The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on December 12, 1921 · Page 3
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 3

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, December 12, 1921
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THE FAIRMOUNT NEWS ! cording to their statements, they alleged violaions of law. i found boys under age in them, and in i Rev. Mr. Butler seconded the motion SUMMITV1LLE HAS TEACHERS WANT THE LAW CHANGED proaches, with only two members of Mr. and Mrs. Will Richards, of near the house, Jacob D. Miltenberger, ! Gaston, were .called to Fairmount Delaware county and Claude A. Thursday to see Mrs. Wallace,' the Smith, Gibson county, cue only avowed j mother of Ott and Marvin Wallace, candidates for the place. Political j as she is seriously ill at the home of II II r pr!f, ja few cases, iouna minors piaymgoi wr. iiaeus mil me icsu.uiin , 111 I II SFNS A T ION Po1-. The visit5 although causing a be adopted, and a considerable ma-; ljllL.1 tJLnOH. I lUn miM sensation at the time, were jority cf the audience stood in ap-1 the latter. S without acrimonious features, and a ; proval of what was sought to be done. "wiseacres," however, are predicting MAKING DRIVE TO SECURE RE- ' Mr. Fifield will sten in at an "ooDor- I'EAL. Or PENSION ACT PASSED IN 1921 tune" moment and run home with the speaker's gavel. G. A. II. Shideler, formerly of Ma- PREACHERS OF TOWN PAY VISIT 'great manv people did not learn of TO POOL ROOMS ON TOUR ( them until the next day. OF INVESTIGATION. j it Was Sunday evening! when the t . " !next chapter of the case was written. Clam to Have Found Violations of the A un;on meeting cf the three churches I On Monday morning a committee ' composed of a representative from j each of the three churches held a con- , ference with the pool room operators, and the latter readily agreed to use . their best efforts to prevent infrac- ! tions of the law about their places of j business. Notices were posted for. j rion, and now superintendent of the Will Make Effort to Have Special Session of Legislature Take Up was held at the Methodist church and reformatory is a member of the committee which drafted the new bill. w in mat .Minors ere Hong Permitted to Play Big Mas Meet Matter For Consid era ion Next Wednesday Law Works Injustice is Claim. the building was packed to capacity. ; Few knew what was coming, although ing Held Sundav Night in M. E. Church. FOR SALE , many had an inkling that some sharp .bidding minors admission, and it i a it -i i GRANT Horace M. Coats, writing in the I things might be said. Rev. Mr. Stelle ; . occupied the pulpit and spoke for more Little towns, according to the Sum-mitville News, a? well as the big ones seems uniiKeiy mat mere win De any j f,rand jury action necessary to obtain the results which were sought. j than an hour. Toward the close of . his sermon he told something of the must have their fun, and Summitvil'e '. says the News, had hers over the Marion Chronicle, says that teachers j in the public schools of Grant county ! are conducting a drive to obtain the repeal of the state teachers pension law passed at the 1921 session of the TAX COLLECTION FOR SALE Purdue Experiment Sta-station recommends the following balanced ration dry mash feed for self feeders: 100 lbs tankage, 200 lbs. bran and middlings, 100 lbs. oil meal, 100 lbs. corn meal, making 600 lbs for $12.00. For 150 chicken's feed 3 quarts of wheat and 3 quarts of oats in the morning and 16 quarts of shelled corn at night. A. A. Ulery & Co. lUmlVTC fin Dill legislature. A surprise was given Monday even, ing, in honor of Clyde Dean at his home. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Dean, Mr. and Mrs. Dave Payne and family, Mr. and Mrs. Harry i Wood and family, Mr. and Mrs. George Stone, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mason, Mr. and Mrs. Perrya Wood, John Stone of Fairmount and Patty Stover. The refreshments were crackerjack, : apples and candy. The teachers propose to have the visit made the previous night, and of t the things seen. He insisted that the law was being violated in the local pool rooms, anil that the churches of the town should see that such a condition was stopped. At the eonelu-I sion of his address, Rev. Mr. Havens j presented a series of resolutions ! pointing out the difficulties which j wees-ena in the form of a surprise party p.iven by the Revs. J. R. Stelle, J. G. Butler and A. W. Havens, of the Methodist, Baptist and Christian churches respectively. And it really was a surprise too, not only to the pool room fo!ks but to the church people as well. For several weeks the local minis repeal bill introduced at the special LARGE SUM PAID INTO COUNTY session which begins next Wednesday, TREASURY DURING FALL if opportunity for presentation of