The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 31, 1936 · Page 6
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 6

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 31, 1936
Page 6
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Cancel, December 31, 1936 The Dally Cllnton'an, Clinton, Indiana Pm street. Tuey plan to reluru to Indianapolis tomorrow evening. THE DAILY CLINTONIAN Found A 1V11 YESTERDAYS IIH DIIIKK 31. M'll City CI Tk T. L. McDonad. who recently purchased the Dldier moving it lo hi own build-in ij don ti in I lie block south. A BstubllHbcd as Tli Weekly Clintonian I8tg The Cllulou I'laindealer absorbed io ltl8. C. W. Ferguson is visiting in Indianapolis with former Culver He has been there since George L. Carey Editor and Publithei CHAPTER XXIV ine your own work! I know you think vou are. but you aren't. A iiiintilete sei of new fixtures have latered at tUe PoMtifflce at Clinton. Indiana. a Second Claa Matter. The dinner was almost g-ay. Eve physician hai a certain position to Member Indiana Republican Kdllorial Association !n n purchased and installed in the new location. was laughing, charming, brie praised everything, let Donald tease her about her new louna appeuw- National Advertitine Representative: CEO. B. DAV1U CO. 190(1 Wrigley Hldg.. Chicago, l-lll General Notois lil.v . IJetroit 110 Kast 42nd St., ' But Christie couldn't relax and laugh with them. She kept thinking about what Eve had said, and Mr. and Mrs. L. tO. .Michael of Plymouth. Ind.. formerly of Clinton, visited here yesterday with friends. Guest were Mr. and Mrs. Ira Church, Mr. and Mr. Arthur Tonibaugh. Mr. and Mrs. tieorge V (lould. and Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Kernunoii and aon, Mac. Naw York of hr own uiouff nia aer uisiuyai of all her endeavor to be brave and gay. For it was true that Donald never saw any of hit uld friends anymore, and what he citilfd "Hie fushionable practice" wjs almost gune. But the worst of it was losing hit mother, lhe couldn't help worrying about it. Donald paid that ahe waa nervous and blue becue she wa going te have baby. Mavbe it made nmi gu ll nervous and blue to know that they were mini; to be mother: . but it didn't make Christie fet-1 ll.nt way. It ju;4 made her happy! She tried to expluin, but it was just one of those tilings that tlu .vf rould iret ouite clear between Ihein. thoug-hta. maintain in a community, mini people see his wile doing her own wonc, and living in a little shack practically in the woods, what will they think?" I don't know, and I don't care and neither doe Donald ! We LOVK our home, and we " "Christie, please let me upeak. I realise your youth, and inexperience. You must believe that 1 am older and wiiver. 1 atn going to apeak to you very frankly, and you muflt realize thai what I am saying in said for your good, and Donald's. Phone I I 7 Phone 4 1 Throughout tlie dinner that was a iucotss, and tlie evening that was pent with Donald and his mother chatting compamonably before the fireplace, she sat quiet and dumb, weighted down with sense of her own unwotf nines. Mis Kstella Drake enterlailled .it dinnei Sunday in honor of Mrs Carrie Patterson of Holly. Mich Co.1 Is wen- laid for eighteen. M,s It lit It Humility vlsiled MiSr 1 1. It ii M.Kinr'.e of Telle Haute on V ilhexl.iv and Thursday. The lt.nnia sislem me vlsll illg rel-mii.. i Indianapolis Ihts week '.tin 1 1-r. Ii.-l Sel, h is l u II ii i UK the i Imp until I ! i y return. Justice nf Hie Pence William li. ";-e was in Newport Monday aet-llnr; up tin' business affairs of his .-cut with tlie coiiniy treasurer. Tactfully Eva Latham ought to THE DAILY CLINTONIANS PLATFORM: 1. To further every intereal of Parke and Vermillion count-. 2. To ait the revival of the Indiana coal mining indurtrv. 3. To cooperate in tolving Vermillion County' unemployment problem. 