The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 30, 1936 · Page 5
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 5

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 30, 1936
Page 5
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Page 5 The Daily Clintonian, Clinton, Indiana Wednesday, December 30, 1936 Boxing's Biggest Belter Bowling Results traits ?: i UJf Holiday Spirit in New Orleans as Big Game Nears NI'.'W Oltl.KANS. Dee. 30.- Tliis It v took on a holiday spirit today ., i, ,1 Inii. .cit was near tint boiling as the Santa ('lui'u-l.oul'ciana Stale root Nail Hassle n ipi oaclccl. Hnnicc) hoostiTH iiulled Into town late y.-Ml'i ! afternoiin and were Iniini'iliaii'ly thrown Into the whirl nt erili'liii'lil and holiday hiirit Aecoiuinodatlniis were as srarre as lIc-liftK on the r.O-yard line. To take rare of the crowds swarming ;nto New (Jrleana for the wind up of IS WALLOPED IN COAST TOURNEY Bitsy Grani, Frank Parker Will Play Semi-final Matches Today in Sugar Bowl Competition HKVKItl.Y 1111,1. N. Cnl., !. :tt - Surijrlr.uii' torm i.-vth:i1 hy Sll-ht'w It. U'und. Jr., r .Ww York, rated in Aini'ric:i's IirI J fur the pant nix yt'urH, who wan (h-lVuifil by Johnny Murttnu, u t iiiiijKiialivi' lnT.hint'i , still was (tin pftiitr uf ciiiivcisaliun tuday nt IIih annual boutln-m California mid-winter tennis tuiirnu-merit. Moreno walloped Wood, (J-l. (!-'.! Don Uude. seeded No. 1 , eliminated Ray MhkI as, (i-.J. U-:t and then defeated Don Ueavens, Northwestern university champion, G-3, fi-4. The queen of American court, Allefi Harlde. after a reftpitn from singles com petit ion yesterday, was to make her next appearance tuday. (jit wT ;kts tkst NEW ORLEANS. Uet .10- It will be speed against finesse today in ' If. ' -' y "' """" (jur " b 1 Snot mr lUraeo moldeb. is 'i; I Ancle. M4. AJ0W "swo Punches msntt, t'V ' ..X. I Of WtlfflHT-- Ht SHOUtO SPftD the third annual Kui-ar Howl program, the assnriation of roiiimeree has broadcast a city-wide appeal for private homes to list with a renting bureau all spare rooms they would like to turn loose. One ray of sunfhlne appeared when the New Orleans mid-winter sports association announced that a few huudred teals behind the goal line-are slill available for those who want to Join in the rush. Reports were that scalpers are already doing business, getting as high as $4.50 for end zone pasteboards which originally sold for $2.20. In I lie meantime, the rival grid the forcing tactics of swank Martin Buxliy, an unseeded Miami, Fla., younesler who has toppled two favorites in consecutives rounds. Parker, who hails from Lawrence-vllle, N. .1., has moved through tin-first two rounds with the best de fensive record, having dropped only a total of nine games tec William Westerfleld and Walter Senior. DREAMLAND machines are encamped near the iiv iv from the noise. Santa Clara today was in Houston, Texas, for its second workout on Hlce field, while I. S. u. taners off on its home Krldlron at Hilton Itouau, not far liuili here. V. liile Tapped at Three lialJ ;i isles u.i iv -t ncituire their white l.i-acls and white taiU until liiev are lliive or hmr yeaia old. Noble Ideal A nunle icledl nibkeii noWfr men bl.d nri:;-u. tli;licr Thau U. 8. fetkt Mouiil 'Jhuivald Nil -ion in Anmrc-tu a is hn'.lier tlian any peak in the Unite. I :.;.iie--15.4UO feet. T ie Germ..!. Keuublie The Cii.'i'ini,ri Kc;ublic was for mally e.s-.tjljlished j.t Weimar c.i Augi st 11. iUlll. W. K. Kin?, Vice President William R. King was swoin in as vice-president of the United States by the Mutazanas consul of Cuba, March 4. 