The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on December 8, 1921 · Page 7
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 7

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 8, 1921
Page 7
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THE FAIRMOUNT NEWS FARM NEWS COULD HARDLY EAT ANYTHING UNTIL HE USED KEIOMBORS FCUKD IT A WONDERFUL MEDIC1KZ PE-RU-NA 0 0 I was weak and tired and could hardly eat anything until I uad Pe-ru-na. soon my appetite i Rood and my etrengta returned. I told mv neighbors and every one of them found It a wonderful medicine You can always get a dose of Pe-ru-na at ray house uo matter what the war tax. Mb. T. N. Waooonkb. DEPARTMENT Box 85, Bragg City, Mo. Catarrh of the stomach and bowels is among the many forma of catarrhal diseases from which a large number o people needlessly suffer. Fifty years of usefulness is tho guarantee behind PE-RU-NA Trtlits or Liquid Sold Eretywhert i i i GOOD HIGH QUALITIES OF FANCY FOWLS 1 I LSSS frul (f n llllV Of l.!lf1 Inch I 1i,.,,-f ..,.U 4f jvii v rKiiirviimuu until At the ROADS rejoice; for the rest of the week has I others hand it to you on a silver plat- got to make up for it. ter. SURVEY NATION'S HIGHWAYS A fat man- finds that it takes a ra-1 "I will" Is the motto of Chicago. "I tio of starvation of 1.0O0 to 1 to re- j can" Is the motto of the fruit produce 1,000 days to 1 inch. server. CRATES FOR PRIZE WINNERS Proper Care Is of Eig Importance in Arranging and Handling Exibi-tion Cocps. Golden Polish is very beautiful, the plumage being a golden bay laced with black throughout except for the ttufT, which Is light bay with some black mixture or tinge, and for the primary feathers winch are bay with a black end. The color schemes of the male and female are identical. The Bearded White Polish is a pure white throughout, free from any foreign color. The Hamburg, said to have originated in Holland, although the name has come from the German city' of Hamburg, is a small fowl. If anything, smaller than the Leghorn. There is more or less variation In size among the varieties, the Black and Silver (Prepared fey the fnitpfl States Department of Agriculture.) Not infrequently improperly built and unsuitable coops have resulted in accidents and damage to the fowl in transit, or have presented the birds in such objectionable surroundings that tl ev have been lieiiher pleasing Prpared by the United States Department of Agriculture.) Eggs and meat for home uses or for marketing are not the only possibilities of the poultry Industry. In addition to the fowls kept primarily for their economic value or utility there are many throughout the country whose owners breed them merely for pleasure and secondly for the profits more than likely to result in supplying others .vhose fancy takes the same channel. Ornamental breeds and varieties may and often do possess considerable economic value, and some of them undoubtedly could be developed, according to the poultry specialists of the United States Department of Agriculture, into birds having high utility qualities. For example, the Accurate Measurement of America's Net of Roadways Soon to Be Made by Government. Prepared by the United States Department of Agriculture. America's far-thing net of roadways Is soon to be measured accurately in terms of mileage, cost, character of construction, improvement work and general condition by the bureau of public roads of tho United Suites Le- pertinent of Agriculture. The survey, which is the most extensive ever uu-i dertaken and the first in seven years, ! Is to he made with the aid of state and local officials and individuals the ooun-; try over, and is comparable only to fen a,- i. . Hamburgs are fowls which always have been rated as very prolific lay- i ers, although their eggs are small. Be- I cause they have not been extensively j kept in this country and because they have not been bred very systematic-ally ! V V the great task of taking the national census. Nobody, in all probability, could V 4 . - for any purpose except exhibition, their utility qualities have not been developed to the highest possible point. In the same way the Polish fowls frequently are prolific layers, but the crests thev carrv. while unique in ap Never say "Aspirin" without saying; "Bayer." WARNING! Unless you see name "Bayer" on tablets, you are not getting; genuine Aspirin prescribed by physicians over 2 1 years and proved safe by millions for Colds Headache Rheumatism Toothache Neuralgia Neuritis Earache Lumbago Pain, Pain Accept only "Bayer" package which contains proper directions. Uandy tin boxes of 12 tablets Bottles of 24 and 100 All druarrisU. pearance and adding greatly to their j beauty, are handicaps when the birds ; are kept for utility purposes. j In the Polish breed are these varie- j ties : hite-L resteti itiack. Bearded ! T a , 1 : 1 Y- i 1 Male Frizzle Feathers Have Not Dried Like This From Recent Washing, but Grow in This Unusual Fashion. To the general spectator nor to the judge. Where