The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on December 15, 1921 · Page 6
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 6

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 15, 1921
Page 6
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THE FAIRMOUNT NEWS it will be a long session ALL DRIVERS SHOULD KNOW THESE ANSWERS Three Trial Bottles of Perfume for Your OwnTest WASHING CAR IS NOT CASMAL JOB RAIL WAGE CUT FOR 75W0 WEN Sweeping Reduction Planned to Bring Scale to 1920 Level. ) SnXZR frit T f . CHOPPY! I HOW TO USB " nPm' l V! J U. S. MARKET REPORT Weekly Marketgram of Bureau of Markets and Crops. Washington. lo. 12. For the work cml-irsr IVcvmfrr S GHAIX The market trended lower durinjr the week, with rains in dror.Kiit areas, narrow- outside Inter.. st Sn lack of support mainly reseon- i Before Christmas try this fascinating method of determining the real value of different perfumes. Let us send" you three miniature vials cf perfume with instructions for duplicating the famous inter national perfume test. You can then choose for yourself the special perfume which will surround vou with that individual atmosphere of fragrance that so delightfully portrays your personality. This famous test was conducted by two prominent NewYork men, assisted by a Jury of 103 women famous actresses college girls society women all fastidious about their perfume. It not only demonstrated beyond a question of a doubt how the individual can safely select her personal perfume, but it developed some surprising facts about the real preference cf these fastidious women. Every girl should read this interesting story; it is told in a little folder packed in each test equipment package. Three trial size vials of wonderful fragrance a package of perfumer's test slips full instructions for use and the story of the famous test all packed to reach you safely for a two cent stamp and your address. Send today to Perfume Test BUg., Colgate &.Co., P. O. Box 645, City Hall Station, New York City. There's heart? delight in COLGATE time Privately Conducted. Professor "What is a good conductor of electricity?'' Student "Telephone polos." Science and Invention. Alwaus Plentti of Stretch. no rubber to rot 371. rttj YOtJ and SPI'DHRLtSS m uspenderS Guaranteed 0nefe2r-Pnce7S Askour dealer for Nu-Wav or Excello' 6carantfd Si;coervJers.6artefs KoseSuppvters Accept no substitutes Look for nam on bucklesJ Nu-VYay Strech Suspender CfluMfrs,AdnaaKich. SALESMAfjSHI HIGH SCHOOL COURSE Become a Highly-Paid Salesman Learn how in your own home in your spare time. NO LESSONS, NO WRITING. The complete course in a beautiful illus- trated leatherette book, is yours for only" $2.00. Send your order at once. Money back if not satisfied. COMMERCIAL ADVANCEMENT CO. Dept. I, No. XI W. 20th St, Naw Yorfc City is the finest product of its kind in the world. Every woman who has twed it knows this statement to be true. BIG ROADS VOTE PAY SLASH If Employees Reject the Reduction They Will Have Privilege cf Appealing to -Labor Beard Enjoined by Judge Land is. Ne York. Dec. 12. Cuts ranging from 10 to 30 per cent tn the wages of approximately 7o0.iXH railroad workers tn the Kast and called for by tentattve schedules drawn up at a conference of tiie bureau of Information of Kastern railways at Graud Central terminal here. The reductions will go Into effect tirouud Christmas. If the employees reject the new rates and are ur.alle to agree with the roads on a (v!r,pn ra!H schedule they will have the privilege of appealing to the Cnited States rallwav labor board. An : early decision then would be asked. It w-as virtually decided at the j meeting to reduce the pay of the men j at least to the schedules in force prior ! to May 1. 