BY TAX PAYERS other measures than that relating to .1 T V T . FOR S.ALE One storm bugyy, gpod tne jenersonvine reiormatory, is as new. D. M. Woollen. ters have been taking exceptions County's Share of Fall Installment Announced by County Treasurer as SI 03,786.09. While Check For $79,-216.98 is Delivered to State : terestmgj the non-church going people of the town in their services, TANKAGE 609r quality guaranteed, the reports that boys under age were being allowed to play pool and were given. A committee of teachers has been appointed having for its object, the writing) of letters by persons in close touch with the governor and mem g the Diame ior mis conaiuon ViflTtT fnrniilioyl ?o"3T-tt . piaCl i partially on the pool rooms, and call- i $52.00 per ton delivered your farm. Cotton Seed meal $2.40 per hundred. Kelley's Feed Store. Phone 275. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Little and daughter Zola, spent Sunday afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. L. F. Brewer of Summitville. j Mr. and Mrs. George Robertson and family spent Saturday in Marion. Mrs, George Payne and daughter Irene, Mrs. Emma Dean and Gladys Leach spent Thursday shopping in Ma-1 rion. contrary to law. Saturdav evening, in order to obtain some first-hand in-jins upon Judge Kittinger and Trose-. Grant county's treasury has been iormaxion, tne three ministers paia . -u"s .-mvinc .-.n..c FOR SALE Mailing lists. Names visits to the local pool rooms. Ac- i a grand jury investigation into the envicneJ $103,786.09, representing its ; share of the fall installment of . ; taxes paid up to Nov. 8, according - ': to the figures of the tax distribution and addresses 1,000 Grant county farmers. Up-to-date. Address Box 38, Fairmount, Ind. FOR SALE 7-room house, good location and ii good repair, reasonable. Inquire at 323 E. Second. Irene Payne and Gladys Leach spent Wednesday night wtih Mrs. Fern Lambour. Mr. and Mrs. II. E. Payne entertain, ed at supper Monday evening Rev. Rhoads, Rev. Roe Bundy, Miss Ethel Baldwin and Mrs, Racheal Johnson and daughter Mildred. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Little and Announcing the Appointment of Hogin-McKintiey Co. WANTED bers of the assembly, appealing to ; them to repeal the statute. They are pointing cut the fact that hardship is worked on many teachers who are , compelled to pay approximately $30 yearly into the pension fund, and that : they cannot paitieipate in the benefits of the fund unless they have taught 40 years. The teachers' pension law was the; cause of a long and bitter fight at the last session of the legislature, and it was only through persistent efforts that friends of the bill obtained ;ts passage. It is said the majority of the teachers of the state hold the law in disfavor. Albeit E. Shugart, representative from Grant county, has announced, if oportunity is given, he will introduce a measure at the special session, providing for the repeal or amendment of the pension law. WANTED Good wheat for milling purposes. We pay above regular prices as we need it for milling use. A. A. Ulery & Co. daughter Zola spent Sunday evening anounced by Deputy County Auditor Eai-1 Bugher. The distribution sheet has been returned from the Auditor of State William G. Oliver, with his approval of the figures. County Treasurer George B. Nottingham went to Indianapolis Friday with a check for $79,246.89, which he delivered in person to the state as the net amount due it. The full amount due the state was $102,246-99, but $23,000 of this had been advanced previously. The check was delivered to Ora Davies, state treasurer. Of the total amount of $895,466,-64 which remained in the county treasury after deductions had been with Mr. and Mrs. George Robertson and family. Mr. Everett Covalt is on the sick FOUND FOUND Where you can g,ot a hair cut for 35c, shave 15c. Conrad's Barber Shop. Hardware, South Side Square, Marion, Ind., as Official Branch of the Automobile License Department Of the Secretary of State for Grant and Surrounding Territory. MISCELLANEOUS Prafi'ru , of the bill for the rcmov- FOR CUSTOM BUTCHERING call Clayton Elsworth, Phone 1711. list. Mr. and Mrs. Leath Smith entertained at Sunday dinner Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ilahne and children, Mr. and Mrs. II. E. Payne and daughter, Mada-line and Gladys Leach. Miss Ilattie Leach spent several davs 'ast week with her sister Mrs. Ilei-bert Tomlinson of near Summit-ville. .!.-. ar. l Mrs. Everett Covalt and family entertained at Sunday dinner, rii and Mrs. Sam Leer, Mr. and Mrs. Tarl Dimick and daughters, Delight "1 T";rthv. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wright and Miss Mildred .Morphet. FOR QUICK Auto service call W. G Moon, 601 South Walnut street. Phone 382-2 rings on Red. . TYPEWRITERS, Cleaned, repaired. Bold. Ribbons, sunplies. W rite; phone, call, Arnold's Typewriter Shop, Phone 15S6. Next to Lyric Theatre downstairs. Marian. Ind. On and after Monday, December 12th, 1922 License will be issued immediately upon presentation tF certificate of title of machine for which license is desired. No delay. Get your license plate at the time ycu apply. Save time, trouble and "red tape. made. $792,219.65 will be paid to the courty and to taxing units within the county, school corporations, town. h:p corporation and civl towns. The fall amount collected was $898,316.14, but total deductions, representing amounts paid to special judges in the county, treasurer's fees and erroneous tax collection, were $29,849.50. The poor of the county will cost the thirteen townships $7.9-58.88. Construction of gravel roads will cost $94,965.22. Bridges eonstructr-d will cost $13,865, and the repair of gravel reads will cost $92,484.32. The total poll tax collected amounted t0 $6,925.14. Delinquent city tax collected amounted to $3,072.51, and other oelinquent taxes totalled $18,287. County Treasurer Kottingsham's fee for ollecti ig these delinquent taxes is $1,20.81. The auditor's distribution is as fol LITTLE RIDGE NOTICE OF FINAL SETTLEMENT OF ESTATE. No. 3746. Notice is hereby given to the cred the Rev. Hiram Harvey occupied pulpit at this place last Sabbath. Prayer meeting was held at itors, heirs and legatees of Joseph A. the . Roberts, Deceased, to appear in the home of Rev. and Mrs. Hiram Harvey . Grant Circuit Court, held at Marion, Also Official Branch Hoosier State Auto Association Representative in Store Daily. Free Touring" Information, Etc. Indiana, on the 27th day of December last Thursday evening, with Mrs. E. B. Harvey as leader. J 1921, and show cause, if any, why the : Final Settlemert Accounts with the al cf the state reformatory from Jef-fersonvil'e was practically completed Friday and the final draft submitted to the governor that afternoon. No changes in substance and few, if any, in the form of the measure were anticipated. It is expected it will go to the printers tonight, preparatory to introduction in the forthcoming special session of the legislature. Taking the form of an amendment to the present removal act, the bill provides: 1. That the governor shall appoint a committee of four to select a new site and that the reformatory trus- ; tees shall have charge of construc-tion. j 2. That the r.ew institution shall be located in some part of the state "more centrally located."" 3. That the governors appointees 1 shall have the right to condemn chosen property if the owners demand unreasonable prices. I 4. That the governor shall have the rk'it to appoint a committee to ad- ! vise the re-location committee. 5. That upon completion prisoner ; shall be removed from the old insti- ; tution to the new. 6. That there shall be appropriated approximately $800,000 for purchase ; of the site and erection of new build- ; ings, being $300,000 plus proceeds of the sale of the old reformatory j amounting to' about $450,000 plus j monev anpronriated for improvement i of the old institution. ' The "unworkable" original re- j Aithur Winslow was an over Sun day guest of his sister, Mr. and Mrs. Marion Jefferies of New Castle. The Little Ridge W. C. T. U. met in a business and program meetinr Tuesday afternoon at the home of m ' 'ii 11,1 ' im -j u n U m ..1 1 "J tU IMJJJJH 'LJJLiULLJ'i" JMWBWiiUM Jill PHI lows: State tax $ , Benevolent institutions . . ! State highway fund ! Stats -'hoc! tax State educations Inst. j Vocf-tiona education .... estate of said decedent should not be approved; and said heirs are notified to then and there make proof of heirship and receive their distributive shares. Witness, the Clerk of sai ! Court, this 1st day of December 1921. S. A .CONNELLY, Cleik of Grant Circuit Court, Dec. 5-12-19. NOTICE OF RECEIVER'S SALE OF PERSONAL PROPERTY. . Notice is hereby j.y.ven that pursuant to an order made aiAl entered by the 5,809.84 27,286.21 18.049.09 27,13.85 12.S58.3S 926.64 2.771.09 6,432,17 623.51 250.00 Mrs. Etta Doherty. The subject of Peace was the topic of the program. Mrs. Hiram Harvey gave a talk at the community meeting on Monday night of last week, which was held at Rigdon. I Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Ratlin enter-tained Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Whiteley for Sunday dinner. j Winifred Brewer, who has been ill with dinhtheria is much improved. ! i I j i State so di?rs Mwnal.. Common school interest Permanent ed. fund int. . Docket fees, circuit ct. County tax 102,786.09 15.995.72 Nothing too fragile or too bulky to be washed without rubbing by Township tax Tuition Grant Superior Court of Grant Coun- Palmer Hastv. vounc, son of Mr. and State of Indiana, the undersigned 183,769.99 