4. To beautify Clinton and make it the moat attractive city of it aixe in the atate. draw her into tlie conversauon, When Donald told me that tie broke with your cousin and wai froing to marry you, I did not approve. Adcle "Of course, you don't know any WUUiU IllaaUV Vlir rie-Vl tiur for Donald. She would have helpi-d or these people we re taming iikiui i I just ha-i to tell Donny the gossip. him. L stead, with the best inten Hut ail me wnue t ve rjeeo umkuk l'v. been looking at the curtains tion in the world, you've made him ridiculous. I'm his mother I love him, and every jeer, every unkind word, everv bit of sneering laugh Such lovely soft stuff, where did you find it?" "Oh, it' iust cotton aheetina; ter at my boy is a knife turned in dyed rust color. "Tell Fv haw vou did it. honey. Mrs. Iloberl Foster and daughter. Marion Donna, have returned to their home in North Main street alter spending the weofc-eud iu Sul-litan as the guels of Mrs. liouier Mlltou Mis Mabi-i Spooner also .islted al the Milton home. Miss ltuth Moolley of Toledo. . s vlsiilug her parents. Mr. and Mrs. 'tobert Miooney. of South Fourth treei. Mr. John Arlss. formerly Miss Agatha Mooney of Bay City. Mich , Is expected here In day or wo lo visit her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Slefano Giordano nf Vlanford are the parents of a baby in born Dec. 19. The Infant velghed nine and quarter pounds ind ha been named Stefano Aneelo Ir. Mrs. Giordano was formeliv Miss Cecelia Zanandrca. my heart. 1 must save mm ana you must help me. If you love him. you "Oh! There' nothing- to tell. I just mixed onie dye, and put it in must! Their voices had grown higher. Donald heard. How much he heard, m i i Min n 31. ie; am! Mrs. J. A. Carbon and a wasn Doner "You did it yourself !w Mr. "I'll say ahe didl Tell about the neither of them ever knew. But he bVaufte he worried about her heulth and made her make frequent vi.-ita to see some friend of hi wi o wa? a specialist, she said le:s auJ less about it as time went on. There was really no one that she could talk to. Aunt Nettie . . . Even Aunt Nettie would have been helpful. Aunt Nettie had had twu babies ai;ii certainly hadn't been sorry. Bui because Aunt Nettie wasn't home, or said she wasn't home, the o.i? time Christie went to call, right after her marriage. Donaid rltu against going again. "ihe knows where we ate. She can visit you if she chooses!" he had said angrily, and Christie lud agreed reluctantly that pi'ihaps had better not go back. If only dad had lived end Mum ! Tears stod in her eyes as she g.jt out the old pictures, loaded at ti.-1 pretty, laughing face of the wot.ian they told her wan't really Jiff mother. Well, she ju?t hoped that she'd be able to be as good a uiotiie to her baby as iUimi was tu her. She knew that she was stron-' and healthy, and nothing wouJd happen to her . . . but people do came back into the room, his eyes blazing, his unusually ruddy face braided rugs, too. no on, ennsue: It' a grand etory. She cut up everything in the house but the clothes I had on my back, to make the darn tiling. I just saved my blanched with anger. That s about enough. Eve! Donnvl It's because what I'm COLLEGE STUDENTS A sharp increase in enrollment in 593 approved universities and college in imported ill a stuvey published in School and Society, an educational journal. Dr. Raymond Wallers, of the Univeisity Cinc:nnati. who made the Furvey. points out that theie is a trend toward engineering and commerce and a return to popularity of courses in agriculture. The liberal arts attract about the fame number of students bul the proportion is drclining. Of 1 77.059 full-lime students who entered collepe for the first time this fall, 122,605 were interested in the hbeial arts, 24.0 u in engineering, 20,840 in commerce or business adininistiation and 9,5 79 in agriculture. The University of California, with 22,122 full time students, was at the top in thii respect and New York University, with 33.678 resident students, had the largest number enrolled of any institution. i:i:U of Smith Fourth street have i. turned to their home here after visitinc, in M uncle. Ind., for a few i'as with relatives and friends Mr .mil Mis. II. 11. Pike "nf In- liaiisifrs former ('Union res' dews, a iv the guests of Mr. an'" Mrs H M Ferguson of South Fifll blue flannel bathrobe "I just needed a little more blue, saying is true that it hurts! You know it's true. And I blame you more than Christie. According to her lights SHK'S done very well for herself. But you! You knew better and It was really a very old twin, robe." she explained, smiling a lit- tie. but ah couldn't go on with it, and make a story of it- She hadn't you know better now. You know that every word I'm saying is true, you know you've failed me " tee heart. So they gave up trying to draw her