The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on December 15, 1921 · Page 3
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 3

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 15, 1921
Page 3
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THE FAIttMOUNT NEWS rri T FARM NEWS DEPARTMENT p ' ' ORDINARY FIELD CROPS BENEFIT FROM PROTECTION OF WINDBREAK POULTRY CACKLES IMPROVED ROADS Never say "Aspirin" without saying "Bayer." WARNING! Unless you sec name "Bayer" on tablets, you are not setting genuine Aspirin prescribed by physicians over 21 years and proved safe by milions for Colds Headache Rheumatism Toothache Neuralgia Neuritis Earache Lumbago Pain, Pain Accept only "Bayer" package which contains proper directions. tin horc of 12 UbMaNottlM of 24 an, 10(1 All dru?rjriU. Awlria ! tTml mrk rf VT Mnnifctur of Mniattcar1.Vtr of SJlrUcW TRAFFIC CENSUS FOR ROADS Motorist en CnreeticutMsschu Mtts Stat Line Contribute Much Information. .4 t Tho o$THt was vlslhlr xMirly In tho soastxti. w'hlx"h xxas rathor rxok Hclfht mx"ast!rotonts xn otix RoM slnxxoxl tho Hants hx Ih foot hh In tho first IS rxxxxs noxt to tho xvhhivak, xvhHo hoyxxtnl this rotoottl onp tho botjcht xxas only 2i foot This luxuriant prxxxxth xxas stlU In oxhlonoo at tho oml of tho sxvasxMi, ami not only pro-tooxl tnoro fovhlor. In;t Mtrr atul hoax tor xars. Tho Rottl shoxxxvl a irtv xjuctlxn of M hnshrls to tho aero In tho iM-otoorod vrt. nnvl only 4t huvh-xvls In tho oxjosxM arxw. Tho not caln. BUILDING HOUSE FOR FOWLS Structure Sou'd Be as Lew a Possible (txcc.t D-4r et AUeod-st? Eupira Heads, A poultry hecso shxxv.hi not le sxx xxt'o thai ''o s"w xanvot rvaeh. the K-xck of the house, say ponxry special iviart- trrrra tt VntKt 5tts lxprmnt NVhothr t!? total r!t?ot of a xximl-broak ts (txvh! xr Iva! dopomls uinxt xxhtethor tho booftt drrixxl from Us tntvooo aro creator xr loss than tho Injury rosnttlnf frxtn the sHMttf an.l haiti of tho srxnvl ttoarhy. 55mmo orxis do lottor than othors xvhon shaxM. So-!ir oroivs. yvcl as ttm-otlty ao.l atfatfa, arx toast affwtov iratts xrMoh K-rtoix x-'arty In tho spr!r.f. sxuh s xvats ami xxhoat. an? not affoctoxl. arl wm taVos an n-tortnoxiiato Hstion. Windbreak Sonet(mes Hjurfcus. Tl 5 arfnvont a xx-hnlhtvak msxm tnoro jtrxxtvl than It Is xxrth xm- tfnWS lO tlot t!x xvH :SHH"aUx StU'tHt- xM nst?y hy fsnnors xvlux havo not hvxt!caNI oarofr.V.y. tt is ahvtttol, frav.kly. that ttio x tYoct of a xtndrx:tk ?s nt bof.otlotal U oxvry rxsHx-t. aiul that thtv ar xxnys tn xvMoh $t ts r(',to ihr'vty tvh-Hons. Kxory farnxor knoxx-s that trxvs rxtxl tholr tots vxJor.stvoly t'xls sxvkhiC tn.stuiv; mMt xf Acrnlrx. Thirty thtsisan-l motorists who xvoro stoM n tho SprinttVM -Hartfonl r)Hl at tho tVnmM'ttom-Massaohu-srtts stato lino haxo 'ontrlhutoxt val-tahlo Information to tho lurxau of puhlh rxKls. rnltoil Stato l.