The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 30, 1936 · Page 6
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 6

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 30, 1936
Page 6
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Wedi sday, December 30, 1936 Thie Daily Cllntonian, Clinton, Indiana P.I TODAYS Work Speeds on Two Memorials CLASSIFIED ADS F. D. R. ASKS FOR POWER TO HALT PLANE DELIVERY which had controlled the industry for years, went on the rocks. The fait that it probably went on the rocks because of lack of "rocks" onlv adds to the confusion. SPPRTtPARADr p y it WANTED (Continued from P. e 1) (Continued I'rom Piute l ive) President and Preacher Garfield was tire only American '. I "' "'he. else u ns 3 tjreueher. Woman to do housework and care for invalid. References. Apply at 702 N. Main street. t46 PAID NOTICES Rates for Classified Ads and Paid Notices First day of Insertion: 8c for each reading line (one column Hue, like one of tbese). Next two days Insertion: the same Ic charge (you (fet three days at double the cost of the first day). Neil three days Insertion: the same 8c cliurce (you get whole week, six days, at three times the cunl of one insertion). Each group of three days thereafter, 8c a line. lUwk Vw (Ilka this), 10c ler line. of arms, ammunition and implements of war. now subject to inHttd-iitoly embargo on the outbreak of hostilities, to include ilso loans ami credits and "war materials," such as oil. cotton, metals, and even food. It'cnate and house leaders pre-j:i!ci to Int i-oiltice the measure to li'ill tlie airplane Hhliiiuent to Spain h" iiiipliielit cniirresM convenes next B-'CK. only gives a wrestler a temporary buzzing In the temples. K-veii the '1 II III '1 11 Hi llllllet S USllcSS, h-IIIUSe diim-diini as tlie bullet Is. the wrext-lers are diimbilumber. Ant i-aircra . I Weapons at e- i ollHlllel i ll llie InoKt effective laryely because tli y don't lire oil the level. The wrestling w:ir bloke out icv-.ral months ami when (be great trust (next to Swift & Co.. the largest beef handier in uie world l Birth of Panama Punnma wus a part of Colombia it, pit);) when the hitter country rejected the treaty with the Tinted Stutes regard. tig Uie pr .)' canal fiuring the expansion and ah--oi-p-lion of their country by Vinu.l Stutes. I'fina'nu then declared Us independence anil made Uu tici'y which resulted in the Panama Canal. MATTSON READY TO PAY. WAITING ON INSTRUCTION? CAHI !' TIMftiKH We wish lo extend our most sincere lljunks and appreciation lo the Mends, relatives and neighbors for llielr great kindness and lender sympathy so generously extended lo us at tlie recent death of our he-loved father, Joe Herluttl. May euih of you hi' blessed for your many kind and friendly acts shown us at this sad and trying lime. We especially wish to thank the priests. Itev. Father Sylvester Zel-mer and Kev. Father George Zei-nier. fur their kind and consoling words, the altar hoyB, the singers tind Hie donors of the beautiful floral offerings, also the Socleta C. Columbus. No. 81. Socleta l.lhero I'euslero, Victor Pirates (.'rem No. 2ti, WPA project No. 9172, Dreamland Pleasure club and the Northern Indiana Power company. Her-totii family. 140 . All ads IihIikIIiik uiiiiio-riiuiia and nollrvs of all kinds mul be paid In advama riwpt IIium) l) regular fuwtomeni whose rccouiiIs are paid numtlily or tlioee from organizations wlioae bills iiiunI or allowed before Hiik l'd. I" 'J'1' lalier oase the uermMi acklng the publication of I he notice will be held respoiisible for lis paynwiit. Lr ' T.:- F Thunuu A. KdlwMil '?' I i n i i fc-sil Hill Kogen. m 1 1 s H : ... f i'- i l l I - "4 i Jarvi "" h 4 " "'-I ' ' NOTICE K'nntihtied from Vne' 1 been prepared by a dozen or juorr c; -men, who nave been nosing rennd he city in nnneha hint atti-(Nl'H. They will be aided by scores of deputy sheriffs, police and state highway patrolmen. FOR SALE Maik Donnelly, Shep- 15(1 Alfalfa hay. ardsvllle. A HI) OK 1 HANKS We wish to thank our