The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 30, 1936 · Page 4
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 4

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 30, 1936
Page 4
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WccWsdny, December 30, 1fl36 The Daily Clintonian, Clinton, Indiana Pifre Four THE DAILY CLINTONIAN Found M PBehind the Seen Established as The Weekly Clintonian 1890 The Clinton I'lalndealer absorbed In 1U8. HOLLYWOOD CHAPTER XT.IIT arranged marigolds from the gar Gaorge L. Carey.. Edi"" nd Publiihei ntered at the Postnfflce at Clinton. Indiana, an Second Clam Matter. Member Indiana Republican Editorial Association Christie tried hard to understand hen Donald talked about the work den. In a copper oowi. She even out on one of the trous seau dinner dresses while the roast that he was planning, but she couldn't. She couldn't see how any By HARRISON CARROLL llnpjrrlltSt. WHS, Ktfir FffRturni ttyndlrsle, ln. waa cooking, and she was waiting for Donald to drive his mother up from the train. HOLLYWOOD The first Holly National Adverting Representative: GEO. B. DAVID CO. inn Wrlaley Bldg., Chicago. I-Jll General Motora lll.lg.. Detroit 110 East 42nd Bt., New York wood boat to he equipped with They were a little late, but that one could think that a bare, dingy laboratory could be more Interesting than real live people and their problems. Why give up a perfectly good practlre to work on theories radio telephone "Yon mean your room. No, I couldn't possibly take It III just sleep on the couch In the living room. I sleep so badly anyway It won't matter in the least" "But you must take this room I" Christie was thinking of the best sheets and the lumpy couch, which would never, never do for one who didn't like roughing it, "Certainly notl" Eve Latham's voice was crisp. "Now don't cross me, I'm one of those managlnc mothcrs-in-law, aa Donny has told you already, I'm sure." She walked over to the mirror, looked at her softly waved brown hair, nicked un Christie's new pow will be Prerton Foster's Zoa III Phone I I 7 uf'lt" ft .'.t Phone 4 1 Although one of fllmilom's moat x p e r 1 e n ced sailors, he hiu tree. Not only Harold and Mildred but their three youngsters are present at these parties. Which makes quite a gathering, for there are about 20 servants on the comedian's Beverly Hills estate. The meeting between Gladys George and Mae West Is still to take place. Brock Pemberton had It arranged in Chicago when Gladys was appearing In "Personal Appearance", but a crowd of fans got between the two girls and they never exchanged words. Another meeting was arranged In Hollywood when Mae was filming "Personal Appearance", but It fell through, too. The other night at the fights, Miss George had seats next to Mae's regular pair. It didn't Dottier ner. Jl just gave ncr a little mora time to put the finishing touches to the salad, and whip soma cream for the pie. She was so happy, so proud, so sura thst everything waa going to be just right, until they came, and she saw that tight look around Donald's mouth, and the line between his eyes, and knew that something had gone wrong already. "What a dear, quaint little placet" bis mother said, laughing a wholesome re. apect for Pacific storms. The set der puff, threw it down again. will enable two THE DAILY CUNTONIAN'S PLATFORM:- 1. To further every intern! of Parke end Vermillion counties. 2. To waial the revival of the Indiana coal mining industry. 3. To cooperate in solving Vermillion County's uncmploy ment problem. . ) 4. T beautify Clinton and mate it the moat attractive city of ks site in the etate. "Fourteen new lines since Don't ever grow old, Christie, way communt mat mlgnt come to nmning am Hut after the first burning resentment passed, she stopped worrying about It. It was Donsld's life. He knew what he wanted to do with it She wouldn't Interfere. After all, she had her lire, and he didn't Interfere with that. Here was the house. The new house that was finished, and furnished and financed at last He scolded a little, but he let her have her war. He had had ideas about a maid and a rardener to get the first digging and planting done. "Christie, you can't work around this place like a farm handl" "No, bat I can work like a pioneer, can't H If I want to?" It wasn't just the sort of partnership she had planned. She had ,hAii.Kf nf wnrkino' with him. in cation between the actor's boat : S-.i a and the shore. Preston Foster Foster will operate it him lelf. He Just passed the govern seemed Inevitable that the meeting of the two Hollywood blondes would take place. Then Mae failed to show up. ment exams. This service is an rxtraodlnary affair and is being put into use to Increasing extent by A.merlcan shippers and yachtsmen. Here and there In Hollywood. . . . some vague, romantic way. Instead, 1 Connie Talmadga and Townsend Those big tomes Mo'te Blue Netcher looked anything but es tranged when lunching together at the Vine Street Brown Derby the other noon. . , . The David O. Selznlck company will spend J122,- 000 on the newspaper campaign SCHMELING GETS THIS CHANCE After considerable jockeying, the contract