The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 31, 1936 · Page 5
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 5

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 31, 1936
Page 5
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1 Thunday, December 31, 1936 The Daily Clintonian, Clinton, Indiana Page 5 HOSPITAL NEWS Like (lie Drum Major "Soiiie moii," suid L'ncJe Kben, ' (iils so far ahead of deir times dat dey s sunipm' like de drum major who traveled so fust dat he didn't look like he belonged to de parade." 4 CLINTON SOCIAL NOTES whatever frnni or iip-e a s' litent la as. Ileceinlier Ti A. I).. 1 !:!. EMU. SMITH. Slenll nf Verinil-linn Ciiilnl.v Kv'litt .. li;i;i:Mn. Attiitliey lui I'lainiiif. i j ;M-:; i ; 17 :ii; Job's Daughters Installation Services Conducted Last Night Jiitiix;i: (M MKKTS Mrs. D ,i Doughty of Black man street entertained the members of the Wednesday Bridge dub at her home yesterday afternoon. Mrs. Nick Kurunovich, formerly M isx Vlasta I'aloncy, was a guest of the club. I'lixes were awarded to Mr. Martin l.uti zone, high, and M Hay-motid Full, low. The next merlin will be li'- at the houiM of M i'H. I Jin y Nut ion on Walnut st reet In t wo week Mary I. on Cogan. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Sum Cogan (f Watnui street. 1m confined to her home wlili Ceremony Performed For Levio Roccia, Miss Pauline Beal VoniiH Couple lo Live ill Home of IjfHter Nolle of Htreet umleiv.elil u North Twelfth iijiiTii l inn for :ieu1e u im mi lelt In yentei il ay Vei million i-uiinly hiiHpiitil. iretlniy iiluiik; Nitlint jrtorilv. t Ih. Mih W all! I- Sia ilH ami Infant ilan.'hlt l. iiella Sue, Mas teiunve.l tliilll (he .-I III 1 1 1 in II eiiilliiy IiiiihI.iI lo t lieir Imiai ,11 Kl mi hi i eel , 1'iiihk K.irn V, pat ient n l I be hoiilal tm 1 i v pl't-Veil. v iio liiiw le i ii a Vermillion i uuhty i ;.l K. in i tn - 11' I lie I I So III IMtlt . W hose il w ; atnpiiiati d o4 a result of a mine i;--jltty Hevt-uil nvik alio, in g.-Mhm along naiisf.H tot ily. aeroidirig 10 reports from i be V' j niillioi) couniy hohp.ial. LEGAL NOTICES SHMUI I S SM K JJy virtue of a certitied copy of a decree to me directed from the Clerk of the Vermillion Circuit Court in a cause wherein I,'. ii. Wright, John F. Davis, John 11. Gil mou r, Christ Ave and Victor Honuechi, trustees doing business as 'Trustees' Itealiy Association" are plamtilfu and Kva Vale k.chmoul, David Kidimoiid. Carl Vale. Hilda Vale, Oeorge Vale, Mary Vale, Audrey Koih, Andrew jtoth, Gerald Vale, Harold Vaie. clarence M. Val and Caul Vale are detiid;uii.-j. e- fjuiring me to make Hie sum of on-ihousand five humlred ninety eve!i dollars and seventy cents ( I .".If 7 .Hi t wilh interest on said de.ree aioj costs. I vi ill a I I'll blic Sale to the highest bidder, on Satnrdav, the twenty-third day of January A. D. IU :i7, between the hours of 10 o'clock A. M. and 4 o'clock I'. M. of sa.d day. at the door of the Court in Vermillion County, Indiana, the rents and profits for a term not i NCeeUinjf K-ven yearn, t be following Iteal Ksiate to-wit: Lot Number Twenty-seven Cll I in Ami: and Martin's Addition to (lie city uf Clinton. I If such rents and profits will not sill for a sufficient sum to satisfy said decree. Interest and ewsts. I will, at the same time and place e-po:,e at public sale the tee simple of said real estate, or so much thereof ;is may be sufficient to discharge suid decree, interest and costs. Said Kale will be made without any relief Mil i:ll Ity viilae ul a s sin: eilllie.l 1 i.f a II,. I ill el. e III (l.ik i.l In I I He. I, III I he . ruin I in u ra j W i li'hl. .Inlin F. . Illiilll . CI. l ist Avi .se w lie! . Ill I ll;,w. J..l,n II II . unit V I . lul Iti.lM ieln. Iru.-("e fliiinn hwtoiii-x .if . "T1 Idlers' Ji.'ulU A.MMM ,al Inn" )!