The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on December 15, 1921 · Page 4
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 4

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 15, 1921
Page 4
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Page 4 article text (OCR)

THE FAIRMOUNT NEWS T r M's Athalecn Zike wa, in Marion The ratnnount iNewsw. SUNDAY SERVICE 5 Black and Gold Phi Delta Guests i Misos Hazel arl Charlotte Payne iwerot shoppir.jr in Marion Monday. rMihevi on Mondays nd Thursdays A . S. ROBERT?, 8 Storage Spot Pessy of Matthews w as the j Continued from Pasre One Minnie !. I R.hort. Associate. ' puost of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Bcrtaux 4 i Tuesday. j -9:30 and Walters had exacted a pro. TPirrnnvPfl :Jln i , , 77... . I m5se that M b permitted to FR1ENOS CHURCH. Bible school, 9:15 a. m. Preaching, 10:30 a. m. Junior Mission Band, 3 p. m Intermediate Christian Endeavor 6 p. m. Youirg people's group, 6. p. m. Preaching, 7 p. m. A cordial welcome to all. This is quarterly meeting week and there will be services Saturday at 10:30 a. m. S. APELBERT WOOP. Tastor. . . . . jcves li.acn. oo-i ; .Mr. ana .Mrs. r.a rscnaux were mi pet to bod on training rule time. The atterSes ! guests heartily gave a yell for the scnscKirTiox rates. I Within Indiana.! Mrs. Chester Hunt. team and the team responded with a yell for the fans, and good nights were said, the evening proving a most de One year $2.00 Six months 1.25 J Ernest Templeton who is here from Three months "5 ?t. twronce, S. Dak., visiting rela- ll light ful one in every way. i'uumu iu:.wi. t vos. snont a fow .liv ihi. i One year 53.00 Six month? .......1.05 Miss Leora Bogue, Asst Pastor, i Anderson. Those to whom the guests are indebted for the affair are: B. and G. Storage Batteries are made from the best materials that can be obtained. A two-year guarantee with each battery. It will pay you to'see us before buying a new Battery for your car. We also rebuild and recharge storage batteries. You are welcome to our Free Battery Service. H N i M H H Clvck Haves, won first prize for a I lratmjr committee .Mr. ana black senior Flemish buck in the rab- j Mrs- Ed lfathcr, Mr. Mrs. John bit class at the Colliseum Poultrv and I Mr. and Mrs. Leo Moon, Mr. Three month .90 All subscriptions payable strictly in advance: paper discountinued at expiration of subscription time unless renewal is received prior to expiration date. Entered as second-class matter at the postotlice at Fairmount. Ind., under the Act of Cor.jrress of March S. BAPTIST CHURCH. Sunday school, 9:30 a. m. B. Y. P. U., 6 p. m. Prayer Meeting Wednesday evening, 7:30 p. m. W. I. McKINLEY, Chairman Pulpit Committee. rot Stock Show in Chicago, which s a,Mi Mrs Ilort R,bttJo and Ru?scl Dal-closed December 13. I Ban(wt committee Mr. and Mrs. Claude Jones, Mr. and Mrs. Victor ! Two big games at Academy Friday Selby, Mr. and Mrs. Leo Moon. Mr. night. Warren vs. Academy firsthand Mrs. Harley Fritx, Mr. and Mrs. team. Sweet ser first team vs. Acad- ilort tupoie. at ! Entertainment committee Mr. and CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH. Sunday school. 9:30 a. m. Evening service, 7 p. m. Sermon game Co. Ellis Auto Supply emys second team. First 7:30, sccotul game at 5:30. ) Mrs. Alva Johnson. Mr. and Mrs. Roy LOCAL BREVITIES Heck, Mr. and Mrs. Thurman Lewis. ; subject. "Are we Leaving! Christ out of Christmas. Everybody welcome. MARTIN LEE GRANT Pastor STORAGE BATTERIES Tires, Accessories, Oils, Gasoline, Vulcanizing W. V. Fowler, Mgr. Fhone 226 Mrs. Hose Scale who has been very ill i5 icportod some better. The Fairmour.t township unit ef the ' Mr. and Mrs. Lafe Ribble. Mr. and county Agricultural association will ' Mrs. Xen Edwards, Mr. and Mrs. Em-plr.y the Liberty township unit a gam? : merson Moon and Paul Stewart. of basket ball on the floor of the Acad. ! . emy gym. Saturday night. Each S FAIRMOUNT LEADS unit has a strong team and the gome? XMAS BOND SALES promises to be a hot one. BIRTHDAY PARTY FOR EDNA NICHOLSON. Warren has speed, size and ability. Warren vs. Academy at Academy jrym Friday nifht. On the evening of Dec. 8, Mis, Edna XXXXZXXXXXXXS the ! ty party, at her country home seven j Heads the County in Work