friends, re lalhea and neighbors for the kind Monuments and markers, llest granite, ilish cIubs workmanship. Prices and estimates gladly given. Carl D. Williams, 425 Lincoln St.. Fairview. Clinton, Ind. 14a Named Klaten Island Staten Island was named Ktutten Eylandt by Henry Hudson in Iu7 in honor of the slate: general ot H Netherlands, by whom lie as em ployed. ness and sympathy extended us at the death of our wife and mother. Maria Silotto. Also wish to thank Kev. H. H. Wagner. Frist funeral home. Mrs. Vlnro and the donors of flowers and cars. James Silotto and At a meelins of the State Board of Tax Commlsfioners it was decided that all counties would be required to hold a tax t ale on Delinquent property. Therefore, Taxpayers are requested to pay their delinquent taxes and avoid their property being advertised and additional costs added thereto. C. B. COOPER, Auditor Vermillion County, Indiana. family. t45 ft .j a i.y. janf: yawp- j .. r.. ,z: . ' Edison tower ' iwogers siiriuir Model A 1929 Ford truck in good running condition. Price 1"0 for quick sale. Andy Johnson, phone 915-12 t4,, Cream separator, gallon churn. 631 Blackman street. t4ti Good kindling wood, very reasonable. L. W. Hershey, phone 21. 1 Jefferson Aidee Health Thomas Jefferson when piesident lent his support to estal lishinf smallpox vaccination as a pil'jlii health measure in this wiclry. NOTH'K! All members of Clinton Modern Uoo'lincii of America must net December payments In not later than .Monday, January 4. by . ni. K. J.. Sanders, secretary. 147 While construction1 nears completion on one memorial to a noted American, plana are rapidly taking shape for a memorial to another equally famous. On the slopes of Cheyenne mountain near Colorado Springe work U progressing at a rapid rate on the shrine erected In tribute to Will Rogers, comedian and commentator. Menlo Park, N. J., aite of the original laboratory of Thomas Edison, was chosen the location of the tower which will commemorate the achievements of the famous Inventor, and construction will start next spring. 19U Happiness in the t.w lUe isn't cruel. It hurts, but it heals the hurt. If you let it have ilf way with you it brings peace an.- happiness in the end Woodrow Washer, 225 North Seventh street. t45 Business Services Markets $7ooiooo; ONE KILLED. 11 r,irM unl medium. ,infi $9.00 13.00. Butcher I A 1717 RlIDMFn AT rii uviv, 1 m-ml i Furs tanned and made up. Red or gray fox chokers. $6.00. Wayne Livengood;: Hillsboro, Indiana. t49 IT WILL BE A cattle: heifers, $5.00 1 1.50; cows, 4 257.50; bulls, $4.5007.00; calves, $5.00 12.00; feeder steers, u sui 8 5U: stocker steers, $4.50 HOLIDAY DANCE INDIANAPOLIS, Dec. 30 Livestock : HOGS, 6.OD0 : holdovers. 80; Weights above 160 lbs. opened 10c lower than Tuesday's best time; underweights steady; market closed active, esneeiallv above 160 lbs.; For Sale Coal u on blocker cows and heifers. (Continued from Page 1) YEA -1 match caught one of the costumes ant! almost at once all was ablaze The young men escorts frantical $4. 50 (i 6.75. SHEEP, 14.000; steady; medium and choice lambs. $9.009.75: culls and common. $6.50 8.50; yearlings, $6.00 8.00; common and choice ewes, $2.504.50; feeder lambs, $5.008.00. Saving on Foods at OAKLEY'S Good coal mine to lease. See Harry Fox, Crompton Hill. t4li FOURTH VKIN COAL, I'NlVUItSAlJ MIAMI NO. 4, ANI BLACK BUTTV NO. 5. HAKLKY HI Kr- MAN, PHONE 10. lt CHICAGO, Dec. 30 Wheat prices Yellow ('ling-Sliced or Halves - Packed in Heavy Syrup FIFTH AND KIXJ'H VKIN COAL CALL MK FOR I'KK KS. DK MVKKKD. ANDY JOHNSON, TKL KPHONK 015-12. ,0'V Z k 33c S1.Z5 p PEACHES Jpf SUGAR steady to 5c lower; sows strong to 10c higher: 100-180 lbs.. $10.45; 1 80-200 lbs.. $10.50; 200-225 lbs., $10.55; 225-235 lbs., $10.60; 235-250 lbs.. $10.50; 250-260 lbs., $10.35; 200-275 lbs.. $10.25; 275-2S5 lbs.. $10.0510.10; 285-300 lbs., $9. 