( pbiiuiills iiid Diiif'ta lt nuelf and etii J-iiinnii jiri dlendaiils i '(un-lnv. me ni m.ike Hit- si:m of tie t hoiand nix hundred i-luli i . n dl lars and eighty cents i it I ' 1 m uiih iuter-'st on j-aid decrei and costs. I will expos- ;tt I -1 1 1 1 " S'.: l'i the hifihest bidder, on Saturday, the t w t-nt y-t h ii d day of Januai y A . D . l'.i'M, iem. en tin- hours of lo o . lor k A. M. and 4 o'clock I'. M . ot ;-a id d.iy. at t he door of t be i tjiirt houv m Ve, ni Ihon Cnuniv. Indi- i run. l.'fe l- 'lis il'd pml:t- t'.i ;t U' ' 1 1 ; f'i t cfi-dillL' S V.-ll e;il S, I lie fill , i' ilo; l.V-'il K.-;t;ile In u ii ' j Lot Fiv-- I in Hioi 1- One I 1 in Aitiiiir Whilcttm b s Addifiou i. ! the citv of Clinton, nnd ktiown a1' No. f, ?, Sout h Main St rei-i in iy city. If such rents and proni.s will not se f(,r a f uff .cii nt sum to .-at isly sa id dei ifp, interest and costs, 1 will, at the same tim- and place expose al public yule the lee ;dmrle of paid real e.-'fate. or so mini; iheii-n? as in a y be sufficient to d'sciia i ?e .said de.-iee, Inteii st and costs. S:iid sjib- v.ill be math without any I' het' v I . a ' e !' f n in va I out ion or j p-i.t ;i n ini'iil la v, s. I Di cet.:bi-r :: A , ).. F ' IfL SMITH. :;io lilt ol Vrmii- ,. M ( OlthtV Kverett ,. Da '. i;i: on. A 1 1 or tie v for Ch.iniilf. l'i 24'-.'. I: 1 lliti. Many Moving rr's i;i Fiaim I The piano Las mine inn. in2 niirts j than any i.h-r met'!uit:m in r-u- ' lar use. It Iils aliuut thrte times as ' many rnuvin purls ii sn aiiti, motile. It is tic i.nly i.l.j ia in duily . use which re juirea the use uf all of j tlie following items in in construe- ; tion: Many !i:iis of ivory, f iron, steel, felt, woven clotns le.ith- er, rubber, brass. co;ipei . tin, ; lead, glue, varnish, and paint. Piano manufacturers are the largest users of ivory. Secured only from elephants, 30!)KM) pounds are import- j ed into the United State.? annually, An elephant's tusks produce thirty pounds of ivory, enough to make twenty sets of piano keys. si 31! 1 v. a Phest Colds Best trea'.ed Hy without "dosing' WABASH RIVER FISH Harry Houser East Walnut Street BRAND NEW TONIGHT! introduces a brilliant new musical program "UNIVERSAL RHYTHM" featuring UFA CHANDLER anil his 43-piece orchestra with chorut and soloists i .handler's vivid, ir-rcsinlible arrange-iim'iiIs of popular music will Le heard lor tiie first time uu tficrtc Ford Friday evening programs over . L S. FRIDAY 8 p.m. VOl 'I.L STA.NU UP AM) CHEER! Also listen Tuenlays at the name hour lo "Watch the tun Co By," with A I I'enrre uml Hit b'ui over WBBM ritOt.lUVl.S OF THE FORD AND I.l M:ol. VZF-PH K IIKAI tHS Jiiiiipmk1v HfTviffN I'timlm-fcd for N.xlj-Klcii.U officii ir.uf l.aiKf Vod. Mm U' . rttiiitHii liuuitlling . . Officer Impressive iiiHlullaiiun servl were conducted luftt menliiK by Juli a daughter at their hall lor t hi iii;wly elmMed. iffleer8 for (Ik en-suiiiK "ix ra9H1liH. Apiiruxitiiiiifiy 65 niemlieni unij friends ullinili'il I he services. PrecediiiK the services Mr.1;. Cn rlnne Jlali, pianist, played 11 plum selection. Mrs. Hoy iSutls, (dumb an, of Hethel No. 5, and Mr. Hulls associate guardian, were esdii-ici to Hie east by Mm. Hannah Walt"' and Miss Katharine i,nwson. Km lowing Mr, Hints escorted the v officers of the year to their respect ive places. Misa Myrtle Irene Payne offeree a prayer and Miss Betty liny-i- pn-eented the flag, followed by a s:ilnt' by the entire congregation. The following officers and pi, officers were Introduced: I'jat lion ored queens Miss Mae Houston, A) Gerslrda Celler, Miss Payne anil Mrs. VaIter Jones; past council members Mesdames Walter Junes, II. A. Lewln, Walters, Tom Lewis, Alma Mponey FoltB, Cecil Harrison and $1isH Marie Field, and council members, Mesdames llutts, I). 