1120, when rs.tes were pen- erally advanced. 1 Under this tentative schedule shop j workers v ho are now drawing 77 cents j an hour would he scaled down to 57 H j cents, i Kxecutives of the big Eastern rail- j roads decided on pay cuts at a eon- ! ferenee they held early in November, j but the difCerent scales were left to ; trie i;i formation Dureau. i K L 1111 UUl VT i U, I is announced that members of reau had made "an exhaustive; It wa comparison of wages and living costs . In nontransportati-m industries, and the present schedules wouM bring the wage? of railroad workers practically to fh!s level." Cfciesgo. Iee. 12. Judge Landis. Sn the United States ristrlct court, issued a temporary injur, ctiosi restraining the United Slates labor board from publishing a decision which would h-.hl the IVnnsylvan'a railroad system had committed a violation of the trarspor-tatlon act, In refusing the members of the Federated shop crafts In their employ ti c ri:ht to elect shop o.lieers under a certain type of ballot. The temporary order was obtained by C. E. Heisernmn, ger.eral counsel for the IVnr.sylvr.nia lines, and E. It. Senefi. Arguments to make the writ permanent will take place before Judge Lan'.Is later. Y"h;.le they refused to iwcmont on Jodg Iar iis action, members of the tKard expressed satisfaction that the tnstter is to be settled in court. Tt e step taken by the Pennsylvania Is a proper one. said one member of the NvinL "and the board will make a vigorous ccfevise of its position in the matUf." GET S2CO.C00 OPIUM IN RAID Federcl Ofcers and Pclice Arrest Thirty Chines and White Woman in Den in Chicago. Chicago. Dec. 12. In the most important opium raid ever made in Chicago. Federal agents and a police squad sol?ed $200..X worth of smug-cted opium, 3i Chinese and a white woman In a "hive" of 50 rooms on the upper four floors of the building at 41G South Clark street. Expecting trouble, the raiders surrounded the pliiee with revolvers drawn; then bat- tered dovn the dors vdth crowbars, At the first alarm, Chinese scurried for secret exits, but as they dashed fnm the building down the fire es- turned them back with a rattle of re- ! volver shots. j j j : ft '4 i ne in straight lines. If spots of tar ir.variabty deoline.1 airal'i en Uqui.latlon. ! er road oil are found on the bodv, it is nV?r? ! best to treat then, with salt huiter or opsins: nriees in 'iij.-c. eash market: i kerosene. The butter softens the de-Xo. 2 re.t winter w!-,eat. SI. 15; No. 2 hsvu j . wir so ....... u,x ,V!,u.,i .t winter wneat, S1 .12; No. 2 mixed rem. Tf; j P:"il so uiai u hi.i wipni oil No. 2 yellow corn. 5ic: No 3 white n.its. ' easily. Kerosene should be applied Avonw nrl.e to farmers in centra; ! , i . ,v : Expert Prepares List of Questions for Motorists. Will Prove Profitable to Any Automobile Owner to Search for Answer to Any of Queries-It Will Save Money. Thomns a. Edison's now famous questionnaire caused a real sensation in practically every part of the country. It caused others to send out questionnaires, some of them serious, others in a lighter vein. George II. Kub-lin, chief engineer of a big motor ear company, has prepared a list of questions for motorists In which he asks a number of questions that every automobile owner should be able to answer. "If you are an auto mobile owner and f-annot answer the questions listed below, it will pay you to. get the Information ns, in nil proba bility, knowing the answers will save you a great deal of time and money," says Mr. Kublin. Number of points of lubrication on your car? Give at least three reasons for overheating