-jart-usont of Ajrlculturx xxhih, xxhon ana- tr.ohnllos tho atra shalo hy tho troos, ; SSDOTOHaW, land of Prosperity All I !yp h xxHl asvist iho xlopartmont lo I xV'ormino iu'vo ratixual mollols of I rtnol Uvjjjn t ti;ot 'varxloji tratlh' : tH M!. I xxas oqulvalont lo tho yhMd of a strip txxioo as xvUlo as tho hoUht of tho trHs xxhlvh x-orx fox"t hUh. Tho tmroasxl ylohl a.l. thon. for a slrtn TV foxH xxMo. Tho xvlnlhroak hax tnrxl to ho xvhlor tl rn, hut nxoil not haxo hvn to iYorl tho satno atuount of ixtootion. With or!inary RoM crops tho utrturr may ex'tno on a homRt frxtn xvln.l broak prxMoothn, xxhloh xxlll oxun;xoti sato for tho loss of tho aroa uorl hy tho trvos. l"mlor MUMU Wost oonH- , Tho motorics urro x'ounloU in tho , Rrst trathV otnm to :ixx cxmthu In- 1 formattoti oxor mu'ortakon l thx lu rratt. ihN work xxts lono Its o-or- ofiVrt home iwcker epportuniti-s that cannot b secured rlwhrre. The thousands of farmers from the United States who hax-e accepted Canada's ireneroua offer to settle on FREE homestead or buy farm Und in her provinces have been well repaid by bountiful crops. There is still available on easy terms Ffrtlle Land at $15 to $30 an Acre -land similar to that which throuRh manxr years h yielded from 20 to 45 bushclaof wheat to the acre oats, barley and flax also in ereat xnce. while raialntl horr, cattle. aheep ami boil is equally profitable. Hundreds ot farm rrt in western Canada have raised crops in a single season worth more than the whole cost of thoir lard. With such success comes prosperity, independence, Rood homes and all the comforts and conveniences which make life worth living. ises of the VnUxNl 8;atxv IVputuxcnt ; Acth v.'f.rv. or U will be vlan. KJghuvn tvt a conx enter t xxldth fy a lartx Voasv f there atv mx alley XX X S. Tho nxso shxHtlxt Ih built a Ion as pxVto xvlthx-ut darcer ot the at-muktets Vv.'v.vluc their head against tlv xvtlirg. A lov Vor.o s otvre easily xxjmwd than a hUh su FVr t!o tv:i?xxsi amount ot t'ovr -pav fer the hat xv-t a bmUllnc shvuM ho iv.atx otV.or Ivocs l"0-tr.g nat. t!'o r.earcr svi'tare a houv ts tb.c les ll xxUt tako. The s-?o of thv hmM-g roxuUvt xvPI eVpvnd targx-ty on the nur -her of fonts txx l" kept atul o:. the of (ho !Wks tXi to I! SHYI txx Kv about at re any as Is ;xfe av.xl xvxx-Oemiot.l to keep totvther. WUh tf-vks , this si?o. sNv.t to-r svtearo tVet of !.M spav should ho aUet'od to each bird. x :, xxt'l sni'Sv hx tuxxst eases xlx-v enrvfe.'. ateo.i'- 5s given to clxao.ltnesy ;!"t x, ':?-;V-iv. fhvx to thrw m"::v f-t (s r--orch for- l.(:'-.oii trco ttov-s. I; t-o f xx ts rtv Vo-t m sv.:!'of s ' atlon xvlth vtuo hUhway loartmonls thoy t:'k nt illk tho nixstirx?i sooo vf tt'.o n?trxcxn H'to;t xxf r.t - of Mass;u-husots anl t'ounootlout. anl j xxlll ho h:p'i :ll In tln noar futuro iolsxhorv It was takn hotxxt-on An-i gust l at;d ons'o! I h lay hour j ntnl ti nljiht Itottrs. ami r-sulhl In utvuralo rM-xrls oonoornio.; :-o.s.M vo- Inch s, Kor pasonvx'r ci this lufor- mat t ooxrs tpo, mak innnWr of : pa-vti;tr. tlri uitot tiou. startloff poh ami Oostlnalion. Tho vtato uu-j thrlt'os rxM orh, in aM;tiou, Hiomm nno-'-o-v f i-;n:ii o 'nfuri wlivn. Tito Farm Cardans, Poultry, Dairying are sources of Income second only to srain growing and stork r.iisint?. Attractive climate, Rood neihhor, churches; schools, good markets, ruilroad facitities, rural telephone, etc. I- nr IHuMnetKl IStmtisrr. mp". drrrlntlon of farm omwrt'imf y in