The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on December 12, 1921 · Page 2
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 2

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, December 12, 1921
Page 2
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: v THE FAIRMOUNT NEWS The Fairmount News!eir delegates to attend good roads congress 4 ki ducer rather than to profit the impor ter, i The alien and domestic interests ' which are fattening at the expense of j American production, are carrying on a well organized and financed propo- i Published on Mondays and Thursdays A - S. ROBERTS, Editor and Publisher. Minnie Mc Lucas Roberts, Associate. i flii li vk 11 L V 0 iiii m Give Scientific Light Control Office: Main 265 Res, Black SS2-1 TELEPHONES ganda directed against early action on ' the tariff, and agsinst effective action j ; when it is taken. They are calling at-! tention to the fact that as trade con-' SUBSCRIPTION RATES. H X H H X X X X X X X (Within Indiana.) jditions are changing so rapidly, no Sbt months" 1.25 vif law eaacte ow could be per- Three mor.ihs 75 nianent. The fact that it may be nec- ( Outside Indiana.) essary to later revise the schedules of One year $3.00 a tarjff bill enacted to meet present "h- oo i conditions, is no good reason why xnree months .ru . All subscriptions ravable strictly needed protective tariff legislation The Liberty Lens is standard equipment on AmericaXmost famous cars, and they are legal in all states. This is conclusive evidence of it's high efficiency and unexcelled quality. We can save you future disappointment if you see usbefore you buy. Don't forget to insist on Liberty Lens. W3-m: fry ?countinued at j should not be enacted at once. OV! in expiration of subscription time un- There is involved in this matter not rv-r.fiwal i received rtrior to ex- only the prosperity of the producers of ' piratin date. X X this country as agains the prosperity Entered as second-class matter at , of a few importers and financiers, but j the postoff.ce at Fairmount. Ind., un-' .u. m,tor f l om'rp- faith with the I ROAD MACHINERY EXPOSITION, COLISEUM, CHICAGO he Act of Congress of March 8, . XT u o X x t r X jk der t 1879. j people w ho believe that there already 'has hwn ton much delay in tariff leg- bond issues, road administration and maintenance, traffic regulation highway transportation and numerous other subjects of vital interest to the officials who deal with public thoroughfares, as 'well as contractors, engi E. 0. Ellis Auto Supply Co. STORAGE BATTERIES Tires, Accessories, Oils, Gasoline, Vulcanizing W. V. Fowler, Mgr. Phone 226 neers and good roads advocates gen- t erallv. has been prepared. Twenty I PROTECTIVE TARIFF SHOULD ;sation. 1 BE PROMPTLY ENACTED " Hundreds of thousands of wage There has never been at time in the ;oarners are idle in this country today history of the United States of Ameri. j because of the importation of articles ca when a thoroughly protective tariff. cf foreign production manufactured was more immediately or vitally es- ' under labor costs that would be un. sential than at present. thinkable in the United States. Fail- There has never been a time in the ure to pass a protective tariff law has history of this nation when th? people na(j far more to do with the creation of the d States were more thor-'anj continuance of the existing ir.dus-ough'.y ur.-ted in their belief that a ; trjaj depression than most men ima-sound protective tariff law should be ' r;rc, and unless such legislation is had enacted. before many more months have passed, thousand delegates are expected to at- j This city and county are being urged to make suitable provision for sending delegates officially to the Twelfth American Good Roads Congress and Thirteenth National Good Roads Show to be held under the auspices of the American Road Builders Association at the. Coliseum, in Chicago, January 17, IS, 19 and 20 next. The mayors of more than 5,000 American and Canadian cities and the hoards of commissioners in 3,000 counties have each been asked to appoint from three to five delegates. In many cases the delegates will be headed by the mayors and the commissioners themselves. An exhaustive program dealing with the latest methods developed In the construction of aM types of roads and " v 'sr v A A a a tend the congress. The big exposition of labor saving machinery, methods and appliances, which will include- many things that are new, will be the greatest of the kind he world has ever known. Enough space has already been engaged by exhibitors to fill the Coliseum and Annex, breaking all previous records for this exposition and making it necessary for the Road Builders' As Chiropractors McAtee and McAtee Fairmount