The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on December 15, 1921 · Page 1
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 1

Fairmount, Indiana
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Thursday, December 15, 1921
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BMDJJNT NEWS H PRINTED FOR A rURTOSE TO II ELF FAIRMOUNT GROW TWICE A WEEK Monday and Thursday. SOUTHERN GRANT COUNTY FIRST ALWAYS. Forty-Fifth Year 'AIRMOUNT, INDIANA, THURSDAY, DECEMBER 15, 1921 Number 5 1 VAI STUDY METHODS ;ACADUE"LS,JELAB0RATE PLANS CHAUNCEY THORN IS BADLY BURNED BLACK AND GOLD PHI DELTA GUESTS COMMUNITY TREE IS GROWING BIG FOR WAR MOTHERS OF CHURCH RULE i TOUXG PEOPLE OF FRIENDS CHURCH GIVEN PRACTICAL INSTRUCTIONS Go Through the Form of Each of the Series of Meetings in Their Study of srht at the Annual denier-Junior re-the Historv and Baseness Operations ception. It is agreed that this was of the Church "Five Years Meet- e of the l??t receptions held at the I-KA1bK.Mll isAXJUETS AND TOATS HIGH SCHOOL BASKET j BALL TEAM Sumptious Dinner and Delightful En- ; tertainment Given Members of the Squad and Some Forty Invited j Guests Wednesday Night Music and Games Features. The members of the high school j basket ball team were the guests of j iv; nUn rif uvnno nhi. inc A 111 A. 1 1 v. L. C f Vll 1 UU JT llillk t .. r : ; .i - L 1 UII t; I I U 111 IIIC 1 vJKJ 1113 J X. the. fraternity on Main street. The festivities of the evening started at o'clock, when the guests sat down to a sumptious two course dinner ser. ved by the ladies of the fraternity - - - ved by the ladies of the f rf There were overs and place c; forty g.uests, the scene prese .... - 1 . astefully decorated tables, the j mmg room canopied with festoons i the high school colors, black and gold, with the same color scheme be- i .... i inir carried out in tho 1 irKt no- ifTcf COLUMBUS PREPARING TO EN- TERTAIN STATE CONVENTION FLVBOR VTE STYI E " " Mrs Add"e Winslow, Local War Moth- er. to Represent Fairmount Chapter at State Meeting Interesting Pro- grams Arranged For the Three Days ' Sessions. Among the Grant county War Moth- ers to be in Columbus on Thursday, ; iPri.Ut - n.J Sofnrif -i- I "v . - v miuni.i. vi ' -VI v tvrv V KJ I otf.l tK ,U nnn,.nl ; v vv uvt viiv. a. v i m annual vu;t vm 1V I I i of the war mothers of Indiana, will be . Mrs, Addie Winslow, War Mother of Fairmount chapter. The Columbus organization is mak. ing elaborate plans for the entertain- ' for the entertain- ' 100 delegates who j private homes. j ment of more than will be cared for in priv The convention will open Thursday; - ;tb an oToentivo board nitin bad i ed by Mrs. E. S. Carr of Indianapolis, j state president. Daisv Douclas Barr I nf WivmsMo will havp rharr-P f de- votional exercises and will open the ! irst. c-eneral ession Thnrsdav aftrr- noon. Mrs. Minnie Mason of Louis ville. Ky., secretary, and Mrs. Lewis j Rudolph of Connersville, treasurer, ! gjv? annual reimrts during this ! - - r i : . : l , i '.e named at this time by Mrs. Carr. An open reception will be held with candles of black and gold on the i i,luminated tar surmounting the tree. tables, being an especially attractive11 Christmas eve the public school 'one. Lafe Ribble, local humorist and 'and Sunday school children will mach Annual Reception Friday Night One i of Most Enjoyable Events of j Kind Ever Held . . , . - . The Junior class, board of trustees' and faculty of the Academy were! puosts of the senior class iuesaa j Academy for some time, lhe pram, which was given in the assem- My room, was quite clever, displaying - .wh talent on the part of the Seniors. ; Prtlvni i tr rroram roruiorcHi r - . . - - I " I Yi.d-n -!. W ma Bennett. ! ' - " " w - - " " iaylette, "Entertaining Her Four itlemen Friends" Mary Moon. Gentlemen Vocal Mildred Scott. and Dvra Reeder. Vocal solo Mildred Elliott. j Duett Mildred and Pauline Scott. , Following the program the banquet j as held in the domestic science room ! xvac decorattHl in the Junior - of