of engine? Gas mid oil consumption per mile? Koad speed in miles per hour at which engine will perform most efficiently and economically? Firing order of cylinders? On averase road, driving at a speed of twenty-live miles per hour what distance Is required to bring your car to a dead stop? Driving In high speed on a level road, what Is the lapse of time In seconds to accelerate from five to twenty-five miles per hour? What is the purpose of the various speeds of a transmission? What is the correct' grade of lubrl-catinc oil you should use for your car? PROTECTS OCCUPANTS OF CAR Auxiliary Windshield of Celluloid Affords Driver Clearer Vision Ahead of Him. One form of auxiliary windshield which will protect the occupants of :m automobile from rain and wind is made as shown in the illustration. This shield consists of a slieet of celluloid in a brass frame screwed Jointly to the edge of the body adjacent" to the windshield and to the windshield frame. One of those shields Is used at the xide of the ear and the side curtains rV "to "ASTtl TO Riding in an Automobile Is Made Much More Pleasant by an Auxiliary Shield Against Rain or Snow. are altered by extending the edges so as to fasten to the brass frames. With these u clearer vision is afforded the driver when the side curtains are in place. The transparent celluloid will not break and shatter as would glass, and when dulled it is renewable by separating the screwed brass strips. These shields nre about 12 Inches wide and made to correspond In height with the windshield. The polished brass enhances the appearance of the car, apart from serving as a frame for the celluloid. The freedom from the usual dust and dirt obviates the use of glass or goggles. Popular Science Monthly. Results of Slow Sparks. Too late an ienitlon spark will cause loss of power and fuel. IS NEW MENACE 5" if -i-i ?li -il I-" Iowa for No. L nixed eorn aKmt to 5 farr--r in re-.tral Nortl; laketa f-r No . ..,ti f x- ' winter S v.her.t :v. V'or the week chieaco May ! o uive some attention to the top and wheat 0 eltr.el 2o. closinc at $1.14: Oht- ! , , . . ,.., : l.;.,.- .ace May .,.r:t unrhanpd. at Me; Mln- j th upholtcr. A weekl.v t.iuhing tfar'.'s M.iv vvieat iewn 3o, at $c2i. i of the top inside and out will aid ma-Vrfaweairwn ! terially in its life. Fabric tops should ie. never be eleanl with gasoline, kero- tl.VV Q-!otet TVoeirter T: No " V.rr. otb.V New- VorW ?:V- f'v'l-i ,l.-;t'i'-.. 22 rnt'sH:rsh. 2t.v OnVi:-.rati. $-l.?': t'hi- j No. ' rif:lfa Kat o "itv - Cmah.a Cleansing Should Be Done Immediately After Dirt Is Discovered cn Surface. MUD IS HARD TO ERADICATE Water Should Be About 50 Degrees Fahrenheit and a Sponge Used-Soap Is Bad Except for Removing Grease or Oil Spots. Washing the car is not the casual job some owners seem to Imagine. To j begin with, the car shoidd be washed j Immediately after it has been made j dirty. If mud is allowed to remain on i the varnished surface more than a j day. it is difficult to eradicate It. For ! the washing, plain water should be used, neither too cold nor too hot, I about 50 degrees V being the proper temperature. A large sponge soaked in clear water and then sopped against the surface so that the water trickles down is best. Never turn a stream xf water at high pressure on the body. This w" ! grind thick particles of sand and other grit into the varnish to the detriment of the finish. The idea is to ll oat the mud or dirt fT the surface. Soap Is Injurious. Soap should never be used on the body except for removing grease or oil spots. A small piece of soft cloth, well covered with castile soap suds serves very well to remove grease from the panels. The