of Grant County Tuberculosis Society Reports Show Mr. R. P. Lindscy, Miss Mable Risr?s ar.vl Mrs. El!a Bucb.tcl drove to Marion Monday. miles west of Fairmount. The occasion beinp her sixth birthday. Two big games at Academy Friday I night. Warren vs. Academy first team. Sweetser first team vs. Acad-1 emy's second team. First game at 1 7:30, second game at 8:20. j Fairmount is leading the county in J Seventeen of her girl schoolmate., and the sale of health bonds, according teacher, Miss Mae Brookshire, frcnorU which reached the headouart- accomPan,ed hcr homo from scho01 Warren defeated F. A.. 20 to 10 at Warren. Can they repeat it? Warren vs. Academy Friday nisrht, F. A. cvw. evening Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Mayer and famt- f tfeo r.rnf rirtr Tnherculosis i ana Pnt v,ry pleasant At six ' ly cf rowlerron, entertaineit m tneir t;.. Monc LUNCJARDIA is "without a rival" in ordinary or deep-seated Coughs and Colds, difficult breathing, and for the relief of Whooping Cough. The wonderful results following its use will astonish you and make you its life-loiig friend. Your money back, if you have ever used its equal. Danger lurks where there is a Coush or Cold: Conquer it ouicklv with LUNGARDIA. Safe for all ages. GO cts. and $1.20 per bottle. Manufactured by Lungar-dia Co. Dallas, Texas. For Sale By lav. Mrs! Bert Kelley, ryff Pms and singing. Fairmount township, re-;0'cIck the litt, ?irIs w,th th eir tea- ! homo on Sunday, Mrs. Pwight Wads- rhiirman for worth of Vineland, N. J., Mrs. E. E. j t(M Kml buvers from the Ladies !cher '"arched into the dining room, Mrs, Maria Scott is leavmcr tevlay for Ir.disr.avl-s where she w ill remain over tbe holidays with her son, Glenn Scott and familv. isennett ana son j. oi warren, AiJ s,ciety of the M. E. church, War;wmre a unmm 5U'11 as Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Weyler artd ; t0therss grade teachers, Eastern ' them. The dining room and table daughter Bobbie, Mrs, Blanch Horine ' gtar j Fairmount Lumber Com-were beautifully decorated with pink and son Wright and Mrs. Louisa K;-anU .inh Th hnv. and white crepe paper. In th? center Eyes Testedj (i lasses Fitted by State Registered OrfOMETRISTS Dr. C. C, FARIS and Dr. EMIL FARIS clusively Optical tc ;of the table .was a large white birth- Berry of Fairmount. . KnitM bond, ranmnsr from S f. h. o'vre idav cake on which were six pinK Harold C. Putz, who has been visit-ir.jr his sifter. Mrs. .Tamos P. Hill, was cal'evl to Payton. C, by the serious "i'.lr.ess of his mother. Mr. Butz is a World war veteran and is an inmate rt the Soldiers Home at Marion. WELL KNOWN M ATTHEWS "The hrallh bs are the leader candles. The little girls departed at j WOMAN CALLED BY DEATH. ' QW tn uA frtijlWO1 iwi 'eight o'clock wishing, Edna many; next week bv sales of seals anion- the ,mre haPPy birthdays. Edna received , schoolchildren. . a few nice presents. j Mis- I.iJa PrtWll. socrr-tarv of the ! Those present during the evening DR. C. L. FENTON Dentist X-RAY Rooms over Postoffice Mrs. John Sanders, aged 73, died Monday evening at 8 o'clock at her home in Matthews, after an illness of a few davs. Mrs. Sanders was taken Mr. r.nd Mrs. O. E. Curless wei-e in Swayzoe Wednesdav evenire t; attend tuberculosis societv, said that the out. Pauline and Evelyn Titus, i vPrv hnVht. for tho sa'o of Faye Wimmer, Mildred Stinger, Pau- the lecture cf Dr. Lvsl Rador. note,! ! seriously ill Thursday night, never ' seals and health bords in the ciunty V "" Margaret Sternberg, Ruby j .,,.1 tfcf nntlk i hr.VHt f,ir Kloiea, Mary, Blanche and Florence, Hours 8 to 11:30 a. m. 1 lo 5 r chenrst, g-ven under the auspices of j rallying and gradually growing weak-the men cf the M. E. church and Sun- r until death came. The funeral dav schcl in Swaviee. .was hold this (Thursday) morning at suffoT-crs from tuberculosis for the :k Kathleen Leer, Thelma Gibson,; - - 10:30 o'clock frtm the rresbyterian comi months. as the monev raised Audrea Waymire, Miss Mae Brook- ; J J i D VH SL L. H Chiropractors McAtee and McAtee Fairmount Office Hours: Summitville 2 to 5 atd Tuesday, Thurs- Owing t the resumption of opera -cn, by the MacBeth-Evans glass c!:un n m Mattnew-s. wun ourtai in fm the sale of seals and health Wnds