fowl- are shipped by express, in order to have them reach their destination in the best possible condition, they should be transported in special shipping "coops, which should be substantially built and able to withstand rough handling. Such a co p may be made from waste lumber salvaged from dry-goods boxes or second-hand bullfinch material. Boards more than one-half inch thick should not be used, as they maie the coop too heavy and the express charges excessive. The coop should be nailed together with the supports of the slats or cover on the top, which should be put on with screws or hinges and hooks, so that it may be easily opened. This is important, as the top or cover must be opened each time the coop is used, and if put on with nsils it is soon broken and the coop spoiled. There are standard sizes of -oops which commonly are used for shipping poultry, the dimensions of these containers varying according to the number of fowl to be transported. The following dimensions should be u?ed in constructing the coop : For one hen or cock, 12 inches wide. IS in. hes long, and 24 Inches high ; for two hon or one hen and ovk. 12 inches wide. 24 inches long. a:.d 24 inches high. In preparing for shipment, a small quantity of hay. straw, or dry slvaings should be placed In the bottom of the coop to absorb moisture, and two or cans should be provided one for feed and one for water. The cups should be fastened securely to the side walls In opposite comers. Special exhibition wops should be tised by poultry -eltin members in exhibiting fowls at county and school fairs or other exhibitions, or by adult showmen in displaying their champion poultry. Such coops should not be used for shippinc potiltry. but may be guess today within milJions of dollars what the roadways total, in dollars and cents, on the ledger of national assets. Nobody knows how many miles there are where wheel may roll. The strength and the weakness of the nation's transportation arteries likewise are unknown in detail. When the survey is completed, all these and other facts will he known and will be available for guidance to road builders. " In addition there will be abundant data to show up comparisons of costs. The well built roads of, say. Pennsylvania can be laid, dollar for dollar and mile for mile, alongside the well-buUt roads of California and other states. First cost and maintenance of macadam, asphalt, concrete every kind of road built from one section can be matched against such costs from every other section. If desired. The way to make the dollar most effective in road work thus will be pointed out. IUiral highways as well as urban are to be included, the latter embracing all roads, streets and alleys in Incorporated communities of lu- Irln in the trade mark of Bjcr Manufacture of Menoacetlcaclleter of SallcjlIcacH POLICEMAN SAW THE LIGHT When a girl is afraid u young man will flirt with her she wishes he would. Absence of Illumination on Automo bile Perfectly Justified Under the Circumstances. For true blue, use Red Cross Ball Blue. Snowy-white clothes will be sure to result. Try it and you will always use it. All good grocers have It. Advertisement. White. Buif Laced, Xon-Bearded Golden. Non-Bearded Silver, and Non-Bearded White. The Hamburg breed has these varieties: Golden Spangled. Silver Spangled. Golden Penciled. Silver Penciled, White and Black. Farmer's Bulletin 1221, recently issued by the Department of Agriculture, credits the game breed with eight varieties : Black-Breasted Red, Brown Rdl. Golden Duckwing. Silver Duckwing, Birchen, Red Pyle, White, and Black. The Oriental class Includes two breeds, the Sumatra of which there Is one variety, the Black, end the Malay with one, the Black-Breasted Red. The Standard of Perfection gives this class also the Black-Breasted Red Malay Bantam. A certain town depends entirely Spangled tending to run largest. There j are no standard weights for this breed. ! In typo it resembles the Leghorn very j closely. The birds are neat bodied. ' well rounded, anil well finished j throughout. The comb Is rose, and runs rather large for the size of the J bird. The ear lobes are of good size, j white and nearly round. i Hamburg Popular in Europe. j The Hamburg lays white eggs, and j the birds are classed as nonsltting a.d ; noubroody. In Europe these birds have an enviable reputation as layers j of large numbers of eggs, but they j hare not been kept and bred exten- j on electricity for its lighting, and as one large generating station sufficed for the whole town, an accident at the station suddenly plunged the town into darkness one night. The manager of the station was at Perils of the Locker. "You would hardly cull golf a dangerous game?" "I don't know about that," said Mr. Oadspur. "I never accept an Invitation from a fellow player to sample a recent purchase that I don't feel as If I were taking my life in my hands." his private house at the time, but he sively along that line in this country, j The miscellaneous class Includes two the