Office Hours: Summitville 2 to 5 aid Tuesday, Thurs- 7 to 8 p. m. day and Saturday Phone 280 8 to 11 a. m. MRS. DAY ENTERTAINS AT CLASS SOCIAL. The members of the Sunday school class of the M. E. church, taught by Mrs. G. D. McAtee, and their families held a social at the home of Mr. and Mrs. I. T. Day Thursday evening. An elaborate pot-luck supper was enjoyed by all. Games n(i contests were No non-believer in a protective not only may we not expect improve-tariff can be a sound Republican, for nient, but a dark deepening of the ex protection i ar.1 has been from the ; isting "hard times." days cf Lincoln the comer stone of j No one expects that Congres is go-the Republican faith. I ing to pass a perfect tariff law. The The foes of protection have, in view , perfect tariff law is like the perfect of the fact that the party in power is tax law, it is the one every man can sociation to lease adjoining nuudmgs streets, safety on the highways, road taxes, street assessments, highway i in order to house the overflow. in honor bound to enact protective . frame in his own mmd without hav- j - features of the evening. A letter ii nriiT!. rcrrpatfti Trom a ros-Tion mil 10 vunsuii iiie iiiicieus ai"c 01 a tanir commission mav De expect, ntnpr. mav accent u or re eci n. i E. B. COUCH DENTIST of direct opposition to such a measure but himself. But it is easily possible ! ed to solve the tariff problem is one'. They know very well, though, that from Miss Uva Day wh0 is in China, They are centering- their efforts upon . to enact a measure based upon the that doctrinaires have been airinp for ! if they dc not see fit to adopt the ratio Rivii a very interesting account of h'mc fr .lav in i-n an pr.ftmit. protective principle, and later correct ; fortv vears. Nor are the neoDle readv ' mnsiHorpH hv tbp Americans to be trip across was read. Those pre. Rooms over Hahne Drug Store Off,- ni.: 1 to 5 regulating- tariff fair yes, more than fair, considering and in opposition to the American , such defect Mrs. Sweeney, Bevington, Mrs. sent were, Rev. and Miss Sample, Mrs. I schedules over to such a commission. ! w-hnf- tV TTnitpd States offer to do to velop. valuation system, which in the present state cf foreign exchange is ab- t theorv that the deliberations its own fleets the mad race of the as- tepnens, -uiss r.g.u, ,irs. The Samuel Leer, Mr. and Mrs. r rank The people aie rather weary of the system of putting business constantly at the mercy of some bureaucratic board with only a theoretical knowledge of business, and with no determined policy of tariff making. What the American people voted nations tQ outstrip one another in armaments will continue, and in the end it means disaster for one or more of them. Not only will there be increasing, danger of war, but the enormous expense involved will likely enhance White, Mr. and Mrs. Guy Green and son Charles, Mr. and Mrs. John Heavi-lin, Mrs. Ida Heck, Mrs. Lou Kimes, Mrs. Efhe Kimes and daughter Mar-tell, Miss Lucia Parrill, Mrs. Ida 1 BUY YOUR XMAS TREES EARLY AUCTIONEER STOCK SALES A SPECIALTY. Call at my, Phone 2. on. 19 Fowlerton. C. W. DICKERSON Rubber Stamps. ; When needing anything in the-Rubber Stamp line see us. tl-ov o. I (k KKii;f,. ntmn,i Kor,i-,nt Winsett. Mr. and Mrs. Mort Sright, WATCH WATCH mand, is a protective tariff that will j Ameiica, better than any other nation, Mrs- Mattie Langsdon, Mrs. Traster lestore and preserve prosperity, such can afford to go on with this spending an(i son Byron, Mr. and Mrs. Iler-prosperity as we have always enjoyed of the people's money for great sea nian Ross and son Murel, Mrs. Claude under a protective tariff, in the Unit- fighters, but there is increasing evi- Houston and son Glen, Ir. and Mrs. . ed States. It is argued that our first dence everywhere that folks are hear. John Marine, Dr. and Mrs. G. D. Mc- I. T. Dav and FAIRMOUNT NEWS. Atee and Mr. and Mrs. son Chase. SUGAR 62c Per Pound duty, in the matter of tariff, is to tily sick of it. The common people I humanity in general rather than to want to get back to normalcy, and it ourselves, but what shall it profit the 13 going to be no short shift in Eur-i world if we go broke trying to save ope, even with naval expenditures re-jit? The scriptures say that he who duced. If they continue as they have, ! does not look after his own household ' a dangerous situation will develop, i is worse than an infidel, and a nation ; Uncle Sam means what he says, and NOTICE OF FINAL S9TTLEMENT OF ESTATE No. 3820. DR. C. L. FENTON Dentist X-RAY Rooms over Postoffice Honrs 8 to 11:30 a. m. 1 to 5 p. ed- Notice is hereby given to the credi- THE SPOTS THE SPOTS Harriet j which will not protect its own people ' Europe can take suggestions or leave tors, heirs and legatees of to hem.