0. Burgan, Jones, Kverett Helms, Wil-Ham Gllfoy, Miss Ruth Harrison and Mr. Butts. After the Introduction Miss Margaret; Penman was introduced liy Mrs. Butts as the Installing officer of the evening. Miss Penman recently completed her term of office as honored queen. Miss Ruth Howard introduced the officers of Bethel No. li, which was followed by a vocal solo "The Kinl of a 'Perfect Day, by Mrs. William Gllfoy. ... During the Bervlces an honorary certificate was presented Miss Howard jupon completion of her work with tile chapter. Miss Penman was presented her past-honoretl queen pin jy Miss Evamae I.cwin, newly elected honored queen. She was also .given a corsage and scrap book. At tjiat. time she was highly comnb-niented by Mrs, Butts and other members for the splendid work she has .accomplished during her term of office. Miss Lew in was presented n lion queti of roses by her parents, Mr and Mrs. E. A. Lewln and a cnroi-e by Mrs. Tom Lewis. Mrs. William (lllftjy entertained with another vocal olo, "J I.ove You Truly" In her lionor. Newly elected officers are as follows: honored queen. Evamae I r in; senior princes!, Mary Helen lioh erlsj junior princess. Margaret Blower; guide, petty Bayer. Marshall, Thelma Roe, Chaplain. Ann Jane Houston; recorder. Ada Bell: librarian, Marlon Donna Foster: Neson; Inner ; Hist inesHeu- Beiund llit'HKCll- ler. .Marie I. on Atlunis; lliinl ini'is- I'llgiT, Hetty Ha xellllli le ; fourth inesseliner, Virginia Iteeil; hlllul inesHi'iier. Catherine l.awsoti; pl- ,b'l Mill').'llerite Murle (tuttK; Keillor it'ilinii. Ceorneann Slover and juni r I'lj: tuii'aii. l:iry l,ou I 'luetic. pete Nora Weds Sarah Kandera Christmas Day V mny Couple Married al Siu-ivd Ileal l ( hirnh on Chi-Miiiu Iny; to Maki Hnin Hi Klondke Coming as a surprise to tlifir inaiiy IYIp:h1b and rHalivt'H is the marriuK' "f Miss SaraJi Kanderi, ' daiiKliltr of Mr. and Mrs. John Kan- d ra of Sandyiown, to IVte Nora. ron of Mrs. Madaline Noj'a of Klondyke. The marriage was Koleninizf-d at 1:4ft p. ni. Christinas day at tin Harred Heart chunli. Attendants were Mi.ns Kalhiyne Kandera, sister of the bride, MIhs Klinor Ituffattola, James Nora and John Ruffattola, all of Klondyke. Mrs. Nora was attired in a black ciei e outfit. Khe had silver accessories and wore a corsage of gardenias. Miss Kandera wore u black crepe costume and had white accessories. The bride was graduated from the Chiiton high school with the class' of '3ft and later attended Indiana I Siat Teachers college. Terre Haute. Following the ceremony a wedding dinner was served at the home of the bride's parents. The young couple will make their home at Klondyke. Mr. and Mrs. Hurley Highsmith of South fiend arV guests of Mrs. Cora I. aster of North Ninth street over liif holidays. I I Clarence McDonald of Chicago ' has returned to his home alter vi:itlng In Clinton with relatives ;ii)d friends. j Hetty null) Anderson, daughter of .Mr. and Mrs. Harry Anderson, is reported to he ill at her home with pneumonia. Mr. and Mrs! Tom MrLatehie and viidren of South Seventh street j have returned to their home after -pending the holidays in Detroit with friends. Mrs. Agnes Rae of South Fourth ""reef left last nighf for Detroit to visit friends and relatives. llfamircr, Marrarcl Tlieiina Me; i I'.er. kuniiiiia Wnke; t i t I Is (i'IHIU'n I'ill'flllM Miks J'uiiIIuh iifjl. dmiKl't'T of Air. and Mis. MicliaW Itt-nl of Hohc- iul wus united in iiiiirrlaue yt'.mr-diiy at I p m. to l'vfo Koccia, moii of Mr. and Mrs. Hat'ista Itunlit uf Hot kvllle. TIih marriage vows were read by H'v. H. H. Vayn-r at tlie home of t:e bride's ftun'iits before the pn-g- of r.ij relatives. Included among t Jiose present were Mr. and M rs James Bianco of Clinton. Following the ceremony a dinner was served at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Beal. The young couple will live at the present time