90(B) 10.00; 300-325 lbs., $9.80(ff9.90: 325-350 lbs., $9.70 9.80; 350-400 lbs., $9.60 9.70 ; 150-100 lbs.. $10: 140-150 lbs., $9.75; 130-140 lbs.. $9.60; 120-130 lbs.. $9.25: 110-120 lbs.. $9: 100-410 lbs.. $8.75; sows, $8.90g9.65, lop $9.75. CATTLE, 1.400; calves, 600; dependable market on all classes and grades; fully steady; prime 1,196-lb. steers, $13.15; several loads. $9.2513.00: most heifers. $6.50& 8.00; beef cows. $4.605.50: cutter grades. $3.50(5)4.25; weighty dropped 'k to 94 c at the opening today, reflecting selling on weak cables. Corn was In demand and advanced M to c. Oats were unchanged to c off. WHEAT: May, 134-134 ',4; July, 117-1)7 'A; Sept., 1 1 4 V4 - CORN: (new) May. 1U6',4; Julv. 103; Sept.. 99: (old) May, 104 V, : July. 100 ',4. We Handle Only Pure Cane Sugar 25-ib. Cloth Bag FOR RENT ly removed their coats in an effort to smother the fire. Men Also Burned In their attempts to stem the blaze several of the men were burned, none seriously. The Selma fire department immediately answered the call hut reported little damage to the country club building, where the dance was held. Of the 11 others burned, six wer-? in a critical condition. They are Mrs. Clarence Agee. burns about body and neck; Mrs. Ed Smith, back burns; Mrs. Uicyrd Williams, burned back; Mrs. Bernard Reynolds, body and neck burns; Mrs. Leaske Harris, body burns; Mrs. William Craig, body burns. Ycur Choice of Flavors 45. OATS: May, 60-; July BEVERAGES 'v i-eseur the rilit to limit (juttsilitie. ri-ieys subject lo market dualize Modern single or light housekeeping rooms. 050 S. 4th St. t50 Two room modern furnished apartment. Garage. 44 2 Vine St. t46 3 beautiful large office rooms In Ti,uuia, niHc THeai arrangement Plus Bottle Charge sausage hulls. $5.75 6.00; vealers AMERICAN BEAUTY strong to mostly 50c higher; bulk for two doctors, dentists, lawyers,' TOWNSEND'S AX BEGINS TO FALL AT STATEHOUSE (Continued from Page 1) etc. All rooms In A-l condition. Heat, light, lavatory and reasonable better grades. $12. 60 13.00. SHEEP, 600; supply mostly na tive lambs; these moBtly 25c high err bulk better grade native lambs 140 rent. Palace Theater. Doggie Dinner, perfect dog food . 3 cans 23c OVALTINE, large size. . tin 58c TOMATO JUICE 3 giant cans 23c JELL-O, assorted flavors pkg. 5c SALAD DRESSING h; 29c $9.25(59.50, top $9.75; slaughter sheep steady; fat ewes, mostly $3.00 Vegetable or Tomato Wanted to Trade WOMAN HELD IN KENTUCKY CELL AFTER SHOOTING (B3.!u, top 4. pected to resign as state chairman and Heller assume the direction of Giant Cans Indiana democracy. Townsend reportedly feels It ii not good policy to have the attorn (Continues Trom Fftge 1) Garden Fresh Fruits and Vegetables ey-general, chief law enforcement officer of the state, act also as head Piano for overstuffed suite. Claude Hall, Fairview. t45 For Sale or Trade 1936 Ford pick-up. Excellent condition. 650 S. 4th St., Clinton. 149 READ THE ADS CHICAGO, Dec. 30. Livestock: HOGS, 23.000; steady; holdovers, 4.000; top, $10.45; bulk. $10,006 10.40; heavy, $10.0010.45; medium. $10.0010.40: light. $10.00 10.40; light Lights. $9.60 10.20; packing sows, $9.25 10.00; pigs, $7.50(5 9.75. CATTLE. 9,000: steady. Calves, 1.500; steady. Beef steers: good and choice, $10.00 15.00; com- of a political party, and statehouse observers feel that despite Jackson's BEE AD Nrw, Delirious Twirled Bread i resh hach Morning. Valuable coupon wrapped in each loaf declaration that he will hold both jobB he will be persuaded ultimately Grapefruit, marsh seedless. . . .3 for 10c Oranges, California dozen 19c Celery 3 stalks 10c Head Lettuce, size 60 head 5c Apples, fancy box 2 lbs. 15c Tangerines, large size dozen 1 9c As Pseudo Mother Went to Jail to relinquish one or the other. In order not to inject too much patronage controversy Into the impending legislative session, major changes In the administration probably will be deferred until March or April. 