MixnltotMI. Satkllt-h WAD, Ai'.mti unci uriiinmoniiuiua.rcjacxKi railway rteo. eta., writ M. J, JOHNSTONS 215 1 rclo-lerrolol Hld(t. 111 ladlaaapoits, lad. AutlxH4l ftn. D"at. of Immigration i ' L'Ti '1 . I snl Colonlotlon, Dominion elOnnt arr i anw I JgW,3&aiSwxa3CTK isaxsji lima n .i v;: . T s r -i - i r I I . ; i i Will reduce Inflamed, Stratatd. Swollen Ten dons. Ligaments, or Muscles. Stops the lameness and pain from a Splint, Side Bone or Bone Spavin. No blister, no hair pons and horse can bo used. $2.50 bottle at druggists or delivered. Describe your can for apacial In. struclions and Interesting horse Boom 2 A free. Ml tho sxnl a-sv. Itut hs not vhs- J I nl tho xt:lhnk. xvhioh vas r. foot s : : r: ! - v Ah i . h. . . r . ..m ..... XX I OUSC. Iat. SIB TtJ. St. SpnacfioM. Mua. p, xm t;-v ,puvsuon xxf iwvinj xvr txoi j mvn. xxup!xi a srij or j:rMioxi haxln a xx-'nvihvtkv ! fox t xvhlo, tho ptin In tho RoM rrop To xh'tormlno H o toa o;VvhI. rrop j w-onh hax-o pahl tho rontal xn all this tux,asv.romotts xxoro tah hy forxstry s (roumk ov ports hv Nxhraska. Kansas l.nx a ami Etet of Tree Belt. M!rrxota. Axoraco. rather than ox j Th oxrn rrp shoxx-oxl morxx oxnslst-xptlonak oonl.tions xvoro usol. tla j ont r,ml marko t hov.oRts frm prxxtoo xhtxH-t hoSoir to xMs(xxr tho xmTxhI xf i tion than any othors. In thx jvcion th,s, h tV'vonxs xxhhh nrx oorthxuous, it'.wrtnl thx suntmor xvtn!s ;iro al atul :uTovst ovory anv.oal vrx'p crxnxn. 5 tnost xxkoliy frxm tho south, m that Thoo mxs-,uvmouts ovhwIoaxI spo-1 tho orly oltoxilvo lvws ar0, holts ot o!ahsts f tho t vst srrvlxv tho totnhsl in an vst-xvost xlirxvtion. Th l.ttx! Statos tsparttrx-vt of Acrionl- I uxvt oti om was vory ttarkol tor a N ium v i 'M 1 1 li ; run an :uu-lMi!!e li! Ix--. lie l:a Iihi'm' veti Thtiv is nx'lhiu;: 'note Nfr.xtoi y after a !ay xf hard work than a line full xf Hiowy xvhHe toths. For such results nx Hetl Cross Hall IUuo. Atl-vertisxun'nt. Munel's Dirthdy. 'n ilr-i t xr ilirxx meruit utli-uiiT in luT xiu;i life. Thni sn h -an tx lverx'o them. Th u sln heau U oeMrato thetu. Tluvi vh nt only celebratexl them, but tnleril?-ed tln-m. Then lu dechSetl that it would he i-x'l" j;i-t lo uliMTNt" iheni. TIhmi slix luan to v!!i thai s-in hadn't -!-;x-;-x vl thm. Tlun -lie ignored tln-m. Tlien iiually shxv xleiited iheni. I tow xx c, then a iv always a low kind t'rlcniN lo remind her of thxni. and t k'M thx" jexnv for her. An Eye to Dusir.ess. "r.x.: I'iii'di'K," sahl lhx stout, hale uxMitlev.ain xxho had hhindetvd Into a !eaut parlor, "I'm in the xxtoiu; place." "Nt tux-x'siaril.v," rep.Jlod Mm. Kalso. "We have had great sueoess in rxMlut'lm; plump prswns and otir li;ir rstxrer l tho best n thx mar-kot. "lm I'm looking fir a Mr. l'arteau a dlverei laxv.ver." "Threxx xlors thovu tin' hallway, sir, to your left. Hut please take this can' xxlth yxni. If you get your divorce you may want to tok in on tis again.' Itlrmlngham Age-llerald. Cent Bui' Too Wde er Tc Hijh, Ditto. It is recorded that a certain literary nuin of high reputation hint oeea-sion to remark to a waiter In tho restaurant whx'tv he sometimes lunches: "Waiter, this beefsteak not at all lender. 