The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 29, 1936 · Page 5
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 5

Clinton, Indiana
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Tuesday, December 29, 1936
Page 5
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( Tuesday, December 29, 1936 The' Dally Clintonian, Clinton, Indiana Page S ' ' ( Brightest Star of the Year East-West Gridster Oremie Acid Cremic ncid is one of 'the con sti'.ucnts of vegetable mold, produced wherever leaves and other plant matter are decaying. RULE FOR PASS INTERFERENCE IS SEVEN TOURNEYS THIS WEEK FOR STATE QUINTETS ELEVENS STAGE LAST PRACTICES FOR ROSE BOWL fc W J"Wtl 9 fix Holoim oa CSOWAI-- Ma u: 'tv 1 rr-Wrt-'-AI-.NSI ' 1 iv.'- iovnun Pfo $0 k ViJmS V n- IF I Wet wits a cimch aer mi A A u. imimus sron nun' in i Jesse MESJ m TODAY'S Nothing lor Something (Jumbling isn't as much getting lonietlurig tor nothing or for almost nothing us it is getting nothing for something. Poet Hrowiilug's Fdu.vtion The poet Browning's education was mostly under his father's supervision, lie HtU'iiJed neither a preparatory school nor cohere Ater studying lor some tune under tutors h began to tiiuel and s.ok of Italy :is Ins ulllVCt'Miv lirtiplace ol Una At Kisluw. u iliui tiling village M'jr H.'.iioril. John Uunyan lived. Near by i:; Harrow. ten, a tiny hum-l.t, where l.e w is horis. The prison in Bedlord in which he wrote "Fu-.jr, m's Hroiesi" and the old bridge ,in which it stood disappeared long ISO. Tea Carriers uf Tibet The carriers from China carry tea across high mountains into Tibet on muleback or by porters, the rnuls going twice as fast as the human porter, but carrying only half the load of a man. a man's load being. on the average, nearly 2(XI pounds in some exceptional cases tavm than ' oounds. Hcg-Noed Snake Harmless The hog-nosed snake, says Nature Magazine, variously known as the "puff adder," "blowing viper." and "red adder," is generally regarded as an extremely dangerous serpent while in reality it is quit harmless. If he fails to frighten intruders with his swinelike snout, he rolls over and plays dead. Most I'seful Animals The camel, yak and llama are among the world's most useful animals, as they furnish all Uie fundamental necessities of mankind such as clothing and tents, which are made from their hair; transportation: meat, milk, fuel; and rugs and blankets, which are mcde from their skins Even their tails prove to be useful as fly swatters. Collier's Wesklv. Texas, Spanish Territory Texas was Spanish territory until 1812 when the Mexicans gained their independence of Spain. From 1836 to 1845 it was an independent republic. Its annexation by the United States in 1845 brought on the war with Mexico, through which New Mexico and California were ceded to the United states for $15,000,000 and assumption by the United States of certain claims of American citizens against Mexico. In 1850 Texas abandoned, tor 110,- 000,000, her claims to a portion of ivew Mexico; this was used to pay the debts that the republic of Texas had accumulated. By E. C SECAR NOT GO OUT "- ',u S PORTPARADE, FVt Cirinil at Napanee Tonight; Aleynmlnn Tackles Wiley; Nt Years Day to See Action IMDIAXAI'llU.-t. I lee. 2M.- I'lili-Mia's fnsl s!. MllK tllltll school lus- ! tiail t'Min" will complete the old i ii.l u: her iii a new hu.skctball ye;ir wi'tk with Meven four-team t.i!.riuiin-litrf, siatlere(l confert'iic' i-.iiim'. I'titl niinieron- non-coiif'-rei-.