hood should never be washed while it is hot. as this will result in discoloration. In cleaning the radiator send a stream of water from the rear instead of the frout. to keep moisture out of the mechanism. In drying the body a clean chamois skin should bo used, ruhbimr boimr o-e"e vil ji miiiuir. To keep pace will, the improved ap- P aran'e of the !oiv it is necessary f!te bit!v sene or other oils, as they tend to do troy the rubber in the top. Castile soap and water applied with stiff "' ' . .nioii n n ukiii renting' of linseett oil thinned with The preent-day owner usinsi mod ern methods may keep his car looking new all the time, nor will he have to spend more than a few minutes a day to accomplish this end. For instance there are now on the market a number of liquid and wax polishes which will give admirable results if they are used as directed. In the use of wax polishes the tirst Hep Is to clean the body of the car thoroughly. The polish is applied to :lie surface with a piece of cheese cloth ; and then another clean cloth Is used to distribute the wax evenly all over the surface. Car owners commonly make the mistake of thinking v.hat the more wax applied the better. PUNCTURE PLANT illl.llIWilll.')llW M 3 N It ,.'.r'k: TerT.r"!'.ts. $2.. No. 1 nrv:He K.n - j brush is the best cleansing medium ?s City. :i 7C; Omaha. $12: Minnearo'is. ; jor ton F'"::- M Vf linn. Quoted Pcocmr ! Clean With Cloths. T: trrr ?::?'; r.u1V.incs $2; Rour mid- I f22; !rrei-,t jneal S41. MinnnT0hs: t After the dust has hoeu romtn etl. -r .ent cottonseed meat f;vj.5- Mem- j ieather upholsterv mav be eleaneti r!-.-?' white hotnmv ?2.1. C htcaco: No. ! . , , ... . , alfal'a treal Jts 5- Kansas t'itv , with a cloth soaked in a weak solu- FKriT .VNO VKUKTA1U KS-iVtate ; tlMl of anim,,,ia and water. Castile stady. Miehian No. i .t. ke.i rotsn soap ami water are also used on leath-ivv;t. s Ji.f 'l rer VO lbs - New York J or iut -asoline should not be em-ro ; whites $'.C.'-t 1.T: Idaho sacked rti- . . , .. . , rals rvov-vd loss f week he fort . ; 1 sine ployetl. because It tends to cause s v.srf . chioao carl.-t market firm, at crackinc. The leather should be treat-?1. ''!.". t5'c.trmer.t9 tend to iriorea-e. , s ..,,. .... ..... . - i -V I. 1 Mar.e irade.?r. Or.ions slow: prices s:eadv. Kssion !t:M trostiy tr,.:: pr . .'Hy j-tcp.'y. r .'?.-.-: for ei-oice irtrsre ' vinegar. 1 Ins solution should le ap-st k". caVf'ornla yeH-tv s . v. si'.alitly ; plied with a cloth and be allowed to :-.:. No. i MaiM TiaUwin -rlos ;p -v i remain for a few hours. i.;.r U: Z V."L vinegar. This solution should be U. S. JOINS 3 POWERS merjca Britain, Japan aild hl"c,ll'a' . ' . France FlX FaCllIC raCl. echeme Calls for Discussion Before Wsr and Ends the Anglo-Japarese Alliance. Washington. Ivc. 0 The four-power agreement being considered by the United States. ireat Britain. Japan md Vr:vr.ce. ft wa learnetl from ofii- clal American sources, would bo an agreement for joint consultation on any matters affecting interest? of those n;.t:. -ns in the Uacinc islands, and not an alliance or tcchnival entente. The proposed undertaking i designed, to do away with the Anglo-Japanese and proposals l.ave gvM-.e to Jpan for renunciation of that alliance if the new- agreement should usunv.nateil. As novr rinder negotiation. the winvement is to he limited to the I'a- cine islands. Under the tentative pro- ,sals. each of the powers would ;ls;ree t, consult each other before go- lrr to -r ,M1 any differences that jt ,,,', ari? rc'.ating to these islands. The acnH-n.erd. American otuoial said, would not 'deal with fortiftc.i- tlons In the Pacific, nor with ques- tlons relating to the