anj tjuo. The banquet : served bv eisrht members of the : sophomore class. MENU Fruit Cocktail Friesl Chicken Cream GraW i Bakevl Beans Mashed Potui .es Hot Rel!s Head Lettuce Salad Nut Bread Ioe Cream Cocoa jo,,. ! W hi.e servoit many popular j and old fashioned songs were sung. j Ater the bar.e gram wa; given toast master; Glenn Rich acting as SuVeet The Wheel of Life. i R A. the Huh of Life Mildred ' Elliott. j Response Falser Little. j Mental and Physical Spokes Ever- y ctt Richie. i Respo: rse- Marv Haisley Spiritual, Social Spokes Pauline 1 Smith. Response Le Hnrshharsrer. Rim and Path of the Lewis. Wheel IlitT Response Gladys Leach. SPECIAL PROGRAM L'no rnirnr ATIAMi Friends of School ar.d Public Invited j To Attend Friday Afternoon At 2:15 O'clock i ; j - j 1 Cake ' I j ARRANGEMENTS RAPIDLY BEING PERFECTED FOR GREAT XMAS EVE PROGRAM Everyone is Asked to Help Make Christmas a Real One For Everyone Whom Santa Claus Might Otherwise Pass by so That No One Will Be .Missed Committees at Work. The stage is just about all set for Fairmount's first community Christ- x. 1 , , -' .uiiiiiiunuj ouservance of the festal event. The plan proposed recently by the Kiwanis club has been entered into heartily by every one, and p'an3 for a real Christmas time are being per- ivtuu It has been arranged to erect a hu?e tree near the flag) pole on the triangle at Main street and Henley avenue, the tree to be decorated and i;v,i,i .ift, i.;.. lighted with electric lights, a big to the tree singing Christmas carols, and at the tree chrols will be sung, and while no presents will be distributed from the tree, it is the purpose to supply each child there with a sack of candy and sweets. While the pro- gram has not yet been fully worked , ;ui, uy i no cuiiiiiiiiLee in cnarc, uie Rev. C. B. Sweeney, of the Methodist church, Rev. J. J. Coleman, of the Weskyan Methodist church and Rev. S. Adtdbert Wood of the Friends church, it is probable that arvangio-mentg will be made to secure Telha:c hail where a Christmas entertainment :ind program will he given f.Hovinjj the exercisos at the tiro. The chief purpose of the community committee1, consisting of a committee from the Kivani3 c'.ub and a representative from each of the churches, is to provide a Christmas treat for everyone who may be in circumstances where a Christmas treat this year might cthei wise be missing, and to also endeavor to see that Santa Claus misses no kiddie in Fairmount. Ev- ervoouv wn,i may ice auie or so ms " posed asked to contribute to the success of the undertaking, either with, a dinner basket, some article of clothing for needy children, or some toy that will delight the heart of a little one, or cash with which to purchase candy and help in the work of making" the community Christmas tree a real success. A committee on donations ha been named with Guy Lawis as , d arrangements will be cna,rman ana arrangements wm u central location donations mv be delivered and .where donations may ot aeneieu aim ing Interesting Event. Greupod into three orsrarJr'ations the vour.g" rootle of the Friends ' r KnvYi -j.-;.- r..-,. v-rl- vt- V1IUIVU I V V4V- l -i.. l v vx. " ' , der the leadership of Miss Leora cf excellent Begue and her corps cf excellent helpers. The three organizations are the ( Christian Endeavor society ar.d the Serior Christian Endeavor society. The Mission band r.-ects ach Sunday : afternoon and the other two societies t convene every Sunday evening in separate rooms cf the church. Tlie Senior Christian Endeavor society IS just ccmp.o.iv.j., xne siua . of -Friendly Faith and Practice,' wh:ch has given the nicmocrs a cieai insight int., the belief, th? history and the business operations of "the . Friends church. In connection with the study cf the book the young people vrere msde acquainted with the busines5 meetings , of the church by going through the form cf each of the scries of meetings, beginning with the preparative or local business meeting and ending with the Five Years meeting. Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly meeting session; v ore held, each hrv'ng an evening to itstlf. i The scries closed Sunday evening when a sessi v. of the Five Years meeting was hold at the church. The ofcials, as well as the fraternal delegates, were chosen from the o'.der people cf the church who are familiar with the p ccec ;;ns.s ct the Five Years mc-etinc the other activities were carried cut by the young pevp-o eniselves for the most rart, Charles E. Cai-ey served a5 presiding clerk; Mrs. Clinton Wins'ow was the recording clerk and Ban-aba Bocue was the announcing clerk. Miss Porot Luther represented the vis-.tmc isitinr Friend froiv London Yearlv meeting: Rev. and Mrs. Adel- hett Wood and Mr. and Mrs. M. A. Hiatt -were accredited visitors from Philadelphia Yearly meeting and Mr. and Mrs. Fred Ilais'.ey represented Ohio Yearly The n.nies of de!ee-ates representing the various a .-1 .-v-; Kct,wcii:T ti tbe Five vc!rc; twrere "read as follows.' Thursday evening at which time Rev. ket ball team will be the Academy's Alexander Sharp of Columbus will opponent next Friday night on the lo. ?"''ve the opening r.ddrcss and Mrs. cal gym in what should be a fast con-! Carr will deliver the presidential test. . rl t j (II" 1 i tt- - Former Fairmount Man Victim Serious Accident in Oil Fields of Oklahoma of According to a letter received this week by Mrs. Paxton Wilson, Chaun- cey Thorn, her son-in-law, a former ! Fairmount rural mail carrier, who for some time has been employed as a PumPr in the oil fields of Oklahoma, was recently badly burned by the un expected flashing out of a sheet of flame from beneath a boiler, of which he had charge. Thorn- rrfivfH Vi full ffTwt rf tVio - . v-" - . 'blast almncf .linvtK- in bi faor. nn.l - - - - - wa3 rushed to the hospital at Okmul- ; Pe. It is thought he will recover and that his eyesight will be saved. Thorn7 an his family reside at Nuyaka, Oklaf , g , M , HQPP TA HP PP K T lIVIl Li lU UCI Ca I f v WARREN'S FIVE! ncirPT ihi i Tri?i AMtl BALL 1 rj-VM ; ACADEMY IN FOR HARD STRUGGLE ON TOMORROW NIGHT n . M .. ut- I-. . . , . , emy Floor W ith the Quakers Tuned ... . , A , I p to Give isitors a Real Battle , - . , I ram Mart to Finish. The strong Warren high school has. j inc .-ve-aaemy r igiiimp rive is first-class trim for this contest Rn should put up some classy basket ba'- In practice this week the team has been showing up exceedingly w'' running up larpe scores on the "reserves without much trouble. In the Academy's second game of the season the Warren bunch defeated the Academy at. Warren by the small margin of 20 to 16. Since this time the "Fighting Five" has made some great improvements and should be able to defeat Warren, but not until after a hard fought battle, as all the 4'ir mat v.itt iuini I'M it til 11.11 . . . . . . . . ! . .. that they have also improved a? ie Frri?on P'"Osrresseei. With both should lo seme classv basket ball for the fans to witness. This will be the first time that a Warren high school five has ever played on the Academy floor and this shonld ptill make the contest more in. ., x. , . ... teresting. So far this season Warren . " , - by small margins. Quakers lineup will probably K. tnr t;n v-?o-i, tv, ...1. v A M X 1 1 A. A. 1 1 5iara OI ine game, cue n mus as though the forward positions will be Rich at the pivot position. The guarding will be taken care of by Lamm, Scott and Brewer with Lamm at running j uard and Scott or Brewer jat the back Euard Position. This will be the last time local fans (will get a chance to see the Academy a 4 v.n- U t team in action before the Marion con- test which will be played here Friday j i I , i . t ( j , message. Mis. Paisy Douglass Barr, New- . stle. Mrs. Margaret Taylor, Indiana- nolis. and Mrs. P. L. Beall, Indianapo. 