The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 29, 1936 · Page 4
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 4

Clinton, Indiana
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Tuesday, December 29, 1936
Page 4
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Tuesday, Dcccmh'r 29, 1936 THE DAILY CLINTONIAN Goes to Congress in Wixelchair Founds 1VH Established as The Weekly Cllntonlan 1890 The Clinton Plaindoaler absorbed in 1908. nknv annra wtUi wide board - "No! I want to remember It Just not Just light hardwood?" ! Oorge L. Carey d,lot P"b''"" ntered at the Postofflce at Clinton, Indiana, as Second Claw Matter. Member Indiana Republican Editorial Association as It was. Knchanled April "May," he corrected her, ab-entlv. his nose In a medical jour As lie connaea w : I., it aha had ncien one every ingot - , . degree less young and pretty, no nal. . ... , couldn t nave shjou m ." . . . . UMnlaN fn, a ha was "It was April wnen we vein. . ftT,'. Ma nnui Harlin?." he said, CHAPTER Xin Who could it hvs beent" tie whisrred between rasps, when she stood alone with Ibe". 5: ing for the ear. "Adolohus didn t have any relatives! I know he """Shhl Bomsons win notice. Most likely It was nobody at all. Just Lome old fool that saw there was a wedding and walked in. SuppoM i he did look something hka AdolphusT a. luinftrsirll WHO HO. couia wie mipxii."i y . j all over the place, climbing up lad- i 1 ..1 ' , . .H mlanlta 1 It m til II 1 dodging the cushion she threw at National Advertising Representative: CKO. B. DAVID CO. innn Wrlgley Hide.. Chicago. I-1IJ General Motors flhiK.. Detroit 110 East 41ind St., him. "But we II go uac in: New York aers, ihiiiii.iiik v. r -, , 1 over chasms like a mountain goat. Long before the bouse itself was finished, decorators and furniture Will that do?" .. u.., .rina mi, hrmaa IS (oayoc. oui. p.." - built I don't believe I'll ever want Plume I I 7 people began to can. .... mi -u. t-iaj ..tar tKam to Phone 41 to leave it, I'm going to love n so. "Oh. you'll leave it. all right. TV urn una, mi w - - Donald, be just waved them away. Anyway h didnt really. He was a little man, and Adolphua was i blgT honey I" Poor uonaia, ne tnun v ii,ww ttnia, ahe'd have In their nrst "Whatever you want, ueaum m . Have it your own way I" "But, Donald, you must know what you likel" THE DAILY CUNTONI AN'S PLATFORM : 1. To fwiher every interest of Parke and Vermillion counties stormy years together. "Just ths same, tnai rmum" surtled rns. I" v , "Oh, you're all right You re all right now, aren't you, mother dear7 t. . will.,.. i Viln (Oil into Hut sne wouian i nave "irui . 1 i Liu. .. a m inn hnlinv 1 1 V- Oh, yOU KnOW Van I lise. owme- thlni- comfortable, and plain, and 2. To aist the revival ot me inoisns com n I 3. To cooperate in solving Vermillion County's uncmploy- I tnanl Mfohlm. 1 ing under the same roof with some l ' liV. lAr,hu,w-A,"h'"lf-,A I'f'W 'if '1 - - . ' I ihiiiiiiiSI a mi milium inn iimhiiums siniiiirciinilti nwniiia the car. We must hurry have you good. And maybe you better not one wno lovca ner, n-r mo .... lonely days under Nettie Coopers buy too mucn jusi e iirov, uecauitc i ...ilu a-,, n't know where ths forgotten the reception I peremption. money's coming from." rooi. . . Now there was nothing to do in Well, 1 tnougnt your new m- ai-a If I cut evervthinir else flown Cooper put the wlrened litUs old man from her mind. Would ChrUtie remember to j i .v.- v. ft ahnwed herT the tiny two-room ana Kiwnencne apartment, and nothing to see, for .1 I 1 I.L-a and tha more PX- that maybe" rle looked a nine Bneepran, 4C-t ai,U Ika lak Will I ntTIPn t stana wnci p - ... . j a-., uihim mm all the nouiu , rack IB, ma- " " " " '1 ' ' I had to sret. there won't be much i-i ia m . " ' - , pensive apartments were in the rear of the building. Theirs was a mere cubby-hole on the quiet side street. . ... So Christie spent hours studying .i.. i. L...L. mnA avnarimpritins' any! You see, the stuff they had trouDie ana j-r" and realiw what she would have done had it been her own girlT Where was AdelaT Oh. there she was, with Jim Raymond. He was being very attentive. Perh.pi i. . .. was all antiquatea, so ur, v niu-iy and I decided to get what we needed, riirht in the beginning. Cost a lot, though. More than I thought. W1B COOK wwn, -" ' . . . , with things she thought I'onald would like, wnen ne pnunni -uav . . u.r, it fnr Hinnnr she But we 11 weatner it inrouK". "But, Donald, wouldn't the university pay?" tried to answer gayly, but it did seem too baa max. mis n Happened on the evenings of her great- YOU don r, unoersiana, nunc,, w -.ill U. tnw tha littta aahlle eal culinary vi luinpii". 