101.557.58 172.48 92,484.32 13,865.14 94.965.22 92,559.97 Mrs. George Hasty has been very ill with diphtheria. Mrs. Hasty had a. l!rvVi n f f ol- qIca jSpvcial school i Road tax j Gravel road repair , j County bridge Gravel road construction. receiver will offer for sale at private sale for cash to the highest and best 1 bidder at his office in the Town of I p: ...i. T .i:.. , i, o-jj J. moval act provides that the re-loca tion committee should have charge of instruction as well as selection of the site. The nw bill leaves the j Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Whiteley were ! "' ,K,U" "m," , 7 ,, . , TT , 4. tic i of December, 1921, and from day to called to Howard county Monday: ' ' . .. -,i .. day thereafter until said property is morning by the serious illness of the , f r . J j Corporation tax 142,337.24 mutter of more central location en 12.90S.78 i sola ana alter tnree weeKs putmcaLion. j School bond .... j School equipment tirely in the hands of the committee 12.21 Mr. A. E. Ratliff attended a board:" 'P'nw- -. " 1.559.05 ! while the old act stipulates that it . , , . ' furniture, fixtures, patents, and all i Library and everv kind of nersoral property Vocational t . " " . ' V Richmond last week j heretofore used and owned by the Tel- lot eminent domain provisions are ue- Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Whiteley visited! Corporalion Iocated in said Town . 895,466.64 I signed to prevent "hold ups" by pro "Net total collected "ednesaay tfte latter smotner, Mrs. ,f Fairmount, perty owners. The advisory committee provision . j . omitn oi irjummiivue. KEEP THE KIDNEYS WELL That said sale will be made subject to the approval of said Court. agrees with the present act and the That the machinery and equipment Mrs. W .H. Ribble and son James Alfred were called to Hanfield last ft. lfsMMcai1 1 r rL Via-. Uaam 4Via An Xmas Gift She Health is Worth Saving, and Some ' provision for transfer of prisoners is Fairmount People Know How to j a technicality to guard against at-Sare It. j tempts to make their removal invalid. I One of the principal reason the pre- week on account of the illness of Mrs. j perty of the he Telbax Corpora-Ribble's mother, Mrs. D. B. Emerick. j tion and ig suitable for and ig em Many Fairmount people take their ! sent law was not caTried out was that lives in their hands by neglecting tne The girls of Mrs. Leonard Little's Sunday school class of the Friends church will conduct a market in one kidneys when they know thvse organs j ployed in making playing cards, I games, and other things to be sold to i persons, firms and corporations deal-. ing in sujch commodities, j O. R. SCOTT, Receiver. j Nov. 28, Dec. 5-12, need heln. Weak kidneys are respon ible for a vast amount of suffering 'of the down town stores next Satur day. and ill health the slightest delay is dangerous. Use Doan's Kidney Pills WWfc Forget Why not fcuy the best. It washes dirt out of the clothes instead of through them. The Patented Sedi-mate Zone doe's the work. $10 Down and $12.50 a Month the $300,000 originally appropriated was considered too small, hence the increased proposed appropriation. No time limit for cocpletion of the roject is fixed, although Colgate & Co., purchasers of the Jeffersonville property, are pressing for possession at the earliest possible moment. Senator Duncan probably will introduce the removal bill in the senate, the first day of the session. The bill providing for an appropriation to cover the expenses of the special session, amounting to probably $10,000, will be introduced in the house by Otto G. Fifield, Lake county, chairman of the house ways and means committee, and Republican floor leader. It is said sentiment continues to prow in favor of a one-day session, and consideration of only the matter of re-location of the reformatory. The speakership race is waxing .75 $123, a remedy that ias helped thousand of kidney sufferers. Here is a j Fairmount citixens recommendation. Milton Powers, decorator, 118 S. Bartley St., says: "My kidney-s were weakened by an operation and 1 suffered a great deal with my back. I didn't know what it was to he free from backaches. My kidneys refused to act. I used Doan's Kidney . Pill's from H. W. Hahne's Drug Store and they regulated my kidneys and rid me of the backaches. I am glad to recommend Doan's. Price 60c, at all dealers. Don't simply ask for a kidney remedy get Doan's Kidney Pillt-r-the same that Mr. Power, had. Foster-CIilbcm Co-. Mfrt-r Buffalo, If. Yj A4ertiTOent. RALPH C. COTTRELL SPECIALIST ON THE FITTING OE GLASSES 409 Marion National' Bank Building MARION, INDIANA Phono 243 Sundays by Appointment Broyles Electric 1 19 Vcit Fourth Street Company Marion, Indiana Ic'.'.c. e&eh day as the icssi&s

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