with the groom's par-f nts. Dinner, Theater Party Enjoyed by Cirl s Bicycle Club Miss Frankaline Comaianl de- I'phHully entertained with a dinner and theater party latit night for tho numbers of the fjiris Bicycle club. Hi liner was served to the guests at the 1,'Amor cafe on South Main ureet at one long table, which bad a its center of attraction a of polnsetiias. The color" Bcheme of red and given was carried out. Favors of small santas filled with inintii were given the members. Thoye attending were Marie Ma-rii Ma, Dorothy Totiht'y, Betty Mc-J.eish. Flaine (Jregory, (iloria Ma-cail, Gloria I'erero, Madaliue Carli and Maty Ann Kacir, who was a of the club. The next meeting will be 1ield In wo weeks at the home of Marie Muriel in on South Seventh Mreef. I Mi.iu Nellie Topolosi k. who spent the holidays at ihu home of her parents, Air. and Airs. John Topolosek. of Norlh Twelfth street, returned lo her Indue in Detroit Tuesday. Kobert Cloy)'., non or Mrs. Aliee Jli?.'di'!ik of Fairview has enlisted hi the nth infantry motor trans-;-i 1 1 division of the United States Aiiny at Fort Henjanrin Harrison. He returned to his home recently from Ietruil, where he had been employed with the John Fleming Ci mpany. AT I FADS X. I). D.AXCK Kugene poletlo. student at Notre Came university, who is spending the holidays with his parents in North Ninth street, attended a din- ner dance at the Athletic club u In- d'anapolis Monday night. On Tuesday evening he attended the Notre n-me a In inn I formal dance given there also. HiJIie Cheek, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hershel Cheek ot Vine street. confined to her home with illness. lltnesH. Mr. and Mrs Henry CMfoy. who have been living on South Kighlh street, have moved to 619 Bhukman street. Misses Nell and Jean Carlin of Center and Miss Alda Faraco of Fair view and William W'asson of Chrisman, HI., are to spend tonight and tomorrow In Indianapolis visiting friends and relatives. Mihf Mary Toraso of South Fifth street Is to spend tomorrow with her parents in Blanford. Mra. John McSweeu and son, Charles, of Taylorville. 111., and Mrs. Agnes Wardrope and daughter. Miss Agnes, of Indianapolis were here loday to attend the funeral of .Mrs. John Koe. i Short Interviews CHICAGO Sidney .Siimmerfield, In rharge of the Cook county mnr-riape M'eiiMe bureau, reveals the reason for a boom in hi;: business "Tliey're just gel ( in,? more centi-niental. that's all. The bftvs are proposing and the gfi Is are saying yes, and I hev're not w orrying so much about the future.' ATLANTIC CITY, N. J. - Christian A. Jturkmick of the I-niversity of Iowa opposes the use of a "lie d- -tertor' on persons busim rted of erinie: "It may so befuddle and bewilder an Innocent person that he easily believes himself guilty." LOS ANGKLKS- Carl Ii. Grriv. president of the I'moii Pacific rail- ro.-id. looks at lft.iT: "We feel so good about business thai we are going to spend $3 4. fiOM.flO 8 for new quipmiul ami $,S,0ito for r'- jei. nam e during the coming year." TAComa, Wash. Dr. W.lliam W. Mattson diseussfs the kidnaping of his 10-year-old son: "When patients come to me I give them what advice I can. Now I am the one who wants advice, on a subjecl about which I know nothing - crime." RICHMOND, Va.-- Howard Miim-I'nril Joins or Harvard university deplores the "rigliiientaijiin of litera-liue": "Dictatorship is cuniiuaudiiiK literature to take Us obedient part .mil to express in fnnn und substance pnly what Hie master of state desires." notice: FILLING STATIONS OF CLINTON Which Are Members of THE CLINTON AUTO REPAIRMEN'S and SERVICE STATION ASSOCIATION Will Close at 11 A.M. NEW YEAR'S DAY And Will Be Closed for the Remainder of the Day ft i ft ft ft ft 1 1 ) am '&m mm mm w& mm mm mm mm mm m

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