pmrp ,,w ma ,,aM,,e j the I. O. O. F. cemeterv. Mr. Sand- u i -.,r Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Nicholson and; STOCK SALES A SPECIALTY. daughters Elaine and Zelia Mae, Mr. Call at my expense. Phone 2. on. 19 j-l?.r.t in Marion, a number of Fair-1 e-s was one of the older residents of! srent and Mrs. Fred Albert and son Charles, I Fowlerton. mour.t people who have been out of that part of the county, and a woman Pick Pavne of Winchester 7 to 8 p. m. Phone 280 day and Saturday 8 to 11 a. m. secured beloved by all who had the pleasure Saturday and Sunday with his mother . Mr. and Mrs. Charles Nicholson and C. W. DICKERSON wor t r some time, nave emn'c "Tt'.ent. ef her acquaintance, and her death ' Mrs. Lvda Pavne Pern. ! children. Mary. Edna, Ernest and Grace and Mr. John Hardacre. will bo sincerely mourned by a host of j i Ar.ncr-iCemcnt is made thtt the friends and neighbors. She is sur- j Tv0 Italians ence had a macaroni- j mectinc of the W. C. T. U.. which was vived by her husband, tw-o daughters, 'rating contest, in which the winner , BASKET BALL FANS to have boon hold Friday afternoon Mrs. Walter L. Jay of Ixgootee, and . stowed away 2,160 yards of the stuff, WILL MEET TONIGHT, has ben postponed on account of the j Mrs. Clyde Gossett and one son, Fred ; beii.'g a quarter of a mile ahead ef his ! A meeting of the basket ball fans death of Mrs. P. M. Woollen. The ' Sanders. She is also survived by one j rival, who had to confess with re- '. will be held tonight at the high school time ef the next meeting is indefinite sister, Mrs. John Wright of Hartford luctance that he could eat no more. 'with the members of the school board for the purpose of rounding up and en rcc r t cf the approaching Christ- ; City, and by one brother, H. G. Reson- To enable the automobile public to comply with the Headlight Law, we are facusinp liphts free of charge to everyone. We sell the Holophane Lens and North Star Shield. Either of these pass every requirement. Will Your Car Pass State Inspection? Every Automobile must pass inspection by Dec 20, 1921. How about yours? Racine Tires Cooper Storage Batteries National Oil City Garage W. A. Kimes & Son Day and Night Road Service. Phone 400 It was discovered some years mas Testivities. ' or of Marion. ago comparing notes on the subscriptions ; that common short-haired cats grew to the fund for the purpose of putting jlong, thick coats in cold climates. The in balconies at the hisrh school gym. ; i;'ea was taken up by one man, who Everyone is enthusiastic over the pro- ! made a large sum of money by ex. position and the subscription fund has porting cats t0 Kamchatka, iii Asiatic been nearly completed. Fairmount is Russia, where he bred them for the detet mined to have the county tour- 1 LOOK AT OUR DISPLAY WINDOWS t sake of their skins. nament. WATCH WATCH Come In and See THE SPOTS THE SPOTS r r-iwrft 1 ir 1 ' Our Prices Are Still the Big Attraction with Economical Housewives Who Consider Quality as Well as Price. iy HtHS?13 " 'mwmm'mi 111 "i i ' ' - W SPECIAL XMAS OFFER! g Sugar 6'ic Mixed Candy 15c Rice, 2 lb., 15c Figs 35c Mixed Nuts 23c Pineapple. Large can 30c Seeded Raisins, pkg ......22c Peanut Butter, lb., 15c Bananas ". 7'ic Celery, Isrge, 15c and 20c Navel Oranges 30, 40, 60 and 70c Perfection Crackers 15c Bacon, 20c, 25c, and 30e Peanuts . . . ......... 15c Dates, new 20c Tip Top Flour 95c Shredded Wheat 2 for 25c Karo, 5 lb., 30c Rio Coffee ...15c Armour's Cream . . . . 4 . . 10c Cranberries 25c Fancy Apples, per box .... $3.35 s il 22 Packages of Groceries and 22 Pieces of Aluminum Wear Given Absolutely FREE with McDougal Kitchen Cabinets during the Holiday Season. The Mayflower Prrone 11 Bob Lindsay, Prop Come in NOW and select the Cabinet you want.. Terms to suit. Don't miss this Stupendous Offer. Like opportunity may never come again. EWI PAIRRILL Headquarters for Xmas Novelties Largest line ever shown in Fairmount of Oil Cloth Lunch Sets, Unbleached Muslin for Bed Spreads, Aprons, Lunch Clothes, etc., Stamped to order. Wool and Silk Hose.; Best Linen Handkerchiefs in town,, 5c to 50c Make your selections early. Lira. E!!a Pattcrcon'o Art Stcra FUR NIT U R E AND UNDERTAKING

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