1 can hardly eut it." The xvaiter looked nt him with a sorrow t'ul expression and sighed deeply. "IVrhaps you will t-H mo," sold the literary man. "why you sigh in that fashion';" "Ah. sir." said the waiter, "I took you for a man who always wrote nnd faid original things, ami hero you come :D1 say the same thing that all tho re-t of tln customers do." Kdinhurgh Scotsman. turx that tho crop c:,!n In tlehis of a tittlo vhxv tV sT sna.- - Wtxt wilt K r,oV.?. WVx rx- tho U-aato Is yo. raiM that H i t'vr.ovtry to kvp tho foxxls x-h-: n. opt fvr a t'ow l:xs at a tiru ana rspwlally If tho foxls arx- kx'pt n s;aoli xvhMy hwisvss U-s sNv lt r hnl xiM ho s-u!Virnt. Vh.N smalhr hrxs. hvlnc rorxN ax-tix-x an' tvstloss tvxp.tlro atvnt as tr.uch rxxx as hrp r hrs!. v V x s i short distance ou ttux south silo f snoh xx tmlhreaks, nnt for a mtnh croater HstauxH on th mrth sMe. ttousll!lnols. loxva. Mnmesota. la-kotas. Nohraska and Kansas a xvlnd-hrxak xvhosx? xx$d:h xhes not exexMl txxo or throo tltoes' its heicht xxlll tuoro than pay fr Itself, rosrarxltoss of tho thr.hor It may pmduoo. Gin'u,ra Federal-Aid Ko.xds Steam Roller Dees Rapid Work. xxork xxas handled m opolltlxusly It at iho a vera so tp lastoxl only to sxHnxls. Trucks xvcre stppxxd sotnoxvhat hxnjt-or llMi seconds fxr south hound and "T sxvouds for north hound vehicles hotn tho axorap Trtick drivers vxero asked to give, in addition to tho information ohtalncxl In tho case of psso;!ger cars, capacity, driver's estimate of length and frequency of trip. Kinds of loads carried, location of consignor and consignee. Hoadsld Kxah"S spoxdally plavd. took ropilrxt weight ttfcta. and hservors ascor-talnoxl the speed of trucks. Motorcycles and hrse-draxvn veht-x'les also xvoro Included In thx con-pus. Tho xhita thus ohtalnod aro h-Inp analy.'od, and xxlll ho used, in cxm-uoction xvlth Information ohtatmnl frxm experiments on impax-t of trucks am! off ex t of Impaot im pavemotxt. to design hotter roads. PLANS FOR ICE HARVESTING Just Give Us Time. According to a Harvard astronomer, the earth is .' '.o,t t M ),t H KM K M),i X K MMH M HH") miles from the center of the universe. A more bagatelle. Just give our ex-pxrt-5 a little time and xve will all be "listening In" en a demonstration. Cincinnati Telephone Ihilletin. snv-JI train, in tho p?xotx-xl oo Is satVolont to .tfsot fully tho ofAVots of shrxxnjc anl savplnc. In a xvh.Htt tohl prxxtxvtxt toy tx xKmxso xxirxlhivak thx jrain amourtt tx ahout ton hvishos an arto xvhoro thx pn-txvtlon xvas tr.xst omplotx anxl cral-o xiy hvar,o loss as tho Ustanoo frxnn tho xxlriihrx-;-.k InoroasxHt. Tho total tain xxas ahxMit xxiuat tx tho amxunt of train that oxnM haxo hwn ;nvt on tho shaxSl f:rxnml mar tho t Tho soasen In xvhioh tho rxxs w ronts xvrrx- takon xvns net ono xf ht xxiuxls. nor IM it laok mols;urv. ti p.nx-ther tntanx. on tho south o sn ash an I hoy locust xx tmlhrxvak. tho crop hcr.otttoxl xrory nmterially frxxm tho aex-umn'atlon of snxxx In tho lex ami tho oxxnsorxatlon of this moSsture. lloro cultlvathxn xx-as ps s'.hlo xxlthtn toxtr foot of tho trunk of tho trees. sx that tho lmsreasoxt ylohl of Iho field, amounting to