has been signed for a heavyweight title match between James J.'Brndclock and the German, Max Schmeting, whose defeat of Joe Louis was an outstanding upset of 1936. ' For some time there was in evidence a movement to pass over the claims of the German by matching Braddock and Louis. This, while a natural in the eyes of American promoters, would not have been fair play. When Schmeling and Louis clashed, it was agreed that the winner would have the first chance at Braddock's title and we are glad that the effort to eliminate Schmeling did not succeed. Aa far as we are concerned, it makes little difference whether Braddock, Schmeling or Louis holds the championship but it would have been bad taste, to say the least, to ignore Schmeling' s rights. for "The Garden of Allah". . . . Adrian, of M. O. M., has been Invited to design the costumes for itudles on the sets are law books. He Is taking a correspondence rourse and hopes to eventually ass the bar examination. It's a ong ambition and, besides, It night be handy if he ever got tired if acting. Is It new, the gag that Groucho Marx pulled on Al Boasberg the ither day? The pair were In leated argument and Boasberg was ihouting the loudest. Finally, Groucho got a word in. "Listen, Al," he squelched, "don't forget I have a brother who made a fortune by keeping his mouth shut!" You Asked Me and I'm Telling You! Mrs. R. L Todd, Minneapolis: Ann Dvorak must have shared your Idea about her being too thin, for she has just put on 10 pounds. She did It by sleeping 11 hours a night the Monte carlo Russian ballet. If It can be arranged with the studio, he'll accept the commission. . . . The Christmas tree of George O'Brien's daughter, Orln, wil! be the tip of an Oregon fur cut by the actor himself on the location for "'..y 1 he had hie won ana sne nsa ners. When he talked about things she couldn't understand, she Just thought about something else the msnle chair she found for almost nothing in Bahka' bargain basement, or the remnant of inlaid linoleum so heavy and perfectly marked, you'd swear It was really tile I But It wasn't as bad as she thought It would be, either, for they were never quite so broke as he predicted. Someone always sent a check at the critical moment She was really very happy, and In all the years of his life he hsd never Irnowa such content. "You know, I'm actually doing what I've wanted to do all my life I" he told her, over and over. But what pleased her most was the joy he took in their house. She loved the way he brought people home to dinner, the last moment. It never bothered her that there was nothing but beans, or scrambled eggs. It never worried her that she was wearing an old smock and that she'd forgotten to comb her curls. Aunt Nettie would have been truly horrified If she could have seen them, and their sketchy, hospitable menage. She chose not to see them. Few of the friends of the family did. The young people whom Donald brought home for dinner, or who dropped in informally in the evenings, were for the most part students, or men who were interested in Donald's work. It wasn't until her mother-in-law's first visit, which was, incidental, her last, that Christie really learned that life in the little house on the hill wasn't just the sort that the world would expect of a young man of Donald Latham's nosition. George O'Brien RISING PRICES MAY HURT "Park Avenue Logger". . . . Warners' mm, "The Go-Getters" will show the destruc "You simply must help me save Donny before It's too lstel" tion of the Macon. , , . Lew Ayrea was at the Club Casanova the other night with June MartelL . . . Many a parent will envy Frank McHugh. His two older children, Peter and Susan, have taken up the study of the piano. McHugh has solved the peace-and-quiet problem by building a soundproofed room over the garage. And In the same party waj i-nyius Frsser, cousin of Ginger Rogers, who Is, of course, Lew's- ex-bride. As in Dast vears. Harold Llovd Today's FusrJe: What comedian will throw a Christmas party for had a reconciliation all set with his estranged wife until he his servants and their children and looking around, and embracing her new daughter-in-law, at one and the same time. "How well you look, dear. Though I confess I should hardly have recognized you. You know the only time I saw you you were all white satin and veil very lovely but, of course, all brides look alike I "But I dare say you wouldn't have recognized me, either, I look so much better at night. Donny will tell you. It's the makeup. Such is life after 40 1 Imagine you children actually building on this end of the world lot I thought, of course, you would sell it, or hold it for posterity, or something. Where shall I leave mv thines?" happened to pa; an unexpected call? . The gardner will be Santa Claus and will distribute gifts from a A child born on this day may be highly artistic and romantic. Its sn rial graces may advance its position The rising prices of wheat is welcomed by wheat growers. While an advance means more money for the wheat on hand today, it may cause the production of an excessive crop in 1937 wilh consequent price collapse which will tiike a heavy toll