20-oz. Loaf had lired four shots at Shepherd hh he sat at the defense table, said the mother regained her composure in jail and expressed regret at having "shot bystanders." , Rice said she told him she brought the pistol from home, but an investigation was started to determine if the gun came from a holster strapped to a man's peg leg, as reported by spectators. Funeral services were being arranged for young Shepherd, who, because of paralyzed legs, sat motionless while two shots ended his life. His brother. Noah, being tried Jointly on a charge of murder escaped by running from the courtroom down a Btairwav. Noah was tukeu to the Winchesier, Ky., jufl for safekeeping. The Shepherds were accused of ,&.AwJy&&.9S$f& . ......::--::; CORN FLAKES Ilollieanna Crisp Flukea FLOUR DEBATED PLANE 3 28c 25c SHIPMENT FILLS REDS WITH JOY Prepared From lit y .Soaked i'eu.s All pnrpue I'Munr 1 iCotitluued fruui Page 1) The I'ei feet SlitH'l-nilitf 53c I'uMiid Tin CRISCO killing Harvey (lahhard, a son of Mrs. Wlekline'a by a former marriage, Christmas eve. I I . . 1 1 . . . . J 1 1 .. III. l l ..-;il 24c l' Jiir PEANUT BUTTER Nn. 1 raney i) u;t lily INDIANAPOLIS TO GET CONFERENCE 20c 17c Tall t 'ans rr.n I'm.. i:i; .I'IHIIU, MILK voralile to the loyalist nrmy. "We are prot eHNiuK Hlfudily and slowly uKuliirit the enemy around Madrid," Iih said. "We ulo art limiting protfivnH on oilier frontu We luue cheeked I lu enemy mi tin I't.rdoliii front, where live Or mm ri'KillieillH Ule nppOHillK Ur," Following yeHterdny'B advunrr west of .Madrid, where tde loyalist dink Villuneuva de la Cauda, the Hit nation wan quiet today, due mainly lo a heavy rain. OAKLEY'S BEST COFFEE INDIANAPOLIS, Dec. 80. A conference to consider the problem of tenenry funning will he held in In-iiunupolis Jull. 7. Gov. Paul V. Me-Vutt announced today. The governor said he received word of the proposed meeting from Henry A. Wallace, secretary of agriculture and chairman of a speciul committee appointed hy President Hoosevelt to study the tenency It was the impression of the war 2.1 Rich, full Bodied Flavor, Try a Pound Today POUND ) Mrs. Muench with marshal I , I i iiTT.. nwmmmmmmmmmtmm-M -4 Xm Mrs. Nellie Muench mininler that the enemy had abandoned for the present Its intention -t attaekint; Madrid in a concen trated drive, and that they would fnht for a while merely to hold -QUALITY INSPECTED MEATS Sugar Cured Hams, skinned hams, Half or whole lb. 181c Beef, fresh ground, no cereal added .lb 1 1 ic Bacon, machine sliced, no rind, Armour's or Swift's lb. 23 c Spare Ribs, fresh, meaty .lb. I5ic Brains, selected veal or pork lb. lljc Pork Roast, English cut, 2 to 3-Ib. pieces lb. 15lc Choice Baby Beef Steak, sirloin . lb. 15ic Roast. . lb. 15c, 12c Boiling Beef lb. 10c, 8Jc Milk Fed Veal Steak or Chops lb. 17k Roast Ib. 15c, 2c Stew or Breast for Pocket lb. 10c their positions. COFFEEiyc OAKI.DI S hl'IOI HI. I M 3 03 p viptiia 10 35c 10c 25c 28c kU (.H.AITN. fruil flavoril, 'A kN .I1I'M i'.l IT JI K'K 2 No. 'i rHJlK )H, Hhol- k.lil'T S l-JIK Painted Furniture Historic Painted furniture has been notable since the days of the Pharaohs and beautiful painted pieces frcm that period have been found. Because of its combination of beauty and practicality it will undoubtedly always continue in popular use. It has a charm and decorative loveliness distinctly its own. The old French, English, Dutch and Chinese masters and cabinet makers for hundreds of years contributed their skill to this ancient art. Self-Conceit Those, who, either from their own engagements and hurry of business, or from indolence, or from conceit and vanity, have neglected looking out of themselves have from that time not only ceased to advance and improve in their performances, but have gone backward. They may be compared to, men who have lived upon their principal, till they are reduced to beggary, and left without resources. We Will Be Closed All Day New Years Day! Sentenced to 10 years In prison and $5,000 fine for attempting to swindle a wealthy St. Louis physician by palming off an unwed mother'a baby as theirs. Mrs. Nellie Tipton Muench. inset. Is shown a she left court after her sentence to start her prison term.

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