nhout four-teon httshols an aero at tho hlchost pxxint. xxas pnietioally clear jraln. Tho total smln fxr tho xvhxxlo tWUl j amounted to tho ylohl of a strip of I eroum! as Unc as the xvlmlhroak. atxd thrxo ttnxxs as xxh'.o as Its hoijtht. Or, Farm Supply Can Often Be Gathered and Stpred at Lljht Expense Cet Icehouse Plan. It Is tlmo to plan for harxostlns and stotiuc tho oxnnlnc crxp of let Tho farm lex" supply ran often ho fathered and stored at light oxponsx. Thosx" xxhxx h.axe tho llmo and moans tx huild a houso xvlth Insulatoxl xvall should xvrlto tho tflhv of rnhlieatlona, rulvorstty Pstrm. 8t. Taul. for hlm print Nxv 171. prlc 10 rents, shxxxr-tnjr plans fxr a 10-ton capacity leo hoxtso. FOWLS FOR EGG PRODUCTION Old Hext May Return Profit, but Ycuoger Coes Will G5x Mere Tullets Preferred. ;Soo.xo fxVs hax tho tiiht klul xf foxxls. hxnt' ami fx-ox! tV.xnn Mxporly. tixl sttll xlxMt't cxt 05: xxr1y Hi tho xxlntor hoauso thoir Rons aro txvx xvUI. It soIxKmu pays to kxvp hHis for lay-tojr Rftrr tluy txxxx -aa x-no-half ytars xxhl. Thoy nuxy slo h profit, tut yxxvujr foxxls xxilt ;lvo tnxxro. Many ixvuUrynnnt xxhxx mako a vxv-clalty xf xxhitxr-x prxluvtlon kx-p only pulhns. xRsposir.f xt ox on th.o xroarlh'r tors, l-ofxxrx It Is tlmo t put tlom In xxiutor xuartprs. I'ijtrly hatvhoxt pullots. If proporly prxxxxv, oucht to IhcUx taytnjr In tVtxx hor or oarly Noxomlvr. ami tntlnuo txx !&y tijrt'.t thrxnih tl o xx inter. Toarttnc hots sthlom hx'.n laytnjj rortltloxl sxvd from a reliable Itoy xtoalor. FROST HURTS POTATOES IN STORE much hrforo January 1. anxl ohlor hcts j Jarring and Rough Handling Greatly Increase Injury. ttvH urtu lator. tt Is ttv Novotntxor ml IVvomhor rjres that hrlnj: tho txtpti ixrlx- Tho laying hrxls slunshl ho-pln lay (nc xxhon from Rxo tx six tnMths xxUl, -iMorsxl pnrvso hroils at six txx soxxm. ami tho moat hrxsls at ixrrn or i?lj:ht nnxnth. What Kind of a Day Do You Wish Yourself? Suppose you could ir.nke a wish at the breakfast table and finally have the wish come true. Would you say, 'I want this to be a good day," ox "I am willing for this day to drag along?" If you keep on wishing your days with the food you eat, finally the wish is likely to come true. Grape-Nuts hrlps your wish for a good day. Nothing miraculous; just the natural result from right food with the right taste. There is a charm of flavor and crispness in Grape-Nuts that is like the smile of a good friend at the breakfast table And Grape-Nuts, with cream or milk (fresh or tinned), is fully nourishing feeding; the tissues and glands, the bone and blood, with just those elements which Nature requires building strength without any "heaviness." Grape-Nuts is the perfected goodness of wheat and malted barley, scientifically developed ready to eat from the package. A Grape-Nuts breakfast or lunch is a practical wish for good luck. "There's a Reason" Sold by all grocers 1 GOOD ROADS ARE EXPENSIVE Projects Costing an Aggregate of $7,-693,778 Wer Approved During Month of July. Honxl projects in IS states, totailna more than ihk" miles and costing an aggregate of $7.IW.7TS,, or an average x.f xoer $'J,..tHH jxer mite, wore approved