The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on December 8, 1921 · Page 4
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 4

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 8, 1921
Page 4
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THE FAIRMOUNT NEWS m , TflA Pnirmnfltl4 WaIVC C dcsolatJon which followed the re- I lIC I till 111 U li 11 i nWlfOiSWUs wars or the condition after : posals mad by Mr. Hughes involve finatfcial sacrifice by the leading peo- IN rrederiek II had fought his Russian?, k t v-v I Austrian Although Kaiser Wilhelm failed in his plan to unite all Islam in a holy war agaitst his Christian enemiesthe misery and wretchedness that have followed the Great war have not left the Mohammedan world untouched. Wherever followers of the Prophet live under Christian domination there ilberfty Leung Give Scientific Light Control IB- Published m Mondays and Tfcursdays ' ? A . S. ROBERT Editor and Publisher. Minnie McLucas Roberts, Associate. Office: Main 265 Res, Black SS2-1 TELEPHONES SUBSCRIPTION RATES. (Within Indiana.) One year .....$2.00 Six months 1.25 Three months .75 (Outside Indiana.) One year ...$3.00 six ;ihr::::::::::::::::::::iS Three month Three months .90: All subscriptions payable strictly ' fn a viva nee; paper discountmued at expiration of subscription time unless renewal is received prior to ex piration date. I The Liberty Lens is standard equipment on America's most famous cars, and they are legal in all states. This is conclusive evidence of it's high efficiency and unexcelled quality. We can save you future disappointment if you see us before you buy. Don't forget to insist on Liberty Lens. Entered as second-class matter at j reasonable celeritv to infinitely bet-the postomce at Fairmount, Ind., un- fo ..:,:, . , v. der the Act of Congress of March 8, ,t,ons than those which had 1879. ; preceded them. In the same way mo. pies that is, initial sacrifice. Not even temporary loss of pride i3 required, however; not even momentary surrender of blood-bought and sacred rights to a covenant or league or other super-state created to dominate all and truly serve tAone. There was never any real kindling of national spirit in the influence of the league of nation upon the mind of the world. Those who did not look upon it as a Juggernaut hailed it as a contraption too complicated ever to be understood. Nobody felt a thrill at contemplating its suggested working,?; it offered a covenant which promised relief from some dangers through the erection of others at least equally formidable. Mr. Wilson and those of his followers who were for it had to be on the defensive from the start. Defense was required everywhere jinspiration could be foutU nowhere. But how the world has been stirred by the Harding-Hughes program! With one voice nations speak in fine acclaim of the plan. It is because common sense methods of removing tmuhlomo institution were em- THE PROPER COURSE. The only proper course for the government of the United States to adopt as an employer, so far as the question of uniotAsm is concerned, is that announced by Secretary of War Weeks relative to employment in administra. tion of the Panama Canal. According to his announcement: "Employes whether union or nonunion shall be dealt with openly through committees or representative, composed of employes whether or not. es of labor organization MUST PULL HERSELF TOGETHER j It is time to stop all the loose taVKjis more psychological than actual; but about the cancellation of European she will not rally, thr begin to rally, debts and the prospective destruction until she free, herself from the de- L 0. Ellis Auto Supply Co. STORAGE BATTERIES Tires, Accessories, Oils, Gasoline, Vulcanizing W. V. Fowler, Mgr. Phone 226 of civilization. Unless the latter is subtle propaganda in support of the! built on dishonorable repudiation, j ployed the way that is really high-former, it is the outpouring of hysteri- and that a virile civilization can be Lf- .ttmnetiin St. Inis Times IXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXI cat weaklings which works in well with the wily statesmen and firnciers who believed in the integrity of obli- gations when these were owned in their hemisphere but disbelieved in them when the credit is on the other side of the Atlantic. Europe is i'jt prosperous, admittedly, but Europe is better off than she ias been following any of her great wars. Nothing, in Germany today remotely resembles the shambles and pnniiinnniin and French enemies in most of the kingdoms that form the Ger- man empire. Nothing that happened in Europe during the great war compares with the rapiife of fire and sword which Napoleon carried to Berlin, to Moscow, to Vienna, and to Madrid, and which the victorious allies carried to Paris. Europe's troubles are small compared to those of the thirteen American colonies ravished by British and H"ian tr from , ty. n3T of the parent country but without a fiscal system, without communica- tions, and with undeveloped natural resources. From all the eatstrophes above 'mentioned the victims rallied with .dern Europe will rally from her present desnondenev. which, indeed. lusion