into it, and talked happily, and she turned the fame thought aver railed you. j hen it's yourseJi amount News. you re worrying about? "No! Thank heaven, I don't have and over in her mind. diel Mimi had died. . . . Sopi-oe . Just before they were to go to bed he was alone for moment with TlfEHOifTOWNFP Jo Love pnif Live and Lei Live to depend on you for my bread and butter. I have one child who had sense enough to man y in her own she. too, were to die, what would be Eve. come of HER baby, with no one Sbe blurted it out, her cheeks cJassr Eve, you're forgetting your flushed darkly. "If vou meant that you wanted self!" l'HMI'AXE CHARLIE" T THK COM'MBIA Paul Cavanaeh. Helen Wood. Minna Coinbell. Thomas Beck and Her belt Mundin are featured performers in this candid story of a front-nas-e playboy and a headline heiresi-out to make news. Cavanagh is a charming lnrtune hunter and de ma to help Donald get back the Christie held to Donald's arm with her tense, helpless hands. The fashionable practice, ana give up Iha research work Eve's quiet, delicately modulated voice cut in. "Yes. I thought w understood names leapt in the h rep J ace, and the whole room seemed hot and red as the flame of their burning anger. 9 w w m It's you and I together now," each other. Christine. "That' it W did. in a way, Donald said when Eve was gone. But I've Just got to tell you that "The last link's broken." She held her arms tighter about c can t taaa aiuea witn you, mia. Latham. I" Robert Cuse of the I'nited States lonaged to buy 18 used airplanes i he sent lo Spain. He did this by Vmandine his "rights." The loon-ole Is the fact there is no official in on exporting to civil war. Yon town the brother-fight-broiher af-'Mrs. But nevertheless our neutrality sts on action against Mr. Cuse's 'eed. Of course, for him there rests -metbine like three million dollars ' nrnfli. Who navs that you can ike profit out of war? him. She thought he looked a little cides to marry Miss Wood lor oer money so lie can pay his gambling debts. The attractive rascal regrets his bargain, however, and frees the girl so she can marry the man who loves her. The entire background ir cue of ease and luxury. The comedy. "Sheik to Sheik." : minds Interesting. frightened. And so she made herself seem brave and gay because she felt frightened, too. "You can't take aide with ME! My poor child, did I ask you to? It's merely that all who love Donald, and want him to go on with the fu USE GAS TAX ON HIGHWAYS The tax on gasoline, annually levied in the United Stales, collect an immense sum, most of which is expended for highway purposes. In some states, however, some of the money is diverted to other purposes. In view of the increasing traffic on our hiphways and the possibility of eliminating accidents by further improvements, it seems to u that the various government!- should seriously consider a policy of applying lo the highways all of the money secured from the (?as oline tax. In many section of the nation it is necessary to have four, six and eiglil-lane highways in order tn accommodate the vehicle traffic Moreover, by creating a paikway in the middle of the highway to separate the traffic, it should be possible to secure much pre.iter safety. In view of the tendency lo gieater speed this will probably be necessary in the near future. Eve Latham had frightened her. even interested io it, and Donald always working on his experiments and not seeming to care very much whether he ever became a father or not? At times like that she never couJd quite hold back the teats, and It was always her luck to have Donald come home early on that particular day and rind her, red-eyed and bedraggled, with the little dresses and nighties she had collected lying in their box on the bed beside her and nothing in the house for dinner. lie was so tender and solicitous she wanted to scream. "Why make so much EL'SS about it?" she'd demand irritably, only to have him answer in the patient tone he probably used for sick children: ' Darling, am I the one who's making the fuss?" He just couldn't understand. Nobody understood. For a while it seemed that Mrs. Mitchell, the big rosy woman who came in twice a week to help with the work now, was one who might understand. Mrs. Mitchell was very interested and would lean on her broom for t half hour at a time, listening, while