Sultan and the Frizzles, t The small size of the egg has been one : at once set out In his car for the works. In his haste, however, he forgot to switch on the electric lights on his car, which were, of course, generated off a dry battery and the car's accumulator. breeds On Ids way to the electric power station he was stopped by a policeman, who asked him why he had no ; reason for this. j An interesting peculiarity of the ' Sumatra, one of the Oriental class, is t the small red ear lobe on a hen laying ; a white egg. The breed Is classed gen- i erally as broody, and the hens have i ' the reputation of being excellent moth- ers. The Frizzles, in the miscellaneous ! class, are peculiar birds. In an ex- i i hibition they are certain to attract at- ; v . . f -at -. lights. The manager did a little quick thinking, then answered, half-humor-ously : 4r r. f i At the Top of the Stairs. During my service in the army I was die day corporal in charge of quarters. One of my duties was to escort the officer of the day on his tour f inspection, preceding him into the men's quarters and loudly calling them to attention. Tlifs particular day I preceded him up the stairs to the upper floor of our barracks, and when about half way up loudly shouted, "Attention." Upon reaching the top of the stairs I discovered the colonel and a dozen other officers of the regiment rigidly standing at attention. They had picked the place out as a quiet one to get some gas mask drill, and burst out with a wild shout of laughter when they saw me and the second looey in the rear. Chicago Journal. "Of course my lights are out I Haven't they failed all over the town?" The policeman touched his hat, and said: "Beg pardon, sir, I forgot! Go straight ahead!" . .y-f SfeS r - SWi-.. R;1.!1 1 inn , ' i j ( tention. Their principal characterls- ; tic is the peculiar feathering. Instead of the feathers growing in the usual ', manner, they have a curled or curved appearance, the end of the feather : ten dine to curl up and back toward i the fowl's head. A considerable varia- j tion occurs In the amount of this curv- j !ng. but the more pronounced it is the j The Point of View. His friends say : "What a personality." His enemies say: breezy "What an awful blow. -Wayside Tales. ( better. The comb should be single, j Hard Surface Road Built in California by Federal and State Funds. habitants or more. How the funds are provided for constructing and maintaining roads also w 111 be made known. The amount invested in road machinery an item concerning which even approximate information is lacking today will be sought. After the information is obtained it will be kept up to date. In undertaking the survey, the bureau requests the assistance of every unit of government doing road work Golden Fencil Hamburg. and the Standard of Perfection includes with It the Silkies, a bantam breed. Tjrpes of Plumage and Form. The ear lobes of all Polish chick os are white, the ecrgs are white, and ti-e hens are classed a nonpitting or not.-broody. The legs and toes are slate blue in all varieties except the White-Crested Black in which they are a darker blue, approaching black. The skin is gray or grayish white, which does not recommend the birds for table purposes in this country where the demand is for yellow-skinned fowls. The crest which all Polish carry is characteristic of the breed and adds much to its beauty. The contrast between the white crest and the black body of the White-Crested Black makes this and the number of toes fotir. A number of colors are allowed in the Frizzles, without dividing the breed into separate varieties. These are black, white, red. and bay, the only requirement being that each bird shall be a solid color unmixed with any others. Shown In pens the birds, male and female, shall be of the same color. Frizzles are not often seen In this country, and are kept only on ttccount of their unusual appearance. They have no particular qualities to recommend them over normally feathered fowls. The bulletin referred to above. No. 1221. contains complete descriptions An Attractive Show Ring Cccp Heips ; Wonderfuliy in Displaying Fowls. 1 i employed to take the birds to the I show. If carried by wagon or motor ; car. The floor should be solid and the , framework of wooden strips. 