'lis, are on the program for the Friday mining session and Mrs .Melvin Moon of Indianapolis will give a re- Prt at this meeting. Mrs. J. E. Barcus of Indianapolis will speak Friday aftemcon and Mrs. Barr will give a report of the national convention. On Friday evening the Rev William Book of Columbus will speak on disarmament. The conven tion will close on Saturday with election of oncers. ALLEGED COAL THEIVES TAKEN Railroad Detective Causes the Arrest oi lr.ree i-airmount .ien vaargeu With Stealing T. . , , i t Three Fairmount men. A'.vah Lcm - Hershel Bare and Frank Little, charced with the theft of coal from cars on the Big Four tracks, were ar- j u t , !L t raigned before Justice of the Peace , C. D. Overman Mondav and held for! . . apvaranee in the circuit court at Ma- ' rion. Little gave bond for his ap - rearance in the um of $100 while ' - ' , I . ; ' ' ' A special convocation will be held?on iaot of t-enr responding to their in the high school atiditerium Friday name: Canada, Francis Jones. Ruth afternoon, the program being arrang. Jcnes; New Erc'and, Orpha Jones, ed by Miss Sample and Prof. Krous-Pearl Buller, Sallie Jenes: New York, fcup. beginning at 2:15 o'clock. Every Leslie Harshbarr -r; Indiana, Helen patron and friend of the school is in-Little, Violet Keel, Gcldie Brewer, viied to attend. James Brock, prin-Ethel' Corhin: Wilmington, Howard 'cipal of the Sweetser high school; J. 'the other two, unable to furnish bond,! held down by Cecil. McCombs or (Woods. While it will be Lewis or temanded to jail. the Josh Billingg of the Kiwanis club, lresidod as tnaf matir Tir mri 4U . . , .... bers of the team were seated within ,. , . . commanding distance of their coach, , . , , , rof. alters, who by the way, had ir;sisted trict training rules being . . .,..",.; the menu, giving it his "o. k." At the conclusion of the dinner jToastmaster Ribble "let loose" and gave Prof. Hamilton, superintendent of the schools "two minutes" in which to say what he had to say. Prof. Morphet. principal, was given a "minute and a half while Prof. Walters 5 given a "minute." Each of these responded with talks that were of significant interest to the occasion, and after Hamilton had told of the rapid growth, of basket ball in Indiana, the old Hoosier state being the greatest basket ball state in the Union; after Morphet had told about "mountain climbing" and Walters had given Ids "alibi" for losing the Marion game and telling what the "Black and 1 j , , Go'.d would do" to Marion next time, K.hble X'1-1 llT'riil tll-lf (linen pnnnl-n i , , .. ., ., . had plaved over tmio. ' rpcossitnhni'. the elimination of the other "orators" on the program, and the balance of the evening would be turned over to the entertainment committee. Then the entertainment committee oronel up its "bix of tricks." First a Virtm'i lmv wi tir,,ii,riit ;ntn llJ-l-t iciro.a oox was Drought into tn e room and presented to Prof. Hamilton, -ho. upon opening it found - .v. ...... utc u, s prettiest vounu- ladies Mare-aret Tnv tpreaiest oung lacnes, arpraret lay- lor, Beth W mslow and Mildred Lyons. w;u -r: nr..i : s piano mese 1 1 ! ,-,., . . . . ., ! inree aeiignuuuy entrtainea tne guests with a number of charming musical selections. The room was then cleared and after a erand march the guests were each "labeled," g,iven paper and pencil and told to each try to see what the others had on their backs, the one listing the largest num- ber of words to be declared the prize winner. Harry Williams, the star back guard of the "Black and Gold ton m wnn Than ram tb "linro team, won. Then came the "horse race." It was explained that these they went. And! it was soma "heats." In fact the jockeys were all "heat up at the finish with Morphet coming "vander the wire" an easy winner. The loser and his backers were compelled to "singi a song" and they did. This, the committee explained ended the "fun" for the reason that it was (Continued on Fng Two) ! MRS- EFFIE WOOLLEN CALLED BY DEATH. Thc passing) of Mrs. Erne Woollen, wife of Dr. D. M. Woollen, which occurred Wednesday morning at the ! home on North Mill street, came as ; a distinct shock to the entire com- j munity, many of the intimate friends not realizing th serious