1J33. and died April 10 in Alabama. ENJOY THE EVENING with Fat Wilson TONIGHT GREGORY'S BALLROOM By E. C SECAR Mm TODAY'S SPORTfcPARADE, the two Hemt-final mutcties of the inird annual Sugar Bowl tournament, In tho upper hra ket at 1 p. m.. liryant (irant, top-seeded entrant, will endeavor to return the Mistering drives of defending champion Art hur Hendrix, who has been ranked number four. The other pairing finds amooth-strolting , Frankfe, Parker meeting New Year's Eve Celebration AMl:l(H AN I.KAMI K Clinton I'nre Milk Itiiffallolu US ir,s 120 Pram-hello 13 119 H Tulic-romi 137 14H lr', MullbHln 1411 1U4 144 Vunla 1 lilt 143 12 'J Tot ;ils 6114 (172 6t!t llulter Knint Itread Hartlett US 120 U4 p. Meyer ICO 11 117 Klrkmaii 147 1 74 Hi7 Homey 117 102 143 Cooper U4 172 103 Handicap 13 13 13 Totals 696 697 6C7 American Legion I.nndie 127 126 Hader 160 135 .Vlullshlp 14 139 M. Jamea 132 144 I.enistra 133 133 Totals 690 677 118 12 130 148 13.3 655 Daniels Produce Fowl 103 123 130 Daniels 152 132 143 Tasso 152 109 143 Walker 94 94 94 Herrlsford 122 122 122 Handicap 6 6 6 Totals 629 686 638 The Daily Clintonian Smith 120 166 144 A. Van Horn 115 144 110 Hope 1 47 155 124 Carey 139 142 149 P. Van Horn 179 112 151 Totals 700 719 678 Winters Drugs Montgomery 105 127 127 Collins 140 141 Id Burroughs 98 121 74 Winters 127 142 1 38 Stewart 148 154 143 Hanclloap 31 31 31 Totals 649 716 679 Mike Auto Body Shop Nardi 155 127 134 140 85 143 158 15 675 155 120 130 162 152 Weir 123 M. Kendacl 85 Welker 132 Combs 168 162 129 102 148 Handicap 15 15 Totals 678 683 ReJiall Store T. Griffith 132 156 Hain 120 117 Casebeer 163 .101 Boyd 178. ,134 M. White 132 95 Starring KOW POPPrV DONiT U00K SO BLUE-TOftR N fK' HE'LL PROTtCK VA-ISEZ WE will T 1 i ooiJ- - - rr;; ' - n-inr ' I p I 1UIUID " "WILKENS - WALES" CAMPUS OWLS ORCHESTRA OF CHICAGO Dancing From 9:30 to 1:30 Everybody. Admission 30c Per Person By HF.XRV MXKMOHK DAYTON A BEACH, Fla Dec. 30 There la a wrestling war being waged up in New York and this Is a direct appeal to the citizens of the United States for funds. Unless a goodly amount of money is raised by subscription there is a continued. This would never do. In continued. This woud never do. In the name of fair play, decency, ami c ivilization this war must be waged unto the bitter end and there Isn't a single combatant left to menace society with "Indian death grips, billy goat butts, boa constrictor scissors. airplane swings. Irish whips," and "headhunter hammer-locks." Any funds raised - and, in my THIMBLE THEATRE It a oi DANCING JAN. 1 Popeye 0 r T Featuring: Favors for V - TWA' CO DOWAI opinion, you can't any more afford to refuse the appeal than you can the cry of the community chest or the Red Cross will be used to purchase bigger and better guns, and larger and more deadly ammunition'. will be distributed without favor. For every gun and every high explosive shell given one side, a gun and high explosive will be furnished its opposition. Much money is needed more than an ordinary war. This Is because wrestlers are involved and a weapon that would destroy a Uhlan, Riff, a Moor, or a Chinese pirate with a football headguard on even, won't much as dent a wrestler. The ordinary army Springfield bullet (Continue) on Pue tt) 60- MM BE) y bus i mess yjj viHArL r TrMKA IP RAP.! r v Ttlj&t. V7 and 2 -MUSIC - BY SAME ORCHESTRA COACHES STAND AGAINST GAMES AFTER SEASON NCAA Convention Brings Wires From Mentori, Kevealing Crneml Altitude on Bowl Content! NRW YORK. Dec. 3D. I.iw Angles. Miami, Nhw Oilfnim and Pal-Ih will li dcllchtc'd to Icurn Ibul U,(. Bi'atl-nilc voice of Prof. .. (I. rii'VPOKcr, Indiana unlviTHlty, van-itrmnlnK ypHtc'rcliiy Hie various "hciwl" foolball KUincs as IpIiik contrary to thfl common good, wan accorded an echo of approval today In llio corridors of the National colli'-flatc Athletic nflsoclallon meetlni; and from a rather refreshing source. It came from the football coaches themselves, nt least a majority of those approached, personally and by wire. Professor Clevenger, as chairman of a committee having the sonorous duty to report on "Influences adverse to the best Interests of Intercollegiate sport," merely said that liost-season and bowl games have no legitimate? place in the college athletic program and the N. C. A. A. concurred. The coaches did better than that. Reform Talk They saw these games as being "much overdone" with six coming up for a decision on Friday. They saw them interfering with claaa work. They anw them as a physical detriment, by keeping football players In training too long after the close of the regular season. To hear some of them rant, something ought to be and perhaps will he done about It. Several coaches lined up with the "pros." But perhaps the most sensible view was taken by Major Neyland. Tennessee, who lined up with neither. "Bowls are in existence," he said, "only because fans want to see football on New Years day. Perhaps In the future regularly scheduled New Years day gumcs will take the place of this 'bowl business." VINES FAVORED TO BEAT PERRY NEW YORK, Dec. 30. Ellsworth Vines today was rated a slight favorite over Fred Perry in their tennis match at Madison Square Garden on Jan. 6, by George M. Lott Jr., former national doubles title-holder. Lott said he doubted Ferry, who will be making his professional debut, would be able to cope with the tremendous speed of Vines' service and ground strokes. The Horseshoe Fall Most of the Horseshoe Fall or Canadian Fall at Niagara is on the Canadian side of the international boundary, but part of it is in the United States. The American Fall, with Goat Island, belongs entirely to this country. TORINO CAFE FRIED FISH EVERY NIGHT BEER 254 North Ninth Street DANCING j o Dorman's Tayern Good Orchestra Your Favorite Beer On Tap Wine Liquor Mixed Drinks o X Big Dance -AT Perona's Hall AT BLANFORD NEW YEAR'S EVE Sponsored by the Christopher Columbus Lodge Everybody Welcome 1 Mf- ruSTEN.TOrNR. f THERE'S mmm AUW DfNGER I WANTS r here-tcar's eves) SEE H DrRk r , i I SEE -J ' ' C? It I I TErRTO 'fii r If r By RUSS WESTOVER TILLIE THE TOILER T1ULE HAS SAID ALL ALON6 THAT IT'S EMTIRLELV OPTO MAC MAC'S FRIEND, BOB BiyBY HAQ THIS TOWJ To DEOpg, But ADOEDj MAC LIKES ALL. OO6S SO WJHy COULXSrJT He GET v. NEW DOO ANO 1 FT MEJS. C50T- ROCKSt-HA!- "THE SHEEP DOC3 . -THAT VMCXJL.D PLEASE THE T-YOU MKSHT pWV jTAS VMEUL. ask ) fS"i I ( ME "C? SNE UPS f mv pipe as toJ T"4m ASK MAC TO y "1 C3VE UP V-"S " yf ? Doa whemX. J I ANyTHIM3 BE-S A N comes a com-)' y Jl ; FOiaX SAY, fey UlAN6 OKI ZOy' M irn fni rutin )i-r -n. M. "f " V v 7 y h 1 i 1 fcOSS TOO APER ITlii NONE OF MY BUSINESS Operative 48 Eboe ; 2V HE IS Toau AFFECTlOM FO HIS EM6USH SHEEP DC6 AND DUTY TO . - HIS BOSS DANN DUNN d5AN DUNN UCU CAPTURED TWO OF THE START SANG&TERS ONI ACF BART'S COUNTERFEITING SHIP. SECRET OPERATIVES HAVE THE THE SHIP COMPLETELV SURROUr-lDED ANO NOW OAN PLANS TO RESCUE BABS FROM THE COUNTERFEITERS BEFORE HE ANO THE OPERATIVES RAID THE SHIP. LoQitT l, THEVRE PUT CLOTHES im tufsf i've passed V i oke, v barnacle;, i'll take her aft. AKOACO WMEN WE A CL.OTHES 1THE WORD, DAN- OAKjrDOi ic. I T't I fiFT I ALL OF US 1 iOs DAN PULLS AWAV FROM SHORE TOWARDS THE SHIP, FINGERS TENSELV REST ON SAAiTiNS TRISGERS VJHILE TWENTV PAIRS OF KEEN. ,,A-mi ljim imTCMTIV II THE FIREWORKS ' ci am J RV--T'M WILL KEEP OUR 12 I DAN'rffl KEEPING EVES YOU-- fl Secret JJhilE EVES ABOARD SHIP BARNACLE AND GIMP WHISPER- BABS HEART RACES IN get t her i out of i the wav. LIABLE TO HER OUT OF THE WAV-I'LL EXCHANGE WITH ONE OF Wr-S m ROD. STARTS WE'LL .HKf-- 11 r tmOUGH: COMMENCE SHOOTING; ?1 .'V I, , trrjnf jJ, J HOODLUMS AND HtK Urh . - - tgf 1 Li I ATtnr - U tTrn. J

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