1.1 y on . ai J win . . - I put In their work, but this lab For weeks sne vruoKvu ui m,,. work isn c reany universivy wuia. i.t. . l. . ..1.1 l.ln.M whitelu and I forth from the puonc nornrj. started on four years ago. Don't . a a . t J I . ture, and plans for houses. hen he you rememnerr i wo you mmi blow it was when I had to give it up, and waste my time with a lot of nonsense for Eve's sake " 4. To beautify Clinton and make it the most attractive city of fU sif in the KIND WORDS FOR LEGISLATORS. Congress will soon assemble lo consdrr the stale o ll.c Nnion end to determine what legislation, if any. should be passed for the benefit of the people of the United States. The duty assumed by Congressmen is rarely umlciilond by the voters. The men who compos; the two houses are not supermen. They cannot lay claim to all wisdom and, at best, the most that an individual member can do is to try to do the best possible in the light of the circumstances around him. Inasmuch as it is quite common for disgruntled consliluci ts to blame luckless representatives for many ills, most of which they are entirely unable to relieve, it mi ;ht be a generous thing. just be fore the next session opens, to say .1 few words in praise of the leg islatorg of the United States. Of course, we realize that there arc worthless men elected to high office and that they do not add prestige to the working of democracy. However, by far the majority of those who engage in public service are imbued with a desire to be effective and to make positive. contributions to the welfare of the nation and its citizens. With this in mind, , let's pause a moment in contemplating personal affair and give a greeting to all legislators in Washington, the State; capitals and minor legislative assemblies. Let's hope that they have more wifdom than we think they have, that their labors will bear abundant fruit and that their work will rebound to tbeii own credit and betterment of their constituents. had time tney orove out to u.e together, pacing over every inch of it, sitting on the grass that was already beginning to yellow in the summer sun, planning where the . 1 W L. and knar tn HVfl all He would have gone on. ne .1 A I.... nM ha, acaln annul Forced to campaign from a wheelchair. Arthur W. Aleshlre of Springfield. O.. staged a successful race for congressman from hta district, and takes his place In the new congress convening next month despite a physical handicap which many would hava thought Insurmountable to a political career. Injuries received in an automobile accident some years ago left Aleshlre paralyzed from the waist down. Despite his disability, Aleshlre built up a successful gasoline station business, operating his stand from a wheelchair, and won hundreds of friends whose votes helped get him his new lob as congressman. nous" iiiuuiu "i r ,7.7. the trees, and glorying in the little Hope noweo Dt im Christie's eyes were stars. Everything was perfect, everyone waa dear. She thought Donald's sister, Ediths, was a darling, and so was his mother. Heavens, how young she looked I More like his sister than his mother, bo pretty, end so clever and sweetl "I LIKE herl" she whispered to Donald, in a momentary lull, I m not the least bit afraid of her, and I think she likes me I" "Nonsense I" , . . "Well, I think she does, and I think you're horrid to say such things about herl" "Wait till you know her as I do, he said out of the corner of his mouth, and then aloud. In his best manner: "I think Mrs. Cooper is trying to catch your eye, darling. Supper. The table, with white lilacs and wide silver ribbons. Strange servants passing platters to people with their hands full already. Adele's thin, high laugh, above the polite chatter. The wedding cake that crumbled when she tried to cut it. Wilbur Curtis get- j 1. HH ,k,rnnmi,. Don- Whitely, and the lab. Whitely, with his iron gray hair and his iron gray suits, end his big ear, and his big house, and the money he could af creek that ionowea me eiu . nifar-0-rnwn With willoWS. and IBICK langieo urusn. ford to tnrow away 11 ne wameo u. rr-, 1 . .. J 1 .. 