that honest nrosneritr can be foui. Mod on the cowardly evasion of unpleasant truths. Chicago Tribune. XO "SUPER-STATE NEEDED It is plain to everybody in the world today, as it has all along been to Americans who studied the words and acts of the President, that no "superpower iJeed be invoked to do that which sovereign governments can do without in the least yielding) any of their fine national ideals. The pro- s SSS EE East Washington St. Phone Main 92 sss 1 . . s : EEE j 1 ; EEijhe Ss j s ; j sss j ES Regain Your Health 4 The government cannot discrimin-s ate among its employes because of affiliation or non-affiliatior with a la- bor union. Each individual must stand upon his own merits and be em-sss ployed of refused employment with no regard whatever to membership or l.'jn-membership in a union. It is the right, of every citizen to seek employes ment in government service, whether be a union man or not, and it is the duty of the government to protect him it that right. This the gpvern- ment should do, not merely as a duty tc the individual but as a duty to it-EjS'self in the maintainance of its sov- ereignty. The Weeks policy is identical with "Of value more than fame or wealth. Is having always splendid health. And how to pet it? As plain as day The Chiropractic drugless way.' CHIROPRACTIC is not puess work; it is an exact science, based on exact scientific knowledge. Its results are sure. are increasing signs of a desire to throw off the yoke. Spain is pouring troops 'into Morocco to recover from the disastrus reverses that it suffered last summer from the Moors under their enlightened and aggressive leader, Abdel-Krin. The British government in India, has just suppressed an outbreak of the Moplah Moslems on the Malabar it.' southwestern India. On the northwestern border the defiant attitude of the Afghans, urged on, it is reported, by Bolshevist agitators, is causing great uneasiness, and in Egypt, the Young Egyptians are clamorirfe for a larger measure of home rule, with an occasional resort to rioting. The Moslems in Syria are sullen under the rule of the French who occupy the country under mandate of the League of Nations. Prince Feisal,sor of Hussein, King of Hejax, had great expectations that the British would place him upon the throne of Syria. The French refused to admit his claims. Only the other . day the ! British to placate him, enthroned him ' at Bagdad as king of Mesopotamia. In Asia Minor the operations of King Cotfctantine's Greek army have been checked by the Turks, and according to some dispatches the Greeks have had to fall back with a loss of thirty ! thousand men. The present genera tion of Moslems knows nothing of Omduvinan arAl Khartum, and a few victories over war-weary Europeans might embolden them to demand self determination at the point of the sword. The new expedition to Antarctic-regions under the command of Sir Ernest Shackletor.' is now in the first stage of its two year voyage in the Quest, the tightest and best equipped vessel according to Sir Ernest, that ever ventured into the polar seas. She uses both sail and steam and may cover more than thirty thousand miles before she turns her prow homeward. She was built it? Norway in 1917, of oak, pine, and spruce, and has already been tested in heavy ice. Her sides are two feet thick, and her bows are of solid oak sheathed wifh steel. She carries a "utility" boat, the Conseula, which can be sailed, rowed, punted, paddled or propelled by a gasoline engine. It is fitted with a rubber proteetirg band to ad- mit of its .use with safety in slug ice. The expedition will engape in oceano. graphic research, in exploring a pet- rified forest and in searching for a ennnnsfdlv lost island in waters that - r r Thave iJot been sailed for more than I ninety years. In addition, the expedi- asassination of Mathias Erzberger to "thp 1'ostdam- eant-i whose activities I . l 1 f J! since me war nave Deen transierrea ! speakers openly declared that they ' werq only biding their time to restore , the old regime. The best means to cellor Erzberger was detested by the j old military aristocracy because he tegotiated the humiliating armistice j that brought Germany to its knees, ' and also because he was the ablest leader of the government forces on the floor of Parliament. Following the assassination, there was in Berlin a great popular demoristration of con. ndence in the present government. Little Miss Margaret Jean Stout has been released from quarantine for smallpox. Margiaret Jean had a very : mild case of the malady. j : i j I "Clinical records show that there is hardly a recognized form of disease that cannot successfully be "treated' by Chiropractic adjustments." D. T. CRUDROP, M. D. that adopted by President Roosevelt ' m settling the cortroversy that arose over the question of union control of the government printing office. Spencer (W. Va.) Times-Record. CURRENT EVENTS , EE Take Chiropractic Adjustments and Keep Your He aha McAtee & McAfee Chiropractors Fairmount EE H 210 North Main Phone 280 EE lltllllilllllilllllW SUNDAY SERVIC ES CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH. Sunday school, 9:30 a. m. EveiAng service, 7 p. m. At this time the pastor will take for his ser mon subject, "The Value of a Church." J ltrangers Welcome. MARTIN LEE GRANT, Pastor FRIENDS CHURCH. Bible school, 9:15 a. m. ' Preaching, 10:30 a. m. Junior Mission Band, 3 p. m. Intermediate Christian Endeavor 6 p. m. Youig people's group, 6. p. m. Preaching, 7 p. m. A cordial welcome" to all. S. ADELBERT WOOD, Pastor. Miss Leora Bogue, Ass't Pastor. CHRISTIAN CHURCH. Bible school 9:30 a. m. Communion, 10:20 a. m. Prayer service, Wednesday even- ing 7 o'clock, "The Gospel Transforms Lines and Make3 Men and Women Useful." 