-tilts. Toill'lialiieliH heein totliKhl III finance u'liere (Joshen. Plymouth. Uoi hesti r and Napanee will compete. A lire Knfcrtiiin An oiitjWauditiK contest In the Sfinlh Indiana Alhletlc -eonf-rencp v.ill b played tonight when Vin-ci-iines eiiti-i tains the hoinliardinp caeers from Central of Kvansville. The battle will break the enisling deadlock for leadership in the SIAC. Another h-ague game tonight ftalurey Kokonio at Frankfort in ih" North Central conference. Outstanding non-conference tilts tonight lire Itlulflon at Huntington, VwcjHile at Itushville. and Alexandria at Wiley of Terre Haute, hull W'eines4lay Liltie action is scheduled If mop-row night. Klkhart will play at La-I'orie in a game fn the eastern division of the Northern Indiana conference. Martinsville entertains Vin-cennes. Lafayette plays at Lebanon, and Aurora meets f'onnersville In non-conference games. Five four-team tournaments will he hebl Friday. New Years day, at Attica. Vincennes, Illuffton, Anderson and Kokoino. Saturday's headliner Is the big four tourney at Warsaw. Competing learns include Warsaw. Huntington. North Manchester and Wabash. The Apaches, winners of the tour ney last year, are favored to repeat Giving Happiness Be cheerful! Which will you do smile, and make others hap;jy, or be crabbed, and make everyone miserable? The amount of happiness you can produce is incalculable if you show a smiling face and 'peak pleasant woras. There is no ioy like that which springs from, a kind act or pleasant deed, and you may feel it at ruejht when you re3t, and at morning when you rise, and 'hrough all ti e day when about your ousiness. TuFOC IT l, Aii(tr4'. US CAtLN' ME- J VJ"' LthrME GO!! DOWT VJWlt TO R-USVA VOO VOU - - By RUSS AC" Buck Bryan of Tulana Is shown In San Francisco practicing for the East-West Shrine chanty football game held there New Year's Day. Bryan will play on the East team. first French Railroad The fust Kie.'icl) railroad was achieved by the work of "Saint Simoiiians," a strange religious group whose cult was actually based on the construction of railroads. As far as is known. Saint Simonism is the only gospel that ever proclaimed railroad construction as a religious act and sacrament. The lirst French railroad company was orjnized in the church of this religious group in Paris, and soon a sort of "Railroad University" was established from which emerged the engineers, administrators and financiers who were to organize the large French railway systems. Popeye I GlE GiM RARTY OF SECRET OC - ; . "I'-Ve' i ' .A V. . :v,:1 i . I ' '' 4 . i ' - 1 x ;; 1 l DAYTON A BEACH. Fla.. Dec. 29 Do the country's multitudinous football games constitute a menace a blessing? Jumping on the fence and strad dling a while with Judge l.andin, he champion at that sort of thing. ur answer is that there is quite a lilt to be said on both sides. On the blessing side of bowl garnet stands their unquestionable educational value. I doubt if anything since coeducation has brought is lunch sheer enlightenment to this country as bowl games. Since the Cotton Bowl game came fnto being people not only know where Dallas s, but also know lis exact population, the name of Its mayor. Its bonded indebtedness, its public park recreational plans, its chief industrial products, its area In square THIMBLE THEATRE vf rv-if i now i iwf TflhW THE IW KNOW D a HiMtnct Booked for Scr'mniiage Today m Panther Hold Drill; Waffhington Is Favorite PASAfiRNA. Taj., Iiw. 