1 ,1 I .. I. thai linn. Duiiieiiiiico w.j - - -: . mnlt aar t h(TP I (111 IT 1 ne oirvy, auieii v.. aid thought more of than their own new home. The lab that was goinic picnic bukh11! , . . after the sun had set, and the lights THE STARS SAY or Berkeley ana uni i'" far below, and the black bay blended inw a inoAk, "t - - - - Hut asiae irom muiuiiina Mr. and Mrs. Fred Sutphen of Mid-liletowi), ()., have returned to their homes afler spending the holidays with Mrs. W. L. Morey of South Kiilll street. A ...mnHlinir that Home. view, auu ti.:.... mnrt nt mafic a- ii 111 be nice , , i 1 1 '. 'Aamm "It s your nome, carung. n,Teu the way you want!" And when it came to financing the building, that, too, was left to her. It seemed very simple, mn anld a hit of the land, mortgaged Miss Crace Culvert of North Fourth street Is visiting relatives in lOvansvillc, Hid. She also plans to visit friends in Indianapolis before returning home. to take tne very money uiey uwum to live on. Her teeth closed firmly over her trembling lower lip. She got up, walked swiftly towards the bedroom. "Christie! I'm talking to you!" But she had gone, slamming the door so violently that the whole room reverberated, and shook. They weathered that quarrel, and others. "If I didn't have such a rotten temper!" she'd say, snuggling into his arms, rubbing her flushed cheek on his shoulder, nuzzling up to him, like a repentant puppy. "You're perfect," he'd tell her, laughing, but serious. "I wouldn't have you changed a bit. Not even the rotten temper!" That always hurt, because well she could have endured a few changes in him. f l. .. u .1 a.naalaa t ha Anfinr'm ling onin r , a aid's pretty young mother flirting with Jim Raymond. "Oh, I'm having too good a time to leave!" she cried, when NetUe said it was time to change. t n.tira Hilt if till V. some more, paid a little money down, and promised to pay more DUl Bile wc.k - When her new beige coat with the sable collar was on ner u-, i Umt ah nr hftrl. and "But have we any money to pay down?" she asked. "Sure. There's that bond Uncle Charley sent us for a wedding pres-anr. Kelt that. It's a (rood cause. Telle Haute fur Cliiih'tlliai YESTERDAYS fdVt Of dinner. ner new uiuwh - - r- her new luggage gone ahead in the By (JKNKVIKVK KKMJILK I'or Wednesday. Dceember :W Rather perplexing and doubtful conditions are presaged from the ruling lunar and mutual aspects bearing rule on the affairs of this day. There may be sudden events, probably calling for unespeeted journeys or upset and disturbed conditions. Illness may figure in this unsettled situation, but also some petty anxietieB or treacheries are probable. df This la Vur IHrtMay Those whose birthday it is may encounter a year of a succession of small anxieties or trivial vexations or perplexities. These may develop in connection with illness or through sudden change, travel or removal. A child born on this day may be restlesB, unsettled and fond or unusual occupations or Indulgences. These possibly might lead it into the limelight or public service, far away from its home, although its fortunes may be erratic or precarious. Mrs. Lois liohannon is very ill at her home ill Blackmail street. She was reported to be recuperating r a siege of the flu when she suf-lorcd a relapse. "Hadn't we better Keep some- car, she came oui 01 ner . found Donald, old tweed overcoat tkino. I mmh. in case somethingr . . i L at. Mrs. J II Tell'' over his arm, waiting in the ball u,. , L I A ell ami itppill!; n'"7 n" - ,a . .v.