from 'all growers. The Clintonian realizes that much has been accomplished for the farmers during the past four years and that much more will have to be accomplished before the cajh income of farmers attains the level of 1928. While prices have shown great improvement over the depression years, they have been sustained, in part, by reduced production. The farmers' goal will not be reached until a fair price is obtained for normal production. While this is desirable, it will not be accomplished by violent fluctuation of production and prices but rather by the slow improvement of international markets for agricultural products. While the gain in wheat prices has been spectacular, a rise has been seen in cotton, cotton seed oil, other foodstuffs, wool, leather and hides.' With these crop prices going up, farmers will probably be enticed into planting submarginal lands which the nation has been painfully taking out of cultivation. There is also apt to develop something of a speculation in land values, with increasing and growing mortgages, which will mean heavy losses when the price level recedes. It should be observed that recent gains are attributed by many experts to purchases made by Europe in anticipation of a probable war. 'n the public eye. As she spoke she shed a fur coat on the sofa, gloves ana Dag on me table and tossed her veiled little hat on the most comfortable chair. THE STARS SAY n.v (;kvm ii-;vk k km kmc j Tor TIuiimIji.v, DtiiiIht ill I Very (fXtitini; and frivolous conditions lire read from the positions of the planets. All' the energies will he turned in the direction of merrymaking, if not folly, in the celebration of the advent of the new year. 'Jreat energy and romantic and otli-indulgenres are aided and abetted by a lively stimulus of Mars and the Not even Donald's gloomy reception of the news that his mother was coming warned her. "She won't stay long. She's not much on roughing it," he said. Christie thought of Spanish Pass and the Piatt's house, with the two tin buckets In the kitchen, one for drinking water, one for wash water. Of the "cooler" under the loose board in the kitchen floor. Of the canim? windows that had never my dear, unless you're very, very rich" "Old! Why I can't even believe you're old enough to be Donald's mother!" "Nonsense, but I love it And listen. Now that we're going to be friends you must, you simply must help me save Donny, before it is too late!" To save Donald before it was too late! Christie's eyes dilated. She had a moment of something like terror. And then in a flash she knew. It was this new idea the laboratory. His mother wanted to save him from that Make him give it up, and do the kind of work he used to do. In a way it was what she wanted, too. She looked up, saw her mother-in-law's eyes on her. knew that they understood each other. From the kitchen Donald's voice reached them. "Hey, there I The peas are going to burn. They're all dryl" They both ran. Rescued the peas. "Idiot, why didn't you take them off?" "You see," Donald said to his mother, "the honeymoon is over. She calls me idiot." "And quite right," Eve Latham said. "She has a lot of Bense, for a bride. I may approve of your marriage after all." Donald chuckled. For the first time since his mother had come he seemed natural, and at ease. (To Be Continued) Coprrllht, USB, Klmf r.itufM SjadlMU, U. "Now you mustn't go to the least bother for me," sne said Drignuy, to Christie, who was hurryine toward THE HOME TOWNER ' To Love and Live and Let Live the kitchen, because she thought Wn Visaed, the loft uostairs and she smelled the biscuits scorching. "Donny will tell you I eat almost nothinir " "You'll eat the fatted calf Chris the "front door" downstairs that opened out on nothing but air, because they'd never got around to building the front veranda. Now that was rougning iu But this . . . She thoueht of her weddine pres nosition of Verms, the star of love, youth and joyous indulgences. Those whose birthday it is mny he prepared for a year in which the social, artistic, domestic and affee-tional impulses may claim t lie attention over ordinary engagements. Kind words we could say Could lighten the load On some poor heart, Good deeds we can do Will see him through. So help nie and Together we can do our part. Home Towner. ent dishes and silver, her gleaming blue and white bathroom, her kitchen stove with the oven ther tie spent the day preparing for you, Eve, darling 1" "Of course, dear, If it will make Christie happy I What can I do, dear? I know, I'll make the salad. I'm a famous salad maker." "I'm afraid it's all made, Mrs. Latham." Christie wanted to say "Eve" as Donald had told her to, but she just couldn't So she hurried on, "And if you'll come with me, I'll show you your room " mometer. Who could behold such charm and comfort and not love it? Roughing it, indeed I She sang as she put the best percale sheets on the maple bed, and "An' the dawn comes up like thunder outer China 'crost the Bay!" Did any of you watch the eclipse nf the moon Sunday? Did you know that there la a range itt mountains mi the moon tour hundred nkilcB lung and live miles high? 5?S The groom