The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 30, 1936 · Page 1
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 1

Clinton, Indiana
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Wednesday, December 30, 1936
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a n . b jj j w i a i i xi u i 1 xi a i -r.Bday; m (Should torn Fall to lfUyve Toot DAILY CLINTONIAN by B:.W P. M. Phono 41 or 117 nnd a ropy will lie brought to you lit once. Price Three Cent Clinton, Indiana, Wednesday, December 30, 1936 Volume 25 Number 45 Fear Crisis as Nazi Warships Converge on Spain Vandenburg Fights To Halt Big Florida 'Ditch ' in Congress J: r , American Officials Attacked by Berlin Newspapers Today BERLIN, Dec, 30 The United States government, from President Roosevelt and Secretary of State Cordell Hull down, was severely attacked by the Berlin press today In a hitter outcry against issuance of a license by Washington to export American airplanes to the Spanish loyalists. Per Angriff, chief nnzi organ, in a prominently played front-page editorial termed the United States a "Self-appointed angel of peace" and scored President Roosevelt and Hull as "speeehmakers of peace," referring sarcastically to their moves In the Interest of world peace. Kj - AJ-j kt 1 y Premier Caballeru II jf haecellor Hitler g 8 j ix II ,1 fH BILBAO -W-o pif ' BARCELONA Jffjfejf' ' SJ MADRID S O 36-4;' ' i . i i -Ith. rw...t.hlanill I Fntnl nolntH of crisis 1 ' ships, Deutschland and Admiral gcheer, were ra ported to have been ordered from their stations In the Mediterranean to the northern coast of Spaff in addition to several Nazi destroyers. Key figure in the crisis are Chancellor Adolf Hitler of Ger-. many and Spanish Socialist Premier Caballero. Serious new international complications aggravated the danger that the Spanish revolt might precipitate a European war as German warships converged oil the Spanish port of Bilbao where the Nazi freighter Palos was held by Spanish loyalists on charges of carrying contraband. The battle F, D. R. ASKS FOR POWER TO HALT PLANE DELIVERY Chief Executive Seeks Unusual Authority; Congress Plant Action in Session Next Week CUSE REBUKED BY ROOSEVELT WASHINGTON, Dec. 30 President Roosevelt, in lighting mood over threatened breakdown of the United States' hitherto solid neutrality rront in the Spanish civil war, today called for broad discretionary powers in embargoing arms shipments asroad. Members of Congress, fearful of i mbroilment in Europe's explosive non-intervention quarrel, wheeled rwlftly Into action to delegate the i xtraordlnary authority to him. Action Deplored The president addressed a stinging rebuke to Robert Cuse, Jersey City, N. J., secondhand dealer, a i.aturallzed citizen of Russian birth, for seeking to supply airplanes to pain. Mr. Roosevelt denounced the dealer's action as thoroughly unpatriotic, at the same time praising other American exporters who had, itrned down exorbitant profits after being told by the state department that shipment of arms to either side n the Spanish internal conflict would be against the nation's strict leutrallty policy, . Two Points Planned In the crisis over failure of the temporary neutrality act to deal with the contingency of civil war, emergency legislation was speedily mapped today to: 1. Halt shipment to the Bpan-sh loyalist government of a 12. 777.000 order of airplanes, aircraft engines and spare-flarts; leady licensed for export by the state department under mandatory terms of the neutrality aw, and: 2. Set up a drastic new permanent neutrality program which would extend thep resent category Continued on Page H WPA Recreation Department Will Expand in 1937 Several new activities, and 'progress in the old activities, are to be developed In the WPA recreation department, according to Dale Purcell, supervisor, at the beginning of the new year. On Monday, January 4, Mike Ho-lecko will open an adult woodwork class for anyone over It years of age. Various tools for cabinet making and other fine pieces of household articles are available. This will be an opportunity for all men