-. Mrs. Kale (li Robcrlsou were Haute Saturday. -jnowi lie . He took her hand and together ... j a,air fhrauirh -wnat u nappeni n i . . ..nivarcilv i..t WP 11 he niie ca,.va. " " - T. h. ... ,.,nt an A aaaal when pBll-llllID U111...D..; J "- - sitting pretty, and I'm practically iney ran wwM ,. --- the rice that Adele pelted, and out 'mo ui pu... j . r, he didn't come home for dinner, and brave when he was called out late at night. That would have been easy. She understood about sick Anna Hushes is spendim; Ihr hnli days with relalives in Tern: Haute After the honeymoon they came back to Donald s inxie aparuueuv. Mrs. Walter Burnside of Soutli f-'eventh street entertained a few of tier friends al dinner yeslerday. The nccanon being her birthday. The guests were Mrs. Archie Carmichael, Mrs. Robert (Jrier. Mrs. fjeorge and Mrs. William Rae and near the lane in iaiu. i.i . mm,morfit iiit wonder heckmbbr at, iu Mr. and Mm. M ill Kendall of Mulberry street entertained at a big turkey dinner oa Christmas day. The following were present: James Reid, and family and Mrs. Laura Stewart . of Dana; Omer Myers and family and Mert Stewart and family of near Jonestown, Otis Andrews and family living southwest of Clinton; and Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Thompson, parent of Mrs. Kendall. Mr. Thompson esjoyed the day despite the recent injury to his right eye. He returned from Indianapolis Saturday after consulting Dr. Hood, the specialist, who formerly lived in Dana. r .... t . ; n aairl Ar and over, a little wore wistfully each time she . ; J :. ' IuIam Inp avara back in iM; i:Miti;i: 211, !!- Mr. and Mrs, Alva Adam et South Third street sailed to South Amerira today, from New York on the American Legion boat, to be gone two months. Mr. and Mrs. Adams are on a pleasure cruise, which cam ... mi " town three days it was dear that only on a honeymoon does a doctor have any real leisure for his bride. It had been ail too short. Just four dsvs at Del Monte, where Christie showed off the trousseau ...u :nnnMn4- n!eemr- and Donald SUre OI IfCvvina; II. a, .caw, .( ... tie, tell 'em to start the building. I'm sick of this rabbit hutch. Don't you want to get out of here?" She did. She saw architects, builders, bankers. Brought papers home for Donald to sign. Signed her name below his, loving the two names together . . . Donald Latham, Christie Latham . . . two people who were building a house. A small house a mere beginning, just two big rooms, and a little bathroom, and a smaller kitchen, adjoining the garage in an L shape, and some day, when Donald was rich and famous, they'd build out in a hollow square, and the little patio would be all enclosed. It was a miracle to Christie. A miracle of wonder and beauty. To set the mortar being mixed, for the foundation, to smell the lumber the trucks brought for the house. To follow Mr. Haines, the contractor, around, getting in his way, asking questions: , ..... l.l tha wnrlne fienr, visil ing e MacNair. who has been his parents. Mr. and Mrs. covers the same course President people, and emergencies, ana nos-pitals. But everything was so different from what she had expected. Al! this talk about the laboratory and experiments and Dr. Whitely. Just words. When the telephone rang she schooled herself to answer: "The doctor isn't in. May I have him call you?" And then, after she had carefully written down name and number, likely as not he wouldn't ever bother to call back. "Mrs. Gilbert . . . stiucks. She'; call again if it's anything importan. which it isnt." It was doubly hard, because Mrs Gilbert, and the others like her, made it plain that they considered the doctor's new wife a very irre' sponsible person, not capable of taking messages. mui iuuv..