2 inches j wide and l1 inches thfek. The top, j back and sides may be covered w ith -lath, wire netting, or any kind of thin, j strong cloth. The front should be of j in the nation ; of road officials the country over; and of associations, organizations and individuals, down to variety very beautiful, and rather dif- j of many of these interesting and pe- the man with a flivver, having information or data as to- local highway culiar breeds and varieties of orna- ficult to breed in perfection. Bearded mental poultry. The color scheme of the activities. As future legislation may be based on percentage of road mileage it is pointed out that it is essen tial for each unit to have its total, as well as its improved, road mileage BALANCED RATION ESSENTIAL FOR BEST RESULTS FROM THE FLOCK carefully and correctly recorded in the survey. Real Rest Depends Largely Upon the Depth of Your Sleep A warning to "light" or "poor" sleepers The deeper and sounder you sleep the better you feel. Five hours sound refreshing sleep does you more actual good than ten hours restless, disturbed sleep. This is because the final conversion of food into vital tissue and nerve cells goes on more rapidly when the physical and mental forces are at rest. You can't get sound, refreshing sleep if your nerves are agitated with tea or coffee. Both these drinks contain caffeine, which is sometimes very irritating to the brain and nervous system. If you want to know the joy, vigor and stamina that comes to the person who gets sound, healthful sleep, why not stop taking tea or coffee for a while, and drink delicious, invigorating Postum instead. Thousands of people everywhere have found that this was the only thing they needed in order to bring about these very happy results. Order Postum from your grocer today. Drink this delightful cereal beverage of coffee-like flavor, for a week. Perhaps, like thousands of others, youll never be willing to go back to tea or coffee. Postum comes in two forms: Instant Postum (in tins) mad instantly in tha cup by the addition of boiling water. Postum Caraal (in packages of larger bulk, for thosa who prefer to make the drink while the meal is being prepared) made by boiling for 20 minutes. Postum for Health "There's a Reason" n... ti,;. n:AA.,nfAr1 t Ro I sibility that the continued use of an New Things Discovered to be TRUCKS AND GOOD HIGHWAYS Given Consideration. jer susceptibility to certain diseases. Farmers Almost Unanimous in Declar ing Principal Disadvantage Is Poorly Built Roads. . Vast Increase In use of automobiles 2-inch wire netting. If it is impossible to obtain netting, however, laths may be used, but the strips should be placed ; about inches apart, to afford as much opportunity as possible to see the birds. The coop should be made in the form of a 2-foot cule. and will accommodate one mature bird or a pair of chickens. If more than this are to be exhibited together the coop ehould be made larger in proportion to the number of fowls it is to accommodate. Every poultry-club member or other fowl fancier, who intends to exhibit birds, should construct one or more exhibition coops of this type, according to the number of specimens he intends to exhibit. Birds can be trained and conditioned In these coops before the exhibition, and after becoming accustomed to them they will appear to better advantage when being Judged. Furthermore, when birds are shown in. coops of this kind that are uniform to size arid type, not only is the ap- pearance of the showroom improved, but the Individual exhibit is more attractive. Training and exhibiting some of the best specimens of both . old and young birds every fall is an Interesting and important part of boys poultry-club work. Is now to be depicted with motortrucks. Their complete utility is tes The graiu mixtures that are commonly used by poultrymen are acid. Mash mixtures containing sufficient quantities of digester tankage, meat and bone meal, dried milk or dried blood will be alkaline. The acid In feed mixtures can be overcome by these feeds just mentioned and by ground limestone and oyster shell. This further emphasizes the necessity of feeding a mash containing meat scrap or some feed of this kind. Green feed and fresh milk also help to overcome acidity. tified to by 95 per cent of the farm ers replying to the latest government inquiry. These same men agreed that the principal disadvantage of motortrucks To Overcome Acid in Feed Mixtures Necessary to Supply Meat Scrap or Something Similar Fresh Milk Will Help. Every person who keeps poultry is sure to be Impressed sooner or later by the Importance of feeding well-balanced rations, especially for the production of eggs. Ordinarily a balanced ration means a ratios that has the proportions of carbohydrates, protein and fat that have been found by experience to produce the best results, but new things are being discovered that need to be given consideration In balancing a ration. For Instance, It Is now thought that It may be well to bar a balance between the acid and Alkaline feeds and that there Is a pos- Is poor roads. For about eight weeks of the year, mud or snow is so bad that trucks cannot well be nsed. When all-the-year good roads are established, agricultural use of motortrucks will he universal. Variety of Nutritious Fooa. See that the fowls have a variety of nutritious food that will not only supply the elements that are needed to keep them healthy and vigorous, but also the elements that are needed to make eggs. Motortrucks Involve problems new to highways. Their tremendous loads utterly destroy roads which under horse-drawn vehicles were permanent. 5- X, j. ' 'ilia ma im .... i SMDk i - i ts-UfcjJVa V 4 V'

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