Island of ap. The question at betwen tne Unite.1 States and Japan relating to cable facilities and other matters affecting the Island of Yap are to be detlt with in a separate treaty, which wn said to be near eompletio-a. The four-power agreement Is said to have already been given approval in rrincinle bv P.rlt'sh preventatives nt oonfertmce. The substance of tne proposed treaty also, 5t was said, ha! cabled to ToVyo and Paris, ftVTnjd responses of the Prltish. j3pnnese French pxwernments jjj rmAin to be received, however. v Tne 0p-mj0n in American quarters hllHful for finni neotlat!on of fhe rAW treatv U-BOAT SINKS; CREW ESCAPES HARD1KG SEES MEET SUCCESS President Declares Conference Will Prove Wisdom of World Parleys. Washie.cton. Dec. S. Belief that the armament conference "win tiemon-strate the wisdom of Intemationally comlnR together nations facing each other and settling problems without reort to arms, was expressed by President Harding In receiving a large delegation representing the National Board of Farm Organizations. Neoro Tarred and Feathered. Enid, Okla Dec. 12. Because he failed to heed a warning of the Ko Klux Klan to leave town. Walter O' Bannlon. negro, was seized by 15 men. taken to a lonely spot and tarred and feathered. Rail Companies Lose Appeals, Springfield, 11U Dec. 12. Four railroad companies rpertatlng In the stare were denied hearings In the Supreme court here In their appeal to escape payment of a franhclse tax Involving lare sums. i: ' MOTOR OILS LubaJenL- Auto Olla are strictly I'ennay lvania. ' Uelincil Crudes, tiif BEST lubricating oils 4. " known today. WE CAN SAVE YOU XtONET." . Write for prices and. samples. JSTAND-AK1 PKODl'CTS CO., ( l.KVKIAXD, OHIO. AGENTS WANTED We ship dlrwt Cider and Grape Jaice In " , ., keirs. Write for prices. Also agents wanted. OLD FORT CIDER WORKS. Toledo. O. a ; , ARE YOl' SICK? RADIUM KILLS disease-' germs. Try Radio Health Pads. $5.00. Ouar-anteed. Radio Laboratory. Toyah. Texas. An army aviator dropped five miles " in a parachute In 18 minutes. It Is V believed the record for distance will stand for a long while. The recorrL. for time offers possibilities. i F Throuah Torpedo Tube After Be-WATSON IS NEAR TO BLOWS! Submerged Off Bridgeport j 12 Hours. Senatcr at Quit Threatens to Slap Cheer's Face During Hearing j Bridgeport. Conn., iVo. 11. The Lake cn Hang:rg Yanks. submarine S-4S sank off this harbor .. . ' t nicht and was submerged for 12 Walton. Dec. senate , the crew, by lightening committee hearing charges of Senator ; tarks, ralsea on end of Watson of Georgia that United States ; theurface and escape,! -soUhers were executed without trial, , ;jKthe torpo,1o tub0 almost broke up in a row when Sen- " ' ' tn Postin, at J:Sv." ivr barrel: tr, rurally steady to frr.i f!?"i"fr.. at J-t7.3 Extra fancy r.ortVpwpstt'rn Jons"'in r.p lfl to -. c ier cox i F -rk and IMttsouraV. . firiM in tiiKu'-'-wefipn markfts, prnral ; iobVinc rarpr 2.r-"ttS. Extra f.incy wriio- j saps" ptoady. J2r'li2. in Philadelphia, j arottv.d 91 at tvrthv-stern shlpp're points. UVK STOCK t'hica sro sheop nt Inriib j prices made r.'.tlo'r ?":i.ational adv?ne"s drlnr th vvrek. lVt l:x:rtis rxinsfj front j JV'fl.!."- net li'.chor. owes htshr and -;irllne from ftiTSc l-.ipher. Kecd-ir-sr lamis advanced to ier 11 lbs. Hois pr'.cs ere somewhat Srroinilar: llsrht wcisrhts ran?el from 5o lower to 2c hitrher; medium and heavy weights", however, were from K to 25- lower. Ooovl lcef steers were weak to hV lower, while medium prade Rteers wore quotahle from 1 to V hlsrher. litchcr rows and heifers were weak to 1W lower, veal calves 25 to voo lower, while feeder steers were nncharsred. I"ecetrher S Ch'cago pr!oei; Hops top. JT.CT: bulk of yales. f1 v.f,s.sf ; medium and pood ber steers, jtvm to; butcher cows sod heifers. $3.3SS.75; feeder steers,;j? licht and medium weisht veal ca.I - s. S-.2Sr? 2o; fat lambs. iV2."ffll.f5; fev'ins: lambs. JS.2?"