- f .1 M i- than half of his MOVIES HATA.X MKT A I.AHV AT TNK U'MIWA Dashiell Hammett. author of the William Mat-Xair of South Fourlh street, has returned lo the airport at Calveston. Texas. ' elect Herbert Hoover took on his l'( cent good will tour. They expect t return to Clint 011 March in. ecani.; iuiiub. Then a week in a funny hotel at Monterey, with long, lovely aays on the white sands at Csrmel. gor- cl, jinan at Pnn Frosts r,- m,i1 Mis. .1. M. Uncart ami tw celebrated "Thin Man" story has ili.h this one for Bette Davis, hon Hain and all. Mich.. Mr. and Mrs. Let (laughters of Marsl at the wharf in Monterey, and long Dr. D. C. 8haff and family wen guests of Mr. and Mrs. Eaul N. Bo. READ THE ADS walks and drives along me rocaj coast where the blue sea splintered ..i,i,a fnam below them, and ored as the best actress of lSIIS It's a gripping mixture of love and f)n,r vallow and rose and mystery with the entire east in pur- It wasn t fair- Lady of Spain iTo Be Continued) ire juu auiv ' planned for the south side of the living room will really get that bay view? You won't forcet. Mr. Haines blue and orange made a gay soft tjri't for their feet. "V.'e'.'l ro back sometime aoon. 0,.n&ld said. Coprrlsbl. It:.. Klnc readi-M S-adltaU. la of a collection of priceless Jew-yet none of Ih'li besilale to ile cross the others in order to llie fortune , for themselves. r-lry, dciil iv i ti Daughter With Star on Holiday the eupjiui'tlng cast are Cluude. Gil-Itiigwater, Sara Haden and Donald funk. This iB your last chance. Some "(,'razy Inventions." a Ti rytnvei about " Treasure ." and Km M'ivi"t'Jiie News will add t'i your enjoyment. Warren William. Alison Sbipworth. Mane Wilson. Arthur Treacher. Wini Shaw and fnrter Hall are Important characters. The cninedv. " Love to Shiga." curl., cm 1 tn . nt lit a receul Al Jo!f.fjn 11 0 tu her. M f, PI I ATKINS' AT 'I MIAI'K Slai) Laurel and t diver Hardy in llu-lr latest hysteria have d iii'-overed dial lh'-y have klenlii al twins Theiy two hen-perk"d h nstia nd:; and 11"ir iinniarned twina tind Hieii 1-alha cie:sinc on mailv oc a -ion- If eoiir. e I he bu s '-et inljer! and Iltf llie uivei; and sweethearis up i J ? V;; rr, ( fM are more than eunt'ised The two riolnilieeenufs wives pi'-h 11(1 I W i 11 e l.aiirel iind llard-. I'-aviug the real huHtiiinds to llie sailor's girl friends. Alan Hali . Sidney Toli-l . Iliiplinc Pollard. Arthur Houseman and Iro-Adrian are among die fun-makers. iSTt Ta. ,tV 4 & laitooii in color and Mnreh of TENNESSEE VALLEY TKNNIiSSKK VALLEY. Dee. 2 Miss Actus I eo or ( -.peui the iMilidays with In r -uiuiu. H' l' n lid-It li Spuixeou. Mr. and Mr::. Viieee Iteafl: Mr. and Mrs. Clement Sc. ill and s'"i. Mr. and Mrs. Joe spuniei.n and ( Helen Kdith. Misc Agnes Iko. Mr. and Mrs. Willis Tbiiiiipsiiii ""i son and Mis. tlllie lieu id i P'-n' ChrlHlllias (lay will! llriile Heard t'l.'l fmiiily of Bono. RlW. Karl Koeuer was enlerliiiliell al the borne of Mr. and Mis. ((h.-.i.i Kerns Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. llnu DuKK'-r ami daughter Bessie Mae sieul chri: mas with relatives ill Clinton. Mr. and Mrs. Willis Thompson and sou and Mrs. OI li- Heard Bpeni Sunday with Wayne lieard and wile. Mr. aud Mrs. Hrowuie Wilson of Jonestown called lu the afternoon Mr. aud Mrs. rrank Lewits Mrs Owen Clark of FalrvlfW, Will Han-dall of Terre Haute aud Mr. and Mrs. Herman Howard and family spent Sunday w ith Bert Howard and family. The Ladiee Aid w ill hold their annual Christmas dinner and crab bus at llie rbureti Thursday. Iieiemher 31. aV-" M j. Tune are worthy short feutures. 'n tmik nt-: Dixn:?' AT THi: WAIttKM June Withers, youthful and vivacious ns ever, has one of the mosl sppealinp roh-s of her screen career litlle Killltlleril lielle of "Can as fhe Ile Dixie?" In between lifting This IjMary As tor with daugfater fin mortgage off the fa'niily homestead uniting a pair of young lovers and bringing happiness to everyone, she also finds time tn put over some liltiuj; tunes like "I'ucte Tom'f Most orized of the Christmas gifts enjoyed by Mary Aator. fahii! Is a abaret Now." "Julep Dixieland" "Does Yon Time star, was the companionship of her daughter, Marylyn. who was the center of a bitter court battle last summer between Miss Aelor and her ex-husband. Dr. Franklyn Thorpe. Mother and daughter ere shown at the Astor Hollywood home where Marylyn spent the day anna Co to Heaven?" and "Pick. vi'i Pick. Pickaninny." pp. Helen Wood and Thomas Beck are Hie i-oiualitie couple. Slim Kuvu- READ THE CLINTONIAN CLASSIFIADS merville is Jam 's uncle; otlters in

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