4 Come to the hour of prayer and . worship with us. Services both morning and evening. i H. CLAY BOYTS, Pastor. BAPTIST CHURCH. Sunday school, 9:30 a. m. B. Y. P. U., 6 p. m. Prayer Meeting Wednesday even- ing, 7:30 p. m. W. I. McKINLEY, Chairman Pulpit Committee. M. E. CHURCH. Sunday school at 9:30 a. m. urmp t iu:.w a. m.. suo- J"-1' ""'"-u'1- Junior League at 2:30 p. m. Epworth League at 6 p. m. Evening worship. 7 p. m. Prayer meeting, Wednesday, 7 p. m. C. B. SWEENEY, Pastor. FREE PERFORMANCES OF 'THE HOLY CITY." Thursday and Friday nights Dec. Marion College, will give two free performances of Gaul's oratorio, "The Hoiy city." - The program will be in the conege chapel on Thursday even- m& an(j on Friday at the First Bap- tist chUrch. A string orchestra of 10 wth piano and organ will fur- nish the accompaniments. Soloists are from Marion and will be, Mrs. J. W. Brimacombe, Mrs. Neal Loomis, Miss Lelah Simcoke, Mrs. C. J. Berry, Mr. George Roehm, tMr. John Markey and Prof. Kettering, These cot.'jertg are free, but a silver offering will be taken. His STATO OP uBctrrv DO NOU tUUVC I am opening up a barber shop or the west side of Dr. Brown's office in Fairmount. Will be open every evening, and all day Friday and Saturdays, and will cut hair for 25c and shave, 15c. Will begin next Saturday, Dec. 10. Alva Damaree Were you out-of-town yesterday? Call Main 265 and tell them about it. E. B. COUCH DENTIST Rooms over Hahne Drug Store Offl t.t: :i.u a m.; 1 to I AUCTIONEER STOCK SALES A SPECIALTY. Call at my expense, Phone 2. on. 19 Fowlerton. C. W. DICKERSON. Rubber Stamps. When needing anything in the Rubber Stamp line see us. FAIRMOUNT NEWS. DR. C. L. FENTON Dentist X-RAY Rooms over P stoffice Honrs 8 to 11:30 a. ir. 1 to 5 p. ra Eyes Tested, Glasses Fitted by State Registered OPTOMETRISTS Dr. C. C. FARIS and Dr. EMIL FARIS Exclusively Optical Impression of New York o By Jimmy Johnson. tion will take soundings of the ocean The ammedments committee of the i plateau round Gough's Island in an Lea sue of Nations assembly at Gen- ffort to determine the truth regard-eva has made a report in which it inP a supposed under water contin-gives an official interpretation of the ! "ntal connection between Africa and much discussed Article 10 in the , South America. League Covenai.V. It will be remem- bered that in the acrimonious debate The heads of the German govern-in the Senate over that article, some 1 ment do not hesitate to charge the contended that it imposed an obligi- ! f iT, t- tn at tfco rrA nf ik I League; even though Congress ut.'Jer NEW CREAM STATION The Sherman-White Creamery Company, of Ft. Wayne, has installed a cream station in the rear room of my store. We are now ready to receive cream and pay the highest market price. ii- vuiitia i.iuiirti j.j 1 1 iitrji cuvuiu ... v - - - vote against such action. The second , Munich, a hotbed of imperial milita-clar e in the article also alarmed cer- ristic conspiracy. At a recent contain Senators who thought that the version of the German National party words "advise upon means" imolied:in the Bavarian capital, royalist that the Supreme Coui&l of the Lea- gue could dictate plans of campaign to be unquestioningly followed. The W. I. McKinley report of the committee on amend- that end they beleive, is to discredit g aTld 9 at 8 0clock the Marion Chor- i ments declares that members of the 1 republican government with the Ger- al Society of 65 voices urJUer the direc-League are not obliged to take part in ; man people. The former vice-chan- tion of Charles V. Kettering of j Headquarters for Xmas Novelties Largest line ever shown in Fairmount of Oil Cloth Lunch Sets, Unbleached Muslin for Bed Spreads, Aprons, Lunch Clothes, etc.. Stamped to order. Wool and Silk Hose. Best Linen Handkerchiefs in town, 5c to 50c Make your selections early. Mrs. Ella Patterson's Art Store any military expedition, but are free to determirte their own course. Ad- visinp as to means of maintaining the integrity and independence of any member against external aggression will take the form of recommendations addressed by the Council to i ' members, but prescribing no definite ' action. In the light of the report, therefore Article 10 imposes no legal binding obligatior, but it does impose a moral obligation to take such steps as shall best promote the purposes of the League in preventing unrigihtous military aggression. By Charles Sugtwoe fMNmnnlM AUCKIE, THE PRINTER'S DEVIL Wl,- --Z I SBAWrS " l ISGOSUM -T7- a -r 1 r. cf l6 I i hi ni) fiiTTnTk fe. -V P o ' I till

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