during July hy the bureau of public roads, rnlted States Iepart-tnent of Agriculture, for federal aid, arordlng to the lnrenua publication, Tubllc Ki"atls. Just off the press. The total federal aid approved for these ptvjerts la placed at $3,023,152, the rt--tnnlnder of the cst botng borne by the states. All told, there were WJ such projects approved during the month. New York led with 20, Pennsylvania came second with seven, ami Kentucky and South Carolina tied for third with five projects each. Four Texas prxxjcts were approved; Xexe Mexico, Washington and Wisconsin had two each, and Arlnona, Arkansas, Kansas. Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, Oklahoma. Tennessee and Virginia each had one project approved during the month. Wide variation was shown In the character of materials to be used la building the approved roads, but concrete, bituminous macadam and gravel were the chief materials. BUYING OF PULLETS IN FALL Prattle It Preferable to Hatching Chicks in Spring en Account ef Snxall SpaexK Frst Injury sxHms to he tho result of axtual loo format ion within the pxx-tato tissue, it xvas found that xvhore tho temperature of tho storage place xvas reduooxl gradually tt could he enr-rioxl txx several degrees holoxx freezing pxdnt before actual freetlng tok place, ami that tt, xx-as invisible gradually to warm the potatoes and restore them to normal without tholr suffering in. Jury. The actual frcexlng point of potatoes was fixed at from 2 to l degrees below the freerlng point of xvn-ter. The effect of Jarring upxn under-Cvxoloxl pxtattes Is consldenl cxtrenioly Important to grxovors anvl shlpjxera since under some circumstances H would bo entirely possible that a lot of potatoes, or ex-en other products, might be undorcooled considerably below the f reeling point and escape In Jury If they remained undisturbed un til their temperature was above tbe freezing ixdnt. Tufcr Free Mere Quickly When E-pcted to Rapidly Falsing Tempera-turxs Than Slcxx Onx Be Cartful In Moving. trvxprxvd fcy tx rnixxvt sts p.rrtmixt wt A(trxvxOtxtrO Jarrtn? and rxugh hatnliin xxhon at a low txnirxtturx? greatly Incrxaso the damage txx intatxxes hy frx.tng. o corxliug to Invest lgtlx made hy the United States iVixartmxnt of Agriculture. It was also found that pxxiatos freew? ruoro quickly when expxstol to a rapidly dimtuishtns temiraturo than whxM the temperature dtmtnlshxs sUxwly. There are txw general classes of frxxst Injured iHtates thxvse frxten Svxlld and suhjooi to eollaivse Immediately xm thaxvlng and tlnxso that show evMttce of Injury only on being cut pen. Tho bnylns xf pullets In tho fall Is trrforMo tn mxxst oasos txx hxtytnf tay-xld chlx-ks xr txx hatehlnsr chicks In tho spring, says tho Vnltoxl Statos IV-ixartmct xf Agricultxtro. Usually ttt-tlo spaco Is ax allahlo tor raising ch$cks nU nuxrooxrtr foxv dty dxvfllers haxo ht rxixorlonox onouch txx warrant tho wndortakh.'-jr. Hatching- and raising chicks roqutro hrxxoxly hens, or tho Mtylnjf of tnouhatxxrs attxl hrxxxxxlers, anxl urh an Investment I? too larte fxxr tho axre'Tagx? ss'O.all lllxxrk. - 1 V ) V

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