2! Tin' IhiBkU-M of WaHhliitfton m-itli-d down to ihir In it Hfrloim ivoikout totl;iy nn1 Piiulun ftli's Panthers t jiitl tuMrhiK off for the How Howl football Km Friday. Hip men from Iho north coun try, champion of the Pacific f'oaf oiifi'rt?iic wcrfl ts for a havy afftflion uf sciifiimuK'i'K and Uf"n-hIvh work aguliiKt PfittilMirelJ line plays nt Brooksidf park. M it lit Drill Today Tho pjtith'frs. who are In portoct hapr and aching for a chance to i-in thfir first Rofte Bowl mnf in four starts, planned a light running :tnd kn kins drill at their hadiuar-ti tb in Arrowhead HprinKS- Thy .v ilt work out hrhffly tomorrow and iIihi move on to now jieadquarters -i the Huntington hotel in P a Hade n a. Washington a slight favoritp in (he bet tin although It a Iho iicver has won fn the hupe howl In Arowo ro. will Kt Its first look at the tadnnn tomorrow. roach Jimmy ,Jb)ail will lead bis purple and gold 'er.seyed eleven to the game niie for i litfht workout intended to accup-'nm the plaifi to the prvaIHtii? yind ai turf. I'lll In Koul TliurMlPy PittHburxh will work briefly In the bowl Thursday. The Panthers, according to Coach Jock Sutherland, are at razor ede. All of the player are mad determined to make went coast Kportti writers, who derided the selection of PittBbursh. eat their words. Players who normally are oufet and easy-going are snarp ana suny. Flar Can Fir at Ni(ht The only place in the United States over which the American flag is allowed by law to fly each night in times of peace is the grave of Francis Scott Key in Maryland, says Collier's Weekly. The purpose is to make true always the famous line in his song. The Star Spangled Banner: "Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there." Vork or Chicago. Why, the Idea is endless! Yes, I'm afraid It Is. Starring HE & RIGHT, POPPrV He KlTi MOT Utt . OF OU AGE - THE ONA.V OlM WN PftS-b OUT t6, FROM GETTiN INJURED IT YES, DAN WE'VE yJ MACHINE 6'JNfS, RtOT GUNS AND S! GAS BOMBS" ANVTHINlG WE NEED r-i GAS BOMBS" fiS f . ANVTWIKJG 6LE t'tf WE NEED 2 fS&l DUE FOR CHANGE Walah Says Debated Plan Would Rum Aerial Game; Kicking Rolling Ball Alto to Get Discussion lit IIAVIII J. M AIXII . NKW YOltK, !). Within Hih inxl I w ti t y four Iiihm'h, Wuliur II iHii'wn. rhuirinmi of tln football rnli'B ciittiiullli. will Knt up Imfin-the aftm'mblfil National CnllfKlai Aililftlr AKKoilalliin mid, In tin i-uuibc of rnudln Ilia uiiiiui, 1 i-i'pori lunllrm Hip wlilf-KlnPail niinili,lui that InlTrollPKlalf football 1h a vi'ry II in' game. Hh dmilillf-sn will ailn that It nd" prnctlrally no revision for purpoflPH of 1937, which in whai ev-rv rules committee chairman ha said every year for the lnt twenty-only this time think we ouch! n hold him to It. It's my Idea that If they chan?' the Pane-Interference penalty, whirl now neetiBi virtually ordained they'll live to wish they hadn't Tin present rule calls for possession ol the hall fit the poynt the foul is cum milted. The agitation Is "o rhangt that to a straight penalty of IS yards. Probable Rfurtill A trivial alteration in the tent o'. the code and the print shop will ei no time-and-half for resetting. It fact, only the effect will be import ant, It is my belief that It will come pretty close to killing the forward pass. 1 The point, in my hook, la that a man la entitled to the ball at the rput where he would have caught ft. If not Interfered wltb, and I don't thiiikv any rules committee can change that, with words, any more than ft can