?Ti SO; j vearliaes. tivT'f.i.A: fat ewes, JSTSfi'. Stocker ard feeder shipments from 12 important markets for week ending December 2 were as follows: Catt'e and calves, ?2.423: hegs. fi.t:Vs; sheen, DAIRT rrtOmXTS Batter markets have vccn unsettled dttrlnp week, but showed sipns of pteac.mpss at cloe. Olosir.c prices. 92 score: Xi'-w York. -!4ljc; Philadelphia, 4.0;C; b'oston. 4c: t,-tooaro. 44c. Cheese markets firm nd lsconsin prices htelier in line with oowmrv btard advances of Monday. Price? at Wisconsin primary markets Tecember .: Twins, 20c; daisies." 20c; double daises, lfcc; lon?- hcrrs, r c ; younp Americas, sic. SHIPWRECKS FATAL TO 206 United States Coast Guard Service I Reports 222 Vessels Lost in Year. Washington, Dec. 10. Two hundred and twenty-two American merchant craft of 122,397 tons were lost through founderings, strandlngs, collisions or other causes In the 12 months that ended last June 30, says the annual report of the coast guard service. Lives lost were 208. Doctor Electrocuted. Richmond. Va., Dec. 12. Dr. Amos Hadley. former army officer, went to the death chair here and paid the penalty for the murder of his wife. Sue Tlnsley Hadley, formerly of Cincinnati, O. Protest to Mexico, Washington. Dec. 12. Charge d'Af-faires Sommerlln at Mexico City has been Instructed to protest sol sure of the American fishing vessel, Mabel with her crew, by Mexican author ties. That man who says he has discovered a weed which cures the tobacco habit Is behind time.- We know of cigar manufacturers who beat him to It. With polished shoes and boiled shirts returning In Russia, civilization seems to be breathing its last In that country. Heard in a Hall. "What is there on your hat that makes you so proud of it?" "The eyes of all the other women." ATS and L73DCG DC 3 CULLED ELECTRIC PASTE Ready for 0 Battar Thaw Traps I M recti on In tt languages In erery box. Rata, Mine, Cockroaches, Ants and Watetor destroy food and property and are earners c disease. Stwsms' Blttrie Pasts t oroesthesa ' peaw to raa from taa buiidinc for water and fresta aim, aboandflJa. "Money bao If it faUa," U. 8. OoTsroBMat bwy It. X I - V atcr Watson threatened to slap the ' face of nn army officer sitting in the ! audience. BOY ADMITS SLAYING MOTHER Canadian Youth ef Sixteen Confesses Thrt He Killed Woman by Shooting Her. Windsor Mills, Que., Dec. 12. Ieonard Plon, sixteen years old, confessed to the police that he murdered his mother, Mrs. Joseph Plon, by shooting her on December 2. He had been under arrest as a material witness. Harding Pleased Over Irish Peae. Washington, Dec. 12. "No one can be more grateful over the happy solu tion ot the Irish situation, outside of Ireland nd Great Britain, than the United Stales,' President Harding said. - - Sir Arthur Pearson Dead. tendon. Dec. 12. Sir Arthur Pear- -oa ic dead as the result of an accident at Ms home here. While In his bath fc slipped- striking Ms head agamst tancet. Stunned, be tell Into the -;v...v , - " , mtiiUk ot the "puncture plant," desert product which has not heretofore migrated to places where It could do damage. It Is a bur-like plant, which has a peculiar bur, tougher than cactus, which easily goes ihrou-rb automobile tires. Should It be-com thick along roadways. It would be a most serious menace to automobiles. W. N. Indianapolis, No, 51-1S21. afrer and was drowned.

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