clinton. Ind., phone 427. Easy terms. We never close. 146 Model A 1929 Kord truck in good running condition. Price $100 for quick sale. Andy Johnson, phone 915-12. 149 2 Model A Ford Tudors in excellent condition. Coleman Auto Company, Clinton, Ind., phone 427. Easy terms. We never close. 146 Monuments and markers. Best granite. High class workmanship. Prices and estimates gladly given. Carl D. Williams, 425 Lincoln St.. Fairvlew. Clinton. Ind. t49 4 Chevrolet sedans, '30 and '31 models. Priced right. Coleman Auto Company. Clinton. Ind.. phone 427. Easy terniB. We never close. t46 Alfalfa hay. ardsville. Mack Donnelly, Shen-t50 3r Model A Ford roadsters. '29 and 30 models. Cheap. Coleman Auto Company, Clinton, Ind.. phone 427. Easy terms. We never close. t46 Pedigreed Pekingese pups. 356 Vine street. Cheap t4H 1932 Ford 4-cylinder. l-ton truck panel delivery, overhauled. Paint and tires good. Coleman Auto Company, phone 427. Easy terms. We never close. Electric washer. 225 N. 7th St. t48 1935 pickup truck. Looks and runs like new. Save 2H(i. Coleman Auto Comoany. phone 427. Easy terms. We never close. t4ii ' Model A Ford pickup truck. Good tires. New paint. Only $125. Coleman Auto Company, phone 427. Easy terms. We never close. ttti 19 36 V8 long wheelhase truck, platform, grain sides, new truck guarantee. Buy this truck and save 1325. Coleman Auto Company, phone 427. Easy terms. We never close. t46 1934 V8 long wheelbase truck Chassis and cab. In extra good condition. Priced $375 for quick gale. Colemm Auto Company, phone 27. Easy terms. We never close. t6 1932 Chevrolet truck. Short wheel-base, coal body. Overhauled and repaired. A real buy. Coleman Auto Company, phone 4 27. E:isy terms. We never close. 146 Business Services Furs tunned and made up. Hd 01 gray fox chokens. 16.00. Wayne Livengood, Jlillsboio. Indiana. M For Sale Coal tiood coal mine to lease. Fox, Crompton Hill. See Harry 146 HU'RTH VK1VCOAI I NIVKISHAI.. MIAMI NO. 4. AMI III, At K BK'TTV NO. 6. HAKLKV HIKF- WAN, PHONE 10. 4tf FIFTH AND SIXTH VF.IH' C4MI CAM, MK FOR I'KK KK. IlK MVF.RKIl. ANO' JOHNSON, TFI F.I'HONK 0I5-I2. FOR RENT Modern giuple or light housekeep ing rooms. 550 S. 4th St. t5M Two room modern fui nieh'd apartment. Garage. 442 Vine St. t46 3 beautiful large office rooms In Theater Hldg. Ideal arrangement for t wo doctors, dentists, lawyers, etc. AH rooms in A-I condition Heat, light, lavatory snd reasonable rent. Palace Theater. t4 Good used typewriter. Reasonable price. Inquire 306 N. 3rd St. I4 For Sale or Trade 1936 Ford pick-up. Kserllent condition. 660 8. 4lh Kl.. Clinton ( WANTED l-ady to work as dlnhwanher and second cook. Clinton Hotel. t4s Woman to do housework and care tor invalid. Iti'ferelices. Apply at 702 N. Main street. (46 "paTd NOTICES CARD OK THAN KS We w ish to I hank all of those who donated services snd donors of flowiTB in the recent dealh of our cousin. Mike Cisolo. Nick (Jlsolo and family. t CAKI OK THASKK We wisli to thank our many friends and relatives for their kind-ners and sympathy extended to us at the death of our dear husband and father. Also wish to thank our friends In Chicago for their beautiful floral offerings and telegrams expressing their sympathy, which arrived late today. Also those who furnished cars and the Rev. John Walton and Mrs. Walton. Mrs. John Somes and family. t4" NOTH'K! All water i-onMiiiiers. who got delinquent notices for .Inn. I, are notified that unless payment is made as l-eiiiircd. service will be discontinued Million! furiliei' not i.e. Clinton Water l lllily. , 140 NOTH'K! All card members of local 2274. r. M. W. A.. Crown Hill Mine No. 6, working on relief five (5) days por monih, must pay dues and assessment or stand suspended. David Hunter, financial secretary. Bch NOTICK! All members of (Union Modern Woodmen of America must get December payments In not later than Monday, January 4, by 1 p. m. K. I,. Sanders-, secretary. 147 IX MKMOKUM In loving memory of Frank lyi-ronzo who died two years ago today. Sadly missed by his wife and children. Mrs. Lena Lorenzo and children. t46 Male Help Wanted Route man to succeed Rawleigh Dealer in N. Clay County. Pleaa-ant. profitable and permanent. Supply established demand. $25 tn $50 weekly profits easy. See F. B. Crawford, 125 North Fourth street, Clinton. sen MAN to become contact man 'and investigator for national organization. Experience unnecessary, flood appearance essential. No sell-Ine. Write 750-770 Madison Bidg.. Milwaukee, Wis. t46 CLINTON POLICE SEEK ASSAILANT OF TONY KLAUS (Continued from P ge 1) day afternoon. Police stated today that they hd no clue ap to the identity of the aged man's assailant, nor could they suggest any motive for the crime except robbery and the possibility that Klaus had been openly mbbed before reaching Clinton and the thug had come back to "quiet" hit. victim and lessen danger of apprehension. Newspaper "Taaes" When the deadline for an edition approaches it is necessary to send stories to be set before they ar completed. They are sent to the composing room in "Takes" two or three paragraphs. At the bottom of each take appears the word "more" until the last one. which bears an eod mark Captain l.ifhtfool The real name of the bandit known as Captau- Lightfoot was Michael Martin. He was born in Ii eland April 9, 17K7. He is oelieved to have been the first person in Massachusetts to be hanged for highway rolfoery. He was executed December 20, 1821, at Lechmere Point, a short distance from the jail at Middlesex county, in Cambridge. "Sla t Room" in a Ship "State room" is a ship term that originated in the early days of Mis sissippi transportation. A Cap!. Shevc put up wooden partitions be Iween the sleeping quarters, and later had separate rooms built for passengers. He named each room for a state, and the term was coined. Little Ihings Springs are little things, but they are sources of large streams: a helm is a little thing, but it govern! the course of a ship; a brace-bit is little thing, but see its use and power; nails and pegs are little things, but they hold the large parts of buildings together; a word, a look, a frown are all little things, but powerful for good or evil. Think of this, and nv.nd the little llunss. TONIGHT CLAIRE TREVOR and JANE DARWELL in ? last ' "STAR TIMES Fox Comedy oc0ooo CE PALA ANOTHER GREAT PICTURE TARZAN , KING OF THE JUNGLE.... DOMINATING MAN, BEAST and MAID! ' 1 ;' ' perilous jungles ffflSfm W ', 1 B 3' M JOHNNY WEISSMULLER MAUREEN 0vSUHMVAN Special' ie "Couil of Human Relations" -News of the Day" "The Sunday Roundup" ff I m t m i a ii ii - - . WBSS3SS31 NOTE: WE HAVE NOT RAISED THE PRICES on This Outstanding Picture 10-25c! J (oooooo READ THE ADS

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