Christie told her how well she really was and how glad she'd be whei: June and the baby finally arrives and people would stop sympathiz ing with her and asking her how If it was true that she had spoiled aU Donald's chances for success as ture tnat was begun so brilliantly, must be agreed. Christie, dear, I know that you love my boy. as I do. a physician and surgeon because Surely we can work together to she waa a nobody and didn t belong to clubs and fret her name in the how him that he mustn't give up all that he worked so hard for. We'll society columns, then she'd just leave out my sacrifices, bur nave iu ue success an a bcitrnusi. wife. She'd have to take more interest haa told me, and he does appreciate in the things he tried to explain to it, truly he does, out he believes that the important thing is science, and if he wants to devote his life to her, have to stop wishing they had a little more money and, above all, she mustn't show that she, too, was worried. it, why then I think" For she knew that he was wor "Nonsense! You re a child, you don't know anything about it. You don't even know what he's trying to ried about the break with his mother. The visit that began so do, do your Answer me! "No. I don't But he doe!" Well. Sm Francisco's worst alr-lanc accident became historv Mon-'"v nieht when all 12 bodies were ''srovered In the Hense hilli Just TJ minutes out of San Francisco. It seems that the penalty for kid-"Pins- Ir.n't si punch enough even et. J. Edgar Hoover has anothe- ' idnaplng case on his hands. He ecms to thrive on them more -ower to him! He has quite 'a' lot to en on. pi-hougb It may prove confusing. He 'as two auto thefts Just before the iJnaning. the ransom note and a et of fingerprints. well and ended so miserably. r Hian i:scai'i:s" VI THK I'AI.At K Aft" r working for two years on bis unusual picture. MOM takes yoc ,.ick (o the jungle paradise of Tallin and his pretty mate or rathe 1 1 johunt Weisniuller and Maureer I'Siillivan. The thrills are many am' aried: you'll see a horde of wild lepbants on a stainpede; Tarzan ir i battle with a lion, a treacherous ever of quicksand and a band o iungle natives on the warpath Several of the animal sequences r iiost unique and quite interesting The story, by Kdgar Mice Bin-rough? is about this caveman lover wh wins for his bride a lovely civilize girl. Other white men seize the twr ind try to bring them from their jungle home. It'll have you sitting "He thinks he does he's jut bve nutting on her hat and coat with hands that shook, baying to Donald in the voice one uses to a carried away with some silly notion. He'll laugh at it himself, in a year or two I" "Well maybe!" Christie agreed, stranger : If you will be good enough to drive me to the station I hate to ask you, at this hour, but it is doubtfully. In her heart ox hearts she waa afraid that h wouldn't, but ahe couldn't help hoping that he really impossible tor me to remain. Mut her. in the person of Jane Unwell. suddenly decides to i nine for a visil lo her children, th" three and their friends combine tin ir rforts lo make her think everything is true. Since Claire stars in a stage revue, you'll see singing and dancing lo tin tunes of "Over a Cup of Coffee" and "Down Aroun' Muliliu "A'ay." Joyce Compton. Alan Dine-'.art. Arline Judge and J. Edwarl UroniberK olfer valuable coniriliii-: ions. "Amuse Yourself" is the Fox she teit. But it turned out that Mrs. Mitchell's talents as a listener were limited and she'd much rather talk about the trouble she'd had having . her four than the ease with which Christie planned to have her one, if folks would only stop bothering her. Still, Mrs. Mitchell was better than no one to talk to and Christie and Donald had an argument that ended in tears on her part and sighs on his when she innocently repsaUv some of Mrs. Mitchell's theories mul he told her that his patience was and I'm afraid it is too far for me MOVIES STAR KORA MfiHT" AT THU WABASH Claire Trevor, Evelyn Venable and Dean Jagger start a hullabaloo on Broadway that makes all their lives end happily, though they only do it lor their mother's sake. These three are barely making ends meet in the big city, but have written letters home telling about their remarkable success. Wbeu to walk." would. "But, darling, that's where you com in! Where any good wife doe. To