- cannot reasonably expect to look -Portland (Me.) Press. j Dickey, Deceased, to appear in the j Grant Circuit Court, held at Marion, JUNK THE NEW ONES 20c 35c and 40c I TQ levy heavy taxes upon American Indiana, on the 2nd day of January, IP.?'? and sVinw rmivc i-f nnv wbv tbf Uncle Sam is right. If the nations t industry, and then to expose it to des New Dates New Nuts. .' Grape Fruit Cranberries Apples, 5 lb petition armed with Pe out battleships and keep Final Settlement Accounts with the I tructive alien com . i , tne old it wia be better tor tne peace .. . , , . . of at of said decedent .10c .25c .25c ! the deadly weapon a cheapness Fresh Coconuts 10c Hershey Cocoa 23c Cluster' Raisins 30c Layer Figs, per lb 30c Fruit Cake S1.50 Karo, 5 lbs 30c Sunbeam Coffee 45c Sunbeam Flour S1.25 Tip Top Flour 95c of the world. It would get away Wine Saps. 3 lb 25c Bananas 'zc Candy 122, 15, 20 and 25c Swansdown Cake Flour ....37c estate should not be approved; and said heirs are notified to then and there make proof of heir ship and receive their distributive shares. Witness, the Clerk of said Court, this 9th day of Dec. 1921. S. A. CONNELLY, . Clerk of Grant Circuit Court. Dec. 12-19-26. tained through the sacrifice of human j values, is a good plan for wrecking ! American industry. ! Failure to enact with all promptness ' possible a genu'ne protective tariff law, a protective tariff law that will actually protect, will be for the par. ( ty responsible for that failure to in-! vite defeat at the hards Qf the people whose manctite has thus been disregarded. National Republican. from the idea that governments must keep up to the minute in munitions of war. The big idea is to encourag,i nations to forget war. If they have all the tools ready there is always danger of resoiting to war. There is no objection to a swift and seaworthy vessel. An up-to-the-minute naval fighting machine is another matter and is the thing we are trying to get rid cf. Los Angles Times. We are paying 21c for Chickens Delivered In. Good Outlet for Turkeys. Eyes Tested, (I lasses Fitted y State 1 Registered OPTOMETKTSTS Dr. C. C. PARIS and Dr. EMIL FARIS Exclusively Optical In the sixteenth century it was cus- j tomary to put on one side of the i i The Mayflower V . 1 1 UNCLE SAM MEAN'S WHAT HE SAYS BUT WILL NOT BE "EASY MARK" I Delegates frcm any country represented at the Washington conference jon the limitation of armaments who NINE TAKE EXAMINATION j blades of table knives the musical! FOR LOCAL POSTOFFICE. ' notes of the benedictions or grace be. Nine Fairmount people are seeking fore meal, and on the other side the ; place as postmaster of Fairmount, j grace after meal. there being that number who took the j civil service examination held by the NEWS W AVTADS. GE'T" 7T-" Phone 11 Bob Lindsay, Prop undertake to modity the proposals laid down by the United States rela- civil service commissioner in Marion Saturday. Among this number were 2s tive to the reduction of fighting, ships are likely to find that there can be no NEW CREAM STATION The Sherman-White Creamery Company, of Ft. Wayne, has installed a cream station in the rear room of my store. We are now ready to receive cream and pay the highest market price. two women. The rules of the post cmce department will not permit the examiners to make public the names of those who took the examination, although their names are pretty generally known locally. According to the rules the plum may go to any one of the three securing the hig jhest credits in the examination, the choice being largely in the hands of Congressman Kraus. dickering on this question. When Charles E. Hughes, secretary of state, j startled the world by laying this na- tion's cards on the table the opening jday of this momentous gathering, he j told the other delegates what, in the main, the United States considered as ia reasonable basis for the cutting (down of navies. On some minor ! points it is possible, of course, that Headquarters for Xmas Novelties , Largest line ever shown in Fairmount of Oil Cloth Lunch Sets, Unbleached Muslin for Bed Spreads, Aprons, Lunch Clothes, etc., Stamped to order. Wool and Silk Hose. Best Linen Handkerchiefs in town, 5c to 50c Make your selections early. Mrs. Ella Patterson's Art Store East Washington St. Phone Main 92 W. I. McKinley : there may ultimately be some modi-1 , fications, but as a whole the plan set A buried forest has been discovered forth by Mr. Hughes will stand, and near Peterborough, England. By Charles Sughxoe Worn. NnwUn MICKIE, THE PRINTER'S DEVIL Seeing New York From the Subway 1 SEEW1G HR.P 'M J C5T : S YSfcs om owe sit a tu' ;gyf. U '- msmmmm - -

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