arrange to know whether party bat kicked a rolling ball "unintentionally." This Is understood to be another problem the committee proposes tc solve when it goes into Its annual meeting In February. It can slmpli fy everything if It treats this th way the coroner does when somebody jumps out the window by mis-lake. t- Troth Lie Bad Mix "I like a man dat tells de truth," caid Uncle Eben, "because I can trust him. An' I don't mind a man dat tells a false-hood, cause I kin ketch him at it. But de man dat mixes up de two is terrible bard to keep up with." Hobton's Choice The expression "Hobson' choice" indicates no choice at all. The chooser is always jockeyed into a position in which he believes he is exercising his own selection. The expression goes back to the days of Tobias Hobson, first man in England to operate a lively stable. A man desiring a horse was told to take bis pick of the 40 or so owned by Hob-son, but when the picking was .over almost invariably it was the horse nearest the door which was selected. Hence the expression. TORINO CAFE FRIED FISH EVERY NIGHT BEER 254 North Nuitk Street DANCING m o z o z H Dorman's Tavern Good Orchestra Yoisr Favorite Beer On Tap Wine liquors Mixed Drmks Big Dance -AT Perona's Hall AT BLANFORD NEW YEAR'S EVE Sponsored by the Chnstopher Columbus Lodge Everybody Welcome 3ucrVot Hit ' J, miles (there's something really vital! I and the luncheon days of Its llotary. Clvltnn. Lion and Kiwanis clubs. What Is true of Dallas and the Cotton Bowl is true of Pasadena and me Kose Bowl. Miami and the Orange Bowl, New Orleans and the Sugar Bowl, and Havana and the Khootln'-ln-the-streets Bowl. And the Idea can be enlarged Into magniricent scheme to teach geography and history to the young U4 every town in the United States have a bowl and in 10 years there won't be a person who won't be able to tell yjou the salient facts and attractive features of even the remotest hamlets. And no one will deny (hat it Is Just as Important to have the historical lowdown on Scratch Ankle, Ca.. say, as New 11 T1 PREHISTORIC riHfV THOUSANDS VEAU. OLO-TOAR NOTCHrNNCjE IN MWV THOOSftND VCPiRS-HPiH'. ONETIMt DRINK FROM-POOL OF NEVER DIE POPEWE W I THOUGHT WAS VOU i . 41 AAA CV SIXTW-TVJO "ffcPiKS A60 -rr 1 -l WESTOVER ME IT'S ErJTIKELV ORl I m - f-rs I VU HAVE My I BUT ffc LPiNT Bfc-Ye HrSVENTT ftGED bit ve OLD TILLIE THE TOILER DANN DUNN I -WE BOSS WANTS (TO S1ME VF MV SHEEP DOS OTHAT MKS. ROCKS CAN WESHIMHe TO HAVE HE DOMT WANT TO LXVE THAT DECISION TAKE PLEMTy Qy . ITO VOO, MAC. fl L 1 EM M I ll SVMPATHV MAC. COT- 7iTir I f FJ 1 LV iZt VSV i 1 IT DVtP QMT UMODV I ID Ai.rx rNr-irserS IT OVEC2 out lll IBPiV no Aurx rNt-irser m WW MS 1 1 '7 ..T Ck rv AND J M (ht4i7 ?'J J (T f VF) K jd V ViC 'VTlL. f . 7) V I C. ft Secref CA - TtVfS, Tumr e. TuC iwiP OM YOUR TIME TO THINK. Operative 48 TOMMY - 1 ON A t 3t-i'T-. fT g -j . I THIS MUST BE CA.ULA.6HkN . AMD HIS SECRET OPERATIVES COMING WE'LL LEAVES TWE CAR AND FOLLOWS dan dunn . Silent Ly they tread WEVE GOT TO BE VERY CAREFUL" THEY HAVE ScMINELS OUT AND ALL OF THEM ARE ARMED WITH THE LATEST TytC OF CiLXf, 11 COMINS. TOMMY HAVE TO MAXE TMrS RAID VERY CAREFUU.V BARNACLE AND HIS IS EVERYTHING THEIR WAV TOWARDS THE DlSESTTED shores of lake Michigan 6ANb OF HOODLUMS ON THE COUNTERFEITING SHIP ARE VIN READINESS PLENTY WHERE ACE BARTS COUNTERFEITING SHIP IS ANCHORED HEAVILY ARMED AND TOUSH ' LET'S SETTLE FC3t TAJtlNSa ,c lip r a 11

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