to receive Instructions in manual arts. The student must furnish his own material. Gerald Pagllero, skillful model airplane builder, will sponsor a class In thlB art beginning Tuesday. January 5. This class Is open to children as well as adults, and the les sons wfll begin with work on scale model planes. Cloyd Smith will hold classes In metal beating and etching, beginning Wednesday, January t. Several small metal objects, which are us'tf 1 ii the home, such as ash trays and wall figures, can be made here. Pew ter, aluminum, copper, tin and bronze are among the metals used. Floyd Williamson urM conduct a metal pouring or elementary foundry works department on Thursday. January 7. By using babbitt, molds and heating pots many trinkets can be made of ornamental design. The classes will be held at the recreation center at Columbia ichool In North Eighth street, and . 111 be open to the public. WILL ROSS DIES AT PARIS TODAY Will Ross, 80, of Paris, died this morning at his home following a troke he suffered last night. He had been in ill health for sometime. He Is an uncle of Mrs. A. A. Hess of 431 Elm street and Howard Clover of west of the city. Funeral arrangements hare not vet been fully completed, although services will probably be held Friday at the residence. MATTSON READY TO PAY, WAITING ON INSTRUCTIONS Climax F.xprctr.1 in KidnapinR Case Todays Newspaper Ad li Used lo Start Negotiations G-MEN POISED TO BEGIN CHASE TACoM , Wash.. Hit. 30. The Ms "break" In Hie sensational Mull no n kidnaping case Is expected toil" y. "The cllnia In till" Investigation Hhoulil tome wllliiii tin- next 12 hour!!." Thai was I ho Information given Ni'W Service by an of-firpr (not a Ci-niatil who lias been playing a leading part ill the effnrtp to recover thR smiling, slender 10-year-old Charles Malison, who was taken from the home of Ills fathpr. Dr. William W. Matlson. socially prominent physician, Sunday night. Deal Is Set Negotiations which stalled yesterday with nn ad In the personal column of a Seattle evening newspaper it was said, have progressed to the point where Dr. Mattson is awaiting only "a final word" from the black-bearded kidnapper before I in ning over the ! 28.000 ransom, dpmanded In a note which the desperado flung to the floor of the physician's home as he fled into the freezing darkness with the hoy. Persons close to the rase said Dr. Maltson and the G-men who have been directing the Investigation, expect word In some way today from the child thief as to where he wants the money deposited the bills which he demanded "wrinkled and worn" in five and ten-dollar denominations up to $10,000, with the rest in larger figures. With tha money delivered, probably lute today or tonight, it was; hoped the victim of the startling I "snatch" will be returned, or nt least made available, to his griet-stricken parents, alive and well. Then there 1b to follow a great search for the desperado but only afler the release of the boy which (Continued on Page f) Officers of Local Lodge Installed at Meeting Tuesday Installation of officers was held last evening at a meeting of the Vermillion Chapter, 125, Royal Arch Masons, which was attended by the members and their wives. Hugh Van Lieu, past high priest, assisted by Robert Anderson, paBt high priest, as marshal!, were the installing officers. Those elected to orfices for the coming year were: V. C. Roberts, high priest: Odell Archer, king: Robert Stokes, scribe: David Llewelyn, secretary; H. A. Call, treasurer; W. S. Bell, captain host; William Vasthlnder. principal sojourner; T. A. Connelly, Royal Arch Captain; Raymond Trobaugh, piaster of flrBt veil; Frank Raney, master or second veil; Toivo Lahtl. master or third veil, and Robert An-dprson, guard. A program, supervised by W. S (Jray. waB presented. A short talk was given by Rev. 11. 