nature of j her illness. Mrs. Woollen leaves a j husband and two small children, and : a large circle of friends to mourn her ; loss. She is one of the most highly respected women in the town and the influence of her beautiful life will be felt throughout the coming years. The funeral service will be conducted from the, residence Friday afternoon at 1 o'clock and burial will be made in Park cemetery. , , where they will be received and properly checked up. Those who wish to make cash donations are asked to make these deposits at either of the . banks, with Robt. A. Morris at the Fairmount State bank, or Palmer Ice at the Citizens State hank. The community exercises and program will be carried out on Christmas eve, Saturday Dec. 24,. early enough in the evening that all may have opportunity to participate in the full program, and still have time to do their Caurday evening shopping or belated Christmas buying. It is hoped that detailed plans and program may be published in Monday's- Dec. 30. No doubt the outcome of horses were pedigreed, registered and the Warren contest will give fans , meagerly fed, having strictly observ-more dope towards the Marion game, jed all of the training rules. Then as Hartford City defeated Warren and j Morphet and Walters where mounted Marion in return defeated Hartford and on a couple of "baby scooters'" City. If the Quakers can defeat War- ' and told to "go" for five heats. And were The men were arrested Monday morning by Railroad Detective Phillips and Marshal Malone. Ac- coixling' to Phillips much complaint 5 had been received at his office regard- inff the activities of coal theives in this city. Acting on these complaints .n , he drove to Fairmount Sunday night, and, arriving! about 3 o'clock Monday morning, he took up a position near the siding at the old Bell Bottle Company's plant, where he found men at work busily throwing coal from a car to the ground. He estimated that considerably more tharir -. ton had been removed when he broke up the party by appearing on the scene. The men all ran in different directions the detective failing to capture any of them at the time. As a result of his visit the arrests were made Monday morning. Phillips claims to have the names of other parties implicated in coal raids and promises other arrests. The men all strongly deny their guilt and say they will be able their innocence in court. to prove CHRISTMAS PARTY BY BUSINESS GIRLS. The Business Girls Club will hold their Christmag Party on next Mon L. Henderson, super Jones'orv schools, ana u. parson, principal of the Gas City schools, farming the committee from the Gran1 County Interscholastic association which will determine the place for holding the county basket ball tour- nament, will be present, these gentle men being, here to look into the Fair mount's facilities for taking care of the tournament, ine program ior the convocation will be as follows: 1. (a) Overture, The .Merrie Musi cian E. C Ramsdell. (b) Trot De Cavalerie Rubin-stien. High School Orchestra 2. Readme The Shoemaker of Jerusalem. Beth Winslow. 3. Violin Duett, Daube Mrs. Otho Compton, Mrs. Mable Costion. 4. (a) Little Love Flower Sleep Lighthill. t- lm ni IriT-if-atirvn VMffir High School Chorus 5. Monologue Victor Love. 6. At Eventide (double quartet) W. H. Monk. High School Music Class 7. (a) Cavatina from Opera Rob-j erto. Meyerbeer Loren Cain and High School Orchestra. , (b) Etincelles, E. Me2iacapo j High School Orchestra. ' HAND BADLY BURNED WHILE TESTING METER. L. A. Waggoner, meter tester for the Indiana General Service Company, sustained painful bums on the face and one hand Tuesday while testing a meter at the plant of the Drop Forge Company, having accidently created a short circuit in adjusting the wires connecting the meter with the test- t ing box. en lent of the . tenaent oi me, I AtrhalL Towell Wood. Paul Over- man; North Carolina, Lucile Jones, Pauline Jones; Iowa, Glenn Peacock, Harold Little, Russel Rich; Kansas, June Zinvmer, Louise