save him from his own Walking out of the door, a slim, oungish woman, in fashionable lack. "Goodbve. Christine, mv England is going to give Ihp dote of Windsor S800.000 a year. The dear. I'm sorry you couldn't co on the edge of your seat. A musical act, newsreel and colored revue are added attraction. operate. Things might have ended differently." Things might have ended differently . . . folly. Oh, it is folly, dear. He had uch a wonderful start Such marvelous opportunities, ft' auch a cruel ahame for him to throw them away. You must help him. "Christie, my dear little girl, yo-u aren't helping him by living in this funny little house with bim, and do- about at an end and it was just lot much when she quoted old wive tales to HIM! mere sum of f 16.000 a week to keep Ms majesty from starving. I often wondered why I was so hungry. Par- Conudy's advice, shown with When Christie thought of all that (To Be Continued) Coprrlgtit. JUS. tln Fcaiufe 8ndlcaC. In she felt lonely and afraid, in spite1 Wabash Friday and Saturday Bird-in-Hand For once we say. "Good for Mus--"lini." He ha consented to a -eaty to "keep hands off Spain." hat leaves Qermany on Hie dead id of .the limb. The maty Is an nuce-jolin Bull affair. a complete reorganization of the life, its interests and associations. A child born on this day may Incapable of atlaillilV4 illipoiluut no silions in lilu. Ict ns pause here for just a in unified sympathy. I know RECENT ITEMS the 'kids' of the gold and black from he classes of '33 and '34 want to 'oin nie In saying to the bereaved t FROM KLONDYKE lit) Roc and Syme family: In your hour of trial ! Friends are close at hand. i 5 iffy ' : f ii ;c i L .....i. ;; J Hearts are near to comfort, Hearts that understand. Your Home Towner. What's III m about Pennsylvania rlatliiK Santa t'laus unlawful? THE STARS SAY I. U. Student Home for Vacation j John Franklin Secondino Visits Relutivei KlMiidyke, ln-c :!1 J'"' i.taculci-li. who annuls Indiana university la sp.Uilill,: a lew weks Willi Ills imiIh. Mr. mid Mi'!', flock liia-coletti. John Franklin S' uiiillno of l;lu-vcrsal is spi'lldiiiR a tew days with bis aunt and uncle. Mr. and .Urn Frank Osella. J loin Mallioda and iliail.y an. I .loli n .Hassa of Indianapolis up. lit the weekend with their pan-ins. Mr. and Mrs John Maltloda and Mr and Victor McLagleu tee liinaie liarnet in a brilliant itarbunt of beauty. Then he drapi a bombihell on him in Lnhertal's "The M.igniftcent Unite'' PALACE TONIGHT llj .l:.M-. l: l K hKMUI.IC l-'oi- Kliil.i). Jiiuufery I 'I h' in fjr upens uitli liittst aiibpii ioiiu anil piuiulhiiiK fni'i'i ant proiirNEi, nrotiperily, amid-wiH. KM - 'V : ppuiHMi and ieronnl vrulitlratloii, 'iiil'ilK l.y tin- lunar tlalirtil ul Ilia- i ,lalntH Klniiliiyini'lit. honors, :ivoim. illKiiitlcK. irstiii and uupu-:inty all riillitillif lu a inot ptopl-Iuuh and plfunant tttale of uflaira l Mrs, JanLes Massa. The .Misses Ji-llllie Hon and An ' I t t' f v tf.Jll'- V. - l i '1 HV" riicHi may rails a sudden re-ar-raiigi-ineiii uf Important plana and 'roji'cta, Willi poHMjhly a complete leiirieiiiation of the life. But all will tiring decided benefits and much personal popularity and prestige. It is a time for pushing toward high goals and eialted ambitions. If This Is Your Uirthdu)' Those whose birthday it is may tie prepared for a very auspicious year with all things moving in the Kellne Hedllie of Telle Haute spelil Sunday at the home of Mr and Mis John Mallioda. Mr. and Mrs. John Tiilierosa and daughter. I'atherine Ann. of I'ari". 111., spent Christinas day with friends of Clinton. Mr. and Mrs. John Secondino and sons, Pete Iiuis and John Franklin, and daughter. Hose Mary, of I'nl-veisal spent .Monday with Mr. and Mrs Frank Osella. if A V - . . -V 1' ,.4 :'r- :L!i 'W U I I Mr. and Mrs. I.ouis Fnrico and a i: direction of the goal nf heart desire through promotion, favors, honors and financial gainB. Important contacts with uperlors. officials and influential persons should be cultivated. There is a possibility of daughter. Mary, of Clinton and Mr and Mrs. Rex Harris and l.esl Buffo of Danville spent Christmas day at the lioinu of Mr. and Mrs. John Mattioda, J.lllllllt H tir.IIIIIIMl JIIMI ..Ii.uit.-ii i fil.iii ..ill lli i.uvur ikici- lUlltUIl lloil, "Taliill l-.Mllpcs." t

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