11. Wagner. who then presented to T. A. Connelly, retiring high priest, a past master's jewel. The Melody Maids, a four-piece orchestra composed of Jennet !e and 11a Mae Rowley. Mrs. K. V. Lowry and Martha Veto, played several numliprs; I In Mae Rowley entertained with a dance and a saxophone solo; the Walker quartet from Terre Haute sang several numbers; the Archer twins presented several songs; Mrs. Agnes Rae and Mrs Waller P.urnside sang two duets; James Welrplayed several accordion selections and Dora! Daniels and Bobbie Anderson did solo tap dances. Preceding the installation nnd entertainment a dinner was served at B;30 o'clock at the Clinton hotel. NEWPORT MAN INJURED TODAY Reuben Fortner of Newport was injured at the Crown Hill 6 min-this morning when he fell on a rail He was taken to the Vermillion countv hosnital and will be removed to his home tomorrow. He is get ting along satisfactorily. The Admiral H lurr , tf.'lrwwm rTI - liV - WOMAN HELD IN KENTUCKY CELL AFTERSHOOTING Second Victim May Die From Wounds Imposed by Gun Used by Mother in Courtroom H1NDMAN, Ky., Dec. 30 Mrs. Viola Wickline. a hate-crazed mother who avenged the killing of her 17-year-old son by shooting to death Johnny Shepherd, IS, his accused slayer, in a crowded courtroom at Jackson, Ky., today was held in the new jail here as a precaution against further trouble. Meanwhile, one of the victims of her rampage with a pistol hovered between life and death in the Jackson hospital. He is George Shouse. .'ill. who was struck by a wild bullet as lie watched Shepherd's examining trial get underway yesterday. Hospital attaches gave him a slight chance to live. Deputy Sherirf J. C. Rice, who overpowered Mrs. Wickline after she (Continued on Page U) ANDERSON HAS BOXER UPRISING ANDERSON. Ind., Dec. 30 The technique Indianapolis police perfected in cutting down from 20 to one the number of men necessary to subdue Chuck Wiggins, erstwhile heavyweight boxer, might prove val uable to local authorities. It took a six-mile chase and buck shot wounds in the hips and should- ra lo capture Herman Graves, for mer heavyweight boxing champion of the navy, afler he had bruised s squad sent after him for creating a disturbance. AVIATRIX OUT TO MAKE NEW MARK DAKAR. Senegal. Dec. 30. Mile. Maryse Bastic, young French air woman, hopped westward at 7:23 m. today in a solo attempt to beat the south Atlantic flight record of Miss Jean Batten, New Zealand's pretty "flying Bchool teacher." With Natal. Brazil, as her gola. Mile. Baslie is piloting a 220 horsepower Coudron-Simoun plane with a maximum speed of 186 miles an hour and a range of 2,500 miles. TRAIN VICTIM DIES EVANSVILLE. Ind., Dec. 30 Peter Evans. 4 4. Velpen. died yes terday from injuries suffered last Saturday when struck by a freight train near his home. Washington, i lec :ui S'liiitoi Vmidcnbci'g (It. I of Mi'hlriin. ai'b enemy of the $ I UN.""". 0"0 I'lotlda ship ciinnl. today n ncweil his n- nuiill on i iplpllon or the project. In a letter to Mu J. :!! Mo i klui in. i bier or Hip lll lny ! H lacking a favorable rc'i' ""' , anal made lo Hip army hoard of engineers by ll special hoard. Vaiidinlipig. whoso vllrlollc nl-iii ks on Hie projec t blocked con-remiiolial uproval Hi the I'm! scs-lon, told Miirkliain thai the board ' economic justification Is untenable, rsniicortable and denied by the tacts." TnWNSFND'S AX BFGINS TO FALL AT STATEHOUSE "iffV Holders at Indianapolis Wine- as 10 Lose Posts; Beattey, Heller Are Set MAJOR CHANGES ARE DUE LATER INDIANAPOLIS, Dec. 30. 'hrnpl dismissal of tPn employes of be attorney-general's office has iven stateiiouse jobholders a se-cie rase of nerves and focused al-enlion today on other prospective hanges when the Townsend admin-stration takes power next month. Today, Omer Stokes Jackson, Democratic state chairman and new at torney-general, announced that imes Beatty. secretary to C.ov.