Cecil; Nebraska, Martha Little. Josephine Hipes; Cali - fWmU. Ruth Uovd. Clea Altice: Ore- rn rdith T lovd Ella Winslow. Leora Ronie. Baltimore and Western Year- ly meetings were not represented. Th orMnixation of committees, re - ports of committees, greetings from the visiting Friends and the reading of a letter from Dublin, Ireland, Yearly meeting made the evening an interesting and instructive one. At the opening) of the session June Zimmer was in charge of the devotions. In her greetings from London Yearly meeting Dorothy Luther represented Harriett Newman. Her imitation of the English accent was excellent. Rev. Wood, on behalf of Philadelphia Yearly meeting, made a plea for more silence in the meetings for worship. Fred Haistey, speaking for Ohio Yearly meeting, was thankful for the privilege of fellowship with the Five Years meeting. .LIBERTY TOWNSHIP TO MEET MONDAY. The Liberty township unit of the Grant County Agricultural Associa- Won will hold their regular monthly meetinc- Monday night, Dec 19, at Center church beginning at 7:30. We will have a good speaker and a good program has been arranged for. Come and bring lhe family and enjoy the evening. As this is the last meeting this year, we desire a good membership attendance; election of officers for the coming year and other important business to attend to. W. F. Clark, Chairman. - ' : ' i ; ! 1 issue of The News. Everyone is invited to help; make the Christmas a bountiful one for all. A committee composed of representatives from each of the churches is now at work and will report to the distributing committee a complete list of all those whose names should be on the list of the distributing committee, and it is asked that any one knowing of any one who should be remembered report the name to Mrs. Palmer Ice or John Seale. Let everyone giet busy right now", and be ready to make a real donation that will insure some family a real Christmas treat. LOCAL FANS WILL SEE -SUMMrrVILLE GAME. - ' . A large number of local basket hall fans are arranging to go to Summit-ville Friday night to see the game between the Black and Gold quintet and the Summitville high school team at that place. Olfather, the Black and Gold center, has been sick for the past few days and it is a question whether he will be able to play Friday nighfr However, Coach Walters will fill the place with one of the substitutes, and j promises to give the Summitville team a real battle, nevertheless. ren by a good margin their chance of defeating Marion is good, but a defeat at the hands of Warren will put the Academy chances low. In a curtain raiser- of the evening the Sweetser first team will meet the Academy seconds. This also should prove to be a good game as Sweetser is represented by a strong) five. Early in the season they held the strong Ma. j rion quintet down to a 18 to 16 score and have won nurtierous games since this time from other stroflg net teams. The Academy seconds are rapidly improving and a close game is being predicted. If the reserves can get a win over the Sweetser team it will the Sweetser five is doped as the fourth best in the county coming first after the "Big Three of the County" Marion, Fairmount high school and Fairmount Academy. The first game of the evening will start at 7:20 with the second gjime at 8:30. Ernest Temnleton ha arrived from St. Lawrence, S. Dak., for a visit with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. jTempleton of South Mill street. day night in their club room over a real victory for them, because Fairmount State Bank. The commit tee in charge of the entertainment is composed of Misses Vensetta Lewis, Velma Briles, Muriel Cox and Ine Albertson. A rabbit supper will be served at the Club Cafe after which they will enjoy a social time in the club room. A feature of this party is the fact that no Christmas presents will be exchanged this year, but the fund." that would have been spent in jthis manner will be devoted to charity.

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