Is a graduate of Pur- several days wilh flu. due school of pharmacy in 1908 and after clerking for J. Frank Mr8 Ma.y Mathews Shannon of Hence entered a partnership with j raijf,.,ia s.nt yesterday with Miss ter Hall, Marie Wilson, Alison Skip-worth, Willi Shaw, Arthur Treacher and even Warren William make most convincing criminals. "I Love to Shiga" is the special is the special comedy atraction. Dr. 1. n. White and bought the (.aM(, M,.MP1.ilen ;,m Mrs. Albert Hence pharmacy in 1910. Kri kler or Clinton. V Well. I'll bet many falherB and mothers are silting hack In their chairs saying "Thank God for peace and quiet again." , Miss Beatrice O. Sanders hae spent mofit of the week with lipr friend, Miss Parker-Moore, of Terre Haute, who leaves soon for Love's labor lost is a sad line, almost as sad to some poor souls as I lie snug of the Lorelei. MOVIES OUl HKI.ATIIINS' at thi: i'Ai.aci: The exported Stall Laurel anil Oliver Hardy brand of hysterical comedy is made doubly amusing in "ST A R Flt A NIGHT" I At Hie Wabash A little white lie turns a musical show lopsy-tnrvy and makes Broadway exert all lis make-believe bo thai a inolhr'B dream may come Irue in "Star for a Night". Claire Trevor is liie star and Jane Dare-well her mother, while Arllne Judge, Evelyn Venable, Dean Jag- Iarn first the art of getllng along wilh your own Tamily. Chances are thai then you have a hundred to one chance to got along with friends. "Our Relations" because the hoys manage to unearth a set of identical J." MX KMIIKIt .'III. Ill-'M Miss Hernlce Cilll'-n, who teaches ill Gary, Ind., is visiting in Clinton. Mr, and Mrs. J. Horney or South Fifth street are to entertain the following gueslH at a family dinner tomorrow: Mr. and Mis. Forest K. Dukes and two sons of Indianapolis, Mrs. Arda M'-Lain and Mrs. Gertrude 'Curlier of Springfield, Mo.. Mrs. S. Jennie Hi ll of Ilea Moines. la . Frank Scott of Shelhyville. Ind.. Mr. and Mrs. I.. II Send or Terre Haute. Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Wilier-mood. Mr. and Mrs. M. M. Scott and Miss Jessie Robinson of this city. f Is II tint true Hint Hi rough con-slant use of some or the words we nn In.e their luealntiig and glamour? Mow alioul the phrase "I love you?" How aliout the word 'Ti teiifi "' 1 know von can think of many words that you not lee and nrten resent because they have lost their Irue meanings. gei . Alan Dinehai t and J. Edward Hronibcrg fill other Important roles, ('lain dancea in the chorus of a llroailway show, Kvelyn plays the piano In a five-and-ten and Dean drives u taxi. They have deceived their mother into thinking they are tremendously rich and successful, so when hIic comes for a visit they to make everylhtng appear true. The two sonRH featured are "fiver a Cup of Coffee" and "Down Arouii' Malibu Way." other attractions are the Fox Comedy, "Amuse Yourself" and Paramount News. J . 7 twins. The mlxiips ensue when Hie unmarried pair Is mistaken for the married, etc , and Hie unsii sped inc. wives, and sweethearts bail a hectic life with their erriue husbands or hoy friends. The oiitniecoils , -tunes and per'tliar situations mav help to ptace Hi. -so two as votir l:i vorite funny men of the movies. Arthur Houseman. Iris Adrian. Alan Hale and Daphne 1'ollard do the best work in the supporting linkup. A worthwhile "March of Time" and a cartoon in technicolor are Hie selected :ilort subjects. ft " S J l' l ' A!--.T"'- . Laugh a day: Ton had that "sit-down" striking couldn't he used in the world'B standing armies. Mrs. Ilessle Ul'age or the Clln-tonlall force was called to today on htislness. DR. B. H. SELLERS DENTIST 249 South Main Street ', Clinton, Indiana YESTERDAYS IIWKMHI-.R :0. IO Ir. and Mrs. Jack Moore of Brazil spent Christmas with Mr. Moore's parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Moore. Dr. William Wrighl of the Mayo Clinic of Rochester, M. v., is visiting with Mr. and Mrs. Max Johnson or South Third street. He expects to return to Rochester Monday. Mr. and Mrs. C. I.. Rasmussen and children of Youngslown. O.. vho are also visiting Mr. and Mrs. Johnson, plan to return home Monday. Mr. Johnson has been confined several days to his home with the flu. sat h;t t Mill' AT 1 in; ( III. I Mill t Hello Davis and Warren William have Hie stellar roles in this humorous mystery drama (bat has the stamp of sophistication running through it. n chaineleristie of !a-shiell Hanimett's stories. The plot revolves around activities of a group nf crooks who are attempting to cain possession of some rare jewelry. Each wants it so badly, he wouldn't hesilated to double cross the others to win it D.ivis ll tee innrt tins rupulou of the I. it. though Por Mrs. Charles Frailer and son. Fred, are visiting Mrs. Frazler's mother. Mrs. Avers in Dana. We Pay 5c ner pound for large Fred Seybold of Clinton and Miss Gertrude Modesltt were married at the home of the bride's parents. Mr and Mrs. Tlionias M. Modesitt. of near Atherton. at noon, Tbursdar. clean cotton Rags. Daily Clintonian. Miss Mary Charles has resumed her duties at Dr. C. M. Zink's office after being confined to her home

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