- elect M. Clifford Ford Townsend, would become secretary of the Dem ocratic state committee effective Jan. 1. Beattey already has started to Interview applicants for state job and rate their claims for final action later. Heller In Line Beattey's appointment paves the way for Dick Heller, present secretary of the state committee and one of the principal directors of Town-send's campaign, to become secretary in charge of patronage to the new governor. Heller and a few other intimates of Townsend. such as Kenneth Kunkel, Alex Pursley and Virgil M. Simmons, are expected to say the last word on patron age. When the new administration is well under way, Jackson Ib ex-(Conliliueo! on Page l) Hopeful News on Pope's Condition Is Issued Today VATICAN CITY, Dec. 30 The first hopeful bulletin on the condi tion of Pope Pius since he became gravely ill about ten days ago was issued spmi-officially at the Vatican today. Partially dispelling the deep gloom which had fallen over the Vatican during the past few days, Hie bulletin stated there were Indications the secondary system of veins In the pope's painfully stricken left lpg had begun to function. This has partly restored rrirula-t.on in the limb, the bulletin said. and hopes rose that the regions In which thrombosis has appearea would return to normal without de- 'loping gangrene. However, the bulletin frankly slated circulation had been restored in only one of spveral veins affect ed, and II was clear the pope's con dition remained acute. 1 Here was mi indication the pontiff was suf fering less pain, and no mention or inprovimeiit In IiIb numerous other ailments. At the Bame time It was disclosed he none himself. In a letter to an abbess in France, admitted he no longer had any wiBh to live, revealing a marked change In his attitude of only a few days ago, when be re fused to believe he was seriously 111. COMMISSIONERS HOLD MEETING NEWPORT, Dec. 30 The Vermillion county commissioners held a special meeting at the court house this week The purpose of the meeting being to complete their work for Hie year. All claims filed were passed on by the commissioners Their regular meeting will he on January 4 DEBATED PLANE SHIPMENT FILLS REDS WITH JOY Loyalist General Miaja Ignores Roosevelt's Opposition to Licensing Exports to Leftists SPANISH WAR IS SLOWED BY RAIN MADRID. Dec. 30 Prospect of American airplanes and airplane motors being shipped to the Spanish loyalists was hailed jubilantly today by General Jose Miaja, head of the Madrid loyalist defense junta. In a statement to International News Service, Gen. Miaja made no effort to hide the loyalists' great satisfaction at the thought of having American planes to use in battling the rebels. Miaja Sees Trend "Our position in the international Held will continue to Improve." said Gen. Miaja. "The decision of the United States points the way for all democratic governments." The "decision" referred to was the granting by the American state department of a license to a private exporter to ship nearly $3,000,000 worth of airplanes and airplane parts to leftists In Spain Prediction Made Gen. Miaja seized the incident to holster a prediction that the "first months of the coming year" would bring a definite change in the Spanish military situation decisively fa-(Continued on Page ft) F.D.R. Promises To Keep up Fight Begun With NRA WASHINGTON, Dec. 30 The 26.000.0UO voters who avalanched President Roosevelt hack into the white house for another four years had his aBurances today that the tight for minimum wages, maximum working hours and abolition of child labor had just begun regardless of supreme court decisions and other deterring influences. Carefully warning against speculation he would propose revival of the outlawed NRA, Mr. ltooselt said In bo many words that obviously something must be done to restore In general the working conditions that existed under the blue eagle. Most significant, the president said federal action would be necessary to bring this about; that action by the individual states would be Ineffectual. This meant that early In the com ing session of congress the chief ex ecutive would demand new legisla tion to abolish sweatshop wages. hours and working conditions. In the light of his legislative strategy of past years observers be lieved Mr. Roosevelt would treat the subject only generally tn his annual message on "The State of the Union" to be delivered next Wednesday. BLANFORD MAN HURT BY COAL Joe Beucik of Blanford sustained severe bruises and deep cuts on his right arm when coal fell on him at the Edgar County Coal company yesterday. He was treated at a local doctor's office and removed to his home. He is getting along sat isfactorily. THE TEMPERATURE By The Clintonian thermometer: g a. m., 60; noon, 60. Goering Falls Down At Wedding; Spoils Beautiful Trousers BERLIN, Pec. 3 0 Col. Gen. Hermann Goering's beautiful military pants were spoiled today when, at no less solemji an occasion than a wedding, the portly air minister foi: down stairs. Goering slipped on the staircai.j at the municipal registrar's office when he was attending the marriage of his niece, Gunvor Lilian Martin or Stockholm to Paul Ulmanu, German editor. Bruised in both prido and person Goering went at once to the nearest water pipe and cleaned his soiled trousers. Investigation of Plane Crash Has Officials Puzzled LO.S ANGELES. Dec. 30 A new unsolved mystery of Hie skyways loomed today as a potential nf ten-mat h of Sunday's tragic air liner crash, in which 12 persons lost their lives near here. When the mighty twin-motored luxury transport of the United Air Lilies rammed into a ridge of the Teliacliapi mountains, within sight of its landing field in Hiirbank. ail ol' its instruiuenla were demolished, which may .prevent experts from piecing together the events leading up to Hie tragedy. That was the nuijor obstacle con fronting three fcivesliiratillg agencies today. One puzzling fact confronting them was a period of 2 minutes Sunday evcniiii' from 7::!ll o'clock when Chief Pilot Edwin W. niom aid "wall a minute" when asked by Hie airport lor his position, lin-Hl s nt when the watches of two of the crash victims stopped. ilium's lasl message over bis two-way radio communicating equip ment was a reiuest for the direction radio beam lo guide him In the airport. Hp was due there at 7:30 p. m. and earlier had radioed he would be a few minutes late. RITES THURSDAY FOR MRS. ROE Funeral services for Mrs. John Roe. 19 years ohk formerly Mis Olive Syme. who died at her home in Detroit Sunday evening at 7 o'clock, will bp held from the noma of her father. William Syme, 902 South Sixth street, at 2 p. m. tomorrow with Rev. E. Duane Thistle- thwaite of Plainfield in charge. Burial will be in Riverside ceme tery. . ONE KILLED, 1 1 ARE BURNED AT HOLIDAY DANCE Carelessly-Thrown Match Starts Fire Among; Women's Uresses at Christmas Party in Alabama SELMA. Ala., Dec. 30. A gay Christmas dance of the exclusive Phantoms club at which this city s most socially prominent young men and woman danced and sang, today had turned into tragedy as one per son was dead and 11 others were suffering from severe burns. The one death came early today when MrB. T. O. Cayles dlea ar Vaughn Memorial hospital from burns about the body and face. Match Starts Blaze It was at the height of the parly. With the young women dressed In J Russian costumes made or Deauti fill. Lilt highly inflammable mate rial, the grand march started when lll,,,. mul,'ll U'llR tOHHed ! suuueiilj' u ,,. . - aside, according to reports. The (Continued on I'ase fl) BODY OF PILOT IS FOUND TODAY nrVVRTt. Per. 30. The body of (apt. Charles J. Lague. an officer In the Colorado national guard, was round enrlv loduy near the wreckage or his plane which crashed during n snowstorm last night a few miles east of pcerlnill, Colo., f.0 miles east or Penver. Lague. a nationally known pilot, was flying a biplane beloiii lni; to o Hying service at Tiny. Ohio, and friends here were unable to explain lila presence In Hie vicinity of llcer-II nil. TOWNSEND HAS HOPE FOR PEACE INDIANAPOLIS. Pec. 30. Gov.- elect M. Clifford Townsend again expressed his hope for a minimum of legislation by the general assembly next month in an address yesterday before a permanent organization meeting of the Automobile Dealers Association of Indiana. Inc. Townsend said his principal inter est was highway safety and asked for lie dealers' cooperation. AGED MINISTER DIES MICHIGAN CITY. Ind., Dec. 30 Rev. Aaron Wood